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TP-Link customer service is ranked #755 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 40 ratings. This score rates TP-Link customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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Posted by Anonymous

customer field link is outdated and 404

Posted by houguy

Tp-link has the WORST customer service I have ever encountered! The say they tthey are open 24/7 good luck talking to anyone. They will e-mail you back but you get a fax number and when you do find a so called support number it will ring for 2:30 minutes then hang up on you. Best advice I can give is go with sysco or buy one directly from comcast to avoid the monthly fee or spend the money for a triband router so you are ready for the future. Triband wont yet work on all phones or tablets but it is impressive with speeds up to 3 gigs a second hard wired. Wireless phones over wireless can get up to 1.2 gigs if your products supports it. Bandwith is getting faster all the time and getting cheaper. Hang in there. It may take another 9 to 12 months to get prices down but it will be worth the wait. Avoid tp-link at all costs!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I called them because I was having issues with my Ethernet adapter and so I called them to try and fix the problem. The number I called gave me TWO ADS and then told me to HANG UP and I never heard anything that would make me think the line would even be used for customer service. The call was also horrendous quality. Not only do they not have a customer support line but they have the exact opposite, AN AD LINE. Like how does this even happen.

Posted by Anonymous

TPLink essentially has no viable customer support, despite there claims to the contrary. The listed phone numbers do not answer - just ring. You cannot get on the router log in websites listed - they evidently has all been closed. After many tries I reached a person whos english was so bad I could not understand one word. He promised to put me in touch with someone in Texas - they would call me. Never happened. I tried live chat and asked for a technician. The chat person said to call the listed number - yes the one that does not answer. Turns our the company is chinese as is their product. I will be returning it and buying American.

Posted by Terter

Wish I'd have seen these before I purchased the TP-Link. Having a lot of the problems mentioned below. Have been waiting for the help desk and just got cut off, again. I agree. Don't buy this product!

Posted by dfhggherdt

I contacted TP-Link on November 2nd about the fact that I was getting horrible reception from my wireless router. The tech and I came to the conclusion that the radio is bad and he set me up with a case for the RMA department since my router was still under warranty. I chose the advanced RMA option and verified my address. The company never contacted me to get my billing info.

It is now November 27th, and they still haven't sent the replacement, nor have they sent me a shipping label. They have sent me multiple emails telling me that customer action is needed on my ticket, even though I've been waiting on them this entire time. There was a number in that email that they said to call if there were any questions. That number was for the standard tech support department. In China. The lady could barely understand what I was asking her. Nothing got resolved. Eventually I got an email saying that the model I have isn't in production and asked me if a newer model would be acceptable. I said yes and they presumably went back to huffing glue and watching reruns of MASH, because I still haven't received a replacement or a shipping label so I can send their trash product back to them. The most recent email told me that they would be sending me a label in 2 business days. That was 5 days ago. I literally cannot think of worse customer service than these bumbling fools. I would rather have a dial-up modem than buy one of their products again. If anyone from TP-Link is reading this, you are so terrible at your jobs it's a wonder you're still in business.

Posted by Cloutlo

Awfull... They are not able to speak understandable english... if you need support, don't buy TP-LINK products...

Posted by Schubert

Tp link router bought in June 16, and so far going through a torrid time. The router has stopped 3 times now in 4 months and the service centre is jst not ready to exchange the product when it's in guarantee. Absolutely pathetic service.. Will nvr buy tp link and will nvr advice others to hug either

Posted by BlorEan

1. Tp-link looks and promises do not match performance
2. frequent wifi drops, hanging configuration, and heating problems
3. can not support even 30-40 feet for 3-4 devices
4. Reaching customer service agent over their toll free is a pain, you get bad promises of call back 'if you make a missed call to some mobile number - that's bc! nothing happens.
5. After your luck favors and get them online, some super expert will ask you to make all resets and combination of power-off/reset sequences adn finally declares SW issue or HW board problem go to service centre
6. in Bangalore reaching their 'daba type service centre' on KH road- Hosur road junction is another pain, and the moment you see that dilapidated room, you know what you are in for! pls go with sufficient water, food and lots of patience; An expert so called, will tell you 'mostly, it's no repair/replacement case, send a mail to rma etc.,' and send you back. Now if you send a mail to rma they ask you again to call toll free, ensure this is device fault and then go to same service centre.
7. Now you go with some resolve and quiz that service expert, he will sing a new tune: send a mail to some other guy who will approve etc., but not address the real issue
After all this their response mail will come (only after reminders and blasting mails..) that your usage is inappropriate so no replacement, go to hell btards.

Posted by Just Sad

Bought Google on Hub about 60 Days ago. Went down after 30 Days. I liked the Product itself but unfortunately neither Google nor TP-Link are standing behind their Products. I has been 3 Weeks now countless E-Mails and several Phone Calls with no real live person contact at TP-Link. I agree with one all of my fellow victims here, this is the worst customer service i have ever experienced.
You talk to people in China and since their English and my Chinese are very limited they don't even know what you are talking about. Just reading off script and talking over your mouth.

