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Target customer service is ranked #342 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.24 out of a possible 200 based upon 1805 ratings. This score rates Target customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,631 Negative Comments out of 1,805 Total Comments is 90.36%.


174 Positive Comments out of 1,805 Total Comments is 9.64%.

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    • 37.24 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,631 negative comments (90.36%)
    • 174 positive comments (9.64%)
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Posted by Lourdes Acosta

On July 18th 2018 I purchased by phone, 2 beautiful gold accent which I am supposed to be credited in to my debit card.Today is August 13th...and I haven't see that money...Is there any place that I can get in contact find out if I need 6 months to get my money back?...I am so annoyed with the indiference in this matter...

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely displeased with the service I received due to a dispute of a returned payment charge. I had trouble with the manage my red card site and called for technical support. I thought everything was straightened out and made my payment. Later I received a letter in the mail to call there was a problem with my bank information and to call of be charge more penalties. Remember I thought I had taken care of my payment on the 10th which it was not due until the 23rd. Today is the 23rd and I just received the notice. I was informed it was my error and my responsibility to pay the charge. I have been a card holder for a number of years, over 15. I wanted the $27 dollars waived and was told it was my fault and it was policy. That is fine and I do not intend to patronize Target. I believe having technical issues should have warranted an email or phone call to correct anything that was showing incorrectly instead of a letter 2 weeks later and a charge. If I had not been home today and gotten the mail early I would also being paying a late charge.
I am very saddened by the companies stance on this and will miss shopping there but I can't support a company that does not value long time faithful customers.

Posted by Jacque

bought the extended warranty for the additional time for $25.00. My back up pair of glass are from 7 years ago.

On 6/08/15, unfortunately i had to take my glasses in for repairs, thought nothing of it.

On 6/18/15 no call from your optional store with regards to the status of my glasses. Which i was informed i would get a call. I was forced to call spoke to Angel (female ), states they were busy and had no ideas if my glasses had arrived to that store, but when she had time she would sift thru all the boxes that had come in and were sitting to be sifted thru, states would give me a call back, while on the phone with her she located my rx raybans, states she will check to ensure my rx is correct, states my rx maybe off, so will have a second person review again, comes back, states she and this other person see there is something not right. But to come into the store and try them on. ADVISED Angel i wasn't happy about waiting 10days, then no call, now im being told another 10days for a mess up with Targets outside lab that is used, informed Angel to document i was unhappy and to relay to the manager who was out, Angel stated she would.

Went in to try my rx Raybans, the left lens just to my naked eys was crooked, looking thru the lens it was very blurry gave me a headache state she would start the process, but to call tomorrow and speak with the manager John.

On 6/19/15 called for the Manager John, nothing but excuses off the bat, had read the notes in am, this was already after 4pm, states was off yesterday and does no work on his days off, is very busy and is still drinking his coffee from this morning, advised the Manager my concern isn't his day off or drinking his coffee, but the additional time it will take for the correction of my rx sunglasses created on their lab end, states since i waited to call at the last minute he isn't able to do anything, but on Monday he will continue with the process and call the lab and call me personally on Tuesday 6/24/15, advised i had old pair of back up and im unhappy and would like to give target a chance to correct this mess in a timely fashion, advised i did look at the reviews online and it wasn't good and wanted to avoid giving a bad review, John you Manager stated to me those reviews were not valid, but mine would be a valid one.

On 6/23/15 after 6pm my time, still no call from John your manager, i was forced to call again, more excuses from John your manager that its not the end of his day which this stores closes at 8pm. But that he had no update and would call the lab on 6 /24 /2015 and see if a rush can be placed.

On 6/25/15 i have no update.

Therefore my review of Target Optical will not be good.

No wonder target looses customers with this type of unprofessional customers service, its a wonder your not out of business.

Would like a response from someone other than that store or manager. To see what is being done with my sunglasses.

Posted by carole

ordered a baby gift for a shower. It came with the sides of the box all "taped" up. What am I supposed to do? Don't have time to return it, and do not have a Target store near me.

What if the contents of the box have been damaged and it must be returned. I have the packing slip but not a gift receipt, will they still exchange it or give credit for it?

Posted by Anonymous

I rerun a cell phone. Salesman told me your money will be refund on Monday yet I not receive my money back

Posted by Ai

Bought a wifi-extender almost a month ago and didn't have receipt. The thing costed around 90$ and internet just been disconnecting a lot frequently. So I went in with no receipt and the lady told me, I have to exchange of spent the 85.85(returned price) in the store. We however asked for a merchandise card but she said no, since it was a high-valued item. So we just shopping spree and after getting two receipts back from her, the returned and the new purchase one, it was used from a merchandise card. Why did she not give us the card before? Wasn't up to shop, 85$ from Target today...

