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Suddenlink customer service is ranked #134 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 52.96 out of a possible 200 based upon 760 ratings. This score rates Suddenlink customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


625 Negative Comments out of 760 Total Comments is 82.24%.


135 Positive Comments out of 760 Total Comments is 17.76%.

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    • 52.96 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 625 negative comments (82.24%)
    • 135 positive comments (17.76%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Called on July 18 2018. I am disabled and have an ATT cell phone which needs a microcell to work 99% of the time. The microcell uses the Internet to assist in the calls. On the 18th TiVo was not working on remote TVs and phone line that is from suddenlink was out. Called Suddenlink and was also told I also had a spike in power over my service. They could not get a service technician to my house before I left town but could get a line technician to check the pole to see why I got the power a spike. They said the scheduled appointment was on the 23-24 of July to check the pole. While I was gone internet went out so I could not control my nest thermostat to cool my house down before I returned (The nest is a internet controlled thermostat so you can adjust it from your phone while at home or out of town all you need is internet and my phone has great internet, suddenlink not so). Needless to say the house was 80 degrees when we got home in central Louisiana where the heat index is over 108 degrees daily in the summer. Called suddenlink and they said they would have somebody come out on Sunday, time came and gone so I called about my appointment and they said they miss spoke and it would be Monday, but they would send someone to check the pole. The order request to check the pole was 23-24 of July not the 30th. (WTF). I did complain the my modem was flashing more lights than a Christmas tree and they said it was over three years old and they had problems with them and it needed to be replaced. I asked why they had not scheduled for that to be done and they responded it was up to the customer to do that. Well l have problems with their service every couple of months and have to manually reset the modem and call them, but I guess I never asked to have my faulty modem replaced and I guess it's not up to them to tell them their job and insist on a new one. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. My first experience with them in this house was after my old house got flooded with about six feet of water and moved into this house that at the time we were flipping. Every toy my daughter had was soiled with waste water(oil, gas, insecticides, sewer water and so on, so everything was thrown out). We had our services transferred to our new house and it took ten days. Two days after it the service was connected my daughter told me her tv went out. I went outside and they had sent a service man terminate our service. They sent him out with a paper list of houses that did not have service that was weeks old and he was going around disconnecting houses from the service poles, They evidently got their list prior to the ten days of me having my service change and paying an outrageous disconnect and reconnection fee and the new service turned on, they were using a very, very, very old list. They disconnected my service and when I stopped and asked the service technician what he was doing and showed him the paperwork I received when I had the services moved, he wouldn't even call the office to verify what I was showing him was accurate. This was Saturday and He told me to call the office Monday and they could straighten it out, that would have meant no phone, no internet and no TV until they could schedule some to fix their f**k up. To bad for him he pulled his truck was pulled a little to far down the driveway so I pulled my F250 right to his pumper and said when the tv comes on I'll move my truck and I turned around and went inside. He then called and had put the cable acrossed two poles to the main service to get it back to my house and working again. So of course I moved my truck. I never got an apology or even a call and that was probably the best service I have had in ten years. When I did get them to add another line which they new was going to have to be in the attic they came in the afternoon and said that they were not allowed to go in attics after 10:00 because of the heat and I would have to reschedule, so I volunteered to go in the attic and drill the hole to run the cable thru the attic and down the wall (I didn't even get a thank you). He made the whole in the wall to run the cable out and it looked like he put his fist through it (pictures below) and used a little wall cover that didn't even cover the hole. After I complained they ordered and brought a doubled size wall outlet to fix it, it fell of the wall one week after that. I just wish it was not a monopoly on cable here because they would be out of business ( it rains to much for direct tv to be efficient ). I wish ATT 2 wire would come to this area. The real SAD thing is I have been a customer For over 30 year and they treat you like s**t, what ever happened to customer loyalty!!! And to top it off so they would not have to trim a tree (there job) they looped my cable line down the main line then to the pole closer to my house, I guess it's some sort of new engineering. Picture include also!

