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Travelocity customer service is ranked #837 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.74 out of a possible 200 based upon 585 ratings. This score rates Travelocity customer service and customer support as Terrible.


576 Negative Comments out of 585 Total Comments is 98.46%.


9 Positive Comments out of 585 Total Comments is 1.54%.

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    • 20.74 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 576 negative comments (98.46%)
    • 9 positive comments (1.54%)
    • 2 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 2.1 Reachability
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    • 3.1 Friendliness
    • 1.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I had a difficult time understanding people at customer service, l thought English was spoken (l guess it was probably spoken, but not very good English),Cancellation policy is misleading, l paid 59.00 dollars extra, and it is only good if there is a death in your family.
Would probably never use Travelocity again, to many mistakes were made, and to time consuming, to remedy them. Live and learn, l guess. Doesn't seem to be a great business model .

Posted by Anonymous

The phone number on this web sight is not working. The other one I gos dead after the computer says it has some questions. I need to find out is my cancelation insurance really works. What a waste of time this is.

Posted by victoria vaughn johns

I've been on hold for almost 3 hours. I need to change the date on my flight before the 24 hours are up.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been mislead by your compagny and got charged over 200$ for it
I am filing a complain with the service bureau and will also go on trip advisor to report the incident so the public know what happen to us
If you do want to listen to my argument before I do the above you can contact me at [email protected] within the next 24 hours otherwise I go on trip advisor


Posted by Maral Bedoyan

I have officially been to hell and back.
the employees are completely incompetent, the price of a package deal you on line, is not what you're getting!!!!! the price is changing as I am booking my package.
R i p O f f. the employeessfrom India, are completley ignorant to customers needs, all they know is... please hold mam, I'm encountering an error. so frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!
Never again

Posted by Anonymous

I am requesting your assistance to help me resolve an issue with United Airlines. I booked a flight with them directly then cancelled within two hours. Next a booked a flight through Travelocity for the same destination, on the same departure date, but one day later on the return. Although I received a confirmation of the cancellation from United, I was still booked on the original return date and NOT on the return date I booked through you. United charged me $200. to change the return flight even though I had a flight confirmation from you for that flight! United has been extremely difficult in my attempt to resolve this situation. Please, if you could offer me any advice as to how to proceed, I would be grateful. Of course all specific information regarding itineraries and confirmation numbers will be made available to you upon request.

Posted by Roseann

Since 12/08/16 it has been a complete nightmare dealing with Travelocity. There was an issue from the very first day with the site changing the original flight I had booked the first point of contact sales reps were able to assist and fix the small issues. Well when I noticed my departure date was listed incorrect I called and was told by a rep that there was no issues and she contacted the airlines and reserved my seat and I did not need a new itinerary number and the flight number remained the same. After a full day of travel and drive to my final destination I trusted what the rep advised me of. Well when I went to catch my flight I was told my seat was reserved but never ticketed and I would have to call Travelocity because the airlines were completely booked for the day. I spent a total of 10 hrs at the airport freaking out with no way home stuck in our nations capital. After being disconnected and called back several times the issue I thought had been resolved at 7 pm EST on December 17, 2016. I thought this nightmare was over on Sunday Dec 18th when I arrived home. Monday Dec 19th I went to use my debit card only to find out my card was declined because Travelocity force charged 552.60 to my acct causing it to overdraw. I spent the next 5 hrs of my evening on the phone with Travelocity I was able to speak a supervisor who was speaking with a corporate rep named Daniel who promised to call me back due to phone system error Daniel called left me a VM with no call back # no reference # and no resolution. I had to call back and speak again with Rosie in Corporate who was EXTREMELY RUDE. She stated she would only credit me back what was force charged to my account and OD fees. I requested a FULL REFUND after what I had experienced. I was not asking for any additional fees I accumulated due this error made on behalf of Travelocity. I don't feel justified in any of this and will never do business with Travelocity ever again. I as a consumer would never volunteer to spend my hard earned money on this type of customer service or experience. I am hoping someone from corporate will reach out and make this wrong right.

Posted by TheDemshars

Do not use Travelocity!!!Their customer service is horrific. Their company model is based on lack of accountability. They are unhelpful, insulting, rude and crass. They provide no compassion or articulate customer care. If anything in your itinerary changes, they absolve any responsibility in it and do nothing to amend the issue. They place the blame on their vendors and provide NO refunds for their mistakes. Do not use this unprofessional, deceitful and scamming company.

