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Posted by Worst Customer Service at Dallas

Worst customer service at Dallas Love Field airport. Never ever take the car from this location. We booked a minivan with Price line but when we reached to booking counter they weren't honoring the price and was charging double the charge. When asked why is it they were very rude and should be fired from the job. After nearly wasting 1 hour we ended buying from another rental car. I wouldn't recommend anyone to take rental car from Thrifty. For me Thrifty rental car is banned for life.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried calling concerning a billing question at the 800-847-4389. It only pertains to rentals not billing. I can not locate a viable number to call to talk to a human about an outrageous bill of $97.35 for 2 toll booth charges. Both PennDot and Thrifty are using toll booths to gouge rental car users in Pennsylvania.

Posted by Thomas P. Jacques

My husband Thomas P. Jacques rented a car from you on 9/10 in Portland, OR to be returned 9/16. Rental #656523836. Tom had a medical emergency while on vacation and we were forced to drive the car to Billings, MT instead of flying. I was told, at the Portland office, and your Billings office, there would be no drop off fee because of our emergency. On 9/16 you charged my credit card $861.14. I have spent hours trying to talk to someone who could help me to no avail. We have been good customers for Thrifty and I ask that you please help me with this charge.

Posted by Anonymous

They overcharged me about 280USD for so-called cleaning fee which I never made the car dirty .Trying to dispute this transaction...worst company ever . never rent from them again .

Posted by MAP

Prior to going on my honeymoon I entered into a legal verbal contract that I'd get the same rate of $21/day after returning to the Columbia Metropolitan Airport, SC. When I returned from the Bahamas, I was told I'd have to pay $51/day. I explained the agreement to the agent and she called her supervisor. I informed them that I had studied law and could sue and prevail. The best they could do was $36/day. I took my business to National and they gave me a rate of $22/day along with a 5% discount as a newlywed. Go and rent from National, NOT THRIFTY! I wrote a letter to the CEO, who passed it to customer service. After providing her with the relevant info, she's yet to get back to me. I've consulted an attorney and have written another letter to the CEO outlining my complaint. Breech of contract and detrimental reliance violation in contract law.

Posted by Dmkats

Had a Terrible experience at the Nashville Airport. A victim of aggressive sales tactics and down right dishonesty. As a result, overcharged by $240.00. Contacted the customer service dept by email. They responded "Too bad, you signed for it." Well, we signed for it because we were told our signature was required to get the car. Not that we were buying additional insurance. I have never experience such dishonesty in an employee. Checked online, and MANY reviewers are complaining about the SAME employee. The company has been unresponsive to our complaints.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to settle a dispute on my charges but have been ignored.

Please contact the office at San Antonio International Airport.

Rene Palacios

Posted by So sad

St. Louis, MO 4174 Cypress Rd. St. Ann, MO 63074 I want to complain about this location attempt to cancel legitimate reservations to give our cars to last minute renters at high rates. Due to rain storms across country, our flight from DC got in 1hr 30 mins late. By time we off-boarded and took airport shuttle to Thrifty car rental on Cypress, we were 2 1/2 hours after our reserved time. When we arrived the staff said they were told to cancel any reservation over 2 hours late. We planned this trip months in advance and due to the Solar Eclipse we knew there would be demand so we made reservation. Instead of honoring our reservations, they told us to leave and go find rental car place. We knew their would be no more cars in the region and last minute rates would be 4X higher, so we said honor our reservations because you know we can't control flights and weather. They told us leave or they will call police on us and say we were causing a problem instead of saying we cancel people reservations if 2 hours late because of flights. They called the police on us. We told them they were wrong to treat us like this. But they said, due to solar eclipse they made this rule for the day, they did not care that our flights were late because of weather and 2 hours is the rule of the day so leave. It was horrible!!!!! 3 families were stranded...a mother was crying, elderly couple who called from Detroit about the weather (even dialing the number in front of police and we watched the phone at counter ring and was answered by another front desk person-WE ALL COULD HEAR THE OLD MAN SAY, "THIS IS THE NUMBER>>I CALL YOU DIRECTLY ABOUT THE WEATHER AND YOU SAID NO PROBLEM". This was horrible treatment. The police and other customers agreed that this was wrong treatment. The police went back to their car saying we can't make them do right. I told the men behind the counter that they know if this happened to them, it would be cruel and wrong. The other families left in taxis. I refused to leave. The police said they could not leave because of me. Finally after 2 hours of torture, I mentioned calling media and I have a video of the incident. I can show you video of the people who issued this treatment based on direction they were given. Looking out for the well-being of the business, one smart employee took action to resolve the issue. I did get a car, but went through HELL, embarrassment, anger, fury and belittling to get a car I rightfully reserved. The owner made this rule or somebody did, but when people fly to a place and reserve with Thrifty they don't have the right to treat us like this. There is so much more I can say and show! I would like to hear that is has been address with this location. Cancelling our legitimate reservations to save cars for last minute renters to gauge them, but screw us over, is heinous!!!!!

