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Telus customer service is ranked #179 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.57 out of a possible 200 based upon 145 ratings. This score rates Telus customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


123 Negative Comments out of 145 Total Comments is 84.83%.


22 Positive Comments out of 145 Total Comments is 15.17%.

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    • 48.57 Overall Rating
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    • 123 negative comments (84.83%)
    • 22 positive comments (15.17%)
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    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by rob

in discussion with customer service about the billing on my acct, and adjustments to my plan are to come into play for the May/18 billing statement. BUT I queried the

person on the call line about the GST amt charged, as it was higher than the Alberta

rate of 5%. In review the correct GST has not been charged since back in Jul/2017

And before that the amts were incorrect by a few cents that I owe you. I'm wondering whoom else in Alberta you have done this too. I would like to speak to someone about this and have you investigate whom else is affected. 5% is an easy calculation, but to have this go on for these many months. And I would have not known had I reviewed the bill, normally I look at it, file it and pay it. This is cause for total distrust in your billing practices.

Posted by RanchGiel

Ok - I have been a customer of Telus for most of my life - we have TELUS cell phones and a land line. I needed to speak with a customer service reprensative about changes to my land line service. What a Joke!!!! Wait on hold for over 60 minutes today and still no service reprensentative. I am so upset and angry my time is valuable and I really need to speak to them - their service is slow, and their reps are usually fine once you get through but on occasion I have gotten a really rude rep. More people prompter service TELUS or I am leaving!!!!

Posted by TelusBites

I worked in the oilfield for twenty years and I had to have telus cell..they charged me like 600 a month even though i had every plan you could have and feature they still were always phoning me to make a payment plan. Then I let them talk me into a three year plan for internet phone and tv and I got sick with glaucoma and I had to move and where I moved telus had no service but that didnt matter to them. I tried talking with them and pleading but they just sent me to collections for 4700 dollars. They have reported me delinquent every month for 39 months giving me delinquent on my credit rating 39 times. I now have to go through heck with these mofo's. I urge you i double urge you TO BOYCOTT THESE UNSCRUPULOUS OPERATORS and go with like fido who I have never had a problem with and shaw and my bills have been paid all the time

Posted by Anonymous

Over charged me for services that suppose to be free, unable to contact the customer service,after so many times and then they charged me for late fee charges, trouble customer service, I would never go back to telus,very frustrating.

Posted by Not impressed

Trying to transfer over an account from a relative who passed away. Spent 1.5 hours on hold to get through to a representative only to have them tell me they could not complete the transfer process (even through a family member had already called to start the process and they had told us all we needed to do was call in to confirm our details), and then transferred me back to the main telephone tree I had started in 1.5 hours earlier with no instructions as to how to get through to the correct department, and when I did finally find the right department, the office was closed (even though the website says their working hours are "local time". Really really not impressed.

Posted by you can look up my account # if

I was telemarked on my internet? I asked for cancellation dept. was told they would send me a box and waybill or I could take it to the post office and they accept it collect. I did this and the post office would not accept hour wasted !!!!!. I asked for the account to be cancelled an was aggressively pitched to select another cheaper deal. this person allen was marketing aggressively but eventually agreed to cancel the account. After reading various "reviews I do not trust you and would like written confirmation. I have been on hold to customer servicefor over 45 mins and have used this time to research your reputation

Posted by Edwin Technicain in Calgary

I can't believe how unprofessional the Technician (Edwin) was. My appointment time was between 8:00 to 9:00am for installation. At 9:00 am he called and said he is stuck in traffic and will take another 45 mins. I asked him are you driving, because I heard some other noise around him, he said no, I ran out of gas so now I am at pump. he was saying that the installation will take 4-5 hours (by the way I had Telus for last 12 years and just got disconnected 10 days ago because of high cost, so I was a returning customer from Shaw, and I knew that it should not take more than an hour, all the hookups were there, but he told me he had to do a lot of work outside which will take 4-5 hours). he then agreed to come in the evening 5:00pm or earlier. During the day time he texted me that I am in the neighborhood and will see you around 5. I managed to come back home early 4:30 pm and called him. he said some someone else will come. I asked what time, he said you are next but don't know. I called customer service 3 times. later on customer service left me voice mail that Technician could not reach me therefore could not do the installation... so much unprofessional and liar Technician. Unbelievable . if you come across this technician name don't believe him and ask for a knowledgeable and professional technician. I work on per hour basis and I lost time and money due to poor commitment from them.

