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TCF Bank customer service is ranked #482 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.01 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates TCF Bank customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


25 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 92.59%.


2 Positive Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 7.41%.

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    • 32.01 Overall Rating
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    • 25 negative comments (92.59%)
    • 2 positive comments (7.41%)
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Posted by Anonymous

You locked my account. I missed my plane to get to my sick mothers bedside. Im driving in heavy rain from Minneapolis, MN to Kansas City Missouri. The least you do is authorize so that I can fill my gas tank. If My mothers dies before I get to Kansas City Missouri i willgo to every news channel in the Minneapolis MN area and tell them what your bank has done. I called in several hours ago when I found out my account was locked and received absolutly NO help.

Posted by have3cats

Does anyone really check what is posted on TCFs facebook page? Please take the time to read all the unhappy comments there. It is very obvious that I am not the only frustrated and unhappy customer. I've been with TCF a very long time. We switched to TCF back when they took over where Bank of America had been, in the Jewel/Osco stores here in Illinois. I have been happy with the bank and still am, but am not happy with this new digital banking and it has cause me a lot of worry and concern about my money. Please take the time to read the posts there. The responses by TCF and Chris look like they are a computer generated response, not like from a human being. This new banking site is literally a nightmare and near impossible to get help from customer service as they too seem clueless. Their hands are tied as they are just the front line people who deal with customers. I honestly don't think they know who to turn to, to get things resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

Getting up set with new manager

Ready to shop somewhere else

For better service with banking.

Can't stand bulling that what it

Feels like dealing with her

Sorry not acceptable. !!!!

Ecorse rd Taylor mi

Over getting paper work copys

Your loss I will take the 62 thousand

Plus else where and since I'm signed

Up for oil on my land to start

Drilling soon that will go to

Over once a year paper work

That you want to charge me fifty

Dollars for my number

Posted by Anonymous

Bellevile michigan branch does not wait on drive thru people u cant even get an il be with u in a minute!! Moving to differnt bank AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE

Posted by tamazon41985

I just opened 2 account with u and u have no 24 hour customer service ppl to talk too. I knew u guys weren't the greatest but now I know u guys really do suck u better fix this BC this is the worst customer service in my life!!!

Posted by krista

i recently lost my debit card so i sent a notarized letter to a tcf manager at 26 madison st in chicago and i still havent got a response,debit card or access to my money when will i see results? i live in columbus ohio not chicago. and i cant just walk into a tcf branch to talk to anyone. sincerely krista romano frye

Posted by Stuck Up Twice

Vultures. I opened two accounts and never bounced a check or had any problems. One acct was for my teen who withdrew money from a drive thru ATM, put her card in the arm rest and a girl who was riding with her and friends to a party saw her put in her PIN & stole the card. I noticed one night while checking balances that my teen had $1800 in her account called the bank right away. Long story short, TCF allowed someone to deposit an out of state bogus check in my teens acct then allowed 2 ATM withdrawal on the check before it cleared $700 worth. I was told it was a service to me as a customer but they collected a hefty fee for the transaction. Now we are stuck paying it off...good lesson for teen and I, but bad bank practices leave unsuspecting customers vunerable to this type of stuff.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst bank ever. They have a license to steal money and they do a good job at that. Their customer service are like robots. Sorry cant help you or Im trying to help you but there is nothing I can do. Is all you get. Ask to speak to someone else they won't let you. The reason they offer free checking is because they rob you of your money and always have a good excuse. DO NOT BANK HERE. WORST EVER.

Posted by Anonymous

I am currently out of town and will be forced to sleep on the street for 2 nights, courtesy of TCF Bank, until the 7 day hold they put on my deposit for housing money clears. Their rationalization for putting it on a 7 day hold was that I overdrew my account before - so not only do they gouge you with a 37 dollar fee for an overdraft, but they also have the condescending attitude to withold your funds that have already cleared the check writer's bank. The person who helped me on the phone was kind and courteous, while hiding behind bank policy to politely explain the situation. TCF Bank does not value its customers or any sense of common human decency - bank with anyone but TCF.

Posted by Anonymous

The new Saturday hours at Cub Foods Buffalo TCF Bank are not convenient. I have been a TCF for 18 years and the reason I joined was for the extended days/hours. Please change them back to 9:00am. I also want to mention that several other people were waiting for it to open up. Clearly not customer focused. Thank you!

