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SunTrust customer service is ranked #588 out of the 940 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.57 out of a possible 200 based upon 242 ratings. This score rates SunTrust customer service and customer support as Terrible.


229 Negative Comments out of 242 Total Comments is 94.63%.


13 Positive Comments out of 242 Total Comments is 5.37%.

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    • 28.57 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 229 negative comments (94.63%)
    • 13 positive comments (5.37%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Mary Arias

I am so heavy hearted today, I just learned that my 82y/o mother in law had signed for a new vehicle for an irresponsible grand daughter. I don't understand why this bank would let an elderly lady without clarity sign for anything! Anyway,, of course, the vehicle was not paid for and it has come back to haunt all of us. MIL had just received a Fema payment for damage done to her little home, deep in the woods in Georgia during the hurricane (Harvey),the money was quickly snatched out by collectors, leaving her in a terrible situation! Thank you SunTrust for making sound decisions!

Posted by stuian

I travel to the UK on business every 8 weeks, and a week before I travel l always call SunTrust to advise them l am going to use my debit card in the UK as a deposit for my hire car. Firstly trying to speak to a representative and get through their automated answer service is THE WORLDS WORST...l have never had to deal with such an in-used friendly service. But every time l get to the UK my card is declined for what they call "Fraudulent activity" so every time I have to call the States and get them unblock my account, EVERY TIME this happens, l am in the process of changing banks, have been with them 33 years and have just had enough on their in bad service...!

Posted by SunTrust Victim

I just can't explain just how bad their Online Banking and their security company is !!! You try to talk with customer NO service and they have no clue of their job ..and I travel 12 months out of every year for 12 years and I'll get my account shut down because of a charge outside of the United States didn't fit my profile ...They Freaking can't read and never refer to anything ..I am almost never in the States and these people are Idiots at best .. Can't wait to get back to the States so I can find another Bank to do Business with !! Sun Trust Bank is the worst !!

Posted by me

i have been a customer since suntrust came to fla many years ago and up until today have always been happy with this bank. Today i walk in there a line a mile long and finely get to me the last one in the bank and theres only one teller no one handling the drive threw and the girl totally ignores me doing all the back work she need to catch up I stand there for 5 minutes as she chats at another teller just standing there with her not helping I look around im the only one there so i count to 10 and just grab my deposit from the window and walk out.she yells back I will be riht with you in a minute I say too late. Really you ignore me and then wonder why im pissed .Suntrust what the hell what happen to customer service you have cut the tellers to none raised your prices on everything and could give a crap about loyal customers arggggg

Posted by Lynda

We had a lot of money stolen from our checking account a few weeks ago in another state. Haven't heard anything. We need our money back.We have done nothing to cause this.lO

Posted by libby

I have have duplicate hotel fees taken from my account. I book with Travelocity pay them online then a duplicate charge plus some(Baymount Inn) I authorised pet fee $65.00 and Hotel charged $175,????. . Baymount manager refused to acknowledge overcharge rudely told me they were keeping my money.They had already refunded the duplicate hotel fee and damage deposited hold also was returned. I authorized $65. Pet fee only!! Quality Inn 2 wks later sent a duplicate charge of $104 for their room.Crossroads required a cash payment due to the after hour check in tume. Suntrust responded with an email stating that hotels had denied any overcharge and travelocity issued me coupons for a bad experience and cash overcharge from Crossroads.I'm out over$275 from the Baymont and Quality hotel unauthorized overcharged. I love my Suntrust bank service but feel they really let me down when they saw no errors in the transaction. This was done with email . No one called me, I felt brushed of and let down with the outcomeTravel issued me coupons but did not get my money back.I am on disability and need my money returned please help.

Posted by nineiron

While visiting the Augusta, GA branch on Peach Orchard Road, a teller told me if I didn't like the we do things here, stated we have five other branches so you can go somewhere else. A gentleman that I believe was a manager was sitting at his desk texting on what appeared to be his personal phone and did ask if I needed assistance. I have been a loyal customer for over 55 years. I never experienced this kind of reaction from previous branch employees in the past. I have noticed a decline in customer service. I will not be treated that way again, I am considering moving my account after all these years.