Posted by Anonymous

All my services went down on Jan 09, 2017.I lost Phone sevice Internet connection and Cable TV. Called Telus technical support hopping that they can quickly solve an issue.
After unsuccessful attempt to restore my services I was told that Telus will make appointment for technician to come in my house on Jan 19, 2017. THAT IS FOOL TEN DAYS WITHOUT ANY SERVICES. What a LOW POINT to be a Telus customer!!! Probably technicians are busy installing services for new customers. Who cares about crap called existing customer. WELL DONE Telus.

Posted by Mobilr1

Extremely poor service. Emailed me to ask a question about my online mobile phone order. Left a call. Tried twice. Both times on hold an hour and a half. Emailed as alternatives Two days later still no response.

Posted by hUSSAIN

Hi !
I'm writing this email to express my frustrations at very painful experience that I had while using TELUS as internet carrier and how fraudulently they treated my whole case. This incident started in August when I was leaving the Edmonton location, and I made a phone call to get the TELUS services disconnected and I was informed over the phone that everything is good and there are no dues and thank you for using our services. I left this place on August 31st, and since than I have moved to Calgary.
Fraud begins here, since I had informed TELUS that I'm moving out from my Edmonton location to Calgary. They keep sending a completely fabricated bill to my previous Edmonton address even after knowing the fact that I have moved out. This is how they manipulate you and try to rip you off. I never received a single phone call mentioning that I owe the bills or any money despite knowing my phone number, but instead they are planning to rip me off and keep sending the bill to my previous address.
Fortunately a friend of mine brings it to my notice by mid of November that I have some mail from TELUS at my previous address. I call TELUS to inquire whats going on and whats the bill for and the guy was clueless. I told him my new phone number as well and call me back since I had to wait for more than 30 minutes to talk to him and promised to call me back with the update on my bill. Guess what that guy never called me back since than because he was clueless what was the bill for as I mentioned TELUS was planning to rip me off.
I make another phone call on November 11th, and I talk to this lady over the phone for more than 1 hour. I explained it to her what was going on. She looks into that and tells me that the Bill amount was for the subscribed sports channels and she can reduce my bill by 42 $. I elucidated to this lady that I had unsubscribed to those channels back in MAY before I payed the bill and was no longer subscribed. Also, I had conversation with the lady who confirmed it over the phone to unsubscribe the channels. I asked her to send me my e-bills that apparently she ends right away but I still haven't received till now. These were the lying tactics to rip me off and guess what I haven't received those bills till date. I asked her to provide me with the phone call conversations from that time period to which she declined and said that they never had a record of those phone calls anymore.

Further she told me that, she is going to transfer my phone call to CRISIS Management department but after waiting for another half an hour she is unable to connect me with this guy. After 30 minutes, this guy Joe calls me over my phone and I miss it. I called him back after 2 minutes twice and leave him a voicemail 2 times but he didn't attend my phone call. I respond with an email sent to Joe right away, I don't get a response for 1 day. I sent him an email again next day but he didn't bother to reply back. I send him another email on 17th but he didn't respond to that one either, left alone even replying to my voicemail. I have attached transcripts of email with Joe in this email as well. After more than 2 weeks are gone Mr. Joe calls me over the phone and to my surprise he's completely clueless and has absolutely no information about what is going on and is asking me instead about the situation. When I inquire him that what made him take so long to respond back to me, he gets defensive and instead of trying to resolve my matter he's trying to defend himself. Never seen such an unprofessional manager who doesn't know how to keep himself together, because after more than 3-4 emails sent to him he's still inquiring about whats going on. Again, when I explain it to him what happened, he fails to reply me with any sort of evidence that I was subscribed to those channels or any recollections of phone calls conversation data but still insistent upon charging me the bill. I mentioned it to him it was fraud and rip off and my further course of action but he didn't care. I told him that I want to complain further but I wasn't surprised that he never provided me with any information about that either and instead asked to pay the disputed bill and or we will send it to collections.

