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Timex customer service is ranked #363 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 36.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 67 ratings. This score rates Timex customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


64 Negative Comments out of 67 Total Comments is 95.52%.


3 Positive Comments out of 67 Total Comments is 4.48%.

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    • 64 negative comments (95.52%)
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Posted by Upset

I have e mailed Timex TWICE requesting help acquiring a manual for a Model T78677 wrist watch that I received as a gift without a manual. They say that I Will get a response within one business day but I guess they have not trained anyone in what constitutes a DAY. Timex had been a good company and I suggest everyone purchase other brands if you want customer service.

Posted by Coral

The keeper on my watch broke. This is apparently a common problem. Timex will not provide a new keeper instead told me to buy a new band. There are two problems with this : the band comes in only one color and they will not tell me if it will fit. I have contacted customer service a number of times and have not received an answer.

Posted by Daniel

I have been a Timex Ironman watch purchaser for the last 20 years. Recently the last 2 watches in 12 months I have worn overnight leave a Red itchy Chemical Burn. I gave one watch to my son and it effected him the same way.I don't know what rubber compound you're using but,It's Bad.

Posted by ?

I just called your # about a $40~$45 watch that is 2 months old. It's an inexpensive Expedition analog, black face,black fiber band with date. It doesn't keep time. It loses time. I was informed I have to return it to the Wal Mart I bought it at (another state) with receit (thrown away).That being the only solution available, i will return to a local Wal Mart and purchase a new watch. A Casio. I normally buy a new Timex every couple of years. I'll be sure to tell everyone I know of my experience. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned my Timex watch for a refund in December and they never notified me about receiving the package until I finally called a second time in early January. They said they had the watch and would be giving me a refund and confirmation email the following day. It has been 10 days and I still have no email or refund from them. It's frustrating enough that I wait more than 30 min just to speak to an employee every time I call.

Posted by Anonymous

multiple inquiries for the same problem yield only auto-replies with no useful content. I'll never purchase Timex again!

Posted by Anonymous

Mailed my watch for repair/warrenty on Dec 1st, 2017. USPS tracking # issued. As of Dec 26th, 2017 Timex has yet to even sign or acknowledge receiving it. USPS has indicated it is in Plainfield, IN as mailed by me. Timex is using every available method to stymie deliver and fixing warrenty watches timely.

Posted by TimB

Been over a month waiting for a simple watch repair. Lots of issues. Said I would be able to track watch return, didn't happen, said I would be able to track the watch once they received it, didn't happen, called, they said they had the watch and it would "show up" on my user account in a day or so, didn't happen. Called back, asked how long before I would know the status of repair, they said 2-3 more days. That was a week ago, still no status update on line. Absolutely disappointed in their response time and although their so called repair tracking looks good on line, it appears that it is an epic fail as far as actually getting results from it. I think they are just stalling hoping I give up and buy a new watch.

Posted by David

Timex is in the Dark Ages. They can not find my order number from just 6 months ago. The watch is faulty so I sent it back for repairs under warranty. They can not find any record of the original order or the return! Really!! Their customer service representative did not know how to find my order on the computer. When I asked to connect to a supervisor, the woman did not connect me, instead she hung up the phone. AVOID THIS TERRIBLE COMPANY.

Posted by Bud

Close to impossible to find the right strap to my NAUTICA watch (it is a unique strap with screws attaching it to the watch's body), eventually after 3 calls they confirmed they have it and got my order and promised immediate delivery. TIMEX also charged my AmEx right away. After 10 days with no delivery, I wrote them an email and got the following response (copied): "We do have an order for you. but we have not shipped it yet. Please allow more time. we appreciate your patience."
They never responded to an inquiry email asking for the delivery date and when called to ask to speak to a supervisor (after a long wait...) they disconnected me. Additional calls ended in the same way...
In fact, Comcast customer service is by far better than TIMEX.

Posted by Susie

I can certainly understand why your customer service department only has a 2.9 rating!!! Most unhelpful customer service I've seen other than Comcast!!!!

Posted by NIKOM

Bought a watch for $50.00, still under warranty and in order to service it, this has to be sent to the US and pay shipping / handling fees close to $25.00 . Half the price of the value, ridiculous . Be aware to not purchase a TIMEX watch, lousy and total rip-off warranty

Posted by Denise

I ordered a replacement band for my son's watch over a month ago and have received no follow up from them. I have had to call them several times over the course of this month to ask about the status of the order, and keep being told that it's on back order. The woman I spoke to today told me it's one of their most popular watch models! Which doesn't help explain why the band would be so hard to get.

Posted by Velusamy

Dear customer care team,

Ref to the above, I purchased the watch in Saudi Arabia on 19/8/16 and the watch it is not working

Checked the net for Chennai dealer, so went to P&ORR show room service, and they refused to accept the watch under repair due to warranty

Advised to go to Timex watch service (company owned )

More over not revealing the service centre details and we have to search the service centre in Anna Nagar .Chennai .India more than one hour

What is use of havinga dealer, who is repairing the watch undercash but under warranty .not possible

Even our own watch.

another one. repaired immediately .today

Would like to know the warranty policy and the undersigned watch should be done immediately or replace the watch

Expecting a positive reply



Posted by Timex has gone down the drain!

