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Toro customer service is ranked #547 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.91 out of a possible 200 based upon 70 ratings. This score rates Toro customer service and customer support as Terrible.


66 Negative Comments out of 70 Total Comments is 94.29%.


4 Positive Comments out of 70 Total Comments is 5.71%.

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    • 29.91 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 66 negative comments (94.29%)
    • 4 positive comments (5.71%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I just wanted you to know that overpriced 30 inch mower is a PIECE of Crap!!! The certified repair dealer see it more than me!! Biggest buyer remorse I've had since buying my Chevy trailblazer, are you guys the same company?! Funny..because you both use alot of plastic.

Posted by Adam

I ordered a complete new lawnmower bag, the kind that attaches to the lawn mower to collect the grass clippings, from To be more specific I ordered the parts for a lawnmower bag, with the intention of assembling the parts myself into the complete lawnmower bag.

One of the 7 pieces that make up the lawn mower bag is a metal spring. This part I have yet to recieve. In its place I was sent a cloth washer labeled as Metal Spring 36-6910. I have no idea what the purpose of a cloth washer is on a lawnmower, or a lawnmower bag, but I still need the metal spring in order to completely assemble the lawnmower bag.

The day after I recieved the package of parts I tried to assemble the lawn bag, and found I was missing the spring. I contacted them via customer care. I informed them in the email like textbox, "that I had recieved the wrong part and asked if I could be sent the correct one." I went over the specifics of the part number 36-6910 SPRING.

They replied that they have no record of my order and that they do not have a part numbered 36-6910. I must have ordered from some other website. So have a nice day.

I have forwarded the email invoice that I recieved from to the customer support rep John. He has yet to respond.

Posted by Anonymous

Model 20332 Serial -Less than a year Old Serviced 2 times GOOD Gas - When I use bag it Won't restart for at least 30 minutes after I empty Bag ? Checked internet & looks as if it is a Big Problem with other Owners How can we get Toro Warranty to Fix?

Les Eben

Posted by Eric51

Self-propelled feature is not reliable.

The 2014 model has a defective transmission.

Toro replaced self-propelled transmission under warranty in fall of 2014 and summer of 2015.

This spring the redesigned and upgraded transmission also failed. I may have used it 20 times since last summer's replacement.

Mower is back at dealer waiting for Toro to fix transmission.

Thus, I am without a mower again.

Great concept mower. When it works, it works well.

But, transmission and self-propelled feature is poorly engineered.

I appear to have same problem that Larry55 had in fall of 2015. Curious as to how his issue was resolved. He wrote: "I've had the mower for a year. I loved it until about ten minutes ago. The self propel has gone bad. I believe the drive motor itself is bad, however, I can't take it apart to check it myself. It'll have to go to the shop."

Posted by Anonymous

Toros Electric Ultra blower Vacuum is an excellent product, however the vacuum part of the blower is garbage. I returned the first Toro ultra because the vacuum bags stitching came apart after the third use. Returned the product to Home Depot who gave me my money back. Went to the section for leaf blowers and for $74.97, I stupid, me bought the same blower by Toro. Figured it was a defect and couldn't happen a second time. What a moron I am, the first time I used it the bag ripped again. Shocked at a great company like Toro would put such garbage in with a quality blower. Shame on you Toro and shame on me.


Posted by Anonymous

I purchased my first Toro walk behind mower less than 6 months ago based upon what I had heard was a dependable product from a company that supposedly backs their products. The self propelled belt recently came off and when I picked it up from the authorized Toro dealer where I was informed that the 2 year warranty for parts and labor did not apply. I also contact Toro customer support to receive the same information despite what the warranty expresses. This experience has certainly altered my impression of Toro, and I suspectt this to be my final purchase of their equipment.

Posted by Anonymous

shame on you toro another toro product I will toss into the trash model snowthrower needing an 120 volt electric starter and attached switch. all discontinued .(means tough s--t to the consumer) Withan attitude such as this Toro is well on the way out. I will now mention my dismay to every customer looking at any toto product @ Home Depot, which I frequent .my complaint number which we both know means trash to toro .shame on you toro, shame on you!

Posted by Russell Hall

Bought a TimeCutter ZS 3200S a couple of months ago. Big mistake. No grip from rear driving wheels, so cuts up lawn and the slightest slope makes it difficult to control. So I decided to fit grippier, fatter rear tyres, except they are wider and need a wheel spacer between the hub and the rim. For this you need to know the spec (diameter and thread pitch) of the existing hub bolts - easy you think. Except my emails to Toro requesting this simple information went unanswered and when I called I was told it was "proprietary information"! Yeah right! Toro customer service could not have been more unhelpful. I wish I'd bought Husqvana. I am just about to buy a small self-propelled mower and it won't be a Toro...

