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Symantec customer service is ranked #315 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 518 ratings. This score rates Symantec customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


465 Negative Comments out of 518 Total Comments is 89.77%.


53 Positive Comments out of 518 Total Comments is 10.23%.

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  • Symantec

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 38.43 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 465 negative comments (89.77%)
    • 53 positive comments (10.23%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 2.3 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 4.0 Friendliness
    • 3.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

This msg. is for your FYI- I received in the mail a postcard from Norton(logo looked authentic, had a serial number & to tell me that my Norton coverage was about to expire Dec. 6, 2017 & they had tried to reach me by email-did not--but were going to charge my acct. $79.99 & I needed to call to "update contact info". I called & my call went to INDIA & spoke with an Eastern Indian who requested to get into my computer. When I could not get to what he was asking me to--I said NO. I asked him to cancel the acct. (that I did not know that I had--always purchase locally & download on my own). The number given was 1-866-573-1867. I wanted you to know this was happening & I believe it was a fake attempting to represent Norton's & needs to be addressed by you. If this happened to me it likely did to others. Please advise

Posted by PDT

All I want to say is that Symantec - Norton Antivirus. Your product may be average on the market. Your company is a Billion Dollar organisation. Yet your customer service is definitely one of the worst in the world. There is absolutely never a follow up, which is always promised. Even senior customer support lie and deceive.
Even your complaints department are absolutely hopeless and full of lies.
Maybe more legal action against the company might be in order. Very fraudulent actions need to be exposed on a worldwide basis.
All you do is ripoff the consumer.

Posted by Karen

I have been unable to download my Norton antivirus 2016, even with the help of customer support. They have refused to return my money and stated that someone would call be within 48hrs to discuss, that was 6 days ago. They are now incredibly difficult to get hold of. Not happy at all.
While on customer support, the gentleman I spoke with kept ignoring me when I was asking questions and then he kept asking questions that I had answered several times previously. I really felt that he had no idea what he was talking about and was quite abrupt to me at times. Very, very poor customer service.

Official company reply

Sorry for this unpleasant support experience you had, Karen. Could you please provide your case reference number? We will investigate this and ensure that you will get a callback!

Norton Support

NortonSupport 7/30/16 7:05PM

Posted by [email protected]

I Called Symantec To Find Out About A $40.00 Plan To "fix My Computer" Which They Offered In May, I Was One Day Late And It Now Cost $99.00 And I Said No To It. The Foreigner "english" Speaking Technician Started To Work On My Machine Without My Consent Without My Asking Him To Do It. It Took About An Hour And Then I Couldn't Get Online. I Can Barely Understand These Technicians With Their Heavy Accents, Plus When You Can't Do What They Want You To Do They Get Rude. To Get Online I Had To Restore My Computer To An Early Date Then It Went Online. What A Huge Mess, How Can This Be Resolved When I Need To Talk To Norton (symantec)?
Marcia Packared

Official company reply

Sorry for the trouble caused. Could you please provide the case reference number? We will investigate this further and help you with the service. You can also contact us on Twitter at @NortonSupport.

Norton Support

NortonSupport 7/19/16 11:45PM

Posted by Peter the Anteater

By far the worst customer experience I have ever received and, as a result, I will not renew any services with Norton or recommend them to friends and family in the future.

I have been a Norton antivirus customer for 10 years and have never had any issues with their product. My problem herein lies with the customer service/technical support team employed by Norton. Norton advertises 24/7 technical support--but calling it 'support' is quite a stretch as 90% of these reviews can attest (514 total reviews on 7/12/2016).

I recently bought a new computer and wanted to install Norton's antivirus software on it (I am an existing subscriber with antivirus protection available for 2 remaining devices). I called Norton's technical support number for this rather simple issue expecting it to be resolved quickly. To my dissatisfaction, the Norton support team was extremely unprofessional, rude and went as far as corrupting my newly bought computer.

