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Posted by Anonymous


I TJ's!

However, lately the produce has been watery or without dates!

Just asked a local store that shared an expiration date should be on the blueberries @ $7.99.

No such date! Also, after I tossed out...the blues in the store today dis not have a packing or exp date.

I give up!

Please advise!

Thank you,


Posted by Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Oli

I love Trader Joe's for my gourmet cooking products & food items. However, not long ago, TG's changed what is currently being offered in olive oil spray, a product I have used for years. The new Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray is horrible to use as it comes out in a direct spewing of a jet of oil & not the atomized spray of the former product. This new spray is messy & wasteful to use & does not broadcast an even coating on the intended subject. I am on my second container & continue to be very dissatisfied, though the flavor of the oil is okay.

Posted by Debbie Martin

I am a committed customer and this complaint will not keep me out of your fabulous store. I used Trader Joe cherry pie filling over the holiday and there was a cherry pit in the filling. Luckily I am the one who got it; was scared I cracked a tooth but no harm done! I did have to tell family and friends to take notice. I had two jars so do not know which jar had the cherry stone. I shop the Trader Joe on Peachtree, Atlanta, GA. I did not bother them with this issues since it would have to be reported to you anyway. Again, I am pleased with your stores and the continuity of professionalism from your employees but know you want feedback. Thank you, Debbie Martim

Posted by MM

Horrible customer service in the trader joes Redlands Ca. Katie the cashier needs better customer skills. She made it seem as if she was doing us a favor, I'm sorry but you are just doing your job, because of us customers you have a job...get trained or get out!

Posted by Anonymous

purchased the beef broccoli and sweet and mildly spicy.
The sauce was so spicy with red pepper flakes that it burned our mouth
and lips and spoiled our dinner. Server with fried rice with veggies.
Will not buy it again but usually had great meals from Trader Joe's.
Suggestion---leave the pepper flakes out and put in a little bag to
satisfy the buyers tast as to hot!!! or mildy spicy.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought Trader Joe's Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets for my daughter and she pierced the roof of her mouth with a bone when she bit into one nugget. The bone is 2" long, narrow on one end and wider on the other, but very sharp on both ends. I went to the store and spoke with a manager who filled out an incident report and took a photo of the bone, and I was contacted by a representative from the corporate office. I like my local TJ and shop there often. The employees are nice and the manager was responsive to my complaint. It remains to be seen what action the company takes against the vendor/supplier of this product. I also contacted the County's public health office to report the incident but they only referred me to the Consumer Affairs department, and they in turn gave me a number at the FDA. That's where things stand now. I am giving TJ a low score based on this incident alone.

Posted by Toni

I turned in my application that was handed to me by mike and filled it out he told me when I turned it in to ask or speak to him he ignored me and most everyone acted like they wanted me out of the store just because I was persistent. I am a customer also,even a manager called me said she saw me and let me know not to keep coming on there that they would call me if needed. I never felt so unwelcome never will shop there again!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience at Trader Jose located nearest to West Gate Shopping center the person by the name of Ben Kelly was so full of anger from having to deal with a person who return a item, and express this to me, I surely felt his dis pleasure and Just over all dislike then I felt attacked by another person who work there name unknown Yes I who has lived in the area sometime ago and was shopping at trader joes back in the early

Posted by Calico

The receipt is I checked out at 1:40PM 5/12 00970869874936 by M., Lauren.

Haven't been there in awhile. Stopped when they went to 'single' bags! Stupid move. Gump said 'stupid is as stupid does'. Expensive frozen and refrigerated products started thawing; it takes a lot of time to find another container to put them in-if you can. Product in glass also broke. They've gone back to double bagging.

I purchased $156.05 in groceries. Shopping there was a disappointing experience. Consistently, all product-fresh fruits and vegetables; breads, cakes, packaged meats all were overstocked. All areas. Anyone that shops; and the majority of people that shop there are always going to look through EVERYTHING to find the most frozen, freshest items with the longest code-dates (shelf-life). To do this is going to cause mishaps and accidents Refrigerated items were poorly cooled; the packaged items on

the top were thawing; the items were the same. The ice-cream areas, even in the bottom were only cool; just picking up the containers one had to be careful in not crushing it open.

Pizzas were all but thawed, as many refrigerated items. A shopper, then has to go to the back to get those that are almost frozen. Products get removed to other areas, accidents happen; chaos pursues.

