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Stein Mart customer service is ranked #476 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 45 ratings. This score rates Stein Mart customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


42 Negative Comments out of 45 Total Comments is 93.33%.


3 Positive Comments out of 45 Total Comments is 6.67%.

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  • Stein Mart

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 32.27 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 42 negative comments (93.33%)
    • 3 positive comments (6.67%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
    • 2.8 Reachability
    • 3.5 Cancellation
    • 2.5 Friendliness
    • 3.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Earlene

I returned a product via FedEx 11/15/17 it was delivered to warehouse and signed for 11/17/17 This is January 17/18 and still have not received my refund Worse company I have ever dealt with I keep getting replies stating 3 to 5 days and that has been since November I would never order or buy anything from Stein Mart again

Posted by Anonymous

Associates in OKC store were either on their cell phones or standing around visiting with one another, talking rather loud I might add. Very embarrassing. Some of the customers overheard them discussing inappropriate topics. Worst part is, turned out one of them was apparently a manager. When someone requested a manager over the speakers, he responded to the call!! I will not return. Poor environment. No class.

Posted by Sissy

To whom ever: If Stienmart cares about their employess, they need to do more research on the managers! The one at Hillcrest Spartanburg, SC doesn't need to be a manager! She is very rude and talks hateful to customers and the employess!

Posted by Becca450

Steinmart managers have strong favoritism and will not accept criticism of their favorite employees. If a person does not like you, they czn call you names, hang up on customers that call you, play games with you, take cash from your drawer with no explanation nor notation of action, yell at you shdn you are with customer, treat mexican customers with disdain even though they are cash and large client base, hive preference to their own friends, give discounts to friends that do not apply, managers ignore these things. One handsome man gets to take four or five breaks, talks on phone constantly, receives five or more personal calls, hides in bathroom for whatever, dating an associate and spends time flirting and talking, but no action on these actions, management favorite. Racism is rampant, I am spanish and associates hate when I speak spanish to customers, customers seek me out, so I get 9 hours a week, this not part time but barely time. I am only one that dresses from steinmart, one cashier wears same blouse aND pant every day, other cashier very plumb wears size clothing 5 sizes to small, very inappropriate. I bring my own cleaning supplies, counters filthy, registers screens dirty, just no pride in this store. When I call merchandiser for guest service, they take 5 minutes to respond.

Posted by Carol

I went into the one on battleground.iwas just looking I had never been in there I liked the the earrings y'all had I told the lady I was meeting my husband for lunch I would come back again I liked some earrings they had as I was at the end of the Ile getting ready to leave a alert at the pocket books went off I ask was it the earrings she said no pocketbooks and then said I will tell them it was u taking one I said I do the steal.i have never stolen anything in my life I have no crimal record and no I will never set foot in one of your stores ever again.i just wish she had called the law I would have sued y'all.

Posted by Anonymous

I have no words to describe how disgusted I am of Stein Mart customer services. I speak English fluently, unlike my parents who had only a year of English classes. The cashier, a tall black woman with a Santa hat on her head had nothing to do with the good vibes of Christmas and her outfit. She was sarcastic and unwilling to take care of us. She was acting like she knows English and my parents aren't as good at it, being sarcastic about it and rude! And when she had to give the change back, she said my mom doesn't want her change, which was 50 $. I asked why would you say that, why you gotta be so rude, she said cuz she doesn't have her hand up. I am feeling bad, embarrassed and in some sense bullied. Is this the way you treat your customers?? I swear! Next time if I see such attitude towards me and my parents I am gonna fry you and your supervisor.

Posted by Maureen

My mom and I presented to the Stein Mart Dept. Store in Savannah, GA on Thursday Nov. 24 and was met with rude store clerks/managers. None of the sales associates were knowledgeable about the pre-Black Friday sales and were extremely rude to the customers. Kacey the store manager is unexperienced as a manager to diffuse customer complaints as well as unfamiliar with store merchandise and either should be trained to deal with customer complaints in a professional manner or demoted to a sales associate, as she in her current job position represents Stein Mart and does not represent her company in an ideal manner. Maureen, Savannah, Georgia

Posted by Anonymous

Had an almost unbelievably rude experience with a cashier on Sat 11-12 at the Steinmart in the Hamilton Township Center . As I was paying for my items, the cashier looked at me, threw a box of Kleenex down and announced "you need to blow your nose". I was pretty dumbfounded and of course embarrased. I don't mind being told that I have something that needs to be taken care of - in fact I appreciate it - but absolutely not in the rude way it was done. My granddaughter was with me and when we got in the card the first thing she said was that was the rudest thing she had ever heard and that she couldn't believe I didn't say anything. She was right, but I was totally speechless. Two days later I am still speechless. Needless to say - my burger nose and I will not be shopping at Stein Mart and I will go out of my way to let others know about my experience. I might add that I know a LOT of people.

