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8 Positive Comments out of 86 Total Comments is 9.30%.

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    • 78 negative comments (90.70%)
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Posted by Solange

Dear Sirs, I live in Brazil (state of Sao Paulo).
We have a huge problem in the gear box of the SCROSS 2wd glx auto, as the information below:
-first breakdown (March / 2017): going from Caraguatatuba to Sao Jose dos Campos (traffic jam) gear box blocked and the car did not move anymore. After some time it worked again. Suzuki solution (already done): changed the oil and the software command.
-second breakdown (January 2018): Dutra road km 215 (traffic jam). gear box blocked the car could only go at 10km/h. We had to wait 5 hours to be towed and transferred to our city. Suzuki solution (changed again the oil and update the sw). I believe this solution will not solve the main issue. The tests shall be performed under conditions of traffic jam and hot weather.
Gentlemen, we lose our trust in the car. Any traffic jam the car stops and/or goes at 10km/h. We do not admit having a car of this category with such problem.
Today (Jan 23/2018) the car dealer told me that they are changing again the oil and I have to pay it.
It must be a joke. It is not serious.
Could you please help me before I take some measures to disqualify the car and customer service in the global internet as well as take judicial actions?
I'm waiting for an answer.
Solange Megda

Posted by lisa

my car has been part of a recent recall for a fire risk, which had already happened with me once this year with the car which destroyed my radio, at the time I didn't know it was a recall problem until I got the notice a few weeks ago .. I live in Conway Arkansas and they expect me to drive to Memphis tn to get my car fixed! not happening.. was told someone would call me back..that never happened either, so I called again today to raise hell and speak to a superviser, was informed that they don't transfer calls to any superviser and got hung up on, so I called back ..when my car catches on fire and causes property damnage, I WILL BE SUEING YOUR COMPANY ! I have tried 3 times to resolve this issue with your substandard parts and no one will help me, so ive posted here as well to use in court if something isn't done to fix my car !!!


From:vasant bhai k. sapariya

Kuvadva road ranchhodwadi gait no.1 street no.2 rajkot o2. Rajkot 360003

Dear sir,

Sub:default in our car Maruti Suzuki swift desire intransparancy with customer from Atul Motors. Rajkot.

with reference to above mantion subject I would like to know that we purchased Maruti Suzuki - swift

desire - VDI dt 17/10/2015 GJ-03-HR-0678 from atul motors p. ltd Rajkot.

may last service made on 06/12/16 They changed engine oil and oil filter as per company rules on that

time my car ran 9734 km as per display meter.

on 02/02/17 at evening time my car stopped forcefully due to engine fault. on that time It was run on

12600 km. it run only 2866 km after installing engine oil and oil filter.

I phone immidiatly, They picked up on 03/02/17 They didn"t communicate till 12/02/17 about the actual

condition of my car we receive letter on dt 13/02/17 as you pick up your car as earliest possible by you

otherwise 150rs charged per day.

we felt bad by communication and intransperancy of the management . it was never been instruct to us

as a customer about engine oil,as per fault and condition of my car I think they are misleading about the

procedures of my car.

I would like to request to provide favourable and promt responce.

thank you.

Vasant sapariya.

Posted by Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL

I purchased a new Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL in South Africa in October 2016. Car had problems with gearbox, door rattles, window rubbers folding and boot paint work just a few days after delivery. Car has spent now more than 3 weeks in workshops and Suzuki do not seem interested in replacing vehicle (now just over 5000 km) and apparently, seem to have difficulties in repairing the vehicle. In the meanwhile, I have been provided with courtesy cars, which seem to be trouble free, and I appreciate this. Unfortunately, problems with my new Suzuki appear to remain unsolved.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 1993 Suzuki Swift two-door with hatchback. It is about 400 miles shy of reaching 200,000 miles. With proper maintenance and TLC, I am proud to say that the car is still running like a champ. Over the years, it has been a real pleasure to pass by all those broken down cars on the side of the road, especially the likes of bmw's, cadillacs and the like.

