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Sunoco customer service is ranked #911 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 16.92 out of a possible 200 based upon 104 ratings. This score rates Sunoco customer service and customer support as Terrible.


102 Negative Comments out of 104 Total Comments is 98.08%.


2 Positive Comments out of 104 Total Comments is 1.92%.

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    • 16.92 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 102 negative comments (98.08%)
    • 2 positive comments (1.92%)
    • 4 employee comments
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Station At 3612 w.genesse st syracuse ny. I have been experiencing inappropriate behavior and attitude from its staff. I have felt mistreated from both workers and the manager. This is not how their customers should be feeling. This ongoing mistreatment is unacceptable for myself and anyone else. No one should be felt like they are in a unsafe environment, in terms of being uncomfortable, based on the treatment of the store's employees. I strongly believe my race and accent play a role on their misbehavior. This occurs each time I go to this specific location, with that being said, today at 2:50 pm was the most recent. I will no longer attend that gas station and will go somewhere where I feel comfortable and treated with respect. These employees must be reached out to to prevent any further unacceptable mistreatment with their customers. This is not appropriate or acceptable whatsoever.

Posted by Anonymous

On Tuesday Jan 2nd at 7:21 a.m. I ordered 10$ of gas at Sunoco station at 406 Dr 9 waretown nj attendant took credit card walked away I had to get out of my car to tell him pump was still running after 31$ sale spoke to 3 people at station would not refund my 21 dollars workers should at least speak some English.

Posted by trek

The sunoco at broad and lehigh.hire only ingnorant middle eastern desendents who are allways mean to african americans.unfortunately they are the only race who supports that sunoco.something have to be done.The attendant gave me the finger and put me out the store.for trying to explain something to him.

Posted by Anonymous

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the southern coast of the US. The refineries in the Texas/Louisiana area were shut down for safety and the price of gasoline skyrocketed. It is now mid-November. Your refineries are back on line, except the ones on scheduled maintenance. So what is your excuse for maintaining the ridiculous gas prices, still 40 to 55 cents above the pre-Harvey incident?
Can you justify this price-gouging? Haven't you robbed us enough? It is difficult enough to et by on a fixed income without you people squeezing every nickel out of us.

Posted by [email protected]

3rd documented complaint. The A+ at rhawn and verree Philadelphia PA 19111. Has horrible customer service repeatedly I spent $50 every week just on gas but when I go in for my purchases and the total comes to 999 399 so on never do they have a penny they had me my dollar bills and change and don't say we don't have pennies so I have to complain then they get somebody then they have to open another drawer or go in their own pocket and give me a penny as if it's an issue. I pay my full amount ask for no discounts but repeatedly they do not have a penny this is a huge corporate company why does the manager who's there on the phone every time not have the drawers full of change for pennies. So now the manager gives me an attitude everytime I'm there. Kind of tall heavyweight Caucasian male with brown hair today September 22nd 7:30 p.m. the incident happened again.

Posted by Upset customer

I went into to the Sunoco at Sycamore on Morgantown Road in Uniontown. I purchased to scratch off lottery tickets. I scratched them and one was for 50 dollars. I went back into to cash and the cashier said that the tickets were never scanned into the system prior to putting them in the machine so therefore he could not pay me my winnings. I insisted that he call his manager and the manager said that they will have to scan them in the system tomorrow. So therefore I have to be inconvenienced because one of your managers did not do their job correctly. There should always be someone on shift that can handle these types of screw ups so that the customer is not inconvenienced. Now I have to wait until tomorrow for them to get around to scanning the book into the system so that I can get paid. Which means it will take more gas for me to go out and make another trip to a gas station to get my winnings. Hopefully they will get them scanned into the system in a timely manner in the morning. The cashier said that the manager was not on in the morning. I guess the assistant manager will be there.

Posted by LadyTink6

Last night before going to work I went by the Sundco on s main st in high point NC. I went in to get a drink which wouldve been less than $2 with tax included, this older Indian man charged me $4 saying he's giving me a discount. I was upset and distracted so my mind was somewhere else and I didnt realize it at first So I handed him another $2 As I was walking out he calls me back but before I reached him he tells me "No,no,no nevermind" I kept walking towards him and see him put his hand down quickly on the counter I was able to see the corner section of money under his hand So i looked down and saw i dropped my money on the counter. So I proceeded to pick up my money from under his hand but he wouldnt let go. I literally had to rip it out of his hand because he wouldn't let go. All he kept doing was shaking his head no and tried pulling my $40 out of his hand. U finally got my money after almost shredding it in order to get it out of his grip. So he overcharged me for a drink then tried stealing my money. I left Then called over there after I calmed down so i could speak with the manager. He answered the phone saying he is the manager. So apparently the only way to address this matter is contacting sundco's corporate office. That really made me upset and I refuse to go to that gas station ever again!

