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Posted by Not Happy

TDS had this "Rewards" points system. I cashed in my points for an Amazon gift card. I went to use the card, and there is nothing on it! Our internet has been dropping in speed lately. It's hard to get a hold of them when I work the same hours. UGH!

Posted by Anonymous

I had horrible internet service.My 6 month wait for my deposit of 215.05 is being held for another 6 months I talked to several people they all keep apologizing but still saying I had to wait another 6 months. I'm a senior on a fixed income. I will tell everyone not to get them they suck, worse than hughes net and that says alot. Left windstream too soon NEVER had this problem with them. They're are only out there for money. I had 1 late payment. DO NOT GET TDS IT'S A RIP OFF!!!

Posted by Regina Lundell

We have an on going problem reaching my parents at Roosevelt Arizona by phone. They are serviced by TDS. The phone lines there are terrible. There are numerous complaints about this telephone service in that area!!

Posted by Amanda

TDS internet and customer service sucks. Have had nothing but issues since 2014. Have had nothing but issues and the supervisors suck to. I am going to be sharing my experience with social media and newspapers if I have to. I cancelled my services after our 2 yr contract was up and wanted to unbundle so I can keep my dish services. Nothing but lies after lies with TDS. Dish network and customer service is amazing they have been very nice and helpful and patient with me. I'll be contacting TDS corporate office as well. Dish needs to find another company to do contract with. TDS you all suck and no wonder my dad hated working for TDS a bunch of idiots. I work in a call center for a big company and the way TDS handles there customers if I did that I would be fired. I will make sure my story is heard anywhere and everywhere.

Posted by xxyyxx

I have had horrid Internet and telephone service from TDS for the last 17 months. In May of 2014, I started getting dropped Internet connections on my TDS DSL line. It started with a few a day and progressed to a dozen or more an hour. It was totally unreliable service. In the past year and a half I have had over 50 problem tickets open with the TDS repair department. It takes at least 45 minutes of phone time to get the problem ticket open. The problem tickets are quickly closed. Sometimes a repair technician will come to the house; most of the time they do not. No calls to inform me something was done or even that the problem ticket was close. It was up to me to figure that out by calling TDS repair again. Surprise, the ticket was closed days ago. The problem has not changed. Many times the ticket was closed the same day it was opened. Now I get to waste more time opening another TDS problem ticket. After 14 months of this and many, many calls to TDS, the problem was isolated to a bad cable between my house and the street. This is the same cable that TDS said tested good multiple times. The problem was isolated to the cable by running a temporary cable across the ground to my house. Since that cable was run, I have not had a single dropped connection. It has now been 2 more months and TDS still has not completed the job. I still have a "temporary" telephone cable running across the ground from the street to my house. Just laying out there on the ground. I have filed a complaint with the FCC. The TDS response to the FCC was similar to the response I have been getting every time I open a TDS problem ticket, "The problem has been resolved". The FCC close the complaint based on that response. I am not sure when they will get around to burying the cable. Sooner or later someone is going to trip over it or something worse.
TDS is the most inept phone company I have ever dealt with. If I had a choice, I would have switched long ago.

Posted by Anonymous

Tds is the worst company, they said there was an outage 2 days later it still has not fixed, they said they were sending out a tech that same day, they never showed. My job relies on my internet and home phone, they wouldn't even give me a rough estimate on when they would be there. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE company

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