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Toys R Us customer service is ranked #636 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.32 out of a possible 200 based upon 689 ratings. This score rates Toys R Us customer service and customer support as Terrible.


651 Negative Comments out of 689 Total Comments is 94.48%.


38 Positive Comments out of 689 Total Comments is 5.52%.

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    • 27.32 Overall Rating
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    • 651 negative comments (94.48%)
    • 38 positive comments (5.52%)
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Posted by Sajatha M Hussain

Hai I brought graco dual click on connect at march 17th, I asked the toysrus employees your store going liquidation she said there is confirm not yet . And then I will buy it . After the delivery due to some reasons i couldn't return the strollers . But now the toysrus is going on liquidation .we will return the stroller but they dont accept it we have bill, what we can do ?..... still I want to return our box not opened still yet

Posted by Reefscaper

Your return policy is FALSE!!! I just tried to exchange an item I bought 3 days ago at your Fair Lakes location and was refused by the short, fat woman manager. I didn't realize I already had the item, and was looking to get something else and spend more money. I had planned on returning for more as you prepared to shut down, but am now making it my mission to deter as many people as I can from spending ANY money at your stores. I've been a loyal customer for over 40 years, and had very fond memories of Toys R Us, but that one manager has single handedly turned that into a seething hatred of your name and brand. I'm now glad you're going out of business and hope that manager can't find a new job!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by JM

one of the times I was there I returned a few items from my daughters registry and they had a hard time finding the registry and even said she didn't have one. then of course found it. and by now (Feb) inventory was low but no one mentioned anything about closing. This last time I wanted to return something from the registry and they said I would need a receipt. I thought that anything from the registry could be returned if it was on it. And to top it off, she got duplicate items from the registry because they did not manage the registry the registry very well so that is why I had to return anyway. Now they say I can't return anything. and what about the cash back that my daughter is due.
no word at all to the ladies on the registry. they have the email addresses and should have contacted them with solutions and advance notice. No customer service.

Posted by freedgailf

At Babies R Us store 6463 clearance sale, on 3-16-2028 I purchased 3 infant girl outfits for a baby shower gift. The next day I was told the baby is a boy and not a girl. I went back to the store and told the manager my circumstances and asked if I could evenly exchange the girl outfits for boy outfits that are priced the same. The store manager refused to help me, citing company policy on final sales, and I'm stuck with girl's outfits. What's the worst that would happen if the manager did allow me an exchange - she might lose her job?

Posted by Sydney

The 90 day return policy is a joke honestly. I got a travel system before my daughter was born and it's winter so I haven't had the chance to use the stroller so now that I have a couple times I don't like how it rides and so i called to ask about returning it and got told I couldn't because of the 90 day policy. So now what am I going to do with a stroller that I hate and have only used 3 times? Thanks toys r us. No wonder your stores are closing, your not very helpful to the moms who shop there the most.

Posted by Anonymous

I literally paid for their miss marked over priced item walked out to my car, seen the actual price on the receipt,walked back into the store with My Receipt to the same cashier that checked me out 1min. before and told her I wanted to return the item and she wanted a valid ID. For what exactly? I WILL NOT BE RETURNING...

Posted by NH

Horrible experience returning item. I had the receipt and was required to present a photo ID. After reading their policy I see that they keep your information on file and share your personal information with their affiliates. This takes away all of your right to privacy just to return an item which was still in its packaging.
I will never go into or order online from this company again

Posted by Suneera

With receipt and tag, not accepting the item in cherry hill store. I used to purchase many items from there and bought many dresses for my new born in that 2 dresses returned because of the size issue but they r not accepting it because tag is not attached . It's weird how people will try for the new born with the tag.

Posted by Medster

Horrific return policy. Refusing returns with receipt. Asking for id with receipt. Giving store credit only person who returned items can use when originally paid with normal gift card.

Posted by Mia

Omg yesturday I decide I would spend my money at toyrus forget it o had a coupon I received from customer service. Tell me why supposedly a supervisor / cashier was giving me a hard time about a 5$ coupon . She had my phone for about 12 min. I had to turn the phone on for her twice . I gave her permission to read the email . It was a awful experience I blew up on that ignorant cashier / supervisor . She would not stop running her mouth . As for the supervisor another ignorant person . I complained about the Situation he had the nerves to ask me if I was done wow as I read these review I remember also tell her what everyone is writing not wonder your going out of business your service sucks. I was shaken up it was my daughter bday. And I was humiliated . Over a 5 dollar coupon that they send me .

Posted by Be respectful

Before everyone jumps on the employees who have to deal with a lot working in a toy store at Christmas. 1)Think about you as the adults who should check return policies prior to purchasing. 2) watch your kids so they're not running around the store breaking items.
3) adults not expecting the hottest selling item to be in stock the day before Xmas. All of this and taking it out on the employees who make minimum wage and their butts off (in most cases)! They Work on Thanksgiving and Christmas eve!