Posted by Billy

I have been with suntrust for twenty years, was really suprised the way I got treated when I went in to apply for a small loan. I go in this branch weekly. All seems fine long as I am putting my money in there bank. But time I ask something from them, no can do, no help, bad attitude, an act like I'm bothering them. What happen to taking care of your people. Been loyal with suntrust since I was 18 the first account I ever opened is now leaving a bad taste. If you go here you are only a number now, not so sad to say I'll be moving my business elsewhere. Maybe this is the reason suntrust has been falling behind in the banking business.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Tony Williams, my wife is Karen Williams. We have been banking with Suntrust for over 30 years and have several accounts. I will be leaving because of the very poor service I have had the last several visits at the Roswell rd. (5900 blk) location. The rep there refused to give me a $400 change order.. My company has an account at Bank of America but I was at Sunburst doing my own banking and hoped I could keep from driving around Roswell. I understand that the business account was elsewhere but I felt that they could do it for one of their own customers. I even agree to pay the change order fee she said would be associated with the transaction. My restaurant is across the street from Suntrust . Poor customer service. I'll be taking all my business, personal, investment snd private banking to Wells fargo.

Posted by Anonymous

I been applying online and the app.will not take my password

Posted by [email protected]

Dear suntrust,
I am disappointed to hear that my wife started a business account trying to protect her money and income went to all theae service fees you aquired and as she worked very hard for the $400.00 she had deposited and yet you charged her this fee and that fee without telling her upfront that you would be doing so and sje had to close the account because it was costing more money than she made and is never going to see that money again makes me wonder if starting a business accout is really worth it.I think you have set standars to high and fees to high to a single person trying to make a living and should be revamped in order the customer to syart an account like this iwas so upset by this i almost thought of changing banks and boycotting your services please tell me you respect people more to be like family and want thier business as a family not think corparate we as the consumer dont bring thousands of dollars in revenue and this business was just starting up with very little money to make on the side if their is a way you can make this right i would gladly love to hear how you would do so

Posted by Anonymous

I had a fraudulent chargeo on my account for over $1600 for airline tickets. Even with the proof of it being fraudulent, I didn't get a refund and after calling for over a month to get paperwork sent via mail for appeal I keep getting a runaround. I know SunTrust has my correct mailing address because I get statements. I've accrued overdraft fees besause if this and have two small children as a single mom. $1600 is a lot of money to me. If anyone should care about this, it should be the bank that I pay to handle situations like this!!!! I'm furious and will go to the highest lengths until this is fixed.

Posted by tony

Mobile app is 50-50 on whether or not you can use it. The new bill pay blows. I am definately changing banks, i have said that for a couple years but now it is going to happen. They call me all the time to "help" me make smart choices about my money anytime it goes up. Sick of the service at the local Cumming branch, what ever the guys name is a real tool. Yes, you at Exit 17 off 400.

Posted by Marvin

The new online website is not only unusable broken piece of crap! The site certificate has a revocation error making it unsafe! The site loses payments, has missed payments, and cause me a really headache with my paying bills! I am going to have to start looking for a new bank until people wise up and walk away from Suntrust they won't listen to there customers! They even give horrible answers which I complained about them to the BBB!

Posted by Anonymous

Phone calls are not returned by Boris and Lillie at the Pinecrest (Miami) Branch. Their respective voice mails state that they will return your call as soon as possible, but you can leave message after message for days and never receive a return call. If you are there to make a deposit - now, that's a different story! Preposterously poor follow through - but a lot of glad handing when you are actually in the branch.

Posted by Anonymous

In order for customer service to be "good," it should start at the top! At the very least, the branch manager at the Suntrust located at 113th and U.S. 1 should require that his employees return phone calls within 24 hours. For customers' calls to be repeatedly ignored is rude and ensures that there will be no repeat business. The employees definitely call the customers when it comes time for CD's to be renewed!

