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Ticketmaster customer service is ranked #607 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 27.99 out of a possible 200 based upon 167 ratings. This score rates Ticketmaster customer service and customer support as Terrible.


159 Negative Comments out of 167 Total Comments is 95.21%.


8 Positive Comments out of 167 Total Comments is 4.79%.

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  • Ticketmaster

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    • 27.99 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 159 negative comments (95.21%)
    • 8 positive comments (4.79%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Tried for 2 hours to access my account, emailed customer service, called them as well. All to no avail, On my egift certificate it said to apply at checkout...no where to be found. I will never use them again.

Posted by Stickitmaster

Hours of emails and phone time for a simple change of delivery.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased tickets to the 90s funkfest in Bonner Springs, Kansas.They made everone leave because it started raining & told us to go to our cars, but its not cancelled, then later told everone it was cancelled. I called to ask for my money back after we purchased 12 tickets to see them perform & now their telling us that they won't refund our money!

Posted by Disappointed

I purchased tickets for the Migos and Future concert and Migos did not perform. There was no mention beforehand of Migos not performing. I paid over $100 for a ticket to see Migos perform, I could care less about Future. I would never have paid a fraction of what I paid if I had known Migos would not be there. There wasn't even any notice for me to sell my ticket before the concert either. Beyond disappointed. This is just blatant fake advertising and there wasn't even a substitute performer for Migos.

Posted by Angry customer

We purchased a ticket for my daughter to go to the circus,and she wasn't able to make the event. We then asked for refund and they told us 5 to 7 business days for our refund. When my fiance called them about their refund the lady told her that there was nothing they could do. LOOK WE JUST WANT OUR MONEY BACK AND YOU WILL NO LONGER SEE A ANOTHER DOLLAR FROM US...

Posted by sstrout

On December 12, I purchased tickets to the February 1st Celtics game against Toronto. These were to be a 30th Birthday gift to my wife. Since then, my wife has broken her ankle and is confined to getting around on a scooter. I reached out to Ticketmaster yesterday (1/23) to explain the situation and was told it would not be an issue to get moved to accessible seating which would be better seating than originally purchased and at the same price.

Today I was told, however, that not only is our new accessible seating higher up than our original seats but I would have to pay more for these seats. I am not paying more to sit up higher. However, Ticketmaster said there was nothing they could do as there were no other accessible seats left so my options were:
1) we are welcome to keep our original seats (which are not accessible seats) and go to the game and HOPE that something opens up once we get there so MAYBE we can get a better accessible seat at that time or
2) we can request a refund but there's no guarantee it will be granted.

I then asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold for 15 minutes while my representative got "permission" for me to speak with a manager. The manager confirmed for me that there were no other accessible seats available and prices change so we would have to pay more for the higher-up seats.

I then went on to Ticketmaster's website and opened up online chat where I again relayed all of this to an online chat representative. The representative told me I was misinformed and there were plenty of accessible seats left but that yes, I'd have to pay the difference and some of these tickets would be an additional $150+ depending on availability.

All I want is for Ticketmaster to honor what they originally told me on 1/23: That I could get accessible seats for my wife and I that were in a better section and would not have to pay out of pocket as it's not our fault my wife broke her ankle. I am simply trying to give my wife a nice Birthday present but don't want to be penalized for an injury by having to pay more or sit in a higher seat.

Posted by Anonymous

Just had a very frustrating experience trying to buy tickets to a music event through Ticketmaster. Stunningly unprofessional and frustrating experience. Avoid if at all possible.

Posted by wsm20498

I bought tickets to see FFDP with Ivan Moody. Not someone else in his place. Ivan is the front man for FFDP and it will not be the same with out him. I want a refund!

Posted by Mustang 2016

I just found out the day before the FFDP Shinedown concert that Ivan Moody the frontman for FFDP will not be performing that he's being replaced! He's the reason I and my gf bought the tickets to watch him perform. We want a refund due to this!

Posted by former_ye_fan

Kanye abruptly ended his show in Sacramento at the Golden One Center. I want a refund.

Posted by LQ

Kanye West ended his concert after a fifteen minutes rant and one song performance. How may I obtain a refund for my tickets?