Posted by Unhappy

Wife and i were shopping for items for a wedding shower. Found a small three ring binder on the clearance end cap. The one we selected did not have a price so we picked one like it to take to the register for the cashier to use for pricing. The cashier seemed to have some difficulty ringing the item up but succeeded. (Not sure if she did an over ride of POS or what but the price was correct $1.99.) The receipt said binder $1.99. We found a binder we liked better at Walmart a couple of days later. I attempted to return the binder we purchased at Target after ten days and was told it was no in the system and the clerk would not return the item. We had also purchased plastic sleeves for the binder which clerk did take back. When I asked to see a manager the clerk indicated that she was a manager. Because the skew for the binder did not match the return was refused. There was no attempt to research skews or go to the area of store to check pricing.
I completed a survey from info on receipt but received no response. In contrast we returned a couple of items to walmart with no hastle what so ever.I personally like the layout and cleanliness of Target but they have lost a customer over incredibly poor customer service on a $1.99 return.

Posted by Jamie

Purchased a swimsuit during my lunch break at my University across town from where I live in the DFW metroplex, and paid cash for it (today). While I was in the fitting room I snapped a pic for my mom. She said we could do better, but I had already purchased it when she responded to my picture. I went home, and met her at a Target close to her house to try to find a better suit. I tried to return the suit untouched with tags attached that I had purchased earlier in the day at a Target across the metroplex, and was told that since I paid cash, they could not return it before 24 hours was up at the store I was trying to return it to. I was, however, welcome to drive to the other location (over half an hour away), and return it there. I also had a full cart of items totaling more than my initial purchase. I asked if they could complete an exchange, and they said no. I also asked if they would issue me a giftcard, they said no. Funny thing is... no receipt... no problem. Receipt, tags on, NOPE. There is nowhere in the return policy that this is stated, and I read all of the signs because I was clearly shocked. Worst policy and customer service, and I was shocked it was at a Target.
Moral to the story... don't drive away and change your mind...

Posted by Mary Jean

Toll free numbers do not work. Cannot get through to a person.

Posted by Confused

So I'm trying to return an item by mail that I ordered ever since the day it arrived it has said, item cannot be returned at this time, it has been about 3 weeks since it arrived. Can anyone help me?

Posted by Ezgi

I bought frames (worth 65 usd) from Target on Nov. 8, 2017 and returned them the very next day on Nov. 9, 2017. Target never credited my credit card and I went to the store to ask about it (around Nov 20th). The guest relations told me to talk to my bank as Target already returned it and it's between me and my bank. So I called Bank of America to dispute it and they opened a claim. Next thing BoA did was crediting my credit card with the whole purchase amount (78 usd). Anyways I went to Turkey for winter break and on those days while I was outside of the US, BOA sent me a letter asking me to prove my return to Target by sending them a copy of the return receipt. From the date of the letter, they gave me 6 days to provide the proof document. However, sicne I was abroad I saw their letter 3 days after the deadline was over. So they charged my account again with 78 usd! I called BoA right away and their representative told me to still send the documents and they would review them. I did that that day, writing a detailed letter on my excuse ans sent the original and return receipts. Next thing I received from BoA is that they cannot continue reviewing my claim because I missed the deadline! I called them several times today and they say there is nothing to do, I should talk to Target as the amount was sent back to Target! So I called and visited the Target store that I made the purchase from. All they could do is giving me phone number of Target Guest Relations, which directs me to my bank when I call! So at this point, Target has my money but I cannot reach any representative of Target, plus BoA is acting as a robber instead of a bank. I called BoA once again today to open the claim from scratch but they said it's a closed claim case due to missed deadline and they can't reopen the dispute. I am an individual customer of both Target and BOA but only thing they know is stealing my money!!! I am totally frustrated with both companies and cannot believe they can steal people's money this easily! Does being abroad while they sent me a letter give them the right to steal my money? It should not! Does anybody know where I can go to complain about these companies? What is the legal authority to supervise such things? Should I go to court? Thanks for all your help!

Posted by Anonymous

I received an air fryer for Christmas. Hasn't been opened. Don't have a receipt. Don't know what to do about returning it. Can you send me info please

Posted by frustratedwithtarget

My son saved his birthday money to purchase Apple Ear Buds AT TARGET. Paid $165. Took them home and they fall right out of his ears. We took them right back to the store and they would not take them because they were opened. These are defective as they do not physically work on his ears!