Posted by Anonymous

Filled my car today 4/2/2017 at Sunoco on 643 Mantoloking Road, Brick NJ 08723 using my Sunoco card. My bill on the pump was $23.12. The attendant went inside the office and gave me a printed receipt which say $29.00. I asked the attendant about the discrepancy and he was very rude. When I asked to get the right receipt, he went back inside the office and gave me a hand written receipt which I think is unacceptable. He was still so rude so I decided to leave and not to escalate the situation.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a weird experience with my debit card at the Hamilton St location by Yoccos hotdog location in allentown. Said sale cancelled twice. Credit worked fine. Next day Wells Fargo fraud department contacts me about illegal charge attempt in Philly. Talked to owners not impressed with their response next day.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is a huge deal with businesses all across America. The main reason why I shop at stores is based on their customer service. I was driving home yesterday from a vacation and decided to stop at the Sunoco in Richmond Hill, Georgia for some gas and to use the restroom. After purchasing my gas I walked into the store to use the restroom. I looked around for the restroom and didn't see a sign. Thee was a gentalmen that was finished with his transaction so I asked the cashier where the restroom was. Her response got me fired instantly. " If one more person asks me where the restroom is, I swear to god!" Confused at her response. I commented back. You're really getting frustrated with me because I'm asking where the restroom is?! She started shaking her head with anger and was clearly upset and bothered that I would ask such a question. Now that I'm pissed off I don't want anything to do with her business. If you hate your job then find a new job! She's working at a busy location where plenty of customers get off the highway to gas up and take restroom breaks. Instead I left and will never return to that location again. I'll make sure I stop at a shell or another gas station for my purchases. Tried to call corporate but they're closed on Sunday's. Tried to call again today during business hours and their phones are having technical difficulties. Needless to say I won't be doing business with Sunoco again. Understandable that it's just one employee, why should I ban the whole company itself? The answer is I won't give money to a company who doesn't care about their bad attitudes of their employees. I cannot believe that the cashier had the nerve to act like that especially in front of a customer. She needs to be written up or fired. She obviously doesn't care about her job or the customers anyhow.

Posted by Sunoco sucks

Co-Op 2446 in Bradenton, Florida is horrible. A racist manager Lawanda Holman who fired 3 black employees within first 2 weeks of being manager. Cut hours of employees from FT to less than 15 hours a week because they have mixed children. She allows her 1st shift employees to have drugs delivered and do them on the clock while she is there. She also has allowed non management to have access to employee files and post their Socisl Security numbers abd personal info on social media with no reprimands or firing of them employees. She allows them to wear tank tops and cuss and talk about sexual things in front of kids and customers. She also states she "doesn't want the ghetto in her store" but forgets she is in the "hood" and will never happen. Bad business and district manager Steve Christy and corporate won't do anything about it either. Been calling for 2 weeks and still no response.

Posted by Armenian Queen

7434 Colerain Avenue that Sunoco has to be the worst service station I've ever been to. They open when they want to they close before they're supposed to they're not polite whatsoever I've seen him yell at people kick him out scream at them they never say thank you they are the rudest people I've ever seen and any time you want to go over there and you're supposed to be open the doors a lot I don't know if they're using the bathroom that much or what but they just open and close when they want to and they're really needs to be something done because unfortunately there the closest store to me and I have to walk another block to go to another convenience store because this one is so bad

Posted by Anonymous

Today I rushed to a nearby sunoco because I had 50 cents off on my price chopper account. This expires today 10-31-16. I had to leave money at the cash register to pre pay. When I went inside the attendant had already rung up my sale without my discount and said there was nothing he could do. I had already filled my vehicle and the 50 cents expires today. I wrote down how many gallons I paid for and how much. I'm hoping sunoco can refund me the required amount because this expires today.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought gas today in Ladson SC. Filled tank. $33.18 total. About 15 minutes later I noticed gas tank was half empty. Filled again in Asheville. $38.00.
Somehow I was charged for 16 gallons but got about 6 gallons.
How could this happen?
Please respond. Have reciept and whiteness in car.