Posted by chuck

i cannot reach anyone on phone numbers you provide....i cannot print my tickets online

Posted by Anonymous

Ticketmaster sucks!!!I tried to get tixs for greenday in bodton from the start no tix available finaly after 4 hts get tix go to finalize you guys blocked me because using refresh toi many times i deserve to get 2 tickets with all the bull i went through

Posted by Liz

How do I get a refund on garth brooks concert on 7\9 the concert was postponed due to rain. We had to leave as the last train back to NJ was at 1:22 am I believe he did not perform until after midnight. Horrible what he did to his fans after waiting 19 years

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered VIP tickets parking for John mayor is dead and company they sent us the IP tickets for the Doobie Brothers I need this rectified immediately I have no telephone number to speak to a live agent Please call me ASAP it's thank you was that the website

Posted by abby

Wow. Ticketmaster has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. What a disappointment. Who else can we buy tickets from if Ticketmaster and Live Nation are one company?

Posted by POedcustomer!

When and how do I get my money back for the Janet Jackson concert rescheduled for Washinton, DC? This is a damn shame!

Posted by Anonymous

How do I get a refund on my Janet Jackson concert tickets. For the Albuquerque tour date

Posted by itsmeYo411

I have been calling their 800 number to get a refund for the Janet Jackson concert which has been canceled for awhile now. The concert was scheduled for TONIGHT!!!! On Ticketmaster's website it says they will CONTACT YOU to give a refund for canceled concerts. It has NOT happened yet. Hello

Posted by Very Frustrated

Have literally been calling all day to the help line and it has been busy every call. Must've called at least 15 times already throughout the day and cannot even get through (and I just know once I get through I'll be on hold for half an hour minimum waiting to talk to someone). Ticketmaster is honestly the worst company to deal with.

Posted by Pissed off customer

I'm unable to get through to get a refund for the Janet Jackson concert.

Posted by It's my money and I want it now!

I am still waiting on a refund this Janet Jackson concert it has been more than 3-5 business days. I just want my damn money back!!!

Posted by Ashtarir

Ticketmaster has horrible customer support. It's been two weeks since I ordered my tickets and I still have not received them not have I received s response as to why.

Posted by Anonymous

Ticket master sucks!!! Can't EVER get through to their line. I want my money back from my JANET Jackson tickets. IMPOSSIBLE!!! The line is busy 24/7. That's messed d up

Posted by Waiting on a refund

Good luck trying to get your refund!

I called today NOT technically asking for a refund for the Janet Jackson concert but requesting to take my money and purchase tickets for another concert. I already anticipated problems since a. I no longer have the card I purchased the Janet Jackson tickets with b. The concert I wanted tickets for is in another venue. I spoke to FIVE different people including the insurance company (I bought insurance along with my ticket foreseeing bs,total waste), who were useless! Essentially I was told the concert is only rescheduled (Ticket Master seems to be the only people who didn't see the personal message from Janet herself stating her tour is postponed due to starting a family) and I can only receive a refund. Well, a refund is great but I have to wait until my bank rejects my refund THREE times before Ticket Master will issue a check. The representatives ignored the fact that I told them I NO LONGER HAVE MY CARD.

I understand that the representatives are following "company policy" but I have also worked in customer service and know for a fact there's always a way to get around the system. How is it that I can go to any other company and receive a credit and or have money put on a gift card but Ticket Master (who sales gift cards by the way) is not able to do this simple transaction? Why is it that I have to wait almost TWO months to receive a refund but it only took TWO seconds for Ticket Master to take money out of my account? I was told Ticket Master didn't have my money anymore, the promoters do. I had to remind the representative that they will receive their money back from the promoter. So I guess my little $160 is keeping Ticket Master in business? I love how I'm being punished for someone wanting to have a baby and because a huge company hasn't entered the 21st century.

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Posted by Carilee

I had to comment to give a good review to Ticketmaster. I bought 2 expensive tickets to a WWE event for my handicapped son and then after I gave them to his birthday he did not want to go. Ticketmaster refunded the cost of the tickets when I explained the situation. I did not really expect them to do that, it was a very positive surprise.

