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Toyota customer service is ranked #356 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 788 ratings. This score rates Toyota customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


738 Negative Comments out of 788 Total Comments is 93.65%.


50 Positive Comments out of 788 Total Comments is 6.35%.

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    • 36.35 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 738 negative comments (93.65%)
    • 50 positive comments (6.35%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely horrible customer service. I incurred late charges due to an error on the part of Toyota Financial and representatives refused to credit my account. First rep I spoke to accused me of making changes to my account (that I never made) because a computer system can never make a payment processing error. When I asked to be transferred to a manager, I was instead transferred to a resolutions specialist. When I was finally transferred to a manager (Tara) I was told that they would credit me half of the late charges but not all. When I asked to be transferred to someone who had more authority I was told that was not possible. I have been a loyal customer for three years and was understanding when Toyota made an error and withdrew two payments in one month from my account however the customer service within Toyota Financial did not treat me as such. Once my current lease is up, I will not again put myself in a situation where I will have to deal with this company.

Posted by Winnie

I bought an automatic Toyota corolla Quest and I feel positive that there is something wrong with the brake system. I had to replace the brakes with every service and it is very abnormal. This is my 4th car, I had a Yaris for 6years and replaced the brake once and it is not based on my driving pattern. I feel that this has to be investigated and resolved instead of basing this to man tear. There is always noise coming from the brakes, I was surprised at one stage when I was told at the garage that they need to fill up the brake fluid before my 45000000 service!!! DZ28GP now currently being service at MC CARTHY BRUMA. 09/10/2017

Posted by Bob K

I took my 2013 Toyota RAV4 to the dealership I purchased it from for routine service as I was offered a service coupon from the dealership website for oil, filter, tire rotation and safety inspection. After my service I received my bill and was charged for tire rotation. I asked about the charge and was told that my tires were not original equipment tires. I wish I would've known that before the service was performed.

Posted by Nora

I am very unhappy with Toyota Canada not embracing their quality offer with my prius 2012. I had to reached out through Social Media-their Facebook page in order to get service. My prius 2012 has been having issues with the rubber on both deflector and sun roof where it is deteriorating completely. I am afraid it will not be waterproof in a near future! My warrantee is over obviously but I believe this is a total non sense and a major defect Toyota Canada should recognized. I have reached out to my local dealer Boulevard Toyota and to Toyota Canada social media department about this concern and they offered me to cover 65% of the total cost ( only for a limited time) ?!? Because the rubber cannot be replace by itself, the whole roof needs to be for ~2000$!
I have found numerous people sharing the same story too where Toyota do not consider this as their defect problem.

So disappointed with Toyota for their bad customer service, I have had many cars with roof and never this has happened!

Posted by JB

Very Poor Preventive Maintenance Service at Toyota Alabang, FilInvest Branch.

Here are the facts:

1. Erroneous record keeping that made me wait for almost 2 hours.

Facts:, Innova E, Beige, 2008 model and the preventive maintenance done is for 80K. The PM is already done and I am about to leave the premises but I was not allowed because the printed receipt and documents indicated Altis Corolla, Beige. This is an error made by the toyota personnel but I was the one who got penalized by waiting for almost 2 hours. Worst is that personnel did not even bother to expedite the re-processing and I need to push them.

2. Extra Engine Oil was not given to me.

Facts: I am always changing oil and I am always getting the excess engine oil because the Innova E variant - Gas uses only 5 liters / less than 6 liters. I paid for 6 liters but I did not get the excess

Posted by ID ten T fault

Took my toyoa for service but late afternoon the vehicle was still not serviced after asking that it should be ready at 14H00 ours. Itook my Toyotaand left with a lot of sorries from the staff about what happened. Two technical staff was standing over my Toyota talking for 10 minutes without doing any thing. It appears to me as lack of supervision in their workshops.

Posted by mrsprint

The 12 v power port in my 2011 Toyota Corolla stopped working. As a retired mechanic I figured it was the fuse. I Looked up the fuse diagram in the owner's manual and found a very complicated fuse/electrical maze. It included 3 different fuse/relay/electrical control devices, in different places. The 3 different fuses that were supposedly involved in some way all proved to be functional. I pulled the fuses testing each one. When I restarted the car I was dumbfounded at the display of dash warning lights that came on and stayed on also the gear shift was locked in park! The ABS and TCD lights would not go out and I could not put the car in gear. I searched the internet and found some help in releasing the gear shift so I could drive the car, but other info to turn off the warning lights proved fruitless. I'm appalled at the result of trying to change a fuse, and concerned at what it will cost to remedy the situation. This is the second issue with the car that required dealer attention, and I have only owned it one year.

