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Teleflora customer service is ranked #879 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.82 out of a possible 200 based upon 244 ratings. This score rates Teleflora customer service and customer support as Terrible.


242 Negative Comments out of 244 Total Comments is 99.18%.


2 Positive Comments out of 244 Total Comments is 0.82%.

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    • 18.82 Overall Rating
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    • 242 negative comments (99.18%)
    • 2 positive comments (0.82%)
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Posted by Marie Rodriguez

Order flowers and to the cemetery and there never got them my brother all went yesterday Sunday and there was no flowers there I have a picture but I don't know how to send it so I want my total refund $67.57 they said they talked to somebody and send the flower and set them there while show me proof because I have proof that's on my phone and it's it's public and Marie Rodriguez Facebook is going public you could check right there there's no flowers

Posted by Halesbells

I ordered flowers for my niece and nephew as they lost their mother and grandmother in the same week, you want to talk about a joke the arrange was, it looked like it had been put together by a two year old, what an embarrassment .
Even after sending pictures and them admitting they fell short, they would only give me a refund if they could pick the flowers up at 4:00 that same day, it was already 1:30, mind you my niece was at work and it was impossible for her to go home, I think they planned that.


The Absolute Worst Florist Ever Is Telaflora - I Ordered A Beautiful Arrangement For My Daughter For Valentines Day With Flowers, Bear, Chocolate, Oh It Took 2 Seconds And My Card Was Charged For 65.00 But Flowers Never Came, You Cant Speak To A Human Being Your Hold Time Is Over An Hour Every Timje That You Call You Receive A Standard Email When You Werite Customer Service Online This Place Is Horrible, Terrible Customer Service, Never Deliver Your Flowers And They Say They Will Refund, Well Guess Whawt I Am Still Waiting Since Feb 14

Posted by Anonymous

Have spoken to one of your reps about the fact I can't use your web
site - links do not work. I'be used your site for years to browse and select
what I want, but I could not do so this time for the past two days. I wanted to
place an order but could not do so on time. Please correct the problema before
December 19th and let me know. I have to place my orders on line as I am
partially disabled.

Thank you

Posted by wendyaj

Ordered a live plant basket to be delivered on Monday following my best friends sisters death on Sunday. As of today, FRIDAY and after almost an hour on the phone and literally 15 emails back and forth with their customer service the delivery has yet to arrive.

I will NEVER use them again and would suggest you not either.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible service. My flowers for my daughter's birthday never arrived on the day scheduled. I called and complained the next day and was assured that it would be delivered by 11, but no such luck. I will be requesting a refund and will never do business with this company ever again.

Posted by Anonymous

NEVER order from them...........Ordered flowers for Valentine's NEVER sent, but they took my money immediately, now I have tried over and over to contact them. They never pick up after holding more than once for over 40 step, BETTER BUISNESS BUREAU

Posted by Alyson Race

I just sent this message to one of your customer service workers, after his unapologetic response to my order not being filled:


Yours was a partial and unacceptable answer. Why was my order unfulfilled? You ruined an important occasion for me and embarrassed me in front of my friend. I had to ask her if she received flowers, knowing full well that she would have thanked me upon receipt. I was commemorating the birthday of recently deceased precious daughter, and I trusted you to fulfill an obligation. All you can say is that you will refund my money? What the hell kind of business response is that? I will ensure that this episode is known as widely as possible - steer clear of Teleflora.

Shameful customer service!
Alyson Race

Posted by [email protected]

I will never ever use telaflora again or even think about using them ... 3rd time we had trouble getting flowers delivered to South Carolina ... this time was the end ... needless to say after getting the run around my 82 year old mother in law won't be getting flowers for Christmas even though they were to be delivered on the 21 st ... nothing but excuses

Posted by Anonymous

I sent a Christmas Treasure arrangement to my friend in the hospital. The flowers he got looked nothing like what I ordered. I emailed them with a picture and they had all kinds of excuses plus referred that I had purchased the smalest arrangement.I did the medium price for 43.00 and it looked like 15.00 then they said they would pick it up how embarrassing would that have been,plus he had been discharged. I will never order from them again and I will tell everyone I know how they take advantage.I am so upset I loved the piece I picked out and ended up being embarrassed by what was sent. Teleflora does not stand behind their service.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't mind paying a delivery charge but a service charge of $30 and $15 for delivery same price as the flowers that is wrong and robery during a time of grief shame on you gauging loved ones to make a profit I know I seen 5 more baskets Like mine so you doubled your profit or more SHAME on you. I will never use you again........
Janice Galligan

