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Time Warner Cable customer service is ranked #471 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 32.41 out of a possible 200 based upon 1887 ratings. This score rates Time Warner Cable customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,766 Negative Comments out of 1,887 Total Comments is 93.59%.


121 Positive Comments out of 1,887 Total Comments is 6.41%.

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  • Time Warner Cable

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 32.41 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,766 negative comments (93.59%)
    • 121 positive comments (6.41%)
    • 15 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
    • 2.1 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service phone contact in a long time no one can be reached in less than ten minutes and still no one answers

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke with 2 different customer service on April 17 2017 both of them they did have customer service skill one of them was trying to rip me off more instead help me i call today to follow up to see they take care of the problem this customer service told me there is not any note from yesterday i am a first time customer i have business my self we do have a bather customer service then Tim Warner

Posted by Krisco95

Twc sucks. I've have nothing but problems since day one that I got the service. My cable cuts in and out and freezes up. Internet is good though. The service is very pricey for crappy cable.

Posted by Comcast4ever

I hated my service with TWC. We paid 130 a month for extended basic cable (no movie channels, nothing special), and internet (they kept "upgrading" our internet but no noticeable change) with one cable box, modem, and adapter. Cable would freeze up, sometimes for just a second sometimes for long periods. Internet would cut in and out and speed was not impressive although we had "a free upgrade" to like 300 mbs. We recently bought a house and TWC doesn't service our new area so we switched to Comcast xfinity, we pay 128 a month for internet, extended basic cable with tons of on demand channels, movie channels, dvr, one cable box, adapter, modem, router, and a home security system! TWC are crooks!

Posted by Anonymous

Constant Internet outages and problems. I pay way too much for a service I don't get half the time. Unfortunately they have a monopoly in the area and I can't switch to anyone else

Posted by Anonymous

Time Warner sucks.. I will be canceling haven't had it a month.. Said i got top of the line internet service. Lies.. I work from home nets been down twice this week and again now. And the Wifi cuts in and out. They did their test sent guy up the pole new cables install. Still them same called back was told for 30 bucks i can go buy a booster.
If i am paying for best you got why should i go spend 30 more bucks? Time Warner wants their monthly payment but really can't make money with no service. Folks beware of the smoke they blow...

Posted by Liz

The online pay site is having problems, so I called to pay my bill. After spending about 10 minutes using the automated system, I was transferred to a rep. When I tried to pay my bill through her, I was informed that they have attached my phone number to one of my neighbor's accounts! She claimed that she straightened it out, but at that point I couldn't trust that my payment would be credited to me!
How is it possible to get things so completely messed up? I will be looking for a better internet provider.

Posted by Mary lewis

The worst if your cable is out it takes three days to get someone out to your house,got kids screaming at each other with nothing to do, they need to do better if I'm going to stay with them,still may be leaving if they can't do something to make me happy, so inconvenience to say the least.

Posted by Lonicole

Worst customer service experience of my life!!! When service was being installed the technician went to an incorrect address on my street before finding my location, he set my account up under the incorrect address and a completely different name. I never recieved a bill so i called time warner on september 7th and entered my phone number, the automated system told me my bill was due on september 6th and i paid the minimum amount due to stay current thru the next billing cycle (oct 6th). On september 27th i came home and service was shut off, i called and spoke to a tech this time who asked my name, when i told her she said they had the account under another persons name, she then asked my address and it was incorrect, my account was under the first address the tech went to. They had completely messed up my billing cycle, instead of being due on oct 6th i was told my correct billing date was sept 25th and to turn my service back on i had to make a payment that day. I was livid and asked to speak to a supervisor (Ashley) who was very rude and dismissive and actually put me on hold for 30 mins to just hang up on me. I call back immediatly and im transfered to brian in customer service who basically says he apologizes for their mistake but i still have to pay again for my service even though the mistake was on them. I told him that i would not pay twice in the same month when they had all of the information wrong, and put me on an incorrect billing cycle. After arguing and getting no where i told brain if they would not fix this i wanted to cancel my service. He responded with okay I'll transfer you now. This took 2 hours of my day and i got no where, ashley and brain were extremely rude and dismissive! My fiance called back before i ended my service and spoke to another supervisor who was very nice and immediatly restored our service for no fee. I would not reccomend getting service with this company, they are incompitant and do not take care of their customers.

Posted by Michael

TWC is a totally rip off in regards billing and channels that will get drop, and then they will try to sell you an Upgrade in order to include the channels that were originally paid for in the package.

Posted by FedUP

I spent 2 1/2 hours tonight trying to resolve a simple billing problem. The customer service rep. was completely clueless. He continued to put me on hold, and then returned with an even more absurd "solution" than the one he offered before. He refused to let me speak to a supervisor until I simply wouldn't allow him to talk anymore. This company should be out of business. They are truly the worst people I have ever had to deal with. Unfortunately they hold a monopoly on cable services in my area.

Posted by Tigereys3540

I am tired of making calls every week because you guys cant keep internet and phone services running.Why am I paying you$212 a month for something that dont work half the time ithink you should pay me

Posted by Tisa

I would like to start off by saying how I am disappointed with the customer service at TWC. My cable was turned off due to a signal leak on Wednesday August 24, 2016. I was informed that services could not be turned back on Wednesday due to dispatch not wanting to come out. I was assured my services would be back on Thursday Aug 25. I get home from work my services were still not on. I called back and spoke to several people who informed me that the work order was rescheduled by someone at TWC until Friday afternoon. I don't know what is going on but I really don't appreciate being lied to and not being able to access my services. I have been a loyal customer for 8 years now, never late on a payment in those 8 years and this is the thanks I get. My son was not able to complete homework since we did not have internet access. If this is not resolved today I will not continue service with TWC. This is unacceptable and I am highly disappointed in the customer service from TWC. You guys need to get your stuff together.

Posted by papy

Customer service has gotten even worse since October of 2015. They admitted there was a problem and promised to do better. Since then they raised my rates 3 times in the first 12 months of my contract. I am on hold now and have been for last two hours. No answer at TWC!

Posted by Dan

I have never posted anything bad in my entire life on any page but TMC make me to do so
This is by far the most disappointing service I have ever had so anybody who wants to purchase internet service from TMC think twice

Posted by Anonymous

I have only had 1 person, as long as I have been dealing with TW who has been helpful. Now I am tiring to reach her, and guess what.....
can't get her. No person should have to spent hours and hours will any company. I guess you all still don't care what people think your
company. If I EVER heard 1 person say anything good about your company,...I would faint. I moved last Julu and it took me over 2 month to get my cable worked out. I had made arrangements 31/2 weeks before moving, and nothing happened like I was told....it was a nightmare.
Now I am trying to get in touch with the only person that finally helped me.....no number. Your customer service STINKS. I would think a
company your size would about reputation. AT&T has just installed in my new neighborhood FO...and are offering some good prices. Ian sure you think I am making all of this up. You all could care less about your customers, if you did people would not always say how much they hate TW.