I explained my issue to the technician [being an existing customer and needing to install software on a new computer] and he asked permission to gain access to my computer. Immediately after gaining access the technician claimed my computer had been infected with all sorts of viruses and mentioned that I will need to buy some other software/services to fix it (mind you this is a brand new computer pre-installed with McAfee antivirus and I have yet to even browse the internet). I had a similar situation happen last year with Norton and their attempt to dupe me so I called the technicians bluff and told him I simply just wanted to install the antivirus I had already purchased. The technician then started neglecting my concerns outright and became extremely rude. As I brought to his attention his poor customer service the technician became hostile, using profane language and proceeded to infect my computer with popups and some music that would not turn off. I immediately hung up as I knew the technician had no real desire to assist me and returned the computer.

It is a shame a company of Symantec's caliber offers such poor customer service and does little to rectify it. Quite frankly, it appears they do not care about the customer or the reflection these events have on their company name.

As mentioned previously, and in case it is not already known, I am completely unhappy with what occurred. I will follow up with emails about this to corporate and the respective agencies that deal with harassment of this sort.

Official company reply

I am sorry for what you have been through, Peter. However, I would like to assure you that Norton support will not provide you such information without running a scan on your computer using Norton. Can you please provide that number you dialed to reach Norton? We suspect that you have reached a third party tech support which claims to be Norton but instead they tried to make you pay for another security product which is not Norton. Please contact us at .

Norton Support

NortonSupport 7/18/16 2:55AM

Posted by Anonymous

I have used Norton for 17 years...I got on the phone today at 12:30 pm was connected at 1:05 then connected online at 1:10 by Gerard Riviera..he was to help me purchase & install my new antivirus on both laptops...he started the process & completed one laptop but the other was left in limbo...simply went black. He had disconnected me on the phone and said he would keep connected online...he DID NOT. I was without any connection to him for over an hour and a half although I was continually sending him notes to re-connect with me or call me so that I could get help. I finally called the Norton support number again and after waiting 35 minutes on the phone connected to another representative who helped me sort out the problem in less than 10 minutes.
3 HOURS AND 7 MINUTES OF MY LIFE WERE WASTED due to Gerard Riviera simply disconnecting me.
If this had happened 17 years ago when I became a customer of yours I would not have continued. As it is I may look elsewhere next year as I am very unhappy with the service.

Official company reply

This is definitely not acceptable. Kindly provide your case number, we will investigate this further and provide feedback to the technician regarding this.

Norton Support

NortonSupport 7/18/16 2:49AM

Posted by Anonymous

I called Call to Resolve about Windows 10 not being compatible with Symantec.Allen extremely rude, hateful,and I can't understand him very well(because of his accent and talks too fast). I HATE to deal with Symantec.

Posted by Anonymous

Called Norton support as I purchased the '5 device Norton protection'. After loading it onto just one device it would not allow me to download on a second device.

Support did not answer my question, said he wanted to look at my computer and whilst doing so I started to feel something isn't quite right as he became quite unprofessional in things he said like "Oh my God, I have never seen this before on any computer I have worked on...Oh no you have a Trojan which is 67% active on your network..." Using scare tactics and avoiding my initial reason for the call he put me on hold.

Came back to me saying our senior support team are able to clean that network for you and not to worry. Only after I said well wont that cost me money did he decide to say "yes there will probably be a charge". I asked how much and he said £250!! I said "I cant afford that sorry." and his response was "what can you afford". That's what confirmed my reservations for sure that I was speaking to a complete cowboy.

USED SCARE TACTICS AND DRIVE THEIR OWN AGENDA OF JUST GETTING ANY MONEY OUT OF YOU. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Unbelievably unprofessional and shocking this type of "support" is offered to Norton customers. Any customer for that matter.

I said "No thanks, I am not paying anything...What's your name?" He said "Alex Carter" (with an Indian accent) and I said where are you based to which his response was "You don't need to worry about that".

Complete waste of time and these guys should be investigated further.

I am disgusted

Official company reply

Sorry to hear this. However, this does not sound like our Norton support because we do not charge our customers. We offer 24/7 free technical support to all our Norton customers. Could you please provide the number you dialled to reach us? We will help you with this!

Norton Support

NortonSupport 7/18/16 2:46AM

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased Norton security Order for $49.99 and downloaded.

