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Posted by boodan

Never again will I use StubHub! I purchased tickets at the very last minute and got amazing seats. It was for a special occasion. There were two artists scheduled to perform. We were going just to see one of them. We made the long trek to the venue, spent some money on merchandise, drinks/food and then found out that the artist we were there to see was a no show. We were so upset. Not only did it ruin our night, but it also cost us a lot of money for nothing! This was our first concert together as a couple and the first concert in over 11 years for my bf as he has hearing loss. We were so excited to go together and experience this momentous event! Since the artist we wanted to see wasn't showing up, we left as we were instructed that we would get a refund as he was the artist we were there to see. Well apparently StubHub doesn't follow this procedure and they refuse to refund my money. If I had purchased elsewhere I would have received a full refund! I checked by calling Ticketmaster. I shouldn't have been forced to stay at an event to watch an artist I wasn't there to see just so I took advantage of my tickets. I paid a lot of money for this, money that I really couldn't afford and the artist didn't show. I should be given a refund! This is ridiculous! Thanks for stealing my money and for the lack of respect for customer experiences. NEVER again!

Posted by nickjo25

Worst customer service experience I have had in all of my years. I was looking to take 10 of my employees to a Red Sox game. I found some tickets in the Right Field Roof Box. It showed 10 different seat numbers. I buy the tickets and get an email that states Standing room only. Stub Hub will not refund these overpriced tickets. I am disputing with AMEX. Called and was on hold for 47 minutes. Not one person could help. Stubhub is better off letting the phone ring and not letting their people pick up. the service was that bad.

Posted by Frustrated

Do not buy tix here! Horrible company. Their poor customer service folks! Bought tickets for James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie cancelled. StubHub won't refund my money. Hour on Chat and another hour on phone. Up the food chain with a supervisor, still nothing. I'm out $282 because stubHub won't stand refund. Unconscionable Money grabbers. My credit card can do refunds up to 60 days which of course is passed. Part of my frustration is money lost but it's also abt the integrity of the company.

Posted by Anonymous

Why is it so hard to speak with a rep when I want to purchase tickets at an enflamed price and my account will not let me change my password thank you really a verification code to come on

Posted by lmm56

Will not use again. I updated my address - sent to old address. Can't get anyone to answer the phone. Overseas garbage. Stopping payment and WILL NEVER use again.

Posted by Cuz

Stubhub sucks! They take your money for tickets they don't even have yet and promise to deliver the day before the show - in my case 6 months away! I bought real actual tickets on eBay and will fight these bastards for my money I paid for the promise of a ticket!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 2 tickets online for the Australian Open Tennis.
I paid almost $700 and they have sent me only 1 ticket.
You canât call them and they donât respond to your emails.
Worse service ever experienced

Posted by Vale

Hi need a refund for 4 tickets for a festival sold at 69 each but with a real value of 6 euro because they are for children! It is not specified anywhere in the mobile site and hidden in the desktop version! Terrible service as solution they've suggested me to sell them again, so fraud other people!

Posted by itsmejs

I would like to receive a refund. When we arrived at our event, we were not allowed in because someone already used the tickets sent to us As it turns out Stubhub send us the wrong seats. We were not the only ones. There were several other people at the event that had the same problem.

Posted by jordan504

Just bought tickets. Wrong seats. Called back for refund. They said outta luck. Never use stubhub again. Its a bs.

Posted by Big T.

This is the worst experience I have ever had in Custcomer Service. I have been calling StubHub for the past 24 hours trying to correct an issue regarding ticket that I have sold and not only are they refusing to help, but there is no way to get through to any decision makers. As it stands now I have lost over a $1,000+ sale and I am possibly looking at an additional $140 charge on top to add insult to injury for an issue that is their fault. They refuse to give me contact information for any VPs or email addresses for any top brass in the company. This company robs from the rich and takes even more from the poor. Terrible company to deal with. Stay away and try to find other alternatives to sell.

Posted by Lorenzo

Terrible Service! Overcharged. We bought 2 tickets 10days before a concert and the tickets arrived at our place, 2hours before the concert. while we were at work. We lost the concert for that.
never use them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I called StubHub corporate headquarters and transferred to a busy line three times.