Posted by Barb

I have had issues with my Toyota RAV4XLE since June,2016 and cannot get help to resolve. I sent a registered letter to Mr. James E. Lentz, CEO, Toyota North America both in New York and in DC. Both were returned to me. I also mailed copies to Japanese top executives: Mr. Takishi Uchiyamada, Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Akio Toyoda, President. Their letters were sent registered mail too. Have not yet heard from them, but I'll need to wait a little to see if they respond or send my letters back". "Toyota" needs to do for me what Mr. Akio Toyoda says to his organization..."STEP UP TO THE PLATE"!!! Just recently two Toyota Service employees at the dealership I went to (I believe one was a Supervisor and the other a Manager), poked "fun" at me with the supervisor showing me scarastically how people use ice scrappers and the Manager saying that: if the sun is shinning on my sensors, they may not work...after saying this he "smirked" at me!!! The two of them thought they were pretty funny, but it hurt me to the core! I have never experienced this. I mentioned this to the General Manager of this particular dealership and he didn't say anything to me. (As info, a friend of mine was with me that day and saw (and heard) the whole thing. (Would it interest you to know that 15 yrs. ago I was paralyzed from a flu shot?. I learned to walk again, but limited on the time on my legs. The dealership knows this. From June, 2017 to-date, my disability scooter lift is lying on the floor of my garage!!! On 1/11/17 I phoned the General Mgr. of the dealership I purchased from about my experience with his two employees. When I reminded him my disability equipment was still on the floor of my garage he said you can have it put in. I said...are you kidding! Holes will need to be drilled into the vehicle to secure the mount. If I did anything like that, then I'd be told...we can't help you...the vehicle has "holes" in it! No...I have asked the General Mgr., once again to resolve, but I'm getting no where. I am asking...requesting...that someone who can help me contact me to resolve. Toyota needs to "STEP UP TO THE PLATE" for me. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. B

Posted by Anonymous

Had my Camry service at a local service center here but had a very bad experience. Was told my car will be ready for about 2 hrs while I wait at the waiting room, but it was 3.5 hrs. To top it the man came to me and says another 5 mins while he takes care of the paperwork but it took him 15 mins instead. Not a happy customer at all. Was very annoyed.

Posted by Anonymous

Told by the dealer that it would cost $700 to fix hooter cable.
Wanted to complain to Toyota South Africa - would only allow me to speak to a call centre who did not get back to me for 4 days whilst my car sat at the dealer.
When I wanted to escalate problem to management I was told cannot happen - not allowed to speak to a manager.
I have yet to have a more frustrating experience than this.
Something is wrong with the customer care model and I actually don't need this aggravation in my life from a company that I thought made the best cars in the world.
They have lost me as a customer!

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to contact Toyota on-line. They seem to make sure that after entering all fields, nothing sends.Hey!!!! Take a suggestion!

Posted by Anonymous

Toyota Abad Santos. Has the worst Service / Repair in Manila. I delivered my unit then I waited for the approval of the insurance. Then the insurance was already delivered. I asked the Customer Service Agent or whatever they call it, he explained that the unit will be fixed after the holiday. So now, what are they gonna do with the remaining 4 days before the holiday comes in. What an absurd explanation.

Posted by Mc Gary

I brought my car in toyota quezon avenue last Week of August and it took 2 month to finish the repair. But Im very disappointed on the result werein side door which repaired by toyota have full of dirt as well the other side of car. There is drift of dey paint on the area being repaint. And the side frame holder of back door which been tinsmith have lot of lump . And toyota just said you just camback for warranty and thats it.

Posted by B Nguyen

I visited your dealership (Bohn Bro Toyota 3800 Lapalco, Harvey LA) on Wednesday around 11am. Walked through the inventory outside and then walked into the dealership office and walked around there looking at the inventory. I am now there for approximately 20 minutes. No one came to greet, but there was a lot of salesmen looking. I regret visiting your dealership. Thank you for wasting my time. I guess salespeople there don't like money or like doing there job.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2015 Camry SE with 11,300 miles on it. I found out that my passenger strut plate mount and bolts are corroded. The dealership created a case and took some pictures. After a few days it came back and the dealership told me that it was not covered by any warranty. What is the determination? Is is on the not covered list? I am a loyal Toyota customer but Im not happy this time.

