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Posted by machub

After one hour with tech support Tivo wants $250 to replace my Tivo under warranty and then refuses to let me speak with a supervisor!

Posted by 15 year TiVo Owner

TiVo's call center technical assistance continues to disappoint & reinforce my decision to go with a Cable provided DVR.
I spoke with Ezra at the Philippines Call Center - he was pleasant and somewhat helpful as I attempted to get my TiVo HD back online. I started the process of Guided Set-Up and he said that a hot spot Internet connection would work as Internet connection. I just wanted to watch my shows that were saved on my old HD model.
I started the process, then got hung up on the last step, I think it was getting program information...I called back spoke to a woman and she said "Hot Spot will not work with my TiVo" I told it was working, she said no it won't. I then ask her how familiar she was with the older TiVo models....she said she was. I asked to speak to a supervisor she insisted three times that - that was not needed. I insisted a fourth time and she said she would connect me. She then hung up on me. Great service.
I called back, got Ezra again, agent the first time. He was a little confused over my question...would hot spot work, and I just wanted to watch my saved programs. I then asked to speak to a supervisor again. He put me on hold and after 10 minutes...yes 10 minutes I got supervisor Jeff.
Jeff gave no clear answers and just kept repeating what I was saying to hime, and he said "Hum" a lot. Hum, this, Hum that.
He then told me to look at my TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter. He kept asking if the two lights were lite or blinking. I told him there was only only light with two symbols on each side of it. He told me to turn it over and look for another light. I asked him if he was aware of what these look like...there is no light on other side, just an rainbow / upside down smile light that goes from power to the internet connected symbol..handshake symbol I call it. He kept telling me I was not connected. I got so frustrated with his hums, and more hums from him, I hung up.
What kind of service does TiVo offer? The worst. So unless you are a tech smart person I would not recommend TiVo as there is no customer service any longer. There used to be...not it has been unsuccessfully outsourced to another country.

Posted by Tivo Sucks

Tivo lately has been consistent about a couple of things! 1) bad customer service, 2)Premiere 4
is a terrible product. I have an Series 2 that I have had for well over a decade, when Tivo was invested in and cared about their product and it still works! But these new Tivo's are not worth the investment.They are not made with the same quality and pride of product like in the past! And the sad part is that they are only made to last for a short period of time. At least that's what the customer service representatives in India etc. say when you speak to them! There are no service centers or anywhere to have them fixed! So 4 years into my Tivo Premiere 4 it recently stopped working with my Spectrum Cable Service! I have had numerous Supervisor's,Techs and I contacted the FCC,because I thought it was my cable,but after thoroughly have everything swapped out and changed and the missing stations,signal errors and pixilation continues on some stations! It seems that somewhere there is a coding or firmware issue and Tivo doesn't have a fix! I will never buy another one after I paid for Lifetime service. I was told by the customer service rep. for Tivo that even the current Tivo's are having issues,especially with Spectrum! There are a lot of complaints on social media about Tivo! I will definitely contact the BBB and ConsumerProtection companies on this product! Disgusting! If an executive from Tivo cares to speak with me I would gladly have a conversation with them!

Posted by Dismukesinity

Absolutely horrible customer service experience. TIVO OTA bought directly off their website was a second hand box and did not work as it had no picture. After an hour of troubleshooting with two technicians I was able to speak to a manager who pretended that they could not hear me. Really? I was able to convince her to send me a replacement for the DOA box that they sent. What an enormous waste of time and energy. TIVO shame on you. Your customer service is abysmal.

Posted by Anonymous

Infuriating that technical support and customer service are in the Phillipines during normal business hours. If you ask where they are located, they say they aren't allowed to say. Unacceptable. Connections are awful. Privacy is an issue. I bought my products in the US from a US company and I live here. Customer service/technical support should be here, at least during normal business hours.

Posted by Mkrupsky

Dear TIVO,

I am writing today to express how disappointed I am in deciding to buy a TIVO Roamio OTA.

After only two months of use my Roamio OTA started making a loud fan noise.

At first my customer experience was decent until I learned that my Roamio OTA would not be replaced until the original was received. Most companies issue returns upon getting a notice from the shipping service.

I was further disappointed to learn that I would be receiving a refurbished one versus a new unit. I paid for a brand new unit and a 2 year warranty; shouldn�t I get a new unit as a replacement?

Today I received my replacement and it did not include a power supply or a remote. More disappointment.

