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TJ Maxx customer service is ranked #112 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 55.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 325 ratings. This score rates TJ Maxx customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


272 Negative Comments out of 325 Total Comments is 83.69%.


53 Positive Comments out of 325 Total Comments is 16.31%.

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    • 55.71 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 272 negative comments (83.69%)
    • 53 positive comments (16.31%)
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    • 3.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by bgb

Beware if you're buying any markdown bedding sets from the TJ Maxx group of stores. The last three duvet and comforter sets I've purchased have been missing the shams. Check the sets before you buy them or ask the cashier to check for you.

When these sets are returned they should also be checked to see if all the pieces are in the package. If not and TJ wants to resell them, they should mark the packages "two pieces are missing" or whatever applies. If they don't, this falls under false advertising. Since this has happened so frequently with me, I'm sure it's happening to many others out there.

Posted by Sparkle

I ordered online from tjmaxx, recieved sneakers and a shirt, shirt 20.00, shoes 40.00. I returned the shoes, and checked on the refund amount, when it posted. They only gave me 20.00 back like i returned the shirt. After many tries to make it right, i just gave up, but will never order tjmaxx online again. Never had any problem from Sierra Trading post, same company, but no stupid issues.

Posted by Carolyn Brisebois

Hi I was at the Green Oaks TJMaxx in Michigan today making a return I had my receipt and the tags. I purchased the coat a couple months ago and was saving it for the fall unfortunately we had a pretty cold and rainy spring and I decided to wear it on May 12 th. And I also had a crossbody purse over it. It was a Calvin Klein jacket waterproof and had a silver material when I got home it had spots all over from the rain I thought it was a shadow and my purse which was very light had rubbed the finish off?! So I decided to return it obviously it was defective and I know the policy is 30 days with and I only wore it once. I explained to the manager Tiffany that I understood the policy & that I shop at all your stores. She was rude and interrupted me a few times. This is unacceptable to me I have spent thousands of dollars at your stores with the occasional return and IÃɢ��m never rude or condescending. I purchased the coat with the impression that it was a good quality and I actually was very sad that it was made of an inferior material. And I was also purchasing another $100 dollars worth of goods & in the the process of returning I was made to feel like a criminal I think your employees might take into consideration loyal customers that they see almost weekly. She did eventually give a store credit & she spoke to me loudly and rudely making me feel very embarrassed & the cashier smirked and IÃɢ��ve decided to cut up my TJMaxx card and shop elsewhere. Sincerely Carolyn Brisebois

Posted by Macca

I returned 3 items which were mail return only. Two were from one order, and the other one from another order. I returned them in one box with one prepaid shipping label of $9.99.
I was charged for two shipping labels, total of $19.98. The freight was the same. I asked for a refund of $9.99, but was refused. At this time I am waiting for a call back from a supervisor.
Hope I will get it or no more TJMAXX shopping for me.
And I will post on as many sites as I can find!

Posted by Barb

I purchased a romper on 4/20 at the hartsdale ny store, didn't like the fit. I paid with a gift card. I came back the very next day with my receipt. I found three other items I wanted to purchase in exchange. After waiting patiently on a very long line, the cashier returned the romper, fully aware that I wanted to purchase the other items. She ask for my Visa card, I said it's a gift card not a credit card. She said I can put it back on the gift card or issue a store credit. I said, "whatever is easier for you". She told me swipe the gift card. After ringing up the three items I swiped the gift card to pay, it didn't not go through. She did not know why, consulted two other cashier before calling the manager. He told me in the rudest and most condescending manner, my money would be available until after three days. After a heated exchange with him I left that store feeling dejected and humiliated. I don't often return items and was unaware of the policy but that manager need to be retrained in handling customers

Posted by Tjmaxx unacceptable

Sorry the associates lied to you, with PayPal unfortunately you're not even supposed to get your money back at all you're supposed to get a service card, yes they take back underwear that has definitely been worn by someone else as long as the tag is on it, they take back clothing with stains in them, smoke infested clothing and all and please don't purchase anything for children, its just as unsanitary

Posted by Xxsabrinna

I always get scared my money won't refund back into my account so I always try to exchange it instead for something else in the store, it works out just as well because I'm always looking for something else.

Posted by Anonymous

I can�t place an order, it keep saying that my card is wrong.
Tried different cards too.
And there is no customer support for online shopping �
Rosa Scardigli

Posted by Mexaking17

My payment due date was 2/9/2018 for $150 dollars, so on 2/5/2018 I went ahead and paid ahead of time, 2/8/2018 I return some things I bought worth 50 dollars and went ahead and spent 50 dollars again on my credit card .. Didn't get a tj max merchandise card . The cashier said it would be refunded back to my acount . I thought since I returned 50 dollars and supposedly was spending in my refund . I 2/14/2018 got charged fifty dollars and still no refund!