Canned/glass items are overstocked. The same with chips/crackers/breads. The same results shown above also happen.

Every shopper in THIS store is going to do this; the store presents itself as so in its products. Shoppers KNOW what their competitors are pricing the same products. A shopper must be leery of the word 'organic'.

Adding insult to injury, the check-out process was also, at the least disappointing. There was almost no one in the 6 lines open. Two were 'short-item' lines. I was in the 'handicapped line. The checker had gone beyond being polite to visiting. I wear a full torso back brace. She looked up, still visited, and ignored me. The other two checkers in the 'short-item' lines had NO one, and the store was almost empty considering the time of day; many were restocking, etc. I should have; could have been politely, eagerly helped by the staff. I saw personnel behind them; in risers that are enclosed, to oversee. They looked; went back to doing 'whatever'.

The female checker was abrupt and rude; indifferent to what her duties were. I, like many of the shoppers are seniors. I hadn't been there before, and forgot where the full basket goes; in the back of the scanner, not in the front, like everyone else.

I started towards the front, and she snapped her fingers at me, then waved me to the back. I didn't no what she was doing so I tried to 'read' her sign language. I was only seconds; then she, again, snapped her fingers at me and waved me to the back. I did what she wished. Whatever happened to coming out to greet the customer, asking to allow them to take the basket and, kindly showing me where she wanted me.

I don't if its the way the checkers scan the items and then place them into the cart or sacks. She just stacked all items on top of each other just behind the scanner. After ringing up all items, she announced the amount. No items, nothing moved, her or product toward any sacks or in the cart until I PAID.

The new credit/debit scanners are constantly changing. I didn't know if I why, when sliding my card, along the side, wasn't reading. She said, 'stick it in the bottom'. I looked for what 'bottom' meant as to where and what bottom. She pointed. Again, I guessed. Found it, and followed the instructions. Paid, she handed me the receipt, not looking at me, and started stocking the cart. When she was done, she pushed it just in front of her, not even around the checking area. I went around and got it. She was straightening her work area.

No thank you. No offer to help me with the groceries to the car. Nothing. I WAS in the handicapped lane.

I don't comment other than to 'thank them' and I don't do why. I'm feeding them. Why so many companies fail is because, somewhere along the way, the people forgot the most basic principle of ANY businesses success or failure. You don't believe me; ask almost anyone in any department, almost to the highest level; they will give you a name of a person. They forgot, or were never TOLD!

Who's their Boss? Again, a person, usually. Ask, then, who's their Boss, etc., until they give up....Tell them: THE BOSS OF ANY COMPANY IS THE CUSTOMER! HE/SHE CAN FIRE THAT COMPANY BY JUST TURNING AROUND AND WALKING OUT THE DOOR...AND NEVER COME BACK! They just got 'fired'. Unfortunately, try this question on a 'customer service' department employee.

Posted by JAADO

I visit Trader Joe's in different States, For Arizona I visit Phoenix and Prescott, my opinion is that the employees are performing an outstanding job. currently I have been a regular customer to the Trader Joe's in Springfield Virginia. All the employees go out of their way to help, they are performing at a superior customer service level. The Springfield store, store number 651 has one employee who deserves to be given a medal, or better yet a pay raise, he is 100% Customer Service Driven, he is able to interact with all the customers making the visit a pleasant one. In my 11 years visiting this store I have always observed a smile and a willingness to help. Please inform him of my opinion and or observation, His Name is Carlos Buten.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I was in your Oak Park, Illinois store on lunch today. I went in to purchase a case of your alkaline water. As I preceeded to get the water, from the stack, placed against the wall, under a fire extinguishers, that I thought would come from the wall, if I pulled at the water to hard, didn't, but the case under the one I grabbed, wound up falling on top of my foot. Imagine, 18 bottles at one liter each, landed on my foot. The manager, Evan, at the time came over, nonchalantly, as the other employees did, offering me bags of frozen peas and corn with a giggle to finish off the offer. As much pain that I was in at that time, I didn't see anything funny about that situation. I'm not saying that they're all standoffish, especially when it comes to people of a different skin tone, and I know that they're scripted with the customers. So, I need to know how this injury will be handled. I've done a police report, just to have it on file, so tell me, how is it handled from here.