Posted by Viper

I have called for the past two months to cancel my service. I travel for work and I am hardly home. I have NEVER missed a payment and I have NEVER been late on any payments. The reason for this in the first place was the tremendous hike in the bill. from $170 to $222 a month...I was shocked. When I called the woman tried to give me a promotional price...I laughed and told her to discontinue. Now...here is the best part. I asked them when they could pick up their equipment. This gets FUNNY. They tell me that I have to disconnect all of the equipment, haul it to my car, use MY fuel and my time to take the stuff back, and they will continue charging me until it is tuned in. So I asked the woman on the phone...who do I send my $51 an hour bill to? Since I have been on the phone with you all 3 times at an hour and half total, I have to disconnect ALL the rooms...1 Hour...use my fuel...10 miles total to and from your office at the going rate of fuel $2.29 ($22.90) I see that they now owe me as an employee of time warner a total of: $150.40. So again..>WHO DO I SEND THIS BILL TO?

Posted by fellus

Every month my bill goes up between 5D and 11D and doesn't want to give me a new promotion because I am a long time customer (more than 12 years). they prefer new customer, I am realy fed up with time warner the day I leave I will never go back again.

Posted by Anonymous

Wanted to start service, paid the 105 set up date and time, no one ever called no one ever showed called aND they claimed there was no scheduled installation for my address. I wanted my money back. I'll find someone else that actually wants to give me what I pay for. Time Warner sucks, beyond the worse company ethics I've seen in my life!!!

Posted by Twcserviceishorrible

Time Warner Cable's service is terrible. They claim they are improving it, but I can say from first hand experience that isn't the case at all. Especially here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their customer service people lie about charges and they are very rude and condescending when you try to and lower your rate. Then they try and sell you more stuff you don't want. The cable service never worked right either. My dvr box always skipped and froze up. Cable and internet go out pretty frequently. The sad thing is-satellite service is more reliable than TWC. On top of all that, picture quality isnt clear or sharp. Avoid TWC at all costs-they aren't worth it.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in a an apartment, and I got a new neighbor, he gave them my apartment number rather than his. TWC canceled my service to my apartment without even confirming with me. I payed my bill, I called in a told them the mistake they had made. They turned my service back on and said I would still get the same promotion I was being offered and that they were the ones who had made the mistake because they are supposed to check with the current customer before they cancel the service. Jump ahead a week I am getting charged more than what I was paying, when I called in the customer service lady I spoke to that they could not get me the service I had before because they do not offer it, however, when I got it set back up the man I spoke to assured me I would get the same exact billing because they messed up and it was not my fault but all of theirs. So now I am billed for more that I was supposed to be billed for because TWC messed up and are expecting me to pay more because of their mistake, and they lied to me. When a company messes up do not lie and do not charge the customer more.

Posted by iMillyMillz

I called TWC to cancel my internet because #1. My service (which is the highest speed internet they have) would always lag/drop/disconnect. And we use more than 4 different types of devices in our home for Internet, and #2. Because of the lag/drop/disconnect with the highest speed of internet, I decided to find another internet provider that was less expensive and worked proficiently. So I called TWC and spoke with a young lady named Emeka. During our conversation, with me telling her I wanted to cancel my account because of the 2 issues, she in turn was so eager to tell me about a promotion, that she was talking over me and not letting me finish what I had to say. . I told her we had found rates cheaper than the $86 a month internet with just about the same speeds for $50 with another provider. She was talking so fast and not letting me get a word in edge-wise. I kept telling her to slow down and explain to me what she was trying to offer. Look I'm from the city, but I swear it felt like I was talking to a city slicker that was trying to swindle me out of some money....and that she/TWC did. So she proceeds to tell me about an offer for existing customers only, for the same Ultimate Internet package that we had for $30, a $56 difference from that current bill. And everyone knows, money talks and well you know the rest. So I said to her, Emeka, give me a total of my bill monthly for this service. She assured me nothing would change as far as my service except for the price. And again, I made her quote to me my next months bill. Again she said.....$30 a month for 12 months. I said ok, I will stay on with TWC for that reason only. I get home from work last night and open my mail.....oh she made sure that the $30 promotion was on my bill, along with another $49.99 promotion. Ok so at this point I'm steaming hot cause it's midnight and of course you can't speak with anyone because it's past normal business hours. So first thing I did when I woke up this morning was call TWC to address the situation. I get yet another fast talking city slicker on the phone and he has an accent. I'm repeating myself telling him could he repeat himself cause I can't understand him. His name was Seyed. I've always gotten and written down the names of customer service reps for the simple fact that if I call you and you have all of my personal information then I want some information from you too. Seyed, smh.....I'm trying to tell him my situation because he is a representative for the billing department and in the middle of my complaint he talks over me and says I'm gonna transfer you to another department. I tell him no, I'm not done and before I could finish he transfers me. Now I'm trying to change my life and get right with God but, Seyed almost made me step up out my religion for a minute. So I took a deep breath and a man named Shawn got on the line and he was pleasant and mannerable and actually listened to my complaint with concern. And with listening to all of that, Shawn apologizes and tells me that Seyed transferred me to the wrong department. But he still took the time to look up my account info and help me with some things and transferred me to the correct department, which was Customer Solutions (Emeka's department). I spoke with yet another pleasant cust. rep named Jasmine who was patient in listening to everything. She went through my account and explained that the $30 was an upgrade to my already ultimate package and that basically Emeka made a mistake. Ok so it is what it is I don't understand why or what Emeka upgraded me to but it basically was an extra $3 a month to my already astronomical bill with lagging service. Jasmine said she would take my bill down to $75 a month and that's the best she could do. I wrote all this mumble jumble to say this.....I feel like I got duped, deceived, tricked, hoodwinked, hoaxed, swindled, mislead, fooled....you get the picture. Even though she tricked me for an extra $3, I don't like it one bit. I'm gonna call it like I see it and that's stealing. And I believe that God sees the evil in TWC even if it was for $3! God just may pull the plug on that entire corporation. I don't like the symbol they use for TWC anyways...it resembles the eye of Horus (creeps me out). And then they have the nerve to offer me cable for $10 a month? Honey please!!! If TWC offered me cable for $1 a year a still wouldn't take it because they'd probably still find a way to steal more money from me. I'm writing, not calling, not posting a status on FB, not emailing, not leaving a voicemail, not texting....I'm WRITING a letter and putting a stamp on it and mailing it to corporate headquarters the good old fashioned way, like when our parents generation got some real business taken care of by writing a letter of complaint to a company that may have misled them. And I got one more thing to say. Please believe when I say, I'm not being discriminative by also adding....Huge corporations and big companies. stop shipping OUR jobs overseas for the freaking tax breaks!!! You get these reps from other countries on the line and we can't understand them and some, not all, are absolutely rude and impatient when we can't understand their heavy accent. Keep OUR jobs here in America where the unemployment rate needs to be maintained. I mean, geesh TWC, you're already getting mo money and mo money, how much more do you freaking need? You can afford to pay our Americans the money when you trying to get an extra $3 out of me. No disrespect intended to other countries but shucks, it is what it is....we got our own problems here in America, we need all the money we can get...especially
If you are a TWC customer.

