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TGI Fridays customer service is ranked #507 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 39 ratings. This score rates TGI Fridays customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


37 Negative Comments out of 39 Total Comments is 94.87%.


2 Positive Comments out of 39 Total Comments is 5.13%.

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    • 31.13 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 37 negative comments (94.87%)
    • 2 positive comments (5.13%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Helen

I am having a problem logging into my rewards and it says my email address in not found can u please contact me at or at [email protected] thank u

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Friday's cardholder. I am trying to redeem points but your website does not recognize my email address in order for me to redeem my points. Please help! I believe I have over 200 points to redeem!

I will appreciate hearing from you ASAP as I plan to visit Friday's tomorrow, 4/5, as I do every Thursday!

Judy Hunkemoeller

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Milagros Martinez. I called Sunday and did a complaint about a waitress from the Friday's in Riverhead n.y. and no one has called me.

Posted by Anonymous

Fridays in Brea has a big issue. Had a bad waiter named Keith. The manager Carlos would not give his last name. Bad services every time we get this waiter. Was going there a few times a week. Will never go to Fridays again. Peace out.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello just wanted to let you know I went to one of your facilities in Miami Fl on 27 ave and Pembroke Pines. Haven't been there in years but saw your commercial about unlimited appetizers! So after shopping with the family decide to go there and enjoy relaxe and eat. We were a party of 5 I had many other restaurant choices around me but I picked once Friday's thinking let me give it another chance. First let me say we order our drinks the appetizers got there before the drinks. My drink got there when the main food got there without the glass that I had asked for!!! Apart from that everyone got their food correctly except again me!!! I order the ribs and shrimp plate! They brought me just the ribs and the sides and I had to ask were are the shrimps? They advise they were still being cooked. I returned the plate and the next plate they brought me when everyone was finish eating was cold ribs cold fries and hot shrimps!! I returned it and said no thank you! They did not charge me for that plate but they charge me for everything else which I called the Manager which he knew what was going on and told him it wasn't fair that I was just not being charged my plate that I wanted a discount. He could only give me a 10%. I was going to pay the entire bill for my family because it was my choice of place to go. But deceide not to. I paid almost $70 just for 2 people and it was 5 the rest paid their own which that was not my plan. So sad to say that I never got to eat my plate but had to pay for everyone else.... Very bad experience and never wanted for my other family members to pay their own food but they did because I refused to pay the whole bill since I wasn't able to participate and have a nice and pleasant time with my family!!!! One of my family member's nd me got into an argument because I was voicing my concern!!! Very bad experience and a very bad after taste with family members...

Posted by Amari

On Sunday April 2017 around 3pm. I ate lunch at Friday's on Chipawa Avenue. When I sat down at the bar. The server Ignored me as I waited. Once I received my food the server refused to give me napkins and silverware. The manager then came into the bar area. At that time a black bald man took a picture of me without my consent and the manager ignored the incident.

Posted by Anonymous

I had dinner on 3/ 28 /17 and my points where not added to my account is my account number Quakertown pa was the location

Posted by Tesha

My friends and I had dinner on March 5, 2017 at TGI FRIDAYS. We were seated quickly. The greeter said our server will be over. We waited 15 minutes before being served or even offered a glass of water. I had to flag down a manager to be served. She apologized and said our dessert is on the house. Once our order was taken we waited over 20 mins for our food to come out and which was appetizers. They didn't bring all our appetizers out at the same time. The food was luke warm. After waiting another 15 min for the server we finally was able to order another round of appetizers. The server asked my friend what kind of dessert he wanted. He ordered his, but the server never asked the rest of the party. The server brings one dessert with three spoons and expected all three of us to share 1 brownie with a scope of ice cream. My friend then began to ask what about the other desserts for my friends. She went to get the manager and the manager took our order for the desserts. After all that they forgot to bring our salad that we ordered. We told her we didn't want the salad. It's been over an hour, so no. During this time the server began to put up the chairs around us. Like they were closing. That was very rude. Once it was time to pay the check the server kept coming by to see if we had the money ready. I told her not yet. She kept coming by for a total of 5 times within 20 mins. On this night the place wasn't packed with people. I probably could have accepted this type of service on a busy day. A group of people came in after us and left way before us. That crazy. I was so disappointed in the service at TGI FRIDAYS. I hope this will reach the right people to help with some of these issues.