Posted by neveragain

I made serveral on-line purchases on Dec 11, 2017, gifts to friends and relatives. I tracked the shipments. When one trackment said it was delivered to my sister and she did not call me to acknowledge she got it, I called her. She stated she did not recieve it. On Monday Dec. 18th I call customer service to start a claim and also order the same item again so she would get it by Christmas and paid for it a second time. Michelle in customer service said to expect my refund back into my Paypal account in 7-9 days. I waited two weeks and did not recieve a refund. I called again and again got Michelle in customer service who with all the holidays it was just 8 business days but would expedite the refund to my Paypal account. Again I waited a week and "no refund". I called today Jan 8th and was told I would not be getting a refund because they sent a gift card to my sister, who the gift was for. This is insane, I ordered and paid for the gift that got lost and I will not be getting a refund? They claim that is their policy.

Posted by TJMAXX Clairemont

You get what you pay for. Often times irreversibly I'm discovering. At the Clairemont location in California, I was denied the ability to return two items, with a receipt. A button-up shirt and jacket are not required to have tags attached based on their return policy. I even had the tags still, they just weren't attached.

The manager was rude as hell. He said the shirt had been worn (yes, I wore it for a half day, decided I hated it and wanted to bring it back,) and that the jacket was dirty. I told him about the shirt and that the jacket being dirty was the reason for its return. It picked up everything it brushed against- no matter how softly or briefly. Inside of 30 days, with a receipt, I was not only denied the return of items but also spoken to rudely at a volume audible to other customers by a tragic ice queen of a store manager excising his only shred of power after having but recently tasted it now in his final years.

Posted by Janellen

I was at my local TJMaxx store in Port Jefferson Station and I wanted to return 2 items I purchased on another store. The cashier told me I needed to go to a HomeGoods store that she would not take it back.

Posted by Lisa

I purchased a pair of new, unworn shoes from an estate sale. They have TJMaxx tags attached. Obviously I don't have the store receipt, and I have no idea how long ago they were purchased. It's fair to assume it was long past the 30 day return window. Do you think I'll still be able to return them for store credit?

Posted by MELMAY

Ok so my Grandfather paid cash, and has the amount wrote down. Is that all I need to get the store credit, its confusing to me because I do not have a receipt,.

Posted by NDlocks

I just tried to return a pair of shoes that were worn once. I bought them 3 days ago & had the receipt. I was returning them because the material was defective & there is no way I could have known that without wearing them. The manager was firm in refusing to give me a refund or store credit because they were worn. But sometimes you have to use an item before you realize it is defective. I was an excellent TJ Maxx customer who rarely returned anything. I won't ever shop there again. I'll go to Target or Amazon. Retailers around the country are closing & TJ Maxx is not immune to this trend. Returns, etc should be handled on an individual basis & the manager should use their own discretion. But again, I'll never shop there again.

Posted by [email protected]

I purchased a Flamingo Beach chair at the Loganville Store right after July 4th. We left for Bonita Springs Fl. On July 15th.
I used the chair 1 time at the beach and the threads came in-stitched on one side.
We came home Aug. 20th and I tried to return it at the same store where I purchased it on Aug. 21st. Of course I do t have the receipt but I spent over $100.00 on that visit and didn't have any reason to think I would be doing a return. The chair was $24.99, they were not nice when I explained I was out of town for over 5 weeks. I only sat in it 1 day.
I'm not going to be quick shopping there again. Too many other store I can go to. Previously they just look up #'s for items, so I'm very disappointed in their customer service and quality of merchandise.
I've been a customer for over 20 yrs. and am 69 yrs. old and not over weight as to have caused this unstitching on the chair.

Posted by Anonymous

Can i return marshall clothes to tj maxx with receipt?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought bathroom rugs (4 Of them) not 3 weeks ago and i washed one of them yesterday and the threads came apart on the rug. I gathered up all 4 rugs and went back to Marshalls Home Goods to get a refund or exchange them, they were charged on my Store credit card from there, but i did not have my receipt and they would not even take my store credit card and try to find the charge so i could either exchange or get a refund. The same rugs were still on the shelves that they could have gotten the number off of.
How can a store not be more considerate of their customers and at least pull up my card and see what they needed! I did not expect the rugs to come apart in that length of time and i could not find my receipt. A really bad way to treat customers who work hard for their money!!!

Posted by Jlg102883

From a perspective of a woman with many years of business marketing,, sales, customer relations and a heavy addiction to deal shopping... I can understand the logic for enforcing such stringent policies.

