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Subaru customer service is ranked #235 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.74 out of a possible 200 based upon 186 ratings. This score rates Subaru customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


169 Negative Comments out of 186 Total Comments is 90.86%.


17 Positive Comments out of 186 Total Comments is 9.14%.

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    • 43.74 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 169 negative comments (90.86%)
    • 17 positive comments (9.14%)
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Posted by TK

I bought a brand new suv, paid in full, and found a small, tiny problem (a 20 or 30$) fix, the next day.
I told them right away and they have been giving me the run-around ever since.
They havent gotten back to me and ignore my request. The customer service on Maui is a joke. Jim and Dayne are jokes. Its comical that you have these 2 idiots promoting your amazing cars.
Dayne got mad that he was not given all 10's in a survey subaru sent to me after i purchased my vehicle... so he is refusing to help me.
What the hell is that? Spoiled brat syndrome, much?
I was promised i'd get a call back on july 4th or 5th. I have still heard nothing 20 days later.
I will never recommend anybody to go there.
Your head quarters need to have secret shoppers or some sort of survelliance if you value your customers at all. I have never felt more taken advantage of. I spend 28,000+ and you cant help me out by a fault that was that of the factory.


Posted by Red

Clear coat failure on my 2015 Subaru Outback within 1st 3 years. Tried all ways to get customer service and while they initially responded I was then kept waiting until I'd check back in a couple of times, then just another message to wait. Finally message said it wasn't a warranty issue. That's it! Weeks of waiting, answering the occasional question when I asked for a response and then this. I think they hope for attrition and then just blow you off if that doesn't work.

Posted by Rodrigo Camino

I bought a subaru XV in Santiago de Chile and did not received a spare key.The salesman asked me to sign the reception in order to avoid wasting time. After 2 months I still does not have solution. The Subaru Chilean customer service seems to be worthless.
Is total Quality Control part of the culture of Subaru? Seems is not, as customers looks not to be treated as they should...

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my 2013 Subaru Forester at Kendall Subaru dealer in Fairbanks, Alaska. I keep getting a letter (invitation to purchase another Subaru/other cars) from: A.M.M.S., 9427 Corporate Lake Drive, Tampa, FL 33634 but signed by the general manager from Fairbanks dealer. I need to know if Subaru is affiliated with this address; if so, would someone tell them to STOP sending me anything. I have been a customer of Auto Service Company (now known as Kendall)for nearly 20 years until I got very dissatisfied by a service back in November 2016 which never got resolved. I told them that I don't ever want to have anything to do with their dealership, but they just ignore me completely--and this is disrespectful! thanks for your assistance.

Posted by ShadowZ

YOKAHAMA TIRES SUCK. At 25k miles, two were bald when one took on a ceramic chip and deflated. Thankfully, it hadn't exploded while I was on the road....Yokahama wouldn't honor the tires or replace. I ended up having to buy 4 new tires....I got firestone, hopefully an american tire. Shame on Subaru for using Yokahama tires

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2017 Outback primuim 2.5i. It has eyesight, and forward auto braking.
According to the user manual the auto brake feature is a default when starting the car.

However, when I start the car an icon flashes for 10 secs on the dash that indicates the auto braking is OFF.

Is the car performing as it should?? The car never stops nor warms me when I get close to the wall in my carport. Or is I am about to hit something from behind.

Posted by Anonymous

Subaru of Plano: worst service department period.
The service manager, David, was inconsiderate to say the least.
I went in to get a new radio put in and was told "I am sorry to hear that last time your car wash was bad, I will make sure this time, it gets cleaned" by a guy named Kyle.

I leave the dealership, happy that my new radio works, without realizing that my car never got washed.

I call the dealership and spoke with the service manager, David, and was pretty much called a liar. He stated that he spoke to his guys and they said that they never told me that I would get a car wash. I specifically was told that I would get one and then David said that I must have misunderstood... which I 100% didn't.

All I wanted was an apology and a car wash, but instead I was told that I misunderstood and he did not seem to care at all that I would be going elsewhere for service. He even made sure to tell me of the other locations.

I will not be going back to this location.

