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Subway customer service is ranked #620 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.77 out of a possible 200 based upon 754 ratings. This score rates Subway customer service and customer support as Terrible.


718 Negative Comments out of 754 Total Comments is 95.23%.


36 Positive Comments out of 754 Total Comments is 4.77%.

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Posted by Anonymous

Your two afternoon employees at your old Milton lication in alpharetta ga one said her name was Lacretta but who know if that's true. First they tried to make sandwich with burned bread and argued it's all the same. Second the remaining bread wasn't prepared properly and didn't rise correctly so when cut, the bottom was so thin it was unacceptable but they blamed us! Told them their attitudes were awful which they were and customer service deplorable. The one who said if we want to file complaint, go ahead and she tells out "My name is Lucretta, so just tell them that" then she said get the "f" and she used entire word out of her store and she said "get your white a.. out my store" I felt threatened as she raised her body and arm thrashing around. This is deplorable.

Posted by Anonymous

I walked into Bonduel subway 1/16/18 the opener there was very rude, she was cussing, swearing, you name it. The food was horrible. Tasted expired i took one bite and threw it away. Thr customer service amd food quality there i will never go back to that subway. I even asked herto wash her hands and she got upset rolling her eyes. This is horrible

Posted by Horrified

I was verbally abused by the employee who waited on me. She and the other employee seemed confused about everyone's orders. She made my entire sandwich and I was waiting for my turn to pay. The sandwich was gone and it seemed like they gave it to the man in front of me but I wasn't sure. So Elyssia, the one who waited on me was angry because she asked if this other sandwich was mine and I said no. Then she accused me of getting out of the line which was not true. The other emoloyee proceeded to put the toppings on another sandwich for me and as I listed them Elyssia was mocking me and making faces. When I called her on this and said I was going to call corporate she said they aren't part of corporate. She went to the back of the store and yelled " this is why minorities hate white people!" She also complained that she had two extra subs and there are people starving in the world. I said a person should not have to ne abused while trying to order a a sandwich. Needless to say, they have just lost a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I just went in to the subway inside the truck stop on Kentucky route 80 in somerset Kentucky. I wanted a sausage egg and cheese and was told they didnât carry sausage. I left without anything. This is getting to be the norm in all your stores. As a truck driver we are given very few options to eat anymore as the truck stops are putting in only fast food restaurants. Every time I enter a subway Iâm hearing oh we donât carry that. If I am given a choice of subway or a different fast food establishment because I hear that so often I always choose the other fast food restaurant even if itâs one I donât like.

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to thank The Subway Corporation for bringing back the Corned Beef Reuben( even if it�s only for a limited time) to it�s menu!! This is my favorite sandwich of all times on your menu!!! When you first had it on your menu this year, I tried it, loved it, and was buying it almost everyday, until you took it off your menu!! Please think about leaving it on permanently!!!

Posted by patman

VERY VERY VERY MAD going to get are foot long walk into the store and no one was there could have walk out with all the money and food no one would have any idea but the camera.

From the employee siting out in the back of the store he came back in try to order but they did not have the chicken defrosted to make are sandwich. So I guess sitting out side is more important than the people he is going to serve.So we got into are car and drove 10 more minutes to the other subway in are region, when in to the store they had 3 people there but from out the bread was mot raise so we could not get are dinner there. Me and my wife got into a big fight about this so are weekend it is gone THANKS SUBWAY GET A STORE THAT WILL PEOPLE TO SERVE YOU. Patrick Lenihan

Would like to see if you are going to do anything about this matter. I don't think you will.

