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Stream Energy customer service is ranked #722 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.96 out of a possible 200 based upon 39 ratings. This score rates Stream Energy customer service and customer support as Terrible.


38 Negative Comments out of 39 Total Comments is 97.44%.


1 Positive Comment out of 39 Total Comments is 2.56%.

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  • Stream Energy

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    • 24.96 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 38 negative comments (97.44%)
    • 1 positive comments (2.56%)
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Robert

I called prior to cancelling my service and was told my contract had already ended and I was paying the price for the month to month service. I ask for the best program but Stream was unable to beat the Amigo Price. I informed the customer service rep that would be switching services. I should have not been charged $250 cancelation fee.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Adela De Hoyosi would like to see if someone from the corporate office can call me. tried to talk to associate n customer support no help at all. giving out wrong information n customers very unhappy. my phone number is customersrvice is not satisfactory. thank you.

Posted by Non

I contacted Stream due to my services being disconnected on 01/19/2017, after the payment was made on 01/18/2017, I spoke to Chris who transferred me to a supervisor by the alleged name of Jacob, who was no help he advised me that basically I should have paid on time and the payment would have been reported mind you I had until the 19th and I made the payment the morning of the 18th. He also advised that now i have to wait 5 days for service to reconnected and refused to allow me to speak to someone else after I requested at least 3 times. When I called back the call rolled in and this person pretended to not be able to hear me when I requested a supervisor again, now mind you he was hearing everything up to that point just fine. I am so over this company.

Posted by ijdm

I wanted to switch utility providers, so I hoped that they would have enlightened enough self-interest to assist. First, their posted rates fell below others but did not specify if the rate represented an actual per KW/hr or an estimated based upon an offered 2% annual rebate (based on historic utility use). The voice prompt system at customer service required state (NY), type (residential), and term (new account). It transferred me to existing accounts in Georgia. That person transferred me to NY existing accounts to a woman who never understood answers I gave - I want to open an account, my phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, I live in NY, my name is YYYY . Finally, I asked to speak with someone else. She transferred me after a long hold to a supervisor who sounded remarkably like her and had a similar issue with immediate recall of simple information. I told her I live in NY and want service in Brooklyn to which she asked me in what state I live. The conversation degenerated from there. She struggled with the concept of new service and asked my state again. I asked for the rate per kW/hr. She said she would "look it up" on the website. I explained that I had the website and the lack of clarity. She needed to ask someone else then disconnected me. Not confidence inspiring

Posted by pissed off

I will not renew my service contract with Stream. the worst customer service. horrible online payment system. probably rigged. I will report this to the authorities. Horrendous!!!!!

Posted by pissedoff customer

Add me as another pissed off customer. your customer service is deplorable. Your online payment system is fraudulent. this is now 2 consecutive months I paid my bill on time only to find out that due to your online system issues I was charged late fee, and in one case you erroneously turned off my power. I am an executive and I travel quite a bit. I do not need to worry about my family without power due to your faulty online system. I am posting my receipt of verification of payment.


Due Date:


Confirm Payment



Convenience Fee:


Total Payment:


Due Date:


Payment Successful

Yet, I received a message that I have not paid my bill. when I spoke to your customer service representative I received zero help, and I was told that I must have entered incorrect information 2 consecutive months. Yeah !!!! sure. I am an idiot !!! I will not renew my service with you when it comes up for renewal!!!!!

Posted by Tink

We called stream 3 times before we had our service pole moved and they assured us we wouldn't get charged for early termination fees, andthey did exacly that took almost 1000 out of our account, we called 10 more times to get it put back in electronically same way they stole it and they wouldn't do it. We are over the road drivers and told them that would not work since we not home to deposit check they said they would electronically put it back they didn't. Thieves and liars that's what they are

Posted by Anonymous

I received a phone call from an arbitration office saying I had a Stream Energy account that had been sold to an agency and I owed $7000.00 . I paid my bill last night and the bill was $42.42. I lived in one house and had one account for 23 years. So I ask for the info on the acct. which they will only give me the last four numbers, not my account. So I call Stream and can only get two a customer service manager and can't talk to anyone else in a higher position.So no one will tell me anything so I can't file a report for identity theft or get a lawyer because there is no information. So Stream Energy is not interested in protecting your identity . H

Posted by UPSET CUSTOMER....

A few minutes ago I called into Stream to get the balance of my bill. The Rep LEWIS, told me what it was and I proceeded to let him know out of all the years I had been with Stream it was never that high. He started babbling on and on about the old nothing you hear from the other electric companies....I asked to speak with a supervisor.