Posted by Lv

I've been a loyal customer of travelocity, I am having a minor problem now with a trip I booked with them, I called last night to try to resolve it, and was on hold in between people for almost 5 hours, they were so unprofessional, disrespectful, rude, and not taking responsibility for their mistake, I sooooo NOT recommend using them AT ALL!!!! I am going to continue to call better businesses, and corporate, there are so many companies out there better to use, do not use travelocity!!!!!

Posted by Sharon

This company is untrustworthy and treat people they just robbed really badly. Travelocity customers service isn't... They will yell at you and tell you what you did wrong and calling these people that's 100% wrong. After the woman at Travelocity customers service started yelling at us and we asked for a supervisor her solution was to put us on hold to never return to speak to us. She did keep listening in every once in a while to see if we finally decided to hang up... but she never spoke to us again this company is bad very bad no good at alll. Avoid at all cost if you know what's good for you.

Posted by [email protected]

Im so outraged I don't know where to start! Book pet friendly hotel with swimming pool, restraunts and bar! I arrive no swimming pool no restaurant NOTHING!BONUS ROOM SMELLS LIKE CAT PISS! CALL TRAVOLISITY OH WELL TOO BAD!

Posted by Anonymous

Long waits, poor responsiveness, and limited English. Terrible service. This is definitely a company that should look at re-shoring their jobs. They are getting horrible service from whatever call service company they hired. Two thumbs down!

Posted by Anonymous

Have been trying since January to get 2 refunds owed to me by Travelocity. They have been saying for 5 plus months to wait. The refunds have been processed. Finally yesterday after several hours on the phone I was able to get one of the refunds processed but he disconnected me before doing the second one. Never got a call back even though he asked for my number in the event we got disconnected. I tried calling them today and was put on hold for i hr and 17 minutes. The attendant came back once during this time to tell me not to hang up. After the 1hr 17 mins I hung up and he did call me back and said it was almost time for me to get to a supervisor so to hold on. After another 27 minutes they disconnected me. Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!. 1hr quad 45 mins and never got to speak to anyone. Never, ever, ever use this company. You will never get a refund and you will never be able to report it or get anyone from their Corporate offices to acknowledge you. Absolute nightmare. I will report them to the US Attorney General and the FDC to have them investigate this scam of a company.

Posted by Anonymous

I attempted to make a change to a flight. Spoke with a representative and paid difference of the flight and change fee. When my boss got to the airport, he was informed that the airline had not received any updates from Travelosity. After 3.5 hours on the phone and being transferred 5 times and hung up on I spoke with someone in Corporate Customer Care who stated that since the change never went through that we would not see the charges on our Credit Card and that Travelosity would cover the cost of the flight back. Low and behold our credit card statement came and the charges were on there. I called Travelosity again and spent 2.5 hours on the phone and 3 transfers and a hang up later I speak with the same department and am told that "there are no notes to indicate that they were covering the cost of the flight". So the only thing they offered was the difference in the tickets and a $200.00 voucher. Unfortunately, we have lost all respect for this company and don't ever intend on using them again, so the Voucher will do us no good. Worst experience ever. I have been in customer service for 19+ years and have never had such incompetence.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the last time I bUy airfare and hotel to a foreign country with travelocity. The airline trip went fine, but when I got to the hotel they did not have evidence that the hotel was paid. I emailed travelocity because I had a paid receipt in my hand. Trevelocity would not respond to me adequately by way of email...they wanted me to call them. My cell phone is not on when I am out of the country. TAKE HEED>>>>>>>>THIS COMPANY HAS ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN AND WILL TELL ALL OF MY FRIENDS THIS STORY. Inexcusable behavior for a company that takes your money up front and then lets yu hang not for something you did, but because of their atrocious customer service. BUYER BEWARE...NEVER AGAIN...NO THANK YOU.

Posted by Anonymous

Booked a flight thru travelocity 30 days in advance to houston texas. Got to the airport (united airlines) and did not have a seat. The attendant asked if anyone would re schedule their flight to houston so I could get on the plane. Finally I was the very last one to board. Got the very last seat next to the restroom aisle seat..absolutely miserable experience. The attendant acted as I was the one who was inconveniencing her..Really!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ive spent hours trying to reach a travelocity person able to fix a flight mistake travelocity made which cost me $150 but also great frustration. This company essentially impossible to deal with if any problem arises. My recommnedation: NEVER EVER USE TRAVELOCITY. search for other reviews. my opinion is widely shared.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed with Travelocity!! Have booked hotels in the past with a friend under her name when we have traveled places!! This time when I did booking on my own it was a disaster!!! Agent said that there were amenities at the hotel and when I get to the hotel the amenities I asked for are not available!! That's very poor service to say there are things that in reality there is not!! I called Travelocity and they offered me a 50$ voucher for future booking but I will probably never book with them again so its a waste!! I asked for corporate information and they have none!! How does a company not have corporate headquarters information!! I am not pleased not one bit!! The hotel room stinks and I found a used condom in the room that me and my 3 year old son are supposed to sleep!! Ridiculous!!