Posted by student one

Horrible. I wish I had read the other reviews before ordering. They offer same day service, which I ordered several hours ahead of the deadline for the time zone of the recipient. Four hours later I got an email saying my choice was not in stock, and to go online to make another choice. That link led me to an 800 number to call, where I was put on hold for 15 minutes. Finally changed the order, then 90 minutes later got ANOTHER email saying they couldn't deliver in time and to call them again. Another 15 minute hold to cancel the order. BEST OF ALL: my money will be refunded in 2-10 days! They totally screw up and then keep my money for a week. Really unacceptable. Never again.

Posted by Anonymous

We ordered flowers for our 90 year old Aunt. We Called her yesterday to wish her a early Happy Mothers day because we knew she would mention the flowers. Our cousin said, no mom didn't receive any flowers. I hope you Can have them delivered today. She has church from 9-12 this morning. ORDER

Posted by none

I ordered Mother's Day flowers for my Mom to be delivered the Thursday BEFORE Mother's Day. I followed up the day after expected delivery and was told the order could not be completed and would I approve a substitute order? I did approve that and today, the Saturday BEFORE Mother's Day I received an e-mail that the order could not be completed and my request was cancelled! Too late to make other arrangements now. I will NEVER use Teleflora again!

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered $120 peonies for mother's day plus $28 service fee. Spent an hour researching how to get peonies delivered within 24 hours. They were delivered however not peonies. Just a of simple vase with 4 hydrangeas. After being holding with Teleflora for 30 min I learned the local florist they sent the order to doesn't carry peonies so I'm not sure why they would even accept order. Teleflora is a floral broker and obviously failed but still got their service fee. I asked them immediately call another local florist and get my correct order delivered or I would expect a refund so I could order peonies from another service. So they actually suggested having the local florist pick-up the hyrangeas from my mother in order to process the refund NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM TELEFLORA.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never call this flower company ever again i placed my order on tuesday for delivery. Friday my mother in law never got them i spoke to two ppl they told me it will b by 5 than sumone else said 7 by 10 i called back they canceled. My order bcuz they had no one to deliver. Them im so done they get no more of my business

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered an arrangement for my deceased Uncle approximately 30 days in advance of his service. I paid extra for this arrangement which included a cross. One week before the service I'm emailed that my arrangement was not available and that a designers choice would be substituted. My cousins informed me that the arrangement was not of the caliber I'd sent for my Aunt four months prior. I'm appalled to be treated in this manner in such an unprofessional manner at such a devastating time.

Posted by pknv

The absolute WORST experience in a simple flower order, EVER! I called to send flowers on Easter (even though it wasn't for Easter). Received email after I placed order saying it wasn't available that day. Called and asked for Saturday and was told that day not available either for what I wanted. Arranged for Monday after Easter. Since I am trashing the cust. serv. rep from Monday, I do have to say that the guy I talked to on Friday was nice and at least sounded like he cared about the hassle I was going through. Said he would give me a partial reduction in price, but I have no idea now if that ever happened. Still would never use this company again. Called on Monday am to confirm delivery before noon and was told they wouldn't know until delivery. I requested an email when flowers were delivered. No email. Called again (that's like 3 or 4 different calls so far) after work and was then told that my credit card was declined. I knew that wasn't correct, so the rep (not at all a good customer service rep. because he acted like he could care less) put me on hold and apparently went to a supervisor who was "able to get my card to go through." But it then, of course, couldn't be delivered until Tuesday. I was furious and told them to cancel my order and again, the rep didn't care at all that I was being jerked around and nothing was going as planned. He said he was refunding my order (or his supervisor) and before I hung up on him, I told him Teleflora was a terrible company. I will never, under any circumstances, order from them again.

Posted by Anonymous

Teleflora never delivered. Slow to respond. Offered lame discount on next order. Worst customer service. Don't order from them.

Posted by edd

your flowers will never get there, its so embarrassing when you go to visit some body in the hospital thinking that you already sent some thing you end up empty handed I placed the order the night before but never got there.

Posted by Anonymous

We called to deliver flowers even two days ahead for a Funeral Service supposedly today at 10 am. Then got an email from Teleflora customer service around noon exactly like this:

Thank you for your Teleflora order. We appreciate your business.