I called Customer Support and was told that I should not have sent the power cord or the remote back with the defective unit. No one informed me of this.

TIVO return policy clearly states ;Returned Merchandise must include all original components, literature, warranties and packaging in the same salable condition it was received.; That�s exactly what I did! But somehow its my fault. Now I have to wait six days to receive a power supply and remote?

If there was a way of returning everything for a full refund I would do it.

I will not recommend TIVO to anyone I know.

With all due respect, I truly regret giving you my hard earned money.


Posted by Anonymous

TiVO has pissed me off for the last time! I had an older (one of two TiVO's)box that crapped out. The supervisor gave me $25 off the purchase of a new Bolt. I called back to order it and was told that I could only apply it to the 500gb or 1tb models not the Bolt+ I wanted. REALLY? I'm a customer for almost 20 years and that's the best you can do? I wanted to talk to a manager and they told me NO, they don't take phone calls with customers. YOU SUCK!

Posted by Anonymous

Horrendous customer service. I placed an order for nearly $1,000 of equipment and paid for overnight shipping. I called the customer support number and was on hold for 15 minutes. Used the 'chat' and wasted 20 minutes with a person who kept asking for my customer information and finally told me that I need to call customer support. Called back and I have not been on hold for an additional 20 minutes. If they care this little about customers in the

Posted by tobyto

Tivo customer service sucks, they are not the same they were a couple of years, they put you on hold for ever and you have to go over 3 different reps and at the end they don't help you.
They are not as good as they were before, even to place orders is a pain.

Posted by laqca

OTA Roamio, for one month they keep telling me we're working on fixing lineup issues. I can't record on PBS, 6 or more channels are labelled incorrectly, they can't be added to a One Pass recording, only manual recording works for those. Tivo is the worst!!

Posted by sandstones

Somehow Tivo has acquired this image of a high quality company. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Lets start with basic customer service. When are you most likely to have trouble with your Tivo? When you are watching TV, right? So when do most people watch TV? Evenings. So Tivo shuts down customer service at 6:00 PM on weekdays, and 5:00 PM on weekends. That is worse than the 7:PM they had a few months ago. And if you happen to be on the phone with an agent at 5:45 or so, they will just put you on hold and go away. You are totally screwed and have to call back the next day and start over. That happened to me at least 3 times, even when I called an hour before closing.

I had a particular issue with the pause button not pausing when flipping back and forth between two live games. First they said it was a bug that was fixed in a new version. Although this is something that should have been fixed in version 1.0, not years later. When the bug was still there, the story was that my unit must have been defective and they sent me a refurbished one, but it also had the same problem. Then I said it must be a bug and they opened an incident report. And when I inquired about the bug a few months later they said it was an enhancement. To make the Pause button always pause is an enhancement??

And the so called 'refurbished' unit had a big dent that looked like it had been attacked by a meat cleaver. Another example of poor quality practices.

As I write this I am on hold with Tivo- the voice said the wait time would be 2 minutes. It is now 35 minutes and counting and approaching the cutoff time. It seems as though every time I ask or need something from Tivo I come away disappointed and/or pissed. Satellite TV, here I come.

Posted by PE

TIVO REFUND FAILURE - $317.99. Over a month and a half, with repeated communications on many days and waiting for hours on their unresponsive "customer care" line [They honestly DON'T CARE about customers], I secured an RMA approval and returned my UNOPENED TIVO equipment via UPS. UPS confirmed delivery on SEPT 1st. 5 Days later, TIVO said (in writing) that they received the equipment on SEPT 6th (after contacting them several times), and then did nothing about refunding my money $317.99. After more daily attempts at getting a response from them, I got another email from them now saying they received my TIVO on SEPT 23rd! And a refund would be coming. By this stage, I had totally lost confidence in TIVO and contacted American Express customer service, filed a complaint with proof of delivery from UUPS and proof from TIVO that TIVO had received the equipment, and less than 24 hours later, AMEX refunded my money and they will take the matter up directly with TIVO. They simply reversed the AMEX charge and TIVO can do nothing about it. Thank heavens for AMEX which I've been a member of for 34 years and every year has been a 5-Star year. TIVO's head of customer service (and the whole department) should be fired. They don't serve customers at all. Once my other TIVO that I still have dies, I'll never use TIVO again and will recommend that no one else does either.

