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Toshiba customer service is ranked #663 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.59 out of a possible 200 based upon 918 ratings. This score rates Toshiba customer service and customer support as Terrible.


885 Negative Comments out of 918 Total Comments is 96.41%.


33 Positive Comments out of 918 Total Comments is 3.59%.

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    • 885 negative comments (96.41%)
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Posted by Shirley

Biggest run around in the world. Every time I actually get a "person" to talk to, they give me another number to call. That number is busy and takes hours to get someone to answer. I ask the tech support on line and then they want me to PAY for an answer!!!

Posted by Very dissatisfied

I will never by a tv by I again policy are so non helpful and for it to happen before a yr time nope sorry never again u don't stand by ur products and now I'm calling consumer affairs and formalizing my complaint

Posted by Anonymous

Wow, I have a 50 in flat screen yr & 1/2 old wasted an hour n on the computer & phone yesterday just to ask a question & you have no help??!! Just to let you know it will be a cold day in hell when I buy any thing with your brand name on it
Thank you
Mark Besser

Posted by Shankar

This is Shankar.T.

I have Toshiba Porteg r30-a x4300 model, i having issue on its keyboard. So i rise my complaint on 09-Oct-2016.

But still (02-Nov-2016), they said some fake status of my complaints, and its not yet resolved.

One Person (Customer Care) said, part is "shipped" wait for few days(3-4).

After i call them to where it is ....

They simply said "Sorry sir, Your product not available...!".

Then how they can said as "its already shipped." ??

Just for cut the call ??

Is this is the Service that Toshiba provides to their customer ??

I'm so tired on contact them...

Really waste of buying extended warranty on Toshiba.

Thanks to All !

Posted by P3905


This is regarding Toshiba LED Complaint No. logged on 10-Aug-16.

Mr. Manav committed that refund has been processed for my complaint & today cheque will be handed over & LED will be collected from my place.

I waited whole day but no one turned up. I tried calling Mr. Manav on phone 8130892876 but the phone was switched off. Later I was told by customer care to contact Mr. Ramakanth on phone 9742225678, however there was no response from him even after calling 10 - 12 times.

This TV has been replaced in past.

Kindly address my complaint otherwise I have to file a legal complaint in consumer court.

Rishi Trehan

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Toshiba LED TV 39' which is biggest mistake purchasing toshiba.
Worst customer support ever.
My TV is down since 2 months now the new SR number is SR8H0014301.
I am being waiting now since 1 month and still no response from customer care when my Tv would be fixed which is still in warranty.
When I contacted customer care they said contact services center and when I contact them they say contact customer care, which is awful, when I asked customer care associates to transfer the call to supervisor support staff or manager they say no one is available that mean this few junk of associates are running whole Toshiba call center.
I would be doing a executive escalation and going to consumer forums and let people know abt the product and services.
If you all have shame get my Tv replcaed to new one or get it fixed asap.

Posted by Anonymous

Satellite C55-C. I purchased a new Toshiba laptop July 23rd. This is the second one I have owned. I did the registration etc to get started. I use Avast to protect my computer, not McAfee. I uninstalled McAfee & installed Avast and paid for it. My computer immediately malfunctioned - operating system. Got support - who were very friendly - and we re-set the computer - took hours - to factory specs, the way it arrived. They said they had to charge me either $99.99 for the service or $199.99 for a year service contract. Support then uninstalled McAfee from your end & re-installed Avast. Operating system broke again. They then said Toshiba does NOT support Avast. No-one told me that nor is this published anywhere! Started all over again & kept McAfee. I do not feel I should have had to pay for this error. NOT my fault. I feel I should be reimbursed. Please let me know.

Posted by Anonymous

My Grandson Isaiah won a laptop in 2015. His dad set it up but we are unable to remember the password. We are having problem resetting the password. Could you assist?


Posted by stacylilley

I just got my laptop for christmas 2015 and its slow. I went on line for "Toshiba customer care" and bought a $220 virus. This model needs replaced and or updated by Toshiba!