Posted by judy

I have sent 3 emails (this is the 4th) on-line to you through FAQs in the past week. I am waiting anxiously for your reply to my emails.

Posted by Jorden

We have just been to T.G.I Dolphin mall Miami.
Enjoying an overseas shopping trip we have made T.G.I.our choice of for the last three nights. A vey welcoming staff and great ambiance .
Our last visit tonight left us feeling very disappointed.All different crew from ourpreviose nights.
I odrered the 10 dollar endless apts to night. Other nights we have ordered from the menus . My husband odred two sliders 5 dollars.
He is seventy years old, his appitite is not that excessive. I made the mistake of asking him to taste my apps.
On presenting the bill the server said we had been sharing . I had returned a couple of my choices as they were not to my taste .Quieltly I might add, Anyway I realize they thought it was wrong . On presenting the bill it turned out to be a staggering amount, around 90 dollars . ! After discussion he bill was somehow amended by the server and we eventually paid just less than 60 U.Us dollars . We left the actual blll on the counter, so stunned by the whole episode. All around us people were sharing and tasting apps . We accept the misunderstanding but it left us feeling sad that we had been treat in such a way. Surley would have been easier to add another ten dollars to the bill,
Just wanted to voice our dissapointement .We left feeling very upset .
Yours faithfully,
John and Norma Forster..

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. We decided to go out Friday to your restaurant in Huber heights Ohio. We went early and was seated right away, but did not like the the seat and asked if we could have the booth the was getting cleaned as we were there first and we were told as there were other people waiting, I said but we were here first and they can have our seat but they refused. Ok very ruded. The waiter kept saying he could not hear me through everything I was saying but not any one else??? Very unfriendly person. Not coming around very often.
Did not ask my husband now he want his hamburger cooked. My chicken was dry and did not taste very well. The sweet potatoes fry were not very good either. The girls mat the front kept starring at me after I asked about the booth. I just felt the whole evening was ruined. The waiter came and asked if I wanted a box I said no my food was awful. He so oh and left. I asked to see a manger. I told her what went on,and told her I would not be back. She did not offer a free visit a coupon noting just took my food off my bill and apologized. Now I was a manager at a hotel nor 18 years and I can assure you I would have done something to,keep,customers. But I guess people do not care any more. But I hope you do . I do not go out much I just wanted too enjoy a evening out . Very upset person Clara altick

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer Fridays customer service over a week ago and was told a district manager would get in touch with me within a couple days to discuss my concerns with not only the food but the disgusting dirty broken bathroom that the Waterford Lakes Fridays had it's been over a week and no contact has been made I tried to address it with the manager when I was in the restaurant and I felt like it fell on deaf ears the manager was very condescending just kind of blew me off the handicapped bathroom and there was broken it was not only broke and but it was bad and didn't even have a handle so he had been broken for quite some time and I'm a handicapped individual who needs the handicap bathroom because I can't walk so the other bathrooms in their two of which were clogged and we're disgusting I can't use the one that you could use that a normal person could use was not clean it all the bathroom itself could not have been cleaned probably for many many hours I brought this to the attention of the manager and he didn't really seem as bothered as I thought he should have been and I felt like he could have addressed it and better and been a little bit more appalled like I was I felt like he thought it was kind of normal which the bathroom look like a backwoods dirty truck stop and I'm probably putting it gently and for that location I can't even believe it could look like that I've seen better restrooms in a busy McDonald's so if they can keep their bathroom clean why can't the Waterford TGI Fridays keep their bathroom clean we spent a lot of money at Fridays our food was nothing like it was described he didn't even address that issue I just feel like that Fridays either has gone downhill and or the management has definitely gone downhill and either the district manager doesn't care or he hasn't gotten to it yet which appears like he doesn't care so it's me that's a problem if you want your customers to continue back with her club members then you address their issues especially severe issues like this but they haven't yet so beware and anybody else is Cici's issues please alert management so that they don't get away with this and especially when there's only one handicap bathroom please number one if you're not handicapped don't take that bathroom if you can help it number 2 please clean up after yourself in the bathroom come on ladies let's not be pigs please the TGI Fridays there's many more restaurants we can go to we don't have to go to you guys and from the looks of it that night that we went there it wasn't very crowded so people are choosing other restaurants and maybe that's why