Now switch places and try it! Next year start your shopping earlier and be respectful!
Remember your jobs in college?

Posted by Disgusted

I only shop at Toys R Us during Christmas and Holidays. I returned some of my items prior to Christmas and after Christmas I tried to return a. doll. I paid cash for all these items. I was asked to present my ID and after the transaction I was told the return was denied and to call customer service. Customer service associate was very rude!! I will NOT be shopping here anymore. Walmart and Target and Amazon ONLY!!

Posted by Jonathan Harrington

What a joke. I remember being so excited to go to toys-are-us during the holidays when I was a kid. Now it's filled with ignorant people who don't even know their job title apparently, aren't qualified to call themselves representatives, and leave you on hold for a half hour 45 minutes at a time. I had my wife call the stores customer service department for legit 2 days set up and went into the store i'm in line and there are three people in front of me and for people behind the desk sitting there talking, wife call in and then put her on hold right away for no reason and laugh about it. It took 45 minutes before they hung up on her. I was walking around the store waiting for them to tell me that if I don't have my original receipt after I just spent over $1000 there that I couldn't return one of the already broken items that I returned already and the second item happened to be broken as well. Talk about a piece of garbage store. It's no wonder you guys are going under, you can't keep up with Walmart even with toys these days. Used to be able to rely on your customer service and now it's a bunch of kids sitting behind a desk ringing up broken toys. It's sad it really is no more

Posted by Anonymous

Can I return a toy without the box . J bought it in the store. ?

Posted by Reason

Stores now scan an ID to spot people who return goods often, usually stolen. It's a shame it has come to this.

Posted by Art

Great customer service from "mayra' she is in the Guest Services cashier I couldn't find my receipt for an item I had my little boy crying because he wanted to return it for something else and she was able to look at my receipt she did a awesome job you ever need help refer to her she's in Pinole store

Posted by GregH

Toys R Us do you just not care anymore? I mean read these comments, no wonder you're going out of business (and I don't mean that in a rude way). It's sad because I had no idea until trying to return an online bought item myself. The ID part makes since (except the Military ID comment), but if the item is in working condition and never used then you should except anything and everything back. I garuntee you would sell more than returned. I agree that some if these ppl making comments are idiots ie "expired ID" idiot and the "my son only used the skates a few times," but there are many more valid disputes. You should have an on call immediate answer hotline for ppl to call while in the store to settle disputes on the spot and to hold these employers accountable. I only commented because it's said that you're going out of business and this may be a good reason why. I remember loving tru as a kid and wanted my kids to experience the same thing but if I ever experience a problem like returning something I'd never EVER go there again..

Posted by msbaseball1971

WORST COMPANY IN HISTORY! I placed an order, Toys R us cancelled (said missing information) I checked I filled out the form correct with correct address to ship, my correct billing information etc. I spend an hour holding for the worst customer service rep ever, he refused to give me his name and hung up on me. NOW Christmas is a few days away and I have to rush to get this elsewhere and ship to another state. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY there is a reason they are going bankrupt avoid at all cost.

Posted by DontBSME

Purchased a Star Wars set for 79.99 on sale. Went to return it and they wanted to refund 72 dollars with tax. They said "says on the receipt" but couldnt explain WHY . Don't care what the receipt says, not what I paid for the item. Trying to refund less than the cost of the item. They gave a poster with the item, maybe that is the price diff, but told them ill bring it back if that is the issue. Apparently did not matter. This isnt explained before purchasing. Even if it was, doesnt sound legal to me. DOing a simple google showed a lawsuit in California for the same practice. So they try to make money even if they get the merch back. Unethical. I use to like shopping at TRU but guess this is part of the reason they look like they might be around in the next 5 years.

Posted by Toys r us scame

Toys r us .... shame on you ... today I went to return my sons car seat without opening it and they asked for my iD... when I provided my ID... she started putting my info in the system... I asked why you putting my information in the system ... she said well we have to do that it's the return policy ... I asked can you show me where does it says that? She had no answer but attitude if you wanna return it or not..
I will never go to toys r us ever again
Toys r us is a fully scame and willin out of business for sure o guarantee 100%
They steal your ID.... and can do anything with it

Posted by Anonymous

I bought $20 worth of goods,paying with my debit card,which was instantly taken from my account. When I returned the item the next day, unopened with receipt,also showing ID upon request I was told it will take 3 to 5 days for the $ to be returned. Total BS in my opinion. Why the ID request and then be told 3 to 5 days? Won't ever buy from them again

Posted by Lou

I just made some returns yesterday. 11 items. 8 if then I had the receipt, which I used a GIFT CARD to make purchase. 3 items I didn't have the receipt. She put it ALL on a merchandise credit. I went to use online today, can't use merchandise credit online. So I was pissed. If anything the 8 items should have went back to my gift card, which I still have because still has money on it. I called, manager told me that it goes back to original method of payment. Ok, then should have went back on my gift card. She said no, that it would go on merchandise, that's the policy. I told her that's ridiculous, where does it say that. She put me on hold, came back and offered me to come in and they would fix it.

