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TomTom customer service is ranked #305 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 389 ratings. This score rates TomTom customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


353 Negative Comments out of 389 Total Comments is 90.75%.


36 Positive Comments out of 389 Total Comments is 9.25%.

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    • 38.85 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 353 negative comments (90.75%)
    • 36 positive comments (9.25%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by LendoesntlikeTT

The device gets hung quite a bit and when it does its really a Bear to clear it up. Each time I feel like its the end, caput, dead. but I keep working on it over & over and it comes back. its such an efort and after it comes back what do you have but a junk TT anyway. What a waste of time.
I have a TomTom XL 350 and it has a habit of getting stuck at the splash screen after an update. It will not turn off or do anything. Tried reset, reconnect to TT Home, no change.
When it is working its no better than ok. Maybe it would be a good deep sea fishing weight?

Posted by Anonymous

Do not buy Tom Tom merchandise. I'm going on vacation in a couple of days. I saw two Tom Tom gps on their
website and thought if I could get these before I leave, it would be great.
I called customer service and asked them if they would be delivered in time. The HEAVY accented operator assured me, they would be delivered in three business days.
ordered on 2/5/17 leaving on 2/11/17 checked my tracker today, 2/8/17. it said delivery not until the 15th or 16th. I'm leaving on the 11th nobody home. website says delivery in 3 business days, on or before the 10th, and the operator assured me of delivery before the 11th. So I bought one from Amazon free delivery, over night.
I called customer service. In an almost unintelligible accent, they said to receive it and send it back for a refund. I again said I'm leaving town and won't be home for many days, and somebody would steal it. they told me it was my responsibility and no money returned.
So now I'm out that cash earmarked for my vaca, and I won't get it back because they will definitely get stolen before I get back. after reading some of these comments, I'm not too surprised. I will post this EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Have left message no answers. Cannot register or get this wat h to work. This is a replacement watch as the other was useless as well. Wbat is the answer? Veronica Leech 0161 439 7218. Get name Philip Carruthers then don't get any action. Wish I had bought a Garmin!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a TomTom for my wife one year ago, only now that i am using her car can i understand her complains. I have a Garmin in my car. The Garmin works 100% and does not have problems finding a GPS signal. What good is a device with you may need, which cannot find a GPS signal. I am selling the TomTom and buying my wife a Garmin.

Posted by very_frustrated

Last week MyDrive Connect updates not only ended in error but it wiped out my region's maps. Phone support said this was normal since maps need deleting before new ones can install - whatever happened to restoring to previous stable state? After FOUR hours repeatedly trying I finally got my maps back but they were a version from 5 years ago, not the new ones I bought 4 months ago. I raised yet another incident and I'm still waiting. This is really crap.

Posted by Not Amused

I have been trying to purchase an item but cannot complete the transaction online. In fact as soon as I press the "Payment" button it tells me there's a problem with my account. Four hours later, yes four hours talking to a robot in India they cannot resolve the issue and suggested I go to gmail and create another email address just so I can create a second account and start again.
To to say the problem is that the address I entered does not exist on the Canada post system, hmmm it a billion dollar world class ski resort that's been in existence for 50 years. I get parcels delivered from several online stores via Canada post, FedEx, UPS and others from all over the world.
The disturbing thing for me is that Tomtom is specializing in selling GPS navigation products but cannot find a billion dollar ski resort that's existed for 50 years plus. There are over 1000 properties, many world renowned hotels yet Tomtom cannot find it. So I ask you, do you want to rely on their products to get around ????? Garmin are looking a much better option right now, at least they want my money.

Posted by Iain Hunter

Cable connection stopped working within 1 year of purchase Go 6000, I had to buy a replacement. I then asked TOMTOm to refund my cable replacement price.

I e-mailed them my complaint, I received an acknowledgement of my e-mail so i know they got it. Someone would respond with in a few days I was promised. My e-mail was strong and firm but it contained no rudeness nor expletives.

