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Titlemax customer service is ranked #561 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 29.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 30 ratings. This score rates Titlemax customer service and customer support as Terrible.


28 Negative Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 93.33%.


2 Positive Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 6.67%.

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    • 29.27 Overall Rating
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    • 28 negative comments (93.33%)
    • 2 positive comments (6.67%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to a customer service rep, I have two loans with you and you guys change the mamager on the store. The new manager doesn't hace the peopples skills like the one before and He can be rude with customers blaming the company for the rules. Please contact me on my Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

this is douglas customer about 2yrs ago i took out a loan with title max and they have been vary good to me but i have had some problems with my loan my turck was in a accedent and 8 tousand dollars damage was done to it and now they are telling me they want me to give them the truck so they can sell it i want to keep it but i need a offer from yall my offer is a 1000 dollars in too payments of 500 dollars benging next mounth on the tenth of 11/10/2017 this is my offer to settle with yall so i can get my title back on my turck with 8000 in damages you would not get that if you saled it so let me keep it please it has vaule to me please. and if you want to call me my and lets talk about it.

Posted by Big Baller waiting my dollar

I have 2 caddilac cts I had a offer of 6000 for each but only got 2500 on both the representative at office said comeback if u need more! So I came bak was denied the rest I have done business with title max for 5 year. I draw royalty check and always have paid off vehicles in a short amount of time. I always get my vehicle out quickly. I get a email from title max saying I have funds available call my local office they say no money available. They atrying to rip e off. I can pay off both cars as soon my royalty check come thru with is almost 100k rink I'm worried about 12k debt . When I pay these off I Wil never use this company again. Ty for reading my coment. Don't lose your car cause they won't work with you on anything the company is a bunch of liars and leave you stuck in constant payments

Posted by Anonymous

I took out my second title loan with you guy's two week's ago for 500 dls. The lady helping me said if I needed more just to go back any time a week 2 weeks cuz I was using the money to fix the car. I went back today and asked for another 200. And after wasting and hour and half of my time I was told that I was denied cuz I haven't made a payment yet and it hadn't been a month. Why didn't the lady Stephanie tell me that in the beginning. Im very disappointed and I will never use your services ever again. I will never recommend you guy's either.

Posted by Anonymous

I went into the office 2 days before loan is due to explain that I would be ask least $100 short on due date and ask what could i do. I ask if i could pay all but $100 or so and the rest in 2 weeks I was told no and that I really needed to get my full payment in by friday 2 days after due date because titlemax has been bought out by another company, who knew. I saw somewhere in one of your adss that you understood that people run into problems sometimes, the young woman was not very understanding. I have only been late once since doing business with you and this is my second loan.

Posted by Anonymous

Title Max is the worse company and please if you can help it do not take out a title loan. They fail to tell you that if you do not pay more than your payment or early nothing will go toward your principal for about the first year. You end up paying 3 times, 3 times, get that 3 times what you borrowed. It is not worth it. That is pure greed. These loans are worse than payday loans and should be illegal. I am going to do all that I can do to make sure that I am tenacious in trying to get them illegalized.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Dorothy Roberts and I have a titlebucks acct in Kingsland Ga. Worse mistake I ever made. I admit I'm late on my not By 5 days and Kim that works there refused my pmt because I need to sign a new 30 day agreement. Now my acct will have added late fees because I told her I was working and couldn't make it. She is a rude and non helpful person. I even asked her for someone else or Kenny lemmond fone number and she refused. They are only out for the money no matter what the situation.so please be aware

Posted by Markowitz

Went to the Brunswick Ohio location. The women had a tank top on and was covered in tattoos. Treated me like i was a criminal. They said no credit check and changed there mind when I arrived offered me a 200 dollar loan on a 5000 dollar vehicle.

Posted by horsewoman

I am a customer with titlemax. ok I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and I needed quick cash. I made a mistake but we all live and learn my our horrible mistakes. my complaint is I now have moved from the area where I achieved my loan and I can't even mail in my payment. They won't accept cashier's check, personal checks not that I have personal checks but they won't accept anyone to mail in a cashier's check you have to go in person. you can't have any checks when you go in person you have to have cash. and in this day and age when people will rob you for a dollar it is very dangerous to walk around with over five hundred in cash. Then there is this 31 day rule which to me is very stupid. some months have 30 days and some have 31. we can't help that months vary and yet our payment dates are a day before our due date that was given to us when we go into the store. that to me is a big ripoff!!!! when you call in and explain your situation the team makes you feel like a criminal not worthy of their time. I will not be made to feel like a criminal because I was down on my luck. what the company fails to realize is that people need to work to pay this company back. I am not a deadbeat but have been made to feel like one. and now because I can't mail my payment in I have to brave the torrential rains here in Texas to get to the store to make my payment. They don't care about one's well being. They need to update their old programs and have the capability to take payments by mail. They are running on antiquated systems if they can't take cashier check payments or electronic payments. kind of sad in this day and age that this company is behind the times with computer programs. And it is a shame that the workers there don't have the knowledge to look up any other stores in the area. How difficult is it to look up to see if there are other titlemax's in the area???

