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TransUnion customer service is ranked #594 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 234 ratings. This score rates TransUnion customer service and customer support as Terrible.


224 Negative Comments out of 234 Total Comments is 95.73%.


10 Positive Comments out of 234 Total Comments is 4.27%.

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  • TransUnion

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 28.27 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 224 negative comments (95.73%)
    • 10 positive comments (4.27%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.9 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 3.0 Friendliness
    • 2.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by kathy

this is the worse place to deal with I have not got any results from anyone. I am going to report them to the better business bureau. And see if that will get any results. Its pretty bad when someone else charges on your card to this company and they cant do anything about it.!!!!!!

Posted by kathleen

hello I have a refund coming from many charges to my account from someone else that I have found. back in Dec 2017. my ref # is 248845802 My name Kathleen Thiry and the charges are from another person. I have talked to many other people and they have told me that I have to wait 2 months for this refund check well it has been more that 2 months and I want to know where is my check? Please let me know thank You Kathleen Thiry

kathy thiry

Posted by just me

Clearly an item is on my credit report, someone trying to open a credit card, not me. I did and online dispute, a snail mail dispute, and transunion says the item is not on my credit report, it clearly is on their own website. Are they so stupid they cannot see their own website.

Posted by Captain Jim

I called and spoke with a gentleman with an accent. He understood my concern and problem and after verifying who I was indicated that I would receive corrected information in about 7 days. Took about 10 minutes. If all goes well, I'm thrilled.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst service I have ever received. Ultimately unprofessional, lack communicating skills and no connection between departments

Posted by JK

Terrible, terrible and can't be worse!! Can't believe they outsourcing the most sensitive and confidential information to massive call centers in India or another foreign country who had no clue about how things operate in the United States. The reps had no clue, no clue, period. Our private information was handed to them for nothing. They don't understand what we are talking about and we don't understand their accent. It can't be more frustrating. You just don't get a single rep that had the competency to help at all.

Where is the Congress on cracking down on outsourcing this type of service to another country? Pathetic.

Posted by My68gto

Tried to get them to get rid of a mistake THEY made on my credit rport...impossible. They hung up the first time, second time was 30 minutes of them not understanding english. Why is this department in a foreign country? They were no help at all. Tried to talk with supervisor, but after another 20 minutes, no luck. How can they get away with this? They answer to no one.

Posted by Flamera

Seriously worst customer service ever. I had to call them more than 10 times and after 3 weeks the problem is still not corrected.
Because of a 'mysterious' bug my birth date was changed (but the date of modification is before I even had my first credit card) and they cant read my faxes they cannot make sure that I am me,so they cant change my infos, but because of them I dont have a phone anymore, and I lost a job opportunity in a bank !!!

Posted by Anonymous

Called three times & each time had a very rude woman in India give a different name each three times I called and cussed. And yes it was the same woman each time no questioning it. Finally got her to transfer me to a supervisor after I threatened to report her to the F.T.C. who said he was in L.a. and of course could not help me with the problem and said he would transfer me to that department. Got disconnected of course. No way I will try these scumbags again!

Posted by Cheyenne1

I called Transunion yesterday. This was my second try at trying to find someone that I could understand. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The guy just kept putting me on hold. After three times of him coming back on the phone and telling me his supervisor was busy I told him I would call a different day. The next time I called I still could not understand the man. I told him several things on my credit report were incorrect. He wanted my social security number and then asked me to mail him my birth certificate and a copy of my drivers license. I told him I wasn't comfortable with that. He told me he couldn't do anything to help me unless I sent these items. Is this normal? Is this safe? I'm not doing it. How do I get anything fixed. This is crazy.

Posted by Just free credit score?

Could not complete due to lack of credit history although has me. Someone's a liar "TU". Got my credit report someone's deceitful "TU". Called your reditView Dashboard customer service told me I filled something out wrong, when I was able to complete all forms last page said try back later. Was emailed PH# to call got a real person who did nothing but tell me may I have everything I filled out already said I needed to email (write this in your contact info. (if it's wright)) and would not just email the maybe right maybe wrong address hell I don't know I did repeat it back so maybe sent the three documents requested with not even an automated we got it reply it has been 12hrs dear God I hope I have not given some terrorist Org. the ability to use my credit by accident. All just so I could get a free credit score. TU I have seen the 250ish bad Vs. about 23 good reviews for you thousands of people visited the complaint page. Never again will also hear about this yuck it up I know they are in your pocket.