Posted by Robin

Just left the location in Golden Gate and the place was FILTHY!!!
Ordered a burger well done with crispy bacon. It came with wilted bacon and a rare burger. I then asked for a duplicate order that my guest had, half rack and that took so long that even prior to THAT order coming, guest was finished and 4 more tables around me. I then cancelled the order. Then it took forever to get the bill and when I paid, it took forever to get change for a fifty. My bill was 26.57. Seriously...the place was Not efficient and Filthy. I was not even offered a complimentary while I had to wait. Paper products all over the greasy nasty floors. The couple sitting behind me as they left stated "I know what you mean we wont5be back either. Nirthday party scheduled with another customer was not set up appropriately and that guy was passed. Please revisit with management and rectify. Went to same location this past summer and it was fine.

Posted by Anonymous

On 8/27 ate at Fridays at Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore, Maryland. Service was terrible even though the restaurant was not full. Purchased appetizer and the sizzling chicken and shrimp entree. One hour after eating my stomach was upset, feeling nauseated and urge to regurgitate. Was so sick, I had to cancel the rest of my evening plans. The next day still feeling nauseous and not eating. Drinking lots of water to flush my system. I will NEVER eat at Fridays again!

Posted by Anonymous

I am.actually at your restaurant now here in Las vegas nv for the appetizer special I have had to ask for.service we had been sat people after us are eating and they had been sat after us if this is how service is it is crazy I have asked our waiter who did not know he was our waiter to give me appetizer before my friends meal comes he got lobster and steak meal if I do not get my order before his I do not feel we need to pay or get a discount this is not food service it has been 5 minutes the waiter came back out instead of letting me know about my meal he goes and takes another order my appetizer was served with his meal this is not acceptable service I have now asked for a manager and let's see how long it takes and for 24 dollars the picture in the menu looks nothing like the lobster and steak my friend was served I will take pictures and post this online what suck service and still no manager

Posted by Anonomyus

Very rude and nasty people. I asked about something I didn't understand and got hung up on. Something seriously needs to be done with these employees that's rude and nasty

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot reach a human on either number I called. Just got hung up on!!!!Changed password for rewards card on 6/16/16. Cannot get in. This happens constantly.

Posted by Anonymous

I visited Friday in west orange on July 27 wasn't satisfied got a call back from jack the manager on August 2 he said he was emailing me a gift card in 24 to 48 hours never received it called him back he never comes to the phone I've been on hold for 30 minutes at a time

Posted by Cb

TGIF Friday's in Pensacola Florida Fry's yes I said fries the pretzel sticks or pretzel bread I don't think this is correct because the picture doesn't show that it's fried. Please call me about this my number . Your manager there is quite young and knows nothing about cooking techniques. My name is Clara Parrish

Posted by Anonymous

Went for dinner at TGIF at 8104 e. 49th ave Denver, Colorado on July 31,2016. We arrived at 3:45pm and at 4:00pm we summoned a manager. You see we were not given any service whatsoever. The manager just said that his people were busy and was sorry. However the waitress had only one customer and spent all the time in the kitchen. We may not return and we in fact did leave.

Posted by Extremely dissapointed

I had the worst experience ever that I've ever had at a restaurant on the fourth of July in New York city. Our waitress Rachel R. Was extremely rude. I realized they were extremely under staffed however after waiting a very long time and received our meals which was 2 cheeseburgers that did not come with cheese. It was a party of four. While my husband and daughter were eating we had to wait 45min until my burger and grand daughters burgers to be corrected. Not even 5 min while eating my food she proceeded to try to take my plate asking if I was done yet as I was eating.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes ...I was at the TGIFRIDAYS in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. And I observed after waiting 15 minutes with at least 25 other people that when we was seated we were walked through the dining area where there were 10 tables empty....that's enough empty table for everyone waiting....I boat think your hostess have a clue of what there doing.....just my humble opinion of course.....

Posted by Anonymous

My partner and I visited TGIF for lunch today, Jun. 27, 2016 at the location of Jamacha and Campo Road in Rancho San Diego CA.. We ordered the New York cheddar and bacon burger and a large Caesar Chicken salad. the waitress was friendly and helpful. When we got the meal, I was trying to see where the cheese was on the burger. It looked as if they had sprinkled a few shreds of cheese on the burger, NOT what I had expected since it was advertised as a "Cheese Burger". As we were eating our meal we both noticed how filthy the booths were. The wooden walls that divided the booths were covered with old dried food. It was so unappetizing. We have always enjoyed eating at your establishment but we are really getting discouraged about the lack of cleanliness of your establishment and the lack of customer support! I told the waitress about the situation with the burger and the lack of cheese and she apologized and mentioned that there should have been two slices of cheese on it. She gave us a $5 discount. The manager was over seeing the entire restaurant and never made contact with us.