Since, I have paid the disputed fraudulent money billed to my name, I'm cc this email to all my business contacts, friends circle and all the students to be careful of the fraudulent services of TELUS. Its a big fraudulent name to rip people off. Their customer service is pathetic and don't know how to treat a matter professionally. They can't back their bills by evidence but instead charge you money because one of their employee was negligent enough over the phone not to make any notes. Since its the fault for their employee so they are going to charge you money anyways. Also, I will share my story on facebook, send out tweets on TWITTER and most importantly I will send my story to all local and national Radio stations and TV Stations and share how they ripped me off. How pathetic their customer service managers are and blatant lies they tell you and can't back them either but instead rip you off. I promise to never use TELUS services ever again and discourage ones doing so. I'm pretty sure this email will go in vain and like before it will be months before someone takes any notice to respond back to this email.

Niaz Hussain

Posted by sdd

just had Telus set up new at-home phone, TV and internet. Service Tech did a great job - the challenge is that when I requested the service, the account rep did not ask about porting a Shaw Phone number over to Telus. I have now been on hold for over 50 minutes. I did speak briefly to a fellow to advised me that I should have known to advise exactly what I needed to the account rep.

Reachability is off the charts poor!

Posted by Upset

Said their installation would be from 9am to 11am. After waiting all day at home they call me at 4:30 pm to tell me they aren't comeing and won't come for another 5 days. I live in Victoria BC. Come on! :( :(

Posted by Jason

Tellus is wrong company that I ever had before I was at bell I thought maybe Telus you always give me addons i don't want I don't want to renew even though I tell you I don't want it I talk to you over and over again I was supposed to get 2500 text messaging I don't have that this always happens to me even if I have like 10 bucks on the phone nope I don't I can't do it just calling. ..I'M DONE YOU DON'T WANT TO HELP I ASKED.I'm going to wind you won't help me so I have to get another phone

Posted by Anonymous

Have a US number asking by name claiming to be Telus.

Posted by Anonymous

to talk about Telus without profanity will be hard but I will try. Very poor service on request for service repair. Had to use celphone as landline is too scratchy.. Did not get anybody online after on hold for 40 minutes (they said between 16 to 18 min.) Hung up and went through the process again only this time reqesting a call back on my cel. Well over an hour and a half later no call back. I will keep trying...but extremely poor service.

Posted by L.Hodgman

The absolute worst internet I have ever had in history. The internet was okay for the first week, and then began to spiral down after that into a speed similar to that one would expect from a third-world country like Somalia. I checked if it was my computer's network chip, or the router issue, but it wasn't. It was solely Telus purposely not giving my house the speeds that we ordered. We ordered DSL as well, so it's not like there would have been any traffic. After attempting to reach customer service (after waiting 4 hours), I gave up with their rambles and memorized lines and switched to Shaw. I will see how good Shaw is (arguably the better of two evils).

Posted by M.lindsay

This has been th 3rd time that I have called in about our final bill and NOT been helped. But this last call was the worst. I work in a call center and have been in telemarketing my whole life. I can not beleive the lack of customer service provided. Maddy literally refused to help me fix my bill. Not only did she keep me on hold for over an hour (yet again) she said that she had tried to explain the bill to me and that she is not going to help me any further. There was no attempt to explain the bill. I asked for the amount and she told me the amount and that was it. I'm extremely disappointed and I am shocked that telus has someone like this working for them. I ended up hanging up after 1.5hrs on hold. And was not helped at all...not looking forward to the next 2 HR wait just to fix your mistake!!!!

Posted by Recently Escaped

I am sitting on the phone with Telus right now. I made the mistake of paying the last bill after cancelling not realizing I was a month ahead. I get a "bill" stating I have a credit balance of $70. I look in the envelope for the check, could not find one. No mention if the check will be issued. I call, wait for 48 minutes, have a short conversation, get put back on hold, most likely they will hang up. Telus is a total piece of s**t of a company. I have never had so many issues with any company. They wear you down with the hour wait, then waste your time, lie to you and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. I was told that the check is in the mail... right....

Posted by Kadar

I just wanted to relay how unacceptable our treatment from TELUS has been. We returned our modem after cancelling service due to us moving and we have been charged since then for it and sent to collections (even though I talked to TELUS a few times to explain the situation, give them the tracking number for the parcel and clear it all up and was told that it was dealt with and that we didn't have to worry about it anymore). Now OUR credit has been impacted and I've wasted my time trying to fix THEIR mistake. That is not alright, not acceptable and the fact that even though I have proof that it was received by TELUS and not our fault there was no acknowledgement on their behalf that it was TELUS' mistake is the icing on a terrible cake.