Posted by Frosted in Tampa

July 20, 2017, Tampa airport. Reservation made month earlier. NO CUSTOMERS around Thrifty counter. 2 female employees studying the computer, one with Dollar, the adjoining counter. I note female for identification purposes as to who was working at the time of this poor, unprofessional, attitude. I walked PAST the wait in line here sign as there was absolutely no one there, but stopped short of going to the counter, assuming I would be greeted and checked in. I was told frankly to move back to sign while she signed on. Not able to do so, the other women from Dollar, after several minutes, said I can help you. She then denied my credit card as the name, Tom, did not match my drivers license, Thomas. REALLY. Not educated nor wanting business. Hertz, your parent company, proceeded to accept my card as did Enterprise. So, who's losing business?? I guess that was Thrifty's way of saying they were out of cars. Hertz then rented me a compact for $130 for one day. Guess who's no longer getting my business.

Posted by Anonymous

It appears that by reading the other views on line, my experience is not different.
I have been taken advantage of by an agent that noted my credit card is only held as a deposit. Never was I told it was for LIS, Insurance, as I had declined all coverages. It is unfortunate that we trust people and they do not treat us fairly.
Very poor customer relations. I can only assume that agents are paid a bonus for the LIS sales that they try to get us to pay for in any manner that they can. Sad!

Posted by Angry consumer

EXTREMELY unhappy with Thrifty Car Rental ! ! ! Never will use them again.
Owned by the Mega - Conglomerate Hertz, therefore elimination of competition !!!!
Never will use Hertz nor Thrifty. NEVER. Advise you to us any other company but
Hertz or Thrifty.

Posted by Anonymous

Delray Beach manager Giovanni. Is very disrespectful. He needs Customer service skills. He is the worst I've dealt with.

Posted by madmadmad

This company is completely crooked! They charged me twice for the one rental. Were rude when I asked for a refund at the main desk and told me it was not there problem. Also, they don't make customer service number easy to find on their web sight and when I finally did get the customer service number I spent forever on hold.

Posted by introesque

I rented a car for Thrifty rental car via At the time I scheduled the Rental at $93.30 with Travel Protection of $70.00. When I called Thrifty Rentals to confirm my dates, I was told that I would only have to pay a 15% deposit with a major credit card.
While I was at the counter, the clerk tried to get me into a more expensive car and purchase more insurance even though I explained that I already bought insurance through my Expedia reservation. Since she continued to try to badger me about the insurance and getting a larger car. I decided to leave the counter and call Expedia to find out what was going on.
After I got on the call with Expedia, The Tech called Thrifty Rental for me to find out what was going on. After being online with Thrifty for 20 min. she was finally able to get the information I needed and confirmed that I would only have to pay the 15% deposit for the car rental.
After getting off the phone I went back to the counter and another clerk informed me that I would need to put a deposit down of $250.00 because I was using a MasterCard and not a Visa.

Thrifty rental car never informed either myself or Expedia, the "Approved Card Policy" section which was nowhere to be found By the Expedia tech or myself until the time of my rental request at the counter. Because of this I had to use UBER, Which, although, was cheaper than the entire week of usage with Thrifty Rental Car, I still lost $70.00 due to the fact that Insurance premiums are not Refundable.
Because of this disservice via Thrifty Rental Car I am Request that Thrifty Rental refund the $70.00 I lost because of their lack of communication both with me and Expedia. Furthermore, Thrifty Rental car should correct it's communication with all 3rd Party reservation sites about Approved payment methods BEFORE customers decide on Thrifty Rental Car services.

Posted by JQSW

The service I received at the Pompano office has been the worst customer service experience that I've ever encountered

Posted by Norma

On 8/31/2016, my flight was delayed into Austin, TX. Upon phoning Thrifty, they wanted flight information to verify delay, but said they would hold the reservation for car until 9/01. Manager of Austin Airport's Thrifty told me on 9/01: 1) she had no clue who manager Michael was (whom I had spoken to on 8/31), 2) that even if she did know manager Michael (whom she thought was corporate) that corporate's computers don't communicate with Austin Airport's computers, 3) that I could wait around for 2 hours to see if a car came in but NO GUARANTEE. When I explained to manager that I needed the rental to get my little's brothers memorial, she said: " can go somewhere else if you want." I was completely appalled at the treatment I was given. Result: The car rental rep next door heard every word with eyes wide open saying Thrifty's treatment of me "was messed up on so many levels." They put me in a car within 10 minutes for a better price than Thrifty and offered condolences to the death in my family.

Posted by Anonymous

1. After checking my drivers license and getting an approved receipt on my credit card, why is Thrifty making a photo copy of my credit card?

