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Terminix customer service is ranked #457 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 32.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 28 ratings. This score rates Terminix customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


26 Negative Comments out of 28 Total Comments is 92.86%.


2 Positive Comments out of 28 Total Comments is 7.14%.

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  • Terminix

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    • 32.94 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 26 negative comments (92.86%)
    • 2 positive comments (7.14%)
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Sabrina

I called and was scheduled an appointment on July 7th between 10 and noon. Today, someone rescheduled the appointment to 5-7 on the same day. Was told it was the technician. Am I the customer or am I catering to the technician? Why does terminix get to change my appointment at their convenience? Customer Service Sucks!! Not sure how they stay in business...

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible.no Showed After Waiting Over 2 1/2 Hours. Called For Help To Find Out:

Are They Coming And, If So, When?????

I Believe My Call Got Routed From California To Phoenix. No Answer By Technician Who Was Understandably In The Field And Is Great.

But Then They Could Not Get An Answer From Any Of 4 Supervisors.

They Then Tried The Branch Manager, Tim Plyler, Who Also Did Not Answer. Then They Tried The Regional Manager, Todd Rushwort,, And He Did Not Answer. So Now They Filed A Report To The Escalation Dept But That Would Take 1-2 Days For A Reply. So I Was Connected To That Dept And They Could Not Help.

57 Minutes On Hold!!!!

Thank Goodness, The Technician (jeff) Called And Said That Terminex Blew It On The Scheduling And They Did Not Even Have The Materials They Needed Anyway.

They Will Come Tomorrow Thanks To The Technician And No Thanks To The Incompetent "managers," Who Managed Only To Seemingly Not Manage At All.

If You Don't Have Jeff As A Technician, My Advice Is To Stay Away From Terminex! And, Yeah, I Didn't Bother Completing The Survey They Called Me About--while I Was On Hold.

I Am Waiting For An Apology From "management" Or Was It "mangle-ment"--hard To Tell.

Posted by Debbie

Customer service&support is awful,I have been promised a phone call everyday since the 16th and have yet to get it,was charged 113.00 for spraying outside of my house when I didn't request it because my contract was up in March,they said well you have to call and cance,no one ever told me that,why do I have to cancel a year contract,when the year is up it should be finished.Shady business

Posted by Joe

The Port St. Lucie office manager and service manager will not call me back to discuss my policy with my two homes

Posted by Karen

Scheduled an appointment. Took off work to meet technician. Received an email that the appointment was confirmed. No one ever showed. Guess I will call Orkin. Very dissatisfied with the poor customer service

Posted by C

Signed up last year for insulation removal and new put in to code. With that being said, I have no snow on my roof & ice hanging from my roof. They were out in January, measured & of course it needed more insulation. The depth was only 0-5  in some spots. Told me they couldn’t get here till the 22nd of February. Meanwhile, who is going to pay for the extra cost of the utilities I am incurring because of this? I

Posted by None

My name is william mcintosh i live in somerset ky i had a appointment to get a specialist to give me a estimate between 8am to 12pm he called at 5pm and just said it will cost 1200 dollars without even checking i think that something should be done it is sad to have veterans or anybody treated this way.

Posted by Anonymous

Called the 800 number to schedule a follow-up for ant problem in home. Response I got from representative on 28 December 2106 was that the first available appointment was on 28 Feb 2017. I was stunned, and searched for the number of the local Terminix operation. They were responsive with a follow-up treatment the next day. If I did not like the technician I would have immediately left Terminix based on the non responsive first call. Believe the corporate customer interface is badly broke or they just don't care.

Posted by Anonymous

Called > 48 hours ago about service for possible bedbugs. No call from service tech thus far. Customer > 30 years. Never late on payments. Disappointed no one has called. Phone number same for 30 years. Advised call within 24 hours. Hopefully a response soon, please.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst people ever did not treat the areas we pointed out to them managers do not care about customers treated us like we were children signing up with them was a colossal mistake

Posted by nicegirlinbrooklyn

The worst company. They don't show up and they charge you for service. When you call to complain they tell you the local branch manager will call you back within 24-48 hours. But they must be in a time warp because I've called numerous times and nobody calls you back. It's really unfortunate. You will want to pull your hair out.

Posted by Anonymous

This has got to be one of the worst companies with whom I have had to deal. I have been stood up numerous times for scheduled appointments and I have been told on a number of occasions that I would be contacted by a manager to discuss the issues. I would NEVER recommend Terminix to any friend or foe and I am sorry that I ever started a contract service with them for termite control. Terminix, you NEED to get your act together!

Posted by Anonymous

Let me begin with, Never use Terminix for removal of wildlife in Prince George's County Maryland...

I called Terminix to get rid of wildlife (raccoon and babies) from my attic. Salesman came and inspected the area of entry, wrote the contract on June 11, 2016 to remove the wildlife and repair points of entry. Wildlife was never removed from the attic and serviceman said they do not have a license to trap raccoons. My contract stated that they were to place two traps, they only installed one. They did repair entry ways first, with the trap door for wildlife to exit. Raccoon and babies did not exit and died in the attic. My home has a terrible odor from the death of raccoons. They came out and found that they were trapped in the walls and they do not remove wildlife from walls. A supervisor was supposed to call me within 24 hours to discuss outsourcing the job to go behind the walls to remove dead animal. AS of this writing, still waiting for the call. They are the worst company. I had a great deal of confidence in Terminix, but after this experience, I will never recommend them to anyone.

The staff is very courteous when calling in to report problem, but inaccurate in giving info. One staff stated that I would receive a refund, but yesterday after speaking with Barbara, she informed me that I would not receive a refund. Getting the job done and at customer's satisfaction does not exist at Terminix. Service is awful!