Posted by sdidio

on online advertisement on 3/18/16, made rservation over the phone for package deal
including 2 rooms at hotel. This was an hour call. When in receipt of the trip iineary it was for 1
room, but charged me the price for 2 rooms $3,871.00 total package price. charged to Visa. After
calling on 3/21/16 to aprise them error. They claimed they needed 10 days to review call, but never
did anything after 12 days. Tried to charge me another $1,590.00 for another room. I spent a total
of 6 hours on hold in a 10 day period. They are keeping $2,149.00. I am forced to make addtional
reservations somewhere else now. Today, 4/6/16, I am reporting fraud to Visa and a stop payyment.
I have copies of the online adds as well. I want my $2,149.00 returned as a result of the error made
by the booking agent.

Posted by Jake

Waited on hold for 6 hours waiting for a Manager to resolve my issue. Made a reservation for August 26, confirmation came back as September 26. I immediately called and was told that my reservation had in fact been made for August 26 and I had nothing to worry about. One week later I get another confirmation for September 26!!! I have spent all day waiting for a Manager to help me, they NEVER pick up the phone...6 hours on hold, are you kidding me???!!! I will never use Travelocity again and I suggest no one else does either!
Tell the World that Travelocity has become even greedier that the average Company !
Hi Kayak . . .

Posted by Sarah

I reserved a rental car through travelocity. I had to cancel the reservation so I went to the web site and it said unable to cancel please try later. I tried this multiple times up until it was almost to the time of the reservation. I finally just called Budget and canceled it within seconds. However the rental insurance I paid for the 2 day rental was through Travelocity so I had to wait on hold for 20 minutes to be told they could not cancel the insurance on a car I never rented and thus were going to continue the charges for the insurance. Really? Is this how travelocity does business? Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY. They will rip you off.

Posted by Beatenfortrying

Don't book a flight to Europe through Travelocity, they will not help you if there is any issue, we have spent hours booking only to find that now are flights are canceled and cost 4x's what we paid for already. The end result is that we are now having AmEx get our money back and the Airline Norwegian is even worse than the Micronesia office of Travelocity. Just Horrible, do not buy through this company!!!! You have been warned.

Posted by katemttp4

Hate this company. Called three times and got such a load of BS. Then, the woman hung up on me!! I have used Travelocity so many times and will never use it again!!

Posted by Steven Haycock

I am trying to contact someone to tell them that we had a car rental confirmation in Las Vegas made through Travelocity; but when we went to get the car, Thrifty had no record of the rental. The date was February 9, our confirmation number

Posted by Kelly

Travelocity "triple charged" my bank account! I saw it within hours on my online statement- I called my bank, and they confirmed this was accurate. They said that Travelocity needed to fax them a letter on letterhead to have them dropped. The representatives on the phone will do nothing else other than "tell me to call the bank". So I tried emailing, and they said "they do not see the charges". I do not know what to do! The amount is 1188.66 - and they charged it three times!

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Posted by Anonymous

I was only on hold for 1 minute. The computer somehow switched my dates for when I booked my hotel. In my comfirmation, it stated that there was no refunds and no changing what was booked. I called, and they spoke with the hotel, and was able to change my reservation to the correct dates. Great service!

Posted by ry1206an

I had a great experience with Travelocity and I found out they really do care about their customers. We booked a hotel through their Top Secret Hotels and got a great rate. Once we found out the name of the hotel, we called the hotel three different times and asked for two beds in the room. When we got to the hotel, they put us in a room with one bed. I had to sleep on the floor that night. The hotel did not care at all and obviously did not want to help us. I called Travelocity (luckily they are open 24 hours) and was told there was nothing they could do and that our hotel was actually not covered under their guarantee because it was a Top Secret Hotel. But the guy was extremely nice and really felt bad and after calling the hotel and spending 10 minutes talking to the front desk lady who hardly spoke English, he told us that he would send us a $25 Travelocity gift card for the future. This was really nice especially because the problem was the hotel's fault (not Travelocity's) and because our hotel technically wasn't covered in their guarantee. We will definitely book through Travelocity again! Great job!