Posted by Grandma

I have a 2010 Subaru Legacy sedan with 24k miles and the check engine light, cruise light, brake light and skid light all lit up on the dash so I took the car in for service at IRA Subaru in Danvers MA. After diagnostics they told me it was a sensor that needed to be replaced which was done after a day of waiting for the part. I also spent $400 for a battery, serpentine belt and battery cables. Got a rejection due to emissions. I was told that I needed to drive 100 miles in order to pass the emission test to get my inspection sticker.
We drove to Maine to get that mileage. The car ran beautifully, as we were coming back at around 60 miles, the dash lit up again. We drove it to Subaru they checked it. Thought it might be the engine harness but they wanted the foreman to check it. He was unavailable they wanted us to leave it. No one was available so they told us we could rent a car. We have commitments today so we agreed we would take it back on Wednesday. As we drove down Route 114 we noticed an overwhelming noxious odor of gas and the car/engine started bucking we got it to a side road and gas was pouring out under the engine. We called Subaru they sent the man who worked on it. He told us he was working on it got called away and the other man gave us the keys to go. We could have been killed! It is bothersome that you can't diagnose the problem but what I can't forgive is that your staff let us leave knowing the fuel line was disconnected and made no attempt to notify us!!!!!Subaru did have it towed and it is now with you!Pending results I will be posting this on social media and make Corporate aware of this! As a follow up the GM communicated with me via email after I sent this letter to him. He refused to call me rather let his young service advisor contact me. In an email last night he told me he was trying to help with MY PROBLEM. There was not any care concern safety measures or accountability and am hoping that this not an overall problem at SubaruI want to make you aware of this terrifying experience and how it is being handled.
Patricia Plante

Posted by Greg

I could not be more unhappy with Subaru than I currently am.
This is my second Subaru. My first was an Outback I purchased new from Barber Subaru in Ventura. Unfortunately, Barber is no longer around. We now have Kirby who I am just as unhappy with.
At this point, I'm almost done with Subaru in general. The service or lackthereof I have received since purchasing my used 2009 Forester has left a sour taste in my mouth.
I have a 2009 Forester that has a Takata Recall along with a secondary air injection pump.
The letter I received from you states to "immediately" contact my Subaru Retailer. So I call the dealer where I purchased the car. I am told they cannot perform the recall until July.
Is this an acceptable solution for something that can "cause great bodily injury or death"???? I think not.
The interesting thing is that the dealer in Thousand Oaks can perform the recall much sooner.
Can you please explain to me how this can be?
I have called your customer service folks on numerous occasions, they have been no help either.
I have been told Subaru isn't liable, that it's the dealers responsibility.
All I know is that Subaru is the manufacturer. If that air bag explodes causing "great bodily injury or death", guess who is responsible???
That's right. And if that happens, you better believe I will seek legal council.
And July is an acceptable time frame to resolve this?
6+ months? Really??!?!?
I find this to be completely unacceptable.
Shame on you Subaru.

Posted by [email protected]

We love our subaru! Service is so good, people who work there are great...Also...We received in the mail Jams and relish when we bought our Subaru...was such a nice thing to do! Then we got a ups package from Subaru with a computer bag for travel which is wonderful quality! How great and special does that make us feel! We feel the LOVE!!!!Thank you so much!
Jayne and Larry Cope, Medford, Oregon

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing about a problem I have had with my 2014 Forester. Approximately 6 months ago I noticed that the front driver and passenger doors were rusting inside the door frame. This was very concerning as it was not identified during the warranty period, even though I have routinely have had my maintenance done at the dealership following the recommended service intervals. The dealership is Brunswick Auto Mart located at 3031 Center Road in Brunswick, Ohio 44212.
Once the problem was identified I did contact Subaru customer service at the national level as recommended by the service department at my local dealership. I repeatedly emailed, sent pictures of the issue, and also obtained two estimates for the repair of the doors. I never received a reply regarding the outcome only ongoing communication with no conclusion. The complaint number was SR#1-17020731903 via a representative Sam Wilcox. The last communication indicated that I should go through Marksman Autobody which is the body shop that Subaru uses for repair and to go through the service manager, John Cross.
After much communication John Cross relayed that Subaru would cover $1500.00 towards the door repair which actually required the door replacement of both doors. This was never communicated to me by customer service it was only after the service manager became involved did I have any resolution after starting the process in June of 2016. The 5 year rust through warranty would only be applied if the doors rusted completely through which was not a good choice for both safety and cosmetics. Reluctantly I went ahead and had the repairs completed contributing over $1800.00 towards the repair completed last week.
Today, January 7, 2017 I was following up on my invoice for the repair with the service manager, John Cross, and he indicated that the doors were much worse than they appeared and that he has kept the door shells in the event Subaru wanted to see the doors. Additionally, he mentioned that he had another Forester come in with a similar issue although "not as bad as mine".
I have been disappointed in both the customer services process and the fact that I have a relatively new car with a $3500.00 repair for no apparent reason except that there was faulty assembly. The car has never been in an accident and is garaged every day. While I assume you will take no further action I have lost brand trust. I believe the dealership did what they could to support the issue but am concerned that Subaru does not stand by their product

