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Teleblend customer service is ranked #493 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.58 out of a possible 200 based upon 213 ratings. This score rates Teleblend customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


196 Negative Comments out of 213 Total Comments is 92.02%.


17 Positive Comments out of 213 Total Comments is 7.98%.

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  • Teleblend

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 31.58 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 196 negative comments (92.02%)
    • 17 positive comments (7.98%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
    • 1.9 Reachability
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    • 2.9 Friendliness
    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by MTC

Teleblend is great when it works... but when it shuts down the automation email says service will take a week to get going. Right now even their website is down.. ANd there is NO phone number to call for help. None at all!!! And don't bother asking for any equipment upgrades,,, my box is over 12 years old,, it came from sunrocket,, and teleblend says it's up to date and state of the art... Really???

Posted by kiki

Today, service has unexpectedly stopped, website is unavailable and upon calling their customer service told to submit email to It is now 12+ hours since that email and have not been given a response or acknowledgement.What crap!!!

Posted by Anonymous

This VOIP company teleblend is a total fraud this is the worst telephone company ever please someone really need to band this service. It is so mnot worth it anymore. They need to be shut down and I mean now I'm the name of Jesus!$!!

Posted by MJKB

Email support when you have an issue and let me tell you what happens. You receive an instant response with a ticket number telling you that they are working on it. Then when the issue is not resolved you email them again. The instructions tell you to be sure to have the ticket number in the subject line of your email. Do that and you will receive another instant response that they are looking into your problem...with a new ticket number. So which one do you use to respond to them? Doesn't matter. In my situation, my caller ID with name doesn't work. It just displays the number on both lines of the phone AND when I login to the site to see my call log it ALSO only shows numbers, no names. But they can't fix it. They actually emailed me to tell me that it is because most companies don't display names with cellular calls. TRUE but it says CELLULAR call on the name line, so that is also crap. Had them for years and never a problem. But now they are the worst I have ever seen. Don't call CS because all you get is a recording telling you to email them.

Posted by Anonymous

We also have lots of problems and they are just passing buck and does not resolve our problems of telephone lines are not working.. there is no love persons comes on phone, only by e-mails..terrible...

Posted by King Kung

Why read this's highly edited and most of the posts are removed.
Sort and sweet,it's a joke.

Face it, Teleblend is just like the Titanic. Caulk this up to experience and find a legit company. Nothing is going to get better here. I was able to port my number to my new company. Teleblend or their carrier was minimally helpful.

Forget about getting money back that you paid while the service was out...just call your bank and dispute the charge, (you should have done that immediately when the service went down).

I've been with these people since the Sun Rocket days when things worked and they didn't jack you up money wise. They are charging so much more than the other legit company's. It sucks, but that's life. We didn't expect this but it happened...don't waste your time waiting for things to change, it won't.

A phone company without a phone number for you to contact them with, is there something wrong with this picture?

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible service, customer service, and billing. Watch you credit card statements very carefully. They will continue to bill you even after you cancelled. You may have to call you bank or credit card company to stop the payments. They have an and a long outage this year and by long I mean weeks not days. They don't answer there phone when you call. Try to get everything in writing and beware.

Posted by Anonymous

I have made contact with your support team in getting my phone working. I have paid 120.00 dollars in payments with no service no answering no call back my service is ZERO. I also made a payment of 166 and lost all my phone service I have a new GIZMO I have text/email and so on with no success I have been with this service for 15 years or more and never had trouble. Now it's down to do I have service or not or has my money just been taken from me and should I seek other service from other providers I need my land line ASAP. Please advise or make a connection of phone service.

Posted by TB still billing you?

People having trouble with Teleblend billing them after service has been changed to a different REAL VoIP co., all you need to do is call your bank, ask them to stop the auto pay that is set up for Teleblend. That's all you need to do, it takes five minutes and it's done.
Simple as that.

User comment:
"They make it very difficult to cancel."
"A phone company does not even use their phone. This should be a red flag for anyone."

Posted by Anonymous

This company has terrible customer service. They are very rude and system does not work. They have had an outage for the last couple of months. They make it very difficult to cancel. They have a phone number but it does not work. A phone company has a phone number that they don't answer. A phone company does not even use their phone. This should be a red flag for anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible. My service was out for a month so I switched companies. I was able to successfully port my number owner. However, Teleblend would not stop billing me and claimed that they were providing my service even though my number was ported over. I would not recommend them to anyone. I was able to talk to someone on the phone but very rarely. It is almost better if you don't so you have a written record.

