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Sunbeam customer service is ranked #486 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 29 ratings. This score rates Sunbeam customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


28 Negative Comments out of 29 Total Comments is 96.55%.


1 Positive Comment out of 29 Total Comments is 3.45%.

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    • 31.85 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 28 negative comments (96.55%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.45%)
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Tim

This Sunbeam intentionally tried to attract customers with fake promotion and advertisement.
I tried to order two heated mattress pads through Sunbeam since there was 30% off on 12/24. But the shipping was charged. According to Sunbeam website, the shipping is supposed to be free since my order is over $50. I tried to order several times, but does not work. So I send email to customer service.
They did not reply back to me until 12/26.
On 12/26, the promotion is expired,but the free shipping is available.
I called to customer service. But they does not match the discounted price. They mentioned that if I order these with full price, they may provide some free item or some portion of compensation later (one or two billing cycle).
This Sunbeam intentionally tried to attract customers with fake promotion and advertisement.

Posted by Anonymous

I opened a message about getting a manual for my new/old Sunbeam stand mixer. Left all the info I had, but had no response. Did that message come through? Will I get a response? Thank you

Posted by Debbi earle

Every year at Christmas time I get a electric blanket and it lasts 3 months and that's it . I have 3 years in a roll now and they stop working 3 months later . I'm not happy with this at all I have like 4 blankets none works and only have had them for 3 months before they stop working . makes me mad. Product isn't good . my mom and sister in law has the same problem something needs to be done about this . I spend 50 to 80 on blanket that last 3 months that's not good at all very unhappy customer . very unhappy.

Posted by Prefer to not answer

Good afternoon, I have nerve damage on my cervical spine and to help relieve the pain I bought the exta-Large XpressMusic Heat Heating Pad. I paid on January 11, 2017 almost $50.00 on sale for this. I use it on most weekend when I am home. 2 weeks ago, The fist of March 2017, after 60 to 90 seconds the light eould go dim and the Capitol letter "F" would appear. It has never worked since. 5 years ago I bought some of my friends the Heated throw @ Coatco. Beautiful Colors and Otints. Everyone of us had a different color or print. Guess what happened??? Within 30 days or less of using it, it quit working. I took them back, g I t us new I nes and the same thing happened again. I thought this was just isolated to Costco. Wtong. THE Heating Pad came from Walgreens, a very reputable store. I do not know what to do now as it has been over 30 days and I cannot just go buy another $50.00 Heating Pad, or pay to have this sent back to the company. I had to sacrfice other needs just to buy this heating pad on January 11, 2017. I work everyday, but still have to budget. Help.

Posted by frozintime

nice person, but zero information. Called to ask about what controller goes with which heating pad since I have several, some old and some new and several beds....but some work and some dont. They said they dont keep that information no matter how new the heating pad is.....? Really? Cant tell me what controller goes with which bed? They could only suggest I buy a new one which she did 3 also took 15 minutes of time with only 2 people in front of me to talk to someone. Stingy I think....

Posted by Anonymous

It is a great disappointment to me that this brand new one day old toaster, does not toast on both sides of the bread. I had the same complaint with my Oster toaster (to which I believe Sunbeam is affiliated) Why do you continue to sell a product that is so inferior. Perhaps you would improve your products and protect your questionably good name, by dealing with USA made products not those made in China.

Posted by teach17

I had your standup mixer for 35 years and finally wore it out. My aunt gave me hers when she moved. I wore it out 11years later. I thought about the new big, sit on the counter, big price tag mixers being sold everywhere for $349.00. I loved the fact that your product was durable and could be broken down for storage in a cabinet. So I purchased a brand new #002379-000-NPO Sunbeam mixer on 2-01-15. I died in May of 2016 while making cookies. The product was cheap from the chrome plastic to the multi speed dial that only had two speeds that were distinguishable. How could a product that could last 35 years, now only last 14 months! ( And now I probably use it 25% of the amount I used when my kids were home in that 14 months.)
SHAME ON YOU! My next purchase will be a Kitchen Aid. Very disappointed Sunbeam