If this is really the policy no wonder they are going under. Terrible policy. They should follow Targets policy. Thankfully I will get this fixed. Still and inconvenience, considering I have a 7 week old baby.

Posted by CyndiH

I purchased a gift for my niece and it did not arrive. It was shipped FedX. I called FedX and they had no record of the tracking number an advised me to contact Toys R Us. I was on hold for over and hour. The person I spoke with was very nice, asked me to give the package till the next day and if not delivered called back and another would be expedited. The package is nowhere. Called TRU again, on hold 58min and then I got a recording saying my call had ended??? Called back and opted for them to call me. 38min later I get a call, but there is no one on the other end???? SO I call back and stay on the line, 54min later I spoke with a Gentleman who told me my package was schedule for deliver in one day but latest 7 days??? I asked him, "where did you pull this from your xxxxx because FedX can't even find it. He asked me to hold then came back and said OMG this was from the 22nd. I said yes that's what I told you. He said OK I will over night another one. When I saw no confirmation of shipping even starting I call back and must have gotten the nastiest employee TRU employs. She screamed at me that the other 2 people had no right telling me that without getting a manager to OK it, then when I aske to speak with a manager she said WHAT FOR? I said because I asked too!!! She HUNG UP ON ME NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT TRU in store or online.........

Posted by NeverGoingBack

Returned an unopened item which was purchased on my visa debit card. They never asked for my ID when I made the purchase. When I just now went back to return it the person who did the return asked for my ID and I let her know neither the receipt or the website specifically asks for this. She got lippy about it and copped an attitude about this. Well toys r us you're never getting another freaking dime from me cos you stored my info in your system and if you get hacked which you will my info is now up for grabs.

Posted by NotShoppingHereAnymore

I came to this site to check out the published return policy,and found several complaints about the subject about which I was concerned. When I went into a store earlier today to return some stocking stuffers I had changed my mind on using. I presented the unopened items with my receipt and the credit card I used for the purchase I was asked to present my ID. I thought the cashier was asking to match against my credit card, but she began entering my information into her computer without asking. When I asked her to stop she said it was store policy for returns. I said I did not authorize that, and asked her to stop. She then said she would not be able to perform the return. I eventually complained enough to a manager that she waived the entry and approved the return. Unbelieveably, just before my transanction another customer walked up to the counter stating that she had forgotten her receipt when she was in the store the other day. For which the lady behind the counter reached into a drawer and gave her the receipt WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANY IDENTIFICATION OR EVEN WRITING DOWN HER NAME! So, the reason I was given that collecting my information was for loss prevention reasons seems absurd after that.

The Retail Equation seems like a scam to me, and Toys R Us has fallen for it at the risk of alienating once loyal customers. TRE's website says that only about 1% of returns are fraudulent. I hope Toy R Us's investment in TRE and the loss of customer's who prefer to control their personal information is worth that 1%. I have always preferred using a real store to online, but I am starting to rethink that.

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Posted by Anonymous

I went into the Toys R Us on Midlothian, VA and I received wonderful customer service by a guy named Charles. Not only did Charles help me, but he is very knowledgable of the store, very caring with his approach in helping me. He was walking up the isle and saw me looking confused and he stopped to help me. I wish all the people in that store cared that much. The manager Kathleen was so very rude and rolled her eyes when I asked for help.

Posted by Anonymous

Rashanda from the Colma baby's r us location is on point. As we walked in the store we were greeted. As soon as she saw us waiting in line, she made a point to open a register for us. Rashanda was knowledgable about car seats and had our item stock checked and brought to the front of the store for us. We bought a Britax car seat the day before and when we got home realized the wrong car seat was in the box. Rashanda went above and beyond to help us get what we wanted and I was very thankful as I had 2 young kids with me who wanted to just go home. Hopefully she can be considered for manager one day with her great attitude and the pride she takes in her work.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I visited store 6455 I was helped by cashier 2121861 She was very polite very knowledgeable with the where about of the items I was looking for. Her attitude and patience was extremely good. I was shopping for a baby shower gift for the first time so I had no idea where to start and she walked me through the process step by step. She also helped me find each item and she input her thoughts honestly and I really appreciate her patience.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your Deptford NJ store today 6.24.16.
I was greeted, and was helped by the wonderful manager Mike who went out of his way to help put a bike together for my nephew. Ann was also so helpful in opening a charge and very friendly. The best experience!!

