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Taco Bell customer service is ranked #599 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 28.09 out of a possible 200 based upon 786 ratings. This score rates Taco Bell customer service and customer support as Terrible.


746 Negative Comments out of 786 Total Comments is 94.91%.


40 Positive Comments out of 786 Total Comments is 5.09%.

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    • 28.09 Overall Rating
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    • 746 negative comments (94.91%)
    • 40 positive comments (5.09%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Y'all taco bell in New Iberia is the worst taco bell to eat at its the one on 824 E.Admiral Doyle Drive the manger waa very rude and the workers was also rude the worst experience I ever had and I loved the food there I want be going back there anymore...

Posted by Anonymous

You need camera's on the punks you have working at your 1800 Main St. DUNEDIN Fl.address.Deplorable the way adults were treated on 4-17-18 @ 6:54 pm.No manger on premises! Friends of works covered the walkways and they were the only ones that could get to the counter.Laughing swearing using MFERS over and over again.No GLOVES.When I FINALLY got my order it was if they took it off the floor!! Tacos were have way full of lettuce and tomato half teaspoon of meat etc.ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.The windows were so filty you couldn't see out!! The place was a Hogan trough.Myself and my entire family and friends will never enter TACO BELL again.I was so pissed off it took this long to write this.The board of health definitely needs to go there!! Hire responsible people not these freaks with absolutely no respect for people's food for God's sake.We through the damn food away, we were seriouslying afraid to eat it.I still have my receipt from this Hogan Trough.Someone didst to pay this place a visit when that crew of children are working!!I am totally disgusted

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Clark Schindele. I was at your Broomfield store at 120th Avenue and Sheridan in Broomfield Colorado my order was totally messed up today April 15th Sunday. I ordered a chicken power bowl and instead got a beef Powerball and ordered to Triple layer burritos and got cheese tacos two of those. Could someone please call me back and somehow get a credit to me I've called the store 20 times and it just either as busy or hangs up. My cell phone number is Please have someone to call me back. Thank you!

Posted by [email protected]

Hello, the taco bell on Colorado Blvd in EAGLE ROCK has been closed 4 a couple of months to be remodeled, when will it be open or is the property been sold ?.....sure miss it!

Posted by monti

Today I went to the Taco Bell on the 16th Street Mall here in Denver Colorado at 11am this morning and ordered a 5 layer burrito with no sour cream. When I got my order I sat down to eat it and didn't notice anything wrong until I got to the halfway mark that's when I notice it had sour cream. When I tried to return it I was ignored and had to wait 20 minutes just to get their attention again where I let them know that the burrito had sour cream as well as it didn't have any meat as it was supposed to have. They responded by asking where is the burrito and I said it's in the trash where I threw after waiting almost 25 minutes just to get their attention, when the lady promptly told me in front of everyone, "you'll have to dig in the trash and bring that burrito which I disgustedly walked out and I will never do business with them and I will let others know of Taco Bell's lack of pleasing the customer over making money and their lack of quality control signifies to me that their company will flounder sooner rather than later

Posted by David lowery

The taco bell in walkertown nc 27051 they rip my famliy off for 30.00 don the dm need to fix this or I will go out of my way to fix it on my one the store manager is Kim she would not even answer her phone and to be little people a paying customer wow this is crazy

Posted by Running wolf

Yes I've been to the taco Bell in Dayton Tennessee there service is horrible water time is ridiculously long and I've looked at reviews on the place and wasn't pleased at all and there scores is not so hot the only restaurant in that place with a great score is Sonic with a 100 I think I will start eating there instead until this place changes and word on advice bring Lopez and Jones back if you want a better place they can bring it around best customer service with them there and the place was a lot cleaner

Posted by Melanie Krist

Waited around 4:00 at store in Milford, Mi. No greeting 3 workers looked at me never a word. One brought food to another customer ahead of me never acknowledged me being there. A worker finally took my order and I told her what I thought about the lousy service. I was busy with another customer. My response was you could have said hello and said I'll be with you. She,agreed. Food was given to me without a thankyou. I'm fed up. I go there all the time. Talked to manager many times but this is the braking point.

