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Supercuts customer service is ranked #584 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.45 out of a possible 200 based upon 123 ratings. This score rates Supercuts customer service and customer support as Terrible.


119 Negative Comments out of 123 Total Comments is 96.75%.


4 Positive Comments out of 123 Total Comments is 3.25%.

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  • Supercuts

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    • 28.45 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 119 negative comments (96.75%)
    • 4 positive comments (3.25%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Ellen

I received services at your Seaford, De location back on May 12. I answered a survey that i wasnt pleased about the service. I Was contacted by a district manager named Carol. Who said she would send me a refund. I have not received it. No one has returned my calls, emails. I can be reached at 302 242-1689 or [email protected] Thank you.

Posted by Nellis and Vegas valley

Please have someone from corp. call me. I was refused service after coming here for 7 years. Carmen on your store at Nellis and valley view. said she will not wash and blow dry my hair . Every time i come in here i give 5 dollars tips and would love to speak to someone about her.Myname is Connie

Posted by Sj

The store I went to Banbury rd Chesapeake Va. The manager is very rude and could care less about customers!

Posted by George Mowry

On March 9, 2018 my husband wanted a haircut so I went on-line to Super Cuts at 5544 E. Kings Canyon Road, Fresno, CA 93727. My husband was on his way to work and was going to stop by Super Cuts to get his hair cut. The appointment was for approximately 6:30 pm. He arrived around 6:45. He was told that his name was not on on-line check-in and it would be a 45-minute wait for a haircut. He told him that his wife had completed the on-line check-in. My husband went back to his car and called me. I called that Super Cuts and told them what had happened. The clerk said, oh, yes, George is on check-in and when he gets here we will take him. I told her he was turned away by the person at the counter who said he did not have an appointment, and asked her who that person was. She said "I have no idea." I said, who was working the counter; she would not tell me. That Super Cuts is so rude and unpleasant and unhelpful each time we go in. Something should be done; a good customer should not be treated like that. I will contact the Better Business Bureau.

Posted by Anonymous

stay away from them, they are a rip off. what salon charges separately for everything? got a haircut (no shampoo) just a spray bottle, asked if I wanted it blown would cost $20.00 I thought the full price would be $20.00 NO not at Supercuts, the haircut was $18.50, then an additional $25.50 for getting it blown.
WHAT a Super Rip Off!!

Posted by Unknown

Amelia Ohio New
Never Had A Ruder Experience!!
Molly Something Was So Loud And Very Rude To My Whole Family.
Will Never Return
Customer For 6 Yr..
No More

Posted by Laura miller

I had the worst customer service at a Supercuts in Victoria . I waited over 45 minutes for my son to get his hair cut and then out of frustration, I left and went to Procuts. At supercuts when we signed in there were 3 people's names ahead of him when we walked in which is fine. We sat down and one by one as the hair dressers finished cutting hair, they went to the back. For about 10 minutes there were at least 5 customers sitting in the waiting area and no one cutting hair. As they came back and customers came in, they called name after name but never my sons which is fine. Finally I got up to look and they had called 6 names after him and skipped over his name. They highlighted it as if they cut his hair. My son is on crutches and it's a little difficult to get around so I really didn't want him to have to get in and out of the car to go somewhere else but that was a terrible experience.

Posted by Art

Supercuts.... I had a "hair" emergency for a quick cut in 1989 in Huntington Beach CA. I have been going to you guys ever since and I have med/long hair. Today at 68 years old it is still full and I am ALWAYS getting comments in my cut and colir. Almost every day!. I tell everyone about Supercuts. While my friends pay $100s for style cuts or color, I use you guys even for highlighting. Yes.. I am a man but I am very particular about my hair. Just wanted you to know loyalty is there even if you're a public speaker, an author and a grandfather. You guys RoCK. I would send a picture if I could... THANks!