Posted by PO'D

TWC wants to charge $74.99 to UPGRADE to their Minimun Speed of 10mb. We have 7mb now from them when installed 2 yrs ago. will charge us $948 to cancel with 1 year left. Really!!!!!! You can charge me for a service speed you do not offer and then charge extra for the minimun speed i should of had all along?

GFY !!!

Posted by upsettwccustomer

option 2.

remains the email address.

The number goes straight to the customer care advocates in the TWC Office of the President.

Posted by Anonymous

If you get Nick, hang up. All I wanted to do was discontinue our TWC service after a rate hike. He refused and kept giving me a sales pitch. All I wanted to do was discontinue our service.

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Posted by [email protected]

I just received a call back from Time Warner and I had nothing but 10's for your representative. But I did not get an opportunity to comment on him. He was wonderful!!! I am a senior citizen and not terribly familiar with the new things that are going on. He was patient and kind. He answered my questions and thanked me for my loyalty. We, the family has been with you since 1972. I said to him, that's before you were born! We had a good laugh and he was very much like having a young grandson sharing a good laugh with!!! He should be recognized for his kindness!!!! I am a retired school teacher. He gets an A+ from me. You are fortunate to have such a wonderful ambassador for your company. Thank you for consideration. Sincerely, Helen Papayanakos

Posted by maria jimenez

I would like to thank field representative Mr. MY Llord for his excellent service, after several calls and attempts from various representatives he was the one able to diagnose and fix the problems we were having with our internet. Thanks to him I did not have to switch to different provider.

Posted by Ms.G

I would like say thank u to supervisor lady in south Euclid,next street over Warrendale today. I saw truck on street and had an important,to me,issue about technician not coming. She called with her cell,spoke about my situation,and issue was solved,for now. Thank u very much for Such GOOD customer service.

Posted by no email friend submitting this

Thank you to Mike for mailing me my remote. It is the best remote I have ever had. It came on Wednesday after calling on Monday evening. He said "you want to keep your customers happy." Well here is one that is just that!

Posted by Anonymous

I had the best service today by one of twc technician thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible coverage of Pope Francis!!! We have been glued to your channel from the moment he landed in Cuba and are now watching him make his way up 5th Avenue in NYC. Thank you for dedicating a whole channel to our Holy Father. May God Bless you all!!!

Posted by Carol

This morning I had no computer at all and no phone service. I called Time Warner and spoke with a girl named Crystal. She walked me through every possible solution to get this fixed. The she had me unplug everything from my "Surge Protector". THAT WAS IT ! The surge protector had stopped functioning. We knew this by plugging other things into it. She advised me to get another one and I did. All is well now. Thank you Crystal for your time and patience with me.

Posted by Anonymous

When I called, today, regarding my bill, I spoke with a lady in the Phillipines, Jane. She was non empathetic, kept repeating what we'd already discussed as though I'm hard of hearing. She showed -0-interest is helping answering my questions or issues. I asked to speak to someone in the United States so she transferred me to Customer Solutions saying I "could cancel my service" with them...! Although I was VERY frustrated while in conversation with her and said "I was seriously considering changing to Verizon". I did not tell her that's why I wanted to speak with someone in the U.S. I just needed to attempt to have issues properly discussed.. I man named "Myron" took my call. He was completely the opposite of Jane. He was polite, professional and a good listener, showing empathy. He should train others who answer the customer "service" line for Time Warner....He is in the Culver City office, fyi.
Thank you Myron,
Carol Kelly

Posted by stonestoner

The lack of customer service is truly appalling. I am moving after selling my home. I spent over an hour last week trying to arrange service at the new location I am moving to with a totally incompetent customer service rep. Only by chance today, did someone call from Time Warner asking if it the new buyer could have service. I, of course, said yes. I then inquired as to what was going on with my upcoming new service appointment at the condo I am moving to. Low and behold they didn't have any evidence of the over an hour I spent arranging that appointment. At first, I was told that I andto go to a local store because the rep could not verify my information. I was told that they had someone else other than me moving to the new location. I then asked to speak to a supervisor who I eventually disconnected me. Then it rang through and I asked for by name the supervisor that I was talking to, I then had to start all over with someone who finally was able to make the necessary changes to my account. After two hours spent in the last week, I would say that there is no customer srvice at Time Warner Cable. It is appalling how the company is managed.

Posted by Chelly

I have been a TWC customer for over two years but on 5/28 I received the best customer service I have had from a big company like TWC. I have been wanting to make some changes to my account and services for awhile but found it frustrating to deal with over the phone and felt I wasn't getting the services I wanted at a reasonable price, after several failed attempts to make the desired changes I was transferred to the customer service representative Taheed, he was professional, polite, and knowledgeable on all the questions and concerns I had. He helped me get exactly what I wanted in my TWC services! He reviewed my account and changed the services to include everything I wanted, Hassel free, and he even managed to get me a better bundle than before at a cheaper price without changing my equipment. He was upbeat and very helpful, he even stayed on the line to walk me through DVR troubleshooting so I could enjoy my new services right away! Over all it was amazing customer service on his behalf and it made me a loyal customer for life, thanks Taheed and TWC!