Posted by df15 Suzuki marine

Good morning.I have been corisponding with Ian Clifford with Suzuki for which he requested the following information. He responded to me to contact this location. My serial number of my DF15 Suzuki out board I purchased Oct. 23,2013 from Northshore Marine Supply Inc. Houston, Texas 77015 phone number . The dealer has installed the High Pressure Fuel Pump in my DF15 Suzuki and I was told it was not under warranty. I have paid for the High Pressure Fuel Pump including the dealer services in full. I requested to take with me the old High Pressure Fuel Pump that they replaced. They refused and told me Suzuki manufacture would not allow me to have it. It would remain in dealer possession for 90 days. I was given a letter of conformation from the manager of Northshore Marine that at the end of 90 days I can pick it up. Is this standard procedure? Your attention to this matter is appreciated.

Posted by Worst experience

To whom it may concern, I have Suzuki access 125. I gave it for service to the same authorized dealers from whom I purchased it. They broke back body of the vehicle and on my complaint they gave me the lame reason stating they are waiting for any accidental vehicle to come in 4 days. I mean they know exactly in 4 days 1 vehicle will come(great people). I talked with manager he responded the same thing with additional statement that "they don't have any crap left or else would have fixed it". They refused to change the part with the new one.

Posted by cjfmx

To whom it may concern I bought a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 750 like brand new and it's one of the worst sport bike's I've ever bought I have had nothing but trouble with it with the charging system and i have owned Honda's, Yamaha's, Kawasaki's. I think you should put a recall on the bike or have it sent to a local shop and have it look at because it puts me into a dangerous situation with it going completely dead on the road right in the middle of the freeway traffic and i have almost been hit by vehicles. what i can't figure out is it only happen at normal operating temperature. Please get back to me on this issue about the 2007 Suzuki GSXR 750 please. thank you Eric Ours you can

Posted by cjfmx

To whom it may concern I bought a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 750 and it's one of the worst sport bike's I've ever bought I have had nothing but trouble with it with the charging system. I think you should put a recall on the bike because it puts me in dangerous situations with it going completely dead on the road. Please get back to me on this issue about the 2007 Suzuki GSXR 750 please thank you. Eric Ours you can contact

Posted by alan

I have a minor fault with my suzuki swift. The usb port is not working. Took it back to showroom where they checked in front of me and it didn't work. Booked it in for diagnostic. I had to chase them up as did not let me know car was ready to collect. They told me they had to contact suzuki he's office and would get back to me. Again they never did, I chased them up and they said they were waiting for reply and would let me know. They never did so I contacted them again and the guy who sold me car said they tried their phones in usb port and they worked, which was not correct because I was with them when they tried. I contacted head office,they had no record of diagnostic been carried out. Then head office said they had tried to contact me numerous times but could not reach me. I had 2 missed calls from them is that numerous? Took the car to different suzuki dealer an they gave different reason for the fault so which dealer is correct. I will not take it back to the southend dealer I bought it from, I don't trust them and do not want to keep going to chelsford for different excuses. My first and last suzuki, back to mazda next time where they really put out to help customers

Posted by pondman

Worcester kempsey suzuki
rude staff just rude and not happy in ther work and oh yes lovely they leave there cars open after hours for us to have a sit in etc laughable

Posted by climber

i purchased a brand new suzuki motorcycle and paid cash for it, only to have it recalled due to faults within the production of the machine, i have tried to contact suzuki to no avail, i think they have blocked the public from getting onto their customer services, the one time i did get on to them the person i dealt with was very unhelpful, uninformative and basically rude,for a multi million pound company worldwide this is pretty disgraceful. and now that i have been told there are other faults and i need to contact suzuki uk, i would be as well writing to the pope for all they care. to say im dissapointed is an understatement, i always thought they took pride in their name and machines. well the customer service really dont show it, neither does the back up support which is non existent. i wont be using this make in anyway shape or form ever again.

