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Sylvania customer service is ranked #705 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.38 out of a possible 200 based upon 72 ratings. This score rates Sylvania customer service and customer support as Terrible.


70 Negative Comments out of 72 Total Comments is 97.22%.


2 Positive Comments out of 72 Total Comments is 2.78%.

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    • 25.38 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 70 negative comments (97.22%)
    • 2 positive comments (2.78%)
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Posted by John

Tried the 800 support number on the Sylvania website, with a question regarding a replacement battery for a 6-year-old SDVD-9017 portable DVD player. Customer service would not help unless I cold provide them with the serial number of the unit -- which is worn off, after years of use. They would not connect me to tech support without me first providing the serial number. We went in circles. Got nowhere. WORST customer support I've EVER encountered!

Posted by Sylvania

Bought two car TVs not ago year ago for kids to watch on the way fur vacationing. Both TVs not working when you turn on the screens has a lot of lines in it. Only used a week at the most about to go on vacation again got them out to get ready to use then I seen that they don’t work.
Sylvania TVs

Posted by james morrison

on march 24 th i purchased an undercounter radio from Can Tire. Since then I have talked to the Philippines twice and sent 3 E mails the reference # is PTS0329182504 If this company, Curtis is representing you they are doing a very POOR job. Can somebody please help with my little problem

Posted by Anonymous

What a piece of junk. First I bought a 10.1" portable DVD player. It stopped working - battery wouldn't recharge - after a few months. Best Buy wouldn't take it back since it was discontinued so I bought a 13.3" portable DVD player. Less than 2 months later it simply stopped working. The battery will not recharge. Called Sylvania but they had me call Curtis. They can't do anything without the model number but she said the numbers on my DVD that I read to her were not the model number. Hello? Besides, it had been over 30 days since I purchased it. Useless.

Posted by Anonymous

Ihave a problem with the item Sylvania 9-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player with 5 Hour Built-In Rechargeable Battery, USB/SD Card Reader, AC/DC Adapter. the battery can not change anymore,

Posted by Pissed old lady

I know that no one will read this comment. I have a clock radio which is impossible to set or re set. I int need to go public about this because of all the other comments I have seen on line.

Posted by Na

Very poor service. Called with question on headlights. Customer service rep obviously not a native speaker. Gave me a number to call which turned out to be a third party warranty firm. Check out Philips' helpline, Sylvania, they know what they are doing.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a 9 inch dual dvd player for my kids for long beach trips. It worked great the first 3 times it was used. However the second dvd players screen went out. I contacted service support (curtis tech support) or something. They could not replace or sell me the second half of the dvd player set even with the serial and model number. Very disappointed!!!

Posted by Anonymous

There are no warranty services. Sylvania never again, Avoid this product which is manufactured now in China. Very poor quality and can be reliable

Posted by Anonymous

I was on the phone using 3 phone numbers to try to get tech support for my DVD player and could not get anyone. The only thing I got was a runaround from whom ever answered the phone

Posted by Janis

I need a phone number to talk to you about 9 " dual seen DVD player I purchased for my grandaughter in December. store will not help..

Posted by Anonymous

I first purchased a DVD player for my girls TV, then I purchased the DVD player with 2 screens for the car within a week of the first. Within 30 days now, BOTH of the items I purchased will NOT play the DVDs. Even BRAND NEW DVDs that have NEVER been used/watched before will not play. It says 'Loading' and then a moment later says, 'No Disc'. How do I implement the warranties on these items so that my kids can watch their DVDs since we travel a lot back and forth to Children's National Hospital for my Youngest daughters treatments & we no longer can afford cable, so all they have are their movies. With a family of 5 on a LIMITED, FIXED budget and to have a daughter with a medical condition that requires a lot of treatment, I cannot afford to purchase more DVD players. I have never had an issue with Sylvania equipment before, but for BOTH of these players to have the same issue; it seems to be on the manufacturers side of things.

Posted by One MOM who is BS

I bought the dvd players for the car. First time the piece that you slide the strap through broke off so we couldn't connect them to the car head seat. I exchanged them at the store I bought them at and the same thing happened not only to one of them but BOTH of them. For $145 I'm thinking that maybe they should have been made to hold the weight of the players not so that they break every single time. SO ANNOYED!!!!!I've emailed and no response..NOW its time to call!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Why is it so difficult to reach your customer service department? Please call me at Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

How Bout You Actually Do Your Jobs And Actually Help Your Customers.... None Of You Seem To Help Us Nor Can We The Ones Buying Your Products Find Contact Information That Is Actually Legit none of us can get ahold of a live person

Posted by Anonymous

Just bought a portable dual DVD unit for a car trip. It didn't work right out of the box. Found out when we left home, now customer support wants me to pay to ship it back to have it fixed. Never again will I ever buy a Sylvania product.