Posted by Anonymous

I checked my oil it was 4quarts low and no light on dash. I TOOK IN 11/29/16 HAD OIL CHANGED AND STARTED OIL CONSUMPTION TEST MILEAGE 24174.I CHECKED OIL TODAY ON 1/5/17 AND WAS ALLMOST 2 quarts low mileage 24737 and took back to dealer they said it was a half quart low and thats not true could barely see at bottom of dip stick.and they said bring it back in 1500miles or light comes. after I told them the light is not coming on two or three times

Posted by Jen

I had this impreza on March 2016, so far very disappointed, compare with my last car Hyundai is not that good,

first the the painting is not a very good quality, the front lower paint is already had lots white spot, maybe in the rough road a bit damaged, but the Hyandai never like this and i had more than 8 years, just show the painting not very strong.

second the sound system sometimes not working, still display everything on screen, just not play, like dead computer, I have to restart it.

and today I found my windscreen got a crack line, not really like a stone hit as the crack very even, maybe the original fitting is not good so sooner or later will cracking.

I just wondering what's happened in that day when they assembly this car in Japan?

and I want to know is really Japanese care about their customer.

Posted by Dls

Wanted to comment on the location of the fuel fill cap on the Outback. Having it located on the passenger side is totally, misguided engineering.

Posted by kindkate

On Friday December 23rd I took my 2016 Subaru Crosstrek to Subaru of Puyallup for service. We had called about a problem with the radio – the reception has become intermittent and frequently “pops out” of station presets. This wasn’t a problem when we purchased the vehicle in February, but has become an annoying situation during the past few weeks. When we called, the service department told us to bring it in and scheduled the December 23rd date for us.

The dealership is about 45 minutes away from home, and it was raining pretty hard, so I was not happy to hear that I needed to have a service person do a ride-along with me to experience this radio problem. All I wanted them to do was fix it. Subaru of Puyallup touts themselves as “stress-free”, but that wasn’t the case when I was told that it’s “just” a radio problem, and that I should have waited to bring it in until I had a safety issue or a regular service appointment. THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY TOLD US ON THE PHONE! I was stressed out, and upset that I wasted a morning of driving up to Puyallup in the rain for nothing. I was given the option to talk to the manager, but that really put the situation over the edge. The manager raised his voice, asking me whether I wanted them to tear my car apart to “fix” it, and even told me to be “reasonable”. Here’s a tip – a man who is raising his voice should NEVER tell a woman to be reasonable. I ended up leaving the dealership in tears – it was not the “stress free” experience that I was looking for. Not only was I upset about wasting my time, and sad about being misunderstood, I was also embarrassed because, while the manager was waving his arms and raising his voice, other workers walked past us trying to figure out what kind of drama was happening. I drove off the lot in tears.

One of the things that the manager was trying to get me to tell him was what I wanted him to do. But the situation had already escalated, so I couldn’t think of anything on the spot. Even as I reflect on this a week later, I feel stressed out and misunderstood.

Bottom line: I feel like the honeymoon is over – Subaru made the sale and now we have to deal with unsatisfactory service if something happens to the vehicle. Subaru of Puyallup advertises itself as stress free. It did not live up to my expectations. We had always had great service from this dealership, but now I’m afraid to call them about servicing my Crosstrek. I do not want to experience this level of “service” ever again.