Thank you

Joyce A. Carothers

Posted by Jmurray

Never felt more rushed or had a less caring individual take care of an issue. Saying, "yeah well thats just how it is." Or "Well just take it back to the store they will take care of it." isn't good customer support. I felt slighted by the company.

Posted by tab6871

I am extremely unhappy with Trader Joes! The cashier failed to give 5 items of the items I purchased and paid for. I live 25 minutes away - this is a special trip to the store I only make once/twice a month. I called the store - oh we found your items and we put them back on the shelf do you want to come get them? No I live too far - please refund my card for the items... Oh we can't do that but when you make it in next I will give you a refund then. That will be 2 weeks before I can make it up there - oh that's a long time... yet no resolve! I live too far away to just run back up there and I have a very busy schedule - so here I sit with no items and money out of my account ... I called the corp office ... NO ONE HAS APOLOGIZED AT ALL! The lady in customer service said No we can't reverse a charge its a deal we made with the credit card machines - ok the "manager" I spoke to told me he'd give me a refund whenever I came back in ... yet he only has my 1st name - no last name - in fact when I told I will spell it he told me no - he didn't need it - how am I supposed to believe I will actually get my refund when he has no info on me... Her response on we know our customers he will know. Bull crap - I have only came into that store a very few times that I can count on one hand - and you'll remember me! So this corp customer service lady took my full name and phone # and supposedly I will get a phone call from the store "captain" and get my refund when I go back into the store. I don't want to go back to this store at this point and I don't have time to run back up there right away! Why can you not reverse my charge for the items I did not receive or how about putting the refund on a gift card and mailing it to me - mail gets across dfw normally in one day - another thing that leads me to believe I am not getting my refund without a fight! NO ONE STILL HAS APOLOGIZED! There was room in the bag I was given for the remaining items - i have to figure out what the cashier did with them but he didn't give them to me... the lack of understanding and concern and basis customer service skills dealing with this is horrible!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Customer service, I usually appreciate Trader Joe's. But I would like to express my un- welcome experiences. An cashier forgot to put 2 items,which I bought them, into my shopping back. An cashier incorrectly entered item prices -he remembered his mistake and said "I forgot to erase one items $10.27 . Both mistakes occurred 2 days low and each times & I had to drive back and forth more than each 15mins. Before picking items (I need them badly) & making straight the receipt, I had to explain about them to TaderJoe's employees on phones. It was very unpleasant experiences-- doubtful, unfriendly, no any apology-- as if I did wrong things. I wish cashiers are trained better. thans

Posted by Rubi

I stopped by Trader's Joe's to buy peanut butter... low and behold they have speculous cookie butter.Since they are always out of stock I decided to buy 2 dozen.So here I am @ the checkout counter and the
cashier -asked me"oh are you going to send it?"
Me-Hmmmm... I said why did you asked me that?
Cashier- oh it's because there is this lady that bought 100 cases to send it to the Phil?
Me- I am trying hard to hold back and just bite my lips.
Another cashier -are you going to send it to the Phil?
My cashier - oh you really are going to put me in trouble she said to the other cashier.

I am really getting upset and intimidated by their Q's.
I almost feel like being interrogated.So....
Me- are you asking me this Q's because I am Asian and of Filipino origin?

Cashier-She is making all this excuses now..Another cashier- Are you going to send it?

Me- I can tell my face is as red a strawberry now and
am really pissed off..
Me- Are You guys are racially profiling me because I am Asian?
Cashier- Trying to divert my attention"I like your purse,did you get it in Italy.She goes on and on..She
Rang up my purchases thank me and hand me my receipt.

This whole incident was being heard by other customers...

I talk to the manager,I guess my face says it all how upset I am,And I told her so that it's none of their business whether it's for my own consumption, gift or whatever it may be.
I am very upset that I feel like am ready to blow.But manage to be civil.I told the manager that I am a public servant and I treat people the way I want to be treated.
This whole experience is totally uncalled for.The manager offer me flowers, Choc. Or TJ's grocery bag.I thank her and said I can afford to buy it.She gave me all the excuses..but I still feel like I am being singled out because Of my ethnicity.
I will give Trader's Joe's rate of 0 on a scale of 1-10.

We live in a very diverse do community and I think people should be sensitive to how other's may feel.