Posted by Anonymous

Just bought a portable dual DVD unit for a car trip. It didn't work right out of the box. Found out when we left home, now customer support wants me to pay to ship it back to have it fixed. Never again will I ever buy a Sylvania product.

Posted by scott

id love to get a contact page that works after filling out a big form, then explaining my issues, then when you click send, nothing happens!
the page redirects to levadence or something
three times i tried, i finally copied and pasted it below...
after filling this out twice, not sure what to check, but writing about sylvania silverstar ultra headlight bulbs.
i have a 2009 chevy colorado, original philips bulbs lasted 6 years till one blew.
i looked around and figured i would try yours, although pricey i liked the idea of safety brighter light as
i drive near lots of deer. I bought a pair, loved them for 6 months till one failed, put back my still good original philips
and then the other sylvania blew, not even one year out of them, 40 bucks later.
figuring it was a fluke, i went out and bought them again when autozone at least had a rebate.
i just got pulled over guess what, another one blew. Now im in the market once again but cant beleive this can be possible
for the price, is there a warranty or something on these, or what the heck is going on?
i wear gloves when changing them, lights are solid, seals on plugs good etc.
Let me know because i since bought them for my dads matrix as well, and dont feel really comfortable
knowing my 82 year old father let me "upgrade" his lights when his originals were fine, now i worry theyre gonna
crap out also prematurely.
Id love to hear about a bad batch, but not sure what to make of it before going to another brand. Ive always had faith
in sylvanias other products but this is silly.
mine are 9006, was there an issue noone told me about?
last set i bought on amazon for girlfreinds 2005 mpv, theyre about 6 months old, still going but is that seriously
the expected lifespan?
dissapointedly yours

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service. waited on hold for 30 minutes only for some very unpleasant guy to tell me they couldn't help me. all i wanted was to know if i could purchase a new A/V cable to replace the one that cracked off in my portable dvd player. from now on i will spend the extra money and buy something of higher quality and with better customer service ratings.

Posted by Anonymous

I need someone to call me regarding my android tablet/DVD. I've been trying to contact you to no avail.

Posted by Anonymous

The Worst By Far The Worst FREAKING Electronic Company And Brand!!!! Do Not Invest Ur Money Or Time With Them!!! Customer Service Sucks And The Ppl Dnt Know Wtfukkkkk Theyre Doing To Assist You. They Dont Have No Damn Technicians To Resolve Ur Issues

Posted by Furious

Purchased the dual DVD players and like other reviews they don't work! I called within my 90 day window only to be told to restart! That obviously didn't work and by the time I called them back today I'm now out of my window by 10 days, I'm out of luck. Oh he did suggest using lens cleaner but that was it!!! I'm so mad at myself for not seeing all of these other bad reviews before I purchased. Absolute terrible service. When asked to speak to manager I was told they would say same thing! Wow way to make me a fan of your products. Never again Sylvania!!

Posted by [email protected]

Yep I purchased a DVD player with remote control; and the remote doesnt work MOST of the time !! We changed batteries, then went and bought more batteries of the Best kind, and still the remote doesnt work except occasionally, and that isn't very much!! I'm fixing to take the dang thing back and buy a Better mfg brand, if you don't contact and Make good for my troubles!! Cost $40 for this unit, and I expect a complete refund, then I'll buy a universal remote and try that! But if I get no satisfaction, I'll just return to store and use another brand !! You have my email address, I expect to hear back ASAP !! THANK YOU

Posted by mommyof2

Do not buy these products. i purchaed two sets of portable dvd players and they both gave up on me after 3 months and only to find out that it doesnt even come with at least a one year warranty then you guys wanted me to pay my own shipping to send it to you to see how to fix it. i have my receipt too you guys

Posted by zen2

BEWARE!!!!! Horrible customer service! I bought a portable Sylvania DVD player from Walmart for road trips...worked fine the first time and then only the second time (a few months later) would not load the discs. Called customer service and was informed that they could not help me as 90 days had passed. (Bought beginning of April...tried to get help late July.) Will never buy this brand again. I don't appreciate companies that take my money and don't stand behind their products.

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Posted by rjswaney

My experience with Customer Service was first rate. The agent was very knowledgeable about the device and gave me an immediate answer.

Posted by Sylvania

Thank you for the opportunity to share my positive experience with " Jimmy ", in customer service today at Sylvania. A recent purchase of some 60 W multi-use bulbs,S 89156, was not satisfying. Jimmy collected the details and did not hesitate to assist me. He was attentive, friendly, and responsive. It indeed was a pleasure to communicate with a caring, very fair, and knowledgable customer service rep. Sylvania should be proud of this gentleman.

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