Ok, stuck with me I promise my point will be eye opening. can I break it down? People return less valuable items not sold there, but because they switch tags, it used to be tough to say whether or not the item is the one on the recerpt until they started go get connected to inventory identification on all items with more specifications to decide on rejecting a return. I have read multiple articles about people buying their Own clothing tag gun and just swapping the tag to from a cheaper pair or a pair that cost nothing it was just a shirt for example thAt could pass the visual test in the past way of returning items. Like I said, tags and stickers from expensive items will be reattached ro the cheap like new item and that's all. Those who probably switched tags barely profit, but it's free money and costly to the business. are now profiting and The stores overlook items or staff is not trained well or a manager is lazy or computer systems aren't up to date to keep track of every item and inventory that these types of resale stores carry.

I have Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) I had to chime in and just say I've had issues returning items to both stores for different reasons whether it be no receipt 30 days late gift receipt type of items. I have even had a manager insult me for wearing a NY Giants tee in Boston store! Then decided to go as far as saying that they didn't sell that item in their stores and to get lost basically.. in other words he accused me of trying to return shoes that they don't carry and to me i was beside myself, I gave the receipt and the shoes were untouched!

I reached out to corporate and they were no help.

Posted by Be a Army Wife

I just called My local Marshalls in Evans Ga. They were very polite and explained that the systems from the two stores don't communicate and that any returns would have to go back to the store branc they were purchased from. For example if an item was purchased at Marshalls it would need to be returned to a Marshalls. The same goes for items purchased from TJ Max - they would need to be returned there. I hope that helps someone.

Posted by Jojo

Can you return Marshall's merchandise purchased with TJMaxx credit card to a TJMaxx ? I only have a TJMaxx near me.

Posted by Smartgal

Why is it so hard for people to save receipts? I save them for a whole year for my taxes. Don't you understand this is theft prevention for the store. Be responsible for yourself and save your receipts. It's not that hard!

Posted by amberk127

I bought a Fossil watch less than 2 wks ago (not an expensive one at that!) - then ended up getting an Apple watch so I wanted to return it. I did not have the receipt as it was a split payment with someone else in a different state. I went into the store in my town and was advised they would not accept the return without a receipt. The TJMaxx tag is on the watch along with the sticker (with barcode) on the box. The "person in charge" just flat out said no - no return without a receipt. I looked on the website under return policy but did not see anything stating they would not take watches back. Oh well, I think I will take my business elsewhere. Considering the size of HomeGoods and TJMaxx - you would think they could be up to date on their systems so all you had to do would be scan the credit card to show the purchase.

Posted by really though

Hey to posted by thats the truth person . Get high your high horse you snob. I noticed your comment of "save your reciepts" didnt acknowledge the fact people RECIEVE GIFTS FROM OTHERS THAT DONT SAVE THEM!not only that but as a struggleing single parent i cant afford to buy my son jeans that the zipper dosnt work on the moment he puts them on but cannot return the defective product . .THEY WERENT WORN THEN WERE THEY!you must be a spoiled stay at home wife by the way you speak.and do not value the work of earning a shouldnt speak at all

Posted by Ochard

I just recently bought two bath rugs from T.J.Maxx and they're not even a two weeks old yet and when I washed them for the first time they came apart and because I could not find my receipt she refused to return or exchange them even though they had the exact ones on the shelf she said that she could not return them without the tag or the receipt which was ridiculous because I shop in there all the time but I'm about ready to stop I just bought two new bar stools 2 days ago and I gave $100.00 each for then because they are the ones that pump up and release and I am so afraid that my $200.00 is going to go down the drain if they quit working and I'm very leery about keeping them my gut feeling tells me to return them now and just get my money back while I have my receipt in hand and go buy some at a more reliable store where I'm sure they won't fall apart because there's been so many things that I bought HomeGoods and TJ Maxx just falls apart after a short Time.
They used to be really good about exchanging items out but to pay that much money for something and then have it fall apart before it's even three or four months old is ridiculous and when I asked the girl in there what their refund policy was she said if you had it over 30 days they didn't refund the full amount and I would only get half even with the receipt which I have so it really scares me to think about keeping them even though I like them very much.

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Posted by Anonymous

I had the most helpful nice young lady named Crystal in the Rocky Mount NC store. For that kindness I will return there.

Posted by Manal

I visited the store at the Countryside (Clearwater, FL) location on Thursday the 29th. I was trying several outfits on and an employee by the name of Aruba helped me and she was the only employee that assisted me. She was extremely helpful and engaged and I will continue to go there solely because of her. She is friendly and a great employee.

Posted by Customer Service

Store location: Highland Village, Texas.
Found it very well displayed.
Minimum possible check out time.
Personalized Customer Service.
Every Associate is eager to help out with positive attitude.
Overall, it is always an pleasant shopping experience.