Posted by Alejandro

I buy a 4 runner in DCH Brunswick Toyota 1504 US1 North Brunswick NJ 08902 and one of the managerfrom used cars Michael Cerra do not keep his word to put me some parts in this vehicle now I cat alignment and I still making payments and have to fix a vehicle just bought 1 month a go is very unfair from this kind of manager maybe I don't recommend this dealer and consumer report thanks .Phone number 4839083074

Posted by Kathy

Why does it take 3 weeks to get parts for a 2015 Toyota??? Especially a Toyota certified shop at a TOYOTA dealership??

Posted by Anonymous

We have owned 6 Toyota autos and trucks. Due to the fact Toyota refused to repair the oil issue recall on our 2013 Camry having been promised since February we would have it repaired. The car now uses one quart every 600 miles. We are totally at a loss. Therefore we are wholesaling out the car at a huge loss to us. Had we known this when we bought our new Toyota truck in March, we would NOT have purchased it. I would love to hear from you and why we cannot get service

Posted by Zohaib

One of The worst Customer Service I have received after being a customer with Toyota for past 8 years, The girl was so much un educated that she wasn't even know which payments Toyota Takes and which aren't. Her name was Brandy. Second when the floor supervisor came over the Call Randy he was just laughing not even listening WTF kind of service is this well I was really thinking about changing from Toyota and here I have a reason there Customer service Call service is worst

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it May concern

On August 11, 2016 I went to Toyota of Homestead Florida for a patch on a tire and cover gilt to oil and results after waiting three hours and pay 94 dollars had to return all another day at the maa �± ana because the person who put the not squeezed patch any Grounded to the rim vonsecueciA that who could havre had an accident and be angrier when using Castro on Monday for my trabsjo you volviio to turn on the light tire work also badly done all this I bought three cars zero mile at this course and now after a week I'm waiting for the call of dealer homestead for I een test incidents and and my money for shoddy work in the dealer would not recommend manager or supervisor anybody or put iron resolve that shame and Pena working forgive so little Ethics have I responsible supervisor and manager Carlos Sosa who never did anything

Posted by Last toyota

I have been an avid toyota fan. I have owned 5 of them. The last 4 months I have been dealing with a sudden acceleration issue in a 2010 Camry. They will not take care of it unless their independant specialist can duplicate the problem. It happens once every couple weeks. The specialist took it for 2 hours and the acceleration didnt happen. I will never buy another Toyota. I am going to get rid of the 2 I currently have. I went to the better business bureau. They were no help at all.

Posted by jen west

Owned vehicle for a little over a year brought back for 20000 mile service ended up paying for filters they said I needed still under warranty think that 1 year is a little soon for me to be responsible for filters that don't last a year will never buy another if they're not made any better than that

Posted by Danny t

I have my first experience with Toyota roadside assistance and it was a nightmare. I waited nearly 2 hrs long til the tow truck come. When they estimate about 1 hr for arrived. They keep telling me they are on the way about 4 time after the estimated time was giving to me. The sad thing is I already paid for the service as they requested to be pay first then they will process to get the dispatch out there. I specifically said I have to get to the dealer and drop before they close. When the tow truck come I didn't even get apology for being late or even any concern from the driver. My 2014 sienna van have so many problem I couldn't listed them all. I been a real good loyal customer with multi cars with Toyota and referral so many family to buy from Toyota. So much for being a loyal customer because they charge me $120.00 just to check out my 2014 van which is less than 3 yrs only and there already so many issue and bad roadside assistance. All together out of pocket I paid $203.00 just have it tow and replace a fuse. It feel like who care if you a loyal customer or not. There service have me really thinking never and never again I or family or friends to buy a Toyota again after this horrible experience I went throught. I feel very that they are very dishonest and mistreated a very loyal customer. So people I highly suggested carefully buying a Toyota.

Posted by Aris

I am an OFW and already who plans to purchase a full amount and had paid reservation fee for a Fortuner 4 x 2 V amounts to 1.7 million PHP in your dealership in Alabang since 3 weeks ago. Only today that Service Agent called my wife to inform that the unit is available and will be kept on hold until Friday however she told me that she needs me to get the insurance in-house to be able to give me the unit. (We plan to choose other insurance company instead)

This is a very unfair and a clear false representation of fradaulent manipulation from your Sales Agent or by your Alabang Delearship.