Posted by Anonymous

I found Tivo service to be very bad. Keeps you on hold forever, I believe intntianaly, I never get through. Because of thier service I do not reccomend buying a Tivo.

Posted by sandstones

First they are never open when problems come up - like when I watch TV which is evenings and weekends.

If you do get them in the early evening (they shut down at 7:00) they have this annoying habit of putting you on hold at 6:50 and then just go home leaving you hanging.

And it seems as though every single time I have a problem, no one can correct anything, no one takes ownership, makes me wonder why I bothered. And they have some significant software bugs that must have been there for years, that they just don't do anything about. NOT a premium provider.

Posted by Bill

Everyone time I raise an issue, I'm told I'm wrong.

I've worked in I.T. for almost 20 years and I've done TV repair so I'm not your average customer. When I've actually gotten a decent support person, who looked and literally said "Wow. you've already tried everything I would suggest". Yet, I'm wrong that there are issues.

My current problem is a change was made to my channel line up; I just need to delete and re-scan the channels. My wife just re-scanned so we now have duplicates. It an easy to fix solution that's happened many times over the 5 years that I've had my Premiere. Unfortunately, over that time there's been a bug on the channel scan screen where after hitting thumbs down three times when you go to hit enter, it will go to the previous screen. Historically this has existed on both the channel scan and the delete scan menus. This time, its only on the delete.

After support tried blaming things like my network connection -- my internet connection has NOTHING to do with having a change in my cable line-up and needing to rescan plus their suggestion of turning off my TiVo, Cable Modem, and Router and then turning them on one a time would have disconnected my chat session AND would have taken over an hour.

Their next suggestion was to repeat guided setup; we did that and contrary to their claim that it would scan for new channels, it never scanned for new channels. I'll back that suggestion in that I thought repeating guided setup would re-scan channels (was it changed in a recent update?). Still the idea that you would need to re-do a guided setup -- to reconfigure you network, re-tell the TiVo what cable service you have, pick out the right service package, etc which requires multiple connections to the TiVo service that run SLOW and wastes an hour just to re-scan. You have a menu option to re-scan -- of course the support person argued that those menus didn't exist and guided setup was the only way to do what I needed. I guess the jokes on him sense it didn't even do what he wanted.

Today I was told that going to the previous menu is the expected behavior. That's not how its worked for five years. It also doesn't delete the channels. So to say there's no issue and it works as expected means that they don't expect it to actually work.

I was down close to three weeks last month and I've been down a week this month. I think its just time for TiVo to go.

Posted by TCO

Tivo's email customer service really sucks. The responses are scripted and do not address your problem.

Save your money.

Posted by TiVo Sucks

TiVo Customer service sucks. I canceled my service in Sep, but they just keep billing me, it is now Dec. I call every month, they keep telling me they have canceled my service, but keep billing me. Today was the 5th call. 'Jack' told me the could fix it. I hope I don't get a bill in Jan!!!

Posted by Reportbadones

TiVo makes it extremely difficult to cancel the automatic renewal of your service. You have to call and wait for service representative and then talk to a second representative before they will finally cancel you. They will not take any emails or other communications to cancel the service.

Posted by Bill W

I've been a TIVO user for almost 10 years. I liked the unit so much I bought 2 (1 for the living room & 1 for the master bedroom). I even upgraded to the new versions of the TIVO box and recommended them to my friends. And to show my ultimate commitment and bought lifetime subscriptions for both my TIVO HD units. That's why I was so disappointed in how I was treated by customer service when I went to upgrade my TIVO HD units to a Roamio .

For the last few months TIVO has been sending me e-mails warning that my TIVO HD would lose some of its capabilities due to changes by my cable provider. I called customer service and the sales rep convinced me to upgrade to the Roamio. To make my transition better he said they would transfer my Lifetime subscriptions over from my HD boxes to the new Roamio boxes. So fell for the sale pitch, paid the money and waited for my new boxes to arrive.

In 3 days I got the Roamio as promised but when I went to activate the units I got a nasty surprise. Even though the Sales Rep had put in the "notes" that my LifeTime subscription was to be transferred to the new box, the new person I was dealing with said it couldn't be done. After being transferred to a supervisor she said that the sales rep was mistaken and there was nothing they could do. This really rubbed me the wrong way. I understood that technically you can't transfer a LifeTime subscription from 1 box to another since the subscription is tied to the serial number of the box. But in reality what was being promised was a free LifeTime subscription. At the very lease I would have expected them to try to make things right with discounting the subscription. Instead, I was quoted the company line and offered to buy another LifeTime (at FULL PRICE) or pay a month subscription (at FULL PRICE) also.