Posted by Anonymous

On 5/19/2015, I spoke to Victoria regarding my existing account. We literally spoke on the phone for maybe 15-20 minutes. Within that time, Victoria reviewed my entire account and find upgrades that were needed and long overdue. She was extremely pleasant and saved me money !! I'm sure as a Customer Service Rep, the goal isn't to save someone money, but to get them to spend more. In my case, she did the right thing, and made it so simple! I truly appreciate her time and effort, she didn't have to do it, but she it. Kudos to TWC for picking a good one ! My rating below reflects my interaction with Victoria only. Regards, T. Gilbertson Loveland, OH

Posted by Discontent

I recently received an increase on my 15MB internet service through Time Warner Cable after my promotional period ended. I researched other competitors and found the same level of service through WOW Internet Cable & Phone for $20/month (regular rate, not promotional). My rate with Time Warner Cable is $66.99/month! They would not come close to matching WOW's price. It is really hard to justify remaining with TWC with such a drastic difference in price. Looks like I will be switching. Buyer beware!

Posted by Ralp / Kim Keeling

I would like to thank T.W.C. for the technician they had sent to my home. He was a complete gentleman in every way. Very polite and was very knowledgeable about his job. He went beyond the call of duty by going outside and making sure all connections were secure and tight. We had just bought a new TV and I ask the tech about a couple things and he walk us through the tv guide and such.The tech even hook up a DVD player that we did not know how to connect up. Thumbs up with a 5 star rating on our part. If we ever have a problem we will have to request him again. T.W.C. has always been fast and good on their service, but this time was way beyond the call of duty. Thanks T.W.C. for an excellent job.

Posted by Susan

We have been a customer from 2008 and have numerous calls for service related problems. Today we talked to TJ from Albany, NY badge # E212709 and he gave us the BEST service we have ever received and want to let your company know. He talked us up to a better package that we could afford that was cheaper than what we were paying! He was funny, very professional, very educated and a thrill to talk to. He is the very first person we have talk to that we are EXTREMELY HAPPY with service. Way to go TJ! You are number one in our book!

Posted by Anonymous

I am currently a sales rep for TWC and to be honest, its a good company if you allow it to be. No matter what cable company you go to your bill WILL ALWAYS raise in price, Whether it be direct TV, Verizon, or AT&T. People that i come in contact with think that we just want to raise your bill so you pay more, that's not necessarily the case we want you to have MORE for what you are paying. I myself don't have a lot of money to spend but i'd rather pay for three services for around the same price rather then just one or two. We completely understand that you may have had a bad experience with us but when one of us contact you again, please be respectful because we don't know what the last call was you had and what happened. We get people all the time that say " well you screwed me with my bill" no I personally did not. that stuff is what makes your experience bad and ours as well, we don't have this job because we like to make people mad we have this job because we need to make a living too. We are all human and we sometimes make mistakes as well. Working at this type of job for a year has taught me to have respect for when other TM call me at my home. Yes sometimes it may be late but we are LEGALLY allowed to call until 9pm. I hope you consider all I've said and try to cut us some slack as well, we are just trying to make a living and make your bills the best we can.

Posted by sweeps724

I've had Time Warner for over 20 years and personally I feel it's a great service provider. I get fed up with all the slams against them. I've rarely ever had a service or billing issues. And when I did, my call/concerns were handled with the utmost professionalism & courtesy. All the other cable & satellite companies have had their fair share of issues too. But notice you never or rarely ever hear or see posts & news articles about how ATT, Dish or Direct cost too much and have lousy service etc. And it's not because they're problem free. I've had lots of friends & family members dump those other companies for the very same reasons people want to trash Time Warner.

Posted by byranr23

ok hi so i have been reading all of you guys comments cause my mother is looking to switch from our current provider so wich is better Dishnetwork or timewarner cable

Posted by Bengolly

I have to say, I am a bit surprised by the negative comments. We moved to Springfield, OH and got a bundle competitively priced bundle (about $90/mo) with phone, internet, and basic cable. While there were some initial issues (install tech did not catch line interference causing dropouts) it was resolved quickly. Customer service has been fine. It is possible some regional call centers are better than other, but I am quite happy with ours.

Posted by jc43

Was blown away today by Time Warner's representative. However, today was NOT in a bad way like 99% of the time. Shameka helped me with my increased bill and help to get me onto a new plan, and was nice and courteous even when i was rather upset. I almost definitely would have cancelled my service with Time Warner today, had she not helped me.

Posted by claudia987

I spoke with Thomas on the phone just now and he was a delight. Such a relief to talk to someone who was sweet and helpful!

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Been Incredibly Frustrated With Your Service As My Tv Was Out For One And A Half Days, And Each Attempt To Fix It Either Did Not Work, Or No One Showed. I Called Each Night In Very Frustrated State Until I Reached A Supervisor Names Odilcia Jimenez. Her Id Which She Gave Me At My Request, Is 462607. From The Time I Reached Her Last Night, She Actually Called Me Back With Info About What She Was Discovering, And Made Sure That She Followed Up With A Team Coming To Fix The Outside Wiring Today. She Handled Everything In A Responsible, And Professional Manner And Deserves Commendation, And Certainly My Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

I think too many times people will take the time to complain, but not take the time to say something good. my experience with tw customer service was excellent!! beginning with a neighborhood consultant who just showed up at my door. at that time I was going thru real financial difficulties and was sure I was going to have to give up my cable, internet and phone. after explaining my situation, this young man gave me the phone number I needed and told me exactly how to handle the call. he was so friendly and knowledgeable and everything he told me was correct. a few days later I called the number I had been given and things went so smoothly!!! i still felt like i would at least have to give up some of my services, but the girl i talked to was just as friendly and knowledgeable as the young man had been. it ended up that i had to give up a very, very, very small amount of my services and my payment became extremely affordable. and all this was done in a matter of minutes and everything she told me was exactly how it ended up being.

Posted by jason root

the only people that work at Time Warner that knows what they are doing is the people and the tier 3 team at the National help desk they are good people they work hard they are very polite and they know what they're talking about that's the only people at Time Warner worth a damn
thanks for all the help tier 3 team you guys are the best sincerely Jason s root

Posted by Jennifer

Last week I called the TWC 800 number. I had a marvelous experience with RAY FLORES.
He was located outside the US, however, he was an excellent customer care specialist!
He said he was not going to hang up with me, till my issue was fixed. Ray walked me through getting my HD channels with a new cable box I had picked up at the Appleton, WI TWC location. Just yesterday, I received the cable channel guide that Ray said he would mail me. Our world should have more customer care specialists like Ray. Please recognize Mr. Flores for his excellent skills! I personally thank Ray for his wonderful approach!!