Posted by Cowboy_Ken

This is the worse piece of service anyone can get for internet and TV. Go with someone else please. I am always out of internet and have been cancelled 3 times for having a technician come to look at my equipment. I have already arranged to go back to Directv with Hughesnet as my internet. If Hughesnet doesn't work then I am going to Trinity Communications. Suddenlink can kiss my butt and I am going to deduct all of the internet time I have been missing off of my bill when it is due. Get ready Suddenlink. Maybe now I will get to talk to the CEO about my darned problem with these dorks.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a new customer and today is my second day and cable is not working. The cable worked for 15 minutes and then stopped. I have to spend around 70 minutes talking to customer service. Very poor service and looks like Suddenlink does not want new customers or cannot handle. Never expected such a bad service from a so called reputed company in this area. Facing problem from day one installation cancelled, then after installation; cable not working.

Posted by tjobes33

I have never been so frustrated at poor customer service. I called this morning to inquire why I am receiving a past due bill when I have automated payment, and it was stopped. I was told it was stopped in March and that it could only have been stopped by customer's authorization. It was not authorized, and on further inquiry, the date and time of said authorization was a time when my husband and I both were at work. Now, I have been trying to find a phone number for corporate offices to complain, and the online numbers are not correct. This is good business practice?

Posted by customerservicesucks

I woke up yesterday with no cable, internet nothing. I called Suddenlink and they said my auto payment on April 27, 2018 was returned therefore they disconnected my account. They never bothered to mail me a letter, email, text or a phone call. They just completely disconnected my account and sent me to collections. Mind you this was 5 days after this issue happened. They have been taking it our of our current checking accounting for 4 years with absolutely no problems before. When I called I asked the lady what was the last for digits of the checking account it came out of on April 2018. The number she gave me was not even close to the checking account they have been taken out. Found out that was an extremely old checking account from years ago that was closed when we moved. How they decided to charge that account is beyond me. She contacted the "collections" department and they told her "not their problem" and I had to pay now or not get my service back. So, she used the "correct" account from which they were taking out before and it went thru with flying colors and I got my account turned on again. No apology, no nothing. Needless to say, it screwed up our internet and I spent all day fixing it yesterday. Called the Corporate headquarters left a message to call me back twice because I wanted to know how and why this happened. Still have not heard back. Can't believe they can't even give me an apology for something I had nothing to do with. May have to investigate another cable company if I don't hear back soon.

Posted by Ashley

Hi I have completed the form and submitted it to an attorney (who is also my brother In law), to start a class action lawsuit against Suddenlink. We've gone over some of their so called policies concerning fees and he said some are potentially out right fraud. This has affected a large number of customers including people who lost everything during the floods last year in Texas.

Posted by Veronica

I have tried to contact the corporate office because on Tuesday your greed doubled it into my bank account and took a second payment I had lost a granddaughter on that Sunday my daughter was 7 months pregnant I needed to pay for the funeral and the director told me my payment was declined on Wednesday and now tonight I checked my bank account and because you took $156 out of it I am in the negative by $45 do you think there's anything else you could do to just cut my soul

Posted by Jeff

How can a company setup a visit to your home to discuss their security system installation and not show? No phone call,email or any contact. My wife and I adjusted our schedule to meet them and then nothing. What a way to run a business. We did buy a service through another company that adjusted their schedules to meet our needs.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot get a technician to fix my incoming cable which was damaged 31 days ago. Suddenlink schedules appointments to come and fix cable but does not show up. When I call in they want to schedule again 2 weeks out but never explain why they never showed up

Posted by Burnt Again

do NOT use Suddenlink for your internet service!!!
If you happen upon a positive review, I assure you it is an anomaly!
POOR service, both customer and installation, damage to walls and poor equipment. Exorbitant fees appear mysteriously on your first bill that were NEVER mentioned before installation!
Buyer BEWARE! You have been warned.

Posted by Frustrated

Good Lord the call in number couldn't be worse or more frustration.... A real circle jerk! My reciever is failing (resets every 15-20 minutes) and it took me 46 minutes to get to a human being to tell me they charge $50 to "schedule" a technician.... HORRIBLE.

Posted by Ron

I own a Hotel in Huntsville,Tx. Called them approximately 5 times for the same issue. Do not receive higher HD channels. Every time service call is 3 to 5 days from complaint. Every time U have to ask for a Supervisor to get quicker service. Sometimes you get same day service sometimes not. When I ask what do I say to the guest and if I lose business who is responsible. Same answer talk to billing. Lousy service. Made a mistake of signing three year agreement.

