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TD Bank customer service is ranked #456 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.96 out of a possible 200 based upon 113 ratings. This score rates TD Bank customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


104 Negative Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 92.04%.


9 Positive Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 7.96%.

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  • TD Bank

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    • 32.96 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 104 negative comments (92.04%)
    • 9 positive comments (7.96%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Dan

been with TORONTO DOMINION BANK for 35 years they were always a good institution till 2016.Now they want more money and are no longer client friendly.I call the manager of my branch to let him know that they had change my checking account without my permission and was told by him that the bank could do whatever they want and charge the fees they want.Well now to T D bank there is other institution out there that will be glad to have me as their client. by by T D

Posted by Dan

after over 30 years of being a client at td i notice they had change my checking acc wich resulted in moore fees. They did this after i was told that the bank never change an existing acc.Talk with a manager and he told me that basically the bank could do whatever they want regarding fees or changing your acc. Wow!I told him that he had regulation to follow which he dismiss.3 years ago i open a 300,000.00 cash acc. at td direct investing and close it after 2 months of trying 5 times to correct my address they never did.My morgage is renwable in june. this institution will not renew it that,s my decision.

Posted by Anonymous

Second time in 2 weeks that I have had an issue with this bank (?)
Actually, third issue within 3 months.
So disappointed.
My father was a banker for 42 years. I am acquainted with banking
perhaps more than the average person.
Will not be depositing any more personal funds here. Actually, if
the nonsense does not stop, I will be closing all accounts and filing
a complaint with the State Banking Bureau. Wow, just wow.
Save yourself time and hassle - go somewhere else - or, at least educate
yourself first. I investigated this bank before opening any accounts
here; as of 2 or 3 years ago they were fine. Not anymore, it seems.
Truly, a shame.

Posted by Margaret

TD Bank charges $7 to cash a check drawn on their bank if you do not have an account with them. I have never experienced this in any other bank. I would never open an account with them because I would not want to inconvenience anyone to whom I wrote a check. Margaret, Philadelphia

Posted by Anonymous

Bad customer service on the phone re. TD Easy Web. Lack of cooperation, help and support. I wasted my time and had to go to a branch to receive assistance. Absolutely disappointed and regretting to be a TD customer.

Posted by Anonymous

So fed up with this bank. No matter what time of day i call can never get a rep on the line. I recently had a debit charge that was from a 3rd party who fraudulently used my card. I went to my bank to dispute it and they sent out my claim. The investigation resulted in TD Bank not crediting me stating the amount disputed never appeared on my account when it did the exact day after i disputed it. I had to cancel my old card also that day at my bank. I just do not understand this bank!!!

Posted by PR

I can't get anybody on the phone no matter how long I wait

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a long time customer of TD Bank and I believe it is time to leave. Once again they have changed the way they process debits and credits. They complain that with all of the changes over the past few years in banking and finance, they have to recover fees. This bank will get you anyway they can. The reason for writing this is to bring into the open something that any TD customer will be upset about. I have friends who drive for car and limo companies. I have learned that TD Bank spends thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars every year providing car services from outside vendors not only to and from airports and train stations, but from branch to branch. The branches they are providing transportation to and from are usually within 5 minutes from each other. Talk about wasteful spending. Well TD Bank.... cut this unnecessary expense. Cease or at least lower your excessive fees....or if not this, take what is saved from such an unnecessary expense and put all of that savings into the checks of your associates so that they can lead a less stressful life. Shame on you TD Bank!!

Posted by MT1965

his company applies all over payments to Non-promotional accounts. As I am the person in charge of our finances I have attempted to contact this company via email and phone.