Posted by Anonymous

Ladin Subaru customer service is the most infuriating thing I have come across in a very long time. The receptionist told me the service department was too busy to take my phone call. I told her they had my car for over 48 hours and had not contacted me at all. I finally agreed to leave a message which by 2 hours later had not been returned so I called again and told them I would not be leaving a message but someone needed to inform me what was going on with my car. By the way my car is 22 months old and has stranded me twice in one week which is why I had taken it in the first place. Finally I found out that they had NOT even LOOKED at my car!

I am still waiting to have any resolution!

Posted by OM

Today I had an very disappointing experience with El Cajon Subaru dealer in California. I've been trying to reach the Service Department since last week to ask a question about my new Subaru Impreza but their customer service is something to be desired. I told my frustration with the Service Department at this dealer to Alice, the receptionist, and as I was telling her my issues she began laughing at me over the phone. This is not what I expected and I am very disappointed in the quality of customer service Subaru of El Cajon provides.


Even To Call Customer Service Was Very Poor. To Hold Customer For More Than 13 Minutes And Counting I Think Is Too Much!!!!!

Posted by Disappointed Subaru Owner

I have owned a number of Subaru and have always had great result UNTILL now. I purchased a new 2015 Outback with the 2.5 engine. In the past I have changed all my vehicles to synthetic oils. I use 5W20 in them all and have never had a oil use problem. The Outback calls for 0W20 which I have used since I purchased it. The problem is the oil consumption. I think it is subpar to have to add sometimes up to 2 quart of oil between recommended oil changes. If this is the kind of IMPROVED and ACCEPTIBLE changes you are making to your vehicles this WILL be my last Subaru I purchase.

Posted by Anonymous

A while back I wrote about the control knobs for the heat and air condition saying that I feel they are not the right shape> In order to see where you are you have to take your eyes off the road making for a dangerous condition. They should have a point similar to the ones on your 2006 outback. Also the instruments are hard to see during daylight hours.
A brighter light in the rear compartment on my Forrester is not in the right place (should be on roof)
Never gor a response to my letter.

Posted by Anonymous

2015 outback mechanically has been great but nav/info tainment system not so much!Nav took us off highway then wanted us to get back on (3 times!) Froze up 4 months ago & dealer installed update(no real help).Looked at it again in mid October because of this and other features not working(customization, maintenance reminders).Tried another update to no avail. Said I needed new radio unit but couldn't get 1 for at least a month and I was leaving for Florida in 3 months. VERY disappointed at this-believe service manager at North Country Subaru tried his best. What to do?Wait until I come back to New York in May or deal with Subaru here near The Villages?Like the car except for Electronics.

Posted by Anonymous

I just ordered a 2017 Impreza Limited. Is there anyway I can get it without the roof racks. You make the Sport without them. I don't care for the Sport interior and we needed the power seat for my shorter wife and my taller self. Amy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rick

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with the GPS of my 2015 Subaru Outback. My dealership thought the problem was with the speaker system and replaced it. We were on a trip and discovered that we still had the problem. We contacted our dealership as well as the Subaru corporate office's customer service. Both the dealership and the corporate office were quite concerned about us having the problem. The corporate office sent a replacement software to our dealership via overnight mail and we received an offer from the dealership to send us a rental car and have ours picked up to make it convenient for us. Our GPS issue got resolved after the software was replaced. During this time, both the dealership and the corporate office called us periodically to keep us posted. We received a call from the corporate office after we picked up our vehicle telling us to make sure to call them if we have any other issues with the GPS. A few weeks later, we received a Bose wireless speaker from the corporate office with a note as a gift. There was a nice note in the package telling us to enjoy music at our home as we do in our Outback. We owned 11 Subaru vehicles during our lifetime of which one was a Forrester and 10 were outbacks. At present, we own the 10th which is a 2010 Outback with about 115,000 miles and a 2015. We plan on replacing the 2010 with another Outback sometime in the future. We had no mechanical failures with any of the Subaru's we owned. At resent, we are waiting to have the airbag replaced in the 2010 Outback because it is a Takata recalled bag. We are 100% satisfied with both the vehicles and the service we receive from both the dealership and the corporate office which is known to us as one standing behind their product.