Posted by Anonymous

it would be so nice to talk to a person but that is out of the question with this company. you are asking for your customers to go with another company! that stupid recording that you think is so great is going to hurt your company in the long run. tell me, are you afraid to actually hear what people think? is that why you hide behind a drawn out recording that doesn't offer enough options and keeps repeating itself? i tried to find a phone number to a local store but every number i called took me back to that goofy recording! so keep up the way you do business, because direct tv is looking better all the time! mike rutherford

Posted by Anonymous

this company is awful! not had an account with them for 6 months and i receive a collection notice in the mail without any prior notification from them regarding a charge for equipment that i was sent by THEIR choice, not mine! didn't even have cable with them. was told there was no charge or anything needed to be done at the time it showed up on my door and a year later was charged $50!!! NOT a good business to deal with! NOT IMPRESSED!

Posted by Anonymous

I called in today because my cable was going in and out. An agent by the name of Lucian. He started getting hateful and said I had an attitude. I told him I would show him attitude and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. He finally transferred me and guess what, the telephone rang once and he hung up on me. I called back and talked to a nice lady and explained my situation and she submitted a request for a supervisor to call me back. As of now I have received NO CALL from a supervisor. I am NOT happy with Suddenlink's service!

Posted by Jake

Unable to get any information on outage. NO estimated time of repair, cannot get through the automated system to talk to a real person.

Posted by Anonymous

I nave an unending times went i get a server not found andan almost constant slowness of almost everything. I am a Greenville nc cusyomef.

Posted by Dnuts

Suddenlink worst internet cable period i would never recommend them to anyone had service not even a month bill was 300 after i paid 167$ to sign up cable is choppy internet slow half the time dont work they sent 5 techs out to fix the problem and it was waste of time cause not one of them fixed the problem they need to shut the company down there raping customer's for there money

Posted by hullender

they are extremely rude over the phone they refuse to listen instead they want to argue, they have no customer service skills at all and when you do try to address an issue or cancel a service they act like you are the problem. they don't listen or take no for an
answer. my husband and I have been with them for at least 7 years and have had nothing but problems with customer service and nothing seems to get done because no care about the customer

Posted by Jeremy_11

Most inconsistent internet service provider I've ever had, apparently the extent of their techs training is resetting the modem and that's over the phone or during a house call. I am only eligible for the 25mb service due to my location, I average less than 5mb no one can explain why, and because suddenlink is 1 of only 2 service providers in my area, their customer service takes advantage of that, with responses such as "well just cancel your service if it's that big of a problem" UNSAT!!!would not refer this provider to my worst enemy.

Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to a live person. Impossible. I have a simple question and I am not paying for it. I am really thinking of dropping you . I am very frustrated. I am totally pissed off.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in southwestern Louisiana. My cable and internet has been out for most of the day. As you see the internet finally was restored but my cable is still out. I live in Sulphur, Louisiana. I believe ( and I will eventually prove it) that Suddenlink plays favorites with their service areas. There is an area in this town that is usually the last to lose service and the first to get it back. As of now this part of town has had their cable service returned hours ago and the rest of us are still without it. This is not a joke nor is it the fist time it has happened. Every time their is large outage in this area this happens. I have been noting this for years. The neighborhood I am speaking about is thought by some to be upper middle-class and maybe that is why Suddenlink takes care of them. Perhaps some of the Suddenlink supervisors live there and they are taking care of themselves. I do not know but I will find out. For your information my neighborhood is new and modern. I guess we do not have that aural like the other I was speaking of.
Another thing!! I am very dissatisfied with your television cable line up of stations and networks. It is terrible. I am paying over 200 dollars a month for trash.

Posted by JackF

Poor service in Truckee area. When it is holiday time, their bandwidth is lame and there are constant interruption of service. Then they raise their price over 15% in less than 1 year (march 2015-March 2016). Then guess what here comes 2017: 7.5% [ricing raise!!! (Hmmm what's the inflation rate? ~1.5%...) I don't see any service improvement (actually i can;t even login to my webcam anymore)
Fraud company!

