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Time Magazine customer service is ranked #404 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 34.64 out of a possible 200 based upon 237 ratings. This score rates Time Magazine customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


226 Negative Comments out of 237 Total Comments is 95.36%.


11 Positive Comments out of 237 Total Comments is 4.64%.

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  • Time Magazine

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 34.64 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 226 negative comments (95.36%)
    • 11 positive comments (4.64%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
    • 2.6 Reachability
    • 2.2 Cancellation
    • 4.1 Friendliness
    • 3.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Cj

I’m a 53 yo independent. I have been a regular buyer of your magazine since college in the mid 80’s. Unfortunately, I can no longer support your magazine with my buying dollar based on the false cut paste cover of Trump and the crying immigrant. This cover was a false propaganda story which has been proven false. This is why Americans no longer trust the media and journalists. I hope you and your corporate entity figured this out and can do the right thing based on this falsehood. I will NOT fall into this kind of propaganda. It’s shameful.

Posted by Anonymous

You couldn't find real news so you use fake picture to make president look bad.You are the problem with this country we expect unbiased reporting and you give us your opinion.You are no better than Natl. INQUIRER.I am very disappointed the only thing Time magazine is good for is to wrap up trash.

Posted by wbetson

Time is a disgrace for putting that photo of that crying girl on the cover with our President and then insinuating that she was separated from her parents. This girls father has cleared the air. She was smuggled into the country, never separated from her mother. Time - you lost a customer. What you've done here is brought yourself down to the lowest common denominator.

Posted by DCA

I have not received any copies of time mag for three weeks

Posted by svend

Please advice reason for missing Time Magazine for the months of march

Posted by EDILENA

Dear People:

My name is Edilena Homem de Mello

I have sent you many messages like the one below without receiving any answer.

Summarizing: I am retired and living in Brazil since 2010. Since then I have been trying to cancel my subscriptions of Time Magazine and Fortune. I am no longer receiving the magazines. I imagine you keep sending them to my address in NY ( at Colgate Palmolive). So, I am losing money. I am a retired person and I cannot afford to pay for someone to read the magazines during 8 years already.

My last e.mail to you that was never answered is below:

Dear People :

Please, help me. Confirm you have received this e.mail. Please, read the e.mails below.

I even tried once to call you and I was told nobody can find my data and that would be better do send and e.mail. But you never answer my e.mails. So I sent you an e.mail. (below you find it) with a photo of the labels of the last magazines I received. No answer was sent.

I am thing about hiring a lawyer to help me with this issue. Eight years paying you without being able to cancel the subscription is too much. Please, answer this e.mail so I know you have received it. Please, solve this issue. I am now retired and I don't have money to through away like that.



Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 11:52:35 AM GMT-3

Subject: Fw: Big Problem- Needed to cancel payment - Please solve this issue

Dear people:

Many times I tried to talk to you in order to cancel my subscriptions of Time Magazine and Fortune. I have retired in 2010 and since them I have been paying the subscription without receive the magazine because I am now living in Brazil. Told you that MANY times.

Now I decided to block the automatic debit in my account because I can't expend this money anymore.

You always tell me you cannot find my name in your database, But you always find me when is time too charge my account.

Here is the info of the automatic debit I have just canceled:

These were the charges billed on last statement.

Below you have the photos of the identification on the last issues of the magazines I received.

Please, solve my issue. I was always a good subscriber and I deserve to be well treated.

Thanks in advance,


From: edi mello [email protected]

To: [email protected] [email protected]

Sent: Saturday, September 3, 2016, 3:55:33 PM GMT-3

Subject: Big Problem- need your help

Dear people:

I have subscriptions of Time Mahgazine and Fortune and I have been trying to cancel them since 2010. I was an expat, I have retired and I am back to my country, Brasil, so I no longer recive the magazines. Six years paying without receiving the magazines.

Many times I have tried to cancel my subscriptions but you have informed me that my subscription number was not valid anymore, so you could not accept it.

My personal data is:

Edilena Homem de Mello

Address of subscription was: Park Avenue 300, NY,10022 7402 at Colgate Palmolive.

For the reasons above I don't have the last issues you have sent to me, but I am sending attached photos of the identificatibn on the last magazines I still have with me.

Please, don't charge me anymore. It is a lot of money for a retired person.

I would appreciatte you answering this e.mail.

Thanks a lot,


PS Anyway; I'll tell Citibank to stop paying this bill.