Received ladies watch for Christmas 2015. Within one month it had stopped working. Kohl's generously exchanged for another watch (same style) even though I did not have receipt.

Six months later, the second watch stops working just like the first one. Sent to Timex to have battery tested, etc. This watch is still under warranty; however, I was charged $8 shipping costs to have it sent back to me. There was no explanation in the envelope they sent me to explain what the problem was.

If a product is still under warranty, Timex should go all the way to repair the watch and return it to the customer in working condition at NO cost to the customer. They are selling inferior products to trusting customers who remember the days when Timex was a good, solid product you could trust. No longer the case. I should not have two defective watches within seven months of purchase. And, I should NOT be paying them to send it back to me.

Posted by sharon

I bought TIMEX at SM delgado Iloilo Philippines last Feb. 2016 as a my birthday gift for my husband . After 2 months the crown was broke so we went to sm city timex to have it fixed that was on the 28th of May. They advised us that they need to send it to Manila for repair and told us that somebody will call us for the confirmation if how much is the replacement of crown cost after a month I called for follow-up since no one called us Rose told me fro repair center that they will have it fast tract. Now its's been two months no call received. Even just to inform us for the status. Why is your service like this can you do anything for this.?

Posted by cuttyjoe

I NEED HELP PLEASE I have a TIMEX clock radio and natural sounds "its now discontinued I need the operation manual OR a 800 number so that I may enjoy the radio JUST THHE RADIO AM?FM the model is T300B please help my MY home address is sincerely Joseph Catanzaro

Posted by Teabags2

The strap on my Iron-man Triathlon broke sometime prior to April 2016. Scouted around the wed to purchase a replacement but nothing reasonably price was out there. Called Timex customer service for a replacement and was repeatedly told "we are out and expect a shipment in a a couple of days, or weeks, or by the end of the month." Still the same old line and it is July 5th, 2016, three months later at least.
Customer service always polite & friendly but I need this watch to monitor my heart rate when exercising.
Extremely poor inventory control to run out of replacement bands for a strap that looks like it will break in a year or so. Teabags2

Posted by Bob

Second expedition bought in two years. First stopped working completely and the second loses 15-20 minutes every few hours. Customer service a joke. Just purchased 2 watches from another company and will never go back to Timex. It's a shame to watch the demise of a once great company.

Posted by AH

I love the styling, features, and price point of this watch, but..... the stem fell out of the watch on just the 3rd day. No issues with returning the watch for repair, but I was told to expect up to 30 days turn-around. After multiple phone calls I got the watch back in 46 days. In my first 56 days of ownership, the watch was in my hands for just 6.

My exact model didn't have any reviews, but further research on similar Timex watches indicate frequent stem failures.

Service people were very friendly and responsive but the watch design is flawed as is their service process. Watch was returned with a $8 invoice for "handling" as stated in the fine print of the limited warranty

Posted by jurgencarter

I am a veteran and have purchased several Timex watches over the years. I purchased a Timex watch at the P. X. (military Post Exchange) several months ago and 2 months later it stopped working. I thought it was the battery, but it was not. Timex customer service phone number doesn't work nor does the email address. This is a terrible way to do business. I always believed in the quality of a Timex watch but after this experience, I am greatly disappointed.

Posted by bob

Have tried for a few days to contact customer service by phone, both the 800 number and the 888 number. All I get is "all circuits are busy". Very frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous

Been waiting for a response to a email for over a week i am after the Atlantis100 bracelet and still not had your team email me all i have had is your promotion crap

Posted by Anonymous

Just got my new ironman run trainer today and can't charge it. No indication of any kind on the watch. Checked usb on computer. Checked connection on watch. Cleaned connection contacts on watch and clip. Also why don't your 800 number work? Called it all morning.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a watch 9/1/2015 and 3 months later it stopped. Timex phone number doesn't work or the email address. Bad way to do business. Will never purchase another Timex product.

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Posted by brandy12193

i have always been impressed with timex's customer service people. they are incredibly patient and kind.

Posted by abysan

I don't know why Timex has such a bad reputation, the watches are awesome and their customer service is amazing. Thank you Timex.

Posted by Anonymous

Couldn't find the CS number on their website, but found it here... Once I called, there recording kept me apprised of my number in line and the expected length of the wait- better than repeatedly getting my attention to tell me how important my call is... Once I was speaking to a human, my call was surprisingly straight forward! I have a broken band on a watch with a very non-standard band (Triathalon- Sleek). The store I bought it at basically told me I was out of luck. At Timex, I was told for $10 they'll replace the band and the trim piece that's missing. Way cheaper than buying another $65 watch! Not happy about the 2-3 week wait time, but over all I'm feeling positive about it.

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