Posted by happy custumer

I bought Purse at the TJ Maxx in Redondo Beach the young lady working there was very polite and help me by choosing the perfect gift for my wife, I think her name is Connie I recorded you ask for her if your trying to buy a purse, very well spoken well dress and polite.

Posted by Anonymous

Always have a great experience at the tj maxx in palmdale in the jewelry section when Marina is working, she is so sweet and helpful, great customer service. Love Marina

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know I received great customer service from an employee Zoe at your store on Brookhurst/Ellis in Fountain Valley. Zoe was extremely helpful when I asked her about a couple of items I prveviously purchased. She was professional, competent and customer service oriented. I appreciated her extra efforts and wanted to share this with you.

Posted by Anonymous

would like you to know i had a great experience at TJmax in massapequa ny the managers name is angelique lambert watkins.THANK YOU SO MUCH

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for giving your employees the day off for Thanksgiving. I'm a child of the 60s and I remember everything would be closed so employees could have time with their families. We have to go back to that state of mind. The products will be there the day after the holidays. Thank you for starting this revolution. Families need to come back together. I have always been a TJ Maxx shopper and now will always shop there first. I live in Pottstown, Pa. I love my store and it's employees.

Posted by Janice

The West Springfield TJ Maxx store is my favorite thus far. The employees are always helpful and polite. There is ample merchandise to choose from and the prizes are great!

Posted by Char

I have been a TJ Maxx shopper for many years and spend a lot of money in your stores. I live in Palm Coast Florida and shop in the TJ Maxx on Rt 100 Palm Coast, Fl. This store is extremely organized and well run by the managers. All items are neatly presented and homegoods has beautiful merchandising. Your employees are wonderful and happy in this store. It is truly pleasant to shop here. Your staff works hard to keep that store running as well as it does with such efficiency. TJ Maxx should not take this for granted and recognize when their employees truly do a wonderful job. I lived in Manahawkin, NJ prior to Florida. I shopped in the TJ Maxx located on RT 72 in Manahawkin, NJ. That store is a disaster. Everything is a mess, your employees have bad attitudes and are very unwilling to help. Things are terribly disorganized and one never sees the manager. You really need to review that store and the staff you have in it. Since it opened years back it has been run this way and has never changed. Your Florida stores, including your Daytona Beach Store as well as your Palm Coast store excels in all areas. They always have a smile and the managers are always available on the floor, unlike your Manahawkin store where they hide in the back. I certainly hope your corporate office reads this and recognizes who does a good job and improve the stores that don't. What a difference it makes from the tri state area to Florida. Aggression does not exist in your Florida stores. Everyone is pleasant and always busy doing things, unlike the Manahawkin store. What a difference another state makes!

Charlene McCool

Posted by GAIL

I Shop At Tj Maxx Vienna Va Store. That Is The Best Tj Max I Have Ever Been. That Sore Is Definitely Much Better Large Deparment Stores. Not Only The Merchandise, But Also The Managemnt Team Is Excellent. Manager Kevin Is Just Super. To Me He Must Defiitely Be The General Manager Of That Store. He Is An Asset For Tj Maxx Company. Raj, Coordinator Is A Very Promising Young Man. I Think He Should Definitely Be Promoted. Sharon Is Always Very Very Helpful And Very Pleasant And Professional. Wendy Is Wonderful. That Is The Store I Go Almost Everyday. Gail

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at TJMaxx in Bridgewater,NJ. I have had the opportunity of meeting many pleasant sales assistants and managers. Jessica,Tyreek,ChrisB. and StephenM. are the first that come to mind. These workers should be praised for their kindness, smiles and polite words. They are an asset to your business/store.
Thank you,

Posted by fashion diva

I have been shopping at the TJ Maxx on Hazel and Madison in Fair Oaks, CA for a very long time. I just wanted to take the time to recognize Megeda Tayyeb in the dressing room for the outstanding service she has given over the years. She has offered me great advice on dress selections, accessories and color matches. I have always appreciated her personalized service and enjoy my shopping experience at TJ Maxx.

Posted by Anonymous

I found the store in Durango Colorado to be one of the cleanest well organized stores I have been in. The helpful way all the employees treated me and my friend was great, friendly and polite. I'll go back often to make purchases of clothes and household items. Good store for bargain hunters.

Posted by jjnorske

I had a FABULOUS Customer Service experience at the TJ Maxx located at your Cherrydale, North Pleasantburg store in Greenville, SC. I have just re-located back to the US after living in England for several years and went to the store to buy a few items. The staff member, Ligia, in your jewellery dept. was very friendly & helpful. I also wanted to purchase clothes and went to the dressing room and the woman there, Judy Alford, was also very helpful, friendly and had some good suggestions. I fully appreciate good, strong Customer Service. I am a Corporate Trainer and one of my area's I train is in Customer Service. These two women are a credit to the TJ Maxx brand and I hope they are acknowledged for their good service.