Posted by Tamrenee

My tablet encore had a bad battery from the first. Sent in for repair that took six weeks to arrive locked up. Sent back after long argument with customer service who promised different options if not fixed right this time. Took two weeks and arrived locked down. Could not use. My different options promised turned out to be a lie and to top it all off the repair center said they saw nothing wrong with it.

Posted by JOKES

Toshiba are jokes it's taken them over a month to fix a screw damage with my laptop

Posted by Anonymous

Dear sir

My name is Thair Hamad

I bought a laptop from you

And from the first time it doesn't work

I sent it to your dealer Zuhair Issa Murad in Jordan and it was my wright's to have another one senc it didn't work from the the first time but he said that we will change motherboard and it will be ok

He did that but the tuch screen didn't Wark

I sent again to him. .he said the screen wire is not warking and he order it again

While he trying to fix these problems he broke the something from inside I didn't notice it till some time but I was too busy to go back to him again till it getting worse and worse

I sent it again to him but he insisted that it isn't his responsibility. ... I agree with him that it's my fault that I didn't bring it back soon or arlier

And I ask him to fix the problem on my expense and he agreed

When I go to take my computer after he called me I pay him the money and sgin the paper I found the screen is too dirty from inside ...I asked him polity to clean it ...and he did it four times but it was not cleaned. .. and he said it's not his responsibility to clean the screen from incident and he can't do anything more

I took the receipt that I signed it for him ...and he refused to handle me the computer

Because of the previous matter I became very sure that this person is not a professional qualified person to do the job and I became very sure the he is responsible about the proken things inside my computer.

I send you with attachments the whole documents that I have.

And I am truly sorry to inform you that I will start a case in the qurt against Word Tushiba and his authorized dealer Zuhair Issa Murad /Jordan

And I am trying to see MR Zuhair personal but I could not.

Kindly request did you have any solution to this case or shall I proceed

Best regards

Posted by Anonymous

The service center in Abassia cairo has not CRM and care of TAT when rate the after sale is very poor for home appliance
The hole process for delivering receiving products .today caĺling 19319 to ask about my fan delivered last sunday .reply that data bais is under update without giving any other solution from their side in case system is down
My name

Posted by Anonymous

I can't even talk about it. It was that bad. One day it took 11 hours (+ $200 for Care Plus). The next day almost hours. I am a senior citizen and they took more years off my short time here on earth!

Posted by Cheryl

Toshiba is awlful I paid them to download a Microsoft Office Key and it was file in the system under my serial number for me to recapture. The Technical support people act like little girls they hang up the phone on you, they will give you a blue screen causing a computer virus, they will still your personal information they are not to be trusted. I had 2 microsoft office product key loaded on my computer they now only show the one that came with my computer which was a trial version. They cannot find the other that i paid for and had uploaded. They are not to be trusted dont use Toshiba Support.

Posted by Anonymous

my Toshiba computer has been sent in to be fixed 3 times they are saying it is going to be 600 dollars to fix it ..I want a new computer or a refund.

Posted by Vincent

I am a loyal customer of Toshiba Laptop, I have been using Toshiba Laptop since many years ago,
This is the first time unpleasant experience in Taipei Taiwan repair center, My Toshiba M800 laptop power button not working,
I sent to my laptop to Taipei repair center.
After one week, they return my laptop and reply motherboard was broke, they don't have such Materials, and can not fixed it.
During these time, I try to call the customer service line to ask detail problem, and All customer service line is always busy.
Does Toshiba Laptop can not repair?

Posted by Nixed

I had purchased a laptop from a retailer, where I had also purchased a warranty from square trade. Toshiba hassled me to use that warranty over the current warranty that was still valid from Toshiba, and of course square trade wouldn't allow that. When I eventually got the situation resolved I had to pay for a return shipping label to Toshiba, which is beyond unacceptable since I'm sending in their defective product (disc drive wasn't working). When I received the laptop back it had a huge scratch across the back and a large dent! The shipping box was unscathed so I refuse to believe it was a shipping problem.

On my second RMA, for faulty RAM, I received yet a new scratch, as well as only a few of the case screws in place. I guess putting them all back in is too much to ask after I had to pay for shipping again.