Posted by parlay

I visit location at 518 wilmington pike dayton, ohio location on a regular basis, I arrive at approx 7:45 because I have to be at work at 8:00 and this is the only location in route that opens at 730. There is a guy that is never opened on time, today was the 3rd time I have gone and they werent open, I came back 2 min later and store was now open, it's always the same guy that opens late, he is very rude, argumentative and doesnt appear to be up to par on personal hygiene, last time he refused to serve me, the door was open but he said they were closed, I asked his name and he would not give it too me, I said I will just take your pic, he ran in the back and didnt come out til he thought I was gone, I then took his picture, he even looks unsanitary, I will never buy from that location again when I see him. I have been a customer service manager and he is the perfect example of a person that should never be in the service industry. He was the only one working this morning at 8:00 so it shouldnt be very difficult for Subway corp. to identify this person, I work for a very large corporation and we cater from subway often, I will do everything in my power to prevent that from ever happening again as long as he is employed at this location.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I visited the Subway at 1845 n Superior Ave. Tomah, WI 54660. As my husband reached the window a worker came to the window, with no name tag, and called my husband sweetheart! I found this very unprofessional, and disrespectful, especially with his wife sitting next to him. I waited to get home to call the Subway Store, the number on the receipt was 608-374-2300. I asked to speak to the Manager on duty. The worker that answered the phone, stated " she needs a manger...geez." When the Manager got on the phone she stated her name was Jodi, and that was the name on my receipt. The receipt shows Served by : Jodi I told her I found her customer service skills very unprofessional, and I did not appreciate her calling my husband sweetheart!! Jodi stated " well I am from the South and that is what we do!" I advised her then I was from North Carolina, and in a work environment some thing you just do not do. I asked Jodi for the Corporate phone number, and she stated I had to go to the web site on my receipt! As I advised her I would be calling she stated to me, " o.k. "darlin" that would be fine, I about went into the phone!!! I was VERY taken by her behavior, and flippant with the whole situation. This Store is in a military town, and many soldiers are in this store. My husband is retired military of 25 years, and through all of our travels, I have "never" witnessed a Subway Store with such unprofessional employees. this whole situation was uncalled for, and Jodi could have handled this far better! I do not appreciate her calling me "honey!!" Again, I am from the south and some things you just do not do. I will contact my Attorney and pursue a Sexual Harassment violation, or Subway Corporate can handle this with me. The choice is yours. This employee/Manager does not represent Subway in good standards. my name is Patricia Werstein. Thank you in advance for taking care of this Sexual Harassment violation.

Posted by Anonymous

May 31st, 2017

To whom it may concern,

I have done some research and it appears that your company is a sponsor for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I have caught glimpses of his show and the times I have, it has not been funny or entertaining. His constant berating people on his show, In my opinion, shows that he is a VERBALLY ABUSIVE BULLY, and promotes HATRED and promotes dividing people rather trying to bring them together.

For the above reason I am no longer going to buy, use your services or watch your network until I know that that you no longer sponsors Jimmy Kimmel and suggest to my friends to do the same.

Thank you,

Menhard Sonnemann

Posted by Anonymous

Debbie I want to thank you calling me
But after I got off the phone with you
After you told me what I said is far
From the truth the only reason I ask if
She was new because i never seen her before. Or did recognize her it had nothing to do with being stupid. For
HER to lie and say something that was never my words. To me is also unacceptable. I just don't understand why person can take responabile for there actions and say I'm sorry I was having a bad day and I losted it. But to justfiy her action with untruth statement is just bad as her action . For you and the store mangager to apologize to me is wrong also you never did a thing to me she missed treated me where it got all out of control . Once again this might be you policy to apologist for her.
But I was taught that honest is the best policy.
And admitted when your wrong not to lie
To justify your action. I had no reason
To call her stupid . I have know right to judge anyone. She the one should apologist to you admitted to you that I never said that she was stupid. I should told you when you told me what
She said that really upset me .
Well with this said. I have choose to
Move on and be the bigger person.
Thank you so much for your kindest.
IN all fairness the subway there is
Clean and fresh bread meats veggies.
For the most the service's was good
Excepted for last night.
Once again thank you .