My husband purchased me a beautiful ring, on credit. He used a special no interest if paid off in 12 months. 6 Months later he traded that ring in for a larger cut diamond. Unfortunately they no longer offered that promotion. So I made my first payment with both charges, over paying by 183.00 thinking they will apply it like any other credit company we have used that offers this promotion. We use these promotions often, always making sure it is paid in full prior to the date deferred interest would be applied to our accounts. I attempted to email them and request that they apply the amounts correctly, I did this 2 months in a row. Every time they said that I must contact there 1800 number. As I new would happen, they refused to speak to me, My name isn't on the account. Even though I automatically requested to speak to a supervisor, before asking anything about the account. A very rude woman said she couldn't pass me on until she got authorization from my husband. I told her that at this time I am not requesting any information on the account and to please let me speak to a supervisor, she still refused. I then call my husband to have him allow me access to the account. When my husband answers she hangs up on me, even though I told her I have him on speaker. She tells me to call back and hangs up. I then call right back while I leave my husband on speaker, the same rude woman answers. She is being just as rude but gets the information she needs to allow me access. She puts me on old for 15 minutes, then hangs up on me. I call right back, I get a very nice young man that listened to what I had just gone through and put me through to a supervisor since at this time I am not requesting to talk about the account. A supervisor answers, she is just as rude as the first woman. I explain what I had just gone through, total dead pan, she says nothing about her employee hanging up on me twice. I ask if she can at least look up that we just called and my husband authorized me to take care of this. She says no, I have to speak with him. Knowing that my husband was not available to answer my call, I had no choice but to hang up. We live in AK there operation hours do not make it easy for us to be in the same place at the same time from 5 am to 5 pm. My husband leaves for work before 5 am, I don't get off work until 5pm, and drive 30minutes to get home. My husband works 6 days a week so that takes Saturday off the schedule to call. I have sent emails requesting help, they respond by putting in big bold print, my name and saying that the user needs to call for security reasons. I explained we have tried and sent the letter that we sent to CFPB and the BBB, (this letter describes all of this). I have then given them my husband name and number and asked if they could please call my him directly for verification. I then get a response just like the one I answered. So we will be paying in full the entire amount to save 500.00, and will never purchase anything that uses this company as a financial company. I will also advocate for all others to do the same. I will find out what companies they finance for and post this on all of there reviews, no matter how many or how long it takes. This company is immoral, they would have taken the amount out properly with out being told to apply the extra portion to the deferred interest account. All other companies I use do this automatically with out being told. Minimum payment goes to the other accounts on the card, while the remainder of the payment, no matter how large goes to the deferred interest account. Unless the amount pays it in full, then the overages are then put to the next account in line.

Posted by JohnG

Calling TD customer service is a nightmare. On hold 35 minutes, rep picks up call and drops the line. The automation states hold is 3 to 6 minutes but im on hold over 30 minutes each time. Really, they need to get their act together.. going to Chase, closing accounts at TD.

Posted by Jose Cedeno

$505.82 from my visas card with out My permission i spoke with the customer service td bank in then know have nothing to do with that but the people
Is wrong because when you get money
In any bank the have a Reponsability
TO protect your privacy now I don't recommend the td bank alls now happen to me tomorrow the can be to you with more money what the taken to me

Posted by Anonymous

Td bank is the worst bank to have your funds with they dont care about us only about money when it comes to customer service they suck make me wait. 60days to refund a chargeback no bank makes u wait for your money to be returned back to you someone help me get my 200 dollars back i am on disability

Posted by oliver

overall, I enjoy banking at td. however, the broadway and 297th street branch employees are VERY jumpy. I'm 70 and walk with a cane, and the two separate occasions I used one of their chairs to sort my paperwork/stashing my cash after being served, for 1 3/4 minutes, the plastic smiles came out asking if I needed help. the last time, the security guard came over and stood two feet away from me and walked me out both doors. I swear I sat for no more than 1 3/4 minutes!!! what's going on at this branch? I normally use the Fordham road branch -- much more welcoming.

Posted by Robert

Compounding evidence to leave this bank.

We have dealt with TD at three different branches now.

Overdraft protection: When signing up with TD bank we inquired and were told "IF there are no funds in your account, you will have your card declined and there will be no charges, period". We said ok lets take that option. So far three different branches have given us three totally different explanations and options around overdraft protection. Oh and we got charged!!and apparently overdraft protection only works "Mon to Fri 9-5" as we were told which is not listed anywhere in their site?!

We have tried to change our address OVER 8 TIMES!!!! oh and get this, we called the bank the other day and it's STILL not changed.

I could go on all day about little things that we have noticed in our TD experiences.

The overarching theme we have noticed is, There is no uniformity in staff product knowledge and internal accountability for role responsibilities.

We applied for a Personal Loan. Three weeks later got a phone call to a number we told them not to call, so we called back anyway, left a message with the person who was handling the case and never got a call back or any contact. A month later the loan was rejected. They did not ask for additional information what so ever, we know we have it!!. Obvious that the handler put it in the "too hard basket" and the denial letter did not even have my correct name spelling!!! I guess that explains the fact that they could not find my credit history! DUUUHHH.

Good bye TD bank.