Posted by Dizzy

I returned an item without a reciept as it was a gift. I exchanged it for a simular item. They returned me the money on a refund card and did not add the tax,yet charged me tax on the item purchased. When questioned, I was told, without a reciept you do not get the tax returned. I said then do not charge me tax on the exchange. Seems it does not work this way?? It's a black refund card, not a gift card.

Posted by Target is stealing!

I'm on day 19 of Target not crediting my credit card for a $162 return. I received and email stating my credit card would be credited within 7 to 14 DAYS (not business days). I called on the 22nd (day 14) and was told they'd escalate and I'd get an email in 72 hours indicating the date of my credit. Yeah, still waiting. Called target today and the lady had the nerve to say holidays and weekends are not included so I was happy to tell her the email states DAYS not Business days so holidays and weekends are most certainly included. All they keep saying is that "it's being processed". At this point it's stealing!! It's my money so give it back! She then said I should get the credit tomorrow which is Day 20. Nice little thing they have going on sitting on consumers money for extended periods of time. I can only imagine the nice stockpile of interest it's generating for them. Wonder if anyone's ever looked into this?! Thieves!!

Posted by ILoveTarget

All these comments... You guys were destined to be Walmart shoppers. Give in.

Posted by Anonymous

I am so pissed off. I bought a bathtub for my baby and when I went to return it because she keeps sliding off of it plus it's very hard to manipulate the stand, Target denied me a return saying I had exceeded my returns. What? I don't return that much this year it was only a few times and I don't understand why I can't return anymore. They lost a customer for life

Posted by Pc

I tried to do an even exchange gray for white towels I received as a gift. It should be a even exchange only difference was color. The gal rang up two totally prices and then management rang up 3rd price for the price of. As It was a gift I do not know what was paid. I just wanted gray not white towels and they refused to do a even swap. I am furious and will rethink purchasing any gifts in future if my receipent can not get a even exchange! Very disappointing! And a shame Bakersfield ca register rings so many multiple prices for same item. Unbelievable

Posted by Von

Ordered a PS4 from target for 199.00. After 3 weeks of no ps4,I call well low and behold they are out. Why did you sell it to me if you were out? After several agonizing phone calls the send me a Target E Gift Card for 218.52. There is nothing I want at this store for 200 bucks. I guess I just lost 200.00 will be going to get my cash in about 2 hrs I hope I don't go to jail. Can't believe these people get by with being legal thieves.

Posted by Dan

Funny how word spreads online I just see on my account with target refund has been initiated.

Posted by Dan

I will be getting my lawyer involved if target does not fess up on what happened to the iPhone I returned'

Posted by Dan

I returned an iPhone I purchased on Target. Com now they are claiming they never received it and they trying to stiff me on refunding my money, even though the Ups tracking shows they got it and signed for it.
Could it be possible an employee stole it.

Posted by RG11

Pastor William,
You of all people especially because you are a pastor, per your screen name should be more forgiving of this minor inconvenience, maybe David was having a bad day, we all have them from time to time, you never know what he could've been dealing with prior to your 5 dollar return emergency. I don't know you, but I am sure you wouldn't want David to be fired because of this one incident, which by the way you were able to return 24hrs later. As for bringing God into this you are out if line,I am positive God had forgiven David,oh by the way David was just doing his job as Target does have different return policies regarding electronics. You are giving Christianity a bad name, we need to be a light for the world not a deterrent.

Posted by PastorWilliams

Went to the Target in Rosemead, CA in Southern California to return 2 calculators found on clearance as they didn't meet the needs for my children's math class requirements. A return representative named "George" with glasses and a mustache gave me the biggest attitude like he was just having a seriously bad day. Always using my red card for the 5% back shopping in target and extending return dates 1 month, he denied my return and started spouting some items in electronics don't follow that policy. When asked which ones he said "these calculators" rudely. I left and went back the next day and a different rep had no issues returning them. I nor my family will ever be shopping at this "neighborhood" Target ever again. In a time with so much competition you would think corporate would do something about employees that actively hurt their bottom line. I ended up purchasing the right calculators at the store, as the rest of the employees have always been a joy to visit.

George it's really time to quit. There's no reason to work a customer service job if you can't handle whatever stress you are handling. May God bring peace and forgive you.

