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Topaz Labs customer service is ranked #645 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.03 out of a possible 200 based upon 38 ratings. This score rates Topaz Labs customer service and customer support as Terrible.


37 Negative Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 97.37%.


1 Positive Comment out of 38 Total Comments is 2.63%.

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    • 27.03 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 37 negative comments (97.37%)
    • 1 positive comments (2.63%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Ken Sklar

Unable To Reach A Live Person To Help Me Order Topaz

Posted by Heath with Topaz


I know many people have left comments as to whether or not Topaz is going out of business, i'm one of the 11 people that work in their office and i can assure you thats not the case, we're a small team so we do our best to reach out to people having issues as quickly as possible. Our normal ticket response time is within 2 business days.

We don't outsource our support overseas, every person that works for the company is located in our office (except for Greg who goes to tradeshows), We also don't use automated robots, every ticket you get an answer to was sent by a live person. However because of volume we've gotten a bit behind on support tickets. We have about half the office going through support to try and keep to volume down, however please keep in mind we're roughly 4 to 5 people handling hundreds of requests a day. Your patience is much appreciated.

However we do have many resources to help you get solutions to your problems without having to submit a support ticket. You can visit our help center and search for your problem to get articles and step by step resolutions to many of the problems we see.

You can also visit our forums and talk with other users, and search for issues you're seeing to see how they are resolved, we have a great community of avid users who also moderate the forum and have dealt with these issues before:

If you ever need to get the latest version of a plugin you own, you can always download it here: Remember updates to products you own are always free. :) We've also recently updated the complete collection installer with all the products and their latest updates. So if you own all of our products, thats the best solution. Just make sure when you're installing that you have and host applications (photoshop, lightroom etc) closed or the plugin might not install for that application correctly.

Overall just remember, there are many sites like this that people go to to look for support, so many we can't possibly monitor them all. We are again, only 11 people. But we have resources available for you to help if you know where to look. I hope this help you all moving forward. If you ever need to reach us you can always email to submit a ticket and we'll be with you ASAP.

Posted by Anonymous

Dificult to contact; difficult to resolve issues. I am trying to down load products with no success.

Posted by tab7778

I found the same problem with this company--I saw what I thought was a great product at a PhotoPlus Expo in NYC Oct 19, 2016. They have no brochures "We are a green company", no business cards either. I suppose I should have gone with my gut, but, I went home, found them & bought InFocus for Lightroom. I must have installed, unistalled & reinstalled 4-5 times before I asked for help from customer service. Took them 2 days to get back to me (no phone numbers, and they mention that on the site), and they tried to give me a fix for my problem. That didn't work either & I messaged them for a refund on monday, tuesday, wednesday then Friday--nothing. Until I called my credit card company. It took about 45 minutes after I called my CC company and I got a refund right away. Basically, buyer beware.

Posted by Padraic reid

Topaz shuts down a few seconds after opening. I contacted customer service and received an automated reply that did not help. I contacted them again through their ticket system - no reply. I opened up a new ticket complaint to complain about nobody replying to the previous ticket. Again I received the same useless automated reply. I then informed them that I was deleting their product. Disgusted.

Posted by aussiestwo

Customer service is non existent. Eight days ago I asked a question and have had no answer.
Now, despite the fact I paid for Topaz Clarity, the license key is not working. I transferred all Topaz plug ins I have bought to a new computer and Clarity is not working.
I need help now, not in a week or more

Posted by RobH

Tech support does not respond to ticket help requests. Sorry I bought the software

Posted by Anonymous

I've been trying to use the Remask5 promo code to purchase this, but get no where....when I try to purchase it from your website, it just wants to charge me the full retail price....somehow in moving around in your site I downloaded a Remask copy, I can't tell whether its the Free Trial or paid, and I don't want to be charged for it before I try it...Anyway, I'm frustrated, and don't know what to do next.???? Frustrated

Posted by Macca1980

Shocking customer service .
I want a refund .
It said on the website if I am not happy for any reason we will refund you no problem.

But you can't get a hold of anyone

Posted by crpaulk

Topaz should be avoided regardless of the product. There is no phone support and they do not respond to "support tickets." I just entered my second support ticket because they didn't respond to the first. The fast talking rep at photoshop world makes Topaz look like a winner, but the lack of support is a deal breaker for me. I have used MACBOOK PROS for many years now and even though they are one of the largest companies in the world, I can pick up the phone right now and get a live person on the line. I am guessing Topaz is computer run so there is no way to work with them to get anything resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

Yup, they're thieves alright. I've contacted several people who have been burned by them. It is being speculated that they are going belly up, but are going to get as much money from unsuspecting people as they can before they go down.