Posted by CAROL

I Have No Problem With The People Answering Phones
My Complaint Is That Twc Not Having Any Respect For Their Users After The Changes
All Changes Are A Disgrace And Not User Friendly
I Am Not Able To Record Any Longer On My Dvd Recorder For My Pbs Channels Like Masterpiece Theatre Etc And It Is Not Available On Demand
Guide Has Become Impossible To Understand
On Demand Is Impossible To Use Or Understand
I Can Go On And On But I Am Sure You Are Not Interested In Your Customers Feedback
I Guess You Have Never Heard Of A Forum To See How Easy It Is To Use These New Changes And Channel Lineup Numbers
That Would Make Too Much Sense

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Posted by Beef

I am currently a superviser in time warner's retention department. I deal with all this issues on a day to day dasis. A few things to realize about time warner are; A. It's a huge company. It's hard to manage. The reps you speak with usually place you on hold to ask a superviser the question you just asked the rep. The turnover rate at call centers is the highest for jobs in the United states. Basically, the agents are new and don't know what they are doing. B. The agents (at least in retention) have all the same abilities as a superviser. Most often we tell them what to offer and how to say it. Long story short, the only thing a superviser can do that an agent can't is explain the situation better. SUPERVISERS ARE BUSY. OUR JOB IS TO MANAGE, NOT TAKE CALLS. C. Most agents talk to 20-60 people a day. We don't care what the last person said, did, or what they said they were going to do. You are talking to ME! What I can do is NOT the same as the last person. D. We don't take complaints over the phone. If you want to complain, go to your local office and file a formal complaint. E. Don't yell and curse at the agents. They are people too. The best way to catch files is with sugar, not salt. I understand dealing with us is frustrating but the best way to get what you want, is being nice. If you are rude it makes the agent not want to help you. F. Again it is a huge company and no one really cares if you disconnect your service. It was a billion dollar company before you, it will be a billion dollar company after you leave. Sorry, but at the end of the day it is a business. If you don't want to pay the price of OUR product, well sucks to suck. And finally, and most importantly, it is not bad customer service to advise you of what we can or can't do. You only think it is bad customer service because you didn't get what you wanted. The customer is NOT always right. In fact most often the customer is wrong because they don't have all the information. Also, as a sidenote, ask for retention/customer solutions is you have an issue with anything but tech support. Most of the other departments are useless.

Posted by bmw88rider

I originally quit TWC in 2013 due to inconsistent service levels. I went to ATT and the service has been much better but the internet service is very expensive for what you get. TWC has 5 times faster service for less than I was paying so I thought maybe I can try it again..

I put in the first order and I was using planning on using my own modem so I didn't have the MAC address as it was still in transit to me. So before the modem even got here, I had a notice that the order was cancelled. Once the modem got here, I called into the number provided and they said I needed to pay an installation fee of $39.90 and the $5 more a month. I protested and got to someone else after this rep blind transferred me. He had already entered the order when he hit me with the install fee so I had to go and talk to the cancellation department to cancel the order after talking through the situation with another rep.

Since I had already committed to buying a modem, I wanted to get the service connected so I put in another online order. It went through for the same $55 before and no install fee. I talked to a rep for about 40 minutes to setup the account and the mac address of the modem. She said it would be 3 business days and I got an e-mail confirming that. She also said that there was a tech coming out to verify the wiring connect at the trunk switch.

3 days later, no calls and no internet service. I went through troubleshooting for an hour with a tech and during which I asked about a tech coming out because I don't think that the issue was with the account setup. They said no no. There was something not set up right and the got it fixed and the service will be active within 24 hours. 24 hours later still no internet service. So I troubleshoot on my own (I've got a strong networking background and the right tools) and find that there is no signal at all coming to the house and that there needed to be a tech to come out as there was an issue somewhere in the connection be between the trunk switch and my house. I spent another 50 minutes with a tech trying to work through that I really just need a tech to come out and finally get her to believe me. I get blind transferred to a new rep and have to go through everything all again and finally get the point where I was before and then she tells me her system is updating and can't do a thing. So she transfers me to a different rep and same thing. I'm an hour and a half into the call at this point. I would have taken a call back but I'm suppose to go on vacation for 2 weeks so a tech visit would be worthless. I hang up and out of curiosity, I check the cable from the house to the street. I find that it was severed on the other side of my property line and I couldn't see it.

I call in one last time thinking that I could get a person just to come out fix it while I'm out of town. No dice. It took 45 minutes of me explaining to this tech that I know what is wrong because I can see the cable is severed. I finally gave up. I still need to cancel the order as my house isn't connected and I'm just so fed up and annoyed with TWC.

Posted by briebrie123

I work in customer service here in Time Warner cable, we are overworked, under appreciated and underpaid. Customers call in point blank rude as all hell for something that was not me (the care agent)'s fault. I am more than willing to do anything for the customer but when you're running off at the mouth about "I'm a valued customer I'll just disconnect if you can't lower my bill the WHOLE 2 dollars it went up" Like seriously do I go to your job and scream/belittle you for something out of your hands? NO. Be a little more respectful towards us customer service reps and see where that gets you. I have no problem helping a customer but when you're being so rude when all I'm doing is trying to help you, that is just plain unacceptable! OH BTW, PAY YOUR BILL and you wouldn't be disconnected!

Posted by caddymaran

I am a Time Warner tech on long term disability. I pay for my services: Basis/standard/digital cable with digital value tier, a HDDVR, 2-HD converters and Roadrunner. My iron-clad renegotiated in May 1012, 12-month guaranteed monthly bill was $132.88 until October 2012 when they added $3.95 plus tax and fees for modem rental. Another rate hike added a few more pennies pushing the tally to just under $140.00. Rental fees were costing me roughly $500/year. Bought a Magnavox 500GB DVR and DVD Recorder MDR515H to eliminate at least $23/month for the DVR. This has larger storage and I can burn to DVD.
Have tried for over a month to get a cableCARD to work with a Silicon Dust HD HomeRun Prime triple tuner and the Time Warner tuning adapter, a CISCO STA1520 to stream the digital over my home network. It did for about 3 days then the card died. Tried unsuccessfully since to get the HOST ID from the tuner without luck. I joined forums. Became a member of Microsoft. Ditto that with Silicon Dust and of course was on the phone and online with chats with Time Warner. Everywhere you go they tell you to check the 3500 FAQs before posting a question.
I have felt a customers pain by NOW being on the opposite side of things. The polite verbiage: I will be most happy to help you Please wait while I look up your account Thank-you for your patience and understanding Please let me transfer you to our_____department to expedite your request Please accept my apologies for the extended wait etc. All this seems to mock you and makes you wonder if they just sit there for a predetermined time and let you stew and then get back to you. Their concern appears to be devoid of substance as no suggestions come your way to help eliminate the problem.
You explain what you have done/tried. They then repeat what you just told them and say is this what your are telling me? Then they tell you they need you to go thru the installation materials, get the HOST ID and then give it to them to complete the pairing of their card to your equipment.
You again tell them that is the problem. You cannot get it to work. Over an hour is spent. Nothing is accomplished, exceptingof course the increase in your blood pressure. They then tell you they cannot continue without the HOST ID, thank-you for choosing Time-Warner Cable and ask if there is anything else they can help you with today?
My bill is rapidly creeping up towards the $150/month level while my blood pressure hovers in the 165/105 level while dealing with customer disservice. I have since obtained the HOST ID by resetting my router for the third time and powercycling modem/router/PC/tuner/tuning adapter for the umpteenth time making me think I am in quality control testing the durability of each!
After all this I still need the cableCARD paired to the tuner. There is a separate phone number for cableCARD customer service! Do I dare permit myself to continue to be humiliated in this fashion? I guess as I am too far invested in this venture. If a resolution cannot be had, I just may pack up the tuner and sell it on eBAY, return all the TWC equipment and get a subscription to Netflix. Ive had it (and dont like it).