Posted by FunMom4

I am not one to leave a complaint, ever. I have left compliments, but never a complaint. Tonight I stopped at the Taco Bell location on Larkin Ave in Joliet, IL 60436 at 12:29am. As I approached the drive thru the 2 cars in front of me drove right through, past the speaker. As I came up to the speaker the woman said, "our systems are down for 15 mins, if you want to wait pull around to the parking lot." So I drive around no one is waiting. 3 more cars pull up to the speaker and then leave. I decide to take a quick ride and come back. I pull back up to the speaker 11 minutes later. The woman at the speaker says, "our systems are down, if you want to wait pull around to the parking lot." So I ask her, "How long will they be down for?" She says, "15 minutes!" I then tell her, "I was just here 11-12 minutes ago and you said 15 minutes then. Is it going to be another 15 minutes?" After a long pause she says, "Yuuup! I'm going to have someone look at it." Confused, I ask her "do you have Taco Bell's customer service number?" She says, "Nope! Don't know it!" I tell her "I will look it up and call them." She says, "Whatever. Go ahead then." I drive to the window and no one is at the window, register, or anywhere in the back. I drive around to the front and all 3 workers are laying around lounging on the seats and benches, looking at their phones. I pull my phone out to take a picture and they all sit up and the one woman in the middle starts waving and smiling. My husband, 4 children, and I used to go to Taco Bell a few times a week, whether it be for lunch or dinner. But it has been fewer and fewer times lately, as a result of the bad service and cold food we have received. I can honestly say, we will not be back for a very, very, very long time. There are way too many places with good service to waste our time and money on Taco Bell anymore. I really hope someone sees this and can fix the problem before you lose more customers.

Posted by Francisco Barajas

I my name is Francisco Barajas, I was a consumer Taco Bell for many years and I think Wy Taco Bell have in the menu a real Mexican dish this idea is going a bomb in the menu no one have in USA like chipotle ext ext is a tree diferen stile burrito for a brefast to diner, and I can Filend the exit on those burritos idea, call me in espa�±ol som body had to have on real home made flower tortilla this is a key to bring a thousand new customers call me for mor detalla thank atte Francisco Baraja

Posted by Anonymous

I was at taco Bell store at 6616 east grant road the cashier name is Monica R order time144.59 pm I ordered a five craving sub taco for dorrito taco gave her a ten Dollar bill I was given 3 cents back I told her said no you didn't the customer behind said he did to because she picked up when I dropped it on ground handed back to me so then got my me a five back I said it's 4.00 dollars back gave her the five she gave me back four ones got my food it was wrong didn't get my Doritos taco I watched the manger make it and left so opened my order and both my tacos we're crushed

Posted by Jimmy

I stopped at the Bell located at 2840 W College Ave, Appleton, WI at approximately 9:10 PM last night. I was the third vehicle in line and the first moved almost immediately. I started the stop watch on my phone immediately, because this Bell is notorious for being slow. From the time I started my stop watch until the time I asked to speak to the manager (when I arrived at the window) it was 9 minutes and change. I asked the manager how come it took 9 minutes and was told "it only took 3 something, in an extremely snotty tone". I was hungry and didn't feel like arguing with a snot bag, so I asked for my food, paid and left. When I got home I opened my bag of food and the 4 burritos I had received were so small they looked like the old mini tacos from the mini menu that you guys had in the 90s. It was pathetic! Wait 10 minutes, get called a lair and then get 1/3 of what you paid for. I know you guys don't pay much, but you still deserve someone who knows how to take care of your customers and this location is terrible. If you can't staff it with quality people then just close it! It will be an inconvenience, but it will be better than what you have currently. SERIOUSLY!