Posted by Anonymous

How many telephone messages do I have to leave before someone returns my calls? I am referring to the Pinecrest Branch in Miami (113th and U.S. One. After having left at least five messages for Boris, and five for Lillie, (over the course of four days) I have yet to receive the common courtesy of a return call. Yet, when they want to make sure my money remains in Suntrust, they are calling me constantly. Very poor customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

As a loyal customer of Sun Trust in Miami, FL for over 20 years with both personal & commercial accounts. I see many down sizing of the employees and the lack of customer service in many of your branches in the recent years. This complaint happened on 7/3/2015 in the nearby 11341 South Dixie Highway, Pinecrest, FL address of your Sun Trust location. I went in to make two separate deposits, we put the money & ck. in diff. envelopes because they're from the sales of diff. dates and with diff. deposit slips. An African Am female at the Teller name Carol Palmer "refused" to open those envelopes and "demanded" me w/ a sergeant-like face to open up for her so she can count the money to make the deposits. Is this how low the customer service go down now for Sun Trust?!

Posted by Anonymous

Your new sun-trust on line banking website is awful. Bring back the old one. New one is less customer friendly and very slow and often is not working. I have complained and gotten a response. You are n the verge of loosing a 200k plus customer if I get no response or things don't get better. Dave

Posted by Charon

Their website is bad and it will only get worse. Why?
Who makes Suntrust money?
Young kids with minimum wage jobs that overdraft.
How can we make money off them?
By making them happy with phone friendly websites.
How do we get them to overdraft?
By not letting them really see their transactions clearly.
(I did this on my pc, and my whole page moves up).
How do you confuse them even more?
By adding beach pictures, garbage headers that take up room, and making sort function so it lists alphabetically and not by last paid bill first.
How do you get rid of old people with stable jobs that don't make banks rich?
You screw up their PC viewing.
You make them mad and they move to another bank.
Stable people don't make banks money. They don't want you.

Posted by Anonymous

What a joke of a website! Cannot make a car payment thru the external payment box. Who designed this fiasco? Just can't leave a good thing be.

Posted by findingadifferentbank

Seriously???!?!? The suntrust website is an absolute JOKE! Try to add "online bill-pay", enter in all my info, and it then says the info is wrong or that i'm not signed up for online banking.......DESPITE THE FACT THAT I WAS ACTIVELY SIGNED INTO MY ACCOUNT AND CLICKED THE ICON FROM THE HOMEPAGE!!!!!! Then trtying to find another menu in a fruitless attempt to locate help, and the drop-downs are going all over the place and offer no coherent direction.
A freakin' 9 year old could design and manage a better site. FAAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Benne

The new on-line banking site is a hot mess. I cannot believe this is what they refer to as "modernization." I'm just one customer, but this one customer is taking my money elsewhere if this is not rectified by June 1st. I have no confidence in a bank that makes their website user UNFRIENDLY. When you send a message you get this inane stock replies that do not human, but if they are, that makes it even more worrisome.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to second the comment about the new website being terrible. SunTrust should offer a choice of views so that the account information will load correctly on PCs. It's understandable that people want to use their mobile devices for everything, but not everyone does that. I hate using the website now.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible experience trying to reach SunTrust either by telephone or chat. "No representatives available" to chat and a very, very long wait on the phone, only to reach someone who was unable to assist me, and kept insisting on transferring the call to a "credit card specialist," even though my question had to do with the new Web interphase (which, by the way, is a step back from the previous one).

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Posted by barb

My branch manager Liz La force was excellent. I would rate her a 10 of 10. Problems are twofold. The reason I am getting the loan is to pay off the credit card right away. The reason is it has been a nightmare for me to pay it. I have had Chase for about ten years and have never had a problem. I showed Liz what my problem was with your multilevel punch ins to pay. Two hits with chase, and it is payed. About ten minutes to pay you and sometimes that did not even register on my account.