Posted by Kaiesha

So i called customer care because i recently discovered that a account was opened by my now ex husband while i was deployed and it has been placed in collections for $250.00. I called to find out what type of identification or signatures are used to open an account and add me to an account while deployed and also how it would be placed on my credit without me ever putting my personal information on the account. I was told he he had or has any type of deployment documentation that a spouse can be added all that is needed is that documentation and a paper proving relationship. This is not a good policy and is now affecting my career with the military. I dont recommend this bank at all for any military personnel. DONT DO IT. Because now do to their loose policies i have to now pay money i never owed to a bank i never was a account holder with. VERY UNHAPPY

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible experience today...12 customers in line... one counter help. Would hope they fix this problem....

Posted by Angiest

I feel that it is more than time to file a class action lawsuit against TCF bank and also repot them to the Attorney General. This is the second time that they have blatently stolen money from my account because they will not process fraud claims properly, and they always tell you that they need more time. WILLIAM A. COOPER, IF YOU ARE SO DARN CONCERNED WITH THE ONLINE FRAUD THAT HAPPENED DO SOMETHING REGARDING HOW YOUR BANK HANDLES IT. I will be blasting you all over social media until you personally put my damn money back in my account!!!!! STOP TAKING THE MONEY OF PEOPLE THAT WORK HARD TO GET IT AS YOU SIT BACK ON THE MILLIONS YOU MAKE FROM TAKING IT. REMEMBER ROBIN HOOD? YEAH, THERE ARE STILL MODERN DAY ROBIN HOODS OUT HERE BUDDY.....

Posted by Rob

i have just come back from the tcf mpls new brighton blvd location. I first stopped by at 9 am to collect for services rendered with a affidavit of collection. Atfer waiting 20 min i was asked to leave my number and they would call me back when they have an answer.I am a funeral director and collect assets in this manner many times a year. I left the death certificate a copy of my bill and the affidavit of collection. 3 hours later I returned to your branch only to be told that they will not help me because there is no way for them to know if there are any surviving family members.

It doesn't matter if there was because I have fullfilled the legal requirements to collect from her estate.

The problem is only escalated because Mrs. Bender Acct # 68527o4380 has no family that we the funeral home that handled her services know of. She was burried by county assistance that willnot pay us anything untill we can provide a bank statement from you (that the county has already informed me has no money in).

I personally close accounts at wells fargo and US bank several times a year with minimal difficulty. Everytime I go to tcf I run into this problem. This is the main reason why my company will not consider banking at your firm. I would appreciate it if somebody who knows the laws regarding affidavits could educate your bankers and someone could call me back so I could get the statement I need to close Mrs. Benders account.

Robert Hunt


Posted by Anonymous

HORRIBLE PHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! We needed to take care of something you can ONLY do by calling the number on the back of the card. What a joke. Call 1, hung up after 45 minutes, call 2, hung up after 15 minutes, 3rd call still no answer after 20 minutes....guess what, still haven't got through to anyone with 3 more calls. Glad my card wasn't stolen.

Posted by pissedoncustomer

they have to the worst bank ever I deposited a check on wed for the amount of 18000. the teller stated the funds would be ready on Friday. we had plans for a trip away for a 7 year old birthday party for my daughter. the funds were not ready till Tuesday because of a teller lie. do no use tcf go somewhere else this bank has a big problem. try calling the 800 number I bet your on hold for 45 plus min.
they ruined a 7 years old birthday

Posted by rexroc

This is the most unprofessional bank I have ever seen. especially the branch on Archer Ave and Narragansett in Chicago IL. It looks like they have gang bangers working there. I walked in and there was a man behind the desk with hair down to his waist and in a pony tail. Not to mention the $37.00 a day fees that this bank has. Its corporate extortion at its best. I will be closing my account and gladly take my business elsewhere. This is a Ghetto bank. with Ghetto service

Posted by Anonymous

MOST HORRIBLE PLACE TO BANK computers are down, and staff has NO Clue as to what to do? this is the worst bank charging fees when accts. are not overdrawn, no one calls back, supervisors are rude switching to BMO HARRIS a bank that cares and won't take my money and be rude, I was a bank supervisor for 13 years tcf has the worst customer service ever!!!!!!

Posted by drosan

Totally agree, almost impossible to reach a human, and that only AFTER waiting 15 minutes! Horrendous customer service!

Posted by Hopeless!!!