Posted by Charles

Me and my husband just went through drive thru.and got the rudest guy..his name Charles..and the food tasted old ...so disappointed

Posted by Margaret56mann

First I took pictures of the products I purchased. $30.00 worth! And want to post them on all social media sites. Disgusted!!! I purchased a Variety box with dorrito hard tacos. Half of them Supremes. The Tacos were all broke and saturated with lettuce and sour cream. Hardly no meat or cheese. The chicken Quesadilla had one little section with a few little pieces of chicken no cheese. The remaining 2/3rds was dry bread. I had surprise company to feed. Upon seeing the preparation of my food and quality, I called the store. The manager was rude! There was no receipt in my bag. So the manager acted uncaring and hung up on me saying there was nothing he could do. I couldn't believe it. He wouldn't even take it back. Had to go buy pizza.

Posted by https://tacobell.com/contact

I would like to talk to someone about this matter I'm very upset about the service that I had to go through on this day of 08/07/2017 I went through the drive thru I ordered 5 items one of was a Mexican pizza and when I got home it was squashed at the bottom of the bag and I would have gone back to the restaurant to talk about the matter but I have been working late all week so I was to tired to get back to the store and get there safely so I called the restaurant to talk to someone about this matter and a gentleman answered the phone I upsetly went to tell him that that is not where it should have been and he hung up on me not only one time but three and when I got someone else to answer the phone I asked her what the name of the guy who was answering the phone name is she also hung up on me and I would like to talk to someone about this matter as soon as possible because this is not how a restaurant chain should be run.My name is Angela

Posted by Anonymous

I have always loved to eat at Taco Bell, but today was my last time to eat there. . Order tacos and very very little lettuce or meat couldn't ever taste it and she'll was all broke up and spicy tostada had a scoop of beans in the middle and a little lettuce and sauce, this is the last time .

Posted by Justme

I went to the taco Bell on lake Mead and stats. I ordered my son and mother's dinner and then I ordered mine. I ordered a chalupa meal and just asked if I could get the chalupas chicken and the manager came on the line and said no because they are in beef. I will never go back to that store again. And I paid with a debit card and got no receipt. WTH??

Posted by Anonymous

On 6/22/2017 I visited the Taco bell in Buda,Texas at 5:40pm. I ordered 3 beef crunch raps and 12 crispy Tacos. As I was waiting for my food, I noticed a female employee eating a soft taco while preparing food. I asked for a manager and asked her why that employee was eating and preparing my food. The manager then spoke to the employee and took over my order. I was going to let it go. But then I realized tgat she and another person was on the line. The employee was jn the middke. So at least one if them knew she was eating while preparing food. I also notice when my foid order was completed she steped back in line to prepate more foid without washing her hands and changing gloves.
I only want this to be a good traing situtation. Our health department makes spot checks while ordering as a cutomer. They coyld have been their ordering food and not me.

Posted by Bigcoko

I stopped in your Taco Bell on June 19th for a morning breakfast and was confronted by a very smart mouth black lady when she kept asking me did i want any hashbrown potatoes and i kept saying no then she got upset and said i told you once in a very angry way at me and all i said that i was just lookin for some breakfast food which hard to see on the i side menu board when i started to walk out i just want to be as nasty as she was acting nor to kill my joy n happiness that morning
But i do feel that the people that work at Taco Bell in Peoria,il on Sterling needs to be trained on how yo greet help and talk to people and not have such a bad attitude toward the customers