We are usually able to provide great coverage across the US and Canada, but regretfully we are unable to fulfill your order within our network of florists. At this time, we have cancelled your order.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

No calls or email before the delivery time, just decided to cancel it.
What a service! it's a Funeral Service so nothing went the Family that we thought they already delivered it. They have lack of communication and poor service. Not even a card to sent or called the Funeral place about it.

Not so happy on what they did... :(

Posted by diddiesacks

Absolutely deplorable service - ordered a floral arrangement for someone following surgery. They neglected to deliver to the hospital as requested, and said it would be delivered to their home. Missed the delivery to the home on Friday, and said it would be delivered Monday. Patient was advised to expect delivery - surprise ruined - and guess what? No delivery on Monday either. Six days to deliver and they couldn't pull it off. Will NEVER order through them again.

Posted by uday

This is by far the worst floral delivery service that I've ever encountered. They never deliver your order with the right flowers and at right time, take this for sure. They make it worst for those who wait for their flowers to be delivered to their loved ones, you don't even get a confirmation mail or message that the flowers are delivered. All that you get is a crappy automated voice message system that tells that your flowers are in the right hands and will be delivered timely, which are not at all in good hands.

I would like to rate it 0/5 if it is possible.

Please don't rely on this service if you are delivering flowers to someone who means a lot to you and especially on any occasions where you expect them to be delivered on time

Posted by Anonymous

Never again - customer service at its worst - not even an apology for not delivering the timely ordered flowers - this is one company I will do without in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

It was very important to me to have flowers delivered to my mom who lives in a small town in Utah. It was the first anniversary of her son's death. I couldn't be there, so I wanted her to know I was thinking of her and what she was going through. It was so important that she get a beautiful arrangement, that I didn't want to take a chance with a small flower shop in a small town, so I figured I could rely on a large company like Teleflora. At 1:00 on Saturday afternoon, the day they were to be delivered, I received an e-mail from them saying they couldn't deliver the flowers until Monday. I immediately called and was told, oh, well, that's all they can do, none of the flower shops they deal with are available. Their solution? They will deliver the flowers to her on Monday with an apology card for being late. I had to hang up before I burst into tears. I frantically started making calls to every flower shop I could find online. One of the shops that was an hour away gave me a number to a shop that was about 20 minutes away from her. They were closing in 45 minutes. The woman immediately assured me they would get something to her that would be very nice. I got a call from my mom an hour later in tears, so happy with the flowers she just received.
Why is it I was able to find someone to deliver flowers within 15 minutes? How can Teleflora take my order, guarantee my satisfaction, CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD, and wait until the end of the next day to tell me they aren't going to deliver my flowers? They are in the business of delivering flowers for anniversaries, for sympathy, for birthdays, etc. Those aren't the kinds of things that can just arrive two days late with an apology note to the recipient. By looking at other people's reviews, it's obvious this company needs to be put out of business. I highly suggest you call a flower shop directly and not use Teleflora. They are absolutely horrible.
And, by the way, if you ever need flowers delivered in Southern Utah, be sure to call Coral Canyon Floral! They will come through for you!

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Posted by Vet 1

Teleflora did alright by me. The flowers were delivered on the day there were supposed to be. The floral arrangement was absolutely beautiful These were for my wife on Mother's Day. My wife just loved them. The vase was very large. The bouquet was unique and again beautiful. I had my doubt's after I ordered and saw all of the negative reviews, but judging by my experience those negative reviews are worthless. I had a great experience and great flowers. I will not hesitate to order again.

Posted by Happy Customer!