Posted by Anonymous

Terminix is the worse customer service I've ever encountered. No one knows what's happening. NOthing is ever updated in the system. My grandson's bedroom is swarming with termites. A rep came by and promised to write up the report to have the house tented. He never wrote the report. It's been at least 6 weeks. They had no record of his visit. I'm done with them! They must have had a management change, they use to be spot on! They're terrible!!

Posted by Bugged Out

Absolutely the worst customer service. I have had a billing issue for months now that is due to their error. A half of dozen phone calls later and it's still not resolved.

Posted by Worst_Service

the Worst Service Experiences ever ! You need to Get Some Secret Shoppers onboard & hear what we have to Say

Posted by Anonymous

The Company is loosing. Hundreds of thousands of $
One of the Worst Service Experiences ever !
You need to Get Some Secret Shoppers onboard & hear what we have to Say!

Posted by Rose shaw

My name is Rose Shaw, I purchase a contract to spray my sister house in Paducah Ky .$ 600.00 to get rid of a bed bug problems . They came once and put a plastic sheet on her mattress none in Box springs . Never came back she has two beds, never sprayed . They set appointments with her never came . When she kept calling them they lied said they had been there and sprayed20 min . My sister was there she knew they did not . A call was placed today the girl said no rerecord of them spraying . She would call regional . This has been going in a month and a half . Her name is Joan Largent Resides at . These bugs are eating on her . I would appreciate you taking care of this problem as soon as possible . A very unhappy customer. Rose S

( Thank you.

Posted by T

I started using Terminix about 10 years ago to get rid of field mice coming into the house. their service was effective on the field mice. About 1 year ago, roach bugs started to appear. Terminex came out approximately every month for a YEAR and sprayed, etc. ONE YEAR later.... bugs everywhere! I called Orkin, who came out 2 weeks ago...and after ONE treatment... NO MORE BUGS!!! I am very disappointed with Terminex, and I called to cancel my service. I asked for a refund, and I was put on hold for a long time, I had to repeat my request, then I was put on hold again, and here I sit, still on hold after 12 minutes. This company is AWFUL!!!! I highly recommend that you DO NOT waste your time or money on Terminex.

Posted by Callie

Do not try to call head office in Memphis .....the phone has been disconnected!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been using Terminix for over 2 years and frequently have problems with appointments. I had an appointment today for 10:00-12:00. Took the morning off work. On august 31st, at 11:00 AM, I received an email confirming . No one showed up so I called and no one seemed to care. At 12:30, I was told that I would receive a call in an hour. I am still waiting.

Posted by Anonymous

Last week I made an appointment for a termite inspection. My appointment was for Monday, 08/31/2015, between 1 - 3 pm.
At 4:30 pm, I called to find out what was going on. After being on hold for over 12 minutes, I was told I would be contacted the next day.
It is now Wednesday at 10:34 am, I still have not been contacted by Terminex. My service should have been out of the Fayetteville, AR office.

Posted by [email protected]

Worse customer service I have recieved in a very long time. Service staff do NOT show up when they have an appt to come out,with mutli hours between and NO calls. Management I feel do NOT care I have tried 3 times to get a manager to speak to me and they do NOT return any phone calls. I have been left on hold 15 mins x 3 times only to never have anyone pick up the call again. I plan to terminate my contract and NEVER use Terminix again and will do all in my power to tell everyone how awful the service is for this company and not use them.When management can't find the time to call customers back I can see where staff gets the lack of leadership.I write this complaint after waiting a total of 2 weeks for anyone to call me back. Poor very poor management.I DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING TO BE DONE SEEMS THATS YOUR SERVICE YOU PROVIDE.

Posted by Victim

The driver of vehicle number 3052 nearly plowed through my car in a gas station parking lot while not paying attention and driving to fast in a parking lot. The driver proceeded to drive to a pump without apologizing or acknowledging the fact that they were wrong for what they had done.

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke to an Administrator Supervisor about my account. His name was Raymond. My problem is that I decided not purchase their service after the first tech came to my house, which we just moved in. I paid for the one time service. I called them and the monthly rate is 89.00....that's outrageous! I was paying 40.00 before we moved to this house. I told them I didn't want their service. Apparently there was a timing issue with when I called. My house was serviced again and I was bill the 89.00. I called and was told the problem was took care of. I get a statement in the mail showing the 89.00 balance, I called again and found out that the bill had been sent to a collection agency. The "supervisor Raymond" told me that they "aren't in the business of giving people free service." Really? Did he really think I just wanted free bug spray service?? and I'm in the business of calling to try to argue with people to get free ..anything??? Seriously, he feels its worth risking the reputation of his company especially when the bug business is so competitive, over 89.00??? Especially since I was already told by another CSR that she took the charge off my account and took care of it. I've been a Customer Service Rep Manager and this hasn't been handled correctly. I'm not paying for this service. Bring in the lawyers! And all my friends and family (potential customers) will hear about how ridiculous this has become.

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Posted by Anonymous

We had our attic insulated today. We just want to commend John Murray, first for introducing to the fact that we needed more insulation in our attic to meet the housing code; we were losing a lot of heat throughout our home because of the inadequacy of the amount of insulation we had. Consequently, we went forth to get this insulation done.
I also want to thank Kyle, Keith and Elmer for doing an excellent job and being so courteous to make sure the job was done in a proper and timely manner. We thank the Terminex Company for such caring and professional employees.
Thank you so much, Robert and Linda

Posted by Mom

I just got off the phone with Kaila at terminix and I have to say, "thank you." Kaila, has excellent customer service skills, she was very professional and I am glad I called. Life is to short to complain. I called for my mom that has been a longtime customer, again thank you Kaila at terminix.

Alicia Nunez
Re: Esther Nunez
Barstow ca

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