Posted by Are you kidding me

Thank you, "David, there is something wrong" for your post... I don't think these people realize the things they are complaining about as if they have a major, life-threatening problem on their hands when unable to return a $5 item.
OF COURSE the store is going to give you the sale price in the last 90 days if you don't have a receipt! If they were giving out full price refunds to everyone without a receipt, can you imagine how much money they would lose?! You could easily buy something that is on sale, by say, a lot... and then turn around and return it without a receipt and get the full price back. If you can't be bothered to save your receipt, why should the store refund you anything but the lowest recent price?!
Also, these days, they can look up your sale using your card if you paid by debit or credit, so unless you paid cash, there's really no excuse not to have the receipt anymore....
You people act like customer service at Target was made to solve all your problems in life. They are minimum-wage workers just repeating what the big guys on top tell them to say. Give them a freaking break.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Today I had such a wonderful visit to my local Target. I was in line and needed an item I couldn't find I was speaking with Tina while in line, which wasn't long since she opened a register just for the customer in front of me and myself, she knew exactly where the item was went and got it for me. I was very impressed with the fact she did that. It was a great experience.

Posted by Msgee

Hello, this is not a complaint. I had a very tiring day from the hospital for some test. I had purchased a cellphone for my mom for mother's day at another store, and not Target. I was going to exchange a get another one but the salesperson was awful. So I said mom let's go to Target. And I was greeted in the electronic Lana and Steve which sold me another cellphone for mom and she was so happy. They set it up for me, and that's going above and beyond. They were so polite and explained everything. So, I'm writing this because often there are complaints and NOT complements and in this case it is definitely deserving. I wish we as consumers could get that service always, but we don't. Again thanks Lana and Steve at Commerce, Mi. I'll be seeing you guys soon. Awesome job!!!
Thanks Marcia and Mom

Posted by Anonymous

I just had a great experience at the San Dimas store, you have two wonderful employees! One being the manager Mikayla who took almost 1 1/2 hrs finding information on a credit that I should have had a few days ago in my bank account and the other employee was Monica!! Both of them couldn't have been more professional through out the entire process!! Kelly Dieterich San Dimas, CA

Posted by Ana l GuzmanDeMedina

I went on 11-06-16 to garden Grove harbor Anaheim Ca 12:32 I was so impressed for the kindness,pacient,kindhearted Raymond was to me and other customers I never meet anyone at target ever with those beautiful qualities,he is a jewel for your store

Posted by Anonymous

With sincere appreciation I wish to commend your employee, Tony, in Electronics dept. for his patience and tenacity in assisting me. Even though quite busy he went out of his way to satisfy my need and with great patience.

Thank you,
Elizabeth M. Bock

Posted by Towana Ratley

Thank you for Gisele one of your employees at the queens location. Woodhaven. She was outstanding with customer service. She help the customers checkout at the self service. She handle everyone so professionally and solve all the issues on hand . Thank you. My name Towana Ratley Thank you Gisele.

Posted by TerriNwxy

We were pleasantly surprised when we took our Nieces to Target on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena and had lunch prior to shopping. Excellent choice of good and healthy food for them, at a reasonable price. Starbucks for me was an added pleasure.

Posted by Bran g

Targets the best very happy customer!!! Customer service is excellent!!!one happy shopper here....hollister not so much they lost me forgood

Posted by Anonymous

I love Target. Customer service is wonderful. I go in to my Target at least twice a week. Almost everybody knows me. I choose to even get my groceries here rather than at HEB and Walmart. The grocery selection and prices are not as good sometimes, but I'm willing to pay the extra because of the great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

After waiting to be transferred to the correct dept and also phone ringing out from a couple of stores I contacted target at Marion, I spoke to a lovely girl who went out of her way to help me ... Awesome..I'd like to put the girls name forward but not sure if this is the forum to do it....

Posted by Anonymous

This morning I was going to return an item to Target and I realized I didn't have a receipt. I looked on what I think was a Target website and was scared to try to return the item. When I went to my local Target and had no problems, it was a good experience and the employee at the guest service was very helpful, I walked away with a good feeling about my Target.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I went to the Target on Taylor St. in Houston, Tx (Houston Central). I was going to get a new printer but ended up getting a Iphone 6s also. The salesman James Martin at the cell phone is probably the most helpful and friendly salesman I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. James was helping my mother and when I told him about the problems I had with my old phone. He told me things I could add on to my phone to help keep my phone running good. When I decided to get me new Iphone James was very helpful in helping me. AT&T had messed up a with the upgrades but James fixed for me. He also tried to get us a discount on Cartwheel for my new printer but to avail. I hope James gets the recognition he deserves.

