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The Gap customer service is ranked #176 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 51 ratings. This score rates The Gap customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


43 Negative Comments out of 51 Total Comments is 84.31%.


8 Positive Comments out of 51 Total Comments is 15.69%.

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  • The Gap

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    • 48.69 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 43 negative comments (84.31%)
    • 8 positive comments (15.69%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.9 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by deb

i've shopped at Gap for 40 yrs and today's experience was extremely disappointing. the music was so loud in the mandeville,la. store that i commented, only to receive a remark from a salesperson that " it keeps her awake". this was at noon on a tuesday. my husband had to leave and 30 minutes later my ears still feel the effects. so disappointing after many years of only pleasant experiences.

Posted by Anonymous

After two hours of trying to communicate, I am playing from one representative to another, telling the story more than 5 times, cut off the call, finally when I manage to speak, they did not help me, they are the worst customer service representatives I have ever seen. The inconvenience, I understand it and ready without solution. They are solucion.son unos incapaces.

Posted by Reggie

It takes over 15 minutes to get to talk to a real person when you call customer service. You have to say customer service over and over about 5 times. Very obnoxious. One time you will get somebody very accommodating; the next time you will get someone that will do NOTHING for you. You have the feeling that you are transferred to someone overseas that you can't understand. I guess the feeling is that you will give up and hang up.

Posted by Anonymous

The GAP customer service is beyond horrible. Company is going downhill. They say on their receipt that they want the customer to be 100% satisfied YET their online customer service strives to be ANYTHING BUT HELPFUL.

Definitely won't be doing business with them. There are too many companies who WANT my business.

Posted by georgia_peach

I clicked on the headline story "GAP pulls Ad Called "Racist", Apologizes to Critics"

My first reaction to this is, You have got to be joking! I have studied this Ad and have tried my best to find even one small trace of suggested racism, but I cannot because it's just not there! And the fact that GAP so quickly pulled this Ad based on offended "critics"??, and then apologized for it, offends me!! Accommodating overly sensitive african Americans, who are obviously in search of anything they can use to prompt a reaction such as pulling an Ad, is exactly why there's no end to this.....there will be something else, then something else after this, because one can look so hard at nothing until they make themselves see what they want to see! When you accommodate this insanely ridiculous suggestion, you should prepare to continue doing so! You have passed the test GAP! You're so worried about losing a dollar from African Americans that you just lost several from white Americans like myself.

Posted by Anonymous

the services i have received from your card servicces are horrible i apply for your acct in dec 2015 its now feb 2016 and i never received my gap card everytime i call card services they promise 10 days i will receive cards its been 70 days no card please help frustrated customer

Posted by anonymous

Very bad and poor customer service. Poor quality of clothes. I would get better quality clothes from primark for a good price. They were very rude to me. I would never shop in there again

Posted by Anonymous

Today January 4th., 2016, the Gap at Dadeland Mall is an absolute disgrace.
The store is in complete disarray. The customers waiting in line for up to
tried to help the public.
Very disappointing and absolutely poor management!!
Will think twice before going back. Of course I did not make my purchase!

Posted by inna

Your bills never arriving on time,your people call 180.times in 4 days and never leave messages! when you try call back it's like getting to white house!the worst company ever

Posted by Kim

I had received a welcome 25% off for signing up for email. The code was not working for my online order so I called customer service. Kim was rude and defensive and said I needed to read all the fine print before using my code as it only applies to GAP full priced merchandise. I told her that wasn't great customer service and was disappointed, she then proceeded to attempt to argue with me. Wow....I told her I wasn't wasting my time. Awful experience.

Posted by mrsy

Gap opened a Visa card illegally under man name. Ive spent months trying to figure out why and literally get no help. They told me Visa closed but my Gap card still good. Went to store yesterday to get workout gear. (Sidenote-sizing was way off) and Gap card declined. Gap/Visa worked. Wtf? I closed that. So called today, asked for my $30 rewards to be applied retroactively (gap has done this 4 times before for me) Rep refused. I tried to pay card and close. She couldnt see amount I charged so said id need a supervisor. They arent in until 1130M. I hung up on her. Ive been a cafd holder since 2002. I am canceling all cards and will never shop a Gap brand again. This is why they are bankrupt.

Posted by frustrated customer

Sunday February 1st, 2015 at 6:10 pm
Went to the GAP store #7602 located in Woodland Mall, Grands Rapids, Michigan.
Needed to collect items placed on hold the day before. These items were under the 50% discount sale. Once ready to pay for items, the discounts were not honored. The general manager was very rude. (cashier 2597223) First of all, did not believe I had such items on hold, second of all, she called a sales clerk who brought the items from the hold rack and started choosing which items I was referring to. It was very disrespectful towards me because of doubting what I have already explained to the manager
She said the sale was over the day before and she did not have to adjust any price for me. I explained that the clerk that helped me the day before had not mentioned at any point that such sales will be ending that same night. If anything, the manager wanted me to hurry up and leave the store because they were on the verge of closing.
All in all, extremely poor customer service and unwillingness to go the extra mile to retain customers makes people not wanting to ever return.