Second problem. You did not listen to a thing I said when scheduling the appointment for signing the loan papers. I told them the problems the bank manager had with double booking appointments by your office. They totally ignored what I told them, and promptly scheduled it for the time I set without checking with the manager. Of course she was already booked. Since we have been in communication on line, she was aware of what happened.
We rescheduled and you had to resend the papers. This is very inefficient and not listening to your own people, really shows.
Suggestion. 1. Get easier access for payment of the credit card from another facility. 2. Call the manager/person you are booking with in the bank first; or have access to their time schedule in office so double booking is not an issue for your people or me. 3. Have the CEO go on undercover boss for a reality check....

Posted by JANICES

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Posted by Lyn Lawrence

I misplaced my debit card. I called as soon as I realized it and Suntrust put a hold on the card. I called back 3 days later because I still couldn't find it. They confirmed my ID and sent me out a new card after canceling my old one. Both times I called, the customer service rep was extremely nice, patient and helpful. Could not ask for better!
Lyn Sewell-Lawrence

Posted by just me

wonderful!!! please read all of it. it was valentine's day weekend and i was out enjoying myself. it was the actual day, and i was coming home late. i knew that i needed to deposit some money into my account, plus i didn't want to carry around that much cash. so i went to the ATM to make a deposit. it was after hours, but i had used the new cash deposit feature before. i couldn't totally remember when the deposit would actually take place, but i knew i didnt want to get up early either. well i deposit the $200 cash and it accepts it, but i had more money to put in. so i hit the more cash button and place the money inside. it gives me an error message and says that the money i just added could not be accepted, and gives the money back. no problem, i'll just try it again. well...the machine times out and never goes back to any of the options. i get no reciept and the orginal $200 was never credited. WHAT ONE DA** MINUTE!! so i say to myself, maybe it takes a while to credit, so i deposit the remaining money that it just rejected. well it accepts it as i thought it would, but now theres an immediate credit. i'm like da**!! now i have to be up here 1st thing in the morning anyway to straiten this out. so i come up to the bank and speak with the teller. she tells me that she doesn't see the deposit and that i have to call the 800 #. i was pissed about that, but ok. i call the number and she tells me that she cant help me and that the bank should have handled it. so of coarse, im still sitting in the parking lot because i need my money! so i keep her on hold and walk back into the bank so she could speak with the teller. they talk and get me to speaking to whom i need to speak with. after explaining to the woman with the heavy accent what was going on, she tells me that she can do a credit for me. i say ok, kool. but she goes on to say that it wont take affect until the next business day. that's on tuesday. today is friday, some holiday on monday so yall will be closed, and i wont see this until TUESDAY!! no and maam! i need my money today!! i have the ballet tonight at the fox, and a stage play tomorrow. my girl just had my first child and i've planned this long special weekend for us. I NEED MY MONEY TODAY LADY!!! u dont take your girl to the historic fox theatre for the ballet and then to fu**ing mcdonalds for dinner!! she says thats all she can do. i say well fine, i need to speak with your supervisor. she places me on hold, and comes back and says my supervisor says it SHOULD be there tomorrow. i say "should"...what is your supervisors name? she refuses to give it to me and says why do i need it? i say because when this money doesn't show up tomorrow, i need a name to attach to the phone call im GOING to place. she says it should be there. i say i NEED A NAME!!! she says i can let you speak with my supervisor. and i say that was who you were suppose to be putting on the phone the first time you placed me on hold. so she places me on hold again. this time, i actaully get her supervisor. ms. mary, God bless her heart, tells me that she can save my LIFE!!! she explains that what she can do is give me a credit of the missing $200 until the other credit can post. this way the money is available for me to use. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! it took some work, but THANK YOU for saving a very VERY important weekend for me!! it was very frustrating knowing that the machine messed up and stole my money. but they were able to fix the issue and save my weekend!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Posted by Loricarole

Suntrust Bank on Harrison Ave in Panama City is the nicest group of people I have ever met ! The President is so nice her name is Ms. Mclemorey she has been there forever and still looks like a teenager. The manager Deborah is always cheerful and helpful and Jennifer is like super teller. It makes going to the bank a pure pleasure. Thanks so much. Suntrust gets an A++++ from me.