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Been A Customer Of Title Max For Years In Bessemer, Al Your New Gm Jessica Is The Rudest Person I've Ever Known, I Have Had Mechanical Problem With My Truck And They Know I Will Happily Pay Yes I Promise To Pay Today,, Car Still In The Shop Called To Let Them Know I I'll Be There In The Morning, Cause I Had No Ride,, Jessica Asked Me Well Where Can We Come And Pick It Up From,, I Am Very Preterd From This,,, Evaluation Of Your Mgmt Staff Is Adviced,

Posted by Anonymous

The titlemax on Peach orchard road in augusta ga is the the nasty people to do business with they call and cussing my mother out and she is never late on her payment until this month because she was in the hospital i will never send no one to this company because of the rude people have working for them

Posted by Anonymous

I've had a company employee come to my house and go in my mail box. Put a letter in it and on the envelope the words were stamped ( Confidentual but the envelope WAS not sealed..Now u know that going in my mailbox is a federal offence ..Local News is wanting to do an investigation on this matter..No one at Corp office has bothered to return my calls as of yet..

Posted by sharonmad

I have been with the titlemax for 3 year and never have this much problem unprofessioal service in the time a been with thua company i woll neer refer anyone to this comoany it took me 3 hours to get a loan and Toni at store re in virginia aouth molitary hwy was rude as hell didnot explain the process. Thwre four people that came and left because of the time she yook to process a simple loan it only to 30 min last 2 times aftee thus will get loan after i pay this one off

Posted by Georgianna

Tobi Tynon In Joplin Mo office located at t so rude threaten to call police if I never left her store... I was trying to make payment and get pay off amount... with other employee... she stuck her head around corner started attacking me about my payments when I had spoke to someone at 9am to do set up pay off amount... I was not in best state mind told her so, ask her to go away leave me alone... but she kept taunting already distress customer. My behavior was not good but hers as employee of company dealing with paying customer far worse then my behavior the paying customer... and my behavior not something I am proud of .... Just being flat truthful ... Worst experience in my life ....

Posted by special

I deal with titlemax in pelzer sc. The manager is so eager he make someone to curse him out. I wish the would get they old manager back and leave him there. If they keep this manager you can kiss this company bye bye.

Posted by best chick

Titlemax notifies anyone you may have ever had contact with in your lifetime about them looking foryou they call people out of town. That just gets people talking and in a way puts your personal business out there. UNPROFESSIONAL. IF you can't contact, send out a letter or something. Those tactacts are just a way if bullying, what it says is If I can't get in contact with you, then I'll just put your business out there.