Posted by Anonymous

retarded idiots, don't automatically press anything before listening to the different listings, you'll get to the wrong dept who will then transfer you to the correct one, congratulations you just waisted an extra 5 minutes

Posted by twcsucksbigtime

I am a former inbound sales rep, and I have never worked for a more horrible company. Everything is a "policy violation" meaning if you don't cram TWC's products down everyone's throat that calls in, you'll get written up. Because the wait for customer service is usually 30-45 minutes, customers have figured out that if they get into the sales queue they will get someone faster. Can't say I blame them! However, what they don't realize is that the sales reps are trained to basically "pretend" to help them and then sell them something. Some of these customers are flaming mad and don't want to be interviewed on every line of service, or any line of service for that matter! TWC uses this sales process called E3 that the undoubtably spent tons of money on, but makes you sound like robot on the phone. Customers aren't stupid, they know the drill. I've worked in inbound sales before and done quite well without this process. Building rapport is the key, which this process doesn't promote. TWC also treats their employees like cattle, it's no wonder that they can't keep any employees. My training class of 19 was down to 10 after 3 months. I'm sure they spend a lot of money on training, it may behoove them to try to actually keep their employees. It seems like they are in panic mode because they are losing customers left and right. TWC should really start focusing on retention and customer service. Keeping existing customers is a whole lot less expensive than trying to only acquire new ones. Customers silently leave because they know they have choices. All day long I would listen to reps knocking other companies like DIRECTV: "Well you know after a year, your price wil go up to full rate with DIRECTV", which a) is not true and b) DIRECTV's full rate is still less expensive than TWC! Did you know that if you want to add a 2nd DVR to your TWC service it costs $23? Their prices are seriously insane! Their $99 triple play undoubtably is at least $107, and that's with only 1 TV! They don't even include the box rental for the first box in the price! Plus IMO DIRECTV's service is far superior to TWC. How about investing in your crappy network, TWC? Oh, and btw your guide sucks, totally not intuitive at all. TWC thinks they have the monopoly so they can treat their customers and employees like crap, but surprise... lots of people are doing away with TV all together because they can watch it online. This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for. I am so glad I left!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm currently an employee in the NYC area and I can tell you that the company is just another corporation that sees customers as numbers and nothing else. They know most people have no other option and they strive to keep it that way. As an employee I do my best to help people not only because it's my job, but because I care about people in general. I know how it feels to be treated unfairly because that's how the company treats me. The company also discriminates with certain areas. I've noticed people in lower income areas get treated worst. Majority of the company's managers and supervisors are clueless. However there are a few of us that work hard, treat people equally, and take pride in our work. Unfortunately we don't have much say. My only advice is if you're not happy doing business with a company then don't do business with them. Sometimes companies need to fail in order to change. The customers are the ones that make a company what it is. Without you're business the company cannot survive. When the big guys in the company see the profits fall then they'll make changes. Otherwise if they see money constantly coming in then why should they change? They'll think they're doing something right.

Posted by Jonathan

Hi, this is Jonathan, and I'm currently a CSR for TWC. Let me just tell you guys about my point of view: I agree with you that some of the agents are not exactly the best in helping people, you know, as for myself, I really like to be treated nicely by a person who actually cares and tries the best to solve the issue. And believe me, when I apologize for any inconvinience, I really am sorry even though it is not directly my fault. What I'm trying to say is that even though many customers have issues with TWC, I just would like to tell you that we have our systems and we can only work with what we have at the moment, since we are the front line for support, so at least try to undestand this and remember that since we only tried to provide solutions (at least the ones like myself who wish the best for the custs) the unavailability of direct solutions doesn't mean we don't care, it's just that sometimes we just can't give the answer that you as a customer would like to hear.

Posted by Anonymous

As a member of TWC leadership let me be the first (but not likely the first if you've called us) to tell you we appreciate your business. It is because of our customers' that we are here. And that we remain one of the only locally supported TV/Phone/Internet providers is testament to the overwhelmingly strong, positive marks we get from the majority of our 14.5MM subscribers.

"Lets put it perspective, the majority of the 14.5M subscribers is due to the fact that you lack competition in certain markets. It is certainly not that your the best, but your better of two evils. You have ATT as competition and ATT has proved it self to be even worse than you in the same markets. If I subscribe to a $90/internet line that is suppose to get 10-30M download speed but only can achieve that download speed talking to your servers, then what is the true value as the talking to the rest of the universe I get 2-3M which unfortunately for you is what your graded on. When I call and tell you this, your response is it works fine to our servers and that is all we care about. "

As a 'front line' member of leadership I can tell you the vast majority of our complaints are due to cost. And that's a tough one to come to agreement on. If you don't see value, it is difficult to explain the benefit of new equipment, local support 24/7, top notch programming, and included service.

"Having your service for next to 10 years (cause I have to) I can tell you out of 50 interfaces with your customer support team, I can think of maybe 3 times, they listened and actually attempted to correct the real problem. I even bought the next faster service, then the next, then the next, so I am not afraid to give you extra money for service. But, in the end, no matter if I pay for the basic or advanced service, the actual service leaves much to be desired and as for prompt customer service responses.......well that would be near to nonexistent."

But to people having trouble with a $175 bill for TV/Phone/Internet - please take the time to realize the value. What's the cost of a family night out at the theatre? Seventy dollars? A night out to dinner? One hundred dollars? A tank of gas? Fifty dollars?