I deleted the photos because you doesn't accept html.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a supcription for time magazine for my husband. After 2 months a better offer came in for renewal. I would like to have the free supcription added to my account Please contact me cell number. Subscription is under Thomas Pera�s name. Thank you. Beatrice Pera

Posted by Anonymous

I am STILL getting 2 copies of TIME rather than my subscription being extended. You said it would take about three weeks but it�s taking longer now. Please revisit and rectify this.


Posted by Disgusted

My mother died three years ago and I canceled her subscription to Time magazine. I asked if they could add it to mine or send me a refund since she was in another state. The RUDE girl said they would have to credit the credit card I had previously used. I explained that I no longer had that credit card but I would be happy to give her the number of my new one. She said no, they had to do that, as required by law. I asked how they could do that when I no longer had that card. She hung up on me. Yesterday a few women were talking about poor customer service and I brought up about Time magazine. I decided to contact them again and after a half hour on the phone was told the same thing. First they told me they had no record of me ever getting it. I found an old one and gave them the customer number. Oooops...they found it! He reiterated that there was nothing they could do. TIME magazine stinks and I would never order from them again. Truly, their customer service is the worst!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Here is my account
I have been reading Time for dozens of years without a problem. For the last year and a half, since I settled in Colorado there are regular missed issues. Sometimes I get on line and report but often don't.

I am tired of this and when this subscription runs out will not renew.

You don't seem to care enough to service a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

When will I receive my new Time subscription by mail.

Posted by Anonymous

The jealousy and immature behavior of many Americans is both sad and disappointing . Including your magazine staff . Leave the city ... walk in someone else shoes .. The Democratic Party was historically the voice of the working family .. not now. ... keep people in poverty .. give them a " paycheck " .. for nothing ... food stamps, cell phones, extra money for each child.. keep the welfare rolls growing. ... instead of education
Skills to leave poverty and have your own mind ... oh yes liberals always move their lips Why not mentor and teach instead of rioting and not supporting their communities Oh yes Wake up.

Posted by Anonymous

Can you please tell me when my time mag sub is due and what method of payment I used last time

Posted by Anonymous


2nd February 2017


Time Mag was noted for good and prompt service. Not anymore. The service is terrible!

I sent the watch back as it is not working properly by registered post. (See below). Your company did not accept it. It was returned to me. Waste of my money sending it in the first place.

Mrs. Moosa received 4 copies so far and all late.

Mr. Yunus Moosa received ONLY ONE COPY in all this time. Yet he was supposed to receive one each week. What is happening to the good service of past times?

Please if the service is this bad kindly cancel my subscription and refund me the balance. I am extremely disappointed.


Ahmed Moosa.



Mr. Ahmed Yousuf Moosa

10 Haywood Road

Rondebosh East



(1) Mrs. Hajiera Moosa

10 Haywood Road

Rondebosch East



(2) Mr. Yunus Moosa

43 Chapel Street

Overport Durban



Price: R249. Savings: 86%

Card: MasterCard

Card Number: 5179890051681847

Expiration Date: 10/2018



You have chosen to not receive marketing information from Time Inc. International Fulfillment Services B.V. You do not want us to pass on your details to our business partners who may use the data to send you marketing information.

If you have any questions about your subscription, please visit our customer service site.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of first issue.

TIME publishes eight double issues. Each count as two of 52 issues in an annual subscription. TIME may also publish occasional extra issues.


18 December 2016.

Time Magazine [Returned by registered post on the 19 December 2016]

Reference number: 167RONMOSA010HYA9

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have received the gift, a wrist watch a week ago. However I am returning it as it is not working properly.

When I received it worked for 4 days and the battery went flat. I had a new battery fitted and it worked but I noticed that when the time is on 6 0� clock the hour hand is off alignment.

I would appreciate it if you could replace it please.

Secondly, as yet I have not received any copies of the Time Magazine. Can you advise when I should start receive it?

Thank you, and kind regards,

Ahmed Moosa.

0786644418. / 0216971340

Posted by Anonymous

Systems down for a day..call back 30 min. I call back told to call back one hour. Call back 5 hours. What the heck ? I call back told to call tomorrow and hung up on? Seriously Time you cannot do better. I do not want you.

Posted by Jan du Preez

Jan du Preez

1/16/17 12:58AM

Subscription cancelled Jan 2016. R425 was deducted from my credit card account on 12 Jan 2016. No magazines received during 2016. Again R450 was deducted from my Credit card account on 12 January 2017. Can't find a way to communicate my problem with a real person. Tel no supplied is listed as "invalid".