Posted by Mickey

I'm a very regular customer at my home town in Owasso Oklahoma and just have to say I love it there.The store is always very clean and organized. They have name brands at great prices. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.They are always on their toes whenever I have been there I never have had to wait more then 5 minutes in line.There is one person who stands out in my mind who works there she is a blonde and she always greets people with this big contagious smile. She always makes my day!

Posted by Anonymous

I've shopped in the the tjmax on 57th street in midtown since they open and I must say the employees there are the best I've seen in a long time. The cashiers are always happy and smiling very helpful.I want to thank Christina the supervisor for always being so helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank Fallon @ store #476 for going above and beyond with her assistance tonight resolving an issue I had with a prior purchase at the store. She is an asset to the company and some of the other managers could learn a valuable lesson from her about customer service. The following ratings apply to Fallon only!!!

Posted by Elizabeth

TJ Maxx in Fairfield California is one of the best store ever!! I love TJ Maxx a lot.. they always have great customer service and always have possitive attitude.

Posted by Renee Anderson

It was such a pleasure shopping at Fairfax City Shopping center. The politenes, helpfulness and pleasure working with your sales representative Jahania was a breath of fresh air.

Posted by Omar

I have been a customer for many years. Thursday I went
to your Yonkers store and was for the first time
treated with politeness and respectfully by a clerk
named Omar. He was helpful and quite a fine representative of your store. Hopefully you will keep him;It would be a great loss to your company if you don't . Who knows perhaps one day the CEO.??
Better cultivate this young man I saw potential.
Don't let him slip by the cracks. I do know what I am saying. In your court now.

Posted by unknown

I am from Greensboro NC but I shop at the T.J Maxx in High Point because of the home goods section. I am a very consistent shopper there and I cant remember an employee there being more friendly to me than an employee I recently encountered by the name of Chris. I dont know his last name but I did notice that he had a sign on his badge that said training.I was having a really bad day, but the way he greeted me really made me feel a lot better. I could tell it was genuine and it wasnt something he had to be told to do

Posted by Anonymous

I am really glad to let you know, I have had a great experience at TJ Maxx in Fort Smith.
In my trouble of trying to find 'petite' pants, I was helped by a nice lady. She was willing to take her time and look for them all over the store for me. She made me feel like I didn't bother her at all.
I think everyone should have this type of attitude. I will definitely come in again.

Posted by FGKY

Tj maxx store 0263 I was looking something it's hard to find for me so the employer name Nadia. She really helpfully she was very kind person smile on her face very nice she help me out what I was looking I must say Tj Maxx got very good employer. Very good.

Posted by Anonymous


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Posted by heartbroken

Great to shop just dont work there many good people leaving beacuse only getting 1 or 2 4hr shift people cant survive. last winter we a least got 3 days. Hired to many holiday help that wasnt let go aftrr holiday not properly trained yet people who work there over a year lost hours to train them and loosing now as well. The backroom of store is unsafe over half the year. Management doesnt work well with each other nor manage. Think since been there so long the dont have to manage there staff and blame other. Morehead city loosing a lot of good employees again very heart breaking.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an associate at Marshalls #1178 and lately I have found that my managers' lack of respect for others has become out of control. I noticed she feels that because she is the lead manager she can take it upon herself to disrespect those around her with no remorse. She has become out of control and very unprofessional. As an associate I am starting to get sick and tired of hearing so many people complain about her and nothing gets done. From the "allegations" on her flirting and having relations with certain associates to her just being simply rude including to associates like myself. I had so many customers complain about her singling them out because of how they dress and or how they talk when they come into the store. She calls it customer service yet some of us consider it discrimination. Honestly if Corporate cared for their associates they would fix this problem before it escalates to far. Mangers should earn respect just like everyone else it is not simply just given to you because of your title which you take to far. Simply being said we deserve a better lead Manager. One that not only respects his or herself yet respects others.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Theresa M. Sorensen. I am an employee of TJ Maxx in Tinley Park, Il. 0486. I find it Really SAD that our paychecks were not delivered to us on Christmas Eve. Most of us live from paycheck to paycheck...My Christmas has been RUINED because you could not find in your HEART to make sure that we received our checks and that your employees were taken care of. I am sure Corporate Got Their checks... I am very DISAPPOINTED in T.J. Maxx. Maybe in years to come when Christmas falls on a Friday you will think about the Little People who are the reason you have a Job... Again VERY DISAPPOINTED in Corporate...