Posted by Hostess House Bed and Breakfast

I've shopped at Trader Joe's for years and have been impressed with the constant quality of your products. I have operated Hostess House Bed and Breakfast for 28 years and have relied on Trader Joe's.
However, the other day I purchased a package of Trader Joe's Cinnamon Raisin Bagels. The exterior was not golden brown, and the interior was not soft and chewy! Even worse than that the raisins were ground. The bagels were speckled with the raisins.
Please take a lesson from Winco, Fred Meyer or Safeway and sell a product that looks as well as tastes good. YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER.

Posted by sam

We have been regular customer but we get Brazilian nuts which tasted bitter and Hazel nuts had an after taste. The bread is often past the expiration date. On top of that their customer support has deteriorate. Last time the lady at the cash register was arrogant, mixed cake with the club soda, snickered and mimicked our requests when we were gone. Compared with Aldi,or Wegman or Tops company, it is the pits.

Posted by Pepot

I'm a avid customer of Trader's Joe for years then one day I really had a bad experience. This happen in route 3 Clifton Nj branch. Cashier made a mistake giving me a change. When I realized it I was in the gas station to put gas as I remember my change should be $11.00 when I took it out on my wallet it's only $2. I came back and to let them know they call the manager it was a woman then she was mad approaching me. I said wait a second the cashier gave me a wrong change. Why should I be bother to come back. Then another manager came he told me that they just change register ang he was $2 off already but that's nothing to do with me he gave a wrong change. They are so nusty and won't give my right change my 2 cookie butter it cause me 20.00. They just lost a good customer ang I will make sure I will spread this around that traders joe cashier don't know how to count ang they need to go back in training.

Posted by RegularCustomerAtTraderJoes

Employee named(as he put it)- "John in the glasses" from Trader Joe's at Union Square, New York, NY.
I was looking for something in baked sweets and stopped my cart in front of it. He proceeded to drag the cart away from me, with my purse in it, with comments"Mam, you are blocking the isle, you should be taking a carry on basket if you intend to shop in this way." and then, when I said that it all but took me a second to decide about baking things, proceeded to insult me and tell me how "karma will get me" and "God Bless me", repeating it to make sure to upset me(which he hasn't). then, seeing that this didn't affect me, he tells me that I should report him for his behavior and to make sure I say it's "John with the glasses". I do strongly believe he wanted to get fired that day, am I right? why otherwise someone would act in such deranged manner?

Posted by Yolanda

I just went to Trader Joes newest location in Pembroke Pines, Fl. I was so outraged when an employee named Lou at the register was being overly friendly to two Hispanic females. He started speaking Spanish to them & socializing with them, my husband & I were in line for eternity while this guy bagged their items over & over to insure their bags would not be too heavy or break on them. I was in line for so long that I could not believe I had stayed in line for as long as I did, my husband finally got so upset & demanded we leave immediately. I am not prejudice as my husband & I are both Hispanics. I was so looking forward to shopping at Trader Joes but so disappointed with our experience. We will not be returning to Trader Joes,

Posted by noreen

I bit into something hard like a pebble when eating your sprouted wheat bread 4 with aldi cheese Happy Farms light Spreafable cheese wedges.. I didn't plan on going to either store to report this, ad I feel contacting you is the best option. I shop at both stored on a regular basis.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi. I wanted to suggest a location for a Trader Joe join Sylvania. Ohio. If possible, please call me Thank you, Mona Abraham

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know on Christmas eve at 4 pm is trader joes complaint department following up on a complaint and to only be rude and insensitive. Is this the worst customer service ever. They not only upset my partner on Christmas Eve, but now I am upset. I will be following up.

Posted by Anonymous

Hey, what happened to the Snowman shortbread cookies this Christmas season. I spoke to two managers at our local Trader Joe's and they said they have not received any of the blue box wonders and do not anticipate receiving any. They said Trader Joe's corporate have not given out any information on why we do not have any. Two questions: 1) Have you discontinued them, and 2) Where can I buy them - I live in Bellingham, Washington and would appreciate your response in a timely manner.

Regards, Pamela

Posted by Annon

the day before thanksgiving I went to TJ on Union Square in NYC to buy wine. Store was packed after one hour in line cashier refused to sell me wine because my picture on my Driver Licence is not what I look like, i am 36 years old. I showed her my work ID with my name and picture on it, but she told me it is not valid.

Add your review!