Ruthi Pfender

Posted by Anonymous

I was at a subway in mishakawa In.
I was treated so terrible it was beyond
Had to count her CONTAINERS I said oh
The other people did it she said couldn't help what people do with that
She pickup the sandwich and veggies threw them in the trash said have Good night. I ask the other girl she also said no she didn't work at subway.
I'm sorry but I did nothing to deseverse this but the police was called he said they have right to refuse SERVE even if didn't do anything
Wrong . Then when leaving I heard them
Talking about me I open door said you don't need to be talking about .
I'm sorry this was beyond being rude
The subway employee acted like she was
Insane . Really sad but also a wasted of food. This was at charlies 12st Mishawaka in 46544

Posted by Kt

Lincoln County Oregon, Newport, Oregon highway 101. Losing customers daily due to poor product, out of many items, untrained staff and under staffed. Manager, Dawn Walker, owner Son Williams. We will not be back until problems are handled. Please help.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Maurice and I visited the Subway on Eastern and Trop 4/26/17 and ordered two 6'sub of day got them home and the subs didn't have any meat ...hmmm funny Never asked for or specified that I wanted a Vegeterian style sub.After walking the meatless subs back to Scott he offered to now just put meat on my subs after I been walking outside in the heat.I said no I want someone else to remake my subs with the meat which sounds strange because it comes with it so.A young heavy set lady remade my sandwiches with the meat my issues didn't receive a receipt when I clearly asked for one was told the machine was down right now never specified in no way that I wanted meatless subs never was offer an apology for inconvenience or having to make another trip there then lastly we all know that customers are always right in this case I believe I have a valid arguement for being just that.

Posted by Anonymous

How the he'll does a manager leave a 17 year old child to run a store completely by his self only being there three weeks and not even come in to help him work?? Someone needs to get to the state street greenfield, in #2268 store and do something about that worthless manager

Posted by Anonymous

The Subway at 10902 Covered Bridge Road was terrible . They said they were out of everything, had teenagers carrying on with the employees at the register, then one of the employees was outside smoking at the door sticking her head inside and yelling at the girl at the counter, while her cigarette was hanging outside the door . Plus she was running around the parking lot hugging on her friends that drove up . My wife is calling corporate and the manager tomorrow. I'll never be back

Posted by Marilyn Wise

I made a complaint a week ago and have not heard anything back regarding the subway in Dallas at the Ameica building .

Posted by Philip Miller

Very upset that the 2 Turkey subs u got very very soggy and not well prepared.

Posted by Anonymous

Here a week or so ago my wife and I decided to go to our nearest Subway. We ordered our sandwiches and we were extremely disappointed. Our sandwiches consisted of very little meat but loaded with lettuce and vegetables. We have other sandwich shops here locally that I will now go to and you can bet that I will pass on my visit at Subway to my friends. Very, very disappointed.

Posted by oldhippie

my wife and i were traveling through arkansas from texas.. we stopped at the travel center truck stop in prescott arkansas where there is a subway in the store.. we were giing to get the special footlongs for 6 dollars.. they told us there was only 7 sandwiches for 6 dollars.. my wife wanted steak but they said that was not one of them.. my wife was disappointed.. she had to settle for something else.. i said it was suppose to be for any one.but my wife said not to make a scene.. so we left and i WONT go back to that store again.. i am really disappointed in they way it went.. we both love subway ..

Posted by Anonymous

Today 1/29/2017 is now the 3rd time I've been there (Fair Lawn - on Fair Lawn Ave.) before the closing posted hours of operation. Why don't you just open mornings or better yet just shut down ! Ian be reached at if you have the nerve to respond. If I don't hear from you by noon tomorrow, I will pass the word not to buy at Subway for your irresponsibility..

Posted by Anonymous

I'd like for someone to do something about this issue ... there always out of this and that . All I eat is steak . I can always get it when it's not on sale but when it FINA goes on sale all of a sudden I can't get it. And I never hear from subway so all I can think is they don't care about the people that keeps them open . I'm sick of it. I've left my e mail but no response from anyone. I work at firehouse Subs in paducah ky and if this was to ever happen (witch it wouldn't ) but if it did we take care of our customers and make sure they r happy. Subway just don't care about their customers and it's very sad. I want to hear from someone from corporate. ASAP

Posted by Anonymous

I was soooo happy that the steak was on sale. Cuz it never is . So all month long $6 STEAK FOOTLONG. ð well I've went to 3 subways in 3 days in paducah ky and they say oh our steak is frozen. That's all I ever eat from subway so that was a big disappointment to me. For 3 days I went to 4 different subways looking for the steak and got none. Ya should be more prepared for ya sales. Cuz I'm not gonna go back for a long while till subway gets more perfection. Cuz to customers like me I will NOT WASTE MY TIME I should get a free sandwich or something for subway messing up there permotion on steak. They probably do it on purpose Cuz that cost the most

Posted by Anonymous

On Monday the January 16 I went to the Subway at 5635 Freeport Blvd in Sacramento 95822 to get the special roast beef sandwich advertised the week end prior during the NFL foot ball games.