Posted by foxy

I would like to commend Skyler in customer service at the Idaho Falls, Idaho ToysRUs. He went
out of his way to help a flustered customer, he helped me with taking a picture of an item even sending picture of said item, found the item and rang up item. Even helped with the return of
said item I was buying for my grandchild. Made my day!

Posted by Witch01

I need to write a great experience I had with one of your stores. I live in Catskill, N. Y. and needed to order store pick up in Oceanside N.Y. It was such a pleasure. The order went through right away and any question I had I called the store. I have to tell you that they were so polite and answered all my questions with respect.As a former retail manager it was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air knowing company's train their employees to make customers smile and feel good. The Oceanside manager and salesperson were wonderful. Thank you.

Posted by agnesolh

I bought a Graco stroller on Babiesrus online for my grand baby visiting me in a couple of weeks. The stroller arrived and I didn't open it until my daughter in law and grand baby arrived. We discovered a used non-Graco stroller (a used broken Heidi Klum stroller) inside the box. Quickly called the store and I explained that I need the stroller and that the one they shipped was a used one. It was disgusting! They said to return to Babiesrus and they will ship another one. Really? Meanwhile the baby is here without a stroller. So I said I will go to the store in White Plains. They were not at all helpful and the clerks who handled this were (pardon the language) IDIOTS! They were looking for the serial number of a Heidi Klum stroller and not from the Graco box that was shipped to me. Took them one hour to look, and chat and look and look again and again. victor, the manager, came out and in one sentence solved the problem. He said to use the serial number in the Graco box that I received since this is the stroller I ordered and not the Heidi Klum one. Problem solved but I question the "stupid" clerks and head clerk named Theresa who didn't want to give "credit" where "credit" is due. Because I was so pleased with Victor we shopped for almost $600 worth of baby stuff for my grandchild. Thank you, Victor.

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Paramus, NJ Store #6306
I am Complimenting Uzaire Fatma. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with a return. You are fortunate to have him on your team.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your Boston Red. store on Monday August 31 at 10am.I had 3 toys to pick up for a granddaughter's birthday...I didn't know where to begin to look for these 3 items so I asked a clerk named Ann. What an asset to your company. She stopped what she was working on and brought me to each item. I'm a 61 year old male and would have never found every thing I need if it wasn't for Ann. She is the most helpful employee that customes such as myself really appreciate. I hope this comment produces recocognition for Ann..

I will return to that same store because of her even though I live 10 miles away

Dennis Letendre

Posted by emma127

I had extremely good customer service at Toys R Us in Basingstoke by the young girl on the till yesterday with blond hair, very impressed as she helped us out with all of our queries and gave us the best service possible.

Posted by PlacideW

I love the Babies R Us in Braintree, Ma. Every time I go there I get a pleasant vibe from the employees. Everyone is quick to help you and so kind. They even have my kids feel welcome when they come in. Sometimes if their line isn't long they let my little one help scan items. I have never had any issue with you guys. I will tell all my friends & family about this store.

Posted by Ken Cheyne

Hi my name is Ken and today I interviewed for a seasonal sales associate's position in Monroeville, Pa at Toys r Us. Whether I get the position on not, the interviewers JoAnne and her associate were very informative, courteous and professional. I felt at home even though just being an interview candidate. What a wonderful experience it was. JoAnne and her associate should be commended. Thank You.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I was at Toysrus for a specific item. Not finding it, Amanda was so very helpful and kind. This was at the Fort Collins, CO store. You are fortunate to have such a knowledgable person working for you.

Posted by Suzi

I can't say enough about the store manager,Bill,at the Toys R us,in Merriville,In.He is always helpful,and goes out of his way to assist me.As a 67 year old Grandmother of 3,he always comes over to talk to me,and asks if he can help.I was in the store,recently,and asked where to find the Fisher Price bubble lawn mower,that was on sale for a great price! I bought 2,for my almost 2 year old grandsons.Bill went to get them,and held them at the service desk.He also helped me on a return,and exchanged the product for a new one.Then he walked me over to find the die cast Cars products.He and another employee,Jerry make my shopping a breeze! I live in Munster,so it is a half hour drive,but I find the customer service at this store,excellent,so I drive to Merillville,rather than shop at the Target,that is closer Please recognize this employee,as he does his very best! I worked in customer service at Big Lots for 17 years,so I know what good customer service is!

Posted by susie

The Toys R us on 75th bell. I had such good customer service from Mary and Rey.
They were so helpful and even though it was busy they still made everyone feel like they were important and not just a number. Excellent Excellent customer service.
Susan Coronado
Glendale, AZ

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone, placing my Christmas order with a very pleasant, polite, patient and very courtesy person named Andrene. I had a large order and she helped me so much. It has been a very long time that I have gotten someone as nice as her. I just wanted to let you's know about her work skills. I would rate her a 9, I wish we had people like her for our company.