Posted by Bonnie

I thought that as a franchise Taco Bell needed to charge the amount advertised on TV. I visited a Taco Bell in Reston VA on Saturday 06/17/2017. It was the first time I tried the Naked Chicken box. The cost was $5.00. I enjoyed it so much that today 06/19/2017 I drove to the Taco Bell, close to my home, at 4418 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly, VA 20151. To my surprise I was charged $5.99 for the same box I ordered just two days ago. I ask if the box went up? I was told this location charges more because they are located in a business park. What's up with this. I was very disappointed about being charged am additional fee. Just to let you know that I am going to spread this word as fast as I can throughout all the social networks. I think you should have standards across the board and if a location doesn't want to abide with the rules they should lose there franchize. I hope to receive a response to this comment. Thank you very much!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Customer Service,
The Taco Bell in Santa Clara,CA near Santa Clara University has lacked a ventilation system for about a year and a half, thus I was cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
The hot temps today motivated me not to patronize this site again- (my co-workers quit going to this sight last year) Ventilation systems break and repairs can be delayed but this site has never had any ventilation since I have patronized it.
I walked into a very hot building today, with employees trying to wipe the sweat rolling down their face and arms as they were preparing food- and I thought hmm... I really don't want their sweat in my food, the back door to the kitchen open to no avail I left and the one fan in the corner of the dining rooms was dirt,small and ineffective.
I thought Taco Bell prided itself on its customer service, cleanliness and respect for their employees; it seems that this is not the focus anymore.
I was a loyal customer....

Posted by Francina Smith

I went to Taco Bell on W. 8 mile and Lahser put my order in through the drive in. Get to the window I tell them mild sauce, the gentleman said they don't have mild I told him to cancel the order! I have been there 4 times and no mild sauce! I was very disappointed! It's not the employees fault! I won't be going there no more! Wasting gas driving there!

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted Taco Bell to be aware. Your store in silsbee TX. Is doing a poor job. The service is not good at all. The employees are always messing around in back while there preparing food. Making you wait longer than you should for your food.
Also last night I went to your facility to order my dinner at 9:30pm and the person at drive through told me the manager said they were no longer taking any orders. The store didn't even close until 10:00pm.
The store I'm talking about is a Taco Bell and KFC store in silsbee Texas.
Thank you for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

I am leaving this message in reference to a order that I received on 613 2017 at 6:36 p.m. In Sulphur Louisiana 70663 Taco Bell 02999 2040 Ruth Street this is a complaint about an order I ordered a steak quesadilla it had five little pieces of Steak the rest was the tortilla I also ordered a crunchy taco there was less than a teaspoon of meat on the whole Taco the rest was a pile of lettuce and probably for little pieces of cheese order one my name is Melody Miller my number is do give me a call in reference to this order it was terrible service they had no napkins and I want to know what can be done .

Posted by Anonymous

I am very dissatisfied with my service tonight. For one, I had to come back so they can make it right. But they literally put 3-4 pieces of chicken with all that lettuce and sour cream and that pita bread. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Add your review!

Posted by Vanessa M

i recently went to the tacobell in norwalk ca. ad i received great service it was fast and they got my order correct which was great
thank you to Jessica she was working the long line drive thru and was fast and efficient thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Fallon nv taco bell has a great worker there she goes way out to help customers.. Thank you Shawna.. hope I spelt your name right..... Keep up the great work

Posted by Anonymous

hello my name is joni I was in your store on 10/28 1709e.2ndst.to ladies helped me one was dell b and the other was a Manger or the other way around any way they were so nice and pashent with me i had bought some gift cards and they were getting a litte line I asked if they won't ed to help the others frist but they told me no worries it will fine they were so alsum and so kind some customers were a little in pashent but they helped them and they just did a outstanding job on there customer service thank you to your staff

Posted by Anonymous

just sent a message regarding the brown SHORT paper bags.. I just wanted to let you know the person who called me from the Taco Bell, 8071 Elk Grove Florin Rd, Sacramento CA, 95829 - her name was JAYAWNA, Just wanted to let you know she was very friendly on the phone and I was surprised to get a phone call the next day after I sent the email. Please give JAYAWNA a thank you from me for being friendly & pleasant on the other end . Hope Taco Bell corrects the take out bags.
Janet Larson

Posted by Crishandra

Hi my name is Shanel I came in yesterday and the lady at the cashier was just so nice she even brought my food to me the Lobby was nice to sit in I enjoy my self.