"This is not a value, the only one that thinks this is a value is you. Do you think paying $10.00 a night for WIFI at a hotel is a value or do you want it included for the $100/night fee? You compare this to the old days, where each line required its own copper pair of wires and that is simply not the fact today, you relay digital code all on the same wire. If you would simply update the physical wire, 50% of your outages would disappear. And if I took the family for a movie 5 times a month, your comment may have validity but most cannot afford that, nor can they afford the $175.00 monthly bill"

Folks, prices have gone up. Many of our subscribers probably remember paying $80 a month for phone service 10 years ago. And $40 for 'cable', and $30 for dial-up. Hmmm - doesn't really look like the price has gone up much, huh?

"Inflation does account for 8-13% of the increase, the other 30% is plain and simple GREED, greed by our government to impose additional regulations and taxes to exceed what is actually legal, as well as the GREED by the content providers to charge extra for signal distribution that is without cause. I do agree that most of the increase are not directly your fault since you pass on the additional expense you have for relaying the services and channels, but surely you cannot expect the average person to believe that along with the typical increases comes the typical GREED, and your surely not passing that on to the income of your employees nor their training programs."

I can't tell you the number of times I've been at an outing in the community and had a customer come to me and question the cost of service. But after going over the value of what they have (unlimited entertainment, unlimited calls, unlimited Internet usage) I ask them 'the cellular' question.

"So, Mr. Customer, now that we've talked about what your family is getting for $6-ish a day (a BK Value Meal) tell me, what is the cost of your family cell phone plan?" Invariably, if they have a family, it's about the same $175. Even single people tell me their cell bill is about $80. And this for a device your family hardly uses in relation to the 8+ SOLID hours a day on average people spend using our products.

"Most people with a $175/month service don't sit at home playing on the computer and watching TV; they WORK, which if they have kids, leaves about 4 hours and maybe 2 SOLID hours of use time. And sometimes during those 2 hours your service is out, and you spend 2 SOLID hours on the phone with Service and at times another SOLID 7-9 days waiting for someone to fix the service or have the decency to even call you back. If my service is our for 10 days, it would be DECENT to say to your wonderful customer, our service was out, we are going to credit your bill for the 10 DAYS your service didn't work this month; but that credit is only had if your willing to sit on the phone another hour or two and talk to supervisor after supervisor and it not a hard concept, if BK (as you stated) did not give you the three burgers you ordered but only gave you two, would you feel ok paying them anyway? That is your SOP."

Now, there are occasionally service issues. And by their nature, service issues are inconvenient. But folks, let's start to emotionally detach from cable. When your car breaks down, do you scream at the mechanic or ask your loan company for a couple weeks of credit? How about the calls that drop from your cell phone?

"Simple answer here........... My phone and my car never breakdown 8-18 times a year, just doesn't happen. So maybe your not hearing from all your customers, since most know it will cost them 2 hours on hold and it is not worth it to them. So take your calls you actually get and double them, thats how many folks are having problems with the same issues. You know they all won't call you."

Our services are going to malfunction from time to time. Your car needs an oil change every three months or so, doesn't it. Do you know why? Because you use your car. Well, you use our services ten fold. How about leaving your car running in the garage all day for a year and see what kind of service it needs.

"It is not fair to compare a COMBUSTION ENGINE with an electronic circuit. The Electronic circuit lacks moving parts, and it is your own fault for buying the cheapest equipment available. NETGEAR---- really? It is cheap for a reason, expect more failures......... If you get the $19.00 tires, expect them to last two months too, instead of the 40,000 miles you get when you buy a quality tire"

I'm not trying to downplay service issues - but they happen. With anything you use as much as our product, it happens. Just call us and we'll come out, if necessary, for free, at a time that's as near to convenient as we can get for you. And yes...it may take a couple visits. Signal issues can be intermittent - but we'll usually make sure you are not paying for the service while it's out.

"intermittent service issues do not exist in your world, each and every time it is a new call, and each and every time you have to explain it all over to a new person on the phone, and they still are trained to tell you over and over again, first you must turn off the unit, then you must then you must............If I talked to you 14 times this week, I think I am past the power reset solution; but you have no way to avoid this problem"

And if you call and we don't agree with you about something, that is not an indication of poor service; we just don't agree. As costs go up all around us, so will ours. And just as you expect a raise for a good year of work for your employer, so do our employees.

"They do expect raises, but for some reason, I doubt they get continued training and continued raises. The turnover kind of explains how loyal your employees are to your "GREAT EMPLOYEE SERVICES" I cannot say in 10 years I have seen the same service folks more than twice and I have certainly never talked to the same person twice; until I get to managers, then maybe I can agree with you."

TWC customers, we're your neighbors, and we want to help. Give us an opportunity to do so. Thank you so much for your business - we know in this day there is enough to stress about - let's not make your escape from that stress another touchy spot.
Steve 2/27/11 9:33PM

"Thanks Steve!, You see that show when managers and CEO's go dress up and pretend to be an employee for a week and see how their employees feel about their employer, and go to customer sites and see how they really feel about the service provider? Maybe that would provide some perspective........"

Posted by EXcableguy

As a former Service Tech for TWC I know all the ins and outs of the business. Customers have the misconception that we make okay money, that's far from the truth. They start out at $11.85 an hour and the largest annual raise I have ever seen was 50 cents. After 5 years of service I was up to $15.00 per hour.
TWC puts the customers far ahead of their employees. Sadly enough TWC doesn't give the tech enough time to actually do a good service call. For all the people that have had a service call and the tech was in and out in 15 minutes this is the reason why. Typically we start our day with 10-12 jobs. If you think about that it's not much time per job. On top of the starting with that many jobs the techs will get add-ons all throughout the day. It wouldn't be so bad if all the jobs were close together, but TWC has their techs driving all over DFW. One guy might start in McKinney, then have a couple in Plano, then Dallas, and by the end of the day he might be in Arlington.
Now to the accountability of the techs. Techs are held responsible for every little thing. This includes used equipment, stupid people, making the jobs during the time frame, although we don't have enough time to get there. Techs are also held accountable to the survey that customers take after the job is done. The issue with that is people don't take the time to listen to the question so they will just hit a button. That is one of the techniques Time Warner has to make sure the techs don't get an acceptable raise, if any raise at all.
That is a small amount of what goes on behind closed doors. If you have any questions please feel free to post.