Next week onwards i am planning to send an official letter complaint to DTI about this issue and might look for other alternatives.

My full details are:

Aris Claudio -

Posted by joe

I've been a loyal toyota customer for many years with different Toyota vehicles and I presently own three Toyota�¢â?¬â?¢s. I purchased my Highlander in 2011 at McGee of Hanover, MA. with an extended warrantee.. First of all I am very satisfied with my 2011 Highlander except for one annoying problem that I've been dealing with for four years. Just after a year of ownership I had a problem with the rear lift door. I wasn't very happy with the problem happening on a brand new vehicle but realize things do happen. McGee service department took care of the problem and reassured me should anything go wrong with the door that it would be on there service file and they would take care of it. I was told the bolts that hold the lift door in place were to small which caused to door to go off track. Which is the purpose of this complaint.

Shortly after I purchased the Highlander I moved to Florida and I come back to Massachusetts each summer. I have the vehicle serviced twice a year by Toyota service once at McGee in MA. and once at Venice Toyota in FL.. I take very good care of all my vehicles.

After the first year of ownership and the rear hatch being fixed every time I took it in for service I complained about the rear hatch door squeaking when opening and closing to both dealers. A month or so after it being serviced the squeaking would come back. Before I left Florida this June I had it serviced again at Venice Toyota and the squeak came back, I then took it to another mechanic and he told me Toyota only sprayed the piston for a quick fix but the piston was bad. I think thats all either dealership ever did. I decided to take it back to MGee in MA. where I purchased the vehicle not realizing that my extended warranty had just ran out. When I returned to McGee in July of this year and explained the problem to them I was told there was nothing they could or would do even knowing the rear door hatch had a problem. This is not the way Toyota should treat a loyal customer after spending over $40,000 on a vehicle.

Vehicle information:

Make 2011 Toyota Highlander Limited

Portfolio Plan B 5yrs. - 75,000 miles

Current Milage 79,000 miles

Contact Info. Joseph Cafano\

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Posted by Extremely Satisfied Customer

I am a resident of Pgh, Pa; and I am a customer at North Hills Toyota Parts Center. I've had the pleasure of purchasing parts from John Kavulic on multiple occasions and he has consistently treated me in a professional, knowledgeable and courteous manner.
I've purchased parts from other Toyota dealerships, and I wasn't as impressed with those other experience. I greatly appreciated John's exceptional customer service over the telephone. When I met John in person, and I could see that he was every bit of the Customer Service Professional that I envisioned.
Customer service professionals of the caliber of John Kavulic are hard to find; North Hills Toyota, however, has found a true gem.

Posted by Nancy

This letter is long overdue but it is one of TOTAL satisfaction and the excellent service and treatment I received from both the Corporate Office and my Local Dealership regarding my 2009 white Toyota RAV4 back in the spring/summer of 2016.

I purchased my vehicle in 2009, brand new, from Ira Toyota, Danvers, Massachusetts. All maintenance, service, recalls and state inspections have been performed there since the day of purchase. I have received excellent service with each and every appointment. I noticed early on in 2016, a chip in paint on the roof of my car about the size of a quarter. Upon closer inspection of the chip, you could see the paint surrounding it was also about to peel away. I decided to Google the issue and found several 2009 (white only) Toyota RAV4's with the same problem. I contacted Toyota Corporation on a Friday to advise them of the problem and have it documented as there were none on file at that time. On Monday I had an appointment at Ira Toyota for my state inspection sticker and was advised by the Corporate Office to give the case number to the service person on that day.

I want to thank Alexander Pendelton, Assistant Service Manager, at Ira Toyota of Danvers Massachusetts and my local contact. He took the calls from the Corporate Office and followed through in helping to diagnose the problem. Alexander provided excellent customer service always keeping me informed as to what was going on. He's definitely an asset to Ira Toyota. He's professional and was always available to take my calls, should I have a question. Never once making me feel like a nuisance.

I also want to recognize and thank "Tully" at Toyota Coroprate Office in California for his hard work and dedication. The "always on time" followup calls made keeping me in the loop. He was instrumental in coordinating the work to be done to fix the problem. Working together with Alexander it was determined the problem could have been a defect in paint at factory level.