Yours truly,
Joyce L. Mead

Posted by Anonymous

I Shopped At Toysrus In Fontana California,the Manager Askari Siavosh Helped Me By Figuring Out A Confusing Transaction And Not Only Did He Validated My Concerns He Also Made My Sons Birthday A Happier One! He Was Very Helpful And Professional. We Will Always Go To That Store Were We Feel That Not Only The Toys Are The Best And Also The Custumer Service! Thank You So Much! We Are Happy Custumers!

Posted by Carla Allaire

We had called the Okemos, Michigan store for a Godzilla Final War figure, and was told there were 6, so we drove over. When we got there, we were told the web# I had given the associate was for a total box of Godzilla figures, not just the Final War figure. Scott M searched the store, but couldn't find one. Now, mind you, this figure costs less than $14.00, but he called two other stores, and arranged for us to buy one over the phone from a store 30 miles away, to be delivered to our home. It took Scott 30 minutes or more to get all this resolved, but I find it wonderful that he would take such care for such an inexpensive item. Thank you, Scott!

Carla and Mark Allaire
Lansing, Mi.

Posted by [email protected]

I would like to thank Felicia at the front desk of Toys r us, terre haute, in, for her patience with me and my grandaughter when we came into the store to exchange a Coby tablet. She was sooo helpful, never was huffy, took time to make sure she check every avenue to see if there was a replacement for my grandaughters' Tablet. I really appreciated her manners and expertise about the policies and how she could help us to receive either a replacement or an upgrade. Very, Very helpful. Please give this person a raise, she deserves it very much!!!! Thank you Toys r us, for having her as an employee.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to let you know what outstanding service I got this week end by one of your associates in the South Portland, ME store. I asked for help to find a particular toy. Now mind you I only had a few buzz words from an ad of it.The young gentleman's name was Brandon and he was outstanding. Now only did he find the article I was looking for - he was so kind and professional. I had to let someone know inasmuch as in this day where there is no customer service - I had to tell you. Again he was so nice and how he found what I wanted was totally unbelieveable.

Thank you for your attention to this and I hope that someone tells him of his wonderful service.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a truck driver from Canada and ordered a train set for my son. It was to come with a carrying case, but we did not put it in our shopping cart on line. When I got to Barbourville WV. The service department went above and beyond to help me get the case. I was very pleased with them. Thank you.
Charles Crumb, Dunnville, On. Ca.

Posted by Anonymous

Last week when we were at Babies R Us in Winston-Salem, NC, Linda was extremely helpful in locating a sale item which was not available at the Winston-Salem store. She spent much time locating a high chair that we very much wanted to give as a gift.

Thanks very much to a dedicated employee.

Sharon and Ed Bartz

Posted by Anonymous

By far the best shopping experience in our East Texas town. Employees go WAY out of their way to help, sometimes to an absurd level. The majority of reviews on here are either laughable, regarding phonecalls, or about internet orders. Its a pity the amount of abuse that goes through this site.

Posted by DontYouKnowIt

Wow...Just reading through some of these comments astounds me. My family and I have never had an issue with our local Toys R Us or Babies R Us. I'm sure some stores may have random idiots working there that shouldn't be there, but as I sit and read some of these posts, I can only say I feel bad for some of the employees. It seems like many people on here expect to be the only customer at Christmas time and their needs are the most important. Being out of stock? That does happen. Most stores, including Toys R Us, only get a shipment in once a week other than the holidays and most sales ads run an entire week. So if you come in on a Friday when the sale has been going on all week and they are out of stock, that's their fault? Grow up! ALSO the thing about tv advertisements and newspaper flyers...why do people feel that company has misrepresented them if THEIR local store is out of stock on a sale item (refer to the above statement as well)? Do you think YOUR particular store is the ONLY one in the COUNTRY with that sale? Those sales are generated COUNTRY WIDE! It could be out of stock in 10 stores but in stock in 8000 more. Our local store has always had great customer service and friendly employees. I've never had really any complaints. Sometimes the lines can get long but as soon as that happens, I can hear the employees jumping over the intercom to pull up extra people and they work as hard as they can to do what they can. It's not always the cashier. I have been behind several sorry @$$ people that could care less about how many people are behind them. They stand there and talk on their cells or pay a $300 bill with ones. I've seen people be lazy and just lay down the crap they don't want instead of walking a couple of aisles down to put it back where it goes, hence making MORE work for these already underpaid employees. I have worked in retail before at Walmart and I can assure you these are every day realities for someone in retail. But of course you have those people that expect the world to cater to them and God forbid they read an exchange or return policy that is CLEARLY stated on a large sign at guest services...then only to be rude to the employee and accuse them of things they have zero control over. This world makes me sick. I am glad and proud to spend my time shopping at Toys R Us. And I'll be even more excited to get all of the rude and ungrateful people out to have an even more pleasant shopping experience.