Posted by cowgod

One of the worst customer service providers I have ever dealt with. The employees are incompetent and cant even take basic data to assist you. non of the employees are american or speak English. all have thick accents and are hard to understand. they cant even find data in there own credit reports. America are we sure this is who should handle, issue, or regulate our credit? i think not. this company cant be trusted in any fashion.

Posted by Anonymous

I called trans union to report fraud and after many attempts at speaking with someone I finally got an Indian guy I could not understand. Possibly the worst customer service ever !

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to lift a freeze. The website is unresponsive. When I call, it is impossible to speak with a real person.

Posted by Robert

I just got off the phone with the most unfocused customer service agent I have ever come in contact with. For over ten minutes he never could answer any of my question and he had over a minute pause with everything I asked. It was like I was waking him up by loudly saying yellow, did you hear the last thing I said. He would respond by repeating the reason for your call. Is TransUnion kidding me. My dispute and accuracy of information is in trusted to people like this. Know I see why we have so much fraud in America. I finally just said since we are not connecting or I have disturb him from something, just give me the address. He gives me part of the address and then goes on a long pause after I said okay, expecting the rest. Had to say hello aging I am ready with pen and paper. I did not get it. So I realized I would not even get a supervisor out of him, so I just said thank you and hung up.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm going to say this one more time, if my money is not refunded into my account, I will have my lawyer take care of this situation. Transunion has taken money from me even after I've cancelled my membership. Your company has taken 17.99 from me for the past 6 or 7 months. I cancelled my membership months ago! Contact me

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried at least 5 times to contact someone to discuss a letter I received regarding someone trying to open a PayPal Credit account in my late husband's name. Neither my husband nor I have ever applied to PayPal. I could not speak with anyone and I will not put my Social Security number on the computer where it certainly can be hacked. What kind of crazy service do you provide to consumers? Awful!

Posted by Patricia

Horrible experience with this company. I disputed a false report from my lender (allegedly) stating that my last mortgage payment had been received in Feb of 2015. So I sent them all my bank statements from January 2014 THROUGH May 2015, to show that in over a year, there had been no lapse in payment. In addition, I sent my lenders confirmation payment pages, for the same 16 month period, with the exact same dates and payment amounts. When TransUnion called to follow up on my dispute, they claimed that they couldn't be sure those were actual mortgage if I have the money to just the exact same payment as my mortgage payment, to my lender, on the due date, for no reason. Really??? I've already mailed in a formal complaint to the FCRA, as TransUnion was inept enough to send me a letter stating that their investigation was closed. I got the letter within 10 days of getting back my signed receipt of the package sent to them.

Posted by jp long

They keep sending me e/mail saying I owe them money for a credit report...I have no Idea who they are and have never used them...from the comments on this site, glad I did not...but they won't quite sending e/mail for payment...stay away from them

Posted by Anonymous

Here's another one for the negative side of your scoreboard. ( not looking to good for ya either, I must say....... my wife noticed the other day that we keep getting charge 11.95 a month.. goes back to oct. 2014.... didn't even notice the charges till last month .so small of an amount didn't miss it. Our bank doesn't send out statements even ... but nevertheless they tell me i signed up for it when i called to dispute an error as I'll call it for now.bit some how signup for this. .. so I've been charged for this since October of 2014 for this . They say i received a username.. in the mail but have yet to see it it is now April... does the people that own this company . Do any of them speak and understand english at all. How do they expect complete customer care when you as a consumer can't understand a word they say. So who knows if they even understand you ... obviously their is two different conversations going on in one phone call.. thanks for taking my hard earned money that you did nothing for but give me a headache and the urge to take out my agression here on this site ... will it even make a difference. Probably not but hey it worth a shot.. so thanks for nothing transunion except my money

Posted by slandered

I was contacted by a police officer in an adjacent county who told me TransUnion told him my name is closely associated with a criminal suspect he is after. He called to make sure this was the suspect's location before driving a hundred miles to my home to capture him. I have been receiving debt collection calls for this person for six years, and now I know why. TransUnion passes bad information to law enforcement.