Posted by leah

I drove 45 minutes to an appointment with Service at Lancaster Suburu to find out they sent the part back. This was very frustrating for me since it such a long way and I have to take off work since the latest appointment is. 1 30 PM I find this unacceptable services. now I need to come at a later date. On top of that they say I need new tires. I only have 20000 on the tires that were on the car when I bought it

Posted by [email protected]

I recently went to Ocean Subaru I Portsmouth N. H . For a tire that had a nail in the side and could not be repaired. I had approx. 31000 miles and was told I must buy all four tires. They I could wait several days and get a shaved tire which seemed unsafe to me. A no win situation. I am a 72 year old widow and feel that It is a terrible policy tI have had five Subaru's and feel I cannot afford to buy another. with this tire issue. I have told many people in the many woman's clubs that I am a member of the situation with the tire policy of Subaru. Marilyn Falzone

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Posted by Anonymous

I wish to complement and thank Chris and Tina at Colonial Subaru in Kingston NY. They're both friendly, knowledgeable, and very charming and nice. I hope that Subaru knows how fortunate they are to have associates of Chris and Tina's caliber.

Posted by felines

I just wanted to let you know that the Pleasantville, NJ dealership is an asset to your company. Jamie (sorry I don't know his last name) and Bob King are the most honest salelsman that I have ever dealt with. I personally am a Legacy lover. My brother, Dominic G. bought a Subaru Legacy and a Forester from them. He also got my daughter to buy a 2016 Impreza. He also got several other family members to buy a Subaru because of the amazing customer service. I am leasing a 2017 Legacy and every time I get in the car, it feels like the first time. Two years ago my daughter bought a 2014 Impreza and she was hit head on by another driver. All she had was a tiny cut on her forearm. Naturally the car was totaled. When I went with her to get her things from the car I felt physically sick. The whole front end was pushed up to the dashboard and my daughter walked away from it. I can't thank you enough for making such a safe automobile. I will never buy or lease any other car than a Subaru. God bless.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to commend Jason LaFord (sales consultant) and John Thomas (delivery specialist) of Subaru of Bend for having spent almost an hour attempting to figure out whether I could connect my cell phone to my 2012 Outback 3.6 and choose whether or not the connection was activated and the sound volume of the ring.

I bought my Subaru used from a dealer located in the Portland suburbs 18 months ago. Given the consistently exceptional customer service at Subaru of Bend, I will most definitely purchase my next Subaru from them.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Lancaster Subaru suprtstore for their express service. When I got their, I saw 10 cars with numbers on them for express service.
Expecting to be waiting for hours, I was told I would be out in at most 30 minutes. I sat down to read my paper and drink coffee for a long wait. 20 minutes later, Maria, called my name and said my car was ready. I kept raving about how fast and efficient they were. Everyone was so friendly, from Colleen, who checked me in, to the cashier who checked me out. Even the parts guy was great, when I bought some Subaru Christmas presents for myself. My only complaint is that they are so fast that I didn't have time to finish my coffee and paper, haha. Seriously, what a great service experience. It's nice to know that you do what you promise. Kudos to the entire staff, especially Mara, at Lancaster superstore, and happy holidays!

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I purchased our 2013 Subaru Imprezza from Five Star Subarus in Oneonta NY. We have been very pleased with the car, the service and the community oriented dealership.
Last week we were traveling from our home in upstate NY to Kansas City MO and needed to find a Subaru dealership to check on something which we thought might be wrong with the car. We found a dealership in Pittsburg, Day West Liberty Subaru. They checked our car, pronounced it fine and fit for travel, washed the car we were off again, I wanted to let you know how nice they were and how quickly they took car of the matter. It's nice to know that we are in good hands with Subaru even when we are not in our home town. Thank you, Kathleen and David Jones

Posted by Giffsbeam

2006 Subaru Impreza head gasket blown at 67000.Megan from subaru customer service was extremely helpfull with contributing towards the repair,really surprising in these times.Subaru loyalty means something.Tom Hendrickson from Spurr Subaru in Brockport NY and Megan from customer service of Subaru worked together to make it happen. Thanks guys,cudos