BTW, those "capabilities" I was going to lose (i.e. Amazon streaming & Pod Cast viewing) was because TIVO didn't want to support the new MPEG format. I had already started using my BlueRay and Smart TV as a workaround.

I don't write reviews (good or bad) but this experience has driven me to my keyboard to type out my first. It's unfortunate I'm writing about a company I use to value. I guess things change with time and maybe it's time for me to have some of the other DVR options a 2nd look.

Posted by Anonymous

With your "one pass" i can no longer get what you used to call "season pass" for programs from my local PBS stations. After many years of wonderful service you have really screwed things up somehow. What's wrong?

Posted by QShip

I just was hung up on by Tivo customer support (obviously an oxymoron).

I called to place my account on vacation hold for several months for the summer. I was place on hold for over 15 minutes while they tried to figure it out. Finally I was told this was a 'one time thing' and that they would do it, but it would only be a 'suspension of billing' not a suspension of charges. When I objected to this and suggested that someone at Tivo should already have had this situation figured out and told them to just terminate the service they hung up.

I was ambivalent about Tivo before, but now know I will get rid of the device and tell anyone I can not to deal with them. Very unprofessional, and the service is not any better than any other dvr.

Posted by tdog143

I called to cancel service the day before new billing cycle, b/c I have not had TiVo equipment connected to my TiVo in nearly 3 months. I got a very junior TiVo representative that, although nice and sweet, was still in training mode. She wasn't very helpful in the process. I wanted to cancel service, but still going to be charge another month, and was denied crediting my account for that charge. I have already paid for at least an additional 2 months due to my own fault. At $14.99/month, that adds up. In addition, I was not offered an incentive to stay, or given a warm and fuzzy to return. Again, TiVo customer service is not scoring any points here.

Posted by Dennis

I experienced extreme difficulty with Tivo Chat Line support getting answers to some pretty basic questions. I asked the same question 4 separate times and the individual I spoke to repeatedly gave me an answer to entirely different question. Question: Will the Tivo Mini be triggered by the RF signal from a Roamio remote. Answer: Yes, the Tivo Mini will respond to the IR signal of the Roamio remote if it is set in that mode. I gave up talking to her and plan on not buying their product, particularly with such poor quality support. Really unbelievable.

Posted by Eric

With out a telephone line to suuupport itsimpossile ( or it just feels that way.)there is obviously a second problem that resulted from the first problem reported and so cold corrected this past week. I have no call how I'm supposed to get a hold of you without such a number except for going through sales and that's a loss and knowledge to sales because they are now asking if your secretary receptionist. There is a serious need to be able to get to tech-support quality tech-support at other times then during normal business hours. Television doesn't shut down at 5 o'clock in evening. Nor do people who watch television watch it till 5 o'clock in evening.please have someone from tech-support get back to me as soon as possible 215-245-1404 thank you for your help in advance.

In the event you cannot reach me by my normal landline you can reach me by cell phone at .again thank you for your cooperation.

Posted by go4jones

After having a Tivo Premiere freeze and restart almost daily, TiVo support told me to improve its incoming signal quality and power. Via cable improvements, I upped signal quality from 73% to 91%, and made certain the TiVo was plugged directly in the wall, with no plug strip in between. Freezes continued. In addition, the TiVo started recording anywhere from 8 to 32 minutes late. On a tech support call on 10/20/14, I reported all the above to Mark of TiVo. Note that a TiVo whose drive had failed had been replaced previously. When I explained what I had done, Mark told me to run a 54 Kickstart drive test, was rude in giving instructions, insisting that I read an email he sent first. He continually said that he wanted to solve the problem, but he had *no* solutions. Only after I had started the drive test did he tell me it would take 2 hours and that I would have to call back tomorrow to report the results. The drive test came back clean. Now I'm back to where I was before. My only real course of action is to replace this TiVo with a Comcast box, as TiVo has not offered any meaningful solution. Mark's overt rudeness and condescending attitude was the last straw. I own 5 TiVo's in total. It's about to be 4 and shrinking.

