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Trend Micro customer service is ranked #494 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.54 out of a possible 200 based upon 163 ratings. This score rates Trend Micro customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


153 Negative Comments out of 163 Total Comments is 93.87%.


10 Positive Comments out of 163 Total Comments is 6.13%.

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  • Trend Micro

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    • 31.54 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 153 negative comments (93.87%)
    • 10 positive comments (6.13%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 3.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by JOHN

Trend Has A Very Slow Reimburse Policy Im Still Waiting For $39.95 For Download Security, Without Results!

Posted by Anonymous

I could not get trend micro internet security to load so I asked for a refund

Posted by Caprica1978

The "people" that run this damn place are nothing but thieves. I have told them, repeatedly, that I do not want their crappy service and to cancel my membership. But they keep renewing it and charging me, even though the card I have now has never been registered to them. They are crooks. And they make it nearly impossible to get through to them. It's a real scam and they should be put out of business. This is a lousy business with horrible customer service.

Posted by fearless345

Quick to offer a refund for a product they either couldn't or wouldn't support. What's up with that?

Posted by Anonymous

stop outsourcing to other companies who cannot understand ENGLISH. I was on the phone for hours with someone from another country. Buy America, stay in AMERICA. Why am charged every year when I talked with a sales person at Best Buy yesterday regarding this problem----------No way should I have been charged over 70.00 dollars a year, it should have been more like every two or three years

Posted by Paul B

I activated Trend Micro Titanium that came on my computer 2 years ago. When I received the auto renew email last year, I clicked to cancel it and it did not recognize me. If I clicked on "renew now" they recognized me instantly and had all my information. I closed that window and logged into my account separately and it said I have no products. So what did they charge me for? When I emailed them, they told me to call customer service because it was a "technical issue".
Same thing when I received the renewal email today. They did not recognize my login attempts to cancel auto renew, but when I clicked "renew now", all of my info came up. I went separately to the Digital River website and they did recognize me to cancel auto renewal. I printed the page and hopefully they will not charge my card.
Making it difficult to cancel auto renewal is nothing new, but I considered Trend Micro to be a reputable company. I know better now. Never again.

Posted by Anonymous

What really aggravates me is that although I pay for 12 months security up front, this should mean I get 12 months trouble-free internet usage. I have bought Trend Micro three times, over 3 successive years, and each time, 2 months before the 12 months is up, my laptop starts acting strangely, takes ages to load, ages to connect to the internet and basically becomes virtually impossible to use without untold frustration and anger on my part. But magically, it all becomes normal again once I pay for another 12 months. This year, I won't be renewing my subscrioption. As far as I'm concerned, they suck.

Posted by rick

I too am being charged for services canceled long ago. it seems every year they charge you even if you have canceled

Posted by Anonymous

Trend micro charged me 2 times for its anti virus protection subscription, which I asked and stated in writing that I did not want to auto renew.Tired of dealing with unscrupulous internet merchants. I dont even own the computers that i formerly used this program. I WOULD NEVER USE TREND MICRO AGAIN,NOR WOULD I EVER RECOMEND THIS COMPANY!

Posted by Shayna

The WORST support ever. If the chat technician even understand English, I would be amazed. It was a simple question. The tech could not even understand the question.

Posted by Anonymous

Your online purchase system did not work properly so I was charged twice for the same order.
Your support numbers in HK and Asia Pacific do not work.
I want my money back and want to go to your competitors!

Posted by Davidd7963

I work for ups and i work long hours so your service is useless to me. Your hours of operation are only available when i am at work. I will never buy trend mirco again.

Posted by Anonymous

We have cancelled all services yet are still being billed. I have been holding on the phone for more than 1/2 hour.