The counter girl said they were out of that because the supply truck delivery did not come. My friend and I left. We were mad. We thought what total BS. We returned the next day, Tuesday. Same thing. Different counter girl said the same thing. We left never to return. Total BS.

I would like a reply. Is this a company owned store or franchise? Any way total BS.

Why did this happen. How could this happen. You should know what is being done out there at your stores that hurts your reputation.

Peter Hughes

Posted by Anonymous

I am a huge fan of subway great sandwiches and soups..however everytime I go into the locations in las cruces Nm which there is several locations and Alamogordo NM they never have the broccoli soup available and it doesn't matter of what time I go in ranging from mid afternoon or early evening it's never available. This product should always be available being that some locations are open later than sad that this is happening maybe someone can get this fixed..I have seen that subway was on undercover boss and the message that came from that show is not being played out everywhere. I would really appreciate some action taken on this thank you

Posted by Shashi

Located in Huntsville al..

I was service by shashi on 1-11-17 @2:38pm

The service here suck.I tried 2 use a coupon and he told me it have 2 be a menu sandwich..I read the coupon2 him and he inssist on telling me the same bull carp over and over.he den tell me the sandwich i want (turkey burben) does exist..its been discontinued but yet he can make it for me..but ill have 2 pay $10...then come 2 find out the dnt even have everything needed to make the sandwich..i just waste my whole lunch break at subway...this is ridiculous and been 2 be handled ASAP..

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I Go To The Subway On 19th St Often.the Only Reason I Continue To Go Is Because Of The Lady Donna...awesome Person..always Happy And Makes You Feel Welcome..tells You Have A Great Day And Hope You Enjoy Your Sandwich And See You Next Time...but That Other Young Lady..bad Attitude.i Was There When She Walked Off The Line...the Next Day I Came In And Her Kids Were Time I Heard Donna Say Keep It Together Boo...still With A Smile On Her Face And Apologized For The Delay...if She's Not Part Of Management She Should Be..she's The Reason.we Keep Coming...she's A Loyal And Hard Worker

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to let you know that the worker at the Lansing area ( waverly and Saginaw) shop did an awesome job today.

Posted by Janet

This is the best subway that I have been to there was a young woman name is Selena she has such good customer service when I came in I asked for a veggie she offered to change her gloves since I asked for the veggie not a lot off people will do that kind of thing Selena is such a great person I will be back.

Posted by DeAnna

This review is intended to compliment the employees at the Chilson Commons Subway in Hamburg Twp. Shelly the manager has been helping the Pinckney High School Volley Ball teams with meals for their away games for 2 seasons now. I cannot say enough kind words about Shelly and her crew! They really go above the gold standard! Subway is so lucky to have an employee like Shelly running the show. We are aware that it is a tremendous amount of extra work for them to prepare and organize all of the teams orders with such detail. This also shows such great appreciation and support of the local community. Thank you Chilson Commons Subway!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ms Tony gamble she is the best I had a had bad deal at the subway across the street n she called me n made it right she is great

Posted by Anonymous

I normally don't do this, but I am very anxious to comment regarding the Spokane Valley store located at 3808 N.Sullivan Rd..#101. In all the many Subways we have eaten at this store is by far the EVERY way. Efficient. Clean. Friendly. Eager to please. Smiles all around even during very busy times. We will go out of our way to eat at this store even though there are several other Subways closer to home.