Posted by Big daddy

I broke my phone a couple of days ago and I pay for their extra phone care. So I call telus saying what happened, so they put in a request for a new phone and it gets approved. So I ask her what phone they will be sending me about 20 times and won't tell me. Very frustrating. All she would sayou is "it will be of the same value phone". I told her I would like to know what type of phone you will be sending me before I pay for it. On top of everything I have to pay $50 for the new phone when I pay everyonly for device care. And refused to answer. Telus is awful.

Posted by Sara

A Telus representative called my cell phone unexpectedly. I silenced the call because I was at school and could not talk. I then received a voicemail. A few minutes later, they called again. I was extremely frustrating already at this point, as it was disrupting me and fellow classmates. I silenced the call. I received a THIRD call from this person moments later. I had to get up and leave class to answer the call. You'd think it'd be extremely important. On the phone was a man with an extremely thick accent (perhaps from South Asia?) who spoke poor english. He told me that someone is moving into my apartment in a week and half and that I need to cancel my service, which, of course, I am already aware of? I said "Yes, I already intend to cancel my service (OBVIOUSLY) I had called you guys a few weeks ago about that. Thank you." He did not pick up on my cue from my irritated tone, and continued to tell me about how I must cancel the service. I tried to rush him off the phone, but he didn't seem to have much social intelligence. Out of kindness I listened to what struck me as a pre-rehearsed sale's pitch for Telus. Was he reading it off of a piece of paper? It is unprofessional of a large telecommunications company to power call my phone along with leaving a voicemail, and then take up more of my time with sales pitches when I am clearly busy and not interested in. I had a similar interaction with a man who called me offering a "customer loyalty" promotion of a free phone if I get someone new to sign up. The free phone was not for me, but for the person who signed up. First of all, this is not a benefit to me. I am essentially recruiting new clients for YOU. They then said that if I preferred, I could sign up myself with a second line and get the free phone. Wow! Thanks Telus! If I double my phone bill and sign up for a two year contract, you will give me a free phone?! To call this a customer loyalty offer is insulting. I don't care about a loyalty offer, I don't expect that, but to call me and offer me something as if it were a special offer to reward my years of loyalty, when no special offer is given, is clearly a cheap sales tactic. Do you think your customers are stupid? Secondly, this person again, with a thick accent and poor customer service skills, took advantage of my kindness by not taking NO for an answer and keeping me tied up on the phone. Unprofessional. I will not be picking up Telus calls anymore. If I do by accident, I will not be as kind. I will simply hang up if they don't take "no" for an answer. Good job Telus, you are gaining the reputation of an irritating telemarketer.

Posted by Doug

we reordered our new IPhone 7 pluses and were told by Telus that it would be shipped 1-3 days after release. Well that has come and gone. We are now told it won't be until 01 Oct. I have read a few forums and it says November. I am not happy with this to say the least...

Posted by Chris Cox

Went to a Telus store to pay a bill and the workers said their systems are broken so the bill wouldn't go through for at least 15 days. So I have to find another method so I bank transfer to pay the bill yet they cancel my service and renew it on the same day which only left me with a $35 fee. Why cancel and restore on the same day? Why charge me when your stores aren't running properly? Called customer service and the attitude of the condescending and useless woman in the bill payment department has convinced me I'd be much better off never doing business with Telus again. Not to mention all of the hidden undeserved fees they tack on to every bill. Don't get a phone with Telus. They are scam artists. They are the worst choice. I'll be moving to Bell.

Posted by Time is money

My main issue is the long wait times for cell phone support. I have had wait times from 10 mins to over an hr. Beware of being transferred as you may get a similar wait time again.

Posted by Lizzieb

There is no customer service I cannot stay on-hold on cell phone for over an hour? I regret switching to Telus and will most likely go back to Shaw due to this terrible customer service. Telus does not offer the option for them to call us back really do you have an hour or more out of your day to sit on your phone????? does anyone???/

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm surprised to see that Telus's customer service rating is so low as I have had nothing but excellent customer service for a variety of issues over the past few years. This didn't used to be the case but I've noticed major improvements and always have more than satisfactory service, very friendly and helpful, polite.