Posted by lisa

Trend micro is the worst thing that has EVER happened to and my families computers. I regret EVER buying my son a laptop that came with a TREND MICRO ANTIVIRUS disc. It has cost me hundreds of dollars to fix the damage that has been done to the computers that i downloaded TREND MICRO on. FROM THE MOMEMT INSTALLATION FINISHED, MY COMPUTER GOT VIRUS AFTER VIRUS AND THEN CRASHED. Then the updates wouldnt stop even after removal.TREND MICRO IS A NIGHTMARE

Posted by Big Paul

My 2-year Trend Micro Security application came up for renewal. I get two choices :: Titanium & Worry-Free Business with no help in picking the right one for me, based on what I already had installed. The install failed because their own product caused issues. I had to run multiple apps to uninstall & very stuff with 4 reboots.

2.5 hours later it works okay - It should have take 15 minutes. Painful.

Posted by tansym

I'm keen to remove Trends Micro off my Galaxy Android as it's slowing it down HEAPS and causing big delays, but can't seem to do this via my PC or phone and can't find a helpline number or link for a contact to email. Very frustrating.

Posted by jan gleave

Trend Micro made an unsolicited charge of £49.95 on my bank account last April...for a second year of security cover which I did not want!! tried to call cust answer...tried to send e:mail..again no answer. Have sent a Recorder Delivery letter to Leatherhead...only address found...envelope was Refused & returned to me... Also sent same letter to my Bank with instructions not to pay Trend Micro.. I DO NOT WANT TREND MICRO SECURITY on my PC. Please contact me

Posted by Anonymous

I had previously purchased this product, and later on removed and installed a different anti-virus, only to have Trend charge my card again. This has happened to numerous people I know. Will never recommend this product to anyone ever again!

Posted by Average Joe

Whatever you do, don't use the automatic renew feature unless you want Trend Micro for life. I had TM a couple years ago and canceled. Bought a new license in January. In September, I noticed a charge on my May statement for the old canceled license (apparently have been billed every year since canceling). Called for refund and cancellation (again) and they said they could not refund but offered to extend my new license for one year. Just checked my September statement and the SOB's charged me for the extension immediately after that call. After third call when I raised my voice a little, they offered refund for September charge and pro-rated refund of May charge and promised to turn off auto-renew. I'll be checking my credit card statement. PS I have good luck reaching a human

Posted by annie

I wrote this review on their site and they won't publish it!! Only like the good reviews and not the truth!

What price loyalty?
I have used Trend Micro for a number of years and am happy with the product. What I am unhappy about is being bombarded with e mails for many weeks before its expiry asking me to renew. Well, Trend, your renewal prices for past customers are higher if you buy via this method than on your website. I bought my recent Trend Micro from there. Still getting e mails telling me that my subscription has expired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by wfbs-adv-user

Trend Micro support is really bad. Calling the support is nearly impossible, you have to wait for over 20 minutes. Responstime is to bad, up to 3 days in urgent cases. I would not recommend they product.

Posted by PunkahWallah

I have just spent 45 mins trying to uninstall this rubbish. I'm trying to recover an exchange mailbox, Trend kicks in at 10pm for its regular slowing down of the network from anywhere up to 4-6 hours, while it dangles its octupus (pii) tentacles through my frazzled brain, no where in its password protected admin screen is there a PAUSE option. These maggots pay dell or whoever 10 bux a pop to put that 60 day trial on your system.. how many suckers sign up after 60 days, without knowing the true reach of this Garbage. Then I end up at sweat shop talking to a call center wallah. I said "B for Bob, you taxi wallah moron Not B for Victor".. Any person/business I see, I highly recommend them to trash the worthless crap. ( Can't half tell it late and Trend isn't helping :-)

Posted by GingerNinga

The only way to turn-off the auto-renewal is to sign-on to your account, that you should have setup in the registration process.

I have done so, so hopefully it won't auto-renew next year.

If it does, I'll be flaming angry.

Posted by Ginger

Auto renewal should not be the default. It's against the law to store credit card information (PCI DSS), and to action payments that users have not authorised.

This company gives no opportunity for customers to contact them other than via an automated mechanism.

Lesson learn't only make payments through PayPal. They will come after these sorts of companies, and force resolutions.

Posted by Susan

I tried to stop my auto-renew last winter & it wouldn't work on the website. Now they have renewed me for another year & charged my bank account, even though I have a different debit card.