I could not access my internet or email. I called customer support and was told that

this product was no longer available and that I would have to purchae a $129.99 product. I then spent an hour on the phone trying to get my computer to function. Each change I was directed to make made things worse. I ask for a refund on 5-23 and was told the refund charge would be $49.99. I was sold an obsolete product. Got nothing

and no refund This is a scam.


Official company reply

We are extremely sorry for the trouble caused. Could you please contact us on Twitter at @NortonSupport or provide the case reference number? We will look into this right away!

Norton Support

NortonSupport 5/26/16 11:23PM

Posted by YY4Y2

I'm currently using Norton360 with Windows 7 OS. On or about 3/28/16, my T430 laptop stopped running backup through Norton. I contacted Norton Technical Support (NTS) at 855-815-2726 and spoke to Kasim who created case#26637990 but was unable to resolve the issue so I was told my case would be escalated & I'd receive a call back (CB) from NTS within 48 hours. I never received a CB as assured so I called a second time and spoke with Janice (NTS), who went through the same process to resolve the issue as the previous NTS Rep also without success. Janice said she'd escalate my issue and someone would CB within 48 hours. After 72 hours and never receiving a CB as assured, I called a third time and spoke to Pamela (NTS) who went through the same process to try and resolve the issue as the previous NTS Reps also without success. Pamela said she'd escalate my case and someone would CB within 48 hours (by Close Of Business [COB] on 4/4/16). After 72 hours and never receiving a CB as assured, I called a fourth time and spoke to Mike (NTS) who for reasons unknown created a new case#26749754 and went through the same process as the previous NTS Reps to resolve the issue also without success. Mike said he'd escalate and someone would CB within 48 hours (by COB 4/6/16). On 4/11/16 and no CB as assured, I called a fifth time and spoke to David (NTS) who was unable to resolve my issue. David assured me he would escalate my case to his supervisor and that either he or his supervisor would CB within 48 hours. On 4/15/16 after no CB from anyone at Norton, I called a sixth time and spoke to Arlene MTan and requested to speak with a supervisor. John Ray Toniacao Serentas (NTS Supervisor), who did not get on the telephone and instead, connected to my computer remotely. He was also unable to resolve my issue. John assured me over remote chat that he would escalate my issue to the engineering group and either he or someone from Norton engineering group would CB within 48 hours (by COB 4/20/16). After no word from anyone at Norton by 4/21/16 I called a seventh time and spoke to Noel who for reasons unknown created a third case# (case#26883010) and once again was unable to resolve my issue so instead he assured me that he would CB within 48 hours (COB 4/26/16) whether engineering group had resolved my issue or not. After no word by 4/28/16 as assured by Noel I called an eighth time and spoke to Ronald (NTS) and immediately requested to speak to a supervisor. Jenil, who said he had one year experience as a "floor manager" at Norton, then got on call only to tell me the exact same thing I'd already heard the previous seven times (e.g. "please accept my apologies", "I'll escalate this to the engineering group" and "I promise that either I or someone from Norton will call you back with 48 hours"). To summarize, it's been four weeks since my first contact with Norton, my backup problem has not been resolved, there's no end in sight to resolving my issue/case and I've now been promised an eighth time what Norton has already promised and epically failed to deliver the previous seven times. I spent my entire career in the customer service industry and have never experienced anything even remotely like this in all those years. I'm out of patience but my options are limited. I didn't receive a survey I could respond to and Symantec senior level executives, who could help light a fire towards resolution, don't make their contact information available to the general public so I can't bring them into the fold. Any suggestions that could bring this nightmare to a conclusion once and for all would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Rosie

I have my statements annually and saw a payment had gone out of my account £49.99 in Oct 15, contacted Norton for a refund but they were not having any of it. I have not used Norton Security for approx 2 years. I told the chat online person that Norton are scammers!!!!!!!!

Official company reply

Sorry about that. Could you please contact us on Facebook or on Twitter at @NortonSupport ? We can definitely help you with this!

Norton Support

NortonSupport 4/11/16 11:35PM

Posted by Symantec is Horrible

This has been the worst software purchasing experience in my life. I have purchased over 50-60 different software's so far and this BY FAR was a horrible experience.

First the sales person is selling me things I don't need. Then they transfer me to a re-seller who does nothing but take my order and send an invoice.