Posted by Victor

I bough a Suzuki Vitara 2016 at Suzuki Tijuana, Mex
I have some problem since the beginning, they billed in advance while the car was in transit to Tijuana and ask to the financial company to make contract in advance too including insurance from 1 week in advance to the final purchase. They were rushing me sign and pay before the car arrive to the Tijuana Dealer.
When I got finally the car, it was with the front glass broken.
It happen in March 2nd~3rd
Until now I'm awaiting to get a Replace for a New Glass and now I have not contact with them, they don't answer my message and the phone and I still using the car with a broken glass, I did not buy an used car and it is taking too long to get a replacement part.
There is no a Customer Service Line or Hotline to get claims as Suzuki Global in order to speed up the service requested. They rushed me to pay while car wasn't arrive and now they have almost 3 months with out replace just a general part for the car.
I need support to get immediate attention.

Posted by kamlesh

Poor Quality vehicle service and body work and Clear case of Customer negligence

the maruti suzuki service and body work shop work are very poor and fake. no one focus on quality. I am dissatisfied with maruti suzuki.

i have alto lx and my car accident and the body work done by maruti suzuki authorized branch audi motors jhunjhunu but the work is very poor. i visit 15 to 20 times but no responce. i complaint to maruti suzuki coutomer care but not satisfactory resolution provided. the audi motors employees behavie is very rude. my body workshop invoice is 108000. i comel to service and bodywork outside the maruti suzuki.

Posted by Jeanne

1. On Feb. 9 at the purchase of the vehicle, the dealer provided us with "FREE service coupon" (see attached). The service billboard at the dealership states in writing "the above price INCLUDES all necessary parts, labor and tax" . Finally, the salesman stated during the sale of the vehicle that the first services are "FREE" and pointed to the "FREE service coupons".
However, when we visited the dealership for the required "free" service 1 month after purchase, we were told it actually costs about PHP 1,900-2,100. The explanation was that the phrase "free service" by their definition only refers to labor, and that the owner must pay for parts. When we pointed out the contradiction and confusion in terms and definitions (both in the written word "free service" on the coupon and the spoken words "free service" of the original salesman), neither the original salesman, the "customer relations" staff, nor the manager of the service department was able to explain.
3 hours later, long after we had left the dealership, we were pointed to the fine print on the bottom of page 6 in the service record booklet which contains a phrase which contradicts the service coupon, the service billboard at the dealership, and the original words of the salesman: "spare parts, lubricants and materials will be at owner's cost."
So our first complaint as a customer is that the dealership is involved in contradictory and deceptive practices in relation to the services it provides and the fees it charges.

2. The next issue, if the customer is forced to pay for "spare parts, lubricants and materials" (in contradiction to the other written and verbal statements made to the customer), is what is the definition of "at owner's COST"?

The fee quoted for parts only was PHP 1,900-2,100. When we asked what exactly were the parts to be changed during the required first service, we were told that it is a routine oil change, meaning the parts are a few liters of oil and an oil filter. The actual COST of these items (as determined by visiting any sales outlet or other service center) could be approx. PHP 500-1,000. In fact we received 2 quotes from Petron and Shell service centers for an oil change INCLUDING BOTH parts and labor that ranged from only PHP 1,200-1,300.

So a consumer or any one who has an interest in fair business practices has to wonder why a "FREE" required service actually costs double or more than the actual parts cost and what other service providers charge. It appears that the "free" service is actually priced at extortionate levels and is actually a major profit maker for the dealer.
So complaint 1b. is that the dealer is engaging in deceptive, unjustifiable, and unfair pricing practices and forces the owner to pay well above any actual or reasonable COST of the parts or consumables.