Posted by Anonymous

Although I loved shopping at TJMaxx in Corona Ca. I will stop shoppoing there as they have treated my granddaughter who is currently working there so poorly.
She signed on as an "Open Schedule" person as she had just finished high school and it was her first job. She has been there since September 2012, never missed a day, always ready to work if someone cancelled. After the holidays her hours started declining, and in the last two months they are only scheduling her 4 to 8 hours per week, always on Friday and Saturday nights. In desperation she found a job that she could work a consistent 3 days a week at the same hours each day, she wanted to keep her job at TJMaxx and advised management that she had gotten an additional job due to the fact that they weren't giving her enough hours to live on and they have refused to change her hours and still schedule her on the days and hours she advised them that she was unavailable. They informed her that a computer did the scheduling, it seems funny to me that a computer (supposedly random) would pick the same days and hours for the same person every week. So they refuse to work with her and snickered at her when she became upset and told her "things won't change even if you change your availability". They have hired 5 new prople and are giving them more hours than her...and she knows that they schedule around other people's school schedules and life schedules. The managers at this store are rude and seemingly uneducated because the corporate published dictate about how they treat their associates is considerably different than what is happening at this store.....reverse discrimination maybe......just sayin...

Posted by Anonymous

I work for TJMAXX CO. almost five years, so I bought many things from company. My husbandís favors stores are also TJMAXX, MASSHAL and HOMEGOOD. We did not return merchandises often because we only bought some things I like the best. I thought we did return when there was something wrong with those merchandise but we could not fixed or we bought exactly the same merchandise. Today, I did return one item that was broken. I used it one time, but it was damage. What did I support to do if I was not allowed to return it? I remember my manager said we treat associates like customers. However, a coordinate made me feel guilty like cheating. She asked another coordinate about my issue but I had a receipt and ticket, and she told me she would show that item for my manager, she also did not care me much. I thought it does not matter who I am, I want to be treat like a customer when I am shopping. I honest, I did not have filling to shop at TJMAXX anymore.

Posted by Chris

I am a former associate of TJMaxx in Dulles, VA. I have to say that it was by far the worst job I have ever had. Its almost been a year since I've been out of it but I still clearly remember how horrible it was.

Just a few of the many things to mention about the poor way that the store was run:
First of all, the merchandise. There is way too little of waaaaaay too much. You go into any department and what do you see? A mass of mixed and sometimes matched items on the shelves. Its so hard to organize these things and make them look good. There is no easy way for a customer to logically place items back on the shelves because there is almost never a designated shelf or space for ANYTHING. I've been in well organized crafts stores where there are a large number of items which have clearly labeled locations where they are supposed to go. TJMaxx does not have this, causing the customers to create the most mess as possible when placing items back.

The pay is also AWFUL. I worked for TJMaxx for 1.5 years. I started out at $7.50 and after 1.5 years, my hourly rate was a mere $7.85. A friend of mine who transferred from a TJMaxx in New Mexico also worked in the company for over 3 years before quitting with a final hourly rate just over $8. That is disgusting. After I quit my job at TJMaxx, I got a job at a location next door. It was a small, struggling business, but even they managed to start me off at $8 an hour, and a better employee discount. ALMOST a year since I started working next door (half the time I worked at TJMAXX) I have also been rewarded with a promotion and pay raise. ^_^

Speaking of my friend from the New Mexico TJMaxx, He lasted 3 years in that location, but merely months in the Dulles, VA location. I guess that just demonstrates the working conditions in itself.

Here's some dirt on TJMAXX that I got too; Lets just say somebody from the very higher-ups told me this: They have had people go through the employment paperwork to look for falsehoods; whether they were accidental was never taken into account. They used them to fire people. A good friend of mine was fired under these circumstances as well as one of the store's own managers! And the other managers had the gall to pretend they didn't know why she left or where she went. HAH! I don't know how they expected us to believe that. AS IF fellow managers/ corporate workers don't communicate.

Another small thing: The music SUCKED! I mean, it wasn't poor choice in shopping music, but when the same music is playing 1 year later... it has become more than old.

The floor was also filthy. There was so much dust everywhere that had not been touched since the store had opened. Please ... that's just nasty. Its not healthy or appealing to customers and associates alike.

And KRONOS .... ahahahah! How ridiculous!!! Is it really that hard to use a punch-card system? I mean honestly, I don't know how many hours the managers spent training to use that stupid experiment clock-in system and how many times the poor 60 year old ladies had to type in their usernames and passwords before they got it right. Yet ever after all that, the system still manged to crash semi-regularly. Can you say INEFFICIENT?

The trash on sale was stupid too. Once a pair of socks or underwear has been split open, there is no selling it. I mean, I cannot tell you how much time I spent organizing loose socks to make them look good enough for a proper rack recovery, even though they would never sell. Nobody wants to but loose articles of anything. Once a package of multiple items gets taken apart, there is little chance of it ever being salvaged. rather than keep it, it is best just to throw the items away to save time and make the store look much better overall.