Posted by Anonymous

I was not able to use my dbt card for more than 5 days, about $ 2000. I called them over the phone 3 times, more than 30 minutes each time. Each time they say I reported the card as lost or stolen but actually I didn't. Nobody wanted to tell me who called the bank, how he/she got my card number to report it nor how to protect myself against the same problem from happening again. They said I can't fix this issue over the phone, I've to check in at one of the branches, although I told them I've no time to do so and this is much hassle but noway. It was a bad experience & i decided to close the account & seek an other bank.

Posted by Anonymous

TD bank at concord pike,Wilmington, Delaware employees need to have sense of urgency. waited 10 minutes to make a deposit when I am the only person in line. Next day waited another 10 minutes to have a conversation with a manager again I am the only person waited. I left the building. Services at this location has been going down.

Posted by nelsrealtor

I am a realtor. My customer chose TD Bank for his mortgage. I wish we had a time machine so I could go back and seek another lender. TD Bank's Lexington South Carolina mortgage department is the worst lender I have experienced in decades of selling property. They let the contract's closing date of Nov 19 go by like it did not exist. The extension for Dec 4 is now gone by. They have had the file since October and sat on it and did nothing. My customer is in danger of losing the opportunity to buy the property and his deposit. They are nasty, incompetent, and do not care. Never again will I let a customer choose TD Bank.

Posted by Kat

Just got off the phone with a TD Bank customer service representative. They must be hiring from the HighSchool Drop Out list or something. The representative could barely speak normal English....a real rocket scientist. Although he did eventually help me getting him to help me was difficult to say the least. At first he said he didn't see the check number as cashed. I told him that it was on my statement and he said, 'Oh yeah, i see it now'. He was belligerent and snarky. Who are they hiring at this company anyway?

Posted by mom123

Worst bank i have banked with. after trying to do a balance transfer on my cc, they placed a security hold on the card. when I called in, they said I had to physically bring in my id and a utility Bill to a branch. when I did that and the banker faxed my info to wherever it needed to go to. I was told I would receive a call within 24- 48 hrs. after 3 days and no call, I called the cc and was told the fax wa s blurry and wasn't properly faxed in, an that I needed to go in once again to the bank. I was 8 month pregnant who this all occurred. I went back when my baby was 2 weeks old, and was told that I now needed TWO forms of gov't issued
ID. we haven't had this account for more than a couple months or so. the next time I go back, it will b to withdraw my money and close my accounts. the people on the other end of the phone need to get it together.

Posted by Anonymous

Back in August I filed a complaint against coco keys through TD BANK. During that time I was giving a provisional credit and I was informed that there would be an investigation. During that investigation there was no follow up calls or letter sent to my home indicating any updates. On the morning of October 8, 2015 I checked my bank account and noticed that there was a withdrawl of 457.40. I spoke with several representatives that informed me that there was a letter sent to my home on October 7, 2015 but on the 8th the funds were withdrawn. I am a single parent with an autistic child and to have these funds removed without proper notification is heart breaking. I am begging for a reconsideration of a return of these funds, due to the lack of communication and follow up. At this time I feel violated and plan to close out all of my accounts with TD BANK. I can not believe a well known establishment can do this to a loyal customer such as myself. I will continue to fight this matter until answer and a refund is produced.

Posted by Nrodriguez

My Complaint is concerning the TD bank on American and Lehigh Philadelphia Pa 19133. Staff are more intrested in having conversations than actually helping people there's over nine people on line waiting and just one customer service personnel attending a client and shes also indulging in unnecessary talk it really is a waste of tax payers dollars. This is extremely sad I don't blame all TD bank personnel because they are a great bank but this bank needs help. Please help this

Posted by Anonymous

I am at your branch in Hempstead, they have no costumers care at all you sit in the branch for 20 to 30mintues without anyone asking you can you be help and not everyone in doing anything, but talking to each other. Need more training. They information that is not true and hold they costumers accountable for there mistake. Need lots of training & mangers as well.

Posted by TD bank

Very poor service at TD branch Lake Shore Blvd West

The service at this branch are so poor. The first time when I asked to help me to feel out the direct deposit (government payments) form I got the guide How to set up direct deposits. The second time the guy said we don't have this form, do it online, but I asked about HELP. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I went to another location and it took only five minutes to feel out the form.

Posted by Rob

I just created my first bank account ever. I'm 17 years old and stupid apparently, because when i purchased something slightly over my balance I was overdrafted $35! I even canceled the order but they won't take the overdraft off so now I'm forced to donate $35 to TD Bank if i ever want to store cash again...
PS. They have the worst customer service ever. I hate talking to people with annoying accents from other countries about my bank problems. Why not have an online chat service?