Posted by Worst TP Link

I finally understood that if I did not visit the service center they will send my router back to the company. So, I called them. But, oh yes, you guess right. No one picked up the phone. Then I answered their mail saying that I will be collecting the router on 8th of august. I did not get any new mail after this reply. On 8th of august I called 10 times them, and they did not answered the call. Finally I visited the given address and found the door locked. I called so many times but no one answered the call. After 2 hours of waiting, one guy opened the door. He checked my receipt and asked me to come after 10 more days. I was helpless. I came back to home and decided not to go back to this worst company service center anymore. Now, on 16th of july, I received a message from the service center that I can collect now my router. But, It has already been complete one month of complaint and 22 days of submitting my router to the service center.

Posted by Vincent

I have being trying to contact tp-link for days the service has not being responding at all and the wifi is not fast and it's lossing connection please fix it and text me.

Posted by Non Tech Savvy

I've been on the phone for 47 mins just to be told "None of our technicians are available. To keep waiting press 1 or your call will be disconnected" every 3 mins. Really? Why in the world do they say their support is 24 hours if there are no technicians? It was a fair price for this switch, but you get what you pay for. Paying close attention to tech support rating is something you should always do... specially with technology stuff, otherwise you're going to have a very unpleasant time. Next time, I'll go with some other company I already know has good support (maybe Netgear), even if I pay more. I'm losing valuable time begging for their help, which is not there anyways. Don't let this happen to you.

Posted by j

Called. Was on hold for 10 minutes in position number 4. Then when I got down to my spot. I was forwarded to another cue and then hung up on. When I called back I was hung up on every time. I gave up after 15 calls. Pretty bad. Not sure what to do. I wouldn't have purchased their modem if I knew this was the reception I would get when calling.

Posted by Murphy

Tp link is terrible! Bought a $50 product that didn't work, contacted tech support to help fix it. Tech support repeated the same things over and over and didn't understand even a fraction of what my problem was. All information asked of me was not used in any way, I was only told the same things again. They also treated me like an absolute moron, telling me how to turn on the computer that I built. Now it's been over a week with no reply to my latest message on the ticket. Will never buy anything from tp link again.

Posted by skyguy

There only solution has been factory reset several times, they agreed on the phone that this needs to be returned, submitted a ticket and well half the time you have to do Ctrl F5 and other browser clearing tricks to see the ticket online. They keep sending me automated notices that they will close my ticket, but still no Return authorization received even after multiple emails and being told this was escalated to urgent. Of course, my router has not been working well for 3 weeks now and so had to buy a new router. Still trying to get them to send me a new router so I can recoup some of this $150 I spent on it 2 months ago. They clearly are stalling until you give up.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer servies provided by tp link wer very poor .....i tried many times to connect with there customer care executive ...but didnot able to connect ....didnot recoevrd many call back as they told to do so....i must want to update my firmwate :(

Posted by rlposen

Absolutely TERRIBLE! When I purchased the product their entire customer service was completely down due to technical issues. I had many problems with the router product--always given different solutions and with one exception reps with very poor English skills. Was promised a replacement product by rep., never fulfilled and several follow-up e-mails to this rep. AND tp-link support explaining the problem went completely unanswered and UNACKNOWLEDGED. Do yourself a favor and never buy a tp-link product--I never will!!!!!!

Posted by cooky

terrible customer services regarding a replacement router still under warranty' buy from someone else.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been purchased on modem model no

I am daliy costemer product..but he do not changed my modem . i have modem purchesd with bill and so plz help me..

Posted by Not happy with TP-LINK

I live in the US and have a TP-LINK Archer C7 and have had problems. I interacted with their people in China who were actually pretty quick. They said my unit is defective and gave me a CMA number for a replacement and told me to call the TP-LINK people in the U.S. All I get is a voicemail; no human being. I left 2 messages and emailed them and China several times. NOTHING!!! This is lousy customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely terrible customer technical support. They seem not to know how to resolve even simple problems.

Posted by hac3335

I've been trying to contact TP Link customer service for days and only get a busy signal. I'm not even put on hold into a queue.

I finally was able to connect with them but the phone connection was full of static so it was difficult to understand what the tech was asking me to do. The problem was finally resolved perfectly.

Posted by hac3335

I've been trying to contact TP Link customer service for days and only get a busy signal. I'm not even put on hold into a queue.

Posted by Any mouse

Unbelievably difficult to find someone who knows how to fix a problem when you do get someone on the line. Hard to understand them, very broken English. Would not listen to my problem, kept making me to do a hard reset and firmware update several times - neither one worked, more problems now than before, and original problem still exists. Not ever buying this brand again!!!

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