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26 Negative Comments out of 28 Total Comments is 92.86%.


2 Positive Comments out of 28 Total Comments is 7.14%.

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  • Timberland

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    • 35.94 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 26 negative comments (92.86%)
    • 2 positive comments (7.14%)
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Scila

Poor Ignorant customer service, crashing website

I ordered a pair of boots from Timberland Uk,they arrived in wrong color .No explanation, or apologies .When I try to reach customer service or write a review their website keeps crashing.How convenient.Steer clear of Timberland.com buy your Timberland boots from an other retailer.

Posted by Ana

I love Timberland, but the online experience and customer service made me reconsider my attachment to the brand. On 11th of July I tried to order online two products. I have made the payment however the order wasn't registered and since then I was unable to contact anyone from Timberland to either have my money back or to receive the products I've ordered. My repeated phone calls and emails were not answered. Maybe is better to avoid using the website.

Posted by josousa

Hi I tried to make an order on the website timberland.pt. and the only thing I got was 121 € debited on my account, and no order, I spent money to call to the only number available for store support, and they have said that in 24h I would have my money back, this was at a few days ago, and until now I got 0€ back?
Since then they are saying that don´t find find my payment, but I already sent the proof of payment with card number, hour, day, value, everything that I could send an until now, nothing satisfactory, they don´t even care about the items that I was trying to order. Cold support client, I do not recommend to buy anything on timberland website. Beside that, the site is slow, and not intuitive, there is some difficulties in the filters the client can use. sheety website..

Posted by pinkdiamonds209

I'm having a horrible experience with Timberland.com. I had to return some boots I had bought my husband for Christmas and they didn't fit him. I has been a month and my money is still not returned to me. They were not cheap even though at the time they were a couple bucks off. I applied a promo code and didnt work. Winter is almost over! We won't need boots now!

Posted by The Colonel

Contacted Timberland Customer Service and spoke with Candace, took pictures of boots that she created an RMA for and spent my money to ship them. They were returned by ALEX No last name and a false phone number. This type of service creates disdain and strife with me. Timberland boots customer service cost me money, time and has no remorse for their unethical business conduct.

Posted by Anonymous

I sent Timberland a pair of their work boots of which the uppers were in solid condition, but while the sole edges did not show significant wear down, the interior portion of the soles simply disintegrated into small pieces. The soles didn't wear smoothly away, they prematurely crumbled apart, leaving otherwise perfectly usable boots surrounding the crumber sole interiors. Timberland warranty department claimed the boots showed sufficient wear to justify the soles disintegrating. The soles of work boots should be the most durable portion of a work boot, as they take the most abuse. Since the boots were not worn enough to wear the sole edges down, they were obviously made of materials that work boot soles should not be constructed from, or they would not have prematurely disintegrated.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of your pro series boots 12-1-15. the heels on both boots have worn through ( white sponge showing). I have sent them in to your Kentucky office - they say it is just wear and tear. If a pair of boots can't last 6 month - they are made too cheaply. I would not recommend your boots to anyone and will vigorously state to everyone I know "to avoid your company in the future" .

Posted by Sako

Placed an order on Monday, and told me my order was canceled on Wednesday because of unverified billing address on the bank side.
Are you kidding me? I used same address to purchase before on your site and any other online shopping site, now you telling me my address won't go through?
Pissed but still called them and also checked on the site try to repurchase. When I clicked the boots that I ordered, it went disappeared when direct to the next site, but still exist on the sale page. The stupid rep let me hold for 30 mins and force me to hang up because it takes so long and I have to leave. Called them again on Thursday and told me that I have to call me again on Friday.

OK COOL! Just called them, and told me they can't do anything because it's bank problem and I have to reorder. I told them I used the same address before to order and the rep couldn't answer the question and just keep saying it is bank's problem. I said on your site the boots I purchased went disappear when I clicked it. They checked and told me discontinued.
Oh! Now I figured why my order was canceled, because there was a short on inventory and Timberland just made a lie says my order won't go through because of the bank couldn't verify. Of course I called to bank to verify my address, and they said the same address in the same format that I input on the timberland.com is ok.