Posted by Becky187

I had the best employee help me in a toys r us located in Toms River NJ. Everytime I go in she is always there and willing to do whatever she can to make me and everyone else happy. It's like when you go to a hair salon and your dresser then knows you as a regular, she does the same. She is great with all my children and keeps them calm for me at times that I need it. I was not sure where to go to write about her but I stubbled up on this site. I wish everyone was like her cause there are many rude employees. Alyson #1843618 according to her manager is great !

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Posted by Anonymous

Good day. My name is Kyron Rogers, I was an employee at Toys R Us New Hartford store 7518. Though it wasn't a lot, I put in hours and worked hard while doing so. Due to my other job o couldn't make an important shift so they let me go and I understand that. Two weeks ago I called and asked did my check arrive. I was told I'd have to wait two more weeks by Dpmt Suporvisor Neil. Though puzzled I said ok... Yesterday made "two weeks" and now Dave or David told me that "I never worked there and hung up. I would like to handle this quietly because no matter the amount I worked for it and it's illegal to not compensate me for on the clock work. I can be reached via response here or phone I look forward to hearing from you

Posted by Anonymous

I am getting a run around from your company all I want is my w-2 sent to me like last year

Posted by Nancy

I believe the managers at store number 8919 in Ohio need to learn how to communicate with their employees. No wonder they cant keep help

Posted by Enigma

I worked at BRU/TRU and could spend time telling how uncaring they towards their own empoyess etc etc and many other issues, but I want to take this time to address the behavior of "The Customer Is Always Right Club".Here's an epiphany your not always right.The return policy is printed on the bacl of the receipt-----proof of purchase----- if you don't read it that's your fault not the stores.? how long do you think a store should be responsible to help you and you to be able to return items 90 days as it's stated, or 6 mons,a yr, 2 yrs how long would satisfy you grumpy jerks ?.
If I behaved in your home as most of you do in a store you'd kick me out and tell me never to come back.
You break things, bust open boxes, packages, etc as if you already own the item( you just have to see it out of it's packages/boxes and or feel it-why several pics on the package isn't saffice) which then renders it unsellable.You break displays, you make messes and ditch items all over the store...guess your parents never taught you to put things back where it belong and clean up your messes....I guess that only applies at home because your sure don't do it in our stores, you let you kids play with toys/items make messes as if the store is their personal playroom and run wild. your usually condescending so is it any wonder employees aren't very helpful, and oh lordy if we're out of something it's the end of the world, yet it could be the manufactures fault we can't get it. You leave drinks cups every place, food wrappers snuff spit,and Kleenex ...why do you think we want to pick up your messes or nasty kleenex's etc Our job is not to pick up after you, it's to assist you and stock, but when we have to follow up after all you'd done all these things take away from our normal duties which waste time making it a better palce for you to shop.Thing that really gets is leaving your babies poopie diapers in the parking lot when there are trash cans outside the front doors but your to lazy to walk a few yards and dispose those poop filled diapers and I surely don't want to have pick up your babies poopie diaper and if I knew where you lived that I'd scoop it up drive by your house and throw it on your yard and see how you like that, what's the difference. To bad all shopping isn't done online so we wouldn't have to put up with customer behavior that leaves so much to be disired.Actually I think about 60% of you dumb down to a rock when you pass thru the front doors and lose all sense of civility and intelligence.Oh I almost forgot the behavior at customer svc wehen you don't get your way makes many think you need a straight jacket.Or agood butt kicken.

Posted by Anonymous

store #7103 407238 9630

I was a former employee and I just left that dump of a store more than
a month ago because they treat you really bad, the management is so
bad because they are unorganized and only act organized when someone
in corporate is coming, they also discriminate against hiring new
employees. Also, they always cut my hours there for no reason at all.
That place is very unprofessional and the managers sleep around with
the employees in the back of the store when the store closes i know
because ive seen it .The store managers dont want to come to talk to
customers when they have a problem either they ignore you and are not
helpful at all when a customer gets mad.
They need an undercover employee

Posted by Anonymous

I worked there for this past season and it was HORRIBLE. They did not schedule right, so we didn't have enough people on really busy days. I wanted to check my schedule and I waited for 40 minutes to have someone tell me to wait again. Rude employees are not dealt with, but get high fives. We are told to give round about comments to customers. I'm glad they didn't keep me, but part of me wishes I could have stayed because I actually cared about people's feelings. They bait and switch the sale products. Horrible place to work and shop.

Posted by Anonymous

I work there as a sales associate helping customers and stocking items and I do try my best to help people. I agree that the customer service is pretty bad because they won't even pick up the phone for their own employee who is trying to check the schedule book or talk to the manager.