Then I ask for assistance in the setup because after trying by myself for over an hour I was stuck in an infinite loop with needing to download Java. To then find out I was sold the wrong product. After calling support and going through 4 different people I am now stuck with a product and its not setup and no one is able to assist me.

The re-seller says: Oh implementation we don't help with that. The sales team sends me to a toll free number and the toll free number says I am in the wrong department.

Then I need to start over. I run a software company and I am not computer illiterate.

To continue this story....

What happened afterwards was even worse. The 4th technical support person realized that the products sold to me were in his words "a mess" that I wasn't sold any of the cloud products I requested. I was sold on premise solutions. I determined this has happened because I called or was transferred to the wrong sales department when I first called Symantec.

The re-seller I specifically told them I wanted cloud as well as the sales person and they knowingly sold me something else. After all of this was said and done it turns out Symantec cloud products are way behind the other security companies. I have since cancelled my order and will never buy from this company ever again. Their service was horrible at each step except for the last support person who was better than all of the sales people I spoke to.

Still waiting for my refund.

Posted by Symantec is Horrible

This has been the worst software purchasing experience in my life. I have purchased over 50-60 different software's so far and this BY FAR was a horrible experience.

First the sales person is selling me things I don't need. Then they transfer me to a reseller who does nothing but take my order and send an invoice.

Then I ask for assitance in the setup because after trying by myself for over an hour I was stuck in an infite loop with needing to downlaod Java. To then find out I was sold the wrong product. After calling support and going through 4 different people I am now stuck with a product and its not setup and no one is able to assist me.

The reseller says: Oh implementation we don't help with that. The sales team sends me to a toll free number and the toll free number says I am in the wrong department.

Then I need to start over. I run a software company and am not computer illiterate.

Official company reply

Sorry about this. Could you please tell us what is the name of the Norton/Symantec product you have purchased?

Norton Support

NortonSupport 4/5/16 2:48AM

Posted by Anonymous

Norton Antivirus fraudulently charged my credit card for virus software on a computer that had not been turned on for 3 years. I never signed up for Automatic Renewal and the computer always had an alert asking me to press a button to voluntarily update the software. If I hadn't turned on the computer, I hadn't voluntarily updated the software. Now that I have noticed the charge, Norton refuses to refund my money. They refunded for 2016 but they refuse to refund my money for the previous years even though they acknowledged that the computer had not been turned on since 2014. When I call the support hotline, Eileen promises to call me back repeatedly. Every time she calls, she says that she will call back within 24-48 hours with a resolution. Then I don't hear from her. Norton assigned me a case number and after 7 days, they assign a new case number considering the former case number closed. Norton did nothing for 7 days while I waited for a return phone call and then they closed the case.

Official company reply

Sorry for the trouble. Could you please help us out with the order number or case reference number? We will definitely get in touch with you and sort this out. You can also contact us directly on Twitter at @NortonSupport.

Norton Support

NortonSupport 4/5/16 2:39AM

Posted by John

I have raised an issue on this system previously and responded to a request for further information recently. When I went onto system today, could not find any trace of my issue. Does this mean it has been deleted or is just being ignored?

Official company reply

Sorry about that. Could you please tell us what happened? We did not get your reply here. You can also contact us on Twitter at @NortonSupport or send us a message on Facebook, .

Norton Support

NortonSupport 3/23/16 11:37PM

Posted by Anonymous

You were emailed by me in December of 2015, before the renewal date, told NOT to renew my Norton, this was totally ignored ans charged to my account anyway! Is business that bad that you have to stick it to people anyway? Shame on you!!!! I protest it and get a report that not even a mouse could read! I had a huge magnifying glass and reading glasses and still couldn't decipher what you were claiming! A 5 1/2 inch x 3 1/4 inch size, the font was what .01? I hate corrupt organizations and I will take this to the FBI Fraud at You were taken off my computer and put it back on recently. DO NOT EVER USE MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER AGAIN!!!! I told this to you in December as well. I avoided profanity, I suppose you get a lot of this!

Official company reply

Sorry about this. The renewal notification emails are generated by an automated system and we do not have any email support. Could you please contact us at or on Twitter at @NortonSupport? We will definitely help you with this! Can you also provide the order number that starts with AP from your bank statement?

