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TNT customer service is ranked #802 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 157 ratings. This score rates TNT customer service and customer support as Terrible.


155 Negative Comments out of 157 Total Comments is 98.73%.


2 Positive Comments out of 157 Total Comments is 1.27%.

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    • 22.27 Overall Rating
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    • 155 negative comments (98.73%)
    • 2 positive comments (1.27%)
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Larry Smith

Where are the missing episode of Wild Kingdom! On demand is showing only 3 of.the episode 's from season 3. 😡😡

Posted by Anonymous

the TV show on TNT is racist. The show features Black people acting, looking and talking like they have never gone to school or they are unaware of the twenty first century. Speaking lines from the Black actresses include:

(Where we going?

What you mean?

I aint gonna die in this outfit.

Y'all too.

What you doing here?). Children and adults hearing and repeating this type of poor English will have little chance in the academic world or any other progressive endeavors such as building companies, universities or financial investments.

Portraying Blacks as unable to speak English and as out of date misfits only adds to the racial stereotypes that Hollywood is known for. We need to reject this Black exploitation show and all the other shows, movies and companies that denigrate Blacks or any one else. Only when all people are treated with respect can the nation and the world move forward.

Elie Parker


Posted by None

The players only ok idea is stupid. Can't understand them. They can't enough speak in a sentence most of the time.

Get a real commentator back.

Posted by Orlando Martinez

Hello TNT I've emailed I've text I've left messages even on Facebook Messenger I can't seem to get a reply from anyone regarding Supernatural the show will be coming to an end of season 11 next Wednesday/Thursday the 7th/8th of February and like to know if you're going to start airing season 12 or I will be disconnecting my DirecTV service I only have it because of this program and others because TNT is my favorite network if you are not going to start airing season 12 somebody please email me at or by calling me or texting me at Your prompt reply is an urgency thank you 🎭

Posted by Anonymous

While trying to warch a program on the "on demand" setup through direct tv, the first 15 minutes of the program was moretha 50% adds, none of them direct tv related. This is ridiculous. Not only was there more adds than program, they cut off the program mid scene and in one spot, mid sentence. NOT ACCEPTABLE. GET WITH IT. I will think very hard the next time I waatch TNT.

Posted by SCAT

TOO BAD EXPERIENCE, kindly We have a problem with the shipment number 185669794 (SPAIN TO EGYPT) and we send you a formal complaint of deliberate delay and lack of interest of TNT C.S, which led to carrying of more than the expense and delay in time. thanks in advance for your help

Posted by david

TNT, What can I say ? Absolute rubbish company which has just ruined a crate with several thousand pounds of goods in it which are all wrecked and now they think they can get away with it ! think on I will be taking you to court TNT.

Posted by DaveP

A parcel was promised collection on Friday, Friday PM I discover that TNT Direct have had an IT issue. They did not check for any collections that were not on the system and consiquently the parcel was not collected. Much time lost rearranging collection. TNT say that collection is not 100% guarantee, and micro T&C print says no refund or price reduction as collection promise is not a guarantee or contract. Customer service failure! Here is a guarantee that you can rely on, NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THE SERVICE.

Posted by Mark

TNT are the WORST couriers there are. They didn't deliver citing that no one was home....... but not only was there one person but two..... we watched them pull put, stop for a minute and then simply drive off, didn't even get out!!!! You can't re-book, they simply drop your goods at a third party and tell you to pick them up yourself!!!! I rang the customer help line and they told me they would re-book a delivery but then simply put me in the "pick it up yourself" basket as well. I will refuse to buy goods from someone in the future if they us TNT. TNT may not care but their customer might....

Posted by TNT Hater Club

TNT lost a shipment (only the shipment document arrived at destination but not the item!) and client was only told about it when inquired.

Posted by My TV Screen

Dear TNT,
I sent a note to info at TNT last night, must be stuck at the border. While I may be subjective in my thoughts, I don't care. I am a Blue Jays fan from Collingwood. I watched the Wild Card Game on TNT, well balanced broadcast team. Now I'm watching the Jays/Rangers divisional round, on TNT, where did you get these guys. Eck doesn't shut up... I believe he still harbours a grudge from the late 80's and 90's, after all we caught him juicin" the ball, at home. All kidding aside, would you tell this threesome to shut up. While I have a similar issue with our homers during the regular season, they don't shut up, I find it a little disturbing they sound like club announcers. Tell them to take a page from Vin 'The Master' Scully and Pat Somerall, there is a time where you don't have to talk. Its amazing, we are watching the game, I think we get it, but wait... if you listen right now, we will dumb it down for you once again, and if you act now, you will get a second dumb down with separate shipping and handling.

Thank you,
Captain Obvious

Posted by Peter

Contact must be search by google for the Philippines!
Can't offer tax and fees to pay by delievery!
Difficult to found a Bank to transfere money for tax and fees to pay by delievery!
Hold the Parcel for days in TNT location!
Worst company I ever deal with !!!!

