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Tractor Supply customer service is ranked #248 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 98 ratings. This score rates Tractor Supply customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


88 Negative Comments out of 98 Total Comments is 89.80%.


10 Positive Comments out of 98 Total Comments is 10.20%.

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    • 42.60 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 88 negative comments (89.80%)
    • 10 positive comments (10.20%)
    • 4 employee comments
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    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I have not and will not ever shop at Tractor Supply again. I received disgusting
treatment from three of their employees and I did nothing, but purchase a roll of wire and some fence T-stakes. I've made many major purchases since then from Lowe's,Home Depot, Sears and other stores.
Thank You
From Not Stupid

Posted by Anonymous

I went to purchase chickens from Enfield Connecticut store they were only six left moments before I got there a store employee named Danielle bought the last six because a friend of hers was coming in to buy them so when I got there I was unable to purchase them I spoke with MOD name Michaela who refuse to sell them to me instead of the store employee because she said sorry dude first come first serve maybe you should go to a different store

Posted by AngryLyn

Tractor supply in kimball, tn is the worst tractor supply I’ve ever been in; I needed help getting my dog food to the car; cashier called for help 3 times; and after ten minutes the cashier wound up having to do it! And when I came in I saw a lady on a fork lift so I know other people were there

Posted by Mtgma

The value brand bird seed is junk. Full of straw and sticks. The little millet sits on the feeder til the deer come. This should be called deer food. Where are the sunflower seeds? Who sits and picks them out!?

Posted by scumbag customer

I am a 73 yr old male.-Have broken leg.-Ast mgr. adam pines at store 1317, chas s.c. would not come help me when I motioned for him to come over.-I was at the other side of the store.-He disappeared in the back.-I hobbled half way over, and he came out, and I asked why he would not help me.-He said because I had whistled.-I asked how else was I supposed to get his attention at that distance.-He said he would not help me and walked off saying to do what I gotta do!--I cant get a corporate email to let them know.-I bought clothing, but will return it and go to Northern Tool!

Posted by Kingsly239

Our goal was to purchase a Champion Duel Fuel Generator. We chose the Hagerstown, Md. location because of other shopping details. Created nicely, and found the generator in stock. An associate talked with us and convinced us to get the tractor supply credit card, just go to the register and apply. EASY..NO. The cashier had never done this type of transaction but was very nice and asked for help. The supervisor or whoever started berating her, instead of coming over and helping she yelled at her, " why aren't you listening, can't you follow directions, just do what I'm telling you". I was embarrassed for the cashier. It came to the point that yes we were approved but because of her lack of experience the transaction became harder and harder. Once again asking for help but only being chastised for her lack of knowledge she walked away crying. Finally we gave up. I paid using another card. This problem should have been dealt with VERY differently. 1..the supervisor should have come the register and showed the cashier how to make this happen. 2..called for assistance from those who may have had the knowledge to finalise this. Instead of openly embarrising this young lady. I didn't want the Tracor Supply card, but was enticed by a discount. This did not happen. I will probably go to my local Tractor Supply..but never the Hagerstown location. This is not a reflection on the cashier, but a stern reflection on management.

Posted by slaursen

I have been shopping in the Willows, California store since it opened. Customer service has gone from excellent, to good, to ok, to bad to nonexistent. There is no one on the floor to help answer questions, load feed bags, look for items that are not on the shelves.. Today there was no one to answer questions or help with the chicks...I left without any. Also there was not ONE sales tag out on the shelves for the items that are in the sale flier. When I asked the gal at the checkout, (after she got done texting,) she acted like it was no big deal. I haven’t had anyone help me load feed the last few times I have been there, which is the last straw. I will now buy all my feed and heavy items at my local feed store again, as they always load everything into my truck. I have been a loyal TS shopper but not anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

I have dealt with The tractor supply in Fredericksburg Texas for over 10 years. I spend between seven and $15,000 a year at this location. They have recently change managers. She will not acknowledge our honor my high volume discount on livestock feed. I will no longer do business with this tractor supply. When I tried to speak to her to get it resolved she just kept parenting the words this is corporate policy and then went on the badmouth the previous manager. She obviously needs to be sent to customer relations course again. Realize One person’s business will not affect this chain that I will not do business with a company that they’re not does not honor the previous commitments.

Posted by lwyatt

I am a customer of the Selma Alabama store they always have items in the wrong ben and marked wrong.This is the third time this has happend to me the other day i picked an item marked 5.99 but it was really 14.95 there were about twelve in the ben not just one someone misplaced, that i would under stand.Thank You .