Norton Support

NortonSupport 3/23/16 10:42PM

Posted by Anonymous

I purhased Norton internet security protection on 4hFeb 2015 for one yesr agaistorder with validity up to 14th Feb.2016.With automatic renewal protection provision it is renewed for 1 year on 31st Jsan 2016 with validity upto 14thFeb,2017. Again Norton renewed by charging for the same period .Itis therefore request that order dated 5th Febmay Cancelled and amount may please be returned to myAccount.Because opfthis, I opted outof automatic renewanal provision.

Official company reply

Hi! We can certainly help you with this. Could you please provide the order number for the duplicate charge?

Norton Support

NortonSupport 2/16/16 2:35AM

Posted by JJTOOZ

Just purchased Symantec Product and was having difficulty with the download link they sent. I first tried calling back to Symantec and had hard time getting hold of live person. When finally did, he said I had wrong Dept and rerouted my call, to only end up in an endless loop of choices. I then called number sales rep gave for Tech Dept and was rerouted to wrong dept twice. After finally getting to their tech dept, I had hard time understanding person and all the background laughing and talking made it doubly hard. I mentioned it was hard to hear her through all the noise and she ended up hanging up on me.

If I knew this was going to be like this, I would have spent more time researching and chosen another company. Especially when you see all the negative reviews.

Very disappointed

Official company reply

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you let me know the phone number you used to contact support? May I know if you have a case number for the conversation? You can always contact our phone/chat support at www(dot)norton(dot)com/contactcs or tweet us at @NortonSupport for any issue related to Norton. We will immediately get that looked into.


Norton Support

NortonSupport 11/18/15 5:11PM

Posted by patter78703

I've been online for nearly an hour trying to get my Norton 360 canceled as the result of a stolen laptop. They won't cancel my service; all they will do is switch the automatic renewal to off. I have tried to stop automatic renewal in the past and somehow Norton always renews it. They say I will get a confirmation e-mail, but I still haven't gotten it. They say they can't cancel my account because US law requires them to keep records. I have no faith that anything will be done. I am sure next May my stolen laptop will be "protected" by Norton 360. If they keep my account active and the crooks manage to use my computer, am I responsible for crimes they commit with it?

Official company reply

Sorry for the inconvenience. I would like to collect a few details about the Norton Account and help you fix this issue. Please follow us and send us a direct message to our Twitter account: @NortonSupport or send us a private message to our Facebook Page here: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/Norton. Let me know if you need any help.


Norton Support

NortonSupport 11/18/15 5:28PM

Posted by Poor Response

Symantec rebates department is the very worst. I have been waiting for a rebate since September and they program their voice system incorrectlyrics to make you think your rebate is own its way. I will file a complaint to the Consumer Affairs for the inadequacy & customer dissatisfaction.

Official company reply

Sorry for the trouble. I would like to collect more details about this issue. Please follow us and send us a direct message to our Twitter account: @NortonSupport or send us a private message to our Facebook Page here: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/Norton. Let me know if you need any help.


Norton Support

NortonSupport 11/18/15 6:05PM


I've been a Symantec customer for many years and all went well until this year! I got a new computer and had Norton installed on it and later discovered that my credit card had also been charged to renew Norton on the old computer! So much for "automatic renewal". I went into my account and tried to check "NO" for automatic renewal and was unable to do so. I was scammed on the new computer and I'm still wondering why Norton didn't catch that since they were supposed to be protecting it. I called Tech. Support and talked to a woman with an East Indian accent and informed her that I didn't want automatic renewal any longer and she said that I would then be responsible for calling them every year and requesting the renewal. Whatever happened to billing a person? (If they were a magazine company, I'd have gotten many bills in the mail by this time). I sent an email to them, using the email address I had gotten when I first
got Norton. It was obsolete and I haven't been able to find another. I do not want to go through another phone experience like the last one. Since the scam, I have a new credit card account which I don't want to share with Symantec and since I'm unable to reach them by any means other than telephone, I'm letting Norton run out on Halloween (Trick or Treat!) Oh, and they're now trying to reach me online IN SPANISH which I do not understand at all. Worst customer service I've ever encountered. Bye Bye, Norton!