Current state of the situation, laptop smells terribly of solder on the laptop's exhaust, the disc drive is not working once again, and I'm never buying Toshiba again. I hope someone sees this review and is deterred from buying Toshiba garbage. I hope this thing just doesn't catch on fire at this point.

Posted by flagrbt

I thought I was calling Toshiba and I was not, it was some independent person I got to. He was from a foreign country, He was very hard to understand. I would never do anything this company! TERIBLE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER TOSHIBA!!!! H

Posted by Whiskey Ricard

Toshiba support in Europe is basically non-existant. I have a Toshiba blu ray bdx4400. I bought it because I moved from the US a few years ago and have DVDs from both the US and Europe. I needed the region code free feature. The dvd player began just turning itself off recently without warning, I thought perhaps a firmware upgrade would solve it. Toshiba's most recent firmware has installed region lock, so I tried to find Toshiba support online. It consists of a couple of FAQs pdfs, and that is it. Worthless support. I will never buy another Toshiba product ever.

Posted by ToshibaShy

I am a professional IT consultant. I have been instrumental is recommending Toshiba laptops for years. I probably am responsible for dozens if not close to a 100 Toshiba laptops being purchased by my customers and friends. Toshiba used to be user friendly in that they provided service manuals for all their models so that independent repair people could aid owners in faster repairs then sending laptops off to "certified service centers" where rep[airs could take weeks. I recently tried to find a service repair manual for a Satellite P845t-S4305 laptop. I have discovered that none exist outside of Toshiba and their troll services. Beware, unless you want to be roped into their services, their response and their prices steer clear of these PCs. I will never recommend a product that has become totally proprietary again.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I'm 70 year old wounded retired marine thought when I bought this laptop computer it would be good . at least more than almost a year . I'm disgusted with your product . not even a year and paid $700.00 dollars ' for this peace of junk now I need to buy another one .NOT A TOSHIBA PRODUCT "THEY MAKE JUNK LIKE MY LAPTOP.Thanks so much for ripping me off an American wounded soldier . don't worry now, I'll spread the good word how good your products are so no one else gets ripped ofc like me TOSHIBA. Maybe you should change your name of your products to toshitya!

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer care service is zero,Because your employes deal is not good, They pick phone after they put phone on the hold state.Its not good for your company status.

Posted by pissedcustomer

My toshiba satellite's monitor screen had an internal leakage since day one. you could see a dark line accross the screen few cm above the task bar. i called customer service and tech support right away explaining the issue. they never took care of the issue properly. all they did was wash their hands clean and blaim the defects on me. eventually, this line disappeared for one day and later appeared on the top left corner of the screen. now i have one big circular blob of ink on the top left corner. it is obvious that these defects were not my doing but of the manufacturer. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! NEVER TOOK CARE OF THE ISSUE!!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite E45w-C4200 from Best Buy on September 23, 2015. On February 28, 2016, the right hinge broke and will not keep the screen up in a 90 degree position. I contacted Toshiba Customer Service Repair department to learn that the hinge is not covered under the warranty although the computer is only 5 months old.

I was informed by the pleasant representative the broken hinge was a "minor repair", however the cost will be $252 for parts, labor, shipping etc. Or I can have it repaired at Best Buy or Office Depot.

Unbelievable! This is unacceptable.

I am highly disappointed with Toshiba and sadden. After much research over the past 12 hours, I have learned this is a highly common issue, you, Toshiba fail to acknowledge and correct. You are a billion dollar company and will not do right by your customers by simply correcting the manufacturing defect issue or repairing the defect at no charge to your customers. Instead of accepting there is a defect in your design, you, are insisting customer are damaging or dropping their computers or applying too much pressure. I and others have paid well over $500 for your computer that has failed us within the warranty period.

TOSHIBA YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! The hinges breaking is such a big issue there was a class action lawsuit settlement in 2010.

Toshiba it would be great if you took accountability for the defect and repair your customer's computers at no cost.

Unsatisfied customer.

Add your review!

Posted by annonymous

The Toshiba Plus Care is very friendly but had to call 4 times to get it fixed(Yahoo would not respond). They ordered me a flash drive for $39.+ which I did not need. The last person said I could not return it This is crazy!!!!! Just hope this last call worked. I was on the phone for 1 hr. whereas the other calls lasted 3.