Posted by Anonymous

my name is Mitra Dadgar,31189 Livingston dr. Novi Michigan 48377 i bought online from KHols a Sunbeam Double Garment Rack upc GR 10899 made in2014 Size 32.75 x17x36.75-66"when i tried to tignten Part Hx4.,one cracked open. please send kindly this broken part labeled H, belonging at the end portion og the top rod which the hanger goes. i would be so happy for letting this work for me.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been a loyal channel 7 viewer for many years. I'm located in the Boston area. friend ray fuchetti worked for the station as a fact checker. As a direct tv subscriber, im no longer able to watch the channel 7 I've been very loyal to. This is bull. Get your act together. You've not only lost a loyal customer in this dispute between you and direct've lost a great employee as well in your local network. I'm wishing great things for ray in his journey. Im resolved about the blackout and decided channel 5 locally isn't so bad. Chronicle is a pretty nice program I've somewhat forgotten about. In the meantime, my favorite shows aired on your network can be watched on Hulu the day after. So I'll just keep that subscription going. It's a shame I no longer get my local channel 7. But seriously, screw you guys. I've moved on. Never will show you loyalty again, sorry.

Posted by Agnes Arendt

On August 11, 1956, my husband & I were married. One of our wedding gifts was a Sunbeam toaster. (model T-20B) As the years passed our family grew to 10 children. Today, nearly 60 years later, as I am toasting bread in the same shiny toaster, I couldn't help but think of all the bread this toaster has toasted. It even has the original cloth type cord.
I just want to thank the Sunbeam Corp. for making a toaster and just keeps toasting.
Allan & Agnes Arendt

Posted by donT

68 years old and grew up eating Sunbeam bread. I have stopped eating their inferior product several times in recent years but seem to go back after 6 months or so to see if it has improved. NEVER AGAIN. The last loaf I bought after a year away from their product had the consistency of cornbread. Very coarse and dried out quickly.
It is so sad th have the best bread ever made go to crap!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have bought my 3rd Sunbeam heating blanket the other 2 worked for 3months then 4months this will be my last if I have the same problem the light just blinks.I bought them all at Walmart so I really think you have a major issue with your products

Posted by Anonymous

My mother just turned 90 yrs old and her father bought her a Sunbeam mixer in the late 40's or early 50's and she still uses it to bake cakes. Just wanted you to know that she loves your product. It's heavy so when one of us gets the mixer out for her she always say "be careful... My mixer is old and don't break it". Thanks for making a product that was built to last a lifetime. I had a picture but couldn't post here.

Posted by Pella

I am very disappointed in the customer care of Sunbeam and the 5 gas burner stove with electric oven. My stove is still under guarantee and the glass oven door exploded while a very delicate product was baked. I immediately contact Makro in Bfn, because I am a senior burger that needed the extra funds that I generated with my baking. Makro customer care was very helpful and there it stops. The repair agents in Bloemfontein are not helpful at all. I contact Sunbeam HO in JHB and till date nobody contact me by telephone or phone. Never in my life shall I buy any Sunbeam product again. The difference between Defy and Sunbeam are miles apart. 100% for Defy service and ZERO for Sunbeam. At a least feedback can be given after a complain or is it to much to ask.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in your company I bought several sets of patio furniture and extra matching pieces It was quite an investment for our 1600 sq. ft. deck I have taken special care of my investment by always taking cushions in when not in use. The cushions are in great shape but the vinyl strapping has weathered and broken. Tried to replace straps but they have a very unusual attachment. When I called customer service to ask questions, I was told that Sunbeam no longer sells outdoor furniture and there is no contact number for questions or parts. I always thought that Sunbeam was a reputable company. I guess I'm sadly mistaken. I have over 21 pieces of patio furniture that is unusable....not to mention 30+ cushions that will most likely not fit any new furniture

Posted by Paz

Hi I have had my Oskar appliance for quite a long time now and very happy with it. The other day, unfortunately, it went and gave up the ghost. I wondered if Sunbeam still makes them and if I could please purchase another one. I would be very appreciative if you are able to assist me.
Kind regards.