Posted by blah

Did they change their hours are they not 24 hours anymore I have not been able to contact anyone.... In regards to them setting up my payment plan then still disconnected my service before the due date... Omg been on hold a hour

Posted by Frost

Been a customer of suddenlink's ever since they took over Cox cable in Lubbock Tx many years ago. They were a very customer centric company until about 8-9 months ago (01/01/2016). They were bought out by some other foreign organization. Had no problems until around April, 2016. Suddenly, their ebills with my bank would no longer notify me of my current billing. Went online, set up paperless billing (which never worked until Dec 2016). Paid them with online payments from my bank. Muliple late fees because I had to look online to find my bill. Set up paper bill for one month until I realized they wanted a dollar for that.
Last month, finally got someone to tell me that they had neglected to finalize my email notifications of billing. Got a bill this month that had a $10 late fee and did not reflect my previous over payment or the mid month payment for movies rentals of $17.75. Just spent 45 minutes talking to multiple reps, all say they can no longer refund the late fees, ask for their retention department, lady was pleasant, gave me more services that I don't use at a lower price of about $10 a month. Now my wife is telling me that all the program descriptions on our cable are in spanish. Hope that goes away. All in all, suddenlink has pretty much turned into substandard customer service. Guess they figure if Time Warner and Comcast can do it... why not. Ashame too see good customer service turn into crap. Will be looking at what few providers we have. Suddelink is about the only hispeed internet provider. Don't know about tv service. I hope you all fair better.

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Posted by RMST

The Technician that came out to upgrade my moms cable was excellent. Matt Warden was very polite and took time out to show my 93 year old mother how to operate her remote. He also took the time to go to his truck and bring a channel TV Guide so that I could write down her favorite channels.

Posted by Lob

Suddenlink has always been quick to help me whenever I have an issue. I love having them as an isp.

Posted by Anonymous

Alecia, Tech ID 84642, was an AWESOME person to deal with today concerning our rate increase last month. We SO appreciate the customer service she gave us!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to commend SBS Broadband Technician Tommy Anderson for his help beyond the call of duty. During a change in my channel line up a channel was moved to 197 and another put in its place. But the guide remained on the old number 121 while a new channel came on with no guide therefore messing up my ability to record on a new channel. Spoke to tech support several times for help, the first time I was hung up on, I called back 3 times before someone decided to send out a tech. When he came out he could see what I was talking about, contacted people and discovered that this was a community wide issue, he stated that it was a Tivo issue and they would have to correct it, it took about a week and now all is well. Tommy deserves a big AttaBoy for his efforts.

Posted by Anonymous

Kevin was very courteous and punctual. He really cared to make sure we had good service from him as well as from SUDDENLINK. He left me his card if there were anymore issues. He came out twice in 2 days and also troubleshot with me over the phone. This was a tough case! He didn't give up! He found the problem. One of our hotel guests mistakenly switched the cords that go from the box to the wall!

Posted by Shyj

John D. from Washington NC is a great employee and is very honest. I really appreciate is kindness even though it was raining. Thanks such a great employee.

Posted by Anonymous

Called Suddenlink with an internet problem. I was very satisfied with there ability to repair the problem. My tech Jed tech ID 25262 did an excellent job and was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks

Posted by N/A

I want to compliment your employee Adam Rodriguez for the outstanding correction of my TV audio and video problems. He arrived during the time window set by Suddenlink Tech. on 2 August, 2016. He checked all inside connections. Outside he correctly evaluated the problem at my house connection and the cable telephone pole connection. He replaced the cable line from the pole to my house and updated all other connections that were defective. He also determined a low signal problem in the Suddenlink cable line and set up an evaluation and correction for this problem. Suddenlink Amarillo Maintenance arrived within 20 minutes and Mr. Rodriguez also returned to provide them with the low signal information. The problem was corrected and my reception is great. Professional and courteous employees like Mr. Rodriguez are a great asset to Suddenlink and to customers like me who appreciate outstanding TV and internet reception and service. Sincerely, Charles A. Grandmaison, Jr.