He put me on hold for a Supervisor by the name of ADRIAN.....can you believe he came on the line babbling the same mess/crap? He was so RUDE, HE ZONED OUT INTO HIS OWN WORLD. After calling his name 4 times he came back to say the same NONSENSE.

I would appreciate it if corporate would not allow such UNPROFESSIONALISM to ruin this company's reputation.

Posted by Upset Customer

I have been a customer with Stream Energy for a number of years and I have never had much problem with the service, etc. until you changed the online account. Since the online account change I have had nothing but problems and this last issue is the last I will tolerate! I am a single mother and sometimes cannot pay all my bills when they are due.... My last bill I had requested that it be extended to 8/3/15.... I went online yesterday to pay the bill and my new bill amount was showing also.... I changed the amount in the amount due to only my past due amount and hit submit payment.... When I did that the amount that was being submitted was not what I had put in but the total of the two bills! I immediately tried to correct it but of course it would not let me.... I tried correcting it via the phone service and of course there is no customer service on Sunday so I called at 7:05 this morning to speak with customer service to see if they could correct the situation and was told by a representative Amy that she could not do anything.... I explained about the issue regarding the online account and she said it is being worked on so I requested to speak with a supervisor to see if they could possibly help me.... After some time Wilbert - Supervisor came on the line and basically told me the same that Amy had told me.... The online service was being worked on, the payment had already processed (even though it was Sunday and banks are closed) and that I would need to have my bank put a stop payment on the amount (then I would be charged a stop payment fee with my bank AND a rejected payment fee with Stream).... This is the 2nd time that something like this has happened to me only this time the amount is more than I can afford to pay at one time! Every time I have an issue with the online account I have been told that the system is being worked on! I have been given this excuse ever since your company changed the online account and that has been more than a year now.... If your company cannot fix the problems with the online account in all this time then I doubt very seriously that it will ever be fixed! The online account is not user friendly, it tells you that you can access, change, etc. but does not allow you to do any of that! I feel that I have tolerated your company's incompetency for as long as should be expected! I plan on filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's Office because I feel that the excuses that I have been given by customer service were not true and accurate! At this point I really do not care if I have to pay an early termination fee with your company but I plan on switching to a more reliable company that would be honest and straightforward with me!

Posted by Amy lawrence

Non! Customer Service!i Spoke With This Girl Name Karla Shes Rude Have This Attitude Stream Has A Bad Customer Service Period.i Am With This Company Almost 4 Yrs. Every Time I Call For A Questions Always I Get A Bad Customer Service... Wake Up Steeam Hire People Has Ability To Work.

Posted by Anonymous

they are going to loose a customer

Posted by Horrendous customer service

Extremely RUDE! Nester-lead supervisor was decent, however; completely unable to correct company mistakes and was not apologetic for his co-workers inept attitude with handling customer service. Lydia another supervisor found it acceptable and completely dispassionate that my electricity was disconnected while 30 degrees outside. Lydia thought it would be funny to advise me that she was having a most wonderful day and hoped I was as well, this is what she stated since I advised her she would be waiting on the phone with me as I waited for my service to be reconnected, she had to make conversation or she would have to disconnect the call. Laura-customer service was all to prompt and with no remorse advise me there was not a power outage in my area but my services had been disconnected. All these associates told me that this is all they could do for me and I would simply just have to wait for my services to be reconnected in the possible 24-48 hours. When I asked each and every one of them that I had not been notified of any future disconnection, even when I spoke with an associate 3 days prior, all but Nester (except for the last 10 mins on the phone with him) simply stated my services would be reconnected within 24-48 hours, with a smart something possible 3 hours. AGAIN horrendous customer service!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Who monitor your stream associates for as dealing with people to get them in the business. Because there is an SD in the atlanta area approaching women the wrong way to get in the business. He is also selling the business on dating websites to allure women into being in a relationship with him to get them in the business. This is not right and I will do whatever it takes to get this situation taking care of. Thank you! Bad Business

Posted by will be blacked out

I've been with Stream energy for 5yrs, and now this $2.95 fee to pay online or phone is to high.How do they know I have $3 jus to give away. So they will loss a ccustomer over $1.34, that was the balance left over after my fee to pay over the phone. I'm DONE!!!!

Posted by Forcedtoenroll

I was investigating new electric plans and initiated the online application. However, I did not finish the application and closed the window because I wanted to think about it. I did fill out my name, email, address and phone number but did not complete the form to submit for Stream to be my new carrier. I did not even enter my current electricity account number. Next thing I get is a letter from my current carrier stating that I applied to Stream. Funny... strange... never finished the application. I even received a follow up email that stated I did not complete the application and reminding me to do so. I called Stream immediately and they said "it must have been a computer glitch". Sure it was. They said I had a $75.00 cancellation fee or keep them for 9 months. I do not like being forced into any position so I cancelled. Not sure what other shenanigans will happen with them. Not worth it.