Posted by JustShae

My mother encountered a serious hacker this afternoon, and I contacted customer service right away. I was quickly transferred to a malware and virus specialist within the company, and was effectively able to disable the hacker and remove the malicious software installed on to my computer. The service was time consuming (about 5 hours), but worth it. Not once did I have a problem communicating with my customer service representative, and she was very kind and efficient. I would rate my experience very highly among my previous experiences with other companies.

Posted by Alexia

Had problem with laptop battery within warranty. contacted them through telephone and gave them my device data. Within a week I had a new battery, free of any charge, and didn't even have to return the old one.

Posted by User

Had an issue with the battery of my satellite toshiba laptop. Call up tech support, went through all the troubleshoot and they found something wrong with my battery. Arranged for a new one to be delivered to me without me needing to do anything further.

Posted by Bob A.

Sister's Toshiba laptop's hard drive died. I called Toshiba. They wanted me to register the laptop. They wanted me to send a copy of the receipt. Sister hadn't found the receipt yet. Toshiba called me back a week later inquiring about getting it registered. Told them we haven't found receipt yet, sister thinks she bought it in Oct or Nov 2014. They pass me to registration people who determine the laptop to have been manufactured in December 2014. They went ahead without the receipt putting the date down as 12/31/2014. They then needed me to choose to pay $30 for their box or take my chances sending it to them in my own box. I choose the $30 Toshiba box and sent it to the Repair Depot. I got it back with the hard drive fixed (including the OS put back on it) AND the power cord plug in repaired (including a couple of screws that were missing). They made it like brand new. They did a fantastic job.

Posted by White Shadow

Their customer service was excellent from my experience. My PC was having a boot configuration issue but the lady I was talking to was really nice plus she found a quick and easy solution to the problem, Thank you Toshiba.

Posted by Anonymous

All you people like sending all these negative feedback when there's a problem. Is there anyway that you people post something positive? A little credit for the hardwork provided by the tech from whom you asked assistance from? I'm sure that out of 100% calls received by them, 80% goes to getting the issue fixed and out of this figure, only 5 to 8% only returns positive feedback. #justsaying

Posted by Layla Lynn

We are using two Toshiba refrigerators and I must say Toshiba's products are really long-lasting. It's been nearly 10 years we have been using them. Yes there were some problems a couple of times but with their customer service, they solved it for us.

We are really happy with their provided services and would definitely recommend others. And yes how can I forget, we got Toshiba LCD TV too. Thank you Toshiba for your great products.

Posted by h1-0114

If you don't like our products, you have several other choices. Toshiba will get along just fine without you little man. Chances are, whatever brand you purchase will have our internal parts so you are stuck little man. Unlike you, our customer support techs are well trained and qualified technical specialists. You know nothing so get along little man. You know nothing but how to compalain and speak rudely to your superiors. I have technical degree from University little man. You show your ignorence when you speak.

Posted by Anonymous

I called after I woke up one morning to my mouse on my Toshiba laptop not working. Everything else did, but this! I have never had any problems with it until now. When I was connected to a young gentleman he was very sweet and helpful to me. I do not recall his name, but I was so pleased with him! He helped me and got my mouse back to working (F5 if any other girls have a blonde moment like myself)! Again, I was very pleased with him and he was VERY sweet to me and helpful. I did get the reference number and it is

Even though my computer was under 1 year old, the automatic system told me it was out of warranty and I may be charged for their services. I was not charged and had a pleasant experience. I am sorry however, that I did not catch the gentleman's name.Thank you again for helping a desperate girl having a girl moment! :)

Mocha McGrath

Posted by dolly27

I have a problem with my Toshiba Television.i phoned Toshiba customer service they gave me the number to call my nearest repairer.they were 160 miles away.i had to wait a week for them to collect the a week later I phoned them for a up-date they said that they are waiting for the part that they need to replace which will take another week to arrive then it as to be retuned to question is why cant I get a nearer seems that rural areas get poorer service than cities.

Posted by Susan Vosburg

Will - unsure how to contact you - but because of your 'tech support walk through' you have made our Toshiba enjoyable... Sorry I gave you only part of our email address:my mistake...They should clone you - or at least give you a substantial raise!
a very satisfied customer...

