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Stihl customer service is ranked #363 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 41 ratings. This score rates Stihl customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


39 Negative Comments out of 41 Total Comments is 95.12%.


2 Positive Comments out of 41 Total Comments is 4.88%.

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    • 36.08 Overall Rating
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    • 39 negative comments (95.12%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Bought two Stihl products in last 8 months- BG 86 blower and M S 391 saw. Both were defective and needed parts replaced. After first fix on saw, (day one) started at store. Tried to use two weeks later, today, same problem. Am completely disgusted. Have owned and used stihl equipment for 35 years, whoever is in charge of quality control should be fired. Would not feel comfortable recommending your products, unfortunately two friends bought saws on my recommendation just this month.

Posted by kellylovelady

my complaint is not with the equipment as much as the customer service. I bought a new MS 391 from Ahern in Gardnerville NV back in Oct. 2017. After using the saw only a few hours something broke with the clutch. I took the saw back to Ahern, they kept it for 10 weeks, then told me they would not fix it. when I bought it I was not given any warranty information or instruction. I walked out with a receipt and the saw. to this day I still do not have my saw.

Posted by Lee Sales

Purchased a large amount of Stihl commercial grade equipment recently. Supposedly I was supposed to have received some steel SWAG by now. Never received anything. No shirt, no hats, no earmuffs etc. Thanks

Posted by xx

I bought this trimmer FS 38, the original Stihl green line, keeps breaking off i soaked the line overnight same thing, since no one in Brazil cares about my concern and ignores my e-mails i �´d like to ask you, does this Stihl Polycut 6-3 head,Part Number works with my trimmer FS 38 why the representative in Brazil dont carrry this part?

Posted by Clay

Terrible experience buying a 600 dollar pole pruner. Just bought it took it home and when I extended the saw it pulls the drive shaft out of the motor. Guess what I'll now be doing Monday morning

Posted by Onesimo

I had bought a sthil trimmer cord broke down took the item to where I had purchased it which is at 1012 west 495 Pharr, tx78577. I explained what the problem was cord of trimmer they opened up and looked at the piston as well took apart whole engine. They said that was the procedure to fix the cord I had warranty and wasn't going to pay anything took back anyway in order for them to look at it they charged me 35.00 after paying what they charged me to fix. I'm not satisfied with that could you call them so I can get my trimmer fix still having problems with trimmer to turn on since they opened the engine haven't used it since does not turn on. NEED THIS MATTRR TO BE TAKEN CARE OF and my trimmer fix please.

Posted by Anonymous

The carburetors are junk . I replace twice this year if u guys don't do anything about about it. Il go with john deer

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered an electric weedeater online on 8/16. Reservation to be picked up at Lowes #116. I have called the store 3 times, being told each time that it had not been delivered. On the second call I was told the sales rep would be there the next day and someone would call me. The third call was today. I told the young woman I would be going elsewhere to buy a weedeater.

During these calls no one ever offered to find out something for me. I may have missed something, but your 800 number wiould not lead me to a person. I really am disappointed....I was looking forward to using your product.

Posted by Buckboard

From this day forward I'll never purchase your product's. Trying to have my chain saw repaired ( not a stihl ) your dealer told me he would wast his time. Not only that I could not afford a stihl anything. Back story... my wife just passed, the saw was the last presant given by her...wanted it working. Found partbon line, had it working in a week. Saved money tp boot. Your man need a corse on human relations. I know the corp. Does not pick them, at least you should what kind a person is repersating your name.
Yhank You.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a stihl km130 power head and the engine blowed up I use this unit for trimming, weed eating, and redefining landscape beds and dealer has had it for 3 weeks and says the engine is still on back order. I am a commercial lawn and landscape company and feel like this issue needs to be resolved ASAP

Posted by Anonymous

I have been buying stihl products since 1989 with minimal repair issues other than a new bar, chain, new line spools etc..
My complaint is either Monahans, Tx Ace Hardware stihl service department.18 days prior dropped off my stihl extended shaft hedger. After about a week I stopped by to be informed not ready. Today the manager after stopping by used the Lords name in vain several times and impolitely informed me that I need to be more patient (18 days)!!! Besides the 3 weed eaters ahead of me belonged to a customer that spends more money there than I do.
I ask him to put my 300 dollar piece of equipment back together that I would pick it up tomorrow and take it somewhere else.

Posted by redman

New trimmers and chain saws are under powered and choked down due to EPA regulations! Stihl used to be a reliable quality made product that would last many years without issues. When you send your product to China for cheap labor the quality of the product goes down and the Brand is damaged as cheap! Past two power tools I have purchased have been returned to dealer after purchase and sold for a loss due to performance issues. Customer service blames new EPA regulations for inferior products made in China. No more New Stihl products for me!

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a BG50 blower from Mustang Equipment in Fredericksburg, Texas on 12-22-16. After opening the box and assembling the blower it was discovered no tool (screw driver/spark plug wrench) was included - contacted Donald at Mustang and was told to come by and pick one up. Went by today 12-28-16 and was told that Stihl no longer supplied this tool with
equipment!! I made a 40 mile round trip FOR NOTHING- which is it do you or don't you supply the tool?? Stihl's contact site
leaves much to be desired as far as to talking to a live person--tried three times with NO LUCK!