I called customer service and they wanted no part of my issue which is a fraud case going back to 3/2016.

E maile CEO based on your information...wrong e mail ...:YOU HAVE THE CEO E MAIL WRONG

The most frustrating customer service ever....

Posted by A

I am quite dissappointed. After I purchased a ticket, they suddenly sent an email said that the ticket is no long available and I have to find another ticket.

I requested refund now, but they didn't reply me yet.

I hope they will reply me asap, I just want get my money back.

Posted by Jmzbnd7

Just purchased ticket for depeche mode at mohegan sun arena...stub hubs seating chart showed this ticket to be 7th row floor center...well the seating map they have is totally appears ive paid 500 for a seat in the 18th row...isnt this misleading???

Posted by Mya Blanks

I would like my money back due to a postpond concert hours before the concert.

Posted by Guy Oregon

This site is horrible. No where did it say there is 15% charge. I'm returning the tickets and buying else where. I will never use stub hub again. Highly dussapointed.

Posted by Woofie

My mother accidentally bought seats for a concert at an out of state venue, which is a common mistake. I tried cancelling the order and all I got was the "we're a marketplace, but you can resell your tickets" bull. So is Amazon, but they can cancel orders and issue refunds. This company is a scam and I would have told my mom to buy the tickets from Ticketmaster, but she didn't see them on there. If you want your refunds, go through your credit card companies or banks. That's literally the only way you can get your money back from these thieves. Unless they change their cancellation policy and stop selling double-sold tickets, don't ever deal with these crooks.

Posted by Anonymous

Just notified by email of event cancellation for Atlanta United vs Orlando. Immediately called StubHub customer service. Said cancellation was glitch. Tried to resell same tickets for $20 more.

Posted by Anonymous

I have made a legitimate purchase recently which has cost me over $1075.00 AUS. I purchased tickets to the Liverpool v Arsenal game which they were advertising to take place on Saturday 26th August st 3pm. At NO stage did they advertise this game as a TBA or TBC date and time.
The game has been changed to Sunday 27th August and we are simply no longer in the UK. I have explained this to them and basically they don't give a crap. This is so wrong in so many ways yet I don't have a leg to stand on.

Posted by Mark

Awful company that I hope fails soon. Paid over $550 for two Hangout festival tickets. Received two wristbands in a package that stated in red "REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY". We were able to register one wristband, but not the other. Contacted the event, and they said the wristband was already registered to someone else. They explained to us the person who registered the wristband could show up to the event and claim they lost it. The festival would issue them a new wristband and cancel the "lost" one. Problem is, I'd be wearing the "lost" one and would then be denied entry. Also, a benefit of registration is that if you loose the wristband, or if it is damaged, the festival will replace. However, if it's not in your name you can't get this done. So, Stubhub claims to be selling tickets identical to those from the event, but that's a lie. Stubhub knows it's a lie, but they don't bother to let people know their tickets are not the same as the ones you could get from the event holder. If you call Stubhub they insult you and treat you like crap. When my wife explained to them the issues with the wristband not being registered in our name, Stubhub said it wasn't there fault if we were too stupid to not loose the wristband. I will NEVER use stubhub again!

Posted by HK Wong

In March 2017, I placed the order for 4 tickets of BPL football game (Southampton vs Man City) which was taken place in Southampton on 15 April. I was charged for the full payment immediately after my placing of the order. It was promised that the tickets will be delivered to the hotel in London where I will be staying. Accordingly, I've also bought the train tickets which brought me from London to Southampton in the early morning of 15 April as well.
However, the tickets still didn't arrive at the London hotel at the time we left London in the morning of the day of the game, even after several push by us to their customer service (who was just saying that nothing they could do....) on the day before.
So in the end we can't get the tickets we bought from Stub Hub. End up we bought another 4 tickets directly from the stadium ticket office just before the game at face value (which are much much cheaper than the price we have paid to Stub Hub).
We have been tracing for refund via their customer service, but still no actions from them are seen yet... They just keep saying that actually the tickets did finally reach the hotel at noon time on the day of the game (which is a few hours before the ball is kicked off in a venue nearly a hundred miles away), they have fulfilled all their responsibilities and so totally no refund at all!!! Bear in mind that it is one of their promoted "guarantee" that all tickets sold at their platform should arrive in time. Now that's what they mean for being "in time".
I'm not complaining here about the price or the payment timing, as both of these are known by me before I placed the order. But the delivery arrangement and subsequent customer service and assistance are really terrible.
I feel this like a fraud case by such a company.