Posted by Yodapeony


On December 29, 2016, I was desperate to get at least 6 more of TJ's holiday Panetone treats.

Adolfo Paz, at Store #171 [Hastings Ranch), went sell beyond the call of duty by double checking for Panetones in his store AND called seven other stores to check if any of those stores had any Panetone. Although no Panetone was to be found, I really, really appreciate Adolfo's extra-efforts to look for them. Adolfo is one of main reasons I love and appreciate shopping at Trader Joe!!!


Yoda Peony,
a satisfied TJ customer

Posted by Ruth and Dave

Yesterday, 12/16/2016 we called the Broadway/72 st in Manhatten at 7pm to get an update on our delivery. We found out we misunderstood the delivery time and it will be after our guests would arrive at 8pm. We called the store and talked to Evan and explained our predicament. He arranged a special delivery within half an hour at no extra charge! what a service!

Posted by Anonymous

Product; Trader Joe's Karat Cake, Very disappointing, to much icing, texture and flavor not good. We were unable to eat the cake. We took off the icing and fed to wild birds, they looked at it yet did not eat the cake.

It was too much trouble taking it back to the store therefore I'm sending the instead.

Posted by bitsyboo

lOVE, lOVE, lOVE Trader Joe's. We'll all take the time to complain about a company, but rarely if ever put the same amount of time to a positive one.

One of the best stores ever. Returns, exchanges are quick, easy, and no questions asked. Trusting the customer is #1, and that is, above all the most important quality in a company, especially a franchise.

quality, price, variety - you can't go wrong with Trader Joe's.

Posted by Trader Joes Dissapointment

Trader Joe's, 4715 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd., Portland, Oregon, has more employees that lack customer service skills than any of their other locations. A few employees have been known to not greet or thank the customers and even make fun of and talk badly about them. Management doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. When a manager was informed about an employee's behavior, he replied, "Maybe she's having a bad day." However most of the staff are friendly, helpful and respectful.

Posted by Paige

Best service! If I forgot something, they will ring a bell and have someone else go grab it for me. Its a wonderful place.

Posted by tetech

Avoid the walnuts, they are always rancid. The pomegranate juice tastes like sugar water.
I wish 1800-shop-tjs was still working.

I enjoy their breads, very strong 100% cranberry juice (mix with sweeter juices). Low cost Charles Shaw wines are OK. The sunflower seeds are good if the package is very tight (like a vacum pack)

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at your Everett WA store located 811 Everett Mall Way . I was in your store this 04/14/13 I was interested in a product, but the wording was not really clear of what the ingredients was, it used a term Garlic flavored, so I asked was it garlic or a flavor ? Your employee Jessica, not sur of the last name Pezvson assisted me, she had the same problem and then explained she had a hotline but it's Sunday if I left my information with her she would contact me Monday with all the information, Monday Morning came and my phone rang and she left a full message of everything I wanted to know, What a great customer Service you have, you have incredible staff. I wanted to bring this employee to your attention.

Posted by Dolores Fasano

On Tuesday Feb.12, 2013 I lost my debit card and rememberd I last use it at Trader Joe's in Edgewater, N.J. I called them and they informed me that they found my card & to pick it up anytime. I went to pick it up & the customer service person there (don't know his name) was so kind. I told him I just had lost my husband recently and that I have been have a difficult time.
The rep. came out from behind the counter and told me he was sorry for my loss and then did the most precious thing he gave me a dozen roses. I cried and he hugged me & told me if there is anything that they could do. I love Trader Joe's and shop there all the time. Everyone is always so kind and helpful and I have never had a problem with anything I buy there. Just wanted to let you know of the wonderful act of kindness which I will never forget.
Thank you.
Dolores Fasano Edgewater, N.J.

Posted by Ellen M. Wood

I love your sipping chocolate - EXCEPT FOR THE hard-to-successfuly-open foil packaging. I'm not clumsy, but the foil seems an archaic method - my last attempt ended with entire tin of chocolate on the FLOOR!! Am I the only person with this problem? Regardless,& with your great expertise, I'd think you'd found a better method. Very interested in comments both from your staff and/or other customers. Thanks in advance for great products, wonderful customer service - Capitola, CA store!

Posted by Hard2Please

Trader Joe's is king of the hill when it comes to customer service. Great prices and friendly staff with colorful shirts have given TJ a cult following wherever they are.

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