Posted by Anonymous

I truly believe that my pharmacist at the Target store in Ann Arbor MI is so amazing! Tracy always. Has a smile on her face and takes a very personal. approach to each individual customer. For 4days I have had trouble. Getting my medication prescriptions sent electronically from my physician's office. I take high dose narcotics so this was a huge problem for me. I finally decided. To call Tracy at the pharmacy, once I explained the situation she immediately said "I'll call your doctor and see if we can get this straightened out. And that is exactly what she did! Her kind heart and dedication to her customers is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Anonymous

I received excellent customer service in the Williamsburg, Va. location (Monticello Ave)several days ago from "Ariel" at the wireless desk during a phone upgrade. He was so helpful, patient, and polite! What a great employee you have there! Thank you so much!!

Posted by Charlotte(not a princess)

I would like to give a shout out to the Oxnard West store and a most helpful employee, QUINTON. I found him near the food area while looking for an item I had seen in a Target flyer about two weeks before. He showed me the shelf (seasonal assortment) where the item should have been. He then checked to see what the wharehouse indicated as availability, then checked the availability of two or three other stores in the area. He finally located the item at another store in the county and called there and waited while they checked for it and then had them put it on hold. I subsequently (about 2 hours later) went to said store and purchased the item which was in the "hold area". Quinton's perseverance and attention to my request are to be commended! He has great customer skills and we discovered that we were both originally from Chicago (although I'm about 50 years older then him)!

Posted by Anonymous

I just started using the target optical department in Tuscaloosa,Alabama. I have been wearing glasses for over 50 years and have used numerous optical dispensaries over the years. I do not know the lady's names that waited on me. I would just like to say thank-you for the manner in which I was treated.

Posted by Emily.D

Good Afternoon,

My name is Emily, I recently was asked by my boss to call around and find a certain item and to see what stores had them in stock for us to buy.

Calling around, I spoke to about 6 different people. However the last store that I contacted was The Colonie, NY Target and I spoke to Gloria in the seasonal department. I wanted to comment on how wonderful her customer service is. I work at a hotel so I know how important the customer service aspect is and how rare it is to find people who take pride in their company and are willing to help someone even with the most tedious requests.

She went above and beyond to give me her name the first time that I called and told me if I needed anything else regarding the item ask for her. Taking my questions into her own hands and giving me a name to contact made my experience very personal and it was greatly appreciated. I did call a second time, and she was more than helpful.

Again, I appreciated her kindness and willingness to go above and beyond for someone that she didn't even know.

Thank You again and have a great day,

Emily D.

Posted by Anonymous

I am at the target store in moore oklahoma ....I was at customer service for 3 hrs at photo shop where the young lady did everything for me on my phone and photo center while waiting on every one coming in and I watched this amazing young lady laugh smile be patient polite professional and you should be so proud of her.....I could not of done my photos with out her.....she never once was impatient with ANYONE!!! I am won more Walmart..Kathy Dodd

Posted by Anonymous

Awesome customer service first time shopping at the Fayetteville location MGR Nikki Cosa was awesome, everything we needed she was courteous and sooooo very helpful, awesome MGR skills

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem. My car was dead and I needed a jump. I walked to the Target and bought jumper cables. I asked if someone could help me. Ali, who worked there, was wonderful. In the rain, he hooked up the batteries using his own car, so polite and kind. I say bravo to Ali and the Woodfield target. many thanks

Posted by Anonymous

i called a target call center to get a new card and the bozo in india disabled my card, now i can,t shop with my red card and get the 5% discount.i do not believe my info is safe in india i assume the ratings are or the usa target stores.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't praise the associates enough at my Rochester Hills, MI Target store! Every interaction has been consistenly helpful and positive.

Posted by Cindy Jobe

Target: take a note from Brianna's playbook. She saved you $600 tonight because of her awesome customer service from a registry in which you behold. Reference Julie and Barry Akins. You should promote her. Period.

Posted by Anonymous

I was helped by a cashier named Cass at the Southridge Target store in Des Moines, IA today. She was very helpful and even walked back to the department I needed with me. Cass answered my questions and went above and beyond the call of duty today. I really appreciated it, and would recommend her for a raise!!!

Posted by Lisa_gill

Want to say thanks to Nathan i was in a hurry and he was about to closed his register but took me . thanks Nathan keep up ur good personality i know sometime working in customer service people make us wanna quit.

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Posted by moven on

Target brings in a lot money but, yet pays their employee's horrible wages and the pressure they put on you about getting people to sign up for red cards is terrible. They want you to ask every guest the employee's get really nonthing for getting people to sign up except maybe a free star bucks drink or something from food Ave or a candy bar. The ones who benefit at the end of the year for guests signing up for red cards is the managers and the ETL they get bonuses at the end of the year that's why they push the cashiers to get them. They give their employee's nickels and dime raises and this is the honest truth. That is why I am looking for a different place of employment. Why I have stayed so long is because I am dedicated.