It was no small job. I have roof racks which had to be removed and the paint stripped back, repainted and the roof racks re-attached. This was done at the Ira Collision Center where I dealt with the center's manager Larry Blum. Thank you, Larry, for your commitment to excellence.

Although my vehicle was no longer under warranty, Toyota Corporation authorized the work be done at no charge! It is because of this outstanding customer service and the loyalty I have shown over the years to Ira Toyota of Danvers, that my next vehicle will be a Toyota to be purchased at Ira Toyota! In addition, I have told many friends about this positive experience and they, too were impressed. It wouldn't surprise me if one or two of them have Ira Toyota in mind for their next car. Loyalty does pay off!

Nancy W

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Toyota,

I am sharing. My experience which I recently had with one of your guy was really awesome. The way he treated me was wonderful, I also belong to hospitality industry but your hospitality is appreciable. Thank you Jassi & entire team for giving such a nice customer service.

Mukesh chand

Posted by Anonymous

Since I bought my Toyota 150 AWD car registration 1065 JPD in Cobelsa Castellón Spain the backdoor sometimes doesn't work. I can't open it being the car open with any of the three commands.
I need help because I've told them 3 times and continue unrepaired loosing a lot of time.
Please tell me what can I do or explain a sequence maybe I don't understand

Posted by Anonymous

Justin In The Service Dept In Hagerstown, Md Goes Above And Beyond To Make Sure He Delivers The Best Customer Service. He Is The Best.

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke to a wonderful representative, Pat, who helped me with an ongoing problem of not being able to get through to Toyota Financial Services. I do not have an active account and was trying to get a copy of the lien release. She transferred me to a "live" person at Toyota Financial Services. Pat facilitated the process that has taken 3 months to complete.

Posted by Anonymous

Reported paint problem with 2010 RAV4 on 12-31-2014 to Toyota customer support. Paint was peeling off between windshield and sun roof. I have waited a year for any type of response and have received nothing. I haven taken it to a local body shop who has confirmed it is a factory defect. They have assured me I will eventually have issues with the entire paint job. It appears the paint did not adhere to the metal. I called customer support again and support representative was very professional and apologetic, but no help. The little guy loses again. I at least have the satisfaction I will not buy another toyota and will recommend to my friends.

Posted by mkelly

I Have Had My Toyota 4-Runner For 15 Years. I LOVE MY CAR!!!! This Car Has Been With Me for The birth Of My 2 Kids, Career Changes, Divorce and Remarriage.. Football, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis, Summer Vacations.. Work..Repairs Have Been Very Minimal For The Length I Have Had This Car.. It Is With Great Sadness and Joy I Have To Buy a New 4-Runner This Upcoming Year. The Great Part is I am Giving my Car to My Daughter as I think It is One Of The Safest Cars Out There.. It with Sadness Because I LOVE this Cars Design, Appearence>. ITS Look.. So Thank You Thank You. I hope My Next Toyota endures as My First Toyota

Posted by RichieRich

I would like to commend a very young professional individual, which I had the pleasure of conducting business with w at your establishment. For the record, I was not going to purchase a vehicle, I was simply shopping around, however, the salesman Nick who greeted me, was extremely knowledgeable and now I can attribute my New Camry to my awesome experience.

Posted by AQ

I was upset by Atrell Toyota Brampton, Ontario but finally they resolved my issue.
I do think this site works. I got results.I wrote my issues two weeks ago on this site

Mr. Qureshi

Posted by rajeev

Toyota company is very bad it makes very big comment for its service but no service available on it and manners of talking of its team is very bad no sopareparts of car will be available on it so I will not suggest to anyone to purchase of Toyota car uttamToyota sec.63 noise is specially bad very big deals make but no complete

Posted by Anonymous

Yup. These guys and gals are the real deal, curteous, informative and professional.
The thing I liked was getting a hold of somebody quickly. I can't stand that automated crap.
"Customer Experience Center" phone is where I went to get somebody fast.

Thank you Toyota people.

Posted by Anonymous

Great service from camelback Toyota in Phx AZ!!!! Patient, friendly, and informative!

Posted by sbakay

Thank you, Telly, for all of your help! You were very friendly, and helped me with my problem. Toyota is lucky to have you.

Called to complain about how horrible Toyota Care was to me over the weekend, and Telly really assisted me with that, and helped me to take care of a problem that my local Toyota dealer told me couldn't be fixed. Without him, I would still be in a pickle. Thank you so much.

