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Posted by Anonymous

I stopped before hitting man's car at the rear. He said no problem but his friend said what about the dent from the front. Oh, yes you did that. Then he started threatening me. He wanted my info and I knew if I didn't and left he would say I hit him and ran. I told your claim people that I did not hit him and their was no damage to my car and it showed when you took the picture. His insurance company called and wanted a statement, you denied claim. I thought it was closed. I get a letter from state for 2 accidents in 3 yrs. I thought it was because of an old accident after my husband passed. However, it seemed much longer and could not find paperwork. Now I am in A Fib again and upset. I passed. THEN I get a letter from you stating that it was because of an accident I didn't have and you paid property damage on his old dent and no one even contacted me you put it against my drivers license!! I guess an old lady in her 80's must kicked in that long dent or maybe used my head. But you know WHAT you have also upped my premium over $1,00.00 a yr! I get $1,600.00 a month and have a mortgage. I can not believe he got away with it. When I have an accident I own up to it and when I didn't a bully got old damage paid. If I had known what had been going on I would have gotten a lawyer now I pay the price. The Customer service and Claims people have been no help and say their is nothing can do but go another insurance DA!

I would like to tell you about the horrific experience with my homeowner's claim and how I sat for 3 months with mouldy carpet in my living before your approving the claim and that is when my A Fib started. I had to threaten to get the contractor paid. I told then if I died of a heart attack my kids would sue, I got the check. Oh I am getting used to my new pace maker, thank you. I always felt safe insured by you but feel like you threw me under the bus! I know I won't get any help from you but I cried a lot and feel a little bit better for having my say.

Posted by Anonymous

Dealing with representatives at The Hartford is always a pleasant experience. They are unfailingly polite, compassionate, and helpful. I always recommend this company because of my continued good service and will remain a loyal customer. Many thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

In October of 2015 I was told that I could no longer drive, so I sold my car. I contact the Hartford customer service number and canceled my car insurance, Policy #55 PHD632770. Your representative assured me that the insurance would be canceled as of the end of October. At no time did they ask for written termination. I sold my car in Oct

I continued to receive bills and called your customer service department three more times. Each time I was assured that my insurance was canceled. To date I have never received a cancelation notice. In fact, I just received a past due notice for my policy.

Is it your habit to prey on seniors? I want my policy canceled as of October, when I first contacted you. I will not pay any amount past that date, as you were informed several times that my insurance was canceled, and that I no longer had a car.

Please be aware that I have done the following:
a) Contacted the BBB regarding your company
b) Contacted the head of your sales and marketing regarding your poor customer service
c) Contacted the AARP regarding your predatory practices
d) Contacted the Attorney Generals of Utah, Washington, and your headquarters state of Connecticut regarding your predatory practices

I have notes from the initial and second times I called your customer service line. I will expect any supposed past due amount to be credited to me, and will expect a notice of termination in the mail within 10 business days. I regard your business practices as extremely shady, and your customer service, so-called, as unhelpful and lacking in basic training.


Peggy Wilson

Posted by Anonymous

In trying to get auto insurance for my car in Hawaii I was told that to get insurance from Hartford I must presently have car insurance. I was told to call State Farm or Allstate or whatever and take out a months coverage with them and then come to Hartford. What kind of idiotic nonsense is this?

Posted by Marcy B

In November, 2014 a Hartford insured significantly damaged my parked car. Hartford paid for the repairs totaling $12,600, but there was frame damage. They won't recognize that damage and the car is worth less due to this. The car was worth $24,000 before the accident and now is only worth $15,000 as a trade in. They are not acknowledging my claim for Diminished value even though I have proof of my loss. They don't deal fairly with you and you never communicate with the same person. They are in violation of the Insurance Code, Sections as far as fair and honest practices. I can't even get their Chief Risk Manger to communicate with me. Don't do business with a company that has such bad business practices and can't manage their people to do their jobs.

Posted by Never get Hartford Insurance

the business is a complete trainwreck. They lose everything, they cannot find their own files, they cannot access their own computer system, and you cannot talk to anyone on the phone as you only listen to music for hours. No matter how many times you send documents, they claim not to receive them. Then they deny your claim based on having not received documents.

Posted by Agnes

I would like to begin by saying I'm sooo disappointed that my claim for damage to my house was denied!!! I'm a 66 year old retiree on a fixed income and thought that since Harford Insurance was thru AARP that the service and commitment would have been better. I have structural damage happening as we speak to my home. There are gaps in the ceilings and cracks in the ceilings also. Had a company come out and inspect and found that the support beams and leader boards under the house have shifted causing the gaps and cracks in the cabinet area and the ceilings throughout the house. Hartford sent out their own inspector and determined by the inspector that these damages have been caused by cold/hot weather which is a lot of "bull". They also determined the other cause was the settling of the house. My house is over 15 years old!!! Why would there be settling at this point?? I can't understand why my claim was denied on these factors because the company I had to inspect the first time indicated that the beams and ledger boards have shifted under the house from not being properly secured when the house was built. Also, where am I supposed to get the monies to have this repair when I'm retired and on a FIXED income!!!! I want someone to look at this and let me know why I pay premiums for insurance and when I need it they don't want to pay for the damages???????? I feel like I'm being ripped off by Hartford.

Posted by Anonymous

BEWARE! This is the worst insurance company ever! Don't answer phone, don't return calls. Don't have enough adjusters. Hartford HO insurance is the most horrible experience imaginable!