No response received but they did deal with my complaint in a most shocking and illegal way they BLOCKED my account.

I can no longer access what I have paid for in terms of map updates, speed camera updates etc.

I cannot get any response from them.

I am very very angry

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased a new map update for my TOMTOM ONE and it will not load onto my device. I can not find anyone to contact and have tried several recommended methods. I am fed up as this is possibly the worst customer services I have ever experienced. My recommendation to anyone reading this is do NOT BUY from this company.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible. No email address to contact them even in respect of undelivered new orders.

Posted by Anonymous

This phone number DOES NOT WORK at least if calling from Maine (USA).

Posted by James69

TomTom...when it is good, it is very very good but when it is bad the service is horrid. Clunky software, no abort button during downloading, curious software routines, arrogant moderators on their forums, some customer support dismal, others OK. Communication almost non-existent, no support during evenings or weekends when most people will require support....likely to blame customers & their computer set-up for downloading problems..... dismal company really..........

Posted by Jay

Phone and email support is far below professional with long waits and few resolutions.

Help forum is not user friendly manned by volunteers that are rude and mostly refer questions to support.

Posted by Tank Yanker

I have bought their units for years and I do not update because its always more money more money. I will not every buy another unit. Getting in touch with tomtom is a nite mare and it has a worthless track record for me now.

Posted by loodyte1

I love my TomTom but it is maddening and aggravating that Customer Support has no Email address.
The TomTom website is most complicated, confusing, time wasting and annoying site that
I think I have ever come across.
Can't TomTom people understand that not all questions come under their convenient list?

Posted by [email protected]

I have been on hold for over an hour trying to speak with a rep. I have had TomTom on my iPhone for about 5 years. I had traffic for awhile but let it lapse. I tried to re-up for the $1/mo. My email and password has changed over the years and an no longer buy anything thru the site. I have contacted TomTom by email and was assured I could reset my password. Tried that a few times and get sent back to square 1. This is my last attempt before I go, reluctantly to a competitor.
Also tried texting.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed in Tom Tom GPS, while on vacation it routed us the wrong way many times, kept telling us to turn to soon, on tine it kept telling un to turn left over and over getting us frustrated, I told my wife to turn the stupid thing off I know where i'm supposed to go, not where it had us routed, I hope I never have to use it again

Posted by Lisa_000000

I paid for an upgrade on my map service and it was never added to my TomTom. There is no way I can reach the Customer Service Dept because there is never a phone # to call. I can't log in as it says I'm already listed - under 2 different email addresses - and even though I write all my passwords down it will not let me in. Won't allow me to request a new password so I'm pretty much locked out!!!! This is crap. Just another way to rip people off. The product has worked great for me but I don't want to have to pay for a whole new product as I've downloaded Australia and have USA already. Can't afford to repay for these! I would not recommend dealing with this company. A big fat ZERO for customer support!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Please connect me at with a non-mechanical voice. If not home leave a real number in which I can speak with a person. Your up-date web-sit does not provide an access to allow me to ask/direct questions for positive result to the problems that I am having.

I do like your product, but your service to individuals without a lot of tech knowledge is very poor on your part. If you do not want my participation in future products, so be it. Your part is to make a extensive effort to assist me, or I will go elsewhere.

Dennis Gilmore

Posted by Panda Bear

When based is Holland, the customers service was excellent. Time to get calls answered and problem solving was efficient and concise. The situation now is beyond a joke. Holding time is around 20 minutes which is not great, the language barrier is frustrating and a total lack of real world usage/practical experience of the customer services reps makes the whole experience frustrating. You used to be so good.....

Posted by Sandy

Horrible. My boss gave me one, and I've tried to upgrade it to new maps several times, on several computers, Mac and Windows. I am pretty pissed right now. And I can't seem to contact anyone to help resolve my issue.

Posted by ???