Posted by Kim

I purchased a 2005 Toyota Corolla, in September 2004 from Dan Cava Toyota, Fairmont, WV. I have never had any trouble with my car and have all of the maintenance done at Dan Cava.
On Thursday, November 20,2014. I took my car in for its inspection sticker and oil change( my sticker was not out until the last day of November). I also, ask if they would check my heater, because my car didn't seem to heat up when idling. They called, and and told my husband that my car was rejected, because I had a small hole in my radiator, my power steering fluid was leaking, and the belt need changed. Total was $1200.00. When ask why they tore my inspection sticker off, they said, they tore it off because they did not think there would be any problems with the car. (To my knowledge, my radiator, belt or power steering fluid is not part of an inspection). My husband paid Toyota $11.00, I guess that was for the labor to scrape off the inspection sticker. I then drove my car (at night) so that the police would not pull me over with a rejected sticker - to a garage in Clarksburg, WV. We ask them to check the car. Put on an inspection sticker, and check for leaks. They called us, the next day and told us that they ran the car for a half an hour. There are no leaks. They charged me $54.00 for an inspection sticker and an oil change. I called Dan Cava and talked to Amanda in the Service Department Nov.25,2014. I explained my experience. She said, she remembered us. She said, she would talk to her manager and call me back. She said, she got into this business because she has been ripped off and taken advantage, and did not want that to happen to other people. I feel we have been taken advantage of. To us $1200. is a lot of money, especially around the holidays. I am very disappointed with Dan Cava, and will never be able to trust them with my car again. Amanda never called me back even though I gave her my home phone and cell. By the way, my Toyota runs great. I love my car!

Posted by debhopes

I purchase my 2004 Toyota Highlander 7 yrs ago! I could sell this vehicle all day long! First I use to be frightened to drive in snow, but since I bought my highlander I drive in blizzards, no more white knuckle driving in the winters for me. I have 193,000 miles on my car and unfortunately I have run into constant repairs. Although the car runs like a top my issue has been the power steering. 2 months ago the hose assembly had to be replaced a month later the power steering pump and now the steering rack! Unfortunately for me I do not have the means in which to purchased the part or pay for labor. I am driving my car with no sticker and no power steering! Wish Toyota gave a hand up to some of us that work hard and are loyal to Toyota. I have convinced several friends and family members to switch to Toyota~! Wish I had bought the Tacoma, cause the buy back on that vehicle would have kept me going! Unfortunately I have had to replace the driveshaft assembly over the summer and am tapped out when it comes to paying for additional work, not to mention I owe just $325.00 on the car and its past due because of all the repairs. I will get there eventually and I will keep my car. I have never been happier with any other vehicle. I have owned nearly every brand of cars out there and Toyota is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned!

Posted by Anonymous

First, I absolutely love my Toyota Camry. It has been such a reliable car and well worth the purchase.

About a month ago though, I started having issues with the drivers side sun visor. Apparently there have been some problems with the bracket. The company sent out a "warranty enhancement" notice which allowed customers to come in within 7 years of the purchase date to get the problem fixed. Unfortunately, my "7 year mark" expired a month prior and would not be covered under the warranty. This would have ended up costing me around $200. I called the customer retention assistance and they waved the fee. I think it is a bit ridiculous that an issue as big as the sun visor falling into the drivers side view has a 7 year limit on it. However, I feel like the customer service representatives at Toyota were willing to work with me in order to find a solution.

Posted by Anonymous

Good Morning. About 13 years ago my husband and I purchased our 1st new car, your Toyota Sienna. At the time I was pregnant with our 2nd child and I was so nervous about spending the amount of money we were about to. But, I was VERY excited about the CD player that this model was equiped with.
I just wanted to take a few moments and thank your organization for building a phenominal vehicle. I am still driving the same van, I now have 3 children (14yrs, 13 yrs and 7yrs). I think your organization should realized that I depended on my vehicle to carry our families most precious cargo home from the hospital, has gotten us to more sporting events, sleepovers, late night runs to the pharmacy than I can count. Not to mention the endless trips to the grocery store, work, parks, parties etc.
I just hit the 300,000 mile mark and really, the only thing major that has had to be replaced were the door handles. THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My husband and I are recently divorced and I am starting to think about getting a different car.Being a single Mom, I cannot afford a brand new Toyota, and looking at all the used ones, I'm not sure I can afford used one.
So, with all that said, 1st Thank you, your vehicle has helped raised 3 incredible children. 2nd, which one of the vehicles in your car line would give me the biggest bang and longevity I have come to expect from Toyota?
Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

thank you toyota, our 2001 toyota seq sr5 just saved my fiance life, it rolled over 3 times and she walk away from it