Posted by Anonymous

Stop by Taco Bell and it was a nice experience, they were fast and friendly, thank you.

Posted by Sdhansek

Taco Bell 018166 in Hiram, GA
08/13/2016. Time. 10:54
Cashier Amber a very friendly black lady was doing the drive thru & front & help prepare the food. Some one did not show up & their were only the two of them. She deserve a raise

Posted by Anonymous

The service was great and the food, delicious.

Thank you, Taco Bell.

Posted by aj

Hi!! I just wanted to leave a positive feedback about an employee Christina at taco bell on Marconi and Fulton. She is super cute and sweet. She helped me order my family's meal and it was a huge order and she got everything correct . also saves me money I did not know theyr was a happy hour so thankyou Christina! Ad for hiring great employees!! Please make sure she is acknowledged she deserves it

Posted by Anonymous

The service was fast and the cashier was friendly, whoa, good job.

Posted by Anonymous

The service at Taco Bell, location on 10811-Will Clayton Parkway, is outstanding, the Manager and employees, work together as a team, keep up the good work.

Posted by Anonymous

I just went to the defiance ohio store and was given the best service. I am handicap and walk with a cane the doors were held open for me and my meal was carried to my table. I know when super busy it is hard to do a little extra so I don't expect to get any special treatment but these guys rock

Posted by Tobykeithfan2003

Store 403 was great Jamie is awesome

Posted by ron

This comment goes to April B in cadillac mi she greeted me with a smile on her face she was very polite and she made me feel like more than a customer. While I was waiting on my food she went to clean dining area not one thing was out of stock or on the floor I will definitely be back. She did a terrific job.

Posted by ??

Complement a employee, at s Employee Natasha, short explanation of the exceptional employee, recognized us as a loyal customer, weekly visit, wife and my sely order usaly the same item. when delivered to our table she (Natasha) said this is not your usual order, what did you order? this is not that, returned with what we usual ordered. Cares about the customer. my opinion a caring employee that deserves recombination for repenting toco bell.

Benny Malin

Posted by Anonymous

This is a rating for the Taco Bell on 1215E. McKellips Road Mesa, AZ. 85203

I have been going to this Taco Bell for years and the morning staff is excellent. It includes the following names of those who have done above and beyond their duties with being so very nice and the orders are always perfect. The following names of those individuals who are terrific are Blare, Heather, Racella, Blanca, Alecia. If you could pass this perfect score onto them, that would be appreciated.


Posted by elizabeth.g

Tina (manager on duty) and Kerbina or Rebina (frequent night drive thru worker) were so awesome on my visit. I couldn't find my debit card and was freaking out! It was 12 am and I had placed most of my order via the mobile app but the new boss nacho's were not an option yet so I had to add it on as a separate order. I was ready to leave and go back to my work to look for my card and they encouraged me to take a minute and look since no one was behind me. I left with hot, wonderfull food! They showed me the best customer service I have seen in a fast food restaurant! They deserve recognition and the opportunity for advancement!

Posted by Miss lily

I want to give James the supervisor on duty at TacoBell store# 004819
23146 valencia blvd santa clarita
A very awesome, excellent customer service. Everyone working there is nice, and helpful to anyone who comes into the store. So I want to give a bif thanks for all their hard work and dedication.

Posted by [email protected]

Hope I'm writing to the correct place to comment on a wonderful employee at the local Taco Bell in West Bend, WI. His name is Ques and worked on 10/30/15 at the register. We were there with our two young grandchildren...buying some dinner. He was EXTREMELY pleasant and listened to the childrens request for tacos with ONLY beef/cheese. He joked with us and actually came to our table later and asked if everything was okay. He made the kids feel like they were important and us as well. For fast food....this was so pleasant. I just wanted to comment to someone about his excellent personality. Thank you Ques!