Posted by Anonymous

By the reads on your website you don't care about your stations like you did, as you were very proud to put on my credit card holder since 77, and as proud for me to show everybody. Take some of the money you have taken from me and invest in pumps that work properly card wise and pump wise. I just came back from vacation your problem is nationwide. One place the new pump would not work your employ told me to have a nice day at my expense across the street gas was .45 cheaper. It took me so long at some antique pump that my wife and son went to subway and ordered food and was eating by the time I pumped 30 gal. My wife seems to think this message is in vain that this will never make it anywhere. it would be nice to sharpen your pencil and stepped up to the plate. If you should go on vacation and want to make a little unagrivated time try Shell there pumps are on the money.

Posted by Anonymous

station i have used for years at 2445 w Alexis rd in Toledo Ohio 43613 apparently has new ownership that feels it is too much trouble to put service receipt printers at the pumps. last dozen visits i have had to go inside to get a receipt. What is the point of pay at the pump if your required to go inside if you want a receipt? i have been a loyal sunoco customer for over 50 years.

Nelson E Roberts

Posted by Rightfortexas

Store 9116 mgr Stephanie pharr tx hard to believe she's a mgr. Your standard of mgr personal, must be low. No PR skills what so ever, guess you all hired anybody off the streets.

Posted by Adam was at 2nd st.pike and Alms

Hello, I'm a customer of your gas watch almost everyday I receive a email for at least 6 different locations about area prices 2 are Sunoco I called the last time the man said call corporate and you told me they ask all the time for help bring me business and you said so I do I dropped the price! The sale that I was sent is $2.00 at the location on the corner of Jacksonville Rd. And Street Rd. In Warminster. I brought my phone inside the store and he said nothing he can do the price is the price they have the price at $2.219 and the other Sunoco on second Street pike and Almshouse Rd. Gas is at $2.259 and that is suppose to be at $2.06 Please they both do not have a clue how to change the signs and really argue I felt sad and burdened because everyone wants to save money especially now times are tough. So please can you please fix the issue I hold my finger on the phone the whole time driving to Let them know that I wasn't lying. Thank-you, Leneen Koszarek

Posted by Adam was at 2nd st.pike and Alms

Hello, I'm a customer of your gas watch almost everyday I receive a email for at least 6 different locations about area prices 2 are Sunoco I called the last time the man said call corporate and you told me they ask all the time for help bring me business and you said so I do I dropped the price! The sale that I was sent is $2.00 at the location on the corner of Jacksonville Rd. And Street Rd. In Warminster. I brought my phone inside the store and he said nothing he can do the price is the price they have the price at $2.219 and the other Sunoco on second Street pike and Almshouse Rd. Gas is at $2.259 and that is suppose to be at $2.06 Please they both do not have a clue how to change the signs and really argue I felt sad and burdened because everyone wants to save money especially now times are tough. So please can you please fix the issue I hold my finger on the phone the whole time driving to Let them know that I wasn't lying. Thank-you, Leneen Koszarek

Posted by T.M

I and my crew stop by your store on Ashley phosphate and patriots Blvd every morning because of convenience but the team that work at your grill here are completely lost you have one employee that works the grill that is good but the rest couldn't do a good job if there lives depended on it to the point where if the one girl isn't back there we walk out they have literally never made an order right yet and your manager chuck is to weak of a leader to fix this problem he's been told this several times and has done nothing it's time someone from higher up steps in and retrains please

Posted by Anonymous

I have been to two sunoco locations now that refuse to enter my credit card manually. This is an assinine restriction and completely inconvenient to me as a customer. I can enter a credit card and charge a customer for products or services from my phone. To neuter your customer service employees in this way is ridiculous. I hope you will reconsider this unnecessary inconvenience. For this reason, and as long as this is your policy, I will NOT be stopping at sunoco to purchase gas or anything else.

Posted by Anonymous

The Sunoco at hwy 27 & ga hwy 120 in Buchanan ga 30113 will not accept rolled change and in time like these rolled change is money and don't have to worry about counter fitted if rolled ! Only quarters I was told so will see a lot of them to this store from this customer!and bbb complaint is going to be filed on this store and location thanks for your time !!!!!!!!

Posted by gregg707

I just spent $8 to get something to eat and drink, the cashier was very sweet when I paid her. I went outside to sit down by my mountain bike. A different lady came out and said 'Oh no you can't sit here, you got to go somewhere else.' I think she must be kinda racist or something because I look white but actually I'm Cherokee. I was just waiting to go to CDL school bus class. Most Sunoco store have seating areas but this store has nowhere to go to sit. I sit at the new store in Goose Creek on the way home. Most of the workers are nice at this store..I'll just stop going to any North Charleston store. Thank you...