Posted by Anonymous

Got a loan from titlemax in Newport tn, they told me my payments would be due on the 8th of every month. So 3 payments later some smart mouth cashier tells me that my payment is late on the 8th of the month and that the payments fall back a day evry month, this is something they should say up front. And I specifically asked the manager when I got the loan if I could come in and pay on the principle separate from my payments. He told me i could pay any time I wanted, so today I brought in $500 I wanted to put on my principle and guess what, same smart mouth cashier telling me that I can't do that, I would have to wait till my payment was due. Title max I will never do business with your company again. Your managers and cashiers are liars and ass holes to boot. I will be paying my entire loan off the very day of my next payment and won't be back. And I will be sharing my story about your business every chance that I get.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing this formal complaint on your location at 35th Ave and Northern, as well as the employee ( Danielle) and the management (Jason).
My husband and I have had nothing but unprofessional, miss informed information. In turn, has us unsure of our payments how much they are and when they are due? As we went through this process of our two loans with your company we had come upon a rough patch when the 1998 Honda started over heating. We had to replace the heads at $1200.00 and the Cadillac Converters at $450.00 for the vehicle to even run. At that point we fell behind on our monthly payment which I was in contact with Jason and Danielle when this began. In the beginning they were really nice. I would like you to know Jason is not the manager that I committed to these two contract with our 1999 Honda as well as our 1998 Honda. My point being that the female manager I worked with was for personable and professional. We had no idea she was no longer with your company until I had this guy Jason call me on a late payment. I asked about her and I explained the situation with the car not being able to operate and this time.He was very rude to me from the beginning stating that if I don't keep in contact that they will repossess our vehicles our vehicles if I don't keep the lines of communication open, we agreed. I could not catch the payments up to current due to the interest rate just adding on to the monthly payment. I kept in contact with Jason I had asked him if I can call your corporate office to inquire if a employee or management were able to assist me with this. Jason firmly told me that this was not possible, later I was able to contact the District Manager I believe that's who he was (Victor) and he was able to assist with an agreement that was difficult for us but was obtainable. I would like to continually formally complain about rude and unprofessional customer service we have experienced with the two employees that I addressed in the beginning of the complaint. Throughout the process of having to do business with these two individuals, I have always felt like I was under attack speaking to them so I was intimated to call they would say if I stayed in communication they could help me. The help they provided was extra time to pay on the interest, I could not get caught up, Jason continued to communicate with me that cooperate could and would not assist me. That is the reason I had not reached out to you sooner, sooner than my car getting repossessed. I had spoken with Jason several times the day before they repossessed the 1998 Honda. On several of those conversations I asked Jason for the cooperate office phone number.He stated that he did not have the number for the I would have to search for your number on my own, at this time he hung up on me. The following morning a lady appeared at my front door, she proceeded in interrogating my two MINOR children on the subject of where I was?, when I would be home?, if I was at work?, and what car I drive? These are definitely great questions due to the default in payments. But they are not appropriate to ask a 17 year and a 16 year old minors, I am almost certain that is illegal as well. When I had the conversation with Jason the period day, he had made inclination that they were coming to repossess my 1999 Honda. He was obviously irritated that I wanted to contact cooperate.I am a business major and have been in many management positions, when a manager can not handle the functions within his or her daily operations, it will be frowned upon to the capability of the managers performance. That evening they repossessed the vehicle in the middle of the night without any knowledge of myself. I reached out to Jason that same day in confusion on why this happened without him discussing with me that this is the procedure he was taking which I understand due to the nature of a repossession as if I was stealing my own car! His response was that this was not his decision and that cooperate made this decision.I believe this could have been resolved if Jason would of provide me with the opportunity as well as the phone number to speak with cooperate at any point when I started to get behind on my payments. I did research the cooperate office phone number on my own and called and left several messages, I can not provide you with any names due to the phone calls placed were after your cooperate business hours, I left three different messages on three different employee voice mails, the automated recording would only direct me to different voice mails for the risk management department. I placed a phone call to Jason to ask why he repossessed my vehicle, the short of it he told me whats done is done by cooperate and that I need to pay all interest fees on both vehicles plus the repossession fee. He appeared to be very bothered by me contacting cooperate. The same day my husband was able to contact a person at cooperate and he was provided with the district managers direct phone number (Victor). He was in communication with both my husband and myself with a few phone calls each within hopes that we could resolve this issue of the 1999 Honda being repossessed. Victor had stated that we would have to pay $900.00 before the vehicle would be released, I recall $400.00 of that was being applied to the repossessing fee and the other $500.00 was going to interest that I believed was on the 1999 Honda that was repossessed. At this point I requested to discontinue contact with your location at 35th ave and Northern, the next phone call I received was from Jason in turn, had a very rude and unprofessional attitude with me due to the fact again that I reached out to cooperate office due to his inability to assist me with this situation. He was clearly unhappy about me following this form of resolution. Jason stated that he spoke with Victor and the resolution to the repossession of the 1999 Honda was as follows, we would have to apy $500.00 within three days to follow this conversation to catch up on the passed due payment of the 1998 Honda and $400.00 dollars before the 22nd day of July 2015. We were in agreeance of these prices prices and time frames. Danielle placed a call to me stating that once we made these exact payments within the time frames required we would make both payments in the time frame required. We arrived at that location the within the following three days or it might have been within five days, it was for sure within the time frame required. My husband and myself had decided that we would keep the interaction with these individuals would be as little as possible, we just where there to make our payment and get our business straitened out. When I spoke with Daniel on our previous conversation she had informed me that on the 30th of every month my minimum payments on both Honda's would be around $200.00 give or take a few dollars. My husband was present with me and confirmed with Jason and Danielle that the agreement would be honored with the commitment everyone had agreed to. While we were at the location the very same visit, Danielle asked for $517.00 dollars not the original agreement of $500.00 my husband proceeded to confirm the agreement already in place, $17.00 is an insignificant matter to some but for us it was issue due to the breach of the agreement in place as well as another miscommunication from your staff. I would like to revisit the fact that my husband and myself were trying to keep the conversation to a minimum due to the frustration with the business agreement we entered in with your company. Jason would not let us just handled our business with Danielle he was making statement from another desk about how they did us a favor, he stated this several times as we did not respond to him due to at this point he had not assisted us with any of this process, actually both employees made it more difficult and confusing once we got behind. I returned on July 16th 2015 to make the $400.00 payment as agreed and verified by my husband several times with Danielle and Jason. Danielle had stated that on the 30th of July 2015 that we will have to pay the normal payment for both Honda's as well as the past due amount since May 2015 for the 1999 Honda, I stated to her that per many discussions that information was conveyed to us as incorrect again. I signed the documents to get my car out of impound, during this business transaction again Jason was interfering with the business that myself and Danielle were conducting.I keep mentioning this due to the fact that I think he was looking for a response from me that we did not want to engage in as his was the visit before with myself and my husband.I proceeded to ask Danielle for the number for the towing yard as I had done over the phone the prior week where she stated she would call me back with this information, in turn the call was never placed. I asked her for it again as she placed a hand written paper on her desk for me to have for my personal records she did not write the contact phone number on the, the information provided was the address and hours of operation. I proceeded to ask her for the phone number once again, she stated she had already provided it for me. I advised her she had not returned my call with that information. My attitude was very un-engaged just there to handle the business at hand not make friends are engage in small talk, the questions and answer being proved by myself and your employees where directed in the business at hand, again I did not want to engage with any other dialogue with these two individuals. When I responded to Danielle that she had not called me back she started to chuckled being that they hold the cards to my vehicle regardless of the commitment that was made by all parties involved. I proceeded to stand up and let myself out after i signed all necessary documents and asked if we were finished. Danielle vocalized to me in a very stern tone to sit down that I clearly do not understand the fact that the 1999 Honda was not in current status, again mislead information. I advised Danielle that I do understand the mislead information provided again, she stated clearly you don't. As I was exiting your establishment they were yelling at me "we did you a favor".They finally engaged me in their negative interaction, I turned around and stated to Jason that he should be worried in this life about the type of person he is, I turned around and left as the door was closed Jason yelled through your establishment if I am one day late on my payment my vehicle would be impounded.They were both standing in a confrontational stance as well as intimidating. i am requesting for my loans to be removed from that location and transferred to a different location. I am trying to resolve this contract for both vehicles on my end with another reputable title loan company to buy out both loans.I would appreciate an immediate response to this formal complaint. If this is not resolved within a timely manner I will be forced to contact the Better Business Bureau of Arizona. Thank you in advance.