Posted by mcnultyjohnf

Travelled from Tyneside to Cheltenham, en route developed problem with bonnet catch on my Auris, visited (Listers?) Toyota dealership. A very helpful woman working on the service deals had someone have a look at the problem immediately and it was sorted (turned out just to need lubricating). I had visited assuming I would need to make an appointment (this was last Monday or Tuesday) and was very impressed that her judgement to get a mechanic to have a quick look at what she correctly assessed as likely to be a minor problem, was vindicated and my problem was resolved in less than 20 minutes. Very grateful - this was good service

Posted by Bill

My wife and had been looking to replace 13 old year car.We wanted buy,so we went internet and found Hertz cars sales 121st Stark NE. We found a 2012 Camry with 38,000 miles on it and happened to be color we wanted. I called them on 12-26- 2013. We talked to Mureen Jones,she took our credit app. and she sent app. to Chase It was the holidays and she called us on the 26th and said have approved the rate at 5.4. We arrive upon Friday to pick it up and sign all paper work and are payment was $326 a month. She was very freindly an very kind and very pleast to work with us. It took about 30 minutes to do the paper work. The car was was very clean on the outside as well on the inside We love the car and comfort of the car. I will refere people to mauree and Hertz car sales in Portland Oregon. Thanks Maureen Jones for very quaility car buying exper..Thanks again

Posted by Youkeptmecomingbackformore

Had a 2003 RAV4 with problems shifting. I heard Toyota had offered an extended warranty but didn't have problems so it didn't need to a repair, but now warranty expired. I was ready for a new car but wanted to know about the recall, since the first rep I spoke didn't seem know I was transferred to a Supervisor Nicole R. My hats off to Toyota, she was very professional, listened to me and answered all my questions. Never felt rushed. Toyota gets Kudos for answering their phone as well, no wait or hold music. The thing I found most impressive was my annoying barking dogs in background didn't bother her. She just started talking to me about my dogs. Good people skills. Thanks Toyota, just bought my 5th Rav4 and thank your Supervisor Nicole, she helped keep me coming back. have a good one folks

Posted by Angellg65

Just recently purchased 2 vehicles from Sunrise Toyota in Oakdale NY. My salesman was named Eric Kandler, we must say he was one of thee best every. He knew what he was talking about and was helpful in every way possible. After dealer with him he brought us up to Geogria, Toyotas account, trust us when we say very honest,sweet and extremely helpful too. We recommended these 2 employees to all of our friends and family members whom r interested in buying either new or used vehicles. We hope anyone reading this considers to visit this dealership.Ask for Eric very nice guy and not full of crap like other dealers.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Yaris 2013 AT 1300 cc sedan purchased from Toyotalanka, with my experience after working with Honda,perodua, Mahendra,Mercedes, Isuzu, Volvo,few things like Gear Indicator, seat belt indicator are not in your vehicle, when I drive at night I need to know which gear was selected & It is better you add these indicators,As I know the owners manual indicate " some models" but these indicators are much more needed & commonly available in other cars as the my vehicle had used nearly 3 months (1270kms) so far no problem & the Local staff at Rathmalana branch is really working hard to serve the customers,Thank you .

Posted by [email protected]

We have a Toyota Camry with over 250,000. miles and we get 33.5 miles per gallon. It is a wonderful car and is a 1995 model. Last week I broke the handle on the passenger side and now my husband has to get out of the car to let me out. Everyone says what a gentleman he is. We laugh about it. We had a 1990 Toyota Camry and gave it to our grandson. He loves it. Would never buy anything else but a Toyota.

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Posted by Anonymous

Toyota treats their customers and their employees like crap. When they layed off their 140 hourly people in portland plant they gave them 1 day notice. They kept all their office staff and supervisor and managers to sit there and play games and look on the enternet. They have the worst people skill i have every seen. these people have been off for three month and toyota does not care for anyone but their pockets. Their is no family their i wish japan could see how they treat people.


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