Official company reply

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Could you let me know the case number for the conversation with Norton Support team? May I know the date of the automatic renewal? Also, could you let me know if you currently have Norton on the new computer? I could help you with that.


Norton Support

NortonSupport 11/4/15 9:44AM

Posted by HORRIBLE

Horrible customer service. I contacted them in regards to verifying my website. First it was Maria who answered the phone. Extremely rude from the start, did not want to help what so ever. Kept saying i had her on speakerphone, which i did not. Then after repeating myself literarily 20 times, she hung up on me. Called back asked to speak to a manager, the guy comes back two seconds later. The SAME guy and pretends to be a manager! What kind of business is that! JUST PLANE HORRIBLE! VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH ALL THE OFFICES IN INDIA!

Official company reply

Sorry to hear that! May I know the phone number you used to contact Norton Support? Could you let me know if you have a case number for the conversation? Also, may I know if you were able to verify your website? If not, let me know I could help you with that.


Norton Support

NortonSupport 9/10/15 11:56AM

Posted by Wallace44

Worst support ever. Our BE isn't deleting expired media sets (with no dependent sets) in a BE2014 B2D folder.

The technician told me that the sets on our B2D folder weren't being expired due to the tape media set not expiring yet. Then proceeded to tell me that DLM won't expire the sets for another 4 hours, despite them being expired yesterday and manually expired (which according to Symantecs own articles says should trigger an immediate run of the DLM proecess).

I had to ask in excess of 5 times to get it escalated wasting in excess of 1 hour of my time.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with my computer it was unable to locate the server of firefox, goggle,internet explorer etc. I had internet but no way of communicating with Norton or any one else so I took it to Best Buy Geeks and after different tries I told them I had Norton installed a few days ago they told me I needed to removed it well they did it for me I am not savy on computers.I will like to have the $ you charged me refunded, amount of the time I will not use it. Thanks my

Official company reply

Sorry about this. Is it possible for you to get the details from Bestbuy about how they found out that Norton caused this issue? You can always contact our phone/chat support at www(dot)norton(dot)com/contactcs . or tweet us at @NortonSupport for any issue related to Norton. We will immediately get that looked into.

Norton Support

NortonSupport 8/16/15 3:58PM

Posted by Dan

I have, so far, ungraded two of my computers to Windows 10. Norton Security Suite will not activate and, on one of the computers, will not scan. Tried Norton's Chat which its website claims is the fastest means. I am 55 in the cue. This is completely ridiculous and totally unacceptable.

Official company reply

My apologies, Dan. We are aware of the issue with activation and our concerned team is currently working on getting this resolved. We are also having a heavy call volume lately. Sorry for the hold time. If you need any help with Norton, please tweet us at @NortonSupport. We are always available to help!

Norton Support

NortonSupport 8/16/15 3:53PM

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Posted by Anonymous

Great customer support after I tried a 2nd time.. First person was unable to find my backup of identity safe cards after losing when upgraded to win10.. 2nd time I contacted I was extremely impressed. Spent a great deal of time looking and digging for it and finally was able to restore.. Kudos to Suman & Jithin for their extra efforts.

Posted by David Guerin

I was assisted today by Mark Anthony Leyes I found this Gentleman; to be highly proficient and customer driven. I had three machines that was haven issues; he was very courteous responsive and very pleasant, it made my day. He should be rewarded for his dedication to your company, he work simultaneously on multiple machines at the same time, keeping my abreast of the status, I am totally impressed.

I will say, when I initially called and received an automated message directing me to your website, I was very disappointed. I did call back and pressed zero and got a person, who directed me to the right person.

Posted by rjf

norten is great has saved me more times then i can count. plan to be a custumer. But like everything a problem comes up no number to call. Got a new laptop my reg system came back. BUT MY UTILITIES 16 SAYS ITS A TRAIL 11 DAYS LEFT \101 ON NORMAL PROGRAM BOUGHT IN SAME PACKAGE. AND SINCE THERE IS NO NORTEN NUMBER TO GET HELP!!!! NO PROBLEM FOR NORTEN. alot of up and comer companies mite not ignore there custumers!!!!!!!