Posted by JM

Horrible service. I ask for a wash, cut and brows waxed. "Jenna" asked if I just wanted them cleaned up, I said yes. I now have the 90's thin brows.ð¢
The cut was fine, I ask for it to be dried, it's 12/1 and cold. I left with wet hair that wasn't even brushed. Super rude. I ask how much my wash was ? She said well you got the "green tea" shampoo, it's extra. I said I didn't ask for that. She said well....its on the sign. Super super rude, but having a great time doing each other's hair .
I won't go back.

Posted by DeeDee

Rude !! They call their customers "Guests", but certainly do not treat them welcome or kind. Cashier unfamiliar with conducting transactions. Stylist called on to help was annoyed, nasty to cashier and to me, a customer with a product. It got so bad a man behind me said "Do you conduct all you transactions this way", to the two of them. District manager is defensive, belittling, condescending, and said she was busy for a month. Said she'd have to contact Guest Services and get back to me. I'm still waiting. I'd say training from the top down is necessary.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the location in Marianna Fl where I have been going for 5 years and had the absolute worst experience ever. The young lady came over and stood next to me as I was sitting in the chair waiting and didn�t even call me by my first name and said I can take you now. Once in the chair I told her number two guard on the sides and an inch off the top. I had to repeat myself two more times and she ended up cutting the one side of the top of my head with the number two guard. She ended up having to cut all of my hair off and needless to say I�m pissed off,ripped that cover off me and left Without Paying and won�t ever go back. 5 years I�ve been going there. Apparently she wasn�t taught how to listen,use manners,use sisors,and apologize when she makes a mistake. I�m 55 years old and never in my life experience a hair ordeal like this. I just got out of the hospital last week from having a heart attack and I didn�t need to go through this. I had to finish trimming the back of my neck when I got home.

Posted by Sandy

You guys are the worst. No surprise, you hear it all the time but why do the customers keep coming back well that's a mystery to me as well, convenience I guess cause that's all you got. I would love to see this company go under your products are over priced returning is worse cuts sucks, "stylist" as you call them, just chop your you up cause supercuts tells them to do that at least what Anthony told me you know he works at mustang rd in okc/yukon. I want my hair cut the way I want not the way you tell your people to cut. I asked him not to chop it guess what oh yes he chopped it up. How in the world can you go back and fix it if it's already shorter than you wanted? You need to change your stupid policies and get better people for what you charge.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the supercuts in Wake forest Nc. They were supposed to open at 11 and at 11:15 some one finally showed up at which time she still didn't open the door because now she had to count the money to put into the draw. Finally she opens the door and instead of being apologetic for being late, she was rude as he'll. She asked me what do you want? I told her a haircut and asked her about how long it would take. She told me that it would about 45 minutes. (There weren't any other customers) she said she was the only stylist there today. As she telling me this another stylist walks in. I told her that I had been waiting since 10:55 and she told me that as the owner of the salon, opening up was up to her discretion and the she had to drive from fat away to get there. I her to forget it and left. When I looked back the two of them were laughing and jumping, yes jumping around and clapping. If this is the sort of customer service you allow from your employees I don't know how you stay in business. Without a doubt the worst place to go and I certainly hope someone in your corporate office steps up and reprimands these two idiots! I will NOT refer anyone to this place!

Posted by Tazman

Hi, my name is Todd Marshall. I've been a customer for over10 years,but no longer. I tried to get a haircut this last weekend both Sat. And Sun. The Store I go to is in King City,Or. They had one person working the weekend and were booked both days. I went back today Thursday,at10 am when they open. Myself and two other people were waiting there until 20 after10 for someone to open the shop. One of us had a10am appointment. I've decided that I will go to your competitors from now on. Also I'm active in several review companies and will now rate you very poorly.