TomTom performance was mixed. Most times, the directions were okay, but sometimes, it chose really weird ways to go that were longer and needlessly complex. The thing that really turned me off was, the one time I really needed it - a convention in a city where I didn't know my way around, I got two updates for the GPS -- and it totally stopped working. I tried to call TomTom (it was Saturday) and they had closed. I was forced to use, copy written directions, and then feel my way to the destination. Later, I used my iPhone and an free app called Waze. My phone worked MUCH BETTER than TomTom ever did. Today, when I returned, I called support before I would throw this POS into the trash. The support woman told me an easy way to reset the device -- which should have been on their help page!! -- it would have saved me a lot of stress. If I ever get another GPS, I guarantee it will NOT be TomTom. So the problem was resolve -- but two days too late for it to really help. I gave it a '3' below, ONLY because the problem was fixed quickly once I got help; but like I said, when I needed it most, it was just a paperweight with a cord hanging from it.

Posted by frustrated and angry

poor to respond to email. Poor support knowledge of the system. I don't believe them when they say the return was not received by them until 11 days after it had been posted. seem to make it up as they go along. Product has "known issues" that they don't know how to fix.

Posted by Anonymous

I have gone around in circles just to pay for my map update it says choose your payment ie Visa but no one is home. Over an hour now for what I thought would be simple spending my money.
Terry Hall

Posted by Anonymous

The worst service I've experienced so far. Payed for a map that I never got. I sent immediately a request for a refund as I was traveling next day and didn't need that map anymore. I got an automatic reply few days later saying that I will be contacted by the custom service. When I came back from holidays (2 weeks later), I called them (was hard to get someone over the phone) and they refused to refund b/c my request went (I don't know how) to a public relations dpt and thus, they did not get my refund request on time (14 days after the purchase). And, I still did not get the map I payed for..

Posted by English Mike

Although Ive been using these devices for years and they are generally good quality products, they really are a truly awful company. The web site is lamentable and fails in almost all respects. The customer service is worse to none existent. They never act on quite essential map alteration information and take no interest in feedback designed to offer helpful suggestions for product improvement. My current device has barely enough capacity for a simple package of maps and no spare room for upgrades. I have a number of expensive map packages held on a remote account that requires me to load and unload periodically. The uploading of data takes hours and even days often resulting in corruptions. They offer no other suggestion for uploading data. Most importantly they simply could not care less. Their smug, arrogant complacency will get what it deserves in the end I am sure. I would not buy another TomTom device on principle. We should vote with our cheque books.

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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir

Service Request DER5289153

I would like to thank you for a very efficient speedy service/repair to my satnav.

The service was excellent & your staff very helpful.

Thank you again
Mr Anthony Fryer

Posted by Anonymous

I recently required assistance from tomtom support, I had read about all the complaints but my experience was very good; no wait time, very helpful, and good follow up with an email and links. Maybe things have changed, my contact was Vishal K

Posted by Anonymous

Dear TomTom, I heard recently about your misfortunate series of events with lawsuits over the low clearance of bridges and over passes, ext. As a commercial truck driver we realize the responsibility ultimately falls on the truck driver. So don't sweat those players who don't listen or pay attention and want to blame someone else and collect money on their lack of care or attention. Anyways my reason for contacting you was in the hopes that you could partner up with or develop your own download able application for your TomTom that reads distance and warns the driver of a low clearance. All joking aside we need to dummy proof everything we can, we all make mistakes even on our good days. There is a new phone app that automatically measures distance and I,m sure they are itching to partner up with such a big name as TomTom, especially in a mission of this magnitude in the name of saving lives and insurance payoffs, lawsuits, ect. OK peace out big man. Paul Brian Carpenter at 1look2 Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Had an issue with traffic data not connecting. Spoke to a rep who was able to resolve it for me on my initial phone call.

Posted by Anonymous

I needed assistance establishing TomTom on my new computer on September 23rd. Spoke to Melissa with customer support. She was great. I'm not a computer person but she made it easy as she walked me through the process. She followed up with an E-mail in case I should need additional help. A very good customer service and support experience.