Posted by rcavondale

I purchase a toro mower big wheel in the backabout two weeks ago first time useing the mower it ran fine for about two passes had to stop to pick my dog ball to restart the mower an would not start had a bad gas smell like it was flooded after it set for about a hour it starter cut the back stop to open the gate to cut the front same thing would not start. gave up an borrowed neigheor mower yhats about five years old an finished is a common problem if so im going to return the mower

Posted by sadtoroowner

I bought a Toro 42" ZTR and within 3 months the battery was dead. No big deal. The place I bought it gave me another and I was back in business. 2 months later the black box (brains) went out. Now for the past year and a half it goes out about every 3 months. Warranty is almost out and I'm being told that Toro will only replace the bad parts till the warranty runs out then I'm stuck footing the bill. I think Toro needs to give me a new mower.

Posted by Daniel

It is my understanding that Toro owns Lawn-Boy. I have been trying to input my Lawn-Boy Model and Serial number on the Lawn-Boy website to view the Owner's Manual and the result comes back with nothing. I don't think I have the incorrect letters/numbers. When I try to send an email to the Lawn-Boy Customer Service through email, it won't accept my request.

My Lawn-Boy Model Number is: PH-XT149-0225 and Serial Number is 4036119608.

If you can direct me to exactly where I can obtain the owners manual for this self-propelled 20" mower, please advise and than you in advance.

You can email me back at: [email protected]

Posted by thermos

I purchased a Toro Mx5480 in the sprint of 2011 paid. $6500 for it. In September of 2014 the hydrolic pump on the left side went out. The mower has only 135 hours on it. It was 4 months past the warranty. There is a known issue with the charge cover leaking which caused the pump to fail. It's going to cost me $1500 to $2000 to replace the pump. All I got when I called Toro was some teenage girl that wouldn't pass me along to an engineer or manager that wouldn't help me.

Posted by sdc12345

I bought this mower an immediately started having issues. After 2 attempts and having to cut my grass 2 times each time I finally took it in for service (grass was left uncut literally right under the mower). The dealer installed a baffle and new high lift blades. I cut a few more times and the first time I used mower height adjustment the adjustment cracked. The mower also bogs down with cutting any wet or slightly high grass. The mower also does not turn over on the first start with the electric start. Toro's supervisor Liz said continuing to bring the product back in for service (Which is very inconvenient due to its size and weight) is an acceptable practice. She said it was a big assumption that it will continue to break. Keep in mind a 4 month old machine with now 4 items already needing to be replaced. Supervisor Liz even said even with a catastrophic failure (engine etc) they will not refund your money or replace the machine they will only repair it. For this kind of Money get a different machine. With this experience this was my first Toro and definitely my last. They do not stand behind their products.

Posted by antitoro

I bought a z4200 time cutter in 07 the coller courage 19 hp motor went bad after the bolts that hold the top plate on came loose. the block cracked and now the motor is junk. I spoke with my local toro dealer and they told me that toro doesn't care and it all on me to get it fixed. Would I buy a toro product again? Hell no as a matter of fact i'm gonna tell everybody i know not to. Maybe if they would help out with a solution i would reconsider.

Posted by grace

In August 2013 I purchased an Irritrol Rd 1200 est. controller for my sprinkler systom made by the Toro Co.A short time later the controller no longer functioned. The service dept agreed it was under warranty and sent me a replacement circuit board. However what they sent was a 2 year old refurbished controller, not a new one. I am now at the 3 replacement stage and even the last replacement part has a non functioning part. I wrote to the Toro Co. on June 30, 2014 and have yet to hear from them. I have wasted time, and money waiting for poor replacement parts and will no longer purchase any products from this company.


I To Have A Toro Pice Of Crap!! When I First Brought It Home It Did Good For A Short While And Then It Got Hard To Start!!then It Would Not Start At All,well My Arm Gave Out, Don't Think It Would Start If I Could Pull All Day Long!! The Mower Is The One That Is Gaurantee To Start After Two Or Three Pulls Oh How Wrong That Is!!i Called Toro,they Said To Take It To A Toro Repair Center And I Did!! It Was There About Two Weeks No Work Done On It!! I Went And Got It, Took It To My Man He Fixed Cost $70.00it Ran Good For Awhile And Now Won't Start!! It's Just A Pice Of Crap!! By The Way It Has Fresh Gas!!!

Posted by 6string

Last year I bought a Toro JUNK Personal pace lawnmower, I used it about 25 times And now it will not start it just keeps flooding. Now Home Depot will not take it back Toro will not take it back now I have to take it to be fixed under warranty I can only hope & it was only used 25 times. PIECE OF JUNK. Their customer satisfaction is the PITS. Shame on you & HOME DEPOT they both have my money & now me the consumer gets to spend time & effort to get what I paid $359.00 for to work. Sad. I will never use Home Depot or Toro again. Thanks for nothing.