Posted by Anonymous

I understand you have had a bad day. Or that finances are tight and your bill is too high to pay, However,when you call TWC customer service, and use profanity, call the agent a moron, or scream for a supervisor, I always wonder: would you treat a sales clerk, face to face, in that same manner? If you run a business, do you treat your staff and customers with the same tone? Or family and friends? I often get off the phone shaking from the experience of dealing with a customer. My minimum hourly pay doesn't begin to compensate for the stress. But I will go back every day, because I have to provide for my family.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a Time Warner Cable employee, and I've been in every single role we have on this company (not above the management).

For every lazy customer which doesn't want to read the manual we gave for free, we have the duty to teach; For every customer who thinks is smart and threatens customer care about going to another company if doesn't get another year of an offer, (and compares prices not realizing they will be a NEW CUSTOMER to the satellite) doesn't realize might be the cause of price increase next year; For every customer who wants to have the same his neighbor has though being out of their budgets, we can't regulate the price at your fantasies' levels; For every customer who buys a plasma TV and does not know how to set it up, but refuses to pay $29,99 for a professional to help, should appreciate other people's knowledge; For every customer who thinks the statement is rocket science and refuses to pay 411 charges because they didn't want to put their heads on the web while having All the Best package; For every customer who can't deal with today's technology but insists in showing off they have more than 200 channels, and can't tell if the TV is ON or OFF; Please think again...these are not times to be an AMERICAN. Behave as a person a care about the others around you.

Love you all...Cris, the best TWC CCare representative ever.

Posted by skills

The pure fact is that alot of customers call for end user issues like the tv has no picture when the tv is turned off the box isnt turned on or they changed the video input from cable to tv mode or dvd or vcr modem. price lock gaurantee is for 2 yrs. at&t, direct tv, dish, or time warner cable has the same 2 yr length of contracts meaning when they are over rates go to reg pricing.the remote has simple instructions on paper that come with it or inscribed on the back of the remote.if your in san antonio texas or surrounding areas with your converter box you can learn everything about how to use the box on ch 988 press left arrow 6 times till you get to twc-userguide. in that area you wil see al the options you can play like a video and learn how to use the dvr, show listings, parental controls,display settings, etc.you can also learn more about all services on timewarnercable.com learn tab. if you are getting box issues sometimes caused by static then unplug power aka electricity cord from box then unscrew the coaxial hex fitting time warner cable from cable in at the cable box ground it by touching the copper pin rod wire tip for 3 to 5 seconds or with any metal then connect it back to cable in then plug in the power cord electric cord wait till time comes up lit up for 10 seconds then power on. that will bring missing channels back kill tiling and freezing, sound, slow browsing guide issues, etc. if you have an hdmi unplug hdmi from both ends tv and box 1st step before you reboot box and conect hdmi last before after time comes back on. if you dont know what an hdmi is google it they have pictures of what it looks like. static also applies sometimes to hsd or phone modems.

Posted by Steve

I would like to echo Steves comments. I have worked in the cable industry for 20 years for several different MSOs. Cable plant is huge, mile after mile of cable, nodes, head ends, and all the support system that entails. Things will go wrong, without a doubt. What you have to look for though is the companys commitment to getting it fixed when it does. Sometimes someone may have dug through our fiber lines; sometimes the power company has an outage that causes us to go down. Those circumstances are out of our control. Sometimes it just takes time. Where I work now we have a serious utilization problem, in a sense too many customers causing a traffic jam. We moved to expand service but were held up trying to get parts and weather.
As far as value, you will never get to a place where you are happy paying your cable bill and look at all the things you dont use. How many channels do you watch, and for how often. Then make a value judgment about your service and see if it makes sense for you. Are there things we could do better? Yes. And we are working all the time to do them better.
All that being said, of all the MSOs I worked for TW was the best and most customer focused. Stay calm, explain your situation and document your process. Unfortunately you will not talk to the same person over and over again as you work through an issue, but know who youve talked to and exactly what they said. It will help you get a faster resolution.

Posted by Steve

As a member of TWC leadership let me be the first (but not likely the first if you've called us) to tell you we appreciate your business. It is because of our customers' that we are here. And that we remain one of the only locally supported TV/Phone/Internet providers is testament to the overwhelmingly strong, positive marks we get from the majority of our 14.5MM subscribers.

As a 'front line' member of leadership I can tell you the vast majority of our complaints are due to cost. And that's a tough one to come to agreement on. If you don't see value, it is difficult to explain the benefit of new equipment, local support 24/7, top notch programming, and included service.

But to people having trouble with a $175 bill for TV/Phone/Internet - please take the time to realize the value. What's the cost of a family night out at the theatre? Seventy dollars? A night out to dinner? One hundred dollars? A tank of gas? Fifty dollars?

Folks, prices have gone up. Many of our subscribers probably remember paying $80 a month for phone service 10 years ago. And $40 for 'cable', and $30 for dial-up. Hmmm - doesn't really look like the price has gone up much, huh?

I can't tell you the number of times I've been at an outing in the community and had a customer come to me and question the cost of service. But after going over the value of what they have (unlimited entertainment, unlimited calls, unlimited Internet usage) I ask them 'the cellular' question.

"So, Mr. Customer, now that we've talked about what your family is getting for $6-ish a day (a BK Value Meal) tell me, what is the cost of your family cell phone plan?" Invariably, if they have a family, it's about the same $175. Even single people tell me their cell bill is about $80. And this for a device your family hardly uses in relation to the 8+ SOLID hours a day on average people spend using our products.

Now, there are occasionally service issues. And by their nature, service issues are inconvenient. But folks, let's start to emotionally detach from cable. When your car breaks down, do you scream at the mechanic or ask your loan company for a couple weeks of credit? How about the calls that drop from your cell phone?

Our services are going to malfunction from time to time. Your car needs an oil change every three months or so, doesn't it. Do you know why? Because you use your car. Well, you use our services ten fold. How about leaving your car running in the garage all day for a year and see what kind of service it needs.

I'm not trying to downplay service issues - but they happen. With anything you use as much as our product, it happens. Just call us and we'll come out, if necessary, for free, at a time that's as near to convenient as we can get for you. And yes...it may take a couple visits. Signal issues can be intermittent - but we'll usually make sure you are not paying for the service while it's out.

And if you call and we don't agree with you about something, that is not an indication of poor service; we just don't agree. As costs go up all around us, so will ours. And just as you expect a raise for a good year of work for your employer, so do our employees.

TWC customers, we're your neighbors, and we want to help. Give us an opportunity to do so. Thank you so much for your business - we know in this day there is enough to stress about - let's not make your escape from that stress another touchy spot.


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