Posted by dafne

I LOVE THIS BANK!!! They are awesome. I had Wachovia for years and they were just TERRIBLE! Suntrust is the best bank for customer service,and more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!
One Happy Suntrust Banker

Posted by lutes

I recently was notified by Sun Trust that a monthly fee of $7 would be applied to checking accounts with a daily balance of less than $500. Although I maintain much more than that in my checking account, I feel those that can least afford this new fee will suffer. If I were not able to maintain the $500 balance I would definitely withdraw my account and find another bank. This is another example of the banking system taking advantage of the consumer.

Posted by Kerrie14

My husband and I have banked with Suntrust for about 4 years now and they have always been so helpful and polite. A few months ago, I accidentally submitted my mortgage payment twice through my online bill pay with Suntrust. Needless to say, this overdrafted our account. Once I had taken notice of the transaction, I was immediately on the phone with customer service. Not only was she very polite, she called Bank of America (who we have our mortgage through) to inform them of the details, then put me on the line. She even arranged for all of my overdraft fees to be returned once the duplicate mortgage payment was returned. They were also extremely helpful with submitting the documentation Bank of America was requiring. I have no negative complaints about Suntrust after the years I have banked with them.

Posted by N.WATERS

I have banked with SUNTRUST from the time they started.'I believe in loyalty,family.morals.I believe majority of people are honest and good.Im divorced and raised 2 daughters(they turned out great).I was laid-off from USPS in '08'.'The bottom fell out from under me'.7 months after lay-off,first new car I ever owned,a person T-boned drivers side,totaling it.How could things get worse? My credit was 7.4,now gone....My brother in Iraq,his wife w/cancer,I had to get 3 lil ones.I wrote everyone I owed and asked to please understand,be patient.'Everyone still came after me'.Besides brother a state away,I had no family'.'Oh wait! Suntrust! They understood,they never threatend me,or called.'Suntrust said take care of when you can.(I did in 2010).'So in the storm,the SUN came thru,and the TRUST grew"."Thankyou SUNTRUST! Thankyou for being my family and a friend'.I believe majority of people are.........

Posted by Hillaryrrose

Everyone has bad stuff to say but ive called customer service numerous times in the last one year that ive had an account with them including 5 mins sgo without problems. Cust serv is fast and clear. Eorks for me.

Posted by celine1391

AWESOME Bank! Great customer service and products!

Posted by Anonymous

Needing to rent 4 or more safe deposit boxes, I checked with your two branches nearest home. The differences in service, arbitrary requirements and customer consideration were huge.
I've dealt with both branches and others for many years; the tellers are all most helpful. Managements' approaches however are opposite. Nassawadox was most eager to please, thoughtful of customer's convenience, and seemed genuinely appreciative of our tiny bit of business. Thank you, M. E. Gladstone

Posted by Anonymous

I was set up for auto pay, yet Customer Service had no idea that it was processed. I was told that my auto payment was due and needed to send in my payment right away. I sent another voided check, the form and a payment right away. A week later, I saw that my payment (more than what was due) had been processed and the very next day my regular payment was 'auto paid', so two payments were taken out of my bank account one day apart! Thankfully, the loan dept straightened it out for me...but a ten day wait is required for them to cut me a check and send it USPS.

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Posted by Anonymous

Working for SunTrust has been a challenge being a prior CCB employee. SunTrust is NOT the small town bank. They want us to talk like Robots. Our customers say if it wasn't for us they would be gone. They do like the people in the branches and they are tired of getting phone calls about us employees to "rate us." The people in back ofc who apparently have nothing to do but make up some rules and have never worked in a branch.


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