I am being charged overdraft fees when funds we're available in my account. TCF Bank is prolonging their customers debit card transactions to make it look/seem as if they are overdrafting their accounts, so they can keep charging fee after fee!
I recently returned as a TCF Customer & one of the main reasons was because their representatives we're very nice, helpful & professional. Now, their rude & unprofessional due to the fact that there is no one to help, because most of the phone numbers are a fax machines or nobody cares!!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the absolute worst customer service!!!!!!! Need to speak to a representative..not possible

Posted by clanduvy

I cannot believe that I could not find a phone number without resorting to checking Contact Help. Even though I was told that there are staements available I cannot get into them because when I go to statements, i'm told that I am not eligible even though I've been getting all statements all the time (I have four accounts). Frustration!!! and they say they've done "improvements" to the web site. Not from where I'm sitting.

Posted by shaky

i have an account with TCF and have been trying to contact someone (anyone ) to no avail the phone numbers i have are, and is there anyone available to assist me. my email address is id much rather be contacted by telephone at ASAP

Posted by Tweety

Had a checking account with TCF with free $25 for opening it. I didn't know I needed to maintain $100 after that January in it to avoid monthly "fees" of nearly $10. Over a few months, most of the $80 or so I had was gone. I closed the account.

Lines are usually long, yet rather than shorten the wait, TCF sends personnel out through the store to make new TCF customers out of store customers who come in to shop at the IL stores where the branches are. I am accosted by a sales rep nearly every time I enter the store. It is not what I came there for.

I never felt comfortable banking in a large, wide-open store, and the TCF branches have had numerous robberies to back that up.

According to Wikipedia, TCF is trying to rescind the Durbin law which does not allow bank credit cards to raise the interest exhorbitantly as they had done in the recent past.

TCF is too interested in getting new customers rather than keeping the ones they have or had. They need to improve service to their customers and the security of the customers and the customers' money. Too aggressive in their sales tactics (and had been with their checking fees).

Apparently, TCF Financial is a holding company in which many of our large mutual funds have put our money! Maybe Vanguard, et al. should check this company out better.

Posted by Anonymous

For the last 2 months, I have been trying to refinance my home loans to get a better rate. My home is not worth what I paid for it(-$20000). That's one problem. The second is they said our debt to income ratio is too high. TCF bank owns our loan meaning they can lower the interest rate if they want but they refuse to do it. We have never been late on a payment for our loan and any other bills. They are a typical greedy bank that doesn't want to help there customers only there own people(1%). If you are trying to decide on banks, I would stay as far away from this bank as possible. I have seen 3 people close there accounts while standing in line because they were not satisfied with the service. They are not a very good bank. Enough said.

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Posted by Anonymous

Like to leave a comment about a few of your employees at the bank at Milwaukee and Sawyer in Chicago Illinois supervisor and manager and your tellers at that particular branch the young man's a supervisor and a woman the manager and two women tellers one younger one older just like to say they are very nice people the supervisor manager of very intelligent very friendly the bank tellers were very friendly very Cooperative I would you a large sum of money from my account to make some much-needed repairs on my home and may need this help again very soon and some more work and I just like to say they were very helpful very kind it made it very easy for me I'm sorry I can't remember their names I can describe them for you but I would like to commend them and I would like you to let them know a pleasant and easy that made that for me so please command the nice man who was the supervisor the bank manager and let her know that she is great tellers there it was a pleasure doing business with him and maybe doing it again very soon so please let them know thank you very much my name is Dominic Mancini you can reach me for follow up to my comments if u wish so thank u again and thank these employees

Posted by Furious to Happy customer

FURIOUS CUSTOMER MADE HAPPY (STILL Ticked by it all, but want to credit an OUTSTANDING Customer Service rep, Yilda, for truly helping). I have been with TCF Bank for over a decade and recently had an incident where I was charged **HUNDREDS** of dollars in overdraft fees when I had money in the bank. I normally don't work with checks anymore, but deposited one around 2p. I had some other money in that account when I deposited it. I asked the teller how long it would take to clear and was told "The money is available immediately." I used my bank card repeatedly for 5 DAYS without a problem, recording everything in my bank book, when suddenly it was declined.

That's when I learned I was hundreds in the negative from overdraft fees -- but there should've been several hundred dollars in the account! I spoke with two different Customer "Service" reps. They were rude and nasty to me and refused to help sort this out. The second one, whose name was Heather, had the audacity to tell me "IT WAS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK MY ACCOUNT ONLINE EVERY DAY -- recording on paper in my check book isn't good enough anymore 'in this day in age' -- and since I wasn't responsible enough to properly manage my finances, there was nothing she or the bank would do to help me." She said regardless of what the teller told me, it was "my fault" for not checking my account daily and if I had been 'responsible enough' to do so, I wouldn't be in this mess.