Posted by ry1206an

GREAT EXPERIENCE WITH TRAVELOCITY! We stayed at a Top Secret Hotel and, after calling the hotel 3 times to request a two bed room we arrived and only had one bed. I had to sleep on the floor. We called Travelocity, and even though it was not their fault at all and clearly the hotel's fault, they felt bad and sent us a $25 Travelocity gift card. They truly do care about their customers. Our stay wasn't even covered under their Top Secret Hotels because those aren't included in the guarantee, but the man did as much as he could and he even called the front desk and spent 10 minutes talking to them. Great service and I will definitely use them in the future!

Posted by Bonnie Luby

I noticed on my Discover Card that MVQ SavingsACE have been showing up on my bill. When I called them, the manager said I was signed up through Travelocity and I received an email on it. I do not remember signing up for this quote savings, and according to the manager this has been on my bill since December. I did, however, book a Vega trip during this time. The MVQ manager said there was nothing he could do for me. What can you do since you have no signature on me signing up?

Bonnie Luby

Posted by Anonymous

I was helped by the very kind, patient and helpful person by the name of Kara from Manila. I had made a reservation on line but it looked like it disappeared. Kara checked via many avenues and it appeared my reservation had indeed disappeared, so she helped me re-make it and went to all extremes to be sure my reservation had gone through. She was SO helpful. My thanks to her!!!

Posted by happy

I just want to thank you for you help. I am the crazy lady who was on the phone late last night trying to change the flight time for my son. it was a little sticky at first but everything worked out in the end. once again thank you so much.

Posted by Whatcustomerservice?

Use Expedia please, they are fantastic when things go bad on a trip. They bailed me out of a passport fiasco. In contrast, Travelocity wouldn't know what customer service is even if they read about it on Wikipedia

As I unfortunately found out, Travelocity outsources customer service outside the US. As is usually the case these people barely speak English, and only seem to have the ability to "apologize for your inconvenience" but do little else than read from scripts. In my particular case I purchased a hotel thru Travelocity's version of Hotwire (55% off of a secret 4 star hotel) only to look on Travelocity's OWN website immediately after purchase to see the price I got was actually worse than their stock rates for this hotel. Instead of taking care of the problem the only advice given to me after calling their help line was to apply for a refund of the difference 30 days after my trip finishes. They would NOT cancel the reservation. Emails to customer service resulted in canned responses about fluctuations in price on flights and hotels between Travelocity and their competitors, or the best yet ... I should call customer service as they can't cancel reservations over email. Do these people even read the complaint ? I half expect a computer bot could do a better job responding to questions than their reps.

Travelocity has clearly made a calculation that they can keep most customers without providing any real customer service. Have some outsourced non-US firm just keep apologizing but not actually do anything and that should work shouldn't it ? Hopefully word of mouth will eventually catch up to them and take this awful company down. Don't believe their ads. They are in a low margin customer service business, without actually providing customer service, just platitudes. Unfortunately for most people, they don't find that out until something goes wrong. I will be sure to let everyone know not to ever use Travelocity.

Stick with Expedia, you'll be happy you did.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called Travelocity and had no problems at all. They were fast and courtious.I guess I got lucky.

Posted by Imperator

I actually just called their customer service and a nice lady with very decent english was able to help me out within 3 min. Was holding only for about 5 min maybe which is normal.
Reading all the reviews, I guess I was lucky... ))) My problem in fact was not complicated at all, so maybe that's why it was resolved easily.

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Posted by annonymous

i work at a hotel as well. the last comment posted got it right on the nose. most times they dont care where they put you which is usually smoking rooms. they will totally lose the reservation causing us the problems with the guest. i will always tell people that book through sites to just call the hotel for reservations. most the time you dont get a deal. half the time i see that you get over charged compared to our actual price. forget the travel sites. you dont save time by doing it here instead of calling places to set it up yourself.

Posted by Anonymous

I work at a hotel and all these travel websites are horrible. Yes you get a cheaper prices ( sometimes) but all the hassel is not worth it. We constantly get reservations that are messed up because these booking agents dont tell anyone the truth or they have no idea what they are talking about. They have put people in smoking rooms and told them it was non smoking, only to come here and find out its smoking. The customer service hotlines are horrible. it takes forever to speak with someone and even then they probably wont understand how to help you. Take it from a 8 year long hotel employee, just book with the hotel directly, yes it might cost a little bit more, but at least you'll have comfort in knowing your reservations wont get screwed up!

just sayin


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