Posted by Abby

I went to the Virginia Beach location off of Shore drive. The cashier was named Lala. She was absolutely terrible. Made a comment on my daughter stating that she must have been raised in a barn because she left the bathroom door open when the men's bathroom door was wide open. Once I stated she was my daughter she didn't care. She was absolutely terrible. I will never go back because of the service we received.

Posted by Anonymous

Shop at Sunoco station at Southern Blvd & Dixie Hwy Daily. Service provided by the same personnel every day. Yesterday, August 4th, 2016, 10pm, regular Sunoco male clerk, approximately 50 years old....I went in to purchase some drinks. He was not standing at the register when I entered the store. He was behind me in the aisle as I was choosing drinks and then he followed behind me as I walked to the front register. As he followed me he said, "I like your black dress". I said nothing in return. He went on to say,"black on black", and I responded, "what?". I met him at the front register and he started to ring up my items when he said, "you know....your bra"... He slipped his fingers into the front of my dress. I pulled back STARTLED and said, "KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF". He didn't appear to have much of a response. I was APPALLED. ANGRY. SHOCKED. VILOATED.

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Posted by Anonymous

Just want to let you know what a wonderful employee you have at the Sunmart Sunoco in New Haven, IN. I accidentally dropped my credit card after fuelling my car today, and your manager "Naresh" saw the card on the ground, ran out and picked it up, and held it until I discovered that it was missing and called the station. I went back, got my card and thanked Naresh over and over. He was very humble and was just glad that he found it and could give it back. This young man deserves your praise and a "Job well Done" from the corporation. He is AWESOME!!

Posted by Anonymous

I cant believe that whoever owns the store in stuart Florida on lost river road keeps the woman manager. I have been in the store a very number of times i would say at least half of the times i was i there the manager is always yelling or complaining about something or someone.
This time in particular i was apalled... it was last Thursday thr 23rd of July at about 330 4 pm and wow did she have a mouthful to yell about ata pwrson delivering ice cream. This rine the cuse words were just terrible!! I have heard this before from her about her own workers and thought could she put these people down like that. I come to this store so many times and i do not see the reason for it. Why would anyone keep her on? The cashier was nothing but nice and you could see in her face how embrassed she was about the whole thing.
This was not the first time i have heard this yelling in this store.i am thinking about not ever going back but i do like the cashiers and it is close to my way to contact the owner either because i once had asked for a contact number from the morning cashier and she got the manager who said no about letting me contact the owner and she would handle my problem. Well! How could i complain to her when she was the complaint??? So i left the store and said nothing i could do about this. Terrible terrible.

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Posted by Granny B

I worked for Stop-N-Go formerly operated by Sunoco as their parent company, for 10 years, then I was adopted into Sunoco Maintenance when Stop-N-Go was closed, I have to tell you I thought Stop-n-Go was a great place to work, then I went to Sunoco and it was awesome working there, except for 1 person, who is the reason I retired, I can't say enough about the Management team I was lucky enough to work for in Maintenance, then at the Terminal, best job I ever had, most wonderful group of people ever to work for, I worked at Sunoco and Stop n Go a total of 24 years, I wanted to stay til 30 but there was a back stabber I worked for that I just couldn't deal with the way he was eliminating people to climb his ladder. If you were a threat to him you were gone.

Posted by Angel863

For everyone complaining about doors being locked..
If is a company policy!! Door has to be locked from 11pm till 5am!! Employees are not ignoring you!! Trust we don't like it either because we can do absolutely zero work on the floor when there are customers in the store!!
But for our safet uh that's just how it js..

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee of sunoco 6300 germantown rd. middletown ohio 45042. I have been constantly harassed by another employee through text messages, voicemails, facebook messages public and private. It has been brought to the owners attention. He has heard, and seen the messages and has taken no action against the woman -Pam Shockley Figley- who has been doing this to me for 2 1/2 years.. I have finally took all I can take and have been hospitalized due to panic attacks because of her un- professional behavior and had to quit my job after almost 4 years. I am completely traumatized from this and will never step foot in that place again! I am however considering contacting an attorney over this... I do have all the messages right here in black and white and she still continues to harass me even though I quit this week... VERY DISAPPOINTED & TRAUMATIZED

Posted by Anonymous

I'd like to comment on a Sunoco Gas Station in Fairland Indiana I'm a employee at this location like to use profanity at paying customers because they have questions about being carded when they are in their upper 50's and 60's years old um I don't see how corporate company would let employees say the word at pain customers especially when there's children in this area I would not use the Sunoco in southern Indiana in Fairland Indiana its rights to Holiday World just in case the girl working the evening shift place to cuss with children around and likes to cuss at people who are paying customers who are just ask you a question


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