Posted by Nobody you know

Toshiba has excellent customer service! The nice lady who helped me resolved the issue in a matter of minutes. She was also very friendly and patient. I think she deserves a promotion!

Posted by llllizlll

I purchased a toshiba laptop around a year ago. I purchased service contract as always. They come to my house and fix the computer. I wouldn't give them a 100% satisfaction on the repair, but the customer service was good. I ALWAYS tell people they need to purchase a contract!!!! I have had more luck with Toshiba then I have with Dell and even my laptop fell within the first week of purchase and they replaced the screen with no problems. They call me and come to my house to fix it. I only buy computers from the company directly and with the onsite service contract. Toshiba has come through after a rocky start. Computers are complex and expensive to fix. Many things can go wrong from viruses(they don't fix) to liquid spills and computer hardware problems. It is a very delicate and expense piece of equipment and seems as necessary as a phone or car. The additional money to spend, in my opinion is a necessary expense and well worth the peace of mind. With this contract most all the problems mentioned in the negative comments would be eliminated.

Posted by Carlotta8

I purchased a Toshiba Laptop computer in January of 2011 from Best Buy in Las Vegas. In the process of the set up via the Geek Squad, it was necessary for Best Buy to replace the original computer, as the Geek Squad did something that rendered it unusable. Rec'd the replacement in Feb. of 2011. In Week of June 17, 2012, the laptop was declared unfunctional by my personal (paid) computer expert and advised me it required new Monitor Screen and new Keyboard after less than 18 months minimal usage by me. After a morning of trying to connect with Toshiba customer service, 4 hours, I was unable to get through to anyone willing to help me. Found a way to connect with Toshiba Corporate HQ in Irvine, california. Was totally disenchanted with the Toshiba product and requested to speak to someone in Customer/Public Relations about the lack of Product Support, Product Reliability (a computer literally frying itself in less than 18 months), etc. Was able to be correct with a Ms. Robin Morales (at the corporate level). Am happy to report that when I expressed the above, Ms. Morales, too immediate action. The bottom line, within 10 days, not only did Toshiba arrange for my computer (at no cost to me) to be returned to them; rec'd call from Ms. Morales acknowledging the receipt in 24 hours. Less than 8 days later, my product was returned to me as a virtually NEW computer. I could not be happier. My entire view of Toshiba has done a 360 degree positive rating. And I love my Toshiba Computer. Contrary to what I believed (this company has no respect for its customers; has made it very difficult for clients/customers to reach anyone to voice their concern), I now feel that there are people in the Toshiba Corporate Structure who do care. I shall be forever grateful to Ms. Morales and her prompt attention and action on my behalf.

M. E. Kohns, Las Vegas, Nevada, 7/6/2012

Posted by Anonymous

I had a Toshiba laptop with some flaky, intermittent problems. I was very concerned that I'd ship it in for warranty repair and it would be returned without repair (as Dell has done to me a few times) due to the problems being intermittent. They must have either believed me or tested it carefully enough to detect the problems, but either way, they replaced the system board and hard drive.
Very fast turnaround, shipping at their expense.
One major downside to their warranty repair is that they insist that you include the hard drive. This required me to back it up and remove confidential data, etc., which was a hassle.
Overall, I'm very happy with how they handled it. Would have been easy for them to claim that they could not detect a problem (it would show up like once a week or less), but they repaired it.

Posted by Anonymous

--Forwarded Message Attachment--
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Recovery Instuctions; [Incident: 120324-000662]
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 08:27:25 -0700

To whom it may concern: As a Toshiba PC owner, I telephoned Toshiba Technical Support March 24th 2012 ( Jolex Cabriana ) assisted me in getting my pc up and running.

I'd like to have Jolex recognized as someone i would not hesitate to contact in trouble of need. I found him very knowledgable and friendly in his assistance

with me. In todays society it is so difficult to find excellent customer service, and i believe Jolex Cabriana displayed the type of customer service that is

lacking in todays customer support.
Again, thank you Jolex Cabriana..