Posted by baffled

I work for Target and am amazed at how many shop lifters walk into Target and go and steal clothes and other items and go directly to the service desk and return them without a receipt of course and the cashiers have informed them at Guest Services that they went to the back of the store and stolded these items, but their response is that we have no security there yet to check the cameras and they give them a refund on a target gift card.

Posted by sara sucks

Target is really a horrible place to work for. Actually had another employee stalking me following me home and waiting to see when I get off work. Told ETL,and HR. Nothing was done. The other employee picks "fights" with others and nothing gets done with her. One of our former HR told us nothing will get done because she is black and will sue the company. Well it works both ways. Now to make the STL look good they are taking away the overnight shift and putting a lot of people out of a job. May the STL of 1370 be out of a job soon. She has ruined that store made it the worst CHRISTMAS season in years! And many if not all employees including team leads, ETL and regular staff agree!

Posted by ateam member

Ive been w target for some odd yrs. Ive been having problems w the l.o.d. In lowell plain st ..2480.. First off they only promiting female team members in right areas.i havent been promoted ..they hire new team members and cut our good workers rather then puttin members on n not 6 managers at once. Some hirls tesm members dress inappropriate.n im not to comfortable.i have assist managersdating team member members get dismissed 2 weeks notice n lod dont acknowledge the noticen take them back on same salary.tesms would change punch corrections n they not even there.those are some thing that are goin on .team memb just keep quitting im on of them

Posted by erin j

I love Target!!!! I love the product, team members-espicially when they get together each morning for their team meetings. I would like to suggest a few things. I can see on the corporate website that you participate in smoke-free month of November and actively help your employees and customers quit smoking. How about something a little more permanent such as removing the garbage cans with ashtrays on top away from the entrances showing that you care about your customers by not contributing to second hand smoke as they walk in to spend money in your stores??? Please move them away from the entrances-you are only enabling smoking and add a few signs to say No Smoking. If I ride my bike to your store(healthy choice for me as I try to lose weight) I lock it on your standing bike bars(I thank you for providing them) but where is it located??? Right next to 2 benches with ashtrays where your employees smoke....real nice-if I want to secure my bike I have to inhale dangerous second hand smoke which is proven to cause cancer among other health issues. These are simple fixes and you make enough money to find an area to accommodate your employees and customers who chose to harm themselves. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, not only have I been a Target shopper for over 30 years I am also a Target employee. I was hoping that Target would consider stocking Weight Watchers boxed items such as crumb cake, brownies, and more. Right now I have to shop at Albertsons and Walmart to purchase these items. Since most people are weight conscience now days please consider this and Hostess is gone so the shelves are pretty bare these days in that section.

Thanks, loyal Target shopper

Posted by Anonymous

Target cashiers get all the crap from the guest. Do they know what it is like standing for 6-7 hours, lifting heavy objects into bags, listening to kids yelling in your ear and being ignored because the"entitled" people are too busy on their freeking cell phone to pay attention to their kids, but to even acknowledge that we are there? They treat us like crap, then go complain to gsa/gstl's that we were rude and are not "customer service" oriented.We have had items thrown at us, dirty resuable bags thrown at us, been called foul names, all because these people feel they are entitled. Just once, walk a mile in my shoes--- do you think management cares? NO as long as they get there quota of "RED CARDS" and they get their bonus-they are happy-what about us? Do you think all the 4 million that target puts back into the community the employees would get a little help? No, not in this world!!! Our raises if any are 6-14 cents. I have been there almost 6 years and make 37 cents more than I did when I started. They say are raises are based on how many "red cards" we get. Thats BS!!!!! If you are young they promote you and if you are over 40yrs old they try and get rid of you. Most of the "middle" age people are trying to keep their homes by working 2 jobs, and then are just treated badly. They tell us to talk to HR but how can you when the HR person is 22 years old and just graduated high school? What do they know???Is this there first or second "real job"?