Posted by Anonymous

11 of us just went thru the drive thru at the store at Gateway, Eugene Oregon. Seth J took our order & was terrific! He called my daughter, mother of 7,Miss & made her day. He read our order back, double checked it & was super courteous. Thank him for us

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I were driving home from a college visit and we stopped at your Taco bell in Springfield IL on Toronto Rd. One of my daughters dropped her cell phone in the parking lot and we didn't realize until we were a couple of hours away. We were able to get in touch with the manager whose name is Bobbie (Sorry I don't know her last name) and she packaged it up and sent it to us. The store's phone doesn't work so I couldn't get a hold of them directly, but through an email to your corporate headquarters she called me. I am so grateful for everyone involved and especially from Bobbie who went above and beyond the call to get the phone back to us. I just thought you should know. Thanks so much!!!! Shelly Thompson

Posted by joe8400

99% of the time when I go to this or any fast food restaurant I get waited on by some teenager that screams out that they could care less about doing a good job with their attitude, body language and facial expressions... However at 9pm 9/19/15 I stopped at the Taco Bell on Robinhood Drive in Etters PA and the young man that was working the front end was outstanding! He was friendly, on top of things, when he was mopping polity told me to be careful because the floor was going to be wet, when I was picking my tray up to take it to the garbage can he said "I can take that for you, Sir!" and I must say that in my 46 years I've never gotten that kind of service at a fast food restaurant and I never came home to give positive feed back about an experience like this.... I just felt compelled to let him and his Bosses know it was recognized and appreciated!

Posted by Anonymous

I only had 5.00 today for lunch,I was short a dime. I was going to go to a cheaper lunch item but Victor at your Walkertown NC location put the dime in for me so I could get what I actually wanted. I am a store manager this was great customer service! I will be back!

Posted by Anonymous

Lady at window was friendly and nice. I had enough napkins and sauces which is a plus. Food was fresh and fast.. My child was crying in the back seat and she smiled and said hi. Most would not have acknowledge that but she did.

Posted by lala

Lala in Gainesville Florida was wonderful she was nice and she is a very good employee

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Posted by Bad experience

It is really sad how they treat the employees at the st Augustine location on state road 16 .

Posted by Anonymous

I had a interview at the Monticello ky taco bell and Rachel made me sit and wait and wait for at least 1hour and 15 mins I really want the job I thought I did good during the interview she told me she would give me a call and after about a week of not hearing from her I called up there and talked to Bridgette she was really rude and said they ain't hiring and next I no Rachel waited for her daughter to turn 16 and just handed her a job I find this real destrubing because she can just hand Job's out to her family didn't even have to a temp to go out looking for a job people like me need's a job I don't have mommy to pay my Bill's take care of me I have to work so I can take care of my family I find this news a disgrace

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my daughter's boyfriend work at the taco bell in evansville,in on covert ave and was fired today because he put in his two weeks notice,after asking to become a Manger after everyone walked out,and the district manager quit.I think this was unable called for,you have a guy named Jeff area manger phone number .I have called many times and no answer,a girl who has been let go because she was caught having sexy in a car,is still there as one of the acting mangers name Mellisa.I don't think this is right he has given your company 7 months,went in on days off,worked thru his breaks,no help,got called in on days off because they was short handed,he has a baby on the way and is trying to move step and be a good dad to take care of it.You are loosing a very good worker,his name is Kristian Galloway.Thanks

Posted by Aspen greer

I have been fired over a week ago. Vicki moris failed to give me my last pay check in the 72hrs. If nobody calls me by tomorrow!! I will see you in court. I know the law!