Posted by Loandtee

I purchased a Stihl ms170 chainsaw. It ius a piece of junk. Tried to contact where I purchased it and after multiple emails I have never git a reply. Tried the Stihl website with the same results. Will never buy Stihl again and it is not vecessarily cause it is a piece of junk. Customer service to me is everything and as far as I am concerned they offer no customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a ms180c chainsaw . I was cleaning and changing the blade yesterday.i noticed the chain bar only had I screw holding it .looks like it needs two.its the screws that mount the sprocket to bar . its used to adjust the tension on the chain . I went to the place I purchased it. guy told me it only takes one screw.i may be wrong but its hard to believe. I ask if I could buy a couple screws he said that they didn't handle them.i would like to get a couple and verify needing 2 I sure don't want to have a chance of messing up my saw for a 1 dollar screw. thank you tom connot

Posted by speddy3

best products you can buy,bar chainsaw is 30+yrs. old and only have had reg. main. on it and adjusted the carb. thank GOD i've had no problems with mine. and thank GOD for these stihl products.a thankful/happy customer.

Posted by Shirley

My husband bought the 192TC Easy Start chain saw for me. I love love it. Was very disappointed to find that they quit making this easy start saw with the top handle. This saw is perfect for women, the top handle helps with the weigh and the easy start is so much easier to pull. I have tried to replace mine due to accidental damage and no other easy start starts as easy as this one except possibly the one with rear handle that weighs about 10 lbs.

Posted by Anonymous

the lady I talked to was rude and seemed like she did not care about my problem. she transferred me to a gentleman that told me to take it to a dealer. it was a waste of time and I or anyone in my family will buy a Stihl product again.

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to inform any whom this may concern. That the R&R rentals, stihl dealership in North engaging in price gouging, and very poor stocking of parts. I went in there the other day to buy a chisel file, I was shocked when they told me the price was $26, that's at least 5 times the normal price of a file that bought I needed a cared me to their other location in Bellevue that wished to sell me that sprocket for, however they scared me to their other location in Bellevue that wished to sell me that sprocket for $40. I went to Issaquah to the Honda Kubota stihl dealership.they're much more knowledgeable employee had it in stock it cost $11.50. I was born at night but not last night. I think they are doing a huge disservice to the brand that I respect.

Posted by Anonymous

So disappointed in our chain saw I could cry. We have purchased four different Styhl products in the past yr. happy with all but the saw. It has been for repairs four times. Only used eight times. and was informed today if sent for repairs we would have to pay for shipping. So I have decided my husband will never purchase another product. and I intend to discourage anyone else from doing so. I guess I assumed that loyal customers would be treated more respectfully by this company. so so peed off.

Posted by N/A

Very poor sales and customer service. I ordered a vac kit for a BG-55 blower. It was supposed to be at Len's Ace Hardware in Addison, IL at 10am today, Friday October 23, 2015. It is not there and the employee at the hardware store has no idea when it will be in. So much for reservation number . Stihl customer service cannot answer their phone.

Posted by Booger

I have been using Stihl products for years, at work and at home. Let me just say they are not the quality that used to be. My first clue should have been when the utility company I worked for started buying another brand. Customer service is a joke and if you are out of warranty it could cost you more then what you paid for their product. I spoke to customer service about having the same repair done twice and now needing the same repair again. I was told maybe I should sell it! Well if I can find someone to buy this over priced piece of junk. I will not be replacing it with a Stihl.

Posted by Alex

I m very unhappy just purchase a sthil blower from dales hardware in Fremont I used for 2 months and lost power brought it back to Dales hardware, they charge me $30.00 that is not right, it's a new unit. Don't you have control of this on your products?


Posted by Anonymous

I have a Stihl PB 200 Backpack Blower. After it has run for a couple of minutes, It often begins emitting a repeating beeping noise. It does this several times, then quits for a couple of minutes, then starts again. The owner's manual does not explain this. The
dealer I bought it from doesn't know what it is. What is causing this? Is it harmful to continue using it? This is my 2nd request for an answer to this question.

Posted by Anonymous

they certainly seem less than eager to hear from customers... the website's customer service contact form continually refuses to allow me to submit my comment. no fun.

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Posted by redman

Purchased a $600 commercial grade Stihl 500 series chain saw New from local dealer that would bog down when using. Several trips to dealer with same results. Sold it for $500 the same week for poor performance reasons. Lost a hundred bucks! Bought a Husky 372 chain saw with the $500 bucks and have not regretted it! Also purchased a New Stihl FS38 weed trimmer (Made in China) that will only idle or run wide open using twice the gas as my older Stihl FS46 trimmer I have had for 16 years that will run half throttle if needed. Customer service claims that the FS38 trimmer is designed to run that way due to EPA regulations! Returned to dealer for repair but still will not run half throttle. Gonna get rid of it also and even though still new have to sell as used and lose more money! The older pre EPA units are VERY REALIBLE! The new units are nothing but JUNK! Don't waste your money on new Stihl products!

Posted by kbs

thanks so much for all your help. could not identify or repair my still saw without your help. both men i spoke with were professional friendly and helpful.

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