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Travelzoo customer service is ranked #281 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates Travelzoo customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


24 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 88.89%.


3 Positive Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 11.11%.

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    • 40.31 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 24 negative comments (88.89%)
    • 3 positive comments (11.11%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
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Posted by Anonymous

I was going to give this company another try. But can't get in touch with anyone. Time to move on.

Posted by Barbara

On 6/19/17 I purchased 3 admission tickets from for the water park in Chula Vista, CA and owned by SeaWorld. Unfortunately these vouchers did not arrive via an email they said they sent. I called Travelzoo and they resent the email. Again no vouchers arrived. After two hours to correct the problem had Travelzoo speak with the water park. End result Travelzoo sent vouchers to water park but had charged me a second time and we also lost 2 hours of paid water park fun.

Posted by None

I bought a voucher for a meal for two the Chaan Teng Restaurant.

The meal was appalling as we have been served stale chicken. I felt physically sick.

The meal was not worth for human consumption

Posted by Anonymous

Unable to reach anyone regarding my confirmation of a trip to Lake Geneva June 11 -12-13

Pat Owens

Posted by Anonymous

I,Have not been well for the last few weeks,and have just found a voucher for a meal at the Partridge inn Singleton.Only to see that it has expired is there any way i could transfer this to another voucher.The voucher No5122-1098-3090 I have been using Travelzoo vouchers for many years this is the first time i have let it slip.Please could you see your way to redeem it for another location.I have just purchased a voucher for the Earl of March No as you can find out by your records i have been using this facility for many years.Yours Sincerely Mr G.L.G.Lewis

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to contact you by phone for 3 days to book an offer and it is perminently engaged Could you please ring me

Posted by Anonymous

I just joined travelzoo and for some reason I'm listed as UK. I've listed the USA in several places but it still sends me to UK. How can I correct this.
Thank you,

Posted by Anonymous

Been trying to phone you for over an hour now

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I purchased a deal from you on 24.04.2016 for the Somerset stay with 7 course taster meal.

We are on our way and have noticed we have not received a confirmation voucher from you and the hotel needs it.

Could you please forward this to my email as of now please. Booked in Sturmey.

Posted by Ruddy

Travelzoo is an unbelievably BAD company.
They are unreachable and if you leave a message at any time they NEVER RESPOND. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi we recently booked a travel zoo hotel stay in a hotel de vere in London with you, the stay and hotel was great value and food was excellent the only complaint we had was the Spanish free wine we had was undrinkable, I reported this to the hotel receptionist and her comments were you booked with travel zoo that's why

please can you look into this for us

Posted by Anonymous

Please can you help im unable to reset my password as it wont accept my email address. I need to make abooking and unable to do this until this problem is sorted! and it shows as acapital S and wont let me change itbjkv

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered and have paid for 12 bottles of wine thtough one of your deals. I have still not received it. Can you please get back to me with some sort of expected delivery daye as they were ordered of Christmas.


Ian Parfitt

Posted by Anonymous

Not very good service. Still waiting for acknowledgement/reply to several emails sent to you re; Virgin Wine - Code No. Can you please deal with me a.s.a.p.

Mary Betty.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi We purchased a �£35 voucher for French Brothers cruises on 5th June 2015. The voucher number has not been accepted by French Brothers for a confirmed booking and detailed as an incorrect booking reference. We have tried a number of times to connect so please would you advise the next step or issue a further reference please. We need to do this asap

Thank you

Mrs Jenifer Lay

Posted by Anonymous

I was charged $98. on my credit card on3/09/15.I have repeatedly tried to reach TravelZoo at the number on my bill and have repeatedly received a busy signal (7 busy signals between 10:30 am and 2 p.m. on 4/8/15, and five today on 4/1- between the hours of 10:30 and 2:50 p.m., PDT. When I have googled you to get a good phone number I just get recorded messages that don't allow me to leave a message.

In the past I have purchased several things through Travelzoo, but I don't recognize this charge.JSH

Posted by Anonymous

I want to phone Travelzoo but the no. is for Supreme Holidays ! Please correct this asap.

Posted by Anonymous

trying to book a deal is a nightmare because no one can answer my questions re: blackout dates. Singapore airlines (after waiting 30 mins) know nothing about the deal. They cannot answer any blackout date questions, then the travel zoo customer service rep just reads the ad to me. the problem is, based on the punctuation of the fine print it is not clear if certain dates apply to Houston or LAX and they actually conflict with dates listed above.

Really frustrated. If you are going to promote a deal with an airlines you should advise them so they know the details-Singapore airlines is clueless.

Posted by Anonymous

Need help. I was charged 198$ when I shouldn't have been. Please contact me Asap

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried for several weeks now to unsubscribe from Travelzoo since my husband and I booked a holiday via their website only to find that the company advertising the holiday ceased trading the day AFTER they accepted our booking and money! I e-mailed Travelzoo to tell them of this situation but received no reply and have to date been unsuccessful in halting their e-mails. Similarly, there does not seem to be a telephone number for their Customer Services Department. I have now attempted to block their e-mails from coming through.

Posted by annie

I called three times and there was no response. it went blank then busy. need someone to contact me. Your help line does not help me and does n ot give correct information. your office doesnt answeer when you press #2 for Marketing . Are there any REAL voices that are able to communicat with me. I am a disgruntled customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Travelzoo and the Hyatt Palm Springs absolutely do not have their act together. They promote a travel package and no one knows anything about it. They charged my husband three times on his credit card and promised to take care of it, instead they allowed SEVEN days to pass so we could not get our money back! Be careful and do not trust these package promotions through Travelzoo nor the Hyatt in Palm Springs. It's hard to find good customer service these days.

Posted by Charles Martel

Cannot reach anyone at Travelzoo. My travel vouchers were honoured at Rabella Resort but last night Ravella had three fire alarms that got us rushing from the 7th floor. I had a knee problem and fell and worsened my situation. I call Ravella desk who told me they could not make any adjustments and that I had to contact Travelzoo. The only phone they had in NY was announcements for travel companies. If I hit O I got disconnected.
So forget Travelzoo.

Posted by AJLY

I purchased a one way ticket through from Paris to Venice italy by Ryanair in Feb 2012. 4 weeks ago I received an e-mail that your trip date has changed from 6/5 to 6/6 in which I purchased a one night hotel in Venice for the 5th and leaving venice on the 6th. The problem is you can't call anyone in europe, there are few number listed that charges you almost 2 euro, I tried...but couldn't get conected, can't reach anyone in travelzoo customer service.....any sugestion??? I'm not sure this massage will reach Travelzoo......


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Posted by Theforger

I have had to contact Travelzoo Customer service team a number of times for some vouchers that I have bought with them. I have to say that they have always been really friendly and have been able to resolved my issue suitably.

Posted by tess

don't know how to contact you by phone, for about 2 months now I am NOT receiving your travelzoo specials, just the title with no information. in short your e-mails to me are not complete, therefore I cannot purchase anything from you anymore and I am missing out on many great deals. can you please fix this problem. I have always been extremely happy with your services in the past. thank you in advance tnandez

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I wrote the comment right below and I would like to retract what I wrote about the Hyatt in Palm Springs, Mr Larry Kaufman called me and has gone out of his way to make up for what happened. So, for the record, retracting what was said about the Hyatt. His delay in calling us was due to the 4th of July rush and my husband and I are willing to move forward. Thank you, Mr Kaufman.

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