Posted by Anonymous

Telelblend is a snake. The comment below me should have gotten a full refund because we have a contract stating we will MAKE and RECEIVE calls on your number.
For that, we pay our monthly fee.
Since TB didn't live up to their end of their contract, i.e. allow us to get incoming calls they voided said contract and didn't like up to their part of the contract. Hence, they voided their contract. Further more, if you use AMEX they'll start behind you 100%.
Don't take their BS. Don'BBCt take their

Posted by 10YearCustomer

I had been with Teleblend (previously SunRocket) for 10 years! I have recently switched over to VOIP and am so much happier! I was unable to receive calls since June and so I was worried that they were going to go out of business and if that happens, you lose you phone number!! Be sure to get signed up with another carrier before canceling your Teleblend account or your number will be lost forever. I tried to get a refund through my credit card but that didn't work because they sent a bunch of paper that listed times that my account had been accessed (outgoing...not incoming calls!). If you are with Teleblend, get out while you can!!!

Posted by Teleblend Loves You

I have never been so happy since i signed up for TB. Where else can you have a phone call disconnected in the middle of it? Where else can you use it have people tell you that you sound underwater when your upload speed is 3.00 mbps?

I could go on and on but that would take all the fun out of it for you, so sign up and let me know how you love it.

The Teleblend Staff

Posted by Good luck with Teleblend

I've had these losers since they were Sunrocket and went belly up. The only reason I kept the Teleblend service was it was the least expensive out there but that comes with a price. The customer service is truly non-existent. Good luck if you have a problem. Now their pricing is not competitive enough to make it worth the while to have to deal with their crappy service. The last straw was their unexplained two week service outage this summer. No contacts, no refund, nothing. Fired them today. There's much better service out there for the same price.

Posted by Anonymous

If TB charge you for the ATA, they ripped you off.
I have had three replaced over the years for free.
I have a brand new one, never used, just sitting here.
You want it, leave an email I can contact you at, you pay the shipping and I'll sent it.

Posted by Anonymous

Since I wrote my comments about the extremely poor service and the withdrawal if automatic payments after not hearing from anyone sice June, all of a sudden TB wants to send me an update. Too little to late!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Does anyone have the right address to use for Teleblend? I saw someone try to post it, but all I see in the body was "Teleblend and everything else was blank"

Posted by Anonymous

We want to pay our bill, but teleblend has deleted our password and user name and therefore our hands are tied. What gives????? We have changed our credit card number and would appreciate a phone call so we can get our bills paid.

Posted by gewill

It has been 3 months since I contacted Teleblend to get my service fully restored. I sent numerous emails but have not received a reply. I have not been able to receive incoming calls; however Teleblend had not failed to get my automatic payments. I am switching service today, for a lower cost, and going after Teleblend for a 3-month full refund. I will not stand for being ignored ant longer.

Posted by Take 5

Isn't it ironic that a phone company has no phone number for you to contact them with?

Posted by Buffalo Jones

Don't you find it odd, to say the least, that a PHONE COMPANY doesn't have a PHONE NUMBER for you to call to talk to them?

There is something wrong with that picture? Very strange...

Posted by Anonymous

Here is the correct address to contact TB you will need to use to port you're number.


Good Luck


having a hard time find the correct address for TB to contract re: porting out their number. Well I have it and will be sharing it with you after the 11th of this month, when I am totally ported out.

Is there anyone that needs this address?

Posted by I'm On My Way


Got this message today from my ISP.

This email is to inform you that your telephone number is schedule to port out on 9/11/2015. Please contact our technical support department If your voice line has not been ported out by 11:59PM PST on 9/11/2015. Again, we would like to thank you for your order and look forward to providing you with excellent customer service.

Thank you for choosing

You have no idea how hard it was to find the correct address to use for Teleblend...but a week of hard work paid off.

Add your review!

Posted by TB

Most of the customers that are having issues at the moment are those that tried to port out while the number was being repaired. There is no "lock" on the number or anything of the sort. If the number is not working, it has to be repaired before being ported out. If you try to port out at the same time then there is a repair order and a port out order at the same time. That may cause an issue so please be patient while your line is repaired. Your outbound calling in not affected by the issue.

Posted by TeleBlend

The issues with inbound was due to a problematic carrier that has been sporadically having issues over the last few months. The carrier took too long to repair the issue and therefore we brought in other carriers to service affected areas and for added redundancy. Most customers were already restored over a month ago. If there are any that are still having issues, please wait until your number is repaired before trying to port it out.

Posted by Dm

found this notice on their blog spot.

teleblendJuly 6, 2015 at 11:04 AM

We are almost done repairing the numbers to restore inbound calling to affected customers. The impacted customers will be notified via email once their number is repaired and working. Thank you again for your patience.


Posted by mcrecorder

My teleblend phone has also been down for 4 days now (june 21 2015) in Rockford Ill I've sent 3 emails to customer support and only got 1 automated reply.. they have a phone number (877-415-56350 but it only goes to an outgoing message and there's no way to talk to anyone. My phone was down in march of this year too.. i can call out but incoming calls get a message that "lines are busy". My other VOIP is basic talk... it's working fine!!!!