3. The last issue involves the threat that the dealer makes to the consumer if the consumer asks for alternative service options or fairer pricing. The dealer responds by saying the vehicle must only be serviced at the dealership (at the dealer's exorbitant prices) or the warranty will be voided. Again, some time after this threat they will point to text in the service record booklet which discusses maintenance and authorized service centers.
However, this important and significant information, which essentially locks the consumer into a long-term contract and long-term payments (as the warranty period is 3 years) was never stated by the salesman. And importantly, the actual COSTS of these required services are never discussed by the salesman, they are not included in the owners or service manual or any material, and they are not visible from the sales area where the consumer is sold the vehicle. (The costs can only be seen on a board at the back service entrance, which the customer will only use 1 month after purchase when arriving for the first required service.) Also, as this text mentioning authorized service centers only accompanies the OWNER'S manual and SERVICE booklet, it is realistically not viewed by the consumer until AFTER the purchase is made (after she becomes an "OWNER") or until a month later when any SERVICE is first necessary.
Only during/after the first service visits does the customer become fully aware that 12 or more periodic services are required during the first 3 years of vehicle ownership - and that these services can only be provided at the dealer and at WHATEVER PRICE THE DEALER WANTS TO CHARGE. This is essentially holding the consumer hostage under threat of losing the warranty which is supposedly included with the vehicle. This is clearly an unfair and unconscionable opportunity for the dealer to extort high fees from consumers for years - the dealership has a sort of monopoly and captured audience, and the consumer has no alternatives. This represents a non-competitive business environment where the consumer will always be the loser. This is unfair, extortionate, and unconscionable from a consumer perspective, and action must be taken to correct this second complaint as well as the other contradictory and misleading practices consumers unfortunately experience at Sakura Autoworld Inc./Suzuki, Mambaling Cebu.

Posted by maria

My problem is the 'best'! I ordered a Suzuki Vitara în Romania în 19.07.2015 and I Still did not received my car 😠😠😠all I Hear are lies lies lies....Can anyone tell me what to do?The dealer here is moking Suzuki nămeți and I really want the board of directors to find out and mabe choose more carefully the People who represents them!!!

Posted by Josh

Horrible customer service. I called about a recall and after waiting on hold for 20mins I finally get thru. The customer service rep cecil was a complete d*ck. I told him my issue and he started acting like a a hole trying to be a smart a** asking me what I want him to do then when I tell him he says he wont do anything and oh well I have a issue then when I ask to speak to a supervisor he hung up on me. How does a sh*tty person like that get hired clearly suzuki doesn't have standards.

Posted by Josh

Horrible customer service. I called about a recall and after waiting on hold for 20mins I finally get thru. The customer service rep cecil was a complete d ck. I told him my issue and he started acting like a a hole trying to be a smart a s s asking me what I want him to do then when I tell him he says he wont do anything and oh well I have a issue then when I ask to speak to a supervisor he hung up on me. How does person like that get hired clearly suzuki doesn't have standards.

Posted by Anonymous

I had ahuge problem in the new ciaz car model 2016, i purchase the car and after few days at 100k.m the maintainess department here in egypt discover that is aproblem in the fatise of the car and they told me that they do not have these spare part in Egypt and they will import it from Japan, till now the spare part didn't arraived and i cannot use the car till now, i hope that you can help me in my problem, when i purchase these car i trust suzuki company as aglobal brand, your partner here in Egypt demonies your reputable and your name.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very upset that my 07 forenza caught fire as I was driving with 3 children strapped in back seat and Suzuki has left me without a car and says it's going to b 5 more days till mine is fixed..

Posted by Anonymous

I went yesterday to COYNEPOWERSPORTS bike dealer in Imperial Valley, California to buy the 2016 Burgman 650 but I was told by the managers and sales person by the name of Fabian that they will not bring any Suzuki Burgman to the store and that if I want the bike I will have to pay a deposit. Unfortunately this is the only bike's dealer in Imperial Valley. Terrible experience trying to buy a Suzuki bike.

Posted by Anonymous


I purchased SUZUKI WagonR-VXL Engine At the time of purchase the representative of Suzuki Azim Motors Islamabad, Paklistan named NAJAM and RANA ABID made a commitment that i will get seat covers, floor mats, mud flaps and steering covers. They provided me the floor mats, mud flaps and steering covers at the time of payment for the car but for the last 1.5 months they are just making lame excuses that seat covers will be available after next week and this practice is continue since i purchased the car from them.

Such behavior is pathetic and disgusting and calls for immediate remedy by providing the seat covers to me at the most earliest. This behavior shows that Suzuki Azim Motors Islamabad feels that the every single customer is just a stupid fool who just go to them for purchase and they attract them with their deals and them make some unfulfilled promise that the deal will be fulfilled in next week and that next week never comes.

Furthermore, Suzuki Azim Motors Islamabad representatives keep on calling me to visit and get the seat covers but when i reached at Suzuki Azim Motors Islamabad they simply say sorry seat covers are not available i may come next week. This is extremely filthy way the Suzuki Azim Motors Islamabad deal with the customers.