Posted by Anonymous

On Wednesday October 11,2017, I went into the Supercuts at 13492 Hwy 183 Suite #200 Austin, TX 78750. There were only two customers. A gentleman and myself. There was only one haircutter. She was a thin middle aged black woman. The gentleman went first to get his hair cut which was towards the back of the store. I was just getting over my laryngitis, and I started coughing a lot as my chest was feeling uncomfortable. I didn't cover my mouth because there was no one around me, and the customer and the haircutter were towards the back end of the store. The haircutter spoke to me in a very rude tone of voice, "Why don't you cover your mouth! Everyone is taught to do that". I explained that I would if there were other people near me, but there was no one around me. Plus, I turned away in the opposite direction from the haircutter and the customer. She has no right to talk to me in that manner. I left the store with a very bad experience. Previously, I had gone to the store a number of times for the haircut and had a good experience. Because of that hair cutter, Supercuts at 13492 Hwy 183 Austin, TX 78750 has lost a frequent customer. I expect that employee to be reprimanded, and made to take a course on Good Customer Service if she wants to keep her job. I will also complain about her at the Corporate Office when I have a chance. I don't know her name, but she is a thin middle aged black woman that worked on Wednesday around 6:30 PM. She was the only hair cutter there. Thank you for listening.

Daniel Yen

Posted by Anonymous

Operator would not listen to how my daughter gets her haircut. She is mentally handicapped and I am deeply wounded from the inconsiderate experience. My daughter will not be able to wear her hair the way she usually does by next summer. Unkind experience and we will not go back.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to get a haircut from your company, 2 women were at the desk. There was no on else there, the place was empty. They could not cut my hair for 45 min. Because they had appointment coming in at 12. It was 11:55 am. It takes only 5 minutes to cut my hair and apparantly they dixnt want the buosiness. It was at the goleta california store on the west end of holister. I will not return.

Posted by Larry

I was at my local Supercuts store to get my hair done this morning at 9 they couldn't take me till 10 so I made an appointment and ran and did some errands. When I came back at 10 they told me they couldn't take me till 11 because they had taken a coloring, I won't be going back. There was only one. One time to delay a customer is acceptable twice is not this is the way you lose business

Posted by Anonymous

This morning at 9:05 I was waiting for a haircut at the Supercuts store at 1650 MINERAL SPRING AVENORTH.Ihave gone here for nine years. My turn came and the girls asked if I was there for a haircut. I do not know her name but she was very short, bleached blonde hair with a dirty nose ring and a high pitched voise.

I said that I signed in and she said she could not read my writing and I have excellent cursive. She then proceeded to critique my writing and told me I need to work on it. I said thanks and walked out. There was one other person cutting hair and two customers waiting.

I will never go this store again and have told friends who go there to stop. I also posted on Facebook with a pic of the store. Really bad. She should be terminated immediately. Perhaps Petco is a better career for her. No people skills.

Posted by Anonymous

I called 30 minutes in advance. Got there in 30 minutes waited an additional 20 minutes and decided to leave because they kept taking other customers before my 2 sons even though they were first on the list. I saw it. They kept telling me they were there before me..and waiting for a while. They took 4. Defeats purpose of calling in. Maybe I missed the fine print on your commercial."participating stores only"
They were also rude about it.. not a smile in the place. We left & will not return to this store. Went to Just a Cut. My previous haircut place.

Posted by Anonymous

I when in have a trimming and i show the lady the style, and i told her not to much on the top just1-2 in top the way she cut my hair, like someone just chopped itself.I'm not every happy with my hair cut.she had the top from 10 to 4 .


Lauren P

Posted by Anonymous

I have reached out to the corporate offices of Supercuts on several occasions. By email, their site, and by phone. To no avail. I complained about the manager at Supercuts in West Long Branch, NJ. How they colored my hair horrible for 3 hours on a Sunday and I had to return for another miserable 2 hours to repair the color the next day, which still wasn't repaired. I total of 5 hours of my life I will never get back. I then had to go to another salon and spend $130 to repair what was done by the staff at Supercuts. I revied a 20% discount when I told manager how unhappy I was. I should have gotten the service for free. Now I seek a reimbursement! And I wish for the $130 to be reimbursed that I needed to pay at another salon. I was told I would hear from the Regional Director. Never did. I was called about 1 month later by a manager (Not the Regional Director as promised) of another Supercuts (she was asked to call me by the Regional Director) to fix my hair for free!! Can you imagine!!?? This company is unbelievable. Rude and inconsiderate. I wish to be apologized to, reimbursed the $85 I spent at Supercuts and the $130 I spent to repair what was done.