This is the last time I try to buy something from timberland, never again. THANK YOU FOR YOUR STUPID SERVICE AND BAD LIES, SAVED ME 200 BUCKS

Posted by NapervilleMom

Do not buy from this company. I purchased a pair of winter boots. When they arrived, they looked nothing like the online picture. I called Timberland. They insisted a return label was included with the boots. It was not. I was assured a return label would be e-mailed. I was told to check for a return label after a few days. This all occurred in early December - right around the Holidays. In fact, I had planned to wear my new boots on a Holiday vacation we were planning. After a week, no label and the boots I couldn't seem to get returned got lost in the shuffle. In late February, this box of ugly boots surfaced in my office and I made another attempt to return these ugly, ugly boots. In the meantime, I had purchased a great pair of boots from Zappos that I was very happy with and had no problem returning as I purchased two sizes, to be sure of the fit. I called to get a return label again and I was told, "Too bad! It was outside my return window." Someone from management was going to call me in a couple of day to discuss these ugly boots and why they were still in my house. I went ahead and sent the boots back - because really, what was I going to do with them? No one from management ever called and Timberland returned the boots to me. I will never shop with this company again. We live in a world of options with lots of companies that offer great products for an exceptional value. I cannot urge you enough to work with any company but this one. They are smug, make ugly, misrepresented products and do not follow-up on what they say they will do. Shop Zappos. Shop anyone. Don't shop Timberland.

Posted by Anonymous

hi my name is tyrone Stanton I am a resident of Voorhees nj and a stark supporter of timberland products. I never once had a issue with any of the items I purchased of the timberland brand which I consider to be fantastic! however I guess theres a first time for everything. you see last night we experienced some pretty inclement weather here in southern new jersey and I went to turn to my trusty timberland boots and drove too the supermarket. I walked inside and as I was walking I felt something under the heal of one of the boots ok no big deal I thought probable just some accumulated snow on the bottom but as I continued to walk I happened to look down at them and found that the whole heal had eroded. now I probable wore these boots less than (5) times since I brought them and only wore them for style as they are not serious work boots. so I cant find the receipt and I hope this issue can be rectified somehow because I do enjoy the timberland brand so much.

Posted by bac109

Absolutely horrible customer service....took almost 45 minutes to an hour for this lady to get my billing and personal information. I had to repeat at least 3 times why I am sending the stained and water seeping boots back. I have been waiting for at least 45 minutes again as I am trying to get ahold of someone as my prepaid return label has not been emailed to me. (I asked and was told it was going to be emailed to me 3 hours ago). The costumer service is horrible, and the boots (wheat) are horrible. Wow, this has taken me all day, they need to get their act together.

Posted by Cynthis Walton

You dont make our money...we make yours and it spends any where. When we buy we do as we please.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been calling for 6 weeks still having received my boots and every time I call it's always the same thing we're working on it we'll contact you in 1 to 2 days that goes by and I have to call back to hear the same thing and they say I can't get a refund I paid 267.00 dollars and I haven't nothing I will never ordered from here again

Posted by TimberlandFan

I too have experienced this similar issue as well. I have ordered an item several times and it continues to get cancelled. AS of today it is still showing as available. I have called and e-mailed your customer service for the past week without a resolution. Why is it so difficult to order with you?

n 9/14/201 I placed order # 3514018596 for Item # 3905A Size 11M Price $62.99 . A few days later I got an email saying it was no longer available and my order was cancelled.

I called in and confirmed it was available and I was explained it was a glitch, I was instructed to place another order.

On 9/18/2014 I again placed an order # 3522465466 for item # 3905A Size 11M Price $62.99. A few days later, I again got a cancellation saying it was in stock.

I called in on 9/20 and was told to check website again this week and if item was there it was available. I have 2 concerns. The price is no longer $62.99 and I am reluctant to order again because i dont know if I am wasting my time. I was promised a callback but no one called me .

This is your response on 9/23
Thank you for contacting Shop.Timberland.com Customer Support.

We apologize for any difficulties you have had with your order 3522465466. According to our records, we have submitted a request ID 14193326 to have this matter looked into further. You can expect to receive an email notification within 2-3 business days with a resolution to this request. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

If you have any other questions please contact our customer service department at 888-802-9947 for assistance. We are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, and thank you again for contacting Shop.Timberland.com Customer Support.

Noel K

THis is your response yesterday

Dear Ernest,

Thank you for contacting Shop.Timberland.com Customer Support.