Rick Thues

Posted by Chuck Allen

This letter of recomendation is to "laudate" case worker "Brittany" on her excellent performance of energy, professionalism & expertise in resolving CASE #120305-000976. Since January 12, 2012 I have been waiting for Toshiba to send United Radio & Services in Syracuse, NY, the necessary "part" to repair my TV. I had spent HOURS of my time on "calls" to Toshiba... just to get the "Run around"! Hours of my time, out of pocket money, filings & aggrevation spent by me to get the necessary "part" from Toshiba's PARTS its SHIPPING Dept' so that United Radio & Services could make "repairs". Toshiba was unable to complete that request. I own several companys & do NOT have the time for what I had to endure! I was finally fortunate to speak with Case worker "Brittany" who was able to..."Get the job done". Brittany was very professinal, polite & well spoken on our conversations via phone. I would "Highly Recommend her for ANY position to ANY company needing a reliable employee whos "compedent, professional & deserving "good" compensation to show their appreciation. They come "Far & Inbetween" in this world.THANK YOU Brittany, Charles M. Allen. Email:[email protected]

Posted by EricT

Toshiba Customer Service refused to speak with me without my credit card information. I was told to power up my computer followed by there was nothing they could do. All charges are non-refundable.
I then spoke with a different Toshiba Customer Service who informed me they do NOT sell recovery discs. When I questioned this she insulted, repeating her ignorant instructions. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, none were available for several days. A third employable did direct me to the place where I could order the recovery discs. After having been robbed and lied to, that was too little too late.
My complaints have not been responded to by Toshiba.
I will file a complaint with the BBB including names, dates and record numbers. I will also post on every site I can find.

Posted by bruce

I recently was involvced with Toshiba's television customer servive in Ontario, Canada. I found them to be very professional and responded to all my questions promptly. I really felt that I was a valued customer and they went out of their way to prove it. Keep up the good work Toshiba Canada.

Posted by norma

thankyou toshiba your help was brilliant and the problem fixed thankyou savaal. regards norma

Posted by Anonymous

The first time I called was to learn how to do dubbing as I had trouble getting it to work following the directions. They were friendly and very helpful. He told me how to do it and I changed the order of the directions in my manual.

Posted by Debbie

My Toshiba flatscreen quit working after 6 months. As other people have noted, the wait to talk to a person is long. As I was waiting to be connected to a person, I came across these reviews and became alarmed that I may be in for a difficult process with customer service. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

After about 45 minutes of waiting on line I reached a person who took down my information and transferred me to a supervisor. She was very professional and asked me to submit a receipt and told me that I would be contacted in 2-4 days after they received the proof of purchase. She gave me a direct line so that if I had questions or concerns, I would not have to wait in the future. I actually did end up with a question and when I called back the phone was answered by a live person and my question was immediately answered.

I submitted the receipt and was actually contacted within a few hours. The new representative apologized for the problem I was having and arranged for a new TV to be shipped and our old TV to be picked up. The estimate for shipping was 7-10 business days. The TV was actually delivered a week to the day from my call, so 5 business days. The man who delivered the TV was very helpful and made sure the new TV was working, then packed up all the boxes and bubble wrap and the non- working TV. Nothing could have been easier.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment you on the outstanding staff I had had contact recently. Kudos should go to Lou, Richard, Thomas and Yell (spelling) regarding case #11208-005107. It was apparant that the factory that repaired my laptop made every effort to please the customer and let me continue to take pride in the Toshiba product even though I had confronted problems. Whenever speaking with a representitive, it was professionl, positive and pleasant. I am not only pleased to have such a fine computer but also pleased to be put in touch with such high caliber individuals.

Posted by Mrs. Fain

I had a really great experience with a manager at Toshiba. She couldn't give me her last name, but her employee number is 351581. I received the wrong battery for my laptop and was transferred to the female manager for help and she did her job. What I liked about her is that she was professional. I hate when you call a company and the representative thinks it's okay to call you by your first name. She did not and that goes a long way with me. She did not assume that it was okay to use my first name and I say thank you #351581. Keep up the good work and remind employees that it is not ok to call a customer by his first name. Oh, and I look forward to getting the right battery and doing business with Toshiba in the future.
Mrs. Fain

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