Posted by Jonno

Ihave been trying to cancel my subscription to Time magazine but keep going around in circles. I am presented with an electronic form which asks for information. I supply this but it is continuously being rejected. An account number is requested but the example given bears no resemblence to that appearing on the address lable. It is presumed that I live in USA which I do not and requests my state! To say that I am pissed off would be putting it mildly.

Posted by Anonymous

Sir/Madam, I paid and you collected $21.00 from my account on 10/25/17 as of today I have not received my subscription. Please review your records and get back to me at the following e-mail, thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service My subscription ended in late November and I'm still receiving issues PLEASE CANCEL I no longer want the magazine. Shirley Babin 24 Pleasant Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to cancel my subscription for the Time Magazine in South Africa for some time now. Can ANYBODY TELL ME WHAT I MUST DO TO DO IT PLEASE. It seems there is no Customer Services in South Africa.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like if someone in customer service could please give me a call i would like to but an ad in your magazine.

lynn zamalloa

Posted by Anonymous

This is Dr.Laguerre..Account I wanted to renew my subscription for 2 more years, but your system is so difficult ..Please tell the persons in charge of programming to do better job...We just want to renew and we don't want to buy other magazines...Thank you...

Posted by Mart

To inform you that a company called Secured Publisher Mail center is scamming subscription money. We bought a 2 year subscription to Time in March and they cashed the check in March for $68.20 . We haven't received the magazine, of course, and they won't return my queries.

Posted by Anonymous

second time now, that i subscribed with a promise of th time watch. i have not received the watch on both occasions and asked them by way of internet comms to cancel my subscription,after being billed and money taken off my credit card for subscription renewal.they are stil mailing time mag to me and no refund!

Posted by Ruea E Davis

Tried to reach customer service, a person without success. I have ordered Time Magazine since 1962. I stopped receiving the magazine. Please research my account and tell me what is the problem. Why did it stop. We always received it on Friday. Remember when Time changed the mail date so we would have it for the weekend.

Thank you.

Ruea Davis

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Posted by Anonymous

These days it is nearly impossible to get a live person by phone at companies but I actually goggled and got a phone number and in about 2 1/2 minutes a pleasant man named James at TIME customer service. I explained I was moving to a new state Dec 1 and wanted to renew my subscription at the special renewal rate of $29.95 while updating my contact information. I explained that my husband had died and so his first name was also no longer valid. I also explained that TIME is one of the only magazines I am renewing at this point. He carefully wrote out the new information and advised me that the first magazine I would receive would be Dec Dec 7. Good heavens, what a treat to actually talk to someone who carefully got all the information! He was professional and I feel assured that I will receive the magazine in my new home. GREAT WORK TIME and A PLUS to JAMES in Customer Service.

Posted by AJ Ransome

I had subscribed to Time Magazine a few years ago and received a watch.
Last year September 2012 I renewed my subscription. As advertised that a watch will be sent to you and I am still waiting.
What is the problem is this a con for you to subscribe to the magazine.

Posted by anon

Used this number to cancel my subscription and worked fine!

Thanks for sharing this info!

Posted by Anonymous

Got right through. Worked fine.

Posted by Beth A

No, I'm not a relation or employee - the customer service today was excellent! I was very pleased.

Posted by joy

I just called customer service on behalf of my aunt to cancel her magazine subscription. She lives in an assisted living facility and has access to a magazine in the facility's library. I was able to reach customer service immediately
and talked to a very helpful,friendly, and courteous representative that took care of my request.

Thank you very much for the quick response.

Posted by Anonymous

Escellent service, which I have always experience with TIME MAGAZINE personnel.

Thank you much....

Janet Berend
Glendale, AZ.85302

Posted by Paul Rosa

No problems. I was on hold for less that three minutes, spoke to a friendly customer service representative, and renewed my subscription quickly and without complications.

Sorry to hear of all the complaints, but my experience was very satisfactory.

Posted by Anonymous

My subscription was renewed without my knowledge, and when I contacted them by phone, they immediately refunded me the total amount that the renewal had costed within 3 days. Great service!

Posted by none

I have several subscriptions through this publishers...Time Magazine being one of them. I must say that anytime I have had to contact their customer service I have had the most polite and eager to help representatives. I spoke to several reps that were all located in Ocala, FL. I wish all customer service calls I had to make would go so smoothly. Way to go..keep up the good work :)

Posted by aireastern

I had a different experience. The call was answered promptly and the complex situation was resolved without any problem or delay. Perhaps things have changed since the last postings. I reached the Ocala, Florida office.

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