Posted by Nory

I just recently left my position as service champion at the store in Camp Lejeune, NC.
My reason being was I was ultimately done with the management. The General Manager I met in my interview did a 180 degree flip on her attitude towards her employees once we started actually working for her.
I can honestly say I was never disrespectful to her but the tone she talked to employees (including me) was rude. If she was having a bad day because someone called out or something went wrong, she took her attitude out one us. That doesn't show good management or leadership skills. That makes you now want to talk I your manager when you need them.
I also don't understand the point of asking us our hours of availability but then switching our schedules around without talking to us about it first and then get angry with us when we do not want to work that shift.
When I worked the closing shift I was clocked out before I was done working numerous times.
In that same shift I've done 10 hr shifts with absolutely no break.
I was ultimately done and I really do think you need to look at your managers attitudes towards your employees and realize that sometimes your employees are wearing a fake smile because they are afraid to lose their jobs.

Posted by Help my child

In Bakersfield ca please check your managers and supervisors. They are working the employees over 5 hours with out at least a 30 minute meal period.

Posted by Anonymous

i work at taco bell and I have never been treated so poorly in my life. They DONT give you your breaks that are required by LAW and if you say something you are attacked and threatened to lose all hours. i was threatened that they would put my shifts at 3 hours so i would no longer require a break. I have pictures of the notes put up saying these things. I have never had to deal with such immature management. Taco bell only cares about money. We get no food, no discount or even a cup to have something to drink. These are only a few of the problems. I will NEVER go to any taco bell after I quit tomorrow. I am calling corporate and L&I.

Posted by Anonymous

im Ashley, i work at taco in bowling green kentucky, russelville road, and ive been reading the compaints on here and i dotn blame half the customers on here because we have the worst managers in taco bell history. we have one the never wears a hair net nor gloves when SHE makes food, she barely does anything unless it's her and one other person, we should be getting smashed im talking $30 orders with 3 people and she's outside with her freinds or boyfreind, shes disrepectful and always has an attitude for no reason, when you ask her to help you with something she gets an attitude and sends you home. out assistant managers are wonderful. and thats it. they only work days tho and thats not fair. she sits in the lobby everynight smokes weed and cigs while everyone else works. it's pissing me off, why do the employees have to always be serious and work hard with out breaks if she dont? we tell the gm over and over that she needs to go but we always get the blaim for everything. and they wont let us contact our district manager cause they know why we want to. it's not fair something needs to be done about her, i dont understand why she still has her position when there 3 people in the crew who definitely need it. i want a manager thats serious and is gonna take the job serious and not play because they still live with there parents and dont plan on going to school. like lets get real taco bell.

Posted by unhappy x employee

I have been trying to get a check from Taco Bell for over 2 months now, the store is located on 242 also known as College Park Drive in The Woodlands, Texas. I would not recommend working for them because you won't get paid since it's a privately owned store.they will not give you the phone number for the corporate office nor will they give you the phone number for anybody in charge, I've even gone so far as to contemplate calling the authorities however I know it will do no good. Be warned the store is out to get you, they hire people and then fire them before they have to pay any money. If anybody can help me get my money that they owe me I would be grateful. As far as recommending the store to anybody else, I would not. Nobody washes their hands and the food sit for hours and days and I don't know how long after that. someone needs to step in and fix that location because I have been discharge for no reason, and I am NOT getting what they owe me. I'm going to keep harassing the store until I get paid, and I'm likely to call a lawyer because of the unjustice I've encountered at the expense of them.


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Hattiesburg student wins $25K Taco Bell scholarship
HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -. A student from Hattiesburg received a $25,000 Live Más Scholarship from the Taco Bell Foundation. Noah Harris was one of 300 young people across the country who won a scholarship, with 8,000 students applying, and only...
Taco Bell joins the frosé craze at Newport Beach location
It's not everyday you hear people describing frozen drinks at Taco Bell as they would describe a fine wine. But that could happen at the Taco Bell Cantina in Newport Beach, which is test-marketing an alcoholic beverage called Berry Frosé Twisted Freeze.
Free Doritos Locos Tacos if Cleveland Cavaliers win at Golden State
Steal a game? Steal some tacos. Taco Bell's promotion means fans everywhere could earn free Doritos Locos Tacos if either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Golden State Warriors "steal" a road win during the NBA Finals, which begin on Thursday. Get your...