We understand your concern and apologize that we have not contacted you about your request 14193326. Unfortunately, we have not yet heard back from the warehouse regarding these shoes. As soon as we hear from the warehouse, we will let you know if we have these shoes for you. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, and thank you again for contacting Shop.Timberland.com Customer Support.


Susan C.
Customer Service Representative

I drove 3 hours to your Charlotte NC Outlet to get a matching Timberland jacket and now I am unsure if I will ever get these shoes. This has been a horrible experience. Can anyone please help?

Posted by Ex-Tiberlander

Since Timberland was bought out by VF, they have become a joke from a quality standpoint and the problem is that it has created a domino effect. Timberland knows they are putting out junk, so they know they can't really support it with credible customer service either, so they basically ignore you even when your complaints indicate major flaws in workmanship and quality control. After over 20 pairs of Timberlands - no more for me.

Posted by naomi

I want to make a complaint, I have genuinely never been treated as badly as I was today in your timberland store in centre mk midsummer place shopping centre
Me and my family always buy your products and have done for many years we went in there today to buy my partner a new pair of your boots for £160 pounds in size 8 I was served buy a young girl who brought out a pair that one was from the display I asked not to have the one from display as I didn't want other people's feet to have been in my new shoes, she told me it don't matter as they change the display shoes regularly, I replied with that is fine but for my on comfort and on reasons I didn't want the display shoes I would like a pair that ha never been worn or tryed on by anyone to which she looked up at another sales assistant and laughed both of them she looked at me and said it would have only been worn by people with size 8 feet again to which I said still people have ha their feet in them again she laughed with this other colleague I said can I have one from out back she said no looking at me then the other girl they both just stood there looking at me and my family like we were scum I got up and left but went back in to talk to their manager who was stood there laughing with them and was literally straight after I left so he clearly had been listening I asked why they were laughing when all I wanted was a pair I could either order from them online if they don't have a pair paRt from display ones from out back I've never been so embarrassed when all I wanted was a fair service with buying a new pair of shoes not to be treated like scrum the manager sent the girls out back whilst they still stood there laughing as I was talking to the manager honestly I couldn't believe it he again said sorry he will deal with it but for a manager who had laughed to and I really believe you need to be aware of the kind of people you have representing your store my family and I will never be buying anything from your store again as I don't want my money paying their salary

Posted by pete,

My name serafin guzman, i have six pairs of timberland, my best pair are the 650 wheat tims.Want to know how can i get a refund on the pair of boot the sole on my left foot got loose,It dangling like a big tongue flapping up and down who can i send the pics to,for a refund or new pair,8.5,went to the store where i bought the pair boot,but they gave me the run arounds.I will send u the pair of boot so that u could see the damage....

Thank you:
Serafin guzman

Posted by nanano

appalling customer services..
i returned two shoes i bought from them and after a week i received a confirmation that they received them and i should receive my refund in the next 4 working days.
however as you can imagine i am writing this review because after a month, three emails with no response and a few calls i still havent received my money back...
cannot believe such a company could be that unprofessional.
i had to speak with my bank and get the money through a chargeback, luckily my bank is professional and not a bunch of morons"

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a pair of Timberlands. The sole seemed to be sewnd to the upper lether part but it was only glued. The seam is only a fake ! Shoes are dead after 18 months - rarely used. lether and sole are ok but separated.
All the talk of responsability of this company to me seems like lies.

Posted by JAZ 32

I have tried in vain to complain to Timberland Customer Services after a pair of boots I bought on line mid November 2013,split, so I have tried in vain to get some response but to no avail. I sent them an e-mail on 05/01 and got no reply. I sent them an on line inquiry on the 07/01 and got no reply. I left them a voicemail on the morning of the 08/01 as I could not get anyone to answer the phone on their customer service number, asking for someone to phone me back, but no one did, and then I sent them a message on facebook, asking for someone to contact me, but no one has - aaaahhh - I have been a lover of this brand but all of this has now changed. I can't even say I have had poor service as I've just had none at all!!! ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Jim

Posted by alice

I ordered a pair or shoes online and somehow it was cancelled. I got no reason. I called the customer service and got no feedback and compensation. They just cancelled it!!!!!!!!!!!I cannot believe it. The customer service is very poor too. I am so disappointed at the brand.