Linda Wyatt

Posted by 812-821-6044

I have been a customer at TSC's for over 35 years. I have been a loyal customer and am a farmer. I have spent thousands of dollars every year at TSC. I will no longer be shopping there. I'v called about concerned about my local store in Elletsville, Indiana and the store keeps going downhill. You can no longer get fresh or correctly dated food there. Feb 2,2018 I foolishly bought outdated lamb milk which I plan on taking back but sure with a huge hassle. I once took back green moldy chicken feed in a bag I just opened days before and wanted to exchange it and the service was horrible, took 45 minutes of a hard time to get that done. Too bad, use to be a good place.

Posted by Anonymous

The store in Sidney ny. Has gone downhill. They have things on sale that are not on sale and when you ask they say the sign did not get taken down and I did not put it there so l am not responsible. I have been buying most of my feed and supplies there. As a result of the store being so lax and not keeping their inventory correctly priced I will be buying my feed and supplies elsewhere. I had been buying my dog food have 7 dogs my calf food and supplies have 6 calves my goat feed have 26 goats and 11 sheep 2 horses a donkey and 100 chickens it happens over and over

Posted by NWA

I usually buy a lot of wild bird feed at Tractor Supply but after several really poor customer service episodes at the Batavia, NY and the Brockport, NY stores, I don't know if I will continue giving them my money. I went to Batavia to buy my usual 35lb bags of bird feed and they had raised the price to $4.00 more than the last time, so I asked an employee if the price was correct and she said it was, so I left. When I got home and checked the Internet price, it was $2.00 less so I called the store. I was told by that same employee that "the store price was a mistake" and that she would correct it. I took my money to Country Max for a few bags of bird feed and then went to Runnings to load up on several 50lb bags at a much better price. In my visits to the Batavia and Brockport stores, customer service and lack of employee training are the biggest problems along with the uncaring attitude of the employees. While I was pushing a card loaded with a few hundred pounds of bird feed in the Brockport store, not one employee asked if I needed assistance, said hello or even looked at me as I made my way around the store and to the register. Management's excuse was that "they would talk to the employees". I have not been back to that store since. Runnings and Country Max should thank the CEO of Tractor Supply for all of the business that they get because of the lack of customer service and employee training at Tractor Supply.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to return a Pony Pal Swing and was told I could only get 34.00 dollars back I looked up the price on your website 119.99. This is a damn rip off I will be scared to buy from you now because I may have to return the item for some reason. We have a Southern States here also.. Your manager is not much I tell you.

Posted by Tractor supply employee tina

Yes I visit the tractor supply in Washington PA every week. And get my propane tanks filled weekly. I'm from out of town up here work along with several buddies that have had the same problem with Tina. She is the heavy set manager that gets pissed off everytime she has to walk that long distance out side. She was a smart ass. First said my tanks were out of date. I had to show her the dated because they are pretty new. Well then she was really pissed then said that something is wrong with tank won't take propane. I said if you open valve on side and the top it will fill she said I know what I'm doing and walked off. So I waited and got another employee to fill it with no problem. Something needs to be done with her lazy smart ass if you want any business.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your Shamokin Dam store this morning to purchase flea prevention for my dog along with several other items... The flea medication is locked in a glass cabinet now, so assistance is required.. I searched the store for a worker and couldn't find anyone so I went to the register. Thomas was at the register, asked what I needed.. He told me he would be with me in a few minutes, to wait for him at the case, so I did. Another employee walked up to the other register,but he didn't come to assist me.. I had about $50.00 worth of purchases and my final purchase was the flea prevention, which is about $35.00. Grant you, I know that isn't a huge amount of money to spend there,but I should still be treated as a customer. I waited by that glass cabinet for 20 minutes..Thomas walked back to another section of the store and back up front.. He never did wait on me. I put all the purchases back and chuckled as I left the store because above my head was a sign stating their goal is customer satisfaction.. Well,sorry, no satisfaction here..

Posted by NWA

If Tractor Supply thinks that they are immune from it's customers going to Runnings or Country Max because they are tired of the way that Tractor Supply runs things, think again. Just keep up the lack of inventory and customer service and you will become another "Sears"! Train your employees, keep sale items in the stores and provide some customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been buying my dog food for a while now since I am feeding 3 boxers. I went in today, May 22, 2017. There was no Purina dog chow advertised in store fore 18.99. I went up front, asked the girl at register if they might have some in the back. She punched a few buttons on the register, picked up phone and called somewhere and asked... "no we dont have any". I just look at her and wait.... "he said we might get some on our next truck".....I continue to just look at her. "I dont know when that is". Ok I dont know why you would have her out front representing. Its not the first time Ive been there when she is running front register. I am a retail store manager. I know how hard it is to find help but this young lady needs to be on the floor or in the back. She does NOT have the knowledge or inclination to be greeting customers. Usually dont hsbe this problem with the staff. Since she doesnt know when the truck is coming I went to Kroger. Paid more and I DONT KNOW WHEN ILL EVER BE BACK

Posted by Anonymous

Milledgeville, Ga. store is one of the most poorly run places I have ever dealt with. Tried to purchase a 20gal. galvanized trash can, no lids. When I asked the mgr. if they could order one since they had the cans, no. Half the time when I go in there, what I'm attempting to buy is out of stock or in the storage area and not accessible to customers. Warehouse area in back of store is a disaster. None of the employees seem to have knowledge of products and act like they don't care whether you shop there or not. DISGUSTED!