Posted by J. Kollier

horrible service from the supercuts salon in westwood los angeles, ca. went in for a quick haircut and when i complained and told the stylist to trim it shorter, the supervisor marleen told me to leave and find another salon. she is too young to be supervising a salon and knows nothing about customer service. can't supercuts find someone with more experience??

Posted by Anonymous

Sorry to acknowledge that Super Cuts has become The Worst Franchised hair salon in the industry.
I called at 9 am to make an appointment with a particular stylist as her 1st appointment of her day at 3pm. I walked in at 2 minutes of 3pm as she Sat a lady down and began asking her questions regarding how she wants her hair cut. Obviously I was highly insulted at their total disregard for Their customers They obviously only. Care about Money and don't care about losing long time regular customers

Posted by Bad haorcut

Service is very slow. Early checkin dont bother, you will go last. Waited 1 hr after early checkin and they took everyone around me. One stylist had her family in the store and wasnt helping other than playing with her boyfriend. I will not come back, i have used supercuts for years. This is veru unprofessional.

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Posted by kim

Nicole at the Independence location is amazing. I'm not sure why she isn't renting her own booth by now. Not only is she great at cutting hair, her customer care is beyond what anyone could ask for. My daughter has been showing everyone her new haircut since we walked out of the place.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi just wanted you to know I had the best hair cut in McAlester OK by Ashton she listen to me and I just Love it who ever is her boss give her a raise...she is so friendly and made my new year very happy:).....Thank You Jamie.

Posted by Aylin

I regularly visit Supercuts Oracle store since 2009. Specifically, I am a regular customer of Niro. He is doing an excellent job. He offers very professional and high quality services. I tried very different haircut stores in Reading but Niro has special technical skills that some other stylists lack.
When Niro is on holiday or out of office, I get my haircut done by Genita and Jade who are also highly capable stylists. I am a very difficult person to please as I have high expectations from services. Niro, Genita and Jade never let me down. I always left the saloon very happy. They made look beautiful!
I want to thank all Supercuts Reading employees for providing us excellent services.

Posted by yearogers

I have had two haircuts by Julie at the Supercuts salon on Centre Ave. in
Pittsburgh, PA. My experiences were super-pleasant, and Julie has done
superb cuts for me! I am 86 years old, and my former hairdresser (of many
years) has retired. That is a tough situation, but Julie has taken care of that
problem beautifully. I am very grateful to have found her. Sincerely, Joanne Rogers
Oakland Area, Pittsburgh, PA

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Posted by luisa

today i call the manager with the name Brandy at supercuts in chesapeak virginia to ask her about my application to work for supercuts again, i use to work for supercuts in california for 5 years. she was the most rude person i ever talk a the end of the conversation i thank her and she just answer mm mm,, and hung up on me,, is this a manager? well i did change my mind after listening to this rude person and decided NO WAY i will work for that kind of person, she should not even work face to the public this person is the worst.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I'm Kayla Boucher I have been an employee for a little over 2 years. I started working in Pahrump making 9.75 a hour it was good then I became a shift manager and was making 10.10 hour. I decided to move to Vegas and now I'm only making 8.25 a hour and struggling to pay my bills. It's been slow tips aren't good and we get nothing if we sell product 5% is nothing. My rent is 567 car payment is 204 student loan is 233 I also have direct tv which is 49 a month internet is 60 a month car insurance is 60 a month we also have a water bill power bill etc. i do not make enough money a month to pay all my bills I'm constantly behind on my bills. I'm probably speaking for all the other employees too. Instead of being so focused on the guest maybe you guys should focus on your employees for once. I have worked at 5 different Supercuts and I have not met one person that is happy there. We stay for our regulars and our co workers. I'm not going to bring up the no apron thing or wearing l black but all I have to say is until I get paid more to go shopping I'll wear all black till then I'm wearing what I got and I'm wearing my apron because I'm not going to be itchy all day with hair on me and have hair all stuck in my clothes. I have a lot more to say about this corporation but I'm going to keep my mouth shut. Have a good day


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