Posted by Unknown

The Gap is the worse place to shop. Seriously. The new location at the Cookstown Mall, in Barrie ON, Canada, is by far the worst of them all. They are more worried about talking to one another then working. The managers are extremely rude. And the prices are not acceptable for a "factory" store. I was in the line to pay for far too long so I dropped my stuff and left. The store is also filthy. Anyways, I would not recommend this location.

Posted by Evan

I have placed an order, didn't receive it after 3 weeks. I called Gap, and they have no idea where the package is. They said my address was incorrect because the street number is missing, the package was undeliverable. This is a huge retail store, it's unbelievable that they don't have an automated check for wrong address, they could simply check my billing address on the Gap card. What's worse is that they can't locate the package and re-sent it to me. The representative I spoke to even refuse to send it to me with faster shipping method once they found the package.

Posted by Paul

I shop at the gap often, at least once each season but recently I've had to relocate to upstate ny from Charlotte nc. The gaps I'm used to have always been accommodating clean friendly guarantee quality...But not at the CrossGates mall outside of Albany N.Y.. With sales clerks being incredibly demeaning and rolling their eyes at my 2yr old and doing nothing to assist me in anyway during every visit. Once they left a security pin on a new sweater .When I took it back ( 15miles from
my home) I asked to see a manager the clerk said" he could handle it"????....seriously? ????
Well after I corrected him it took 15minutes to get an assistant manager over to say she was sorry and give me a 4$ refund.....that's right 4$????....I'll never return to that gap again.

Posted by akh

Horrible system, very very frustrating, and I a guy who usually don't complain and try to be understanding. In 45 minutes I have made 3 calls, each about 15 minutes, two times the machine hung up on me due to "technical difficulties" and last time when I express my frustration the rep actually hung up on me!!

Posted by Anonymous

we are use your cloth last 10yr,we are real satisfy cloth is real good, but this time I by my pant but my pants zee par is no good I call customer service but no any respond so now I don't by never gaps cloth.

Posted by Jingly Jester

All I want, is some clothes, that freaking fit me, here in Greenville, Texas! these stores here in Greenville, Texas, are for crap! Greenville, Texas clothing stores, Are crap! and the spooky butt Mall here in Greenville, Texas, is so empty, that even freaking Ghosts, don't shop there! yes, the Mall here in Greenville, Texas, is SO Empty, that even Ghosts, don't freaking shop there! the Greenville, Texas Mall, is a sad joke. the Greenville, Texas Mall, really IS a sad joke! and the Mall here in Greenville, Texas, is just spooky! as I already said: I just want some Clothes that FIT me here in Greenville, Texas!

Posted by Anonymous

I don't have a problem with the phone operators, but have a terrible problem with whoever manages your credit card operation. First of all, i signed up for paperless billing. However, i don't think I have ever received an email saying my bill was waiting to be paid. This went on for the months of July and August. After i received notice from your bill collector that I had a past due bill and they referred me to your website, i found the July bill + late fees for 2 months of $25 + interest. I have asked for bills in paper because I fear I will not receive an email notice again. My next step will be to cancel the card - it's TOO COMPLICATED!!! I too really object to your phone tree - it takes at least 5 minutes and a lot of frustration to finally reach a live person.

I am also disgusted with your greeting starting out the call telling me how much credit i have left on my card, rather than getting down to the business of paying my bill. What are the chances of my wanting something else when the recorded message already lists every service under the sun i could be calling aboutCFVI without including paying my bill.

Posted by Anonymous

I am currently on hold with Gap trying to speak with a customer service representative...I've been on hold for 1.5 HOURS now. Absolutely ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous

I am disgusted. Did not receive my new card are a report of a lost card due to your error in mailing. MAde a purchase yesterday in store with them calling in. Received a bill on-line. unable to GAP. Had a great difficulty getting to a live person...15 minutes. Once connected unable to get me account information to pay on-line. Spent over 30 minutes and could not pay. A loyal customer is very aggrevated and disappointed with the service. Will not be happy with a late charge!!