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Posted by Anonymous

This morning I had a very satisfactory experience. My lap top acquired a virus which destroyed everything but the ability to access the net. I was given the phone number and aa experienced tech solved the problem. WONDERFUL!!! Only difficulty was that I had to wait for the more experienced tech to fix the problem since the first person could not.

BUT.....I did have trouble locating this site to rate the service.

Posted by HAL1972

I have been using Trend Micro for 6 years now and have never had a problem. Never had to call customer service! Product is great. TM is superior to anything I have ever used. And no, I am not a paid spokesman.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called Customer Service to have a charge for virus protection I didn't order removed from my charge. Apparently I was on some sort of auto-renewal, though I haven't had Trend for two years. The customer service rep was very helpful, very polite and after listening to my problem and locating the charge to my account he transferred me to somebody else. The second person was also helpful and did issue a refund, after trying to sell me coverage at about 20% of what I had been charged and after deducting two months of pro-rated usage of the virus protection fee. Really? I have other coverage, I haven't used yours, I didn't ask for your virus protection to be deducted from my account and yet I have to pay for two months? In all fairness the charge to my account was dated almost two months ago and I was deliquent in calling to get it removed. In the end I agreed and hopefully that will be the end of any charges from them. Though I didn't like the fact that I was charged in the first place, I have to say that the customer service was very good.

Posted by Anonymous

On 4/27/12 I called Trend at the 800 number you gave and spoke with Sandy regarding my credit card billed for renewal of Trend internet security. I informed Sandy that the computer is my mother's and that she no longer uses the computer for at least a year. Sandy had the $35.95 charge reversed and said that my card will no longer be billed. The phone number you supplied was the right one and Trend's no hassle assistance regarding the charge reversal is much appreciated! Thank Contact Help for suppling the phone number. Ray

Posted by Julie

i just called the #800 phone number you provided and pressed # as you instructed. i was connected right away to Ray and he took care of refunding my auto renewal ($71.95). he gave me a case number and stated i will have a refund on my credit card in 5-7 days. he also told me he was deleting "auto renewal" so i will not be charged again in the future. so far, the process has been perfect and seamless and i thank you for your helpful advice. i'm reading many user comments here that mirror my situation exactly. thanks for your help! (thanks to you, i am giving TM perfect ratings in my "experience" profile)

Posted by jnay

Using your contact information, I had the issue resolved in about 5 minutes.

Thank you. I've looked for the past few days on their site..... the numbers I called kept putting me on hold and I never got anywhere. I had been automatically charged for a license that hadn't been in use for 3 years and did not show up in my account. Automatic billing was not set up.

Posted by CPinOK

I am happy to report that a will be getting refund following a request after Trends charged my account that I thought was not authorized. This was on a laptop that was not in service at the time so I had no idea that the transaction had taken place (in September). At first inquiry by e-mail, I was informed that the return policy was past the 30 days for online software pruchases. After sending another e-mail explaning why I it took me so long to find out, they sent a declaration "letter of destruction." I submitted it and am now waiting for a refund. I appreciate their help, and I don't think the charge was meant to be fraudulent. We all should be more aware of online charges, especially auto-renewals.

Their protection service was helpful during the period that I had it. It just didn't protect my laptop from my teenage son! I had to have a complete network clean out which wiped out the Trends coverage I didn't even know I still had.

If you go to the "" web site I'm sure they will work with you.
Thank you Trend Micro service team :)

Posted by Anonymous

The call quality was poor so I hug up and redialed. Second call quality better. Reached knowledgeable rep by doing as suggested. It turned out I had bad info about the product. Rep assured me I did have right product for desired task. Rep spoke American English with a midwest accent. While he spoke rapidly, I did understand him.

Posted by Richie

The number worked by pressing #3 when the recording started. Got a Customer Service Rep within 5 minutes. Says my order problem is taken care of. (Cancel Autorenew and Request a refund)

Posted by bobguthrie

The information was correct and got my foot in the door. I cancelled my subscription and hadn't received my refund. The information helped me to ask where the refund was. I am now waiting for a E-Mail from Trend Micro. Bob Guthrie, Houston, TX

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