Posted by Ron

Had fixed rate plan for electric. Received a letter telling me my period was up in approximately 6 weeks. Called my default supplier to change back to them. They made the change immediately, before I understood that I may be charged a cancellation fee. When I said I wanted to stay with Stream until the end of my period (in about a month), they said it was too late. "They already pushed the button". Apparently this can't be "undone". Told me to call Stream. I did. Bottom line it's costing me $150 cancellation feel.

Posted by as

AGREE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. this guy name peter was "helping" me out 10/10/14 3pm... I told him I just wanted some information on their services do they cover my area he got my address and told me yes. then he started babbling on about klw and all that crap I don't understand. so I asked if their was a general deposit he could give me for someone w no credit and he said no he needs my s.s. I told him ok nvm I will have my bf call since hes going to put it in his name. then he says ok so what was your point of calling? I said to get information ive never had to do this im only a teen this is my first time ever having bills so that's why u call to FIND OUT. I proceeded to tell him that I have good credit so I simply don't want someone else paying for something in my name idc who it is I just don't want to do it! and he continues to laugh and say well I just don't understand why u would want to pay more deposit instead of getting it in your name w no or little deposit. I said cause I don't want to he can get it in his name since its his bill and if he cant then his mom will co sign for him then he interrupts saying u cant co sign w electricity. now I know hes just being my bfs mom had turned on electric for him (co signed) but we ended up moving in a month later n different apt# so Reliant said they moved it to a different apt #and then they said it was cancelled so they don't kno wtf their doing either. that's how I kno you can co sign. then he asked me if I was making up stories. pissed me off! so hes basically calling me a liar its not my fault his don't know my whole story! Hope your reads this too.

Posted by marting

Anonymous-This company has the worst customer service ever. They don't seem to know what their doing. I have never encountered customer service so bad. I made a payment with my master card to reconnect service. I called to confirm appt. I was told that the appt was canceled due to the payment being reversed. The rep that confirmed the payment gave me the date and time a tech would come out. Therefore i was told i had to wait another date for the tech to come out and the you have to wait all day for the tech. 8am-4:00pm. and all they're saying is I'm sorry. The manager was not helpful. CEO and upper management need to take a look at how the company is running and the way the customer service.I am not happy with this company.

Posted by Anonymous

Theeeeek comment below from Derek are my thoughts exactly. The poorest of customer service I have received. I talked to a CS rep, supervisor and manager. They refused to give me a name of anyone else I could speak to. There is no corporate office. To file a complaint they gave me to customer service email address on 2 different instances. Do not choose Stream. My electric was turned off even after I paid my bill. I will be taking my service elsewhere.

Posted by Derek

This s a terrible company that doesn't really have a corporate office. They have poor customer service, and ineffective supervisors. If you are able to get your electricity through anyone else I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO DO SO!!!!!!!

Posted by rainey77200

Customer Service people are rude and non caring. I just switched to them and have 4 sites since I live in the country, each site has a separate bill. I asked my billing address be all the same they did not do this and I paid the bills, i received but not the bill which was my water well. Several of the customer service people appeared to have difficulty understanding English. I paid the bill immediately and they told me they were sending it priority which I found they did not and that the electric to the well might not be turned back on till Monday

Posted by Anonymous

Mr. Gilmartin,
Very bad experience. I changed over, signed up for auto payment and it still hasn't taken effect. Now I am 2 months in and am told it will be another 2 months before it takes effect.
Customer Service is a joke. If one finally can get through to a person, they can do nothing. Stream Energy seems to think the contract is a one way street. We provide electricity you must pay regardless of how difficult we make that for you to do - then we penalize you for not figuring out our policies.
When in doubt send notice of cancelling service. No doubt you will take more time to try to collect cancellation fee and hurting credit rating than fixing YOUR PROBLEMS.

Terry Moore

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible responses from "supervisors" their horrible no response, thy care less, so Don't Wait to have your power Out please....we already paid them twice the "late fees" and backed up sucks

Posted by [email protected]

We (my sister and I) paid the final bill with two checks, my sister's check was posted and deposited, Mine was deposited but NOT posted to the account, I tried to tell the clerks about this, now I have to submit copies of the cancelled checks, apparently they didn't want to take my complain. The check was deposited to their

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Posted by medwin70

My stream bill has been very low compared to the other companies out there. I have never run into any issues. I am not sure how people are rating this company but hopefully they are being truthful and honest.

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