Posted by R-Zone electronic Ninja

Every negative comment I've read has to do with either shopping online(which you run a risk in doing anywhere you shop online)as for being put on hold for too long what do you expect calling a toy store during season stuff happens and the employees are bombarded with questions on the way to find whatever it is your looking for there are millions of people in this world not just you so learn some patience.As for myself I started at the new metro store in august(stocking shelves setting up displays etc)we opened in sep and almost every guest I help tells me how nice I am and how much I have helped them because well I love my job and it shows and management can see that I take the time to track my numbers and hand in my card every day before I leave because that little card says hey this is what I do for you all day you just have to remember STAR and really make your self available you will be recognized for it depending on where you work you just have to get to know how your managers work and what makes them happy and ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU CANT MAKE EVERY GUEST HAPPY there are just some people that are out looking to ruin someones day JUST KEEP SWIMMING JUST KEEP SWIMMING AND KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE

Posted by formertrudepthead

i worked at the TRU in Scottsdale az for 7 seasons and dealt with the rudest, most mean spirited customers . being nice and professional did not matter to them . it is not the store clerks fault that the store is out of stock of sale items, they are ON SALE meaning there is a limited stock . when the store is out, it's out . reasonable adults would not get upset over something so trivial . either call other stores or have a customer service person call around it's not that difficult . also, do not wait until 3 days before Christmas to try and find a popular selling item and then get bent out of shape, taking it out on the employee because you waited too long to look for it . these customers had this sense of entitlement and because we worked retail we were looked down upon like we were subhuman and not worthy of any mutual respect. i used to get questions from customers to the effect " this isn't your full-time job is it ?". there was one woman that even threatened to slap me if i didn't stop humming Christmas songs at checkout, ridiculous. ridiculous people. you want to know why some of you get bad customer service ? bad customers .

Posted by STARemployee

So I just started working for this company and I have done nothing but outstanding performance I have received 5 out of 5 stars for star observation and numerous compliments better than higher authority. I worked 11 hours at guest services, layaway register, on the floor, on a register, etc. I was given a late lunch 30 mins before my scheduled clock out time and was told " oh I thought you had one " ... I ask my supervisor can I just go home I'm exhausted I have to be in at 11am the next morning anyway, she tells me no. So I end up having to stay for the extra five mins which turns into a whole extra handful of duties that I figured I could stay and help cause they needed it .
Towards the time I actually have my jacket on and I am doing a couple of last things which included a SOS order at the back of the store casue it was crowded up front. The customer wants to pay cash so I have to upload a gift card with the total to complete the order. I have to go to the front to do this, so as I get to the front IT IS PACKED and as I am walking to grab a gift card off the rack a customer sees me walking to a register so I signal a couple of people that I can ring up. Now heres where it comes in to why I am posting this, I sign in to the register and its moving extra slow maybe cause its busy or maybe it hadnt been used. but it has happened before it usually catches up with what i ring up. So I continue to swipe under the scanner, there are two customers one is pulling money out of pocket and pocketbook the other is asking me for a price check then refusing the item then starts bagging the items that i have set to the side. Basically interfering with the transaction. Then the one getting money out asked me the total then asked me to take stuff off totaling four items, as i take it off not realizing a couple of other items didnt ring up the other customer still put them in her cart, the one with the money distracted by asking me to check prices and promos on certain items. Keep in mind that I just came up there for one reason and that was to upload a gift card and get out of there! They were also rude and disrespectful during the process reeked of liquor. Had an item at the bottom of the basket. So as they mangaed to get away with merchandise the buzzer went off because an item they had actually needed me to de code it, thank god! The supervisor checks their receipt and they leave with the merchandise that they payed for that i rung up properly and the other stays that they gave up. Now after I finally uploaded the card I asked someone else to get on the register that I was on and someone to take this to the back to complete the order and I got my tail out of there cause I was just at my breaking point. As I am walking out my supervisor ask me did I do the transaction between the two customers I told her yes. That was the end of it.
Later my co worker texts me and tells me that my supervisor said that I had an association with the the two customers that stole merchandise........... YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME !!! I immediately thought to myself is it cause they were african american and so am I. How did she figure I was associated with them when I was supposed to be gone hours ago my phone has been dead. Can someone tell me how. So I come in to work today and my supervisor is scheduled to clock in at 3pm so I wait to talk to her and the store manager and get a clear understanding of what happened I had nothing to do with. 3pm rolls around and I walkie the store manager and ask him can I talk to the both of them and he completely blows me off. I ask the supervisor once I finally see them can you the store manager and I talk please. She tells me I am busy I was told to do something else by the store manager so I go and sit and start to dial corporate to explain the issue but the assistant manager stops me and takes me in the office and ask me what I need. I tell them I was falsely accused by the supervisor of involvement with last nights incident and I am BLOWN OFF and he tells me there are more important things going on. Later into my shift an hour before I get off I am called to the back to have a conference call with an Asset Protection Manager and the store manager and the APM immediately starts beggaring me basically accusing me of relevance to the two customers last night threatening me with the police department. what really bad thing he said to me was " you are a seasonal employee, you can be used at disposal" what does that mean !?!?
So another employee allowed $700 dollars in merchandise from electronics be wheeled out the front door and she actually de coded the merchandise and bagged it. She walked away from her register to where those two customers had an opportunity to either hit TOTAL and clear out the transaction to have proof of receipt or either cashed out and robbed the whole register cause of her mistake. YOU THINK SHE GOT BADGERED AND INTERROGATED LIKE I DID HECK NO! The next morning they used her incident as an example. My mistake wasn't good enough to be recognized cause I am seasonal huh? I just hope someone out there can help me with this situation cause this isn't right at all.