Posted by Dinky

My order was cancelled due to a technical difficulty with an online "HOME" promotion code. My order was cancelled by company after already charging my credit card. I was not notified until I checked the status of my order. Emailed customer service and was given a 25% off promotion code. Tried to place the order again and one item was out of stock and the code I was given would not work. Emailed customer service again and was told to contact customer service by phone. Contacted customer service to help me with the greater than $100 order I was placing and the person I spoke with did not know what to do and accused me of entering the code incorrectly. I told her I copied and pasted the code that was in the email and did not enter it incorrectly. Long story short I did not receive any assistance and did not place the order...Will never shop here again!

Posted by Marilyn

Returned a skirt that had a defect I had not noticed when purchasing. Had used my debit card to make the purchase, but, after returning the defective skirt, STILL have not received a credit on my card. It's been seven days! Called Stein Mart home office only to be told rudely that it was the fault of MY bank, not theirs, and that MY bank was holding up the credit. Called my bank (Regions, Alabama) and was told absolutely not; they process all credits and debits when received. Funny, when I made the skirt purchase the debit came out of my account IMMEDIATELY! I guess Stein Mart hangs on to their money as long as possible. WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN!

Posted by Loe

I placed an online order for a pair of UGG boots. When the boots arrived, one of the Shearling insoles were missing out of the left boot. Customer service said that I could return the boots for a new pair but I didnt want to take the chance. I ended up ordering a pair directly from UGG. What a blower. I guess the discount comes with defects!

Posted by Anonymous

I called about a dress in a flyer about the 50% off sale today. There was no identifying information on the flyer. I described the dress in detail. Very simple. The reason for calling is that I had spent time looking all over the SteinMart website, and couldn't find the dress anywhere. So, I didn't want to make a wasted trip across town. The lady on the phone reserved 2 sizes of the dress for me. I drove all the way over there. It wasn't the dress at all. If she had listened, I wouldn't have had to make the trip. The dress in the ad was nowhere to be found at all. And with no identifying information, it is difficult for associates to picture it. (Although it was a quite simple dress & I had no trouble describing it).
I will never look at SteinMart's ads again. False advertising. Will go elsewhere. I was going to shop for shoes and other things, but I left. I don't feel the place is run anywhere near as well as a long time ago. The earrings and jewelry stink. They used to have some quality to them. Don't ever go to SteinMart in response to an ad. It is a waste of time.

Posted by Crazylady61

Trying to get a pair of shoes returned.

This was from Stein Mart. I am trying to find the

> receipt. I found this on my statement.

> Set Up Loafter

> 5293121


> This is the answer you sent me back. Please compare

> and tell me where you received this from and it is not even

> referencing the shoes I am speaking about these are boots

> you are talking about. I am going to me a copy of this

> interaction I have received from you and send it in to

> corporate and let them make sense out of this.


> We appreciate your

> correspondence. With the information provided, we were

> able

> to locate order number 0004100037462104. This order was

> placed on 11/11/15 for a pair of Black Xecute Shootie

> shoes.

> Unfortunately, we're unable to accept this item back as

> a return due to the order exceeding our 60 day return

> policy. For further assistance with the issue you are

> having, you would have to contact the item manufacturer

> which is LifeStride Shoes. We appreciate your

> understanding

> in this matter and apologize for any inconveniences this

> may

> have caused.

Posted by Carsonshopper

I love Steinmart, but I hate their bathroom. For an upscale store, you wouldn't not believe the condition of the bathroom in their Reno store. They recently spent money on the exterior when they should have tended to the bathroom first. Most of the time, the toilets are out of order. The room is filthy. Not something you would expect in any retail bathroom. Shame on your Steinmart for allowing this in your RENO store!

Posted by Williamsburg VA Shopper

Today, I found a skirt that had a sign stating it was 50% off. When I got to the register it rung up at full price. I mentioned this to the employee checking me out. She became quite hostile; telling me I was wrong, it was impossible for the scanner to be wrong etc. It was all so fast, furious and rude that I almost began to cry! My thought was, "Why does this woman hate me?"
Another employee,who was really kind and helpful, noted and honored the 50% off sign that should have been taken down last night.
This situation is probably common but it did not call for a huge response of crazy belligerent behavior.
There are the good and the bad employees at Stein Mart I guess, but if you are unhappy with your job or if you just happen to hate customers...go work somewhere else.

Posted by Anonymous

First time shopping at a Stein mart and it was the worst! Manager was very rude and unfriendly. Will never return! Rather shop at Macy's!