Posted by MaryinMaui

Last night, I wrote about my frustration with being unable to close my NortonLive Account. I'm now happy to report that either as a result of what I posted here last night or what I told the last person I spoke with at Symantec did the trick and as of 6:03 PM today (Oct 19, 2012) my NortonLive UHD Monthly Family Plan was closed for me. I am grateful and appreciate whoever made that happen.

PS. The NortonLive Service itself was a lifesaver and necessary during the time I had it and it kept my 2 old pc computers running. I was happy with their service and only wanted to cancel because I had purchased new computers, transferred all my data from my old computers to my new ones and no longer needed their service.

Posted by Pam

I had a fantastic experience with Norton 360 tech support tonight. I got the phone number from the program on my computer. I got through immediately. The tech was very patient talking me through the process of giving him remote access on a VERY slow laptop. Once connected, they spent over 2 hours checking for and correcting problems and loading a new 360 program we'd already purchased (the current one expired in a week). They were very courteous on the phone and on-line. Staples was going to charge me $150 to get rid of the viruses which they said Norton 360 missed and $90 for a different virus protection program. Norton 360 techs fixed the problems and installed the new 360 program and it was all FREE!

Posted by Janet

Nilsgorette Tabiosa was amazing! He just spent almost 3 hours fixing my Norton installation after it stopped working. I can't say enough good things.

Posted by Anonymous

I just worked with Nilsgorette Tabiosa and it was great! He answered all my questions and heled me out a lot. Very knowledgeable about the product and helped me every step of the way. This guy needs a raise!

Posted by misha

I was told I had a keylogger by some scam guys trying to sell me something. I had paid for Norton anti-virus. I did have to wait for a 30 minutes until I got someone but finally got someone who was obviously from India but was very polite and helped me quite a bit. They got the computer cleaned up and working. Now, this was just today but I am very happy. The rep was nice and polite and her supervisor that came on at the end was nice. I paid for the entire service but I could not remember if I had or not and Norton told me I had purchased the entire package and had anti-virus protection. If they were scamming me, they could have lied and I might have believed them. So far, I had a good experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I thought this went pretty well. Norton has some known issues and my guy knew what to do. Took a while to connect but hey, that is the problem with known issues.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank Partha Roy for the EXCELLENT help I received for my issues with Identity Safe today. It was greatly appreciated and was handled with great friendliness. Was not painful at all.

Posted by Clmohney

I would just like to tell you that I had the most intelligent, nicest man to deal with today. You are so lucky to have such a guy. He solved all my problems in great time. Because of people like him I will never have anyone else but Norton. Thank you!

Posted by [email protected]

5/23/12. I just dealt with Srinivas Ponnaganti. He was so amazing. He spent major time with me fixing a very unusual problem(thanks to HP!). I'm sorry & depressed to read about the employees who aren't happy & treated badly with this company. Tech support specialists like Srinivas, deserve to be treated like the company is happy when employees go above & beyond. This is when employee incentives are deserved!!!
By the way, the ratings below refer to my experience today with Srinivas Ponnaganti!

Posted by Carole

I just had a chat/support session with Tejendra Reddy starting 11:43 AM finishing at 12:19 PM. She was such great help to me. She actually remotely accessed my PC and cleaned it all up for me...To me this is amazing. I have an IT guy at work, now I feel like I have one at home too. Thank you soooo much for having Tejendra there, she is a great asset to your company.

Posted by John V

Symantec's customer service is awesome. Due to computer problems I wanted to restore my system using Norton Ghost 12. Not only did Symantec provide remote computer technical support and run the backup, the service was done on a weekend and at no charge. Needless to say I am very pleased that Symantec values the customer relationship and provided support for a legacy product.

Posted by Patti

Hello my name is Patti I was having problems with my computor and went on line with customer support.i waited less than 2 minutes. my tech. was Sreenivas pasupathi kottala he went through my computer and fixed the error messages and when i informed him of the vertual memorie problems that were not related to your program he took the time to help me until i was completely happy unfortunatly i need more problems but he was patient with me very curtios and helpfull with all of my needs and questions. thanks

Posted by isaac

I called Norton for support and i had errors .
I spoke to a guy from India and the support agent was awesome .
And its the best service that we can get from the technology.
Indians are the knowledgeable people .
And posting about India is unfair.
If you all feel that we dont understand English then its not our mistake .
Its your mistake that you have to learn English.
Indians are the only people who speak different languages.