Katie Nemoff

Posted by pissed off

Title max is trying to railroad us by taking our money which we are entitled to have returned to us after our loan was paid out in full!!

Posted by title max rascist

This is not to the dumb ass workers that work at title max on westheimer in Hou tx, this is to title max corp, You should b ashame that you hire rascist at title max, YOU act like YOU dont know that moe isnt rascist but all his complaints are from women, the talk at title max is that he must b related or know someone up the chain, so let me say this again, YOU should be ashame,

Posted by Anonymous

The store on westheimer has the most up manager there an a little bith named moe, i dont know how they keep hireing all theses dumb ass retarted a holes but they do, so if u want problems go to the tittle max on westheimer, we have been having problems w the manager an fake a staff forever

Posted by lacey

They did repo my car with my belongings in it. I have called numerous times to get a voicemail. I called co. And they can't do nothing about it. So I got a lawyer. And he is having some diffculity doing the same thing.

Posted by Ashley and Lakin

I paid of my loan to titlemax in Albany, Ga on South Slappey and expected my vehicle. After over a 2 hour wait my vehicle was finally brought but the key the company had made was lost or as I was told "If I had a key it would be in this folder" by Lakin an extremely rude agent. The whole time the "manager" Ashley was either eating or worrying about ordering a vehicle part off ebay. This location has the rudest customer service agents and management I have ever seen in any business. I work in customer service and would never treat a customer with such disrespect and dismissive attitude for any reason. I will definitely let every person I can know to never conduct business with Titlemax.

Posted by Jennifer

If they repossessed your car and it was sold at Auction, that money is used to pay off the loan and the repo fee.WHATEVER REMAINS FROM THE SALE AMOUNT IS YOURS.......... MAKE SURE YOU STAY ON THERE BUTS ABOUT IT........


Posted by Anonymous

No one is available at all just a automated prompt no live person

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Posted by Anonymous

Good service at 9147 Skillman by Ms.Pipkin, very polite and curtious.

Posted by 185 PINE GROVE DRIVE

Yes I Payoff My Car Loan On Tge 26th At 900 5th At Keystone Here In Reno Nevada I Ask The Manager Gir Anither Again He Told Me No He Accuse Me That We Hass Man Tge Manager Hebery To Me His Very Meam So I Git My Pink Slips To Another Title Loan Call Auto Title Loan In Reno Nevada The There She Very Nice She Gace Loan Very Easy She Told She Have About 10 Customer Of Yours Got Loan To Her Store Customer Complain To Her Title Max A Very Mean And You Company His Suck

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