Posted by Subwayguy

My comment is about a subway in Dahlgren va. This subway is on a naval base. My complaint is not about the food but some of the people that work there. I find it rude that the person taking orders is yelling across the room at people 12 feet from him to ask what the customer wants. By the time you get up to the person taking orders someone else is asking what you want on the sub. I have also noticed some customers are confused as to if they are getting the correct sub by the time they are at the cash register. I have had my sub opened up by employees on several occasions to prove to another customer that I had the correct sub. I understand that the employees should work quickly but this is a bit much. I love subway and will continue to go.

Posted by Angela

just stopped at Subway in Winston Salem NC off Hanes Mill Blvd... #2230 Best experience fast and accurate... Greeted the moment I walked in. Great communication during rush hour lunch. I eat subway all the time in other cites and have never encountered the speed of the employees here. Eva L. Was so fast that she should be training others how to do the job. I was in the store less that 2 minutes... WOW experience this should be the standard!

Posted by D

I went into a subway today and the service was great but the food, not so much. My bread was hard and stale. I felt the customer service was excellent but when I got back to my office to eat my sandwich I was very disappointed.

Posted by Georgetteyoung

I am at a Subway, off of I-95, somewhere in North Carolina. I don't know what street I'm on but the address is 10675.
I have never been so pleased with the service here. I have been to other Subway restaurants, and I have to say that this one is the best I have EVER been to. There are two gentlemen working who are the nicest, kindest, and hardworking employees I have seen in a long time. They took the time to make an amazing sub. They also chatted with me while doing so. I have never written anything like this, but my son and I are extremely satisfied with the service.
I hope that these young men get recognized for their wonderful customer service. I will be heading back this way in a couple of days and will be stopping here. I hope that I get the pleasure of seeing them again.
Please let these gentlemen know what an amazing job they are doing!!

Posted by Anonymous

A young Lady by the name of Tara was extremely polite and EFFICIENT!!!!!

Posted by Holly

The lady who helped me this morning was the nicest person that has assisted me in a food service capacity in a long time: Smiley, patient, and a nice conversation. (Subway at Velp and Glendale-Howard)

Posted by Trei

We visited the Subway in Four Oaks NC off 95. We went in two days straight and asked for macadamia nut cookies for 2 days and was told they were sold out. When asked could they make more we were told no. The customer service is the worst we have experienced in a long time. We are a family of 6 and will never return to this location or any other's by this owner/operator. We went to Jimmy John's and had an awesome experience and their customer service was excellent.

Posted by Anonymous

Subway in johnston studentcenter blacksburg va.has the Friendly's employees I've seen in a subway.They all seem happy made me feel happy must have a good boss.thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

my company is this I went to one of your stores the number 10243 in Tulsa I'm from Sapulpa Oklahoma but I would just like to say the group of people that you have working inside was a great group of individuals that work well with one another and I just wanted to take the time to tell you what type of employees that you have that I was very much impressed with the service and I just wanted to share that with you and it was Friday evening when I went in there so I would just like to say thank you and please keep up the good work with your customer service that is a great group of individuals that you have working your 3 to 11 shift thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Hi the subway on the Cloverdale rd nexr to love and fishes they took care of the problem on has thes week thank for your help .

Posted by Cookam54

Today I went to the Plymouth Subway, on 113 Commerce street. Store # 32687.
I had to post a review, as I was treated very well!! Above and beyond. The man who I want to recognize was younger (in his 20s), brunette with a pony tail, and had a gaged earring. He was extremely tentative, and informative. He stood out with his kindness that was just so contagious!!
I hope this message finds its way to the store owner or manager. He really needs to be recognized. Thank you!!

Posted by Anonymous

Tonight, I traveled in a blizzard to come get one of your sandwiches. So worth it. I have had the sandwich before but your employees at the subway off university in Saint Paul Minnesota made it the best I have ever had! And, their smiles, laughter, etc...just added something special. I want to say thank you to Louie and the sweet girl that worked with him at 6:10pm Tuesday Feb. 2,!!! We most certainly will be back.

Posted by Anonymous

I order a meatball sandwich from Millvale subway, I won't talk bad about that store. They handle the matter for me. I greatly appreciate it the store manager.... I thank him....

