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3 Negative Comments out of 5 Total Comments is 60.00%.


2 Positive Comments out of 5 Total Comments is 40.00%.

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  • Tesco

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    • 77.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 3 negative comments (60.00%)
    • 2 positive comments (40.00%)
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Posted by Granny Andrews

I have concerns about your latest tv advert showing a customer returning an unwanted melon & exchanging for a pineapple. Admirable returns policy but how do you ensure food items have not been contaminated or tampered with? Your previous policy was to not accept returns of perishable items. Please put my mind at rest - returned items always scrapped?

Posted by Smurfette8

Bought 2pt milk 7 days ago and went to use it on the 6th, where I found it had gone off. It still had 1 more day to go and decided to return it to the store the next day. At customer service was asked when I'd bought it and then given some spiel about 20 min rule. I then showed her the date and pointed out that it hadn't been opened yet. Her question now being "So why is it off then?" My point exactly. "Well, I'm still not going to exchange it, sorry." I asked to see a manager who then gave me the same 20 min spiel, but in the end let me have an exchange when I insisted that it didn't apply as the milk had gone off before it's sell by/use by date and hadn't even been opened. Both staff members need to learn to listen to the answers of their questions and use some common sense to each situation. Get better service at Morrisons and no manager was needed.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had the worst client service ever with Tesco.

Sequence of events:

-I expected a delivery from 10am to 11am on Saturday.

-I received an unknown call at 10.10am, with NO voice mail (you can gladly contact my phone provider 3 if you need a proof of this).
-I came downstairs to make sure that it was not the Tesco Driver, I checked my mailbox to see if I received a card, following the website instructions below:

I have missed my delivery
The driver will leave a card stating the date and time they called.
Please contact the number on the card to arrange a second delivery, which will be subject to a second delivery charge.
-No card in my mailbox so I assumed the Driver did not come.

-At around 11.20am, I called your non-free number 08457 22 55 33, to ask about my delivery, the person responded that the driver had some delay and he is on his way and in compensation she will give me a free delivery - great customer service I thought at this time.

-At around 13.00, still no delivery, I tried to call your free number 0800 505 555 to try to save a bit of money, they were unhelpful, could not put me through the right department (I asked for the names of the persons I had on the phone - no one would want to give their names).

-So I had to call back your non-free number and pay more money for a Tesco mistake.
This person tells me that the driver called and left a message (which is wrong and she implied in that case that I am a liar) and tells me I will have to reschedule for the next day at 12.00 and pay this delivery (so waste of time and money).

-The second day, on Sunday, same thing no sign of a delivery until 13.20. I called back the non-free number 08457 22 55 33, the person on the phone told me that the delivery did not get confirmed the previous day. I lost two whole mornings in my whole weekend. Furthermore I have to leave work early next Tuesday to try to receive for the 3rd time my delivery. Thankfully the person on the phone was a bit more understanding and she gave me two vouchers of £10.

However I am not sure that 20pounds make up for the whole time waste and the trouble of not getting the things ordered on time. I am an extremely dissatisfied Tesco customer now. The total price of my delivery was around 70pounds (which is a lot of money) + the money that I paid calling a non-free number three times. By having such a customer service, consequences as you probably know are loss of business and loss of reputation.

Please find below the list of mistakes that have been done by Tesco:

1-Driver tried to call ONLY one mobile phone number where on my page there are 2 other phone numbers (my landline and my partner’s phone).

2-Driver did not leave a message on my phone (if he had done this, I would not have waited 3 hours at home waiting for the delivery)

3-Driver did not leave a card in my mailbox (again if he had done this, I would not have waited 3 hours at home waiting for the delivery)

4-First person I had on the non-free number did not give me the right information, she told me the driver was late. (if she had given me the right info, I would not have waited 2 more hours at home for the delivery)

5-The persons I had on the free-number were useless - I worked in client service, I know it is possible for them to put me through the right department and to take the hit of the phone bill - sometimes when a customer is unhappy, that would be the right thing to do. This person hanged up on me - I cannot say I have been very polite on the phone but the customer is allowed to be angry especially after all those mistakes and should train your phone’s assistants to handle angry customers better and to not hang up on them.

6-Also the persons on the free-number did not want to give me their names, the persons working for Tesco represent Tesco, they should NOT be anonymous. You have to train them better, they have to greet the customers on the phone by their FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. Those are the basics of a good phone client service.

7-After all this trouble, the thrid person I had on the non-free phone implied it was my fault, because the driver came and left a message, I told her he did not and I told her he did not leave a card. I explained her as well that I called at 11.10am and the person I had on the phone told me the driver was late. She should have acknowledged all the mistakes being done by Tesco. She did not give me any kind of compensation for the mistakes being done by the driver and by the phone assistant.

8-This same person I had on the phone did not process the delivery correctly and made me waste another half day.

I am paying for the goods, I am paying for the delivery, I am paying for calling a client service, so the least to expect is the service to be good.

I am not blaming the employees, I am blaming the Tesco drivers and phone assistants’ training you have in place which clearly needs improvement.

I am hoping now that you will improve your service, train much better your employees and treat your customers better.

Best regards,

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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir,

I was in Hungary in one of your stores and i bought an article and when i returned home there were pieces missing .

I don't live in Hungary, how do i go about getting the missing pieces ?

The box was a closed box .

Please reply to me on
Please Reply as soon as possible .

Many Thanks

Posted by shopperholic

hi i always shop at tesco wood green express and there is a female manager who is so very helpful and friendly she is very kind.always busy at work and always working together with her fellow colleagues.had it not been for the difference in uniform u would not know if she was a manager as she is alway mingling with staf as well as customers.that is very good i wish all managers were like her

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