Posted by technut

In my 8 years with Teleblend this is the first lengthy outage of 24 hours that I can recall .... when compared to the terrible service level of DIRECTV ... Teleblend does pretty good.

Posted by whitehairman

Have had Teleblend service since they came into existence with the bankruptcy of SunRocket in 2007. They have been helpful and have worked well. When our voice adapter failed after 7 years or use (1 year with Sunrocket), they sent us another one for the cost of shipping. Always reachable by email. Great service. The only negative is that they barely changed their web interface in 7 years. They could spend a little time and effort to improve it with great results. But really the service does what it says it does time and time again.

Posted by Jamespsully

Love the service. Have had it for almost 7 years. No complaints. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Brice2312

Amazing service and value. My verizon bills were in the $50s, Vonage was almost $40 and with TeleBlend my bill is $20. I get a lot more features with them, the service has no issues and works every time. I love that fact that the prices do not change after a year like the Comcast and Verizon offers.

Posted by thesamkingston

I'm very happy with the customer service I received from TeleBlend. The reps not only know how to troubleshoot their own telephone adapters, but they also know how to troubleshoot most other hardware including routers and modems. I called to report a service issue that turned out to be a router issue. The rep patiently walked me through a config change and the service has been working perfectly ever since. Couldn't have been happier with the outcome!

Posted by tony119

I had a great experience today with Teleblend support. I received my service this morning and called for assistance setting it up. Spoke with Tammy and it was quick and within 15 minutes the service was up and operational. Thanks Tammy for all the help. Tony

Posted by JessieP

I called in for assistance with my bill and I was very frustrated because I didn't understand it. I tried online chat first and they weren't able to assist me but referred me to the phone. I called and spoke with Tammy, she was very patient in breaking it down for me and making it clear. I am very happy with my Teleblend service.

Posted by AlMaple

I'm surprised to read some of the posts pertaining to negative experiences using TeleBlend. I have been a satisfied customer since TeleBlend took over from SunRocket and have nothing but good things to say about the company and the products and features. The customer support is also very knowledgeable and intelligent enough to solve problems without work off a checklist or script. I've only experienced a couple issues in 5 years and every time they were resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I have been on the same calling plan since day one and have saved hundreds compared to some of my friends who use competing VoIP services. I've also referred several friends and family members to TeleBlend and we have both benefited from the $20 referral credits. Overall I've been very happy with this company and couldn't imagine paying anyone else for my home phone service.

Posted by Jakewoods

Good ole Teleblend. Reliable, affordable and just what I need in a phone service.

Posted by Allison3433

I switched my service from Vonage to TeleBlend about 2 years ago. I was a Vonage customer for 3 years before that and I find having TeleBlend as my telephone service provider was very refreshing. Yes, they are smaller, but the attention I received was personalized. When I had a question, I received a response from an engineer with 1 day. Normally with the larger providers you get the run around for days and then your issue is forgotten. I have never had a problem with it and every time I pick up the phone it works. The price is great and my bill including taxes and everything is around $18 compared to $37 at Vonage.

Posted by Skitzee

I have had very little trouble in the last two years with this phone company and they have been very helpful in resolving the minor issues that did come up.

It's always easy to get in touch with a real live person: just dial "0".

Posted by wantGOODsupportNOW

I was skeptical of the 99 annual plan at first. Like most companies there was start up costs like activation, shipping it wasn't price I was worried about all VOIP is cheap, I wanted to know what their customer service was like. I tried their customer service (877-415-5635) number and got one rep on the phone who seemed more then happy to help me, again I became skeptical because he was so eager to help I assumed he worked off of commission and was going to tell me anything I wanted to hear to get the sale, but...turns out he didn't and I didn't have to ask to get the proof I needed, he directed me to the website to sign up, again I became skeptical, thinking he was just being lazy, so I called again and I got the same sort of reaction and even found that their call center is small enough that everyone knows each others name. When I asked the 2nd rep if she new "bob"(I don't remember his name) she said yes and even asked if I would like to speak with him again. I like knowing that its easy to get the same rep, I find its a good way to make the company accountable for what their reps promise. I have now been with Teleblend (un-skeptically) for 6 months, still don't have a phone bill and life is good, and if i did have a problem I can always ask for "bob" its like company is family run and you have someone on the inside looking out for you.

Posted by Fay929

We had Sunrocket since May of 2006 and then we were automatically switched to Teleblend and I think this was a very professional decision on the cost effective side which is so important these days.
Thanks to little co.'s like these to make the consumer have a choice on the spending and the quality of the phone service is thousand times better than other co's out there still trying to rob people out of their hard earned money. You don't want to mess with the giants believe me, they have already messed up the economy by their endless greeds... thank you Teleblend for not leaving us choiseless after Sunrocket...

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