Posted by Mr. Clint (Consumer Support Spec

My name is Esthela Delgado I recently left a comment for a very helpful and very professional representative by the name of Nathan. I am now leaving a review/comment for an individual by the name of Clint and his position is Consumer Support Specialist. Unfortunately, Mr. Clint and I started off on the wrong foot. He seemed very rushed, slightly aggressive, and constantly interrupted me. However, he did resolve my problem very much so. He did do his part as far as returning my phone call in less than 1 hour which I greatly appreciated it for the fact the I'm a very busy District Manager for my company. Nonetheless, Mr. Clint and I finally met at the same page and left me as an extremely satisfied customer. My only problem was I asked if I could be transferred to leave a positive comment/review but for some reason he "accidentally" hung up on me. So as an old employee of a call center, my only feedback to Mr. Clint is to have more patience for the customer, don't rush your job, we customers of Ticketmaster too get a little frustrated at work you're not the only one Mr. Clint who's having a bad day. We're all human. Thank you once again for resolving my issue and transferring my tickets to the nearest location. I deeply appreciate it Mr. Clint you saved me a lot of time, gas, and saved me from an unhappy daughter. I wish you the best in your job.

Posted by Mr. Nathan

My name is Esthela Delgado I called Ticketmaster in concerns regarding the tardiness of my tickets by mail. I spoke to a Representative by the name of Nathan from the call center Mr. Nathan showed very optimistic attitude including: amazing communication skills, wonderful professionalism, and most importantly a great deal of patience. Initially, I started off as a very upset and unsatisfied customer, but after the on phone experience with Mr. Nathan he once again proved to me that Ticketmaster has one of best Representatives than any other ticket/event seller. I highly recommend Mr. Nathan be given the chance to be promoted to a supervisor or management position so he can help and share with his fellow coworkers his skills/knowledge on how to always satisfy customers. And by doing so, leaders like Mr. Nathan can help build this fine corporation to bigger heights. I would know management, I myself am a District Manager for my business. Thank you once again Mr. Nathan for your exquisite customer service. I wish you the best in the Ticketmaster company.

Posted by Anonymous

First off, I hate how stressful it is to buy tickets on here, especially if they're in high demand. I wish they would just release all of the tickets at once, but instead they have multiple (in this case, 4) presales, and that definitely adds to the stress if you don't have the code, the correct credit card, the app, etc. I also wish that they would provide at least estimates for prices for tickets and packages before they go on sale, so that fans can get a feel of which ticket they wish to aim for. All that aside, I spoke to 5 different people in customer service today, in order to return/refund two separate ticket orders. The line is always busy, so you just have to call a couple times before you get a response. You then talk to a robot, who eventually refers you to a live operator (after 5-15 min of being on hold, depending on how busy they are/the time of day). Each person I spoke to was very pleasant, polite, and extremely helpful. By the end of the two phone calls, I got a refund of $1600 in total (Four $400 VIP packages), so I am happy about that. I still hate how stressful the buying process is, but the refund process went very smoothly.

Posted by Anonymous

yesterday I accidentally purchased one ticket to a concert for $282 when I thought I was getting two (my fault COMPLETELY!). I called them and they issued me a refund, maybe because it was the same day I purchased them... but the venue typically doesn't allow them to give refunds.

Then today, I tried to purchase two tickets to a different concert using their Android app and when it was charging my card, it said "sorry, please try again" and sent me back to the main page. I tried again and could only get a single ticket, and purchased it. After, I realized that I HAD been charged for the two original tickets and called them to ask for another refund for the single ticket I bought... and they issued me a refund.

They're not THAT bad. They really helped me out in the last two days.

Posted by crazyhorse

after my rant on here and to customer services earlier, a very nice man has rang me back and told the tickets that i tried booking this morning are still on hold, and if i wanted them i could pay for them now,:) so i happy again, was really mad and fed up this morning, but thanks to the man who rang me back, he has made mime and my sons very happy.. so thank you xx

Posted by chrissyesq

I have used Ticktetmaster several times over the past 15 years for concerts, playes etc and have never had a problem with them. One time I couldnt get through on the line to buy tickets before the concert sold out, but it either sells out in 30 minutes or 10 minutes depending on how may lines are available. Other than that never a problem. I like ticketmaster and feel secure in using them for tickets.