Posted by Thud

This networks coverage of the PGA Championship SUX. Audio problems and showing live action. Please hire people that have broadcast golf before instead of the idiots doing it this year.

Posted by Anonymous

no comments about customer service but TNT has become a very sad television station. Programming is outdated and very, very repetitive - I'm very disappointed and never watch anymore...l How very very sad.

Posted by mR r. b hiscock

Just received my delivery that was meant to be here on Friday. It is now Tuesday. The driver is foreign does not speak good English and quite frankly when I spoke to him he could not understand the simple question I asked ! not good enough Terrible service. Would not recommend.

Posted by dee

I have been waiting for an international delivery now for over 10 days. TNT has failed to correct the delivery address despite several phone calls. I received a text again today to say delivery will be made but again to the incorrect address. I have now been told that someone will call me today. Never using tnt again!!!!! Terrible service

Posted by Anonymous

TNT held my package without explanation, when contacted they claimed that customs was owed, when I told them that I owed nothing, they sent the package immediately -- and weeks later sent an invoice for a small, bogus customs payment and a large, bogus handling fee. Horrible company.

Posted by flyhi152

I have been on hold for over 1 hours now and still waiting for someone to answer the phone. Is this what they call "EXPRESS" ?????

Posted by Dadamoid

TNT frequently deliver packages for my business, demanding cash on delivery, with no warning, then not give ANY receipt at all.

Every time I have to ask for duty and VAT breakdown to be sent later.

I woudl certainly never send anything using them. It's bad enough receiving goods.

Posted by Anonymous

we make parcel international, when at the time of custom need to pay import duity so behalf of customer we pay duity 6185.00 by NEFT, after TNT invoice generate 5095.00 so it should our credit, but TNT make asking for payment again 5095.00 we ask them but not given any details which we paid 6185.00 & our account stop.

so understand how TNT business services,

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know if you all noticed that the commentators in NBA playoff OKC VS Mavs are Spanish, no offense but it is irritating if you cant understand what are they talking about..


If I Need Immediate Assistance When You Are Under Constant Terrorist Threat. My Wife Is Forced To Ride The Bus Transit By Herself Because Of The Policies Of The City, That Insisted On Hiring Security Agencies For Safety And Security Measures.

I Will Continue Researching Enough Information To Put A Major Lawsuit Against The City Of Colorado Springs And The City Of Pueblo For The Lack Of Services And Serious Trust Issues Due To Security Issues With The Security Agencies That This Nation Continues To Hire While Congress Refuses To Act Against Such Terrorism While They Provoke Such Actions.

Me And My Wife Shauna Williams Was Attacked By An Individual At The Transit Center. And Because I Took Matters Into My Own Hands, All 3 Of Us Received A Citation, And The Suspect Is At Large And Claimed That My Wife Assaulted Him. While Both Of Them Are Allowed To Use The Bus System.

I Don't Know What Policies You Run For The Security Agencies, But I Am Constantly Researching The Lawyers To Represent This Case To File A Civil Lawsuit Withint The Pueblo County And The El Paso County For Hiring Such Agencies.

I Don't Trust You Or Your Agencies As I Write This Message. The Trauma That Both Of Us Have Been Through. The Security Agencies Don't Do Anything To Prevent Terrorism. I Am Held Responsible And Forced To Pay Fines Into The Court System, For Defending My Rights/life And My Wife's As Well. Until This Matter Is Resolved.

I Don't Trust You Or Your Companies Policies. With The Corporation That Hired You, And The Security Agencies That Your Agency Has Chosen To Hire Due To Terrorism. I Hope That Your Employment Will Be Permanently Jeopardized. I Will Not Stop Until We Get Compensation For The Damages, And The Trauma That We Have Dealt With In The Past.

Until Justice Comes Upon Your Corporation And The Security Agencies. Be Prepared To See Me In Court.

Posted by Anonymous

Even after many emails, we are unable to know the status or reasons for delay in clearance.

Kindly help us to resolve at the earliest.

Thanks and regards,

Manjunath Mallya

Posted by mimsy

Please help me understand while the NCAA final game had a homer UNC commentator and the one shining moment video was exclusively about UNC. Did you know that Villanova won the game?? Good God! Ridiculous coverage

Posted by Anonymous

I pay to get this channel to get the programs I like,such as csi ny I do not pay for all the sports I'm getting,not all of us care for sports there are plenty of other channels for that.ENOUGH ALREADY.

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Posted by Godsdog!

You don't start Grimm already in progress after that basket handball. You play Grimm from the beginning and play that Charmed already in progress cause nobody in their right mind will care about that. They should have 3 Grimms on and drop that Charmed for good.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow I was so surprised when I saw no positive ratings for TNT! Compared to the other couriers we use, they are very good. Deliveries are far more reliable and when there are problems, they do a lot to sort them out. I would like to namecheck Callum Colclough & Callum Herbert at the Lount Contact Centre - they are both seriously good at jumping on problems and solving them quickly for our customers. Keep up the good work!

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