Posted by Suddenlink

was so pleased with the suddenlink service i received yesterday.The man that called me (Scott) went out of his way to get my Internet hooked up.

He was headed to a meeting, yet took the time to answer all my questions. The gentlemen that came to my home ( I dont remember this name) was quick and got here in a timely matter.

I would like to tell them both thanks,and i stayed up half the night watching movies!!!Thanks again Scott, they need more people like you and the service man that came!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Our signal was lost. After spending an hour with Tech support our local suddenlink tech was contacted and set up appt. for next morning. T.J. came early next morning, was very friendly, professional, and had our problem diagnosed and fixed withing 5 minutes. We are very happy with results.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently, I had a problem with reception on my television. I called in for assistance and a serviceman arrived in a short time. His name is Jed and his Employee # is 25262. I was highly impressed with his work and turned out to be a real problem to get things working. Jed stayed on the job and even though he had other calls to make and it was getting towards time to go home he stayed until all was repaired and operating correctly. You have a very good employee in this gentleman. I recommend some type of award for him.

Posted by osharilee

Kudos to Kevin with Suddenlink Tyler/Lindale, TX. When I returned home this evening I had no phone service or internet. Not sure why as both were working when I left this a.m. The internet is extremely important to me and when it is down it is an absolute disaster for me.
When I called to see if it could be fixed asap, I was told that the earliest that it could be fixed would be Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, my schedule saw me in the Dallas area Saturday afternoon and therefore it would be Monday a.m. before they could get to me.
I called Kevin as he had just been here on a special request as my new remotes were not working and he promptly told me he would be on his way to help me out.
He was wonderful and got me up and running quickly.
Because of his commitment to his customers, I am now able to pay my Suddenlink bill and other bills tonite and get them paid on time.
Ratings below are in reference to Kevin.

Posted by Anonymous

New Suddenlink customer - the tech who came out last week frankly didn't know what he was doing. My husband went to your Broadway office Monday - talked to Marianna (very good) and she got two new techs out to our house that afternoon. Marcus Hayley and Shane Tidwell were great! They got everything working correctly and stayed to make sure it was OK. They also made sure my Medical Alert system was connected correctly to the phone system. Those two deserve a big thank you.

Posted by Richard Lips

The service technician was excellent and very knowledgeable about the job that he performed. he has my highest approval.

Posted by Bentley's Mom

I have to say Suddenlink's customer service and many of the technicians leave a lot to be desired. However, after numerous complaints about a recurring problem they finally sent a technician that is worth his wait in gold!!! If you are experiencing ANY technical issues and have to have someone come out for repairs, ask for Jonny Roach. He was amazing! This young man was polite, efficient, thorough, knowledgeable, professional and LISTENED to my explanations of the internet issues I was having. The previous technician checked the line and confirmed that I was receiving a signal and refused to check anything further. Jonny, after carefully listening to my concerns, checked EVERYTHING and wound up replacing the splitter and modem, both of which were bad! If I ever have another problem, I am not wasting any more valuable time. I am simply asking for them to send Mr. Roach and I know it will be fixed!!

Posted by Susieq63

I am very pleased with Suddenlink service. Your representative Tyrone Sanders came out quickly on an emergency basis. He was friendly, effecient & courteous. He had our problem fixed within a very short time of arrival.

Posted by Anonymous

Regarding Shane Tidwell--- was called in to help with installing package, young man arrived, found out what was needed and went to work. kept us informed on what and why he was doing things. great personality. made the whole experience a fun and happy one. he's a keeper.. if you need a tech--- call Shane

Posted by Anonymous

Ron Davis installed out suddenlink system... arrived on time, but had been given wrong info from office, he quickly got them on the phone and got the right info, had to call 2 additions reps in to help as it was a much bigger project that the original order had shown. he did not hesitate, was professional, very efficient. if we ask, he explained it in simple terms for us, just a true professional and valuable asset to suddenlink

Posted by Ronald Mirabella

Hi : Dustin Snyder just left our home for a service call -- he is fantastic !! Always prompt, polite and VERY helpful ! He got us up and up to speed on all accounts.
I hope we don't need to call for service again - BUT if we do -- please send Dustin Snyder -- thanks

Posted by Ramon Martinez

One of your employees, Ramon Martinez, (10247) came to our home on a service call. He was an excellent employee and installed our high definition boxes in a very professional manner. He was very polite and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give my thanks to 3 young men who worked hard to fix the cobbled up cables that were there due to upgrades Suddenlink has done over the years. We would like to thank Broadband Technician III Ryan Tackett, SBS Broadband Technician Leon Adams and Broadband Technician III James Orr for all the time they put in at our house trying to fix our problems with our Tivo equipment. Ryan Tackett came back the next evening and put in new equipment and all is working fine now. Just really wanted to recognize these 3 men for their good work.