Posted by Barb

I had a Repair man from Telus come out and fix my land line phone to day and while he was here he also fix my remote for my TV thank-you Ed great service, much appreciated I have been with Telus since 1967.

Posted by bcweatherman

Had an issue with a 200 dollar promotional discount that didn't get applied to my account (first billing) & I got an unexpected bill for $250. (didn't think I'd anything to pay so didn't open the first bill) Sales rep told me he would get it resolved... a few days went by without hearing from him, so I paid it, then I got a disconnection notice 2 days later. Chat line told me I was #45, and I took a long time to get through on the phone, but the rep was very friendly when I finally got through, & resolved the issue. Reachability was a problem for me.

Posted by Kelly

I am very satisfied with Telus because of their customer service employees whom actually listen first, then find an amicable solution for me.
Wait time calling is within a few minutes. Service personnel are prompt.
I stay with Telus not because of the products they their competitors, I remain a customer solely due to the World Class Customer Service I receive.

Posted by Anonymous

The Telus service technician, Dave, provided service for us in a way that exceeded out expectations. He was prompt, very courteous, experienced, very knowledgeable about satellite tv setup and reception. My wife and I have been full Telus customers, all bundled up, for many years. And the reason for this is the great service we have enjoyed from Telus, over those years. And Dave was simply excellent in all respects, convincing us again of how happy we are with Telus.

Posted by Anonymous

Just want to say a very special thank you to ahmed. Recently moved and ahmend hooked up everything. Telus has an awesome service provider in ahmen. Cant say enough. He was so wonderful to deal with. Made my move so much easier. Thank you Thank you.

Posted by Pete

I have been with Telus for 8 years now and the loyalty is paying off big time. I like that you can call them anytime and get an agent on the phone within a minute - a service I cannot get from any other company. I make some crazy requests for plan changes and they're always happy to help out. I really like Telus and will stick with them as long as they keep taking care of me.

Posted by RICK

I really love TELUS, I always have a great time when they answer my calls and questions, I don' know why this racist guys are giving bad scores to TELUS, but at the end help is not from who comes from, is what they do to assist you and keep you happy, they helped me to save $300.00 every month, but I had to cooperate with them understanding that If I want something better we need to invest on that as well, as a business professional I love TELUS and the way that they always try to keep customers happy, the rest of the business clients should understand that investment on a good company will keep they business strong years and years

Posted by rebeccab

I want to break the bad habit of only posting negative reviews (nothing fuels action like a desire for revenge).
I have used telus for years and every time I call to discuss my plan, change phone numbers, etc. I have wonderful experiences. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience on the phone with a telus agent- they are all remarkably kind, helpful, efficient, and excel at customer service. I just called in because after switching to a new phone plan, the fees were a little higher than I anticipated. The call was answered immediately, the woman had my plan information in front of her within seconds and talked me through a better plan option. She then reduced my previous month's fees to reflect the cost of the new plan and saved me $20 from last month, completely unprompted. Again, in terms of customer service, Telus has it mastered and I very much appreciate it.

Posted by Lesley

I recently moved my Edmonton phone service on February 17, 2015. I have to say I was very impressed with every one of the TELUS employees I had contact with, from the service rep, Frank, who took my order in Montreal to the technicians who did the premise visit. They were all very knowledgeable, pleasant and well-mannered.

Posted by jpalmer

We had a terrible ice storm a few weeks ago and our land line was damaged. We did not realize the extent of the problem until the next storm knocked down a tree and we could not call out during a medical emergency. I called Telus for a repair call and they said it was going to take TWO MONTHS....Which is illegal under our federal communications laws. I pointed this out respectfully, and they conceded that a delay that long was in fact breaking their own communications agreements and rules. They then called me back and said there would be a service call ASAP, and only going to take a week. Yay. When the tech stopped by I was immediately impressed with his energy, respectful manner, and skill, he strung a new wire, replaced a few connections at the box, and the whole time had me laughing and smiling...Score for Telus, you have an amazing employee that is in our area (Burns Lake), and his professional polite manner is a welcome change in the "realm of telus", as we have had some difficulty in the past with their Mobile customer service.
So kudos to the young man that fixed our line, and I hope you read this and reward him appropriately...
Thank you, Jonathan Palmer, Burns lake, BC.