Posted by Taisha.concepcion

I went to Barclays Center for the Chris Brown Party Tour yesterday. The staff there told me to make a line to get my actual ticket printed and after I made the long line they told me to go outside to get it printed. As I was waiting to get my ticked printed the cops were saying the show was sold out and for the remaining people to leave. Most of us didn't leave yet! We waited two hours until they decided to open the door again. They only let a few more people in until they actually closed all the doors. I'm upset because I was already in and due to my ticket being purchased on stubhub I couldn't print it out inside Barclays because it wasn't from ticket master. I would've been able to see Chris Brown. Cops said to all the r maiming people that we would get our refunds back! I'm just so disappointed because I don't know what went on that people with their tickets couldn't go in anymore!!

Posted by squeezed

They sold me 2 non-existing tickets and even admitted it by email. No money back, no excuse as they claim this is the seller fault who mixed the tickets.. My 500 USD are already there for 1 month. Donno what to do. For sure I can warn any one who is going to use this service. Read this advice or complain & cry later on..

Posted by Dj95

I just had to comment on here as a reply to everyone complaining about stubhubs return policy. I'm sorry but how is it their fault you messed up or your plans changed? Did you think about anybody besides yourself? A lot of tickets sold on stubhub are individual people. First off, what's to stop someone from purchasing tickets, printing the PDF ticketed right away and then claiming they accidentally ordered the tickets ? NOTHING. Nobody will know until game day. 2) How is it fair to the seller of the tickets if you purchase them wrong the last minute? That's not their fault, that's your fault. Now you gave them no time to sell again. When you mess up, that's your problem not stubhubs and not the original sellers. Also disputing a charge that you made is fraud. You aren't supposed to dispute charges because you changed your mind. It's not fair to the seller or stubhub. How would you feel if you sold tickets to someone an hour before the event and then 10 mins later, they cancel order? Assuming you see the cancellation right away that doesn't give you much time, if any to repost the tickets and try to sell them again. That's why they have a return policy. So people can't just change their mind last minute or have access to the tickets and then try to get a refund.

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Posted by Anonymous

I used your service for the first time and had the pleasure of "chatting" with Hector G. He was fantastic - very professional and personable. If I could hire him for my company I would. Because of his service I will definitely use StubHub again. I hope you recognize this great representative of your company.

Posted by patbmcvay

KARI ZACCONE just helped me with a very complicated ticket sale situation. She was patient, clear in her explanations, and repeated that information several times as my confusion slowly abated. StubHub is really perceptive in their hiring practices to have found such a fine employee/representative for the company. I have always praised StubHub to friends for their ticket needs, but will be even more enthusiastic following this very helpful encounter.
Patricia McVay

Posted by Anonymous

Just A Quick Note To Say That Lynn M. Was Patient In My Many Questions. I Appreciate All The Help That She Gave Me.
Rich Salvaterra

Posted by No idea what answer you are expe

Re: Order # 191336374 I ordered tickets for a baseball game while we are on vacation in New York in January. I mistakenly opted for package delivery instead of electronic. I received email notification that the tickets would be delivered to me by May 20, which is the day that we fly to New York. In late March, I chatted with Chynalinn B on 3/24 and the only option that she was able to provide was to have the tickets mailed to the hotel in NYC so that they would arrive the same day we check-in. On 4/12, I received email confirmation that my tickets had already been sent to the hotel five weeks in advance of our arrival! I chatted with Anique to request the the tickets be re-routed to my home. She indicated that I would have a $20 charge to re-route. I disagreed with the charge since it was Stub Hub's error to mail the tickets 5 weeks early and these could have been shipped to my home if Chynnalin B had confirmed that the tickets would not be sent until 5/20. She was checking with a special team and as I waited several minutes for a reply, the chat session ended. I started the chat again with Caitlin T. She was able to confirm that the tickets would be sent to my home with no additional charges. The tickets arrived yesterday - thank you to all that made this happen for me!