Posted by Anonymous

Michael, tech ID was just here. He was here before I got back, but patiently waited 10 minutes until I got home. He came in, listened to what my concerns were, and promptly took care of the matters. He also completely and politely explained what he was doing and if there would be a charge as well as what the result of the work would be. I am extremely pleased with his work and with Suddenlink in general!

Posted by Adam

I had a recent issue with my internet speed, and was helped by a guy named Dustin. Just wanted to take the time to say that he was a great help, and fixed my problem with no issues or excuses. I can only hope that everyone in customer service is as helpful as he was.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to express how impressed and appreciative of the repairman that came out due to my cable problem. I had been having with my cable pixling so severe I couldn't even enjoy it, he came in and checked everything and even climbed the pole to locate the problem. I was his last appointment for the day and he was cheerful and very knowledgable. I felt like I had met a new friend before he left.
It is good to know that your company hires such wonderful people.
If suddenlink gives rewards for good employees he definitely deserves one.

Official company reply

Hi - Kacie with Suddenlink here. I'm glad to hear that your recent experience with one of our technicians was so great. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. Please feel free to email me directly with your service address - I'm happy to share your kind words with our Leadership team in your area. My email address is socialsupport-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you, -Kacie

Suddenlink Help 1/27/16 8:37AM

Posted by Anonymous

I am very satisfied with my experience with Joe Espinosa,My Technician for that day

Official company reply

Hello - My name is Kacie, and I'm with Suddenlink. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us regarding Joe. We'll be sure to communicate this with his Leadership team. Thank you! -Kacie

Suddenlink Help 12/23/15 1:01PM

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Posted by db1983db

I work as a contractor for suddenlink and as for the the services I beloved that the services are the best. Super fast internet speeds, low cost for unlimited phone, always adding more channel's, and home security. But....... I think that business should start with the corporate office and rules and guidelines to be tightened. I work in the west Texas region. I am a male with some African-American in my blood however I look white. One of the owners of the contracting company's is always using the n word. I bit my tongue because I don't want to lose my job and feel there is no one to talk to. A family member wants to open up a Facebook page anti suddenlink but I have asked them not to because i really like my job. Also I have seen a whole contracting company b pushed out of a market because a new supervisor was best friends with another contracting company. So a group of 20 installers that were really some of the best I've seen were out of work. Then I see another contracting company that are the only one in a big town have guys work for them that work 6 days a week and have to drive hours away just to spend one day with there families. I think that the corporate office should look into this because in the end happier employees is better for business contractor or not. Strict racism rules. And maybe there should b two contracting company's pre market unless there are only one contracted employee. By doing so I think it keeps both companies competitive with one another and keeps installers from jumping from one contracting company to another as well as possibly making a better chance for some to be able to spend more time at home.

Posted by suberj

Poor James Blakeley has had a long day. He is still here at 6 with four more calls to go. This was suppose to be easy. We had another tech that couldn't help us but James was not about to leave before he found the problem. I should offer him dinner. This is a determined, polite and knowlegable tech. I will ask for him in the future. Give the guy a pat on the back or what ever you do for an outstanding empolyee.

Official company reply

Hi, Shannon from Suddenlink here. Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to post. I will be sure to pass along the kudos! If you are ever in need any assistance please dont hesitate to contact me. My email is shannon-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thanks!

Suddenlink Help 10/19/12 7:36AM

Posted by Suddenlink Help

Hi - My name is Tina and I am with Suddenlink. I would be happy to help with any issues you may be experiencing with your service. Please feel free to contact me directly at tina-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you!


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