Posted by Kelly Lough

Telus gives my family, World Class Customer Service. Telus employees must really like what they do as it shines through during a call.
They are in my opinion. . .
The very best, always treated me more than fair.

Posted by Dora

I called Telus for help when a power outage came and a tech support associate, Subu, answered and was knowledgeable, helpful, curteous and patient until the issue was resolved. Well done.

Posted by v b

Ive been a telus custmer fir 7 years. They are easy to gey a hold of and I quickly get an appt. My internet is fast. Their tecnicians are personable, efficient and helpful. I have nothing but positive reviews.

Posted by joaquin

Telus customer service has always done the best to give me the best offers or price match others.

Their loyalty department is very polite.
Telus is a good company and has one of the best customer service just behind wind's thou

Posted by smiley

We have our internet and phone with Telus (recent). The technicians we have phoned re: any problems we've had with our computers and TVs has been excellent. We love their excellent service, their excellent technicians, love dealing with Telus. Thank you so much!

Posted by sabrecom

A friend of mine just had a fantastic experience with Telus. She is on disability and could not afford her current service. They bent over backwards to arrange a special promo for her to help her out. I just switched to Telus for our internet as I was getting fed up with Shaw's arrogance and prices. I vowed I would never switch to Telus because their customer service was so awful. It looks like they may have learned their lesson from all those years of complaints and lost revenue.

Posted by telusisokmaybe

Telus guy spent like an hour with me and my wife showing us how new tivo cable box thing worked, then talked to me about internet speeds and such. Was very polite, but most of all when i wished him a merry christmas he said it back, yet if i say merry christmas to shaw its like a swear word lol.

Posted by Marty

Have had my home phone, internet and TV with Telus for many years now. Just called to make some changes to my TV channel selection and service was excellent. I didn't wait more than a minute to speak to an agent who was extremely helpful and very professional. Good company.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got my new BlackBerry Bold and was a good experience overall. I went to a store not online.

Posted by Telus rules!

I've been with Telus for quite some time, both for cell phone as well as land line. Previously, customer service had been weak but over the last few years, I've really noticed an improvement. I've seldom been on hold, they respond to my concerns and have problem-solved technical issues to total satisfaction. When I've called about a billing issue, even if it's something that was my own fault (like a late or missed payment), they've been very helpful and understanding. I find that compared to Shaw, they are head and neck above Shaw in terms of customer service.

The only thing I don't like is the need for a longer term contract to get really great pricing. I prefer to have more flexibility than a three year contract.

Posted by Lorenzo


Please extend my Thanks and appreciate to Mr. Larry Boulton, Telus Repair Technician in Lethbridge. Nice to see that Telus still has craftsman who will go that extra mile to satisfy their customers.

On Feb 28, 2011, ALL my telephone service was terminated (cut off) at 09:00 am.
No dial tone – cut off 100%. A trouble ticket was logged and my appointment was set for March 01, 2011 at 11:00 AM

This is where it gets interesting.

On Feb 28, 2011, I approached a Telus technician who was working in the main junction box coming into my area (Tudor Estates) . I discussed my problem that my services was terminated – 100% dead, no dial tone coming into my house (outside box). Naturally I expected him to look into the problem, giving him my name, phone number etc. Sad to say…nothing was done, he did inform me that my ticket would be in the system. This was Feb 28, 2011. In my opinion NO extra effort on his part.

On March 01m 2011, I once again approached a Telus Technician working in the same location, main junction box coming into my area. “SAME problem was explained to him.

This time it was 100% different, he listened to my problem, requested we sit in his truck as it was –30 below with north winds (wind chill –40). After making a couple calls, testing via his laptop, we proceeded back to the junction box. Someone (Telus) had removed jumper wires, which supplied the necessary dial tone to my house. Larry ran two wires, tested the connection, and followed me to my house, ensuring that all service was restored. Customer 100% HAPPY!

Please ensure Larry Boulton is informed of action on March 01, 2011 at 10:00 AM and
how much I appreciated his efforts. Good craftsman are hard to find and keep.

Thanks in advance

Lawrence Lavkulik
14 Tudor Blvd. South
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1K 5C1

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