The gourmet foods section was also disgusting. When a jar of honey or juice starts LEAKING, it needs to be thrown away immediately! That is unsanitary to associate and customers alike, as well as just plain nasty. Not to mention, nobody is going to want to buy a leaking jar of anything. It also took shelves waaaaYYYY y too long to get cleaned up afterward... You can only imagine the horrors. =D

The store also needed people who were designated for store recovery and people who were designated for the cash registers. It is so irritating to have to work both jobs in the same shift, especially during the weekends and holidays when the front requires the most attention. It was terribly annoying to check out the last customer, walk all the way to the back of the store for some full-out recovery, only to be summoned back to the front merely seconds later. All the walking which ultimately led to nothing was also a waste of time. The sad thing is, sometimes they would call me up to the front when I wasn't even needed -_- All that walking didn't bother me, but it really was an inefficient waste of time.

I did not really like how the store lights and music were left on after close sometimes either. I mean, to leave all of that running through the night uses a lot of power. It is good to know that TJMaxx is killing the planet, one night at a time.

Having to ask customers if they wanted the TJX rewards card was also ridiculous. I will readily admit it did not take that much effort to ask. What did bother me about it was the fact that the customer would have to fill out forms at the register for about 5-10 minutes, holding up both the associate and the damn line of infinite customers. That is once thing which needs the greatest change: make signing up for the TJX rewards card less time consuming. There was no greater incentive for associates to NOT ask for the card than that.
Speaking of having to ask customers if they wanted the TJX rewards card, there was nothing that the managers complained about more. Yet at the same time, the incentives to actually ask were so pathetic. I mean, TJX merchandise? Really? Come on corporate, do you actually think that miserable TJMaxx associates actually want any of that crap? TJX T-Shirts and Coffee mugs? AHAHAHA. NO! These incentives were certainly not enough to encourage the younger workers to ask like they were supposed to. I almost never asked actually, as did almost all of the others associates my age.

Also, the re-tagging and discounting operations took way too long to do. Punching in all that information is simply too much effort to reproduce a single tag. Its not difficult but simply time consuming. When a customer is waiting on you to produce a tag for her item, it simply takes too long and irritates both associate and customer alike.

Speaking of the tagging station, I constantly used it. I also wasn't supposed to or something. I knew how to use it, but I always had to get somebody else to type in their user# and password in order to get it to turn on. This is just stupid. I mean, TJX corporate trusts their employees at the cash register with the power to freely open the cash register =] or better yet, manually enter any price they want for any item =]]]] Can you say "Cha-CHING!!!"? No I actually will proudly say I never actually stole anything from TJMaxx. Yet why was I was trusted with this power while I was NOT trusted to operate the tagging station? Can you say "pointless"? What a pointless measure of loss prevention.

Ok, so I will end on a positive note, as much of one as I can give anyway. It was nice to get checks every week.
No wait! Nevermind the positivism! Speaking of checks: TJmaxx CONSTANTLY messed up associate payrolls (despite the illuminating brilliance of KRONOS Xp) People missing pay for entire day was not unheard-of at the store I worked at. If you didn't keep track of it and missed a day's-worth of pay, you were simply out of luck. Some of the associates were smart enough to keep a log to catch pay anomalies when they occurred though, because they DID happen. And to think it was bad just being paid at a terrible rate...

But anyway, I will attempt positivism once more... Getting weekly checks was nice... The break rooms was nice orderly and clean. I liked the conditions of the bathrooms as well (VERY clean and nice looking compared to other stores) It was also very nice that I was hired a second time when I returned after the winter season.
Overall the best thing I ever got out of TJMaxx was a very solid work-ethic. This has helped me earn great recognition and praise in my new job since I left TJMaxx for a better and brighter future.

Posted by Rafael Marin

I worked for the past 3 years at TJMaxx in Miami beach, FL. Many of the good employees this store had are no longer with us, do to the management!! Its insane!! The way we are treat it is out of this world. We have giving our complaints and they do not care. The only thing they care about is money, bussines, ect, ect and ect. They are always excusing each other.
The open door policy they have, it sucks!!!
They do not like team work, if there is one person waiting to be rong they call 5 people to the register!! HELLOOOO!! Management team has no communication among them. THEY ARE VERY SARCASTIC / INSANE / TO Much HIPOCRISY GOING ON.

Posted by kay

I have been with this company for 14 years had two associates make remarks about me and what i said about the district manager,the district manager did the investigation himself.I dont think he should of done this investigation there should of been our associates relations person come down to do the investigation,just to let people know i started at the very bottom and worked very hard to become an assistant manager i have never been in trouble in the 14 years of work and you fire someone over what an associate says without a proper investigation,At one time i wanted to move up in this company but relized the company protects its associates and not there management,seen two other managers let go one 8 months ago the other 2 months ago in the same distric.4108

Posted by Anonymous

i currently work at a TJMaxx, and honestly every person that comes in there is straight rude and ignorant. they should all learn to clean up their trash and not leave it around our store, its gross.