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Posted by Anonymous

We started watching American Odyssey On NBC and got a season pass. Tonight we went to watch the ls recorded episode and were taken to Amazon. Now to watch it Amazon Wants us to PAY to continue to watch. In my opinion this is a typical BATE AND SWITCH SCAM!
I would like to think that TIVO wouldn't be a part of this but I CAN'T HELP BUT BELIEVE TIVO IS !!! If you are SHAME ON YOU! TIVO should be operating with full disclosure and punting a note on all programs that are intending to charge for viewing episode's!

Posted by TechnoGeek

TiVo Sales Support quoted me pricing that could not be honored. However,...

Charles with TiVo Support (tivosupport_charles) contacted me this evening (Oct. 11, 2014) and resolved my problem. Kudos to Charles for reaching out and doing his best to help. Much appreciated. I purchased the Roamio Plus with Lifetime, and I look forward to what I hope will be an excellent product experience. Thanks Charles!

Posted by Charles

customer service rep (cs) was excellent. i called with a question about why amazon prime wasn't available from a tivo network channel (as is netflix, amazon instant video, hulu plus, etc.). the csr explained that it wasn't currently supported. i would like to see it added as i do not want to pay for videos that i can get for free from another device (like sony blue ray player with wifi or hardwire cat 5 connection). thanks...

Posted by Sorter

I recently purchased an OTA (over-the-air) TiVo DVR model# TCD746500 and signed up for the $15 per month service. I came to a standstill with the installation process so I called customer service figuring I was overlooking something. The CS rep tells me I now need to buy an 'N'type network adapter so that my wifi router can talk to my TiVo. I was furious and told the rep I will be cancelling the service and returning the product to Best Buy. I rudely hung up and was in the process of already arranging a return to Best Buy when the rep calls me back and explains she will send a free network adaptor model# AN0100, no strings attached. This sells on Amazon for $60 and at BB for $90. Do I think TiVo has amazing customer service? I called them like 3 times during the setup process and each time my wait is under 2 mins and I get to speak to a well educated English speaking American. This company wants your business. Also the DVR and service is awesome! I tried a few other DVRs before purchasing a TiVo and this unit just smokes the competition.

Posted by UBetcha

I've been a long time TiVo owner, and on the occasion where I had to contact TiVo technical support, I was speaking to a polite US speaking person very quickly and I got the help that I needed.

Posted by Majikyle

I got the tivo premiere in July 2011, signed up for the year at 19.99 and didn't have any trouble at all with it. I am a veteran of O.I.F. and had to enter ptsd inpatient treatment for an extended amount of time. I called to try to shut the service off. Normally there is a deactivation fee of around 200 bucks. A friendly representative named Colin was able to talk to a supervisor after I told him of my situation. Colin was able to get my service terminated without any fee. Many thanks to Colin and Tivo for helping me out and making me feel that some companies are willing to go the extra mile for the vets.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been Tivo member for 4 years. Now they no long provide a dail service to Canada so that I can up date my Tivo. I have to go wireless, except that I have to purchase a wireless adaptor $60 to $80 but they don't ship to Canada so I can't even buy one. Their recommendation was to purchase one off of E-bay.

They were very understanding when I told them I no choice but to cancel. Tivo is not meant for Canadians anymore. If you are Canadian be worned.

Side note Tivo was an excellent product

Posted by jeffb

I had an annual renewing service plan, and forgot to cancel after the first year. Fortunately the credit card they had on file was inactive so they weren't able to charge me. But my Tivo account showed a $129 balance that I couldn't ignore as it would eventually be turned over to a collection agency. I called customer service (within 30 days) and they cancelled the service and told me the balance due would be credited.

The next day I logged on to my Tivo account and the service was cancelled but the fee remained, so I called them again and was reassured the fee would be credited, and an hour later it was. Both agents I talked to were very friendly and helped in every way they could. I could have been charged early termination fees but it didn't happen. It really was my fault for agreeing to the service and not cancelling before it renewed so it was very good of them to wipe the slate clean.

Posted by Anonymous

Generally helpful, knowledgeable; quick phone response

Posted by belnord

Tivo doesn't tell you that when you upgrade to HD that you can't use picture-in-picture and you lose the ability to download to a VCR.

It's not the fault of the Customer Service people. They are very nice when they tell you (in effect) that by spending more for your service you do get a better picture but lose functionality.

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Posted by Ann

We are supposed to be a paperless company, but TiVo does not allow email. from anyone outside the company, just faxes where there is no predefined order or method to file them. Poor customers!!!!!!!!!


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