Wow, I can't believe some of these comments I'm seeing on here. I don't have any problems with Teleflora when I order flowers. It doesn't sound like most of you have any idea how things run in the floral industry. Here's some information I've discovered, because I have used Teleflora for years and I have done my RESEARCH. First off, waiting until a couple days EVEN before a busy floral type holiday... YOU ARE LATE! "You are a last minute shopper and should be ashamed", sorry to say. You would not believe how many people order flowers. Second, don't order something to go to the middle of nowhere and say NO SUBSTITUTIONS... You think a shop in the Yukon Territory is going to have what you want exactly? NO! Third (and probably the most important to know), Teleflora doesn't actually deliver flowers, EVER. I think this is misunderstood by many. Teleflora is merely a "wire" service, which connects shops across the U.S. and the world. Teleflora does NOT own any flower shops, so if you order from the Teleflora's site, this order will be sent to the closest possible "locally owned" floral shop that will ACCEPT the order, they may not be a Teleflora member even, because not everyone is, so the shop that delivered your flowers late, or not at all, or the wrong thing, may not even be affiliated with Teleflora. Flowers are not always perfect and I've received flowers that are wilted, but I've also received flowers that are great, all from Teleflora. It's not necessarily Teleflora's fault if your flowers are not what you wanted or if they're late, etc. You should also be ashamed of saying how this company runs "scams"?? Really? You're going to go there? They don't run scams, I've never been scammed by them. Also, you shouldn't say "they need to be shut down"... A lot of people work for that company and they'd be out of work, how would you like to be out of work? How would like it if I said your employer is "ripping" people off?

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Posted by NOT HAPPY

Dear Shawn,

This letter is sent registered mail due to the lack of attention that your entire organization gives to its business, in hopes that it reaches the desk of someone responsible. Floral Creations was a member of Teleflora from December 2010 until May 20th 2011 when we began making several attempts to cancel as it had become clear that we would soon be out of business due to the fact that your organization was taking not only all the profits, but the costs of product and delivery leaving nothing but monthly bills for so called services, many of which were NEVER ordered. This decision came from the constant battle to get paid for the products we produced and delivered and repeated attempts to be reimbursed for services “provided” by Teleflora that were never ordered plus the fact that the more business done through Teleflora the larger the loss. For example the total Teleflora sales for the mothers day period were $1896 with a return of a mere $178 which barely covered the cost of fuel let alone flowers, vases, ribbon, cards and labor. “Save the Florists” my foot!
Beginning on May 20th Kelly called Teleflora and spoke to Amber who said only a manager could cancel memberships and she would have one “call right back”. Several hours later Kelly called again and spoke to Nicki who gave the same response. The following day Kelly called and spoke to Melanie who promised to have a manager call as soon as they had time due to the busy workload weekly phone calls to Teleflora finally ended on June 23rd when Toni told Kelly that our membership had in fact been canceled. An obvious LIE as a bill shortly followed showing that we were still being charged for membership et al. Kelly then called Teleflora and was told that because we did not cancel by June 1st we were obligated for three more months. Are you kidding me? Clearly all the runaround and countless unreturned phone calls were a now obvious strategy to try to steel more money from hard working Americans! Clearly working out this type of scam is what your managers call a “heavy workload”.

Many, many hours have been spent over the past eight months in attempts to resolve billing mistakes made by Teleflora, several of which are still unresolved.
1. The Red card was ordered black, yet we were charged and forced to pay an extra $25.
2. Extra listings were never ordered, yet we were charged and forced to pay an extra $40.
3. Card ad was never ordered, we are not sure what that even is, yet we were charged and forced to pay an extra $65.
4. Ref #0089283371.We were forced to pay an additional $61.92 on top of the costs for an arrangement that we put together and delivered.
5. The Dove system was never ordered, used, or possessed, yet we were billed monthly for it. Each month we were informed that it would not be on next months statement but we had to pay the full amount in order to avoid a$100 late fee! After SIX months of this, Jim finally said that we could have it for six months “free”. There is the “heavy workload” thing again as this would only be receiving what we had already paid for!!!!! $200.48 minus $32.24 for the one month it was used = $168.24 owed.
Monday August 22nd brought with the mail was a bill from Teleflora on the account that should have been closed as of May 20th expecting payment of $329 by August 25th, obviously an attempt to steel another $100 for a late fee. Also on that bill were two orders that were never taken or placed from shops numbered 33-1191 for $45.49 and 46-0731 for $75, both of which were contacted and confirmed that both orders were cancelled remembering that Kelly had told them we were no longer affiliated with Teleflora. Also upon review we have paid $198 for June and July web hosting, $205.20 for “other” member services and $149.95 for member fees, equaling a total amount owed to Floral Creations by Teleflora $913.15.
If you are not in fact the corrupt organization that you appear to be, you will honor our cancellation request of May 20th and remit the $913.15 owed to Floral Creations. I would also suggest that you conduct an internal investigation into the corrupt actions of your management and billing departments as you are getting a bad name in the industry and probably have some embezzlement going on.
Doug Harris
Floral Creations


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