Posted by PAKSIW12

I have worked in T.J.Maxx for a long time and has been bullied by a an operations manager. She is very rude to most of the elderly. She gossips a lot and at times she even disclosed that supposed to be only for the management informations. What make me sick though is that she has her favoritism. These associates is being paid and can do nothing but sit with her chatting for hours on the clock. They cannot be of help because if you ask them to help you this manager will not allow you. This happens all the time when the store manager is not around. Then another thing she gives more hours to her faves associate and no weekends and no nights. As for us working religiously its sickening but what can we do the corporate don't care their employees at the ground. This operations manager is abusing the company policy in many ways. By giving the part time a 30 hours because that is her favorite.Cutting hours from the associates she hates. But she is using the company policy when it comes to others for her advantage..I think the Corporate has to do something on this matter.Or surprise the store so that they can see how some of the management treat their associates.

Posted by Sick of this

i have been working for tjmaxx for almost 4 years allready and i find so unfair that i have been asking to become fulltime because i am now in college and can do more hours. and they keep telling me that i cant. which is weird because other employees who have been there less time than me get fulltime. its not very fair to me that others get fulltime when i have been there longer. i dont understand how they constantly cut hours. im supposed to make my 25hrs a week and lately i have only had 21 or even just 19. its not worth my time anymore. They give more hours to who ever they want yet they dont take into consideration to those working there longer. theyre excuse is that when i applied i was for part time only which i have explained to them allready that i was in highschool back then so i could only work evenings. now that i go to college i have more time on my hands and can do more hours in the morning.. i dont know what to do anymore.. and even worse working with the mangers is hard. especially the head manager with her constant sarcastic remarks. she cant talk to employees in a nice manner.


customers complain to much about everything.. all they do is complain ... we are there to help you out. some people think just because we work in retail we are stupid and ignorant. its disgusting how rude some customers are.. we do such hard work for such little pay.



I have worked at TJ Maxx in the past before i had a real job. Let me tell you the merchandise is garbage. its all defective. ALL OF IT. if you can't find a defect you need to look again. TJ Maxx as a company has no organisational skills starting in the warehouse and ending at the front line. the items are thrown in boxes by cavemen in the warehouse. you wouldnt believe how they are packed. soap, food, clothes all in the same box all leaking on each other, every box, everytime.

they expect one employee to do EVERYTHING. Understaffing purposely because home office wont supply enough payroll because they are too concerned about profits NOT effective customer service. The stores are trashed & the lines are long because of the understaffing.

They will lie to customers and employees to fit their agenda and make policies up as they go along.

Stay away

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Anna

Horrible place to shop, very low grade of people work there, I quess what you can ask from pinimum wage paid people. I will never shop there again!
Clearwater TJ MAXX

Posted by jemstones

I don't understand why people want to put others down constantly. Some customers walk in and from the start want to start a fight just because they feel they can take advantage of customer service.

For those users who pick on workers because of their appearance is downright disgraceful and pitiful. Those employees are there, working just like any other American citizen, getting paid about $7 or so an hour for a job that takes up most of their day (if not all of it), only to be bombarded by people who are bitter from the start, rude, or have nothing better to do than make others miserable because it makes them feel better or because they want a discount on an item that's already marked down to a good deal.

Every TJx store I've been to has always been pleasant, and their return policy is simple and respectable (you get 30 whole days, how much more time do you need!) and I will give them very high ratings.

The only thing wrong here is the people who complain about hard working individuals.



Posted by Donthate

As an employee of TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and other TJX Companies i have a lot to say. The way TJ Maxx runs thier company is by supplying the least amount of workforce possible just *barely* being able to scratch by if the store is extremely well managed and has great employees. Lets face it, only a few of the TJ Maxx stores are at this level.


If you are looking for great customer service, why are you shopping at TJ Maxx? Are you insane? Tj maxx is a company who's general ideals, policies are procedures are very similar to Walmart's. The fact of the matter is they push thier employees to the limit to get the most work possible from them. An average TJ Maxx will have about 5 people including the managers working on a week night. And yet it seems like some of the people who shop here are expecting employees to be thier personal shoppers. The fact of the matter is, when your waiting in line and there are 'only 2' cashiers helping ring customers out that is about 50% of thier employee base for the night. A typical small mall store will have around 5 employees per night.

If your looking for excellent customer service your looking at the wrong store.

If you want this to change - Confront TJ MAXX Corprait - NOT THE STORES. They have no power and are doing thier best. They can't fix the problem...


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