I just want to commend Chynnalin B, Anique and Caitlin T. for their professionalism and assistance with this issue. All of them were very pleasant to converse with and all were working diligently to satisfy me. This confirms to me that Stub Hub values their customers and works to exceed expectations. I will continue to choose Stub Hub for all of future purchases.

Judi Coppock

Posted by Joseph

I received outstanding service from Robert today. He called me back after he thought the problem was on the MLB Chicago White Sox end. He went above and beyond to research a solution to allow meet direct input from my White Sox season ticket account to my Stub Hub account. It wouldn't work until Robert took the time that most others wouldn't. If I ever considered selling my tickets at another site, his outstanding service convinced me to always use Stub Hub. He's the kind of person I would like in my business.

Posted by JJ

On Dec 4th.2014 we had tickets to Garth Brook & Trisha Yearwood. When we got to Scottrade Center in St, Louis, Mo, we were told our tickets didnot have a barecode on them. They couldn't take them.. We were sent to 3 other people at the Center. No one had ever seen this before. They then told us to go to the Hard Rock Cafe to the StubHub that is where the tickets came from. The man who helped, I believe his namewas Eric, had not seen this before, no barcode.
He was so nice, he worked so hard getting it straighten out, so we would not miss any of the concert.The ticket we got were a very good upgrade, super seats. We had paid $400.00 for the tickets. When we checked our e-mail we had a refund of $245.00 from Stub Hub. We say thankk you to Eric for making sure everyting turned out great.

Posted by qwer8369

I have been trying to by a ticket for a play DC and Stub Hub would not let me pick up at will call. it is just two days away. contact me at and let me purchase the tickets !!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with StubHub has been excellent from the purchasing of tickets to the selling of tickets. All customer service representatives were more than helpful and pleasant.

Posted by Anonymous

klinn{Kelly} was a GREAT help with my account.She is a credit to Stub Hub!Please give her a big raise.

Posted by vikesfan

The representative "Wesley" was a huge help. I forgot to ask for military discount when I bought the tickets so I called and he said no worries. He couldn't give me the full discount so he just gave me free service fee. He took time to do that and I appreciate it.

Posted by lktommyk

I'm writing this review because I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service I received. I'm so used to hearing all the horror stories of stubhub. And people are more likely to complain about a bad experience than to share a good one, which is my reason for writing. I bought some tickets off stubhub about 2 weeks ago. Paid for 2 day shipping, which was $11.96. Stubhub usually sends you an e-mail when your tickets ship that include tracking. I kept checking everyday to see if my tickets had shipped and after about 1 week of no shipment I came to the conclusion it wasn't going to happen. So I contacted stubhub via e-mail to let them know what was going on. They told me they could not get in contact with the seller and presented me with three options. You can give the seller some more time to respond back. You can cancel the order and receive a full refund. Or they could find me replacement tickets. I opted for the refund. I received my refund within 2 days and they also gave me a $20 coupon towards my future purchase. Couldn't be more pleased with this.

Posted by Seattle1446

I ordered concert tickets from stubhub and then realized that the tickets were available from the venue for 1/3 of the price! I tried emailing stubhub and got a message saying they were sorry but all they could do was let me relist the tickets. This seemed like a bit of a rip-off to me since they would be making commission twice off the same tickets. I then called customer service and spoke to an agent who waived the 15% commission fee and let me re-list for full value. This seemed very fair and I was happy with the resolution.

Posted by marta

The customer service is second to none. I have purchased tickets from a lot of agencies; really cares. Fast delivery along with great communication really sets Bbtix apart from the rest.