Posted by Who

Target is terrible I use to work for the store on Hampton in Saint Louis Missouri. There was a Gas leak and the manager just wanted to unload the truck instead of getting the employees out of the store. Then I threw up and the manager threw a cart and was mad after the gas company left. Crazy they didnt appreciate a good employee like me. Glad Im not there anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a team member @ store 1471 in Aurora, CO. Today I purchased a LeapPad Frog 2 item and when I took it off the shelf the label indicated the price of $79.99 and there were several on the shelf behind the one I grabbed but when I got to the register it rang up @$99. I explained to the cashier of the label price and she called over the GSTL Sue Simpleman, who then scanned the item and said well it's scanning @$99. I informed her that the label stated $79.99 and there were more than 2 on the shelf where I grabbed it from. She was very rude about it and told the cashier to change the price. That is not at all what I was wanting I was just trying to let them know about the label price. So after the cashier checked me out, I went over to the team member who was working toys to let him know about the issue, however, Sue had already contacted him about it. I informed him of the situation I had just experienced and told him I felt like a criminal because that was how she was making me feel. I even informed the ETL Amy about it but she didn't really act like she was much interested in my concern. So I left the store but immediately returned to the service desk where I explained to Tina the situation and told her I was very very upset and I wanted to return the item and for her to re-ring it so that I could pay the price of $99 because I didn't want them to feel like I was trying to scam them out of $20 and I was humilated by Sue's behavior. I understand that I am a team member and that products are consistently stocked in the wrong spot but it is not my responsibilty to investigate all the labels when I plan to shop there. Technically I was off the clock and was a guest whether I was shopping there or @another store. I am so upset that I will no longer do my shopping @this store because of the poor behavior of this GSTL and help from the ETL, Amy. If, it had been a guest they would have been given the price with no problem or humiliation. As far as the items being stocked in the wrong location is due to the flow team and this has been addressed to ETL of that team but it always gets overlooked because he doesn't want to take the blame that it's his team so then it's the blame of the sales floor. All I know is that this mistake caused me humilation and getting upset. Sue needs to be dealt with on this matter because it is not professional for your business. I am not trying to create a problem but I would like to be treated with dignity and respect when I am a guest and not a team member. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concern for poor customer service.

Posted by Dimples1218

I just want to comment on targets application process. I think target has the worse application process and I'll tell you why. When I apply for certain positions that are open at the time I'm not able to go back and apply for any other positions at different target stores that may have open positions their hiring for as well if I have applied within the last 60 days. What kind of crap is that? I have never seen any other company do this with a job application. Target, you really need to do something about this process because it SUCKS!!!! Your the only company that has this stupid idea and honestly I wouldn't recommend anyone to apply to your company for employment based on this. What's the point? If they have to wait 60 days just to apply for ONE position. I could see if it was 30 days, but 60? Are you kidding me. What a stupid rule!!!! You get a thumbs down from me 👎👎👎😠

Posted by noneya

i used to work for the target in Goodyear AZ. they made me work in food avenue multiple times. they NEVER told me to get a food handlers card. even when i brought it up to higher management, they just shrugged it off. it must have bothered them, they cut my hours down between 4-12 hours a week! i was forced to find another job before my two weeks notice was up. another time i came for my shift crying. just got news my dad had to get his leg amputated that same morning, the manager just told me to wash my face and get to work.

Posted by thebrokenegg

i used to work for the target in Goodyear AZ. they made me work in food avenue multiple times. they NEVER told me to get a food handlers card. even when i brought it up to higher management, they just shrugged it off. it must have bothered them, they cut my hours down between 4-12 hours a week! i was forced to find another job before my two weeks notice was up. another time i came for my shift. just got news my dad had to get his leg amputated that same morning, the manager just told me to wash my face and get to work.

Posted by Anonymous

Lyn- If you have a problem with an item don't call Target 1-800 #. Take the item in with your receipt. You have 90 days to return or exchange an item in the store. If it's past the 90 days you can still do a no receipt refund as long as the item still rings up in our system (sometimes the item is no longer carried and will no longer be on file in the register for a purchase or return). When you call the 1-800# all they do is give you the manufact. number for replacement and repairs. Those companies don't have anything to do with Target so I can't explain why they haven't called you back.

Posted by Albert Quada - Repres

I work in The call center in Pakistan. Our Management cruelly calls our office "Targetistan" and we hope he will some day travel to our great nation so he can see we are a nation of hard, and caring workers.

I want to help my customer when they call, but management forces us to give lies to the angry and sad customers - literally if we deviate from the script of lies, they will garnish our wages or hurt our families. We know items are often not shipped or even in stock when ordered yet we tell them "it will be a few more days" which is lies!

I am so sorry to my fellow men for lying. I heard a rumor that Target is tring to put a cheaper call center in Afghanistan or Iran as its cheaper and there aren't as many moral hangups with lying. I hope not my freinds Pakistan is the best for hard working caring workers. Don't go to Iran with

Posted by Anonymous

Target Employees work very hard..... yes we may seem rude at times, but most likely its because we just got in trouble because a guest decided to COMPLAIN about something!... how would you all liked it if people were constantly LOOKING for reasons to get you fired. Management treats us terribly, we have no initiative to work hard and be pleasant 100% of our shift... and that should be understandable...