I hereby demand the most immediate remedy of pain and disrepect i faced for the last 1.5 months. It is the responsibility of PAK SUZUKI MOTORS to take necessary action in this connection as the Suzuki Azim Motors Islamabad has made a commitment with me and they failed to fulfilled that commitment. I need the commitment to fulfilled in true letter and spirit by providing me with the seat covers of SUZUKI WagonR-VXL at the most earliest.




Posted by Marwa Ibrahim khalifa

Dear sir,
I'I'd like to complain about Suzuki dealer in Egypt modern motors..I bought a suzuki ciaz car few months ago the car is wonderful and I enjoyed riding it but unfortunately I had an accident and my car back was destroyed I went to the dealer to fix it and it had been there for a month now and every time I call they said they have no parts for the car and I have to wait.. Please take an action with them a lit of people complain the end u regret selling ny Toyota car and buy ciaz because of the dealer

Posted by SX4

Since Suzuki left the North American car market my dealer in Brantford closed.

Terrible, rude ignorant call takers .Can't get service for my Suzuki since they left the NA market.They won't ship parts to a nearby non suzuki service centre. They expect me to drive 2 1/2 hours for service.I am sorry I ever bought one.

Posted by Anonymous

My father suzuki alto clutch is broken,he is a pensioner,car is under warranty,but Suzuki says it's wear and tear,it only has 41000km on the clock,they expect him to pay 7500 rand what crap is this

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Posted by Anonymous

I Prabowo from Indonesia, I am very pleased with suzuki carry 1000 .Now been aged 30 years.Thanks you for products that have been created suzuki. My young family with three children is very helpful. with the jargon of economy, power and reliability. success for Suzuki. thank you

Posted by Anonymous

We bought our Suzuki Vitara 2016 - great car so far and great service before purchase - agent rang a week after I bought it to see how things were going. we booked the car in for its first service and the agent told me I didn't have to remember the date as they will text me the day before - which I thought was great...we waited and waited, I rang and got the run around - computers are down blah blah - they said they'd call me the next day and don't text people for the first service - no one rang. So My husband rang and went crook - then we finally were booked in - although no courtesy car - of we'll be stuck an hour away from home and two hours waiting for the service to be finished - not happy at all, but love my car and this happened at one dealer.
When we bought a second hand Suzuki swift for our daughter from a different dealer, she received a wonderful gift of cheeses & wine !! we bought a brand new one and received nothing.

Posted by Karimun Wagon R

suzuki service is very satisfying and I have always been in love so I became a marketing suzuki suzuki,

Posted by muggins

To be fair my windscreen wiper was replaced under the guarantee. But why this suspicion, it shouldn't cause me worry. I won't ever buy a Suzuki again. Yes i know, they're shaking in their boots. Only time will tell if the general negativity on here will amount to anything substantial

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2008 forenza. It's been nothing but problems. New transmission at 33,000 miles. New computer at 69,000 miles. Dealers have been nothing but problems, but the customer service is excellant. They got done, what I couldn't with the dealers. But I will never buy another Suzuki. Nor would I reccomend them.

Posted by $ C-NOTE $

I have been without a steering lock key for a little over two years. During that time, I have searched and called every possible place I could to get this key replaced, to no avail I might add ! Today I called 714*996*7040 and spoke with a customer service rep that went by the name Cecil. To make a long story short...After a series of questions and a little genuine CUSTOMER CARE leg work, I ended up with a quote of $47.00 for a new lock and key for my steering column. OUTSTANDING !!!! KUDOS TO CECIL FOR OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER CARE !!!!!! Btw....the call was dropped and he called me back !!!!! Proud and Happy SUZUKI customer/owner

Posted by dragonvid

my cars runs great excellent customer service perfect offers sales person very knowledgeable about their product. i would love to buy another one. i highly recommed buying a suzuki you will be satified.

Posted by ycrowl

Bought a 2008 suzuki sx4 have never had any problem with it all very satified with would buy another one . sale people were knowledgeable good price and excellent service

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