Posted by tbone

Got a $50.00 check for my birthday written on a TD bank account and when I tried to cash it they charged me $7.00 to cash it. I guess if it was a $5.00 check I would have owe them.
TD Bank has agreed to pay $20 million to settle a class action Now they owe nineteen million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-three.

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Posted by TdB customer service complaint

Yes I have complaint on this bank again of 4975 Linton Blvd in Delray beach,FL 33445 I was in there yesterday I deposit large money in to my checking account yesterday there the teller had me to sign back of the check in ask for card so I gave her my card so she can pull up my account then she gave me the receipt how much I deposits in my account so yesterday I call the toll free number in told them how much I deposit in my account they right they $100.00 in my account it suppose be three thousand four hundred 33 dollars and twenty five cent in my account I pray that no one took all my money from what I deposit in my checking account if they will get a law suit on them this is the second time tdB done treated me bad in there employees at 4975 Linton Blvd in Delray beach FL 33445

Posted by Bassim

I went to TD Bank in East Windsor, NJ . I was very welcomed from all specially from Banker / Vivian Ayoub. . BeSide that she is so attractive she is so professional. Thanks TD Bank, Thanks Vivian.

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with the help of Debbie Kontolios, store manager at TD Bank in Lodi N.J. has always been pleasant. Debbie is there to help costumers like me to find solutions to problems found to be impossible to solve by others. Thank you Debbie for your help and impeccable work. Thank you TD Bank for having Debbie in charge at the Lodi branch.
I will also like to commend the help of Frank R. Galarcep who helped Debbie.

Posted by Mac

After my TD Visa Infinity Card was stolen recently, I Have been reimbursed with the fraudulent transactions, something TD VIsa seems to do as a matter of course in such fraudulent use as is the case here. As an aside, I did try to have the 'TAP facility on my Visa Cards disabled some time ago however TD Visa said it could not be done. In the event of a lost or stolen card, its 'free money' for the thief until its picked up by visa, or reported stolen, whatever flags first, and simply makes this kind of theft more appealing to the thief. It seems it suites the banks to pony up for such fraudulent transactions rather than give the consumer the choice as to have the facility or not. Its not that they cannot disable this facility, they simply choose not to despite increasing numbers of account holders asking that this facility be suspended on their accounts.

Posted by jcar

I called TD with my mother to ask questions about the potential of opening a US account. We were connected to John Pardy, who has friendly, informative and a pleasure to speak with. He was engaging and asked questions and was patient in taking any information we gave. He gave us an alternative option to what we had originally planned on setting up as an account, a perspective that no one else who we had spoken to previously had given. John offered solutions and step by step instructions for my mother with online banking and whatever she needed. It is rare to receive such an amazing customer service experience so we wanted to make sure we could acknowledge it!!

Posted by Mauve

I see all of these reviews are for the Amercian TD Banks. I bank with the Canadian TD and they are excellent! Fabulous customer service by phone (not off-shore) 24hrs a day. Branches open late on Thursdays and Fridays. Branches open Saturdays. Some branches open Sundays. Low rates on their Visa cards. I have been with them for about 20 years and absolutely love their service! From their website: "For the 7th year in a row, J.D. Power and Associates has ranked us "Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among the Big Five Retail Banks". What makes this award so important to us is the fact that it's given by our customers." If you are banking in Canada, I would highly recommend.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Yvonne Craig and I again find myself contracting you about an associate this time from your Chester Ave., Delran location. His name is Wesley and have found him to be quite pleasant young man. He always greets me with a smile doesn't need to ask what it is I need (since I always ask for withdrawal slip) and offers my pooch a biscuit. I am really impressed by your personnel and for the most part have a good banking experience while at your locations. So Thank You Wesley I appreciate your kindness.

Posted by Anonymous

Called to request specific information an auto loan that I couldn't find on the website. It was during lunch break, so I expected a wait time. The wait time they projected was two minutes, but it turned out to be around five seconds. The representative I was connected with in the loan department was very friendly and obviously knew her stuff. The call I expected to take ten minutes took less than half that.

Posted by Anonymous

TD Bank has always been friendly- since the recent mergers, the computer integration hasn't been smooth, but branch and telephone personnel usually try to fix things. As with any bank, much depends on the personnel at the branches. We have had very good experience, even with their system not working, we would go back and someone would figure out the problem and fix it. We enjoy the people at the old Commerce Bank locations.

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