Posted by Erika

I went to a subway on taft highway and i would like to say Salina was very helpful

Posted by Anonymous

On a Saturday night at 9pm we were at the Subway in Melbourne, FL on Wickham Rd, 1270 #4 where an employee by the name of Devon was working by her self. There was a line of at least four deep while we were there and she did a wonderful job of taking our orders and constantly working the whole time we were there. She always had a very pleasent attitude also. Thank you for hiring sure a pleasent person!

Posted by Customer

Lindale, Texas
Christy the manager and her staff are the best I have experienced in a long time. I live in Oklahoma and was traveling through. Very helpful and sweet people!! Hoping they get some recognition for their great service and attitudes!! They make subway name look good!

Posted by n/a

finally a fast and efficient employee has been hired in the science center in Orlando and I can get my food quickly [unless the lines are really long]. A big thank you to Hannah.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service from Jarod at Subway on Wesley St in Greenville tx. Sunday June 19 2015. We had approx 20 people in our group that came into Subway. Jared was the only employee. He never stopped smiling. He never complained about the crowd. I work in public service and if I had my own company this is the young man I would definitely hire. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I went in to subway today and had a younger girl make my sandwich. I think her name tag said Zoe. She was so sweet and took care in making my sandwich. I did notice that some of her coworkers were a little rude to her. But I think she did a great job. This was at the Subway in duchesne ut

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Posted by Anonymous

I worked for the Subway in New Salem, PA.., stor number 47889.. The owners were money hungry and they even had enough a tip jar in this restaurant that the employees nev r get!! They don't give their employees breaks and they hire underage children to work for cheap labor!! The Manager in this store is very unprofessional and I personally caught her stealing food out of the store on a few occasions..Tell me how they can get away with this???

Posted by Anonymous

How is it legal for our local subway to charge it's employees for "loss" at the end of shift? They count stock/inventory and if there is a loss then my kid has to pay the difference. The other night it was $20. What the heck!!? Several of the other high schoolers are going to quit over this. Who do i beed to contact??

Posted by Anonymous

El paso Tx, subways are the worst stores to work At! They do not treat you fairly, they constantly are checking cameras and accusing you of every little thing they can accuse you of even though your not doing anything wrong (and get this the people checking cameras aren't even from here!...they are from india!!) They do not Apriciate Thier employees at all worst company to work for!

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I asked for a application at one of my near by subway's on 21st and Geary in the San Francisco area with a hire sigh in the window and the lady told me if I get a call back it might not be for that location is this a normal hire practice thought I was being discriminated I would like this matter looked into

Posted by Anonymous

I recently left my job at the subway located in platteville co, i was constantly humiliated in front of customers and employees due to my disability. I want to report several health violations in food and work environment.

Posted by Emily

So I worked at the subway in palmyra indiana for a little over a year. I've now left that job and have a New one. But I've been in and seen also heard from others awful things. The meat is being kept several weeks old and is being served to customers. They are not cleaning properly. Their sodas were out of date. All of them! It is a disgrace to see how lazy the workers and the managers are there. I mean you have to have a little pride in your work. All I can say is do not eat at subway in palmyra indiana. It needs to clean up it's act or shut down!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I work at a Subway around the PA and MD border. My store is disgusting. When we have expired food, we are told to sell it If it still smells okay. I have found moldy flatbread and rancid chicken. I had the stomach virus and still had to work because no one would cover my shift. I was constantly going to the bathroom and vomiting and another co-worker of mine got sick as well and they still made her work. Please do something about this.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for subway for two years, had been my most favorite job. But the management was aweful. We we're always told to tell customers about the survey, if we didn't we for scolded. And any survey's given we were always given the bad ones. Working there for two years we were never given a good survey. Just survey's saying how bad we were. And I brought it up to my manager how it is to feel only getting bad survey's, kind of makes working sum, but chats all we got. Prepping food, if food got dropped in the floor I was told to scoop it up and out it in it's proper place. Example, my boss stored tomato in the fridge from another company that shares tha food court, pulling a box of tomatoes they all fell out and she got mad and helped me pick them up and out them back in the box for slicing. She has changed dates on her veggies because they are old, I don't think this is right. I loved this job, but quit because it is plain nasty

Posted by Mr.Shah

I was an employee at subway Mr.Shah Houston, Tx.It was a robbery that happened at one of the stores. Since I quite that tried to blame it on me. They are refusing to give me my ck. My name is Arkisha Smith what can I do.