When I questioned WHY the bank would allow me to use my bank card for nearly a week and go *HUNDREDS* of dollars negative with overdraft fees before declining it ... they should've declined it right away to alert me something was amiss ... I was told it was because my account was "In Good Standing" and so the bank would allow me to 'overdraft' until it reached a degree they thought I couldn't/wouldn't pay the fees -- and all the fees were MY responsibility.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I drive a lot for work and was getting numerous overdraft fees each day when I stopped at a gas station for coffee and a doughnut and later bought lunch and/or stopped for a water. Many of my purchases were under $5 -- with $37 tacked on for 'overdraft' which unknowingly put me deeper and deeper in the negative.

Both Heather and the other 'Service' person refused to allow me to speak to a Supervisor or someone - anyone - over them or give me info to contact Corporate directly. I was informed by these 'Service' reps that "This is not a Corporate Concern" and would not be given any contact info.

I was told that the only way I could possibly get this resolved is that I needed to go back to the same bank where I deposited the check, speak to that bank manager in front of the teller who told me the funds were available and it would be up to the manager's discretion.

THAT PARTICULAR BANK IS OVER AN HOUR AWAY FROM ME! That did not matter to your Customer "Service" people. (I want to note that I DID go to that particular bank to speak with the manager after the fact so this doesn't happen to anyone else -- and two different tellers at that bank REFUSED to allow me to speak to the manager directly. I was told I could only "tell them" what the issue was and they would pass it on to management. What in the world is THAT??? Short of becoming some crazy, screaming, melt-down lady who'd be hauled off by security anyway -- I was completely stonewalled from speaking to management at this bank. It is located on Miller Park Way in Milwaukee, WI. I suggest you look into the poor service and "covering" for each other they've got going on there)

I was seeing red! After being with this bank for so many years, I was pulling out my money and direct deposits and going elsewhere.

But not before I spoke directly to someone at Corporate. This is ridiculous and I shouldn't be chastised by a young adult for being "irresponsible" when it was the bank that made the mistake. And, as a business-minded person, this is something Corporate SHOULD want to know about because if it is a repeated problem, they need to address it.

It seems to be that some of your young people on the 'front line' of your business are not only stonewalling customers and preventing them from speaking to management or higher ... they are effectively shielding those higher up from knowing what a poor job they and their co-workers are doing by not only not helping, but also ridiculing older customers for not being "in this day in age." I'm sorry, but I'm not stupid ... I simply don't have TIME to check my account daily -- especially when I know how much should be in there.

I wanted a direct line to someone in Corporate to express this situation, couldn't find one and called the 800 number back to get a Corporate number.

On this third call I was greeted with a very happy and cheerful voice, but I was still LIVID and said: "I know my anger has nothing to do with you directly, but before I even deal with you ... What is your name? I've had it! I'm taking names!"

She was very sweet, very understanding and provided 110% PERFECT Customer Service. It took about 45 minutes to get everything straightened out, but she was so level-headed and professional and yet very nice at the same time -- and sometimes she'd have to put me on hold for a bit, but that was okay. She'd say: "Let me go talk to a Supervisor"... I'd be on hold for a bit, then she'd come back and say: "Do you mind if I put you on hold again? I'm really sorry about it, but the Supervisors can't really tell me anything. I need to go a little higher up, so your hold time might be a little longer." I was okay with all the time on hold because she was Honestly trying to help me resolve this.

What I had going on was REALLY a mess. I had originally given the check to the teller right before 2p -- so technically the 'funds were immediately available' -- but the transaction didn't process into the system until AFTER 2p, which put it into the next day and while technically it was a Corporate/Payroll check -- it had been written out on a personal account with the company's name on the top, so there were different 'standards' than Corporate checks as to when funds are available.

In all of this, I want to say that Yilda R from the Chicago Call Center really took the time to help me sort this out and gave 200% Customer Service. She was very nice, polite and professional and empathized with my frustration (VERY Important with Customer Service). Her efforts of going above and beyond need to be recognized and applauded by the entire TCF Bank organization. I was ready to close my account and sue you for this debacle. Not only the needless overdraft fees, but I ended up stranded with only my TCF Bank card and couldn't access any money! It was all 'gone'! Then having to deal with Rude, Condescending b-tches to boot...

If I had not come across Yilda R and her caring Professionalism -- I would not still be a TCF customer today. I GUARANTEE you have kept other customers because of her as well.

I certainly hope that she is acknowledged at a Corporate level for her level of service. All employees need to emulate her Professionalism. She is Outstanding.

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