I surely hope that this can be addressed otherwise we will find another establishment to support. I hope that I will hear from you about this situation.

Ray Conser

Posted by dstone131

Often, like many establishments, it is not just a restaurant name but hose who represent that store. I happened to be in Chicago for a huge Orchestra of 90 kids competing and enjoying their yearly school trip when I stopped for lunch at the downtown Chicago TGIF. It was nearly empty, odd, finally got seated, our waitress messed up our appetizer order and the head manager came to apologize and replace with another item. It never came out until after our food was out and getting drink refills, well, that didn't happen. My grandson set his High school football STATE CHAMPIONSHIP cup next to his chair, but when we left, it had gotten kicked back and he forgot it. I called immediately however we were scrambling w/90 kids to load big buses back to another facility so I asked the manager to please get our special cup and set it aside, so I could either pick it up before the Music symphony downtown or I would call back to make arrangements to have it mailed to my home and pay for shipping.
She said..."Ya, Ya, ok, we found it, it will be here." I called back later to let her know I would not be able to leave the students or the bus to pick it up so I would mail her money to send it to immediately since we were leaving in the morning to KC. She answered, "fine, sure." I told her my name was on the bottom of the cup and it was very important to me and it cost a lot to get this special cup with his stats and STATE Insignia championship, it was special to me. It was not just any cup!! He kicked the winning 48 yd field goal for this State Championship in St Loius to get this win!! She said, "OK!! I will mail it!!" I sent a thank you card with $10 for shipping and have not seen it yet. That was a month ago!! I have called her a few times, she tells me it was on the way or she mailed it...I cannot replace this cup!! I am out $45 now and heart broken that she took my money and lied about sending my cup! If she did send it, I want proof!!
Jasmin is not a good manager if this is how she treats people, not to mention how she looked down on her workers. I am no longer of fan of TGIF even though it was only your employee not just your food. You choose the people who work for you, and represent you to the public...TRAIN them with more work ethics, better incentives and consequences for their actions to get better performance!! Grandma from KC

Posted by Jeddy0508

Went to TGIF on mothers day 2016 which was also my birthday we ordered our app then our dinners mind you there was 8 + 2 kids they never put in our apps and brought our meal ask what happened to the 90.00 in apps he replied he forgot to submit them so we told him we still wanted them cause 2 people ordered apps only so they ended up with no food to eat and one was my wife we also had to wait cause they couldn't figure out how to put 9 people at a table that holds 6 told them get with the program or we're leaving after I figured the seating for them so would like to thank you for the worst birthday and mothers day in 50 years TGIF should be ashamed. And I have 3 relatives that work bartenders in another location if I don't receive a respond I will be taking this to social media. worst 175.00 I ever spent.

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Posted by Anonymous

This worked perfectly! I pressed zero as soon as I heard the prompt, and it rang thorough to an actual person! I was able to get my problem resolved with no hassles! Thank you!

Posted by Feroz

It's our 4th visit within a span of 10 days as we are tourists in Malaysia and we love TGI Friday's (Menara Hap Seng)... The food is deliously fantastic and a value for money... The staff members are very welcoming and friendly especially the Shift leader Akash... A very big thank you to him for taking care of us...The other staff were also friendly and my small daughter Aroush 5yrs was very fond of Roami and Nuwan... She enjoyed their company and wants to visit everyday. We were living just behind TGI Friday's in E&O.

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Posted by Uniquebeauty360

Fridays in Brigham circle Boston they stole 9 dollars of tips from my card and the boss doesn't care I've called corporate twice on them

Posted by Anonymous

This is a former employee from TGI Fridays White plains NY the general manager Patricia Clearly is very rude to her employees. She talks to them reckless and isn't respectful what so ever. She does not give any one a chance to do better or shine she'll just give you less days on the schedule not even caring about your situation and that's not manager material. To my knowledge she's been a manager for years but she does need to treat her employees better.


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