Posted by Josie

I just got a holiday job with this company and they treat their employees like trash!!! no one smiles and they work their employees hard...I will never go back to them for a holiday job. People should boycott this place. Your not getting good customer service because they treat their employees like dogs.It's sad but true.

Posted by anonymous

I currently work at a toys r us and just like the other two comments from employees or former employees I too do not like to work at toys r us.
They don't care about the customers and they pay too much attention to the rewards, instant credit cards and donations to whomever they are supporting at the time of holidays, not too mention that they also want you to sell the batteries that they offer to customers in the store.
I had just 12 hours or less of orientation.
They don't care if you get a lunch break in your 8 hours of working and trying to help customers.
I was never told that after your shift is over @ 10-10:30pm that I would have to stay for another hour or more to "straighten" the shelves. If those shelves are not straightened to their liking they make you do someone else's job and straighten them till the WHOLE store is to their approval then everyone can go home at the same time!
This is a problem for me, I have kids at home, I have to be some place early in the mornings,I also have problems with my foot.

I worked the other night and was "on the floor" straightening all night and on top of all of that I was trying to help all the customers that needed assistance.
The "manager" that was in the customer service counter was making all the employees do her work, answering phones and finding merchandise that she was supposed to be doing instead of leaving and going to do "paper work".

I have never been oriented on the phones in customer service had 6 hours on the cash register my first day and 6 hours a week afterwards then from their I was left by myself!
They use walkie talkies to communicate and you hear them all over the store while youre on the floor assisting customers.
every time someone wants a bike, bed, easel, kids kitchen, basically anything big that will not fit into the cart you have to ask someone over the walkie talkie to see if we have one. this makes things crazy while trying to assist, check out customers.
they stress that they dont want to hear the walkie talkies while trying to get assistance from an employee.
not to mention that when you are in orientation your 2 short days, you are not taught to do these ticketed items and calling them over the walkie talkies.

They will not hold an item for any customer
that calls in for the merchandise or if they order it online (when a customer orders an item online, the website tells the customer when to pick the item up at the store and the location of the store, our store seems to not like to grant any customer the items they ask for.

Ex: The monster high sale is SUPPOSED to have a free trunk with the purchases-
not our store-we're still out!

Toys that are on the shelves not all have places to put them nor do they have price tags.
The managers yell at the cashiers for this when this isnt out job.

I'm currently still looking for a job cause i do not like being used to just sell credit cards, rewards cards and batteries & not helping out the important part of our store and that is the customers needs that really matter, not how much plastic cards you can get them to sign up for.

Posted by bb

I'm a former employee, and I have to say worst place to work .They didn't even train me, and also they are trying to get costumer's to sign up for buyer's protection,instant credit,and rewards card .I couldn't believe that the store manager was more interested in selling instant credits than training employees or focusing on costumer service.I decided to go back for a second 4 hr shift, and they gave me half of the store to clean .It was very busy, and I couldn't even answer questions for costumers.I was trying to help a pregnant mother at the baby registry, who waited more than an 45 mins on someone .I stopped every employee I saw, and they all said you can't do it.I never walked out of a job but after being in that store for an 1hr 30 mins I walked out .I know I need a job, but that place was horrible.They even hand out a goal that you must meet everyday of selling instant credits,rewards cards,and buyer protection. The only goal should be costumer service, without them there is no Toys R Us.

Posted by cj

To all the fine folks that are were or have been pissed off by shoty customer service or poor store policies. Get over yourselves ! lets face the truth. the only reason you shop here is the fact that the price is better. I for one understand being disappointed, but with most if the posts on here you people should know better it is not the stores responsibility to wharehouse what you buy. they only have so many and someone will purchase it. as for the internet price difference. why would you shop online and expect a brick and mortor store to honor that price. STUPID... I believe in saving money. this is just another pathetic example of what we have become.


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