Posted by Anonymous

A Sunbeam Heated Blanket was given to me as a gift. While watching a movie with my son, he said," mommy what's burning, something smells like it's burning". I quickly grabbed him away from the blanket and immediately went to unplugged it. The cord was hot, immediately sparked, and made a loud poppping sound. There is NO question in what would have happened if unattended. Ignition process was in the works.
I look forward to your prompt resolution response in replacing this unit.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I got married June 13th 1970. We received a hand mixer as a wedding gift we are still using the same hand mixer. Today I found the warranty I should have sent in back then. i just wanted to know if I should send it in now or will it jinxs the machine.

Posted by Anonymous

In this day of throwaway appliances, it might be of interest to you that my wife and I have a T35 Sunbeam toaster that we still use every day since it was given to us as an anniversary gift in 1959. This has to be some kind of record! In any event, we love our Sunbeam toaster!

Posted by what do you mean by screen name

I bought a electric mattress pad last week and cannot get the left hand contact to work. It just keeps 88 on the screen all the time. The right hand one works. I called to get some help and was told to take the pad off and send it back to Sunbeam. I am not going to all that work and added expense to send something back when it is your product that has a problem. This is not the first time I have had problems with Sunbeam and am getting very upset with Customer Service in not willing to give some help.

Beverly Barrett

Posted by Anonymous

I do not have any complaint. I just wanted to let the Sunbeam Company know that I still have a working Sunbeam Mixmaster that I purchased back in 1950 or 1951. The only thing wrong with it is that I cannot get a bowl to fit it as the original bowl was broken when I moved 5 years go. But the machine still works and I used it quite frequently as I liked to bake a lot. And I still do at the age of 88. My name is Selma Loss

Posted by Anonymous

tring to ahold of someone at this company sucks. where are the people. I need a controller for a sunbeam heated throw. it bblinks and does not work. the blanket was purchashed 2 weeks ago at wal-mart. I was hoping for help or that this company would at least stand behind its product.

Posted by humidified

I called to order a replacement filter for a humidifier. I called the customer service number listed in the instruction guide that came with the item. I was transferred to three different people and then the third person asked me for my name and phone number before planning to transferring me to a 4th person. I explained that i did not understand why she need ed that information and that no-one else ha asked for that...she replied that they were not doing their job. So I hung-up, started over, hoping with more detail to my request I would get the correct customer service rep sooner. So I ended up with two transfers back to the same lady who at least game me the phone number to the "correct" person so I hung up again and called. This time no one answered for over 20 minutes. In the meantime I had looked up and found online the filters I waned from another company, but I waited to order until I confirmed Sunbeam's availability of th item. So when the lady answered the phone, she did not ask why I was calling, but immediately asked my name and number. I thought "this company has a lot to learn about customer service." So I posed the question, "don't you even want to know why I am calling?" and I just want to see if you still sell a replacement filter." She then proceeded to sarcastically say that they do not sell that filter because they no longer had the manufactured that model of humidifier. I explained that was exactly why I was calling to see what customer service they provided for their product. The answer is NONE. I have several times in the past dealt with similar situations with our changing throw-away society, however most companies apologize and offer for you to buy a newer model! No not Sunbeam customer service reps. The worst I have dealt with. luckily I found a filter on the secondary market. I like my humidifier. I hope SUNBEAM improves its customer service for future buyers! Stay Warm & humidified!

Posted by Janet Burke

I am attempting to order right & left beaters and a cord for a Sunbeam Mixmaster, Vista, 12 settings, model 12, V 14CWS? Can you help me.

Posted by Anonymous

I am 54 years old and have ate Sunbeam Bread my entire life. What I love about your bread is how soft and smooth the bread is. But the last year even when I bye a loaf of bread while it's being put on the shelf by the driver, the bread is rough feeling and not good at all. I bye the Giant loaf. It's the best bread in the world except now u have to take a chance that it's not sorry. Sometimes I get a good loaf but the majority of the time the bread is not good at all. It's like the bread was put in a storage bin and got wet and them dried out. Is there something that can be done to get the quality of bread that used to be sold. Very unhappy.

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Posted by Tyler Cole

I Had a Red Sunbeam MixMaster Before Placing It In Storage in Austin, TX, It Worked Nicely, Service is Not Bad. But Good for Cakes for Birthdays & Brownies For Fun. I Loved the Fact that Sunbeam made Such a Wonderful Mixer. I Love Sunbeam.

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