Posted by DJ

Corporate Office,

I am attaching a string of emails regarding a purchase that I have been trying to make. As you can see I have ordered 3 times and have been cancelled three times and each time I have been assured that the product is available. The product remains on your website as we speak and therefore I assume that it is available. I can't believe that a company of your reputation and stature would advertise a product that is not available. I am certain this is not the way you perceive the process should work at Timberland.

I would appreciate a response.

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.



Once again I am writing to let you know that I did reorder the boots with a customer rep on November 30,2013 order ots would be shipped. This was 30 % off plus another 30 % off and free shipping.

On December 1, 2013 I once again received a notice that the boots are unavailable. Your website still has them listed as a available. I think I have been very patient and I am wondering whether there is any connection between the folks selling and the folks supplying.

When I talk with customer service everyone is extremely helpful and has indicated that the boots are available. After that it all falls apart...the discount period has passed, the boots are not available.....someone has dropped the ball and it is not me. I have spent an inordinate amount of time and effort trying to resolve this.

I would appreciate further direction.



Thank you for contacting Shop Timberland Customer Support.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced from the cancellation of Orders Sometimes we have low quantities available for a particular item, and there is a slight possibility that it may be out of stock when we attempt to ship your order. Please know that we would be happy to submit another order on your behalf with the aforementioned discounts with free Overnight shipping. Simply contact our customer service department and reference your order number

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, and thank you again for contacting Shop Timberland Customer Support.


Mark S.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Support at www Shop Timberland

If you have additional questions, please visit our online Help Desk.

--- Original Message ---


Received: 11/29/13 11:16:38 AM EST


Subject: Order Inquiries

Name: Dave

Wrote: I placed an order online on Nov 24 ... The product was featured on your website and I was eligible for a 30 % off promotion. That same day you notified me it was not available. On November 28 I placed an order over the phone with a customer rep order . he assured me the product was available and this time I had a 30% discount plus a 25 % discount along with free shipping. Today Nov 29th I received a notice that the product is not available once again. My concern is I have gone through the proper channels ordering something I believe was available only to find out that you have listed it on your website and it is not available. I am now no longer eligible for any discounts. I have been a loyal supporter and purchaser of Timberland products over the last 30 years and am more that a little disappointed at the nature of who you are now conducting business. If the product is not available then simply indicate that on the website. On Nov 24 it was available according to your website and on Nov 28th it was still available with a 25 % discount.how is that being transparent with the consumer? I would be happy to discuss this further with you .I can be reached at 603-. Thank you ..Dave

------ Please do not remove your unique tracking number! ------

Posted by leitmotif

These guys are a joke. I have been trying to pursue a complaint for three months now and their policy is one of ignoring any correspondence that isn't positive.

Posted by [email protected]

I have called the Timberland 800 service no fewer than 12 times and no has been able or willing to help me. My issue has not been resolved and the account manager has yest to call me and it's been 9 days.

Posted by brooke

They have now charged me 285 dollars for a pair of boots that should have been 105, they will not help me in resolving the issue and can not do simple math. It is unfortunate that this happened,from someone that would have been an extremely valuable customer i will NEVER order from Timberland again, nor will my friends, family, or husbands coworker (all of which are in the construction field). The product may be great but the issues that have come along are not.

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Posted by Anonymous

It makes me sick how inconsiderate people are these days! I'm not talking about this customer service. I have received the best customer service ever! Understand that these people are human too and quite frankly, the problems you guys are having is probably not even the rep you are speaking to fault. This customer service has bent over backwards to help me. A+ Timberland for great customer service! You will always have me as a customer!

Posted by wendy strong

Recently I have had an ongoing issue between a shipment that went out from your store on FEDX. It was a gift to my son from his brother who never received it. It was a xmas gift. Trying everything possiable to get this issue straightened out, FEDX refused to take responsability for their careless error. Over the last 4 months it has been an absolute pleasure working with the manager of the Westbrook, Ct store. I never got her last name, but I am sure when you get to give her some recognition for this letter of praise, you will know how to find her. Great customer service skills, fantastic communicating and problem solving skills,patience and listens. How very proud you must be of this employee. Her first name is Erica.

Wendy L. Strong

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