Posted by david

i was upset about my computer that it was slow and freezes very often . i had norton from the past 5 years i got in touch with the norton guys and they fixed my computer now i am satisfied that i had norton if you have any problems call them at 1 877 593 7086.

Posted by Joseph

Been using Norton for many years by now, i must say the new version of Norton is the best antivirus services available on the market. It is very compact, light yet powerful. Found many threats on my PC and prevented and deleted many threats and viruses.
Customer service is pretty good, they are all well trained technically by symantec. Yes, there is an issue with call waiting, they must solve it.


Posted by mark

OK - I did have problems. Some sort of Trojan Virus did get by Norton, but . . . . . I contacted their support team and between the two of us, the virus was irradiated and its 'damage' repaired. Such is life. By NO MEANS am I upset with Norton that the virus got thru. Virus makers are bastards pure a simple. Norton was there to help (and they helped me very efficiently). The Techs that I worked with are Kasari Peyyati (part time) and Naveen Kumar V. (most of the time) They did a great job and for that I am thankful. KUDOS to Norton !!

Posted by Anonymous

for the employee who left the comment you are somewhat right.But the customer call you for help that your job. Am sure that if the table were turn you would be acting the same way. So save it my brother. and get people that speak english and nicer to people

Posted by DiscoDee

My subscription was expiring, so I purchased a one-year renewal subscription. I was surprised to see the day after my "old" subscription ended, that my computer was at risk. After trying, unsuccessfully, to "fix" the problem myself, I called customer service and the glitch was resolved in a matter of a few minutes. It appears that my computer was not recognizing my new product key number. After I entered it, it was accepted, and I was in business. Thank you EUGENE for your assistance!

Posted by collier9232

I just completed an extremely long converstion because i am unusually computer illiterate-but the person who helped me "navya" was beyond reproach! What an excellent experience i had case # 547343 Again THANK YOU NAVYA!!!!!

Posted by adrysmt

I have just had the most wonderful experience with one of your technicians. Unfortunately I forgot to write down his name. Everything he did for my computer worked out so very well and I just want to thank him so very much for all he did.

Audrey Smith

Posted by (hope this is right) Majid S

Someone saved my life tonight, and you are so lucky to have this person working for you...a one pleasant, kind and patient, MajidS. she is awesome!!! she had so much patience and saved my head from exploding. she was so nice, she actually calmed my anxiety of my life's work just being wiped out of existence...yeah, I was freaked out...she was a HERO! I cannot say enough great things about her, she amazed me!!! I really appreaciated her help, I hope you appreciate her...she is a TRUE asset to your company!

Posted by Neo

Very impressed with the lady that assisted me with problem Case# 505419274!

She represents your company very well.

Submit your comment

Posted by BOB

I was a Norton tech support exec and i have just gone thru the comments posed by you guys..
First thing is that YOU guys lets us know that u r not a tech savy.. on the contrary., you will not leave us to work in the computer as well.You dont even know the name of the opearting system that you have in your computer .. you are dont know how to open the Norton program.. then how the hell do you think that we can help you..

Secondly.... You will change your Email address atleast two months once.. you will call us to get a refund a billing which is registered under an Email address which is atleat 3 or 4 years old and the funniest thing is you dont remember it also...have we ever told you that we are not going to process a refund... God!!!!!

Thirdly... you dont nothing about the pop up that you get .. you dumbly click on it and you get a virus which is your mistake and you call shout at the tech for having a virus in the computer which obviously got in only because of the reason that you clicked....

finally.... You shout at Norton for not hiring Americans as support tech.. for your information .. No American tech is ready to work for ten hours (with halfan hour break ) for a monthly salary for 250$.. and they would not stay calm .. sitting like a dead duck when you shout at them with F's and B's...

Try to understand that we are trying to help you and we are striving to protect your computer..


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