Posted by Uncontrolled Health

I work at the subway in Winner, SD . I'm 19 and have asthma. As far as I know I'm the only employee at my subway with asthma. Had it not been for a coworker going in today I would have lost my job. Their reason for firing me would have been missing too much work because I was faking asthma attacks!! I don't enjoy being able to not breathe and the fact that someone who has no idea what it's like for me would even accuse me of faking it really upset me. I hate that I miss work due to my uncontrolled asthma. I can't help it. Any subway willing to fire a worker due to health issues needs to be shut down until given new management!!

Posted by Anonymous

Subway across from rosa parks circle in grand rapids mi is by far the worst run store Ive or anyone who has ever worked seen for a store owner. Best way to put it is the owner will lie about things to get people fired,they are also hypocrites after they're confronted about doing any wrong doing.

Posted by Anonymous

The owner of the subways in San Angelo Texas has no clue on how to run a business. He is greedy money Hungry he does not care about all of the employees that work there. He has the employees still at minimum wage and has cut everyone's hours so that no one can make a living,he has employees working by themselves at night! Not cool at all. Very disappointed about the owner and the GM's who has no balls to stand up to him. Very sad.

Posted by captain bogus

the subway in the Walmart in midletown ohio, is a joke!!! they prey on Walmart cashiers to pricematch all their purchases for their shop. then they get in trouble for doing it and lose their jobs.that is unfair to Walmart employies!!!!!!!111
subway should be shut down in Middletown ohio Walmart . its run by an greasy drunk man that smells .. listen to me all Middletown residents!!!! boycott subway and run them out of business!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for subway for 10years+ and got let go due to a serious medium nerve damage surgery. 2 surgerys . The subway people make it difficult to contact them on purpose

Posted by Anonymous

Management at subway in carthage tx stinks Kevin Harper fired an employee for absolutelyno reason at all her name is lashu da Starks If I could hear back from someone I will tell you all about it thanks 9036905920

Posted by really upset

i used to work at subway and i would like to say that that has to be the worst job known to mankind i have worked in dunken donuts, dangelo's, McDonald's, and burger king and have not had as many problems with managers or co-workers! except for subway. i was sexually harassed. the manager knew about it and did nothing but laugh and joke about it. i had a work related injury and they did not pay for the hospital bill when i went there and i had to pay the hospital bill myself! and i was moved from store, to store, to store sometimes with out asking me and i was expected to know i was working in these stores! and i don't know if its illegal or not but my tips have been held in the store for almost a month now cause the money was off in the cash register and i don't even work there any more! and when i went to to tell the district manager about all this she never had time for anything i had to say, or it was to busy because the district manager under staffs all the stores i have worked in! but because the stores she works in its always slow she doesn't think different towns are are going to be busy at all and she expects everyone to be extremely fast, when shes been working for subway for almost 15 years and i was faster then her and worked for subway for 3 1/2 years. she has a limp leg that she uses as an excuse for why she doesn't work on the line and rarely deals with customers and wonders why we get costumer complaints!

Posted by Subwayemployee

I work at a subway in Washington state. Our employees are very rude and some are even racist. Some have been caught steeling from the company and will complain and cuss in front or at the customers. The manager keeps them around and fdoesnt report all of this to the owner expecially complaints about her daughter. We hardly ever take the actual temp of the food and we just put random numbers in our temp log. Sometimes we shut off the line which keeps the food cold for more then 3-4 hours; it's a hazzord to have them off for more then 2 hours. Our manager limits what we use and is know to harrasse and talks bad about her employees and makes life hard on them. If we have under ripe vegetables we are told to use them or even almost spoiled vegetables unless the customer asks them to be removed. Also we have found worms in the spinage were not suppose to say anything just discreetly remove them and make sure the customer doesn't notice. I refuse to eat at subway now because I have gotten food poisoning from my own work and my boss was wanting me to work while throwing up.


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