2. They asked were was I employed, really what does that have to do with them renting me a car, I asked Michael SC the CLERK why was he asking me that and he said that is was on the application. REALLY

Posted by DK

I prepaid for a Thrift Rent A Car for pickup in Vegas in May this year DECLINING the extra insurance they offer. When I went to pick up the car at airport in Vegas, I specifically refused all insurance. The Rep at the counter said no problem and asked me to sign and initial on their paperwork. On my return of the car, I noticed the extra charge they were adding for insurance I had repeatedly refused added on my bill, so I immediately went back to their counter at the airport lot and filled out the notice their Rep told me is needed to correct this and that I will get a call or email within 48 hours. To date, nobody has addressed this error with a call or email. I further emailed their customer support yet again with no response. This Company and it's employees purposely and deliberately swindle and cheat clients for items not requested.I know I was purposefully cheated.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a car July 5th had to bring it back 2 hours later but I went to turn the car in July 7th they said that I could have a couple hours till actually 5 hours because of the inconvenience of having to return a car I apparently hit the brakes hard enough to make safety lights come on it was concerned for the safety of the car returned it exchanged for another car now I'm being charged for the extra hours 7 to be exact I told them I would be late 5 o'clock didn't show up till 7 so they charge me for a whole nother day I'm not happy with the service someone please call me back from your corporate office thank you very much

Posted by Anonymous

Why doesn't a real person answer the phone at your corporate headquarters? Is it because you have received so many complaints about your service?

Posted by PAUL

I Would Just Like A Call Back From Someone In The Corpate Office. Mail Boxes Are Full Or No One Is Excepting Calls.

Posted by Larry

Your ADMINISTRATION FEE OF $15.00 for each toll incurred by a customer renting one of your vehicles is absolutely absurd! For example if one incurs 7 tolls of $1.00 each that would be $7.00. Your fees would be $105.00!!!!

I rented one of your cars in Raleigh NC. I incurred one toll in the amount of $0.76 (that's 76 cents). My credit card was charged $15.76. I sent you the 76 cents so you owe me that.

I am going to post this on Facebook, Linked In and any other social media I can find to advise those unaware of what a scam you have going.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it concerns;

June 14, 2016

Alleged Damage to Nissan Frontier Windshield

Posted by Unhappy Customer

I have tried getting information regarding my car rental and yet not one person can answer them! You would think if you are a car rental place and have information in your computer you sit in front of, you would be able to tell me what I need to know. You know, how much it would cost, how much the hold of the account would be. And yet could not answer it. Tried to send me some other place. Just answer the DAMN question!! It ain't hard. So when I asked to speak to a manager the freaking guy put me on hold for 10m and then they hung up on me. Seriously?!?!So I called back.I ain't giving up that easy. And I was on hold for 5 min before anyone picked up the phone. The SAME dude picked up the phone. THE SAME!! Acted like nothing was wrong. Soooo I asked for the Manager again... on hold for 10min, a lady pickup the phone, who I might add was NOT A MANAGER. What part of "can I speak to a manager do you not understand?!?!?! I just needed information. That is all. If I was going through that and that was just one the phone, I can imagine how much crap I would have to put up with at the counter. NO THANK YOU. I am good. I will NOT go through them again. I would advise you to go through some one else.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the same think happen to me at Atlanta Airport. They stuck me with $200 loss damage fees when I told them I did not want any insurance. He said he had to have my credit card for deposit hold and to swipe and answer yes. Never did he say that it was for insurance. They will not refund nor do they answer the phone. I will call my credit card and see if they will do something.

Add your review!

Posted by cw

I was very apprehensive about renting a car at the MDW location (Chicago) because of the predominate negative reviews, but our experience was perfect! The process was quick and the vehicle was excellent and clean. Thank you!

Posted by phildip

Alex at Thrifty, SeaTac Airport, was extremely helpful, twice. She sorted out an upgrade for me, then offered to find a new car after a few days when the trunk lock stopped working. In the end they fixed the trunk lock. I can't praise her highly enough for her customer service.

Posted by SusiRex

Well, it seems like my comment may be of the minority opinion about Thrifty, but here it goes. I had the BEST experience at the Thrifty Car Rental in Honolulu on Nimitz Hwy. The manager of the store was hands down the most professional individual I have ever dealt with in the many years of my history of renting cars. He went over and beyond to accommodate my son and I. I had forgotten my driver's license on the mainland and this gentleman honored my reservation and rented the car to my son. He was very concerned and incredibly nice and such a cool guy. I will be visiting again in August and will definitely be using his agency again for my car rental needs. Thank you for ensuring my visit with my son was a success!

Posted by Sylvia

I rented a car for two weeks with Trifty. I didn't even had to wait in line for five minutes, I had reservation. Giovanni pulled it right up, in less then 20 minutes I was on my way to visit family. The car was spotless, needless to say the staff was very professionnal and show that they care. To return it back it only tooked about 10 minutes and I was on my way to the airport. Thank you Trifty Staff for all that you do

Posted by JOL

Friendly staff but very poor product (not road worthy)

Posted by Anonymous

the first time i rented a car from here i was satisified with the service

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