Posted by Anonymous

I made a mistake in placing my order. I e-mailed Ticketmaster right away about the issue. After a long night of worrying (Ticketmaster's customer service phone line was already closed for the night), I checked my e-mail in the morning. In less than 12 hours they had already fixed the issue.
I called in, just to make sure, and within less than 2 minutes on hold, I was speaking to an actual person, a friendly one at that, who spoke to me with patience and told me that my issue had been resolved. He thanked me for using Ticketmaster and told me that if I ever have any issues, I can call or e-mail in and they'll take care of them as soon as possible. And I believe him.
Ticketmaster has great customer service, and I will continue to gladly use them in the future.

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Posted by justanotherTMemployee

I don't think a lot of people realize just what we do. We are CONTRACTED by the venue and promoters to sell tickets for them. We do not own the tickets or most venues. What happens at the venue, once you get there, needs to be taken up with venue staff. Ticketmaster is not on site. Our policy is no refunds no exchanges but we will(if at all possible) at least provide you with at least a face value refund if the promoters and venue have NOT placed their own 'no refund no exchange' policy on the event. These FAQS are made clear if you would take the time to read the fine print. We should not have to hold you hand and make sure you have done this. If ordering tickets, we assume you are a responsible adult with common sense. I don't mean to sound flippant about that either, merely stating fact. We also offer 'ticket insurance.' Sure it is $7 dollars a ticket but if it is a no refund no exchange event and your reason is a valid, covered reason, the insurance company will refund your $. If you opt not to take it, well then that is on you. I see all the complaints about no tickets available. Do you ever even stop to think HOW MANY others like yourself and hundreds of broker companies are trying to buy the same tickets as you, they same way you are? By phone, by internet, by venue, by store, and by automated phone system? There are so many different way and Yes, they do go fast. We only have what the venue and promoters give us to sell? You think we would rather sell them to the brokers when we work for minimum wage and cant afford their jacked up prices anymore than you can???? But it is their job, they know the system and how to use it. They employee tons of people in their offices, all on their own phones and computers same as you. The customer has to stop them by NOT BUYING them! They carry all the credit cards, They do their homework, They join fan clubs, radio station web sites, venue mailing lists, etc to get on these lists for presale codes. There are normal people just like you who get tickets to high demand event and as sad as it is sometimes, it is the luck of the draw. You all get picky and want better seats, you let them go and them there's nothing. That is not our fault. You complain about the brokers, so we put a blocker on the website. Well then you get mad because you get locked out for doing the same thing they are doing (refreshing and being choosy). You cant win for losing. sigh We work a 9-5 job just like you. We have families at home just like you. We have policies at work..just like you. No one asks you to purchase. You come to us. If you don't like our fees and charges (which is what we make to operate) then take yourself down to the venue and purchase them in person. No? What? It's to far? It out of state? Well isn't Ticketmaster convenient to have. We always guarantee your seats. Do you honestly think we can guarantee US mail delivery? We can ALWAYS have your tickets waiting at the venues Will Call window if all else fails. Sure you may have to wait in line.. but you know you have tickets when you get to the front! Some of the things I saw posted are outright lies and I am sure as many are truths. I cannot always say that we have the very best employees. There's always a few less competent in any rate but as consumers ourselves, as much as you may disagree, we go what we can without risking our jobs which are few and far in between at this time. My advice to all is to read our SALES TERMS and CONDITIONS which you must click to agree before purchase.

Posted by sweetness_1239

I'm a Ticketmaster employee and I love the company, we have 4 weeks of training to insure we give outstanding customer service. The goal of Ticketmaster is world class service. We try our hardest to provide outstanding service. Making our customers happy is our top priority. I wasn't asked to post this, and I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this. But I read a lot of negative comments and I just want everybody to know our goal is making the customer happy.

Posted by tm.employee1

As a current ticketmaster employee, and not being in any way asked to write this, I want to promise all the commentors of this site, I, personally, will do my very best to provide actual customer service. I want to have a job to be proud of, and these comments saddened me, so yes, I promise to strive to bring you all better service, thank you for these comments.

And with only two call centers in the country, I will at some point be talking to some of you :)


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