Posted by Anonymous

This message should be titled The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful. The Beautiful refers to our new Legacy! We are very impressed with every aspect of the car. The reason for this email is to compare two of your dealers. We went to Redding Subaru (an hour to the east of us) and were extremely disappointed. Besides steering us toward a used car when we were looking new, there was a couple in the showroom negotiating on the very 2014 Legacy the salesman was pushing. The staff was untruthful, reluctant to return the keys of our trade in after they evaluated it and down right rude when we told them that they didn't have what we were looking for. The salesman called 20 minutes after we left, increased the trade-in offer by $2000 and told us that the car we had described was not in California, Oregon or Nevada. After hearing this, my wife checked online to see if there was a Subaru dealer in Eureka (two hours west of us). Not only was there a dealer, but on their web site, they boasted the exact car we were looking for! They held it for us for two days until we could get to the coast, sold us the Legacy for exactly what we were willing to spend and actually increased, by $500, the offer on the trade-in we had made them. They washed the car, filled it up with gas and spent 30 minutes explaining the radio/blue tooth/nav the car came with. I have never been more pleased with the experience of buying a car!!! I told the story to all that would listen and will only do business with McCrea in the future. A real jewel in your company.
Please respond to this message.

Posted by SlickMcNasty1

Have New Wrx/cvt Great Car Exceeds My Expectations. Also Have 2 Outback Wagons
2012 And 2000. I Have Also Owned Three Other Subi's. I Have Also Owned Porsche, Audi,mercedes,accura,toyota And Honda. Fantastic Cars; But All But The Toyota Were Maintainence Intensive.
The Subarus Just Take A Lickin & Keep On Tickin.
Whoopi Do In My Subaru!
P.s. I'm 69 Years Old . . . .

Posted by kitkat

I just have to say, that the commercial with the little girl going to school
for the first time is one of my favorite commercials.
It touches my heart, she is a cutie I talk about it all the time, and every-
one agrees. Continue doing what your doing,you guys make great
Thank You
Kathy 3/30/13; 9:11p.m

Posted by Nancy

Give the marketing department a raise! Subaru is probably the only commercials that I "LOVE" to watch. I agree with all the comments already posted that the dad putting his little girl on the school bus is priceless (content, music and message). The chocalate Lab growing up with the family changes and their Subaru another home run!! By the way I own a 2009 Subaru Tribeca and I love it! If it ever needs to be replaced I am hooked on Subaru.

Posted by Tommy_Gunn

The person who created the ad with the little girl getting on the bus is an GENIUS!!! It makes you want to go out and buy a Subaru. Trust me,I wish can go buy one today. But I can't afford one. Taking care of my parents. Their home of 40 years was foreclosed because my father lost his job at FORD!!! It's an never ending cycle.

Posted by Carolyn

I absolutely think the commercial with the little girl waiting for the bus with her dad is the BEST commercial!!!! I literally cry every time I watch it I rewind and rewind the commercial. Whoever styled the little girl with her hair and clothes, it is perfect. The expression on her face with her little frown is priceless and when she turns to her dad to say goodbye and the turning when she gets on the bus...... I want to cry!!!! Very very creative!! I wish the little girl could be in other commercials or tv shows.

Posted by grannysoni

Dear Subaru...this comment is in reference to your latest TV commercial. This commercial about the daddy putting his little girl on the school bus for the first time, is by far...the best commercial I have ever seen, bar none. If I had the money to buy a new would be a Subaru! Just because of that commercial. Sometimes companies don't get recognized for something they do right! Well, you did this one right! YOU ROCK!

Posted by Anonymous

I took my Subaru in for service yesterday without an appt. and Andy Brikha took care of me. He got my car in that day an took care of all my issues. I thought I might have to wait because I had no appt. but I was very happy. He is the service consultant at Riverside Subaru in Little Rock,AR. Thanks so much. Rita Robertson

Posted by Paul

Called main office and spoke to customer service (Andrew) I needed to know what options I could get with the outback I wanted. He was very informative and lead me in the right direction for my order. Calling the main office was the best way to go again thank you Andrew.

Posted by Corgi Carrier

I am on my 4th Subaru, a 2010 Outback. It now has 45K since I took delivery in July, 2009. There was a minor issue with the moonroof and it was repaired nicely under warranty. With all of my Subarus there has been very little repair and warranty work done. They have all been excellent vehicles, as close to "bulletproof" as I have seen in a vehicle. I have not been impressed with the dealer service, so it is good that the vehicles are very reliable.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been buying CV Joints for a 1998 Subaru Legacy GL in akasaka motors(Subaru Dealer) in Venezuela.They do not last more than a year. Can you please tell me what is going on?

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