They are still advertising their "fine" products however, and if you're on their email hit list, expect notices for their webinars and adverts for their software.

Please avoid this company and tell every photographer you know to do the same. And, if you have bought anything from them recently, contact your bank card to dispute the charge.

Posted by Ellen Zaslaw

I bought their Impressions software last week. It did not work, will not open. I followed their instructions.
I contacted them that day and it has been seven days without them answering me. I have written to their support ticket department twenty times. Still they don't answer. All they do is send back the form that says my ticket has been received.
I will never buy another thing from this company. I have a dispute going through my bank to get my money back.

Posted by VIPLestat

The worst compant (this has to be a shell company) that I have EVER experienced. I have tried many ways to reach them re non-working S/W. Phone disconnected. Next step is to have my Son who is a cop in Austin drop by. I am on the board of a Photography business that is International. I am going to tell the truth to all I meet.

Posted by rocketman252

Topaz has great products. To bad the customer service is beyond bad - you are just completely ignored. No way to get ahold of the company, just a computer on the other end that sends automated messages that say"do not reply". I lost my password and every time I try to change it nothing happens. I have written four different messages to customer service - no reply. I have never seen a company with such non-existant customer service. There are no humans - the company is completely automated and I guess they don't care about anything once they have your money. They don't even seem to be concerned when someone can't buy their product no matter how hard they try. Lose or forget your password and it's all over. This is really a maddening situation.

Posted by anonymous

Can not get a phone number for technical support.
After you buy the software, you are on your own.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased Topaz Adjust, order and have not received any software download or information to get a download. I also have a very long number which I don't know what it is for.. My credit card was charged for the software.

E. Tobin

Posted by Anonymous

Can't get help because my registered email and password won't work! HELLOOOOOOO anybody home, how about human beings answering phones for help other than your worthless help center!

Posted by Anonymous

You need to have a phone number that works. Every single time I call this number

I get a very fast busy signal. The number clearly does not work, You can not be busy from morning till night with no let-up.

Please give me a number that works.

Posted by Anonymous

Your help is nonexistent. I consider this a fraudulent website, and have notified my credit card company accordingly.

My software does not download.
It is difficult to avoid using profanity. The fact that you have to make such a request shows how lousy you "customer support" is, and the natural reaction of your customers.

Posted by Barb Wilder

I need a telephone number to a real person. When I try to open Photoshop I get the message from Topaz that I need a license key. I've had the full suite since 2011. I uninstalled the trial version of Simplify I used in May, but it still won't open. Help!

Posted by Anonymous

For some reason, I've been unable to complete the purchase of your current $14.99 plug-in
for the past 2 days. I've sent 2 requests for help. I thought I would have heard from someone by now. Could Ryan Patin or Darcy contact me? Thank you. May 14,2014

Posted by Anonymous

I called the customer service number listed - constant busy - VERY POOR

I called the number I was given for webinar, but had to miss. The line
I reached kept repeating the webinar had not yet begun THOUGH I was
an hour late - VERY POOR

I wanted to hear the webinar on photo sharpening, but missed it - medical emergency. I was exactly 1 hour off.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to call (line always busy) and have e-mailed my inability to access Simplify even though I included the License Number which should work?

Now what do I do?

Posted by Anonymous

I have 2 topaz labs products and neither have installed properly. I am having trouble finding their support info.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to upgrade DENoise (bought 2010) before March 31 at $39. I can't sign in because I don't have a password, and when I click on "reset password" it doesn't register. Please call me and help me obtain the new DeNoise before March 31. at $39. I have tried calling but keep getting a busy signal.

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Posted by Anonymous

I have been using Topaz plug-ins for a long time with complete satisfaction. However, I would like to make some suggestions that may be applicable to future upgrades. I believe that they would further enhance an already superb program.

1. It would be very helpful if the name of the preset used were to appear in the layer that is generate when I complete my manipulation in Topaz. I usually try several presets before settling on the one that I like. By that time, I will hyave forgotten its name. An automatic record of the last preset used in the layer would be great.

2. Again for a future upgrade, it would be extremely helpful if TopazLab Adjust 5 were to monitor the name of the various presets used. I usually take several snap shots of them. When review them, there is no name attached to the idividual snap shots. In this case also, it would be great if I could see precisely which preset generated the snap shot. I suppose I could write all these down as I go. But in a program as sophisticated as Topaz, thatg should be necessary. I would like to read about your response to these suggestions. Thank you. Gilbert C. Pogany

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