Posted by Anonymous

Steinmart is one of the worst places to work and most all their merchandise comes from China and is cheap made, they never give any raises and work their employees to a frenzy for the same pay they get hired on at which is the lowest minimum wage they can get by with, it's awful the way Steinmart treats their hard workers, would not recommend this company to anyone.

Posted by None

The Stein Mart in Corpus Christi Texas that is located in Moore Plaza is atrocious. You cannot walk down the center aisle because it looks like Walmart specials are lined up from the entry all the way to the shoe department. The manager does not do very much because I have talked to several employees there. I am one of them preferred Elite customers and I have been shopping there 4/15 years. This Stein Mart is no longer The Classy elegant place that I used to enjoy when it was at the Sunrise Mall. Now it looks like Target and Walmart probably combined together. No longer do I enjoy shopping there because of all the Clutter that is all over the store and it's not very inviting and becoming.

Posted by Anonymous

Workers always on their phone texting don't look right they have breaks phone policy need in to be in force the. Store on veteran workers always texting

Posted by Anonymous

Never buying shoes at Steinmart again. They do stand behind products. Bought shoes there 3 months aho. Wore about 5 times and they broke. Wo t return.

Posted by Shera

Very unaccommodating, worst customer service I've ever experienced.....the store associate stood outside the fitting room knocking and asking me when I was going to be finished!!!

Posted by Tee Dub

I made a call to the corporate office about a month ago to discuss a situation that happened in their store. A week went by i noticed i had not received a call back from the DM of the store in question so i made a 2nd call to corporate office to see if they received a message to call, the lady reassured me she did and she will send another message out to her to call me. It's been a month now and i haven't received a call back from anyone. Goes to show you how much they care about the customers feedback and situations that go in in the stores. How can you research or correct and issue if you never call the customer back. This is unheard of, but I'm glad this happened so i can take my money elsewhere.

Posted by Lucy

Let me tell you the worst company I've ever seen in retail managers don't know what they are doing. They treat there staff terrible. Not enough help. This is in the delray store some of the cahiers are very friendly . but the management of the store and upper management talk down to you. I'm just disgusted about the whole thing .

Posted by Nunya

Stein Mart is the absolute worst! I bought 3 pairs of sunglasses online and when I received them, 1 of the pairs was incorrect. On a Saturday afternoon I took them to the store to return, the manager was very rude. She told me they could not return them because they weren't on the invoice so she would have no way of keying it in, I would have to ship it back to the warehouse. I called CS and they verified this information and told me they would send me a prepaid return label after I made a stink about paying for their mistake. I was told the label would be emailed in 24-48 business hours. 48 hours later, no label. I called on Thursday and they offered to have another one sent out to me that would again take 24-48 hours, I declined and asked to speak with the manager. He was nice, he said I could use the label I received with the shipment and that I would not be charged, that's the ONLY thing that happened as promised.
I returned 2 of the glasses but the people at the warehouse returned the wrong glasses on my invoice. So now, I can't return the remaining pair because it looks like they have already been returned. To rectify this, they want to charge my CC again and then refund the correct glasses....I haven't even received a credit for the 2 I returned, there's no way I'm going to let them charge my card again until they do. Now it's a bunch of emails going back and forth. By the time this is all said and done, this could take 4 weeks for a simple return and there is NO guarantee I'll be able to return the remaining pair. I have ZERO confidence/trust in this company,they DON'T do as promised and as the consumer, you're at their mercy.

Posted by Anna

Bought 2 pair of capris returned them and although same capris on shelf was given $5.00 less on each pair because over 60 days. Had receipt. These were not out of season and I feel like this was a real rip off. Will reconsider my shopping at stein mart.

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Posted by Satisfied Customer

I was visiting in Houston on May 7, 2016. I went shopping at SteinMart store # 0056. I was very impressed with a particular employee there. Her name was Jeniece Bealer. She was very upbeat an positive. She initiated dialogue and offered to assist me. When I made my request, she took ownership of the situation and helped me search that store as well as other stores for merchandise I was looking for. Her sales technique was refreshing.

Posted by Very Pleased

I had a very positive phone experience at the Metairie, LA store on 03/31/16 with Darlene in the women's dept. and the operator who initially answered the call. Darlene was bust in her department but was patient and polite with me and still searched for the items I was requested. The operator was very informative and told me I would not get any info on the items I was looking at on line because the Style numbers were different. She the connecter me with the appropriate Dept. to give a description of the items. I know this is more challenging than just checking for an item using a style# at the register but Darlene still accommodated me in a professional and courteous manner.

Posted by Anonymous

All associates I dealt with were very knowledgeable and friendly.

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Posted by Superman

Darlene Davillier stays on her phone rude in front of customers texting


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