Posted by Steven284

On mother's Day I quit working for Target.
We worked either, unloading and stocking, or stocking. They have double meanings in a rush to do things. Sometimes its presume its possible to do it, insults in doing things, try to do things, goal time is set amount of time, goal time can be demand, or insults, somethings to ridicule with. Give more work to someone - then others finish sooner that day, yet some other day be done sooner than others, if your the last person done in an area, your to explain why your slower, when they were watching it all from the begining, they get ridicuos "you do this every day, why you so slow." "now listen to me" "Oh your ignoring me" They nag, nag, nag, about difficult things. We worked 2 or 3 days a week for 2 to 4 hours. Unload the truck in 1 hour or 1 and half, or rarely 2 hours, then on the shelf in 2 hours or less. There main concern was profit vs worker pay, they always made us rush and be prim and proper, a set amount of people, getting it done in a set amount of time, and answer customers, discuss with customer, find it with customer. Then after break time, if 4 hours work, we are to comment about nice things of others. If your off the clock, do not ask for help, or say anything, as customer, they will send you out the door, not let you buy it or give you help, its better to buy from another target store nearby. They presume we cause trouble asking or discussing as customers. Please remember this is about one Target Store only, others can be better.

Posted by Anonymous

I used to work at Target. The management was definitely not the best, and I was misled from the beginning because I told them I was looking for a full-time position and didn't find out until AFTER working for a couple of weeks that they wouldn't hire full-time employees. I had waited for that position because I was under the impression that I would receive a full-time position and this was for a brand new store opening up.

That said, I still love Target. It is silly to discriminate against a chain from one experience at one store. Our customer service was pretty good and our store was one of the cleanest around. I have been to several Targets and I know that it just depends on where you go as to how good or bad it is. One thing you have to keep in mind is that employees really make the store. If you are in an area where you can't get good employees, the store just isn't going to be everything you want it to be.

Posted by Anonymous

I work in Electronics in a certain Michigan store. Here's 10 things to help understand and possibly work around our biggest problems.

1. Our system can be anywhere from 24-48 hours behind on a number. The online database is even worse. I don't deal with it at all other than "It says you have it online." Most of the time it's a lie. If there's a big sale and you're checking availability on Sunday, good luck. We're probably short-handed and sold out already.

2. There's a reason they're called door busters. I hate to say it, but if you can't wait outside, you're not getting it. We don't get enough stock. Sorry. This rings true for really good sales on Sunday. Don't expect us to have it on Saturday.

3. You know that RCA TV? It was a discontinued item during the whole sale. I knew the whole time we'd never get it back in. Even the raincheck said so. By the way, we weren't supposed to give them out to begin with. We were just delaying the anger. If it was me: "Quantities are limited, we're not getting stock. We're not giving out rainchecks." This happens a lot. Half of our current cameras are discontinued and out of stock.

4. That Mind Flex game was limited by the company. You couldn't get it anywhere else. We no longer carry it. We don't get those Zhu Zhu pets in much either. Or Wiis.

5. Cheap stuff sells first. You get what you pay for, anyway.

6. There are NEVER enough people on the floor. We have 3-5 people on the floor during 10am-6pm any normal weekday. 2 managers, the operator, and the single Electronics person. On average. Then the closing people in certain numbers to help pick up after your messes. 10 people are given 4 hours clean up a large store. We don't have time to help or we get in huge trouble. And Electronics almost never has assistance so you'll have to wait.

7. Returns. There are loopholes, and you can return lost-boxed items only if we have it in stock. You can exchange games/movies for the same TITLE so if you opened up a wrong game case, you can exchange it for the same one in a different system. Goes for DVDs vs Blu-Rays as well. You can also fight it if it doesn't say 'return only if unopened' if you've got a weak guest service person.

8. Back room people aren't always in the back room. Your best bet to find things in the back and get TVs is before 10 am. Electronics cannot pull TVs, though if it's bottom rung, I will. You're more likely to find people on the sales floor by then, and there's many people in the back room.

9. Don't call the store until after 9 or 10 though. There's not enough hours to give operators to have them answer the phone in the hours when most people call.

10. We're more likely to help you if you have an item number/DPCI:
###-##- If the first three are 24#, it's online only, the stores will not have it, regardless of what the site happens to suggest.

PS: The reason us Team Members are so unhappy is because we get paid very little and are treated like dirt.


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