Posted by JS

I contacted TomTom support today and had a very positive experience. The tech was very helpful and went out of his way to make sure my issue was resolved. The issue was not a fault of the product or the company. He even sent a follow-up email in case there were any further issues. I did not wait long for someone to answer...maybe 30 sec. We like the product and are satisfied. J.S.

Posted by Sally G

I am very happy with TomTom customer service. The representative was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I phoned on 7/19/2013 was greeted by Pablo, ref. explained my XL340 S unit was frozen, only countries, voices, time, etc would show up on my unit. Now I am very computer as they say dumb, Well you have a good employee, he was very nice, did not hurry me, corrected me where needed, all I can say is thank you Pablo, you restored my faith in phone advise and agents that give the advise.

Richard Westerman

Posted by Anonymous

My experience was handled by a very well. I was treated well and the support rep was very helpful and was able to rectify the issues in very little time. Overall very happy with the service and the GPS.

Posted by Anon

A problem on the website was promptly resolved.Wonder why this contact # is not on the website?
Any case, Outstanding service!

Posted by Anonymous

the fellow who answered my call very helpful to the point gave me some tips in case, i waited 20 seconds for this fellow to take my call, thats what I call great customer service

John Burlington Ontario

Posted by Maggie

Wonderful, the rep did a great job on fixing both, mine and my husbands GPS's after the update that I did, did not work correctly. She fixed the problem and got both working again!!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service. They knew exactly what to do and they were respectful and knowledgeable. Got everything done in 10 minutes. Thanks tom-tom.

Posted by Lodohert

Marian, the CSR who worked with me, was knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. She fixed my problem in no time.

Posted by Anonymous

The customer support person walked me though the problem I had with my xl live device.

Posted by DaveNewportNews

So far, and I have only had it three days, it works fine, voice is clear, responds well when I speak clearly....I do have to work on my clarity, but even in areas that I already know the traffic and short cut routes, it performs very well. Shows traffic problems in close to as possible as problems develop. It cannot predict traffic patterns, but works well on the route and corrections. If it fails, I will report.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem getting my map code to activate, so I had to call tech support. The lady, Ana, was very friendly and resolved my problem immediately. I was surprised there was someone there at 10:00 pm, although she was probably not in the U.S. Either way, hardly anyone ever comments on good service, they only complain when they get bad service.

Posted by John

Christmas gift Tom Tom 335 stopped working after two weeks. Customer support walked me through two

Posted by GPS lover

I've had to call technical support multiple times and always had a nice, courteous person helping me. I'd buy another in a heartbeat!

Posted by Anonymous

fast and great very pleasant. thanks

Posted by ?

Very satisfied with the customer support representative, Megan, I reached by phone. She easily guided me through the correction I needed and now my TomTom XL works for me.

Posted by soonermagic

I purchased A TOMTOM from walmart on 2/11-11 for husband as a Valentine's gift. It crashed and i took it back today and they said i couldn't exchange it because it had been longer than 15 days. What a crock!! I called tomtom and spoke with this gentleman named Jatari and he gave me the best customer service and helped me resolve the issue. Thank you! Lee Anne Cooksey

Posted by Ed H from Chicago

The service was great. The service reps knew exactly what to do to resolve my issue. They walked me through the steps I needed to take. They told me to call back if it didn't work. I did have to call back. They then figured out another alternative. I was expecting the worse but got the best service.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called the customer help line. I was only on hold about five or six minutes. I spoke to a young lady named Carrie. She was very polite, professional, and helpful. She is sending me the information I needed to my email address. I was very pleased with the results of my call and the prompt attention I received. Thank You Carrie.
Sueb 2/4/11

Posted by buddyy4

Wow - I was reading all these negative comments last night when I called their customer service number. From the comments, I figured I'd be on hold forever and never get any satisfactory help. Nothing could have been further from the truth! I spoke to Christina - she was bright, friendly and incredibly helpful. She helped me fully resolve my problems and she was, hands down, the single most helpful customer service person I have EVER dealt with.

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