The office told me this suspect had NOT given anyone this information (no need to file a fraud charge), instead the credit company had collected it somehow, likely from a phone book since he and my husband share the same first initial and last name. I was told by TransUnion they could not help me unless I gave them my information...NO WAY! Like I want to compound this mess by giving them access to my report!!! Four people pretended to be supervisors serially and repeatedly told me the same thing: I must find the suspect and tell him to remove my name, address and phone number from his report. Of course that is ridiculous, the police can't even find him, but obviously TransUnion has no consequences for slandering me and continuing to report me as an associate of this suspect.

How can I bring a civil case against them for ruining my name? I don't look forward to officers arriving at my home demanding to know his whereabouts. This is disgusting and abusive. Why are they even allowed to continue to provide such falsehoods to law enforcement?


I Can Not Believe What A Joke This Company Is. Someone Opened A Line Of Credit In My Name For 50,000 And I Called To Get Some Indian In A Phone Room Who Could Not Even Spell My Name. They Could Not Even Prounouce The Name Of My Street (which Is Congress, By The Way) Let Alone Give Me Important Info. What A Joke And I Will Do Everything I Can To Take This Company Down

Posted by Anonymous

Transunion sucks they rip you off and then wont talk to you and lock you outta your account. But continue to go into your account and take money out.They are thieves, and should be stopped somehow.

Posted by Anonymous

I signed up for 1$ free credit report and then cacelled the same day. Now Trans union is debiting my checking account for a monthly fee. Please stop a rip off I will be contacting BBB authorities. I have sebt several emails to opt out of this .

Posted by Rico-DB9

Ok TransUnion ... You have my credit file in your hands and YOU DONT HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE THAT SPEAK ENGLISH.

You guys are the ABSOLUTE WORST at getting things fixed considering you can SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACT the lives of Canadians.

I intend to raise a complaint to my minister regarding this horrid system. If it makes you feel better, Equifax is no better.

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Posted by Thembi

Trans union assisted me before with Home choice and the results was good I trust Transunion

Posted by Anonymous

I called and asked to speak to someone in the US. I was transferred immediately to a call center in the US and got immediate resolution to my problem.

Posted by Anonymous

It's a wonderful website it's an easy website to get all of the information you try to's very simple to get your questions answer and they are wonderful people to talk to.

Posted by Anonymous

I dialed the number and listened to the options. I then dialed 0 and was connected to customer service. My questions were answered.


Posted by Anonymous

well after reading all these comments, I guess I got lucky tonight when I called. It went pretty smooth with the rep from India, she was nice and helpful!

Posted by Anonymous

Just spoke to a very VERY understanding and helpful lady...I made sure I told how much I appreciate talking to her, she mentioned it is helpful to call either early mornings or late evenings. Hope that bit of info helps anyone else trying to communicate and correct bad info on credit reports.

Posted by scd

I had to unlock a my credit file with Transunion. The person I worked with was
named Sarah, she was just great, courteous, and very helpful. Tks. Sarah, without your help I would of been lost.

Posted by Alen (Allen)

I just called your help line and spoke with a person named Allen.(Alan)not sure how he spelled his name. He was very curteous and helpful. I have not always have not always had a positive experience when trying to contact the credit agencies...but this was a very positive experience and i commend you for making this available. Thanks......Shelby Smith

Posted by kettler64

I spoke with a really nice woman, she was super helpful and solved my issue quickly!

Posted by The_Wright_One

That is a good number to call. Yes the call center is located in India, but if they are not able to help you, then they are very good about transferring you or giving you another number where you can get help. I was really apprehensive about calling, not thinking that they would be able to help me, but they most certainly did!

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Posted by rc01

They also have a call center in Fullerton, CA. If you don't want to speak to someone in India, just ask to be transferred to the US and they have to do it. Although, customer service in Fullerton is not that great as well. Trust me, I work there.


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