Posted by HelloEveryone

I bought tickets from StubHub and promised myself if the tickets were real I would write a review. They were real so I'm writing my review. I only bought tickets from them once and I was really satisfied. Thankfully(knock on wood) I didn't have a problem. I ordered my tickets and they were an electronic download, and they said they would send me a notice when the tickets were ready to be downloaded. 15 minutes later they were ready. When I went to the concert quite honestly I was a little scared that the tickets wouldn't be valid because of other reviews I've read. We gave the lady our tickets, she scanned them and we went in! It's unfortunate that some people had bad experiences with them. A lot of the times I think the bad experience comes from the sellers. As in them selling fake tickets or never sending them etc.

Posted by sj

Customer service was good for me. Wanted to try getting my tickets made into electronic tickets. You have to call the ticket issuer to get that done.

Posted by sab

The scam just happened again today. Thanks to this site I was able to get the phone number and talk with a rep within 5 mins. They said if the card wasn't charged not to worry about it and that they have had other calls on it today.

Posted by Betty

Excellent response from Jennifer in Customer Service regarding this world-wide email scam for the boxing tickets. She assured me No charges will be made to any of my accounts, No changes in our Long Distance Carries (will Not change to "Global Crossings"), and thanked me for my patience ! It may take a few tries to get to Customser Service 1-866-788-2482, but they will answer ! And say a prayer for these good folks that are working so hard to resolve this mess ! ~Betty

Posted by Anonymous

I called StubHub customer service this morning, after going to their site to get their contact number, and found out that this email is a scam. StubHub is currently investigating the email scam and trying their best to cease the emails and prosecute. It's important that the email isn't opened and no links are clicked. According to StubHub customer service, as long as the email isn't opened you are safe from any harm these hackers are trying to impose. StubHub has always been a reputable way for me to buy tickets, with a money-back guarantee for fraudulent tickets. This is activity of hackers, not StubHub.

Posted by Anonymous

The Chicago stub hub group is wonderful to work wit. The last minute ticket team is very helpful and courteous. Great job,

Posted by Kevin Greene

I couldn't be more happy with Stubhub!!!...I took my 10 year old son to his first professional football game and used Stubhub as a last minute alternative for tickets...I bought tickets to a SOLD OUT GAME with my son on one side of the 50 yard line and myself on the other!!!...You could see the seam splitting the stadium in half from our seats...THANKS Stubhub for making my son's first pro game a memorable one!!!...Kevin Greene---Jackson TN...

Posted by rickdo

I have purchased tickets for over 20 different sporting events. College and profession sports and Stubhub beats them all! The web site is user friendly and the one time I had to call customer service they were very helpful. I recommend this site to all my friends!

Thanks Stbhub

Posted by Anonymous

I can not say enough good things about Eric in customer service who helped me with tickets I had bought for the wrong night. He was extremely courteous and more than accommodating by giving me a stub hub credit for the night I purchased the tickets then allowing me to rebuy tickets for the correct night.

Other than having to wait on hold for a customer service representative everything was a piece of cake. Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased tickets for a Yankees game not realizing that the time conflicts with me. I thought the game started at 1:00. How can I get my refund?

Posted by Anonymous

They are awesome. They are easy to find since their customer support line is advertised everywhere on their website. The opperators are nice helpful, and well educated; and they have friendly voices. They helped me with delivery and addressess changes when I moved and when I lost my tickets they gave me a refund to use for a future game! Even though I didn't get a reprint it was still great. I love them!

Posted by jenny fisher

Had a very wonderful experience Steve D. He was so helpful in helping me return tickets that I bought for the wrong game........ Thank you, we will continue to use StubHub!!!!

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Posted by Shauna

I work at StubHub for 5 months now. The customer service there is great. We aim to get eh buyers valid tickets and the sellers paid. StubHub policies aims to ensure that both the buyer and the seller are happy. StubHub has a fan protect guarantee for both. StubHub doesn't really allow dropped orders/refunds, as we have an obligation to the seller, that they will get paid for all orders. If we cancel the order for the buyer, for instance a day before the event that does not give the buyer time to list his ticket, and thats hassle for the buyer. StubHub also guarantees you'll get valid tix and consecutive seats. If the tix received are not valid we find the buyer replacements in minutes, or worse case scenario a refund. StubHub cares about their employees, buyers and sellers. An amazing place to work. When I help someone get their ticket or help someone get paid for the tickets they don't want anymore, I feel happy.


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