Posted by AW

I'd like to issue a complaint about the incompetence of the Bay Terrace Gap store in Bayside, NY. While shopping there today, they had 2 counters opened to pay w/ 1 employee each there. 2 customers were at each counter and one wanted to have the store find them an item and order for them (which I don't know why they can't do that online) and the other, the Gap employee was taking FOREVER to scan and tally up the cost. It was so slow that the other customers were complaining why they can't open another register. After many more complaints, from my wife as well, they FINALLY opened another register - at the other side of the store! How does that make any sense? The register that had the lady looking for her item at the other stores had no one behind her, the other register that was taking forever had 4-5 people and they open the register on the side with the 1 customer only?? Logic eludes this store and this is not the first time I've seen this happen.

My wife complained and the RUDE employee said to her, "we do not open registers just for you". Then she turned to the people at her register, and said, "hmm I forgot my password" to open her register. Really smart.

We decided NOT to buy any of the items and will never return. Horrible, rude, slow, incompetent, and they just lost our business.

I would like to know how I can contact to issue a complaint.

Posted by Customer abuse by 800-887-1198 x

I called Gap today to pay off a balance and they referred me to 1-800-887-1198 ex: 3900 to pay with a check without a $15.00 service fee. I called this number and a man answered the extension line. I mentioned I needed to pay off a balance and he began verbally screaming at me and told me I have the wrong number and he hung up on me.
I called back and the same guy answered the phone and I said is this 1-800-887-1198? Apparently I said the wrong statement. He began by saying " is this the same lady who just called". I said yes. He told me to learn how to dail a number correctly and that I was wrong. He slammed the phone done! I was so upset this his conduct and feel it is so important to let others know. I called Gap back and they connected me to the complaint center. I spoke to a man named Rick and he was going to review the recording!
I am sure he will be mortified to learn that costumes are being abused verbally by their hired staff!!

Posted by ellaay85

I have called GAP customer service two days in a row now which ended with me being extremely dissatisfied. The reason for my calls was to better understand why my account was closed.For the past two payments I have accidentally selected a bank account that I am not currently using thinking that I have select my current bank. It's an honest mistake that once I realized it I immediately placed a payment from the correct account. Since 2007 I have paid my GAP card on time and I pride myself with doing so. I am absolutely shocked that considering my history with your company that I was not given some kind of leniency moreover, GAP's managers treated me as if I was some kind of delinquent!

When I asked one of your managers that considering my history if he could understand my frustration he replied "no I do not because I never pay bills with insufficient funds." He further added that "if I was so aware than why did it happen twice?" very rudely. The other manager snidely repeated how this is your policy and there is nothing he could do about it. Naturally, this entire process has deterred me from ever wanting to purchase from a GAP store or website.

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service for the Gap Visa card is appalling. Someone stole my card number and put a $450 charge at WalMart on the card - and I got treated like the criminal! I was told that if I didn't close the account, I would be responsible for further fraudulent charges. So I closed the account and then was told that it would be 7 to 10 business days before I got a new card. I said that I wanted the card sent overnight. And you know what the Gap people said? Drop dead.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I spend a lot of time at Gap located at Derby St,Hingham,Ma. I also shop at times in Westport, Ct. location. I must say I get the very BEST service at the Derby St. store from all of the personal. The store is amazing because of all the sales people.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service, for me was there 01-04-14 tim .h was excellent please give him a raise !!!!! Because of tim.h iwill visit this store again. pleasegive this to tims supervisor. My name is peggy franklin

Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping with my daughter at the Wellseley GAP and I felt so welcomed. One sales associate Teyeanna she was very nice and she listened to what I wanted and suggested a few things to me. Overall my experience with her in the fitting room was awesome and I just wanted the management to know how great of a sales person she is. I will return to see her!

Posted by Anonymous

I have always gotten the best service here. They are very friendly and helpful. The clothes are a little more expensive, but the clothes last forever. I wish the store here in Bryan-College Station was still here.

Posted by yellow

After I wrote to Gap's Head office about my experience they confirmed that I should have been given a refund in the first place and enclosed a large gift voucher. So the customer service provided by head office is good.

Posted by cbm0830

I was in the Gap in Irmo South Carolina. The sales person was Jessie. I was looking for a top to wear and she found the perfect one and helped me with ideas on how to accessorize. She was very helpful and extremely nice. I had to return the top on my way out of town because of something that happened to it. I wanted another one just like it. She said they normally do not take items back because of this problem, but in my case she would make an exception. I was so happy because I had already bought my accessories that she recommended and had my outfit all planned for my trip. She made my day. I just wanted Jessies boss to know that she is a very compassionate employee and has the best personality. I will shop in her store over and over again and will recommend it to all my friends. I love Gap products.

Posted by flo

My experience at the gap was very good. The salesperson in the fitting room her name karlesha was very helpful and nice.

Posted by Betty C.

My customer service experience was great. I had a pair of jeans with a fraying seam after 3 weeks. Took them back and without question made a swift fast refund. Wish all were this easy.

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