Posted by Artj636

Have Had 4 To 5 Conversations With This Company. In My Opinion Right Now Very Hard To Deal With And I'm Shopping For New Insurance Company Who Will Give Me The Service That I'm Paying For. I Don't Excepect This Rating To Go Anywhere But Its Great To Vent And Reach Out So Others May Not Have Same Problems As I've Had.

Posted by Neutrino Cat

I am a 27 year Hartford Worker's Compensation claimant, for 25 1/2 years I had been thoroughly satisfied with the services provided by The Hartford and if I had been asked in a survey to grade the people fronting the corporation, I would have given a score of 100 percent, or excellent, PERFECT. Any problem I had was always resolved inside of PMSI, and was not thrown into the lap, or laps of 4 or 5 Hartford representatives.. In, March 2013 the CEO then, Liam Mcghee took everyone using a company that was then named PMSI (recently a merger has changed the name) for medications and placed us with a horrible company, called EXPRESS SCRIPTS (Hartford Employees who have to use it, hate it as well).. Express Scripts has not been able to find me in their system, several people at The Hartford became involved over time, and although that single incident was resolved, the problems with Express scripts continued and persisted on, until I stopped using them in early 2014.. BUT, The Hartford Insurance company has a contract with Express Scripts using them as the Administrator authorizing prescriptions & payment. Every single medication with a prescription that my Doctor writes is TURNED DOWN for payment to the local pharmacy... I am then forced to phone my claim Rep with the Hartford to override Express Scripts TD, and any prescription that maybe approved is only authorized for 30 days despite my Doctor's request for 90. It is my view that if Express Scripts cannot get the business, then they have been authorized by someone within the Hartford to only fill the script for 30 days, unless overridden by a manager with the Hartford. It is a fulltime job a few days per month dealing with Express scripts! PMSI has a beautiful pharmacy management program/software that makes prescription management a no-brainer, easy peasy... Express Scripts is an effing Nightmare.. I wish Mr. Christopher J. Swift, age 53 would weigh the consequences of poor quality service provided by Express Scripts to claimants and employees. The cost to The Hartford over the long haul is turnover, and retraining within the customer service ranks all caused by upset claimants who blame the employee, wrongly I might add.. It makes me a nervous wreck trying to get a prescription filled these days, think about what a half dozen scripts does to me.. warmest regards, Big fan of The Hartford, Hater of Express Scripts!

Posted by Anonymous

My comments pertain to the customer service provided by the claims department. As a customer for several years and am amber of the industry for twenty seven years I was appalled at the inadequate service, the attempts made to "appease" the customer and the final judgement of the claim despite the appraisal of a third party. The original claim representative indicated the processing of the was dependent on who reviewed the claim. The claim representive took several pictures of the damaged property and indicated he would do his best to get the claim processed for a new roof. He then stated my words were mere here say. I have no need to falsify my statements since I understand ethics and honesty as an insurance employee. The manager of the department indicated he would send an enigineering consulting firm to visit the premises to "appease" me. The engineering retained the same position as the The Hartford. My consulting firm reviewed the property and indicated a new roof was necessary. Since my family lives in a subdivision with an active HOA a patched roof is not aesthetically pleasing nor permissible. The engineering firm used by the company has very poor comments by customers and customers were consistently denied claims. As a result of the process and the integrity of all persons involved I could not recommend this company. Hopefully changes will be made to increase the customer service and financial integrity of the company. An insurance company on this path will not remain financially stable and prosper.

Posted by Anonymous

This is in regards to the customer service i received through one of your "partners". I am referring to AARP. I called about auto insurance and the agent on the other end attempted to strong arm me into giving up the name of the other people in my household and said it was part of getting a policy. I refused and he continued to pressure me. Really??? This is what your company stands behind? Not one insurance company i spoke with required this information. I look forward to sharing this with everyone i know.

Posted by La Verne

I was to believe your Co. provided Ins for drivers of cars and etc. I had Ins with your Co. for a long time you seem to be more interested in credit ratings, rather then a persons needs for coverage I have a ten year span no wrecks or tickets, and still my premiums get higher.

Posted by very unsatisfied customer

So, I pay for renter's insurance and for what? Nothing! The Hartford renter's insurance group is an unbelievable JOKE!! There is not an email address to get a hold of anyone,they deny perfectly legit claims and it makes me wonder if this is even a legit insurance company.

Posted by Cyndy deBruler

The Hartford has been terrible to us. I was hit by an uninsured motorist (18 yr. old texting) while stopped and ended up with serious concussion, neck and back injuries. Two years later and no offer of settlement. I had to hire an attorney and fight like hell, then divide the settlement with the attorney because of them.

Now because of this claim they had to pay they are canceling our house insurance because of "moss on the roof" that was removed and proved with pictures.

This was thru AARP and I will let them know what happened and they should NEVER recommend the Hartford for seniors or anyone else.

Posted by Anonymous

How in the world do you find an email address for customer support? Or do you even have one?
It appears you have done your best to avoid making this info easily available

Posted by wd010

It was Joke of a customer service. They have a system installed where they call back the customer as soon his que his over to end call wait time. They call me back after almost 13 mins. Then when I thought I would be able to address my concerns they put me on hold again for 27 mins and 34 seconds after which I hung. Never seen such long wait times and such useless application of technology.

Posted by keith

I had to replace my roof because of storm damage it cost me 14,000 dollars. The Hartford inspecter said the repairs did not meet my deductable per his inspection. I had three other roofing companys look at the roof one is my best friend he also said it needed to be replaced. My deductable is 2,500.00. This cost will not include the damage to three rooms where the ceiling needs to be repaired because of water damage. My home is my investment, The hartford could care less I will be sure to tell everyone I speak to about how terrible there service is.

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