Posted by buzzbomb

My Toro 22" recycler runs great, and has less than 100 hours on it. The big problem is that the deck/housing has rusted out to the point of being dangerous and unusable. The mower was always sprayed off after a mowing, and stored under a Toro cover. When I told Toro, they basically said, tough. For the cost of that thing, I expected better quality and service. I will never buy another Toro product.

Posted by Mike

Mower less than 1 year old. In shop twice for clogged carbs even though anti ethanol fluid used. Techs say it is the cheap carb used by Toro, no response from Toro. Better call me soon. Regards, First and Last Toro

Posted by Land & Coats Sucks

Brand new self paced walk behind recycler lawn mower belt broke. Dealer says $35 fee to determine if under warranty . If not they will apply money to repair. What if Not under warranty . I would rather take it someplace else or fix myself. THis option has been taken away. What a fraud. Land & Coats in Virginia is a rip off.

Posted by Tom Irwin

Call center is staffed by rude, obnoxious hood rats who want to shout you down, interrupt you and generally make it impossible to address any warranty related issues. This is the most disgusting, in-your-face abuse of customers I have seen in a very long time. This is not an isolated incident either. Maybe they have farmed their call center ops out to the state prison system?

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Toro Blowervac that i've used for 4 years now in the Spring and Fall to blow/shred my leaves. I've never had a problem with the unit, but do use the right size extension cord, and ensure that I'm not overloading the bag with wet leaves.

I also own a mower, not a Toro, but have done research and found out that STALE gas is a big time issue with all mowers now. I only keep enough for a couple of mows, and never leave it in the tank for more than 2 weeks. My mower is now 8 years old and starts all the time. Fall time, get a turkey baster and get rid of the fuel as this can also cause a clog in the inlet needle and therefore fuel leaks. If you own a snowblower, don't leave fuel in it in the summer!!! Worst thing you can do. But then again I'm a country girl and just may have learnt early. Seriously, alot of issues are just common sense. (don't mean to upset anyone).

Posted by freewheel

In 2012 I purchased a 20371 22in recycler this is a cheaply made have mower the bag is to small and the overall design is awful. I was a Torro master service Tech from 1984-1999 I will not purchase another mower. I still have a 1990 2cycle torro that I use when ever I can. (cant buy parts to repair)or I would get rid of the new one.

AB Mass.

Posted by Headnut

In 2007 I bought a Toro z4200 it worked great untill this year. I started cutting grass this year and after an hour or so it quit pulling on the left side, so I park it then after it cools it cuts for another hour.

I called the dealer ( Ace Hardware) where I bought it and they told me it would cost about $1000.00 to repair or replace left hydro gear.

This is unacceptable to me because my wife and I are on a fixed income.

I know if I keep running this mower it will tear the pump all to pieces.

I will not buy another Toro product.


I spent about $ 3200.00 for this mower thinking it would be the last mower I would have to buy, BOY WAS I WRONG. NEVER AGAIN>

My phone in case anyone wants to talk to me.

Posted by danghoff

March 5, 2013 I purchased a Toro Personal Pace Model 20332. It started cold and ran and mowed just fine. It would not start (flooded) when hot. After much trouble with Toro's warranty process, The Home Depot exchanged this mower with a New Model 20332. Same, exact problem. I called customer service (ANGELA who was anything but courteous and should be fired). Finally, I got her to have Corporate Cust Svc call me. Liz called and tried all her schpeel. Said their warranty repair would fix. Said I had tried this. I told her that she had either a design or manufacturing problem and I would eventually get satisfactory resolution, either through Toro or Home Depot or the U.S. or State Govt. Liz is calling Home Depot on Monday and will get back with me. Please not that I have already spent gallons of auto gasoline, auto use, my hours, telling the story over and over....etc. I await resolution.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Spoke with customer service supervisor LIZ. Liz was professional, courteous and exceeded my expectations. She promptly handled my case and provided me with excellent customer service. She made me feel like a valued customer and is the reason I will buy another TORO Lawn Mower. Thank you LIZ.

Posted by JackinKeyWest

Too often most people only take the time to make COMPLAINTS. I take the opposite approach and try to COMMEND a company that has a great product....

I have owned a Toro Timecutter 38" ZTR mower for three years. LOVE IT! I love it so much, I recently purchased a 2012 Timecutter 42" and sold my 38" to a neighbor. I just needed a new toy. Makes cutting the grass fun! Thanks Toro. Great mower and most of my friends and neighbors are now Toro ownwers also.

Posted by BradC78

I had a great experience, actually. I couldn't find an owner's manual for my '87 WheelHorse online, so the Customer Service rep mailed me a copy at no charge.

Posted by duane

I have a toro lawn mower, had it for over 10 yrs. Never had a problem. I'd buy another in a heart beat! Never needed customer service, a BIG plus!

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