Posted by Anonymous

Mount Pocono Pa been there four times to get producers pride sweet feed for horses which i have always fed and they supplied now all of a sudden for four weeks they don't have they blame corporate and say its not there problem you can't change what you feed horses everytime they can't provide Manager had a very bad attitude losing faith in Tractor supply

Posted by Anonymous

Service in your Sebring,FLtd is terrible. Twice I have gone there to fill my propane tanks and have been told no one is available to service propane. There are quite a few other Campers with this same complaint. This is not good business.
Victor Kraw

Posted by Anonymous

I have been disappointed with the product availability at the Woodville, TX Tractor Supply. There are many horse owners in the area, but we can't purchase the grain suppliment advertised in the sale flyers because there was no supply. This also happens during the week on a regular basis.I'm going to go back to the original feed store of my choice and keep away from Tractor Supply from now forward.

Posted by ChickenLady

Extremely understaffed store at Yucca Valley, CA. No feed carts in store and only 2 employees working the entire store. One cannot leave register and other was MIA.

Posted by WDJR

I just want to say that tractor supply just lost a sale to me because I couldn't even get a chance to view their website. Everytime I tried it would pop up to give my zip code for local pricing. I don't have time for that sh t. If I see what I want then I will give my zip to see the price and availability but I want to see if its even an item they carry first. Agri supply got my business this time and if this happens again on tractor supply they will probably get it then too.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm Sorry, this needs to be said. I witnessed an employee yell at the cashier about stocking sodas. I've seen this employee be rude and hateful towards her coworkers before. I think her name is Donna. Older lady.
I will not be shopping here again.

Posted by Disappointed Customer

]I purchased an item from my local store because of the ad in the Black Friday 2016 paperror. The kennel showed a picture of the top INCLUDED. I didn't get the top and the only response from the district manager and corporate was the ad was printed wrong. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!! The only reason I purchased it was because it included the top. I love the local store personnel but this experience has turned me away from the entire company. No more of my money will be spent at ANY Tractor Supply store again.

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Posted by Anonymous

Had a great experience with Tractor Supply in Perry, FL. A young lady named Janet who answered the phone was able to answer all of my questions, and went out to the shelves to check if they had the dog food I need available. Super service. She saved me a 24 mile round trip. Kudos Tractor Supply for the friendly employees at our Perry FL Tractor Supply. This is why I keep coming back.

Posted by Anonymous

Tractor Supply has turned into my favorite store cant keep my husband out.. i was in there getting feed couldn't help but to notice the scars of this lady hands.. i asked what happened.. with the most humble spirit let me know she has lupus. And told me her testimony. What a miracle..She has a sweet spirit and always meet the needs of customers...i asked 4 her manager.. she replied im the assistant manager but she informed me she will be in later.. gave me a card and ask me to rate her service and please come back to see us. And she hope i win the sweepstakes.. this is now been a week later shouldn't wouldn't let me not tell the company Bastrop Store Member make u want to shop and just buy and dont need it.. just to feel that home atmosphere.. Thank you Tractor supply

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the grand opening in Loxahatchee Fl I was met by a young lady named Taylor Mosier I must say all the years I have dealt with TS I have never met an employee that was so knowledgeable about what was in her store The best shopping experience I have had in long time such a professional It definitely gives me hope for the younger generation

Posted by Michelle

The Tractor Supply in Joplin/Webb City area is totally awesome! We were buying an outside dog kennel and their employees were extra helpful & sweet! Treated us like family and answered our questions with experience & knowledge. The Manager Janae was super helpful as was each employee of the store! Thanks for a great experience!

Posted by Happy Customer

The Tractor Supply in Tipton Indiana is awesome. I called looking for cornish hen chicks and they didn't have them at their store at this time. The employee offered to call nearby other stores for me and found them for us and had the other store hold them for us. I feel she went above and beyond because she could have done like the other places I called and told me they didn't have any.

Posted by Marie

Your Bedford, VA store is #1! I have been to your other stores and have not liked them at all.
Thank you for the wonderful service in Bedford VA!!

Posted by skydive3995

Too often it seems we only hear the negative that occurs in the world around us. I wanted to take a moment and disrupt that paradigm and point out an outstanding experience I had yesterday with the Tractor Supply in Littleton, NH.

I had purchased some rubber/neoprene boots in December. I had not wore them until recently only to find the right boot had started to delaminate at the junction between the upper and lower segments. I had only worn the boots a few hours--one time, one day. I did not have the receipt and assumed I was done.

Upon mentioning the situation to a Tractor Supply employee in passing, their comment was bring them in..we will make it right. Well, that is exactly what happened. Without getting into the weeds, I have to say that in hindsight I am actually even better off with the boots I now have instead. Tractor Supply said they would make it right and they did. Although I did not have the receipt, as I had just worn the boots, I still had all the retail tags from the boots, including the price tag from Tractor Supply. Were it not for that it may have been a different outcome, but no receipt? It is unheard of that a company will go that extra step to resolve an issue. Try that at Walmart...good luck!

Very happy customer of Tractor Supply.
Ken M.
Twin Mountain NH

Posted by Anonymous

I recently received a gift card from my brother for Christmas, i placed an order on line, had a little trouble in doing so,but it appeared it went through, i patiently waited for my items which i never received. I called customer service and spoke to a rude person, who stated i was not showing an order, even though my card showed a 0 balance, tractor supply had taken my money off the card and did not deliver the goods. He would not provide proper customer service by providing me with another card. I called again today and spoke with a Eric who was very pleasant gave no bs and has ordered me another card. thank you ed for such great service, show your bosses this review and maybe you'll get a raise.!! God Bless Laura Garris elizabeth city nc.

Posted by dirtyharry2

Last 2 bags of black oil sunflower seeds I bought had way to much sticks and stems mixed in. I felt like I did not get my 40 lbs. I paid for.

Posted by Anonymous

went to the Ogdensburg on 6-16-2013 in the afternoon the manager on duty was very nice and a great help female not sure of her name

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Posted by Anonymous

I have been continually harassed by a manager at the Yankton,SD TSC store. Everyone in the store is aware of the conversation since the loud rude manager can be heard throughout the store. His name is Eric Kolda. I worked with him many years before he was rightfully terminated. I maintained speaking to him even though no one else in the department will cause that's how I am, people make mistakes but for him it's everyone else's fault for his misdoings and I am criticized each time I'm in the store. Not to mention he treats other employees terrible. One employee in particular I don't know his name has longer hair so Eric makes fun of his girly hair in front of the store. He also flurts with the other manager Jamie like he's quite the catch? I buy all my animal supplies at the store cause they carry everything I need and order in things as needed so I never run out. I run two animal organizations and assist with others so I have large orders to fill. I also do animal promotions for the store.
I plan to take my business elsewhere unless he is terminated as I will not be criticized or humiliated by such a abnoxious manager. You have already lost many customers because of him. I will not recommend anyone going to the Yankton store ever again unless Eric Kolda is terminated.

Lisa Brasel
[email protected]

Posted by Gary

I had my last strow tonite I did work at the hagerstown dc, I ran the yard truck they have lights out you have to work in the dark all night, the lines to the doors you can nearly see, if it rains then you can't see at all its all by luck you get in the door right, you move trailers from one building to another that's about 3 miles away, sometimes you pull hazmat loads from one building to another in traffic if something happens you don't have placards on the trailers, not even the right paperwork. Trucks don't get worked on, that's new trucks they can keep up on the maintance.all you hear they email the people to get work done, or its not in the budgets to get things fixed. Will they bail you out if something happens If your pulling trailers that has hazmat in it. No they properly have send a email before you get bailed means your done. They say they give you the tools to work but look at the truck write ups the answer is no. The DOT that's the ones that check trucks out fine out there have big fines . calls going in to the as soon they are opening in the morning. They don't care of there employees much less the community with hazmat

Posted by blank

Tunkhannock pa store. Manger friends girlfriend works there and she says that the Manger does not care one bit about the workers only his self.. he comes in when he suspota be off and works anyway... he does not listen to the employees At all they ask for something he makes huge deal over it and complains... puts his self over them all the time... she just came home in tears because of the snow storm she could not go to work so she told him to put in a vacation day.. he said maybe.. he never put it in for her so she lost a day of work and now does not have enough money for her bills ... if up to my I would fire the guy.. the company does alot for there employees for sure but does not watch there mangers... I shop there alot and I also just have not hurd from her about him. But have hurd alot of other things about the guy bad things.... rude won't help people.. the one kid that works there was not doing anything one day I was told and one of the workers told the Manger and he said just deal with it.... there is something very wrong...

Posted by mad as hell

My wife was a loyal employee to TSC for 15 years and in that time period had at least a dozen managers. Not once was she ever written up for anything until the latest manager came here, 2 months ago.. Since his arrival here he has written my wife up on about 4 different store policy violations.He even went back into her file for the last 15 years to try and get her fired.. It has been very obvious of his plans to get rid of her, and finally he got his chance to fire her and he did.If this is the way TSC treats their loyal